i was preparing to cry into my pillow

Aries on a plane: “Yass take off!” 

Taurus on a plane: “I wonder what the in-flight meal will be?” 

Gemini on a plane: “So why are you headed to…” 

Cancer on a plane: *Smiling or making faces at all the babies or toddlers*

Leo on a plane: *Secretly trying to push the seat back, even after it’s reached as far as it will go*

Virgo on a plane: *Has gum, hand sanitizer, 3 ipads, blanket, air sickness meds, snacks, a book, travel pillow. PREPARED* 

Libra on a plane: *Face glued to the window*

Scorpio on a plane: *Head phones in*

Sagittarius on a plane: “This is one of my natural habitats.” 

Capricorn on a plane: “Of course I get the seat by the crying baby or obnoxious talker…”

Aquarius on a plane: *Befriending the flight attendants*

Pisces on a plane: *Feel asleep reading a book/playing a video game* or *Listening to someone tell them their life story… not Pisces choice* 

dear daughter, this is for the day when you first stand in the shower, with eyes producing more water than the shower itself, and try to scrub your skin off. using all your might as if they were the chains you were once bound too and desperately need to free yourself from. firstly honey, your black is neither burden nor boundary it is a key that reveals so many treasures if you’d just persevere until you find the right doors. what are you trying to do with your caramel coloured skin of soft buttery texture that has been churned through generations of hardships to produce this fine product of supreme quality called you? don’t you know your hair is an enchanted forest, each kink and curl creating it’s own unique magic to keep your well deserved crown in place? my baby, you are royalty and ignore the white’s dictionary definition of humility, it is not stripping yourself of your crown to avoid being the subject of jealously and envy. that big, beautiful forehead of yours is filled with a lifetime of substantial knowledge and always be proud of your luscious lips that reflect the enormity of love you have to share. don’t be afraid of your already thick thighs in preparation for the day they become your own daughter’s pillow to cry into and confess all her secrets too. finally my star, have i not always showed you how bright you glow, so why did you allow them to burn you out? if i could not make you love yourself, open your eyes to see how beautiful you truly are then how could you give them permission to teach you how to hate your black then learn the lesson so well?
—  ~r.g.
WDW’s Reaction to Their S/O Having Cramps & Moodswings

A/N: idk this feels kinda specific but also I really wanted to make it so hopefully y’all enjoy! Also this is just based off my personal experiences with periods, and what’s been recalled to me through a few close friends. I know everyone goes through different things and I don’t wanna make assumptions. Love you all! -Anna

Disclaimer: Period talk ahead- just putting it out there.

♡J O N A H♡ Would be the king of caring for you (no I’m not just saying that because he’s my lane) no matter how you felt- even if you were having a perfectly fine day. 

“Are you doing ok, Princess? Do you need anything?”

“Umm, no…I’m fine babe, thanks thou-”

*opens up his actual tote bag filled with goodies because Jonah’s a mom friend i stg*

“Do you want some trail mix? I custom ordered it gluten and dairy free because I know you feel bloated after you eat gluten or dairy or I also have some Gatorade if you’re low on electrolytes or I have moist towelettes if you’re feeling overheated or-”

“Jonah…Jonah? Jonah oh my god I don’t need a- wait, is that a candy bar?”

“Umm, yeah, but that’s m-”

“Can I have the candy bar?”

“Umm, are you sure you don’t want the-”

“I want the candy bar, Jonah.”

     If you were having rough period day though, he’d actually be really empathetic, and pick up pretty easily on what would frustrate or aggravate you (basically he wouldn’t nag you with his tote bag of period goodies). He’d probably enjoy a chill day in with you, and anything that was sore or hurting he’d do his best to fix however he could- because at the end of the day there’s nothing that would upset him more than you being uncomfortable or in pain. More than likely he’d bundle you like a burrito in a heated blanket and wrap his limbs around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he softly whispered to you that everything was going to be ok, and that he loved you very much.

