i was proud that i knew enough about poker to understand this okay

Shklance - The most fun when it’s all three of us

I saw the post @fonbella made a few days ago about how most of the voltron poly fics are nsfw, and that it sucks major ass, (I tried finding the post but couldn’t,,,,,) and I agreed 100% and immediately came up with like 100 ideas for nice innocent stuff. This is the one I liked the best. Read more because it got a little long, or read on ao3

“He-llo YouTube!” Lance smiled brightly at the camera, giving his signature wink and finger guns. The lights were all set, his room properly organized, everything was exactly like it always was when he sat down to film another video… Except for one little fact. He had unusual guests today. Emphasis on unusual, because he often had guests over. Other YouTubers, friends, his little sisters, even his mother at one point.

But today… He glanced to the side, where his two boyfriends, Keith and Shiro stood out of camera shot and waited for his signal. Today was special.

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anonymous asked:

(Unromanced) companions react to sole randomly winking at them while doing something normal.

I don’t know if all these senarios are ‘normal’, but ey, strange stuff happens in the Commonwealth sometimes!


Cait: Cait smirked at the flirtatious wink she received, returning it with one of her own. She didn’t understand the meaning behind the seemingly randomly timed wink - they were just sorting scrap, for crying out loud! Nothing sexy about that - but she certainly didn’t mind. In fact, she wouldn’t mind another wink, or perhaps a kiss. Maybe more. Sadly, the redhead knew that Sole was painfully unaware of her crush on them, and if that wasn’t frustrating enough, others had begun noticing and dropping hints as well. But did the vault dweller notice? Nooo, of course not! Were everyone as oblivious in the time before the bombs? Geez, if they were, Cait certainly wasn’t taking a trip there any time soon, Sole was bad enough on their own!

One day, though. Cait had promised herself - and Deacon, who seemed way too eager to play matchmaker - that she’d act on her feelings soon, but so far she hadn’t been able to find an ‘appropriate’ time for it. She stubbornly refused that the constant postponement was caused by fear, because she wasn’t scared! Especially not something as stupid as feelings. Soon, she’d do it soon, she was sure of it. Deep inside, she knew she wouldn’t though.

Curie: “Is your eye all right, Sole? Here, let me check it!”

The naive french synth clearly did not understand what a wink meant, and much to the embarrassment of Sole Curie didn’t have a problem with tilting their head back and examining their eye right there, at the poker table where MacCready, Hancock and Deacon couldn’t stop laughing. Her naiveness was adorable though, and even Danse - he wasn’t overly fond of the synth (yet) - couldn’t stifle a small chuckle and a smile from his corner next to Preston and - much to his dismay - Nick.

Sole’s smile vanished when they realized Deacon had used the opportunity to steal their caps and run off, cackling like a madman with Piper’s hat on his head. How did he pull off stuff like that? The rest of the evening was spent with Sole, MacCready and Piper chasing the spy while the other more amused companions were watching it all, Hancock sitting at the poker table with a careless grin. The ghoul had been losing the game anyway.

Danse: “Soldier! Focus on the task at hand!”

Despite Danse’s stern exclaim, no one could ignore the very red tinge on the power armor clad man’s face, eyebrows furrowed above comically widened eyes. Laughing, Sole returned their attention to the battle, stabbing a raider brutally with a wide grin on their face. Their laughter only increased and they had to take a break behind cover when they noticed how Danse’s laser beams kept missing the targets, the man clearly distracted, maybe even conflicted. Who knew a man of his size could be reduced to a blushing mess with the aim of a pre-war child, with just a single wink?

Deacon: For the first time in a long long time Deacon was confused. He wasn’t okay with that, not at all. He was usually the one to confuse others! But he was deeply and thoroughly confused by Sole’s very random wink. They had just been sitting in the grass in Sanctuary, discussing important plans (stupid ideas), battle tactics (dumb pranks) and how to get rid of the group of raiders hanging out too close to a settlement without casualties (how to get Strong mad enough to smash them all, just for fun).

