i was pulling someone's hair in kindergarten

Our Love is God (Part 1)

Summary: Someone’s past can change them for the worst. They can break and do major damage. School, parties, and family drama contribute. But what if you’re the one who can help hold everything together, and cause the storm.

A/N: This is a Riverdale/Heathers crossover. Unless you want one long imagine, this is gonna be in parts, so let me know if you want another crossover. Just DM me the show or song or prompt you’d want. This imagine also doesn’t correspond with the TV show, so that being said, Jason Blossom is alive and Reggie isn’t in the show (sorry).

Pairing: Jughead x fem!reader, feat. core

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fighting, bullying

Welcome to the thunderdome, also known as Riverdale High. The cheerleaders walk around the hallways in the Vixens uniform, the jocks in varsity jackets, and the nerds in NASA shirts and suspenders. Today, the cafeteria was booming, and all eyes were locked on me. Little Miss Nobody, in the blue blazer sitting with the Core ladies. Solid Teflon, and I gave everything to be like them. There was Betty Cooper, head cheerleader, she’s loaded. Her parents run the town newspaper. Then there’s Veronica Lodge, no discernible trace of kindness, but her daddy did pay for implants. And finally, Cheryl Blossom, the almighty. She is a mythic bitch. They were never harassed, or bothered. I left my best friend for them, but Ethel and I have been friends since diapers. We bonded over The Princess Bride.

People want to be their boyfriend, their best friend, want them to be nicer, and then there’s that one photograph freak and his abandoned warehouse idea. We met in the bathroom, and Ms. Grundy almost gave them a detention. I had to step in, and that’s how I ended up in the blue with their yellow, green, and maple red.

I looked over across the cafeteria to see Jason Blossom knocking the lunch tray out of Ethel’s hands. Being linebacker for the third year also means it’s his eighth year anniversary for smacking lunch trays. And being a huge dick. I stood up, with my newfound confidence to stop him but Betty gently grabbed my arm and shook her head with a shy glance. I sat back down, eyes locking with Ethel. Chuck Clayton then began to tag team Ethel with Jason. In simple terms, Chuck is basically the tallest dwarf on the football team.

Ethel pushed through the guys and sat down at her table, with the other outcasts in this school. I felt a yearning to go over and hug her, tell her that her big heart is all that matters, but the grip on my arm grew stronger. I looked over to see Cheryl trying to get my attention. 

“I need a forgery in Chuck Clayton’s writing. Say this, ‘Hey beautiful. I’ve been watching you and thinking about us in the old days. I hope you can come to my home party this weekend. I miss you. Chuck.’ Oh, and put an XO at the end of the signature!”

I folded the note up and handed it to Cheryl.

“What’s this for anyways?”

Cheryl took the note and played with it between her pale fingers. Her gold rings glistened in the flickering caf lights, and her maple red nails had a shape that could cut someone in a flick of the wrist.

“I just found out that Chuck had a thing with Ethel in kindergarten.”

Betty and Veronica perked into the conversation. Their eyebrows raised, a smirk was plastered onto Veronica’s face.

“Yeah we all did, in kindergarten. Everyone.”

Betty nodded her head, her blond hair swaying on her head. Her hair was pulled so tight, she must get raging migraines when she takes it down.

“Yeah, but we all didn’t kiss on the kickball field!”

Cheryl began to chuckle at the thought.

“Oh that’s right! Chuck kissing Ethel. It was disgusting!”

Jason, Chuck and Archie walked up to the lunch table. I stared at the redhead longingly. Me, Betty and Archie were best friends when we were in middle school. Us three were the nicest kids in school, and it also helped knowing we lived on the same street, with the sidewalk dividing our houses. Veronica moved into town two years ago and we drifted. She joined the Core ladies, took Betty with her, and Archie joined the football team. As Kevin Keller described it, he ‘got hot’.

Archie and I met eyes, then he leaned down to kiss Veronica. They were the ‘it’ couple for the school. But neither of them knew that both of them were cheating on eachother. Veronica with Jason and Archie with Grundy. Everyone knew about Jason and Veronica, except for Archie and Cheryl. If she ever found out, hell would be an understatement. But she was fearless, and very ballsy for this affair. The Grundy thing was a secret that only me, Betty, and Archie knew about. It started this summer and that was the last time we all tried to mend our falling out.

“Chuck. Be a sweetie and give this note to Ethel for me. Don’t read it, she’s having an extra heavy flow and needed some help from my gyno.”

Chuck and Jason were genuinely repulsed by the comment, and Archie faked it so the guys wouldn’t call him some shitty insults for not being disgusted by a normal feminine occurrence. Chuck tossed the note into my lap and the guys ran for their table. Archie turned to blow a kiss to Veronica, then looked back forward. 

I looked at the girls, and they gave me mixed looks. Veronica looked unamused, Betty was slightly upset and Cheryl held her palm out for the note. I turned to look at Ethel and I gripped the note harder in my hand.

“(Y/N), this note will give Ethel shower nossel masturabtion material for weeks!”

Cheryl turned to glare daggers at Veronica. Everyone knew Ethel had a thing for Chuck since she was twelve. This was so unfair.

“(Y/N), don’t pull on my dick. Lemme give you some advice, you’ve wanted to sit with us for years. You can always go back to mommy, or come smoke in Veronica’s Jeep. Your choice.”

I turned to look at Ethel once more, and I slowly gave Cheryl the note. Her nails curled into the note and her signature bitch smile crept onto her pale face. She nodded slightly, proud of the choice and handed Veronica the note. She got up, and walked to Ethel. She was distracted by her book to notice the note being placed on her lunch tray. When Veronica sat back down at the table, Ethel finally looked up at the note. She looked around the lunch room and then reached for the note. A smile replaced her confusion and she put the note in the book.

I turned back to look at Cheryl, but she was looking beyond me. So was everyone in the cafeteria. I turned to look at the lunch line and a kid in all black was standing in between Jason and Chuck. Archie was nowhere to be seen, and luckily he was probably with Grundy. The lunch room was quiet, watching Chuck relentlessly try to get under this kid’s skin. Then, a quiet murmur came from the kid, and it was hard to hear.

“Hold his arms.”

As Jason grabbed the kid’s arms, Chuck goes to punch the kid. He rips free of Jason and slams Jason with his book. He then turns to beat Jason with the book and the whole cafeteria is in awe. Everyone is watching, even myself, too shocked to do anything. Then, we erupted into screams and chants, half the caf was cheering on the kid, hoping he would keep going. The other half was chanting for Chuck and Jason to get up and fight. Cheryl stared at her fingernails, picking the hangnails. Betty was too shocked to breathe, and Veronica was cheering on the guys. 

For myself, I was trying to wrack my brain thinking about who this kid was. Hey, Mister No-Name Kid, who might you be? And could you fight for me?