☆C O R B Y N☆ Would be extremely soft and caring with you in as much as he could, including your grouchy attitude. More than likely, anything you’d say he’d immediately agree with just to keep you happy, no matter what.

“You know, I think chocolate’s actually good for you. Like, it’s a plant, so it’s basically a vegetable. I’m eating a vegetable right now.” Pursing his lips together and refusing to make eye contact with you as he flipped through the channels on the T.V. he’d nod.

“Yeah, I read something about that. They’re actually considering repackaging chocolate’s everywhere to cater to the vegan community.” 

On a serious note though, he’d probably be the most interested in knowing what’s actually going on- like, he’d be on google for hours.

“Princess? How long have you been menstruating?” (would 100% call it menstruating)

“Ummm, a few hours? Why?” Excitedly, he’d pull up a very detailed diagram of a step-by-step process of what’s happening in your body.

“You’re currently shedding your endometrium!” Cringing, you’d shake your head violently as you playfully pushed him away.

“Corbyn if you say endometrium one more time I’m gonna throw up I’m not kidding.”

♧D A N I E L♧ Would be the most likely to handle it the best. He’d always be 100% prepared with a heating pad and pain killers, and would be the most likely to listen to your rants or concerns with sincerity instead of just writing it off as hormones.

*wiping away a fear stray tears*

“Sometimes I just feel like I really want a pet dragon, you know Danny?” He’d nod, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as you grew tired. Running his hands softly through your hair and laying soft kisses on your forehead, he’d reply.

“You’d be crazy not to, baby. Could you imagine how handy a pet dragon would be? You could get an old fashioned tower and store your most prized possessions there…you could fly…it’d be the perfect companion.” 

He’d also be flexible with any plans you two had made earlier, more than happy to skip the adventures and take a chill day in watching movies and having heart to heart conversations about the little things in life.

♘J A C K♘ Wouldn’t catch on right away, but once he did he’d be 100% loving and cuddly, wanting nothing more than for you to feel comfortable. That being said, he would NOT agree with you on everything the way Corbyn would. 

*watching a Purina Dog Food commercial and sobbing*

“That dog is so- *sniffle* -happy to have his- *sniffle* -food and why can’t the whole world be that happy!?” Jack would roll his eyes, not looking up from his phone as he replied.

“Because the whole world isn’t an over-payed ungrateful golden retriever who sells dog food to pay for their owner’s vacation to Bali.” Sobbing harder at this, you’d pelt countless throw pillows at his head which he was 100% not prepared for.



“Baby, you know I love you- but that’s a golden retriever and-” 

*immediately pelted with another throw pillow*

     In all seriousness though, Jack would probably make you laugh the most, because even though he might tease you from time to time, he really only wants to make you feel better. The two of you would spend the rest of the day cuddled up on your mountain of throw pillows watching cute baby animal compilation videos online and playfully teasing each other the way the two of you always do.

♕Z A C H♕ Ok, here’s the thing with Zach. Does he get slightly afraid of you when you get into a mood or give him the cold shoulder? Yeah. Does he understand how periods work? Not really. But let me tell you- this boy would NEVER shy away from the tampon/pads aisle. It wouldn’t bother him in the slightest. If you needed him to run to the store to get your favorite treats, some pain killers and a box of period products- he’d be on it, no questions asked. Checking out in front of other people at the store would actually fill him with a weird sense of pride and responsibility, and for that you were eternally grateful.

*on the phone in Walmart loudly*

“Yeah, I’m staring at the tampons now, what brand did you say you wanted?”

*at home giggling*

“Zach, don’t be so loud people are gonna look at you funny!”

“So, who cares? You’re my girlfriend, babe. Wait, hold on a sec, this grandma is giving me a side eye.” 

*holds phone slightly away from his ear*


*to the phone*

“Alright baby, you have about 30 seconds to tell me what to buy before someone comes to kick me out of Walmart.”


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platonic lance x reader that he sees as like a little sister and reader is closest to him out of the paladins

me? Crying? No…..yes…..this gets sorta sad toward the end so it mentions death and nightmares!