The spy had been in the middle of explaining a tactic for them to improve the cooperation between the settlements (how to get Danse to loosen up and get drunk, the guy really needed it) when Sole suddenly turned their gaze to him, no longer watching dogmeat chase a small critter of some sort. They’d winked, and despite Deacon’s best efforts, he ended up stuttering for a good five seconds before composing himself, passing it off by launching into a story about how a sudden illness a few years back had caused him to turn a dark shade of purple and spread like a wildfire until everyone in HQ looked like a bunch of aliens. Judging by the smug look on Sole’s face though, his momentary slip had been noticed and he panicked internally, looking for an escape underneath his sunglasses. Eventually he lamely decided to pretend he had heard something and fled the scene, the vault dweller’s laughter echoing in his ears as his legs swiftly brought him further away. Crap, that was bad. How was he supposed to hide his interest now?

Dogmeat: Confused by his owner’s strange gesture, Dogmeat began blinking rapidly, growling in frustration when he couldn’t get the hang of only closing one eye at a time. He settled with holding one paw in front of one eye, turning to look at Sole with a wide doggy grin and a wildly wagging tail, so proud of this new discovery, and the positive reaction to it. The vault dweller and the nearby companions were chuckling at the dog’s adorableness, and that night he got extra threats. But now the problem was how to get him to stop…

Hancock: “Not to put ya down, Sole, you can wink at this ugly mug any day all day, but I don’t think it’s appropriate, given our current situation.” Hancock’s grin was cheeky and his expression was mischievous, even upside down. Sole huffed with a pout and would’ve crossed their arms if they weren’t tied together and attached to the cold wall behind them. They were surprised the ghoul could even see that it was a wink, due to the dimness of the cell and the bruised swelling of one of their eyes.

A ‘kidnapping’ had turned out to be a trap, ending them in that sticky situation with Hancock hanging from the ceiling upside down - because sure, an unarmed ghoul was much more dangerous than a maniac of a pre-war relic. It was kinda offensive, actually - and Sole tied up and chained to the wall. They had been in those positions for a few hours, sitting in silence as they both worked on their bindings, with no success. Somewhere in between the 2 and 3 hour mark, Sole had randomly cleared their throat to gain the attention of the Mayor, and when those jet black eyes were locked on their hues with a questioning tilt to his head, Sole’s non-swollen eyelid had dipped down in a wink, a sly grin keeping it company on Sole’s colorfully bruised face.

Hancock spent an unknown amount of time wondering if Sole had caught on to his ‘obvious’ (according to Fahrenheit. And Daisy. And MacCready. And even K-L-E-O. And-) crush on them, and was startled out of his thoughts by a tap to the face. Sole was crouching in front of him, tapping at his face a few times with a free hand, an amused grin resting on their slightly chapped lips. He recovered quickly and returned it, and within minutes they were both free and had brutally murdered everyone that had something to do with the setup. Together they made their way back to Goodneighbor, Hancock sneaking glances at Sole more often than usual, not that they ever noticed. That pre-war naiveness would be the death of him some day.

MacCready: The two of them were having a sniping competition, both flat on their stomachs on the top of a cliff, aiming down at a pack of wild mongrels in complete concentration. Sole had bet MacCready 20 caps that they could snipe better than he could - “any day, every day” - and he wasn’t one to reject a bet, especially when it was about sniping. They were both waiting for one to wander the furthest away, since the longer the distance the more points they’d get. Deacon was standing a few feet away behind them with a pair of binoculars, a self chosen judge despite MacCready’s protests.

They were both completely focused, barely breathing. That was, until Sole tapped his arm to draw his attention. With a sigh, the sniper turned to look at the vault dweller, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance over the interruption. That was, until they surged upwards until they nearly vanished underneath his hat. Sole had not only winked, but also bitten their lower lip in a way that made MacCready’s face heat up and turn beet red. The young man was a stuttering mess, widened eyes never leaving Sole’s as they laughed, turning away from him and taking a few shots. It was surprising that the targets hadn’t run off due to the loudness of Deacon’s laughter, the spy rolling around on the ground. He was clearly very amused by the flabbergast expression the mercenary wore, even after Sole had finished off the last of the mongrels and stood up, gleefully holding out their hand for the caps they had bet about, a teasing grin lingering on the lips that MacCready couldn’t stop staring at.

At the realization that he actually lost a sniping competition and had to pay for it he snapped out of it and stood up, throwing a bag of caps at Sole with a sharp huff, stomping off grumpily with his rifle slung onto his back, embarrassed and with a hurt pride. He couldn’t stop picturing Sole’s seductive expression in his mind though, and his cheeks simply refused to cool down. They cheated though! It wasn’t his fault he lost the bet!

