i was pretty bored and this came to my mind

So I was rewatching episode 1 after the GIANT PLOT TWIST on episode 10 and a weird (and cute) thought came into my mind.

I know that Maccachin is a lovely dog and would probably be friends to any stranger around, but after episode 10 I was imagining Victor staring at all those pics from the banquet every night and showing them to Maccachin, and sighing: “Oh, this guy, Maccachin… this guy saved my boring night. I’ve never had so much fun in a banquet like that. He is just so funny and beautiful and sexy and amazing… why doesn’t he contact me again? Where is he? I thought he really wanted me to be his coach and to see me again…”

(Poor lonely Victor has Maccachin as his best, if not only, real friend)

And then Maccachin finally meets that guy opening the front door: “Oh, gosh, you’re my owner’s boy! IT’S YOU! PLEASE BE MY OWNER TOO AND MARRY HIM, I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM SO HAPPY BEFORE, PLEASE DANCE WITH HIM AGAIN AND MAKE HIM THAT HAPPY EVERY DAY!”

Maccachin might have been the very first Victuri shipper.

More Than Anything In The World - Fred Weasley Imagine


Okay, so how about an imagine where the reader is Draco’s sister and she is never on good terms with her father and he sees her with Fred and he gets mad? Thanks 😁

•Warning: Cute Brother Draco, Hate Relationship With Lucas Malfoy!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I’m currently in the Slytherin Common Room reading a book, This whole week I’ve been studying like there’s no tomorrow. I really want to get a good grade on the test this Friday, right before we all leave home for Christmas break. I continued to read the pages bored out of my mind, I’m pretty sure I’ll pass this test but since there’s nothing to do I thought I might as well read. But the heavens above me have heard my call, right when I put my book down my brother, Draco Malfoy, came into the common room. “Weasley’s outside waiting for you” he said plainly, he started to walk upstairs but I stopped him grabbing his wrist “Draco. Why don’t you call him, Fred?” I asked “Because I still don’t feel comfortable that a Weasley is dating my baby sister. Also you should be happy I’m allowing you to date him.” Draco said matter-of-factly. “I’m a big girl Draco. I can take care of myself.” I smiled crossing my arms over my chest “I know. But your still my baby sister, I want you to be careful.” He smirked kissing my forehead before leaving upstairs to his room. I smiled wider, I’m glad that Draco accepts me and Fred dating it’s just that he really doesn’t like the Weasley family, at least he doesn’t call Fred, Weasel B anymore. I happily skipped to the entrance of the common room moving out from behind the stone wall seeing a bright haired ginger standing there with his back to me.

I slowly crept behind him and squeezed his butt making his jump and yell. I laughed hysterically “Why did you do that for?” He exclaimed rubbing his bum “Because you do that all the time to me!” I giggled “It’s better if I do that to you” he smirked coming closer to me, he put one hand behind me neck and one hand firmly on my waist. His nose brushed against my nose before he broke the small distance between us attaching our lips together. His lips are soft against my chapped one, he kisses me softly but passionately at the same time making me go crazy. The hand that’s on my waist slowly goes lower by the second without me noticing until Fred grabs my butt in his hand squeezing roughly. I jump back breathless, I hit him lightly on the chest “I hate it when you do that” I said trying to sound angry but instead I sound like a little kid. He rolled his eyes grabbing my hand in his, we start walking to the Great Hall where dinner is being served. “I wanted to ask you a question.” Fred said nervously, I looked at him giving him a nod telling him to go on. “I was wondering if - if maybe you would - like to spend Christmas break at my house?” He stuttered “Um… Fred. I -” I started but he cut me off “Oh man! I shouldn’t have asked you! I’m sorry if I’m taking things to quick! It’s - it’s just that I really want you to go and - and” “Fred! Calm down!” I exclaimed taking both his hands in mine “Trust me, I really want to go it’s just that… My parents wouldn’t allow me.” I whispered putting my head down.

“What do you mean?” He asked grabbing my chin forcing me to look at him “My mom would probably let me. But - my dad definitely won’t. He hates your family and he hates me. Whatever I want, he’ll just say no to make me more miserable.” I whispered “That’s not true. Your dad loves you” Fred whispered “How do you know? He easily gets mad at me for everything!” I said angrily throwing my hands in the air, Fred hugged me quickly making me slowly put my hands down around his neck. Whenever I was mad Fred would hug me tightly making me calm down, it helps me a lot. “I’m sorry,” I whispered “I’m going to ask my parents when they come to pick up Draco, This Saturday” “Okay. I love you” he grinned placing a kiss on my forehead, then on my nose, then on my lips softly “I love you too ginger” I said in between kisses, Fred pulled back dragging me into the Great Hall where we ate and talked.

~Saturday Morning~

-“Your dating him!” My father, Lucas Malfoy, yelled in my face. I nodded looking at the ground “you disgrace! Your a blood traitor like your twit of a boyfriend!” He screamed with rage “Don’t say that! Why can’t you just accept me for once?!” I screamed “I’ll accept you. Once you kill your boyfriend.” He said in an evil tone “W-what?” I whispered “I said I’ll accept you once you kill your boyfriend! But if you don’t I will!” He growled “N-No! Leave him alone!” I cried, I heard running footsteps coming closer then out of nowhere Fred appeared. “(Y/n)? What’s going on?” He asked “Do it!” My father yelled at me “No!” I screamed, he rolled his eyes and pointed his wand at Fred. I tried to move but my feet seemed to be glued to the floor, I touched all my pockets and felt no wand there “Don’t touch him!” I screamed trying desperately to move my feet “It’s too late” my father whispered his voice echoing through my head “Avada Kedavra!” He yelled “No! Fred!” I sobbed, Fred fell to the floor with a thump. I fell to my knees screaming at the top of my lungs “You - You bastard! W-Why would you do that?! I hate you! I hate you!” I cried banging my fists on the ground. I felt hands grab my shoulders shaking me lightly, I looked up to see Draco. “(Y/n) you need to wake up” he said “W-What? I don’t understand.” I sniffled “Wake up! Wake up!” His voice got louder “Wake Up!” He yelled.-