•hello you guys do face masks together all the time this is totally obvious

•once you guys decided to pull an all-nighter and you watched every single Marvel movie in order from release year and lance is the only one who regretted it

•hey so Lance McClain watches Bob Ross and copies it into MSPaint you can tell me no and rip this headcanon from my cold dead body and I will come back and take it right back from you
because of this the two of you will do it together and then send text messages of whatever bob Ross is saying at random times

•he can tell if you’re ever uncomfortable or upset
when uncomfortable|| say it’s from someone hitting on you, or just an awkward situation, he’ll go up to you and ask you to do something for him. It’s almost always something abnormal and very strange
—–—“hey can you wash my alien” “what do you mean you forgot the oranges” “do you think you could come help me tow a spaceship”
when upset|| hugs you as quick as possible and rocks you back and forth, he asks you straight away what’s wrong because he’d hate to ask you as soon as you’re done crying.

•uhm? You and him are literally the most badass tag team ever seen.
his bayard is of course, well I mean we’ve all seen it. Yours is basically two big ass battle axes
you guys joke around a lot like, “tbh? my bayard should’ve been a pillow and a blanket” and you chuckle like no tomorrow
when you first got your bayard, you weren’t a paladin but they had you hold each bayard to see if you were compatible. They wanted to be prepared for

•once you had gone missing while visiting a planet and Lance went absolutely insane. he was pissed off the entire time and wasn’t messing with anybody for the time being. Pidge, and Hunk would poke at him to cheer him up and he’d snap at them
would risk his life if it meant finding and getting you back safe
did risk his life cause it meant finding and getting you back safe
–——almost lost a leg

•whenever the others sense something wrong with Lance they go to you and talk
“Lance doesn’t seem good today, have you talked to him? Like really talked to him?”

•when you guys get back to Earth and marry whoever, there’s no doubt his kids are your godchildren and vice versa.
they call you auntie, and yours call him uncle

•everyone lives in the same neighborhood, all on the same street. you live across from him
nightmares are a frequent thing among all of them, and the two of you have visited each other in the night a lot
you have sleepovers, and despite all the things you two went through you fall back into old habits
hello again Marvel Movies, Face Masks, Spa Days, Beach Days, MSPaint, and all nighters

•you comfort each other a lot as well
being in war meant losing people, and that sometimes was your fault and there was no denying that
you lose people on Earth as well, without knowing until you return
you lost many friends and many family members
Lance lost his grandfather and now his grandmother was ill. He lost a nephew and a niece during a birth

•the two of you show up at each others doors crying
sometimes one of you are, sometimes both
you don’t say anything though, you just walk in and sit down while he makes you food. typically traditional Cuban dishes


This smut imagine is for almost reaching 1K followers. I would like to thank all of you who have liked and reblogged my imagines. This imagine is for you!

Nate and I barely got back from the Steak House restaurant. We stay in the living room and pull out the bed from the couch. As we retract the bed and the bed spread from the couch Nate requests a glass of water.

Nate decided to leave the restaurant early, but made sure to grab dessert before we left. I grabbed doughnuts with chocolate sauce. As for Nate he requested an apple and key lime pie.

I return back to the living room with a glass of water and hand it to Nate.

“Your water my king” I say as I give him the water.

“Well thank you my queen” Nate responds back. He leaves the water on the side table before pulling me in by the hips. “I have to ask for one
more thing?” He lifts my shirt above my breasts leaving my stomach exposed.

“Oh, what is it” instead of responding back he leans forward and lays gentle kisses on my stomach. The kisses he leaves makes butterflies erupt inside my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair and close my eyes as then feeling of him near me calms me.

Nate puts his ear to my stomach which causes me to open my eyes quickly. I look at the scene unfolding with a confused expression.

“Hey there,anyone there” he says as he knocks on my hip bones gently with his knuckles. And he waits for an answer before putting his ear back on my stomach. I laugh at his actions.