Strangely enough, deep down, MacCready wasn’t too bothered by the fact that Sole cheated.

Nick: Nick was sitting at his desk, tapping his pencil on the folder he had opened up in front of himself, expression one of concentration and thought as he went over the details of that case for the twentieth time that evening. With a short nod he scribbled down a few more notes, resting his elbow on the desk and his head in the open palm, metal fingers cupping his torn cheek. The detective had been working on that case for a few weeks, constantly coming up with new theories and finding clues on his occasional travels with Sole.

Speaking of Sole, the vault dweller came walking down the stair, sleepily rubbing their eyes from the short nap they had taken upstairs, stretching their arms above their head. Nick did his best not to stare, but he found himself unable to truly focus 100% on the case again, Sole’ presence drawing his attention the instant they stepped into the room as it had for weeks. He knew what a crush was, and the old Nick had experienced it several times, but for synth Nick it was a completely new thing. For the first time in a while, he found himself unsure of what to do. Should he talk to them? Admit his feelings? Continue trying to hide it?

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a gentle hand on his shoulder, his glowing eyes flickering over to meet those captivating hues of Sole’s. “I’m heading out for some noodles, I’ll be back shortly.” A short nod and a familiar ‘be careful’ look was Nick’s reply, but before Sole headed out the door their looked over their shoulder and winked at the synth, closing the door and leaving the detective to drop his pencil and frown in confusion. What? Why? What did that mean? Was it a hidden message? A warning? A suggestion? They had never done that before.

One thing Nick knew for certain was that he actually didn’t mind the gesture, but he did mind that he had to give up on the case for now, too absorbed in trying to guess the meaning behind the wink to focus. He even went as far to look it up in a book he kept hidden in his desk, a book on human behavior, unused until now.

Piper: “Sole! Stop winking! I’m trying to finish this interview! Focus!” Piper’s protests went ignored, and Sole continued to wink, constantly posing and occasionally changing between each eye. Some poses almost made her laugh, some made her roll her eyes in annoyance and a few made her blush and resist the urge to look away. She was trying to interview them after they had returned from the trip to the Institute, but now that she finally got them for herself, they wouldn’t stop messing around!

It took a while, but eventually the reporter realized that the messing around was a cover for the unwillingness when it came to talking about the trip. Sole had been unusually quiet about the whole traveling-to-the-Institute-situation, trying to avoid the subject as much as possible, and when they couldn’t, they would reply with short, joking answers that everyone wondered if were genuine or not. The guilt Piper felt upon realizing what was going on was overwhelming, so she quickly ‘gave up’ and left Sole to laugh at her frustration, not aware that the journalist had figured out what was really going on. They had no reason to suspect it after all. The only one who had noticed was Nick, which surprised no one, and Piper was satisfied with leaving the subject alone if that was what Sole prefered.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t curious about what happened, because wow, she’d love to know what happened, not only to get a good story but also to figure what caused their favorite vault dweller to act like this. As she was tucking away her notepad, crossing out of the title ‘Survivor survived trip to the inside of the monster of the Commonwealth’, she wondered how long it would take the other companions to notice, and how long it would take Sole to be willing to open up. Not any time soon, that was for sure, but she was prepared to wait for how long it takes.

Preston: “General, I have a request! Perhaps we could move the second turret closer to Mama Murphy’s house, then-” Prestons breath got caught in his throat as he looked up from his notes, the papers almost dropping from his hands as he stared wide-eyed at Sole. Preston was standing awkwardly in the middle of Sole’s living room when Sole turned the corner, clad in only a towel. They both stood frozen for a few seconds, both wide-eyed but one less clad than the other.

Then Sole smirked and winked, then returned to where they came from, leaving Preston to pick up his scattered papers and try to dim the blush that had managed to glow through his dark skin. Surges smirked at the reddish tinge on the minute man’s face, but didn’t comment on it as Preston power walked through the settlement, nervously shuffling his already sorted papers and averting his eyes. Everyone knew of his crush on the General, everyone but Sole, of course.

X6-88: The wink was, coincidentally, the day they also discovered that the courser had the ability to blush. Sole and X6 were cooking, the vault dweller determined to teach X6 some more passive activities other than hunting runaway synths and glaring at wasteland creatures. He was stirring in a pot that made his nose tingle with an unknown but pleasant way and made his stomach feel more empty than it probably was, despite the content looking rather gross and sticky. He refused to step close to the pot the beginning, but now Sole had trouble getting him away from it and the pleasant smell.

