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pls gimme a munday selfie babe, I need to see ur gorgeous face

(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ aah well okay but only because a cute boy at school called me adorable today so im in a pretty great mood hnn

i am the 2P Queen yesyes

and thank you for the 7,600+ followers! ★


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From photographer Garric Ray: “The spot Dan is skating is at an auto body shop on the outskirts of Portland. Dan had already filmed this Kickflip a few days prior, but I was out of town when he first skated the spot. So, I meet up with Dan a few days later and when I meet up with him, the auto body shop was open for business and unfortunately, this bump over fence was right in front of one of the employee’s office. Being that the fence was pretty much made entirely of glass, we got the boot pretty quick and got plenty of strange looks. But Martin Reigel and Dan starting talking to the employee and starting offering her some HUF shoes and some socks in exchange for us skating the spot.
At first, she thought we were all lying, but once she pulled up the HUF website on her computer and saw Dan’s picture on the team page, she went from frustrated to excited in a matter of seconds. It was pretty funny to see the change of attitude with the promise of free product, I remember her being pretty stoked on the weed socks too. Dan skated this spot for about 15-20 mins (all while running late for a flight back to the Bay Area) right after Dan rolled away from the Kickflip- he had an Uber arrive at the spot and take him to the airport- a flight that I believe he missed due to the lovely traffic we’ve been having in Portland lately.”


I was also watching Wizard Battle the other day and I noticed Huntress Wizard seemed pretty stoked about the chance of winning a kiss from Princess Bubblegum.

And in Flute Spell we learn she’s been spending a lot of time with Finn, see her kiss him, and admit she finds him attractive.

So…. bisexual Huntress Wizard confirmed.


Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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how do you feel now about the loss of your mole? has the pain lessened or are you still mourning?

(( OOC: Well… I seem to have grown another one in it’s place………. so I’m not missing it too much. *sweats* 

I’m kidding, but the scar tissue actually totally looks like I have another mole, so I’m pretty stoked. )) 

Caps Fan- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok the Caps/Flyers rivalry is HUGE, so when I got this, I was stoked! And I think it turned out pretty cute! You even get a little Andre with children, so enjoy that!

Warning: one bad word

@th3littlemermaid14 Request: Hi!!!! Love love love all of your writing!! I just thought of this request with ever so adorable Andre Burakovsky where he meets your family like everyone and is adorable with the little cousins but also the reader is from another city like for example im from Philly and (don’t hate me) been born and raised a flyers fan (but Andre is my favorite) so if the readers fam could poke fun at both of them and he’s super nervous but the whole thing is just super fluffy and adorable!


              “I can’t believe you wore that” you mumbled as you turned on to your childhood street.

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There should have been pain. There wasn’t any pain.

Commission for @wedomorrison of their version of Jack and Gabe. I was pretty excited when I got this because Reaper just sounds like he has his own form and then he also can have a type of almost symbiote-esque relationship with Jack and thats just. AAAAAH let’s just say I was pretty stoked for the commission. And I might get more??? I might get more aah im so excited.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked their fic, it’s over here. Jack is all scarred up something fierce and Reaper tends to touch places he shouldn’t but I kind of love that all around. Warnings for gore and such, but other than that, it’s a fun read. World needs more monstery goopy Gabe~.

Yesterday was my birthday. We went out to dinner and while at dinner I saw the most godly long haired boy who was singing for open mic night. Me being the shy socially awkward little shit I am, couldn’t get the courage to give him my number so my roommate gave it to him for me.

I totally didn’t expect him to text me because in my head I’m still that unattractive, fat girl that no boy ever looked at without making fun of me art the same time… but he did. He said my name was beautiful and we’re going out for a drink when I get back from QLD.

I’m pretty stoked. I never take risks like that. It paid off. Hehe.

i’m more than ecstatic about a captain swan wedding.
i wish the wedding photo wasn’t released so early, because it’s not for another 3 weeks?

is the dress pretty? yes..i think?

do i care for the dress? no…not really. (at least not so far?)

is that going to ruin things? probably not…?

(or even that princess-y updo from season 3 finale for princess leia is pretty..)

like.. jmo has literal goddess hair…so why couldn’t they do something…else?

there.. i fixed it..sortakindamaybemaybenot.

Tonight I am seeing Alton Brown! Pretty stoked about this.

Next week is Game of Thrones concert. I’ll be excited about that after I see Alton Brown though.

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Hi Neo! I really enjoyed your last heacanons! :D Could you please do hc about the guys (including Leiftan) asking for attention from guardienne?

Hey Elriviel! I’m glad you enjoyed my previous headcanons! ^.^

And thanks for including Leiftan! I love this shady guy and there’s hardly any requests for him (4 for Leif, 13 for the other guys) so I was pretty stoked about writing this!

I hope you enjoy the headcanons!


  • Nevra is used to women paying him attention with minimal effort.
  • So he’s a little bemused when you don’t.
  • He tries to tempt you into spending some time with him, but there’s little difference between alluring Nevra and normal Nevra so he fails epically.
  • It’s frustrating for him, but he keeps trying until you notice he’s being more persistent than usual.
  • He still has to say it though.
  • When he finally admits he wants attention, he’s surprised he gets it so quickly. With copious amounts of teasing of course
  • He’s quick to monopolize your attention with passionate kisses, hugs and general sweetness ‘til there’s nothing but him on your mind.


  • Ezarel has never really needed anyone’s attention other than his own so wanting the attention of another person is a bit confusing for him.
  • He’s unused to trying to get attention and gets a little restless when he goes to see you.
  • Unlike Nevra, who tries and fails to be subtle, Ez is upfront about wanting to spend time with you.
  • It’s super embarrassing for him to admit it but he’s willing to go through a little embarrassment to get your attention.
  • He really wishes he didn’t blush so brightly though
  • When you do spend time together, he teases you relentlessly as ‘payback’ for making him blush so hard. Any protests from your side and silenced swiftly with a kiss.


  • When Valkyon wants affection, he just asks.
  • The man’s like stone pillar when he does.
  • No red face, no stuttering, he might as well be asking you to pass him the salt!
  • But don’t be fooled.
  • He’s nervous.
  • Super nervous.
  • He doesn’t like being a bother, and thinks asking you to spend time with him is a little selfish.
  • But he asks anyway, figuring the reward is more than worth the risk.
  • Whenever you agree, he lights up like the sun.
  • Seriously, his smile is blinding. And contagious.
  • He’ll always spoil you once he’s got your attention, always finding different ways of showing his appreciation. He prefers the classic: hugs and kisses


  • Leiftan wants your attention whenever he can get it.
  • He loves showering you with compliments before suggesting you join him for a walk.
  • Or rather, he’d love to.
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of his work, he doesn’t know when he’ll be called away and can’t waste time with pretty words. He wants to spend as much time as possible with you after all.
  • So he’s blunt, almost embarrassingly so, about wanting to spend time with you.
  • Your ‘yes’ always makes him smile.
  • He’s always a gentleman when you give him attention, and makes sure you feel loved and appreciated when you’re together.


Shortly after Jacksepticeye’s birthday this year, I had my first customer come up to the counter and ask if it was possible to do a Septic Sam cake for his 12-year-old son… And I could not have been more excited to do a cake before in my life!

I’ve waited 5 years for someone to ask me to do a youtuber cake, and I am so stoked it was a JackSepticeye cake! xD Pretty spot-on if you ask me! ^^