“No ones there, so I think it is a bun free oven” he exclaims as he lays more kisses on my stomach. “I think we are safe to repeat another round from last night” he adds with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

I slide under the covers next to him as he wraps an arm around my waist.
Nate leans in and kisses my lips ever so gently.

“You are so beautiful” he whispers before planting another kiss on my lips.

“Thank you” I tell as a light brush appears on my cheeks. Nate chuckles softly before sitting up. He removes his clothing leaving him in all his naked glory. The blush that appeared on my cheeks darkens as I stare at his naked figure.

“Do you see something you like?” He asks as he slips back under the covers. I only hum in response as he pulls the sheets over his lap leaving him exposed a bit.

“Know something that would be better?” He asks

“What?” I respond while looking at him.

“If you are also naked” he says tugging at the hem of my shirt that is now rested above my breasts. I unclasp my bra and get out of my black jeans. My black lace panties are the only thing left before I have a chance to remove them Nate stops me.

“I got it” he disappears under the sheets. I feel a slight scrape of his teeth near my thighs. I start to wonder what he is doing before it dawns on me. He is removing my lace panties with his teeth. Nate soon resurfaces from under the cover and sits up once again.

“Would you like to taste your dessert?” He asks in which I respond with a nod. Nate takes a doughnut and dunks it into the chocolate sauce. He lifts the doughnut towards my mouth with a hand under it to catch any droplets of sauce.

“Mmm” I moan as I chew the doughnut and cover my mouth with the tips of my fingers. “That’s amazing”

“I know, right? I’ve tried these there when you went to Y/H/T last month. Do you want to try some of my pie?”
He says as I wait to finish what I have in my mouth.

“Only a taste” he gives me a small amount and I chew it “this is really good” I tell him as I watch him take a bite as well. I watch as chews the piece of pie and watch as his jaw clenches with each chew.

“It is amazing they do really well with their desserts” he says and dunks his finger into the chocolate sauce. He lifts his hand again with the other beneath to catch any droplets of sauce. Nate surprises me he brings the finger covered in chocolate to my lips.

“Open” I do as I’m told and he puts his finger into my mouth. I close down on it, sucking the chocolate sauce off gently. I take a hold of his hand to keep it in place as I swirl my tongue around it, the same way I do with his cock. I look up at him and see a sexy grin on his face while looking down at me.

“Mmm” I take his finger out and lick it slowly.

“Well Y/N I think it is safe to say you really enjoyed that” Nate says before continuing “lay down lil mama” I lay down on the bed and he pulls the sheets down to expose my naked torso. Nate places the tray full of our desserts on the floor. He reemerges with the chocolate sauce in hand. He straddles me.

“Y/N put a finger in the sauce and then put in anywhere on your body”

“Where?” I ask

“Wherever you want me to lick it off from” Nate replied with a sexy smile. I hesitantly dunk my finger into the chocolate. Nate watches eagerly as I trail it down the valley of my breasts. I place the remainder on my lips and find it extremely hard not to lick it off.

He puts the container down on the side table and bends down to lick my lips. Nate takes my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks gently and does the same with my top lip. It’s intimate his scent and sensation of his lips on mine are perfection. The sucking of my lips soon turn into a passionate kiss. A kiss that I cannot get enough of. My hands run through his soft hair and I let out a moan full of lust.

Nate breaks away and moves further down my body and his eyes land on my chest. His head lowers as his tongue runs along the trail of chocolate. The movement is hot, slow, and sensual. He licks off the chocolate and quickly travels to my right nipple. Nate take sit into his mouth flicking it with his tongue and nibbles.

Nate’s hand moves to my other breasts and caresses it between his fingers.

“Mmm, Y/N” he mumbles against my breast before moving to the other one and repeats his actions. Goosebumps appear all over my skin and causes me to bend my knees on either side of his body. My pussy circling beneath him on its own as if it hand its own mind. Nate releases my nipples from his mouth and goes back towards my lips. He kisses once again. My pelvis still rotating beneath and grinding on his hard cock. Nate pulls back and kneels between my legs. He reaches for the container full of chocolate once again.