“Is it mixing well?”

X6 glanced at Sole with a silent nod, only to snap their gaze back to them with raised eyebrows behind the sunglasses, the hand with the spoon halting. Sole grinning knowingly and returned to their own task of chopping wasteland vegetables, but the courses wasn’t having it. Setting down the spoon, he strolled over, grasping Sole’s chin and tugging their head over to connect their gazes, eyebrows furrowed.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“The eye thing.”

“Oh, this?”

Sole winked once again, lips twisted into a warm grin. X6, despite not understanding the message behind the simple gesture, suddenly felt very hot and the small distance between their faces wasn’t enough. Letting go, he swiftly turned around and went back to stirring the pot, trying to keep his face turned away from Sole. The pleasant smell suddenly wasn’t important, instead, he focused more on the heated feeling in his chest and on his face, lips twisted into a small stern frown. What was going on?

“X6… Are you blushing?”


Oh. That was what was happening. Wasn’t it mostly the human women that blushed though? He had seen it on Piper when Nick gave her a sly compliment, but he had never thought further of it. The other times he had seen it had been between couples who had obviously been in… love. Oh uh. Was he malfunctioning? Was the wasteland wearing him down? Did he need to be reset? He couldn’t possibly be feeling love, that was a human emotion, an emotion that made one weak.

But. Strangely enough, the idea of losing that warm feeling in his chest seemed unpleasant. He wouldn’t mind losing the heat in his face though, or Sole’s laughter because of it.

Maxson: Elder Maxson was standing proudly in front of his highest ranks, receiving the weekly updates on different situations. The progress of finding the Institute, the frequent and unexplainable vertibird-crashes, the count of injuries, Sole’s smug expression, updates about-

Hang on.

Eyes narrowing slightly and mouth drawing into an even more stern frown, the Elder looked past Cade, who was eagerly talking about some new medical procedure no one understood a word of, and made eye contact with the vault dweller standing in the far back. They stared at each other for a while, one stern and strict, the other more carefree and grinning. What were they amused by? Him? Was his beard colored green again? Was it Cade’s rambling? Unknown by Maxson, a few of the other Brotherhood of Steel members in the room noticed, but they were used to the Elder’s glances towards the rather new arrival and didn’t comment. That didn’t stop the corners of their mouths from tugging upwards ever so slightly, amused by the obviousness of the young leaders crush.

Arthur’s eyebrows shot upwards a few inches when Sole tipped their head sideways, ran their tongue across their lower lip and winked. Cade even halted his medical rant at the sudden change in behavior of the usually stern Elder. Everyone turned their heads to follow Maxson’s gaze, but Sole had already vanished, much to the confusion of the people present. What was going on? A few had already figured it to have been one of Sole’s tricks, Cade included, but most had no clue and worried for the mental state of their leader. The Elder turned his back and quickly dismissed them all, postponing the updating for the next day in a gruff voice. Everyone left in complete silence with unanswered questions, and he was left alone to ponder about how to hide his obvious crush on one, cheeky, annoying vault dweller. While also trying to stop picturing the face Sole had made.

Poe Dameron/Finn Fic Rec

Barks and Recreation, partypaprika | Poe’s a busy man, BB-8 is the hyperactive dog that he really shouldn’t keep but does anyway, and Finn is the miracle dog walker that Poe also really wants to keep. (A story of how Poe keeps picking up strays.) | NR | 4k

Singing Never Hurt, I_am_a_Cephalopod | ‘Every so often, a voice would break through, singing beautifully, filling his mind with images of serenity. Finn remembered this the most, the times this voice sang to him, warm and full of care. Finn didn’t know who it belonged to, one of the nurses, maybe, or someone in sanitation, but he relaxed to its tones and missed it when it was gone.’ Or: Someone sings to Finn while he’s in a coma, and he has no idea who. | NR | 3k

what is this fever, peradi | The facts: his heart kicks and sputters; he is fever-flush and glazed with sweat; he can’t sleep; he can’t eat. Finn knows what this means. He’s ill, he’s dying, and it’s only a matter of time before the Resistance put him out of his misery. | NR | 2k

do not take love advice from sweary droids, peradi | “Why did Finn just beep at me? Does he speak Droid when he’s upset?” “It seems so,” says BB-8. He’s never been so proud of the coat-stealing banthafucker. – Finn learns Droid. BB-8 makes a friend. Poe is confused, and everything ends up happily. | NR | 1k

Love Letters (of a kind), RandomSlasher (Trilliah) | The first one appears in the medical bay, two days after Finn wakes up from his induced coma. It is a bright pink slip of paper with adhesive along one side, and it is sticking to the back of the chair by his bedside (the one in which Poe had taken up nearly permanent residence). It catches Finn’s eye as soon as he wakes up because he automatically turns his head to look for the pilot.

The note reads, Sorry buddy–General sent us on recon. Bo-ring! Rather be hanging with you! Be back soon. Feel better! –Poe | NR | 1k

Mornin’, Sleepyhead, onesentencemcgee | They’ve learned each others bodies so well that they move together like a dance, a natural ebb and flow in they way they mirror and complement each other. They share breaths instead of words, peeling off each others clothes slowly and reverently, fingers dragging sluggishly over warm, dry skin. | NR | 1k

The Bearer of Good Food, Anonymous | The last thing the Resistance thought they were getting in Finn was a decent chef, but Finn’s been cooking for his squad since he was small. He doesn’t mind cooking for his new friends — especially since Resistance cuisine is pretty damn awful. There’s also the fact that Finn never really had a place to fit in when he was a Stormtrooper, and his journey to finding a place to fit with the Resistance. Or alternatively — five times Finn cooked for other people, and one time other people cooked for him. | G | 13k

On the importance of names, indoissetep | There are many names for Finn to memorize in his new life. They’re a lot to take in, but are better than two-letter-four-number designations that all sound awfully similar. Finn learns that each name has a history and a wealth of emotions attached to it. | G | 9k

shades of red and blue, watchedyouburn | Finn is going to be an amazing father someday, Poe thinks, and then has to stop himself from banging his forehead on the wall because no, he cannot start picturing himself coming home to Finn cooing over a cradle and singing a lullaby to their child. He cannot. | G | 9k

A Tight Grip, boneswrites | A missing scene from The Force Awakens. Set right after Starkiller Base is destroyed and Chewie carrying Finn down the ramp of the Falcon.
This wasn’t how Poe expected to see Finn after the mission was a success. If anyone had gotten hurt, he would have assumed it would be himself. But it turned out to be Finn. Poe was surrounded by people but he was alone, because the one person he wanted and needed the most wasn’t there; he was lying on a hospital bed, his eyes closed and his body still. And for the first time in his life, Poe knew what real helplessness felt like. Still, Poe never left Finn’s side. Even if that meant that he would slowly wither away sitting at the man’s bedside. | G | 7k

Take My Hand And Lead The Way, zb5766 | I should have seen this coming, Poe thinks after the fact, when everything is quiet and the only thing he can hear is his own uneven breathing. It was too easy. He plays it over and over in his head, trying to figure out how he missed it. But, the truth of the matter is, he did miss it, along with everyone else.

Or, an obligatory “Finn gets kidnapped and reconditioned by the First Order” fic. | G | 7k

one hell of a mess, noelia_g | based on stormpiloting’s headcanon: “okay so i love poe stressing finn out with how unbearably cool and suave he is but honestly i live for finn turning poe into an awkwardly nervous wreck”

Finn cannot deal with this. Poe hasn’t even began dealing with this. | G | 5k

Get it Right, fizzyfingermotorfuck | Poe says “I love you” as often as he says “hello,” and Finn has never understood it. When Poe leaves on a routine mission, Finn takes the opportunity to test those words out and find out all the things that they can mean. | G | 4k

and kisses are a far better fate (than wisdom), itried | “A little kiss to make it better.’ Poe says, back to his feet. "It’s just something people do in my planet, it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Finn nods, and repeats it, loud enough for his racing heart to understand. | G | 3k

Climb Inside My Body (Captive in My Skin), ShowMeAHero | Poe’s parents took special care to explain soulmate marks to him, pointing to the blaster rifle fire on his left arm and explaining that, as he grew, so would the mark. It would become a whole picture, growing and developing as his soulmate grew and developed. Poe worshiped his mark, examining it every day for changes. | G | 2k

Crown Shyness, GreyMichaela | The thing is–

The thing is, Poe Dameron is tactile. He’s expressive and volatile and talks with his hands, dark eyes alight with joy as he weaves his stories and always, always, he’s in contact with someone.

He’s leaning against Snap’s shoulder as he eats custard bread and talks about life on Yavin 4. He’s got an arm around Jessika’s waist while he spins a wild story of running from smugglers (after winning their cargo in a poker game). His hand rests on Nien Nunb’s thigh as they eat dinner, or he laces his fingers with Karé Kun’s as they sprawl in the common room after their shifts.

But he never touches Finn like that. | G | 2k

How to Woo a Stormtrooper, AniPendragon | A list of Poe Dameron’s five guaranteed ways to woo a stormtrooper. And how each one failed more miserably than the last. | G | 2k

walking abbey lane, hito | Finn and Poe both get set up on separate blind dates at the same restaurant, but their wires get crossed and they think they’re each other’s blind date when they’re not. (But it works out.) | G | 2k

Even the Stars Have Names, Kibbers | Names are given to those that deserve it, Finn had been told, over and over again until the words etched in his eardrums and it was all he could hear. Names belonged to the legends and the leaders and the lords of their world. Never to the losers, the loners, the lost. | G | 1k

everyone knows, you should too, Bellakitse | “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move for weeks, Poe,” Finn grins widely when Poe sputters and pulls up their hands to his lips, pressing a kiss on the top of Poe’s hand that leaves Poe gaping. “It’s okay, this was worth waiting for.”

Poe stares at Finn in wonderment. “You knew,” he states because that much is obvious now.

Finn shrugs easily. “Everyone knows, you’re easy to read.” | G | 1k

something so magic about you, foxgloved | “Teach me to fight.”

Poe startles, drops his helmet. He’s covered in grime and sweat, and a bit of blood too, from his latest mission, and Finn still finds himself caught by the curls of his hair, the determination sparking in his eyes. He knows Poe isn’t a fighter– not really– but he’s powerful, and he has to know how to, at the very least, right?

“Fight?” Poe repeats, blinking, a bit owlish, in Finn’s direction. | G | 1k

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Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a Request. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

You have asthma but decide to keep it a secret. When you volunteer to go on a run with Daryl you’re more than thrilled. But as you get attacked by a horde of walkers, you get an asthma attack and there’s no way hiding it from Daryl any longer.

word count: 2433

approximated reading time: 12 minutes

It was a sunny day at the prison.
The prison. I still had to get used to thinking of this place as my new home. It had been a month since my home, Woodbury, had been destroyed and I was taken in by Rick Grimes’ group. They had been very kind to all of us ever since and even though this was a former prison, a place where criminals had spent their days, it was easy to think of this place as a home, not least because of the people living here now.
I walked across the soft green grass when I noticed a bunch of people standing in the courtyard. My curiosity brought me up to them until I came to stand behind a woman I knew from Woodbury.
“What’s going on?”, I whispered lifting myself to my tiptoes in an attempt to get a glimpse of what was happening.
“Rick’s giving a speech”, she shushed me and shifted her attention back to Rick. I didn’t try to ask any further questions, she wouldn’t answer them anyway. Instead I tried to make my way through the crowd. I couldn’t hear nor see anything from where I was standing, but again my curiosity got the best of me. I wormed my way through the crowd, shoved myself past legs, torsos, and arms that were thrown up into the air as Rick held a passionate speech I could finally understand. A speech about how he was glad everyone had joined the group and how he hoped for a nice and fruitful cooperation where everyone did their bit. There was a feeling of common assent amongst the crowd and some even yelled out their approval promising at the top of their lungs to be a valuable member to the group. I did not do that, but I was more than willing to do my bit, in fact I really wanted to go out on a run… with Daryl. There was something with his wild look and judgmental glances that really made me want to look behind the facade and I knew that going on a run together was the best way to get closer to him. Even though I knew it wasn’t the best idea regarding my condition. My asthma had always been easy to live with, fortunately, but great physical effort was still pretty likely to trigger an attack. However, when my chance arrived I did not hesitate for one second. Asthma or not, I was going to take it.

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serafinabellasera  asked:

Prompt: Felicity wears the black cut out dress for a fundraising event weeks prior to the August mayoral election.

“Oh, I’m late, I’m so late!” Felicity hissed, dashing through the small, cluttered offices of Smoak Technologies.  The company she had started after regaining the CEO position at Palmer Tech had become impossible, Smoak Technologies was her new baby.  She had been doing a presentation to the Star City Entrepreneurship Institute, trying to gain their support for her company.  It was a great opportunity, but the Institute’s board had asked a lot of questions.  And now, she was late for Oliver’s fundraising event.  

“Curtis!  Please tell me you got my dress!” she yelled as she headed for the bathroom.  

Smoak Technologies’ only paid employee, Curtis gestured in the direction of the bathroom as she dashed past him.  “In the bathroom.”  

“Thank you!” she called out, kicking off her shoes and hoping she would have enough time to freshen up her makeup here instead of in the taxi.  But when she saw the dress hanging on the back of the door, she nearly had a panic attack.

“Curtis!  This isn’t the right dress,” she wailed, feeling a wave of panic.  

“You told me to get the black dress with the cutouts,” Curtis said after a minute, his voice getting progressively closer until he was standing by the bathroom door.

Lifting the dress up, she turned to show it to him.  “But not this black dress with cutouts!”

Curtis eyed her.  “I hope you realize just how wrong that sentence is.  And I realize this might make me sound more straight than I am, but what woman needs more than one black dress with cutouts?”

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Right By My Side (Ziall)

reaction fic to the drama ahyuck

“Please be mad,” were a group of words that you hardly ever expected a person to say to their girlfriend or boyfriend, yet here Zayn was, staring down at Niall as he flipped through the channels on the TV. Said boy glanced up, one eyebrow raised as if he didn’t quite understand the request. Which he might not have.

Zayn had been uneasy from the second he’d stepped into their flat, having just gotten off the phone with his mother after receiving what might have been the worst ribbing out of his entire life. It was worse than normal though, because not only was he twenty-one and world-famous and still getting yelled at by his mother, but he’d already felt like absolute shit by the time he saw her name flashing against his caller ID. 

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Well. That was…that was pretty boring to be honest. Obviously a set up episode designed to thrust us into the final stretch of the season. There’s a lot of stuff here that will pay off later, but as an independent hour of entertainment? Pretty meh on it. So with that ringing endorsement, let’s do this:

  • Like Pittura Infamante, we open with our case of the week. It seems to take a long time to get into this, like we burn a lot of screen time on set up that won’t actually matter. And mashing together John Dee and the Salem Witch Trials seems like a bit much? But shout out to the actor playing the security guy – you gave it your all, dude. I like your hustle.
  • Yeah blood magic! But having a hard time taking the Quaker Oat Man seriously. Buckled hats just aren’t intimidating. I want to make hand turkeys with him.
  • The house hunting scene is really weird for like thirteen different reasons. About the only good thing is how irritated Abbie is with every single second of it. The realtor is the worst realtor ever. Like, no chill, no poker face, no nothing. How do you ever sell anything? The muffins that good? And Crane’s explanation for why they were doing this – “an exercise in optimism for the life I don’t have with the money I don’t have” – makes zero sense. Felt really shoehorned and awkward. I assumed he was going to be infiltrating the house to find some something or other, but he really was pointlessly house hunting. I do think we hear some echoes of it later that make it more interesting, but on its own it just felt super off to me. I choose to believe Crane was just roleplaying for the life he imagines with Abbie, okay? 

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Useful to You - “SHELVES”

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“She still hasn’t said it back yet, has she?” Carol asked, Rick.  He was leaning against her kitchen counter, eating a cookie that she had recently placed on a platter to cool.  His chewing slowed at that, and he swallowed heavily, glancing away.

“No.  But that’s not–”

“I don’t understand,” Carol interrupted.  “You two are living together.”

“We’re not–I just stay over.  A lot.”

“And you said it to her?” Carol asked.

“A month ago, yeah.”

“Have you said it again since then?”

Rick’s brow furrowed.  Not because he was thinking, but because he didn’t want to tell her the truth. “Maybe once or twice.  It’s no big deal.”

“Oh, Rick,” Carol said with a sigh, putting in her next batch.  “Honey, you can lie to yourself, but not me.  I know you, remember?  You walk around with your heart on your sleeve for anyone to jab at,” she said, poking him playfully above his heart.  “You shouldn’t have said it at all.”

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