I shot straight up taking in deep inhales, my heart was racing as if I just ran and sweat covered my body. I looked around and saw that my room was empty except for Draco who sat in front of me with hands on my shoulders “(Y/n). (Y/n) are you okay?” He whispered, I bit my bottom lip trying to suppress a sob. I hated when I cry, but I couldn’t hold it in now, the love of my life just died in my dreams. I shook my head a couple of times before going full out crying, Draco engulfed me in s tight hug, his fingers stroking my hair gently. “Shh. Tell me, what’s wrong?” He whispered, I sniffled a couple of times before speaking. “D-Dad killed F-Fred right in front of m-me. T-Then you - you came and t-told me to w-wake up.” I cried still sobbing into his shoulder “Shh. I promise I won’t let dad hurt him. Okay?” He whispered taking my face in his hands making me look him in the eye “You p-promise?” I sniffled “I promise” he whispered kissing me on the forehead. “Get some sleep” he whispered while I sat on his lap resting my head on his chest.

~Later That Day~

“Draco. I can’t do this.” I said nervously as I looked at my blond brother, we were currently bringing our trunks down to the Hogwarts Express where we can load and leave “Come on (Y/n). It won’t be that bad.” He said calmly “You act like you haven’t met dad!” I exclaimed “Just talk to him! It’ll be fine” he reassured me “What happens if he does hurt Fred?” I said worriedly “Nothing’s going to happen to him (Y/n).” Draco said reassuringly. While we were in the Hogwarts express Fred kept his arm around my shoulders the whole time, kissing me here and there. I was anxious, I wished we would never make it to king’s cross but we do. I inhale and exhale preparing what I’m going to say to my dad “Fred is a great person. He’s nice and caring. Friendly to all. Oh did I mention that he’s a Hogwarts legend for pulling pranks on people - I’m Doomed!” I said aloud “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Baby” Fred cooed “Easy for you to say” I said sadly “Just ask him. If he says no, it’s okay. Well send each other letters everyday.” He smirked “Fine” I muttered having a grin plastered on my face. We both exited the train with our heavy trunks dragging behind us, Fred dropped his trunk on the floor and engulfed me in a tight hug. “I love you so much” he whispered kissing my cheek, I wrapped my arms around his neck “I love you more” I teased “That’s hard to believe” he smirked, I attached our lips together “I - Love - You - More” I said in between kisses “Okay. You win” he smiled pecking my lips “Excuse me! But what do you think your doing touching my daughter like that?!” I heard an awfully familiar voice yell. I turned my head to the side to see my dad with an angry expression just like in my dream. I went in front of Fred as my dad came closer “(Y/n)! What are you thinking! That’s a blood traitor!” My father yelled “I don’t care! I love him!” I screamed. Everyone in the station was watching now, Fred grabbed my hand “How could you do this?! Your disgracing the family’s name by being in love with a Weasley!” He yelled in rage “There’s nothing different between us! We’re all the same!” I said angrily squeezing Fred’s hand.

“Fine! If you leave with him you are no longer my daughter! Your just a filthy blood traitor!” He yelled “I’d rather be a blood traitor than your daughter!” I screamed a tear rolling down my cheek, I wiped it away quickly grabbing my trunk leaving towards Fred’s family. I was greeted with warm hugs and smiles from the Weasley’s making me feel better, I apologize to them because of the scene I caused but they don’t mind making me smile. I felt a tap on my shoulder making me turn around and there stands my father. “Um… Can I speak with you alone please?” He said calmly, I nodded my head deciding to give him a second change, he is my father. Fred grabbed my hand “It’s okay, I’ll be back.” I whispered to him kissing him on the cheek before going with my father. We stood a couple of feet away from Fred and his family making Fred kinda nervous but I gave him a smile telling him it’s okay. “How long have you two been dating?” He said calmly but I can hear a hint of anger in his tone “A year and a half” I said, it looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Well… Draco told me you that you have a question that you want me to answer.” “Oh yeah. Can I stay with Fred for the holidays?” I asked, he took a deep breath in “How much do you love him?” He asked “More than anything in the world.” I smiled looking at Fred “Okay. You can go with him, just be careful. I don’t want my little girl getting hurt” my father said sternly. I smiled in happiness hugging my father, after a few seconds he realized what I was doing making him hug me back. “I love you, I love you” I said excitedly jumping off my dad “I - I love you too” he said in a shocked tone. That was the first time I said that to him and it won’t be the last, I waved at my family before running to Fred hugging him. “I take it that your dad said yes” he smiled, I nodded my head kissing him. This is the best Christmas break so far.


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Yet Another Munday Meme

ಹ - Share a story from your childhood!

when i was a kid, we lived in a small building of two stories and we had a huge garden. once, we had problems with the pipework so workers came in and tore up our garden to fix it. i’m pretty sure it was summer vacations so my brother and i were bored out of our mind, so we’d go out and play near the workers and they’d put us in wheelbarrows and we’d do races and shit. and like, i think it was a sunday?? the workers weren’t there but my brother wanted to play with the wheelbarrow, so i climbed in it, he tried to lift it (mind you, we were like… 4 and 7??? so a 7 year old lifting a heavy duty wheelbarrow lmao) annnnd failed miserably. it fell on its side, me with it, and happens they had started digging a hole and i fell in it. my mom wasn’t so happy with us lmao. there u go.