“Don’t get carried away, lil mama” he says looking down at my naked body. “I want you to dip your finger again into the chocolate” I do as he asks and swirl it around in the container. “Get a lot on there is tastes exquisite from your skin. Put it on your body again.”

I take my finger out of the container and hover over my chest. I’m deciding whether to put it on my nipples or around my belly button.

“Not there” Nate says clearly my eyes look at his as he is already staring at me. “Lower” he adds with a dominant voice. I move my hand lower towards my belly button and look at him for guidance.

“Lower” he says once again. I’m getting really excited as I move my dripping finger lower. I already know what he wants and I want it too. I’ve always been insecure when Nate eats me out. I only want him to see the more appealing parts of my body.

I pause before lowering my finger so the chocolate drops onto my pelvic bone.

“Lower” that is all he says.

I look at his face and see the want in his eyes. I bite my bottom lips considering if I should or shouldn’t. I consider my next move.

“Don’t be shy lil mama, I want to taste you the right way” he takes a hold of my wrist and moves it above my clit. “Touch yourself, Y/N”

I look into his eyes as I rest my finger on my clit. I move it around my clitoris. His eyes never leaves my gaze only shortly to see me touching myself. This feels to good….

“You look so sexy right now” Nate whispers looking down at my fingers in between my legs. He reaches down and takes my hand, Nate takes it into his mouth and sucks off the chocolate.

“Mmm” Nate moans out looking at me. He removes my fingers from his mouth and lowers himself onto my belly. Nate licks off any drips of chocolate from my skin and kisses it slowly. He lowers his head to my clit, for which he pauses a bit.

Eventually, I feel his hot breath on me hovering over my delicate skin. His tongue sweeps over my outer lips towards my clitoris. Nate swirls his tongue around, licking, sucking, and I moan loudly arching my back.

“Uh huh” Nate mumbles against my skin. His tongue still caressing my clit masterfully. His hands glide his hands up my waist, pressing firmly into my skin with his fingers. I feel weak as his tongue works stroking and brushing against my clit.

My hands grip onto the sheets around me. My pelvis raise off the bed involuntarily, my muscles clench tightly preparing for my climax. Nate’s hand move to my lower stomach and pushes me back down onto the bed. His hands wrap around my thighs pulling me towards him.

“Nate, oh, Nate, yes” I cry out as my climax comes fast and hard. Nate takes my clit into his mouth and sucks hard.

“Oh, God! Yes!” I cry, my thighs quiver and tighten around his head. My hands travel to his hair tugging and gripping it. I throw my head back into the pillow, my heart beating fast through my chest. My stomach rising and falling rapidly with my short pants.

“Oh” I whisper. Nate strokes me gently with his tongue and kisses me lightly. I release my hold on his head from my thighs and I’m shaking.

Nate crawls up my body, a big and sexy smile his face as he kisses my mouth.

“Your so beautiful, I don’t know why your so insecure with your body. Your body is incredible” he says and I want to reply back but I’m speechless.

“You’re shaking” Nate says as he pulls me into his embrace. I lay in his arms my leg wrapped in between his. Nate pull the sheets above us and lays gentle kisses on my face. “Was it good, Y/N?”

“Mmm,” I respond back sleepy that’s all I can offer as a response.

“Is that a yes” he chuckles lightly. I nod my head, nuzzling my face into his chest.

“Good, because it was an amazing experience for me also. Your are the most beautiful women. I want to do this to you for the rest of our lives” Nate says.

“Me too….”

Nate leaves another kiss on my lips before we start to drift off to sleep curled up against one another.

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What would you recommend taking to college? In state, and out of state?

brace yourself, this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be

I’m in state, so I really can’t say for out of state people (I hear they generally tend to bring more stuff). My individual needs are probably also quite different than others’, and different colleges provide different materials in the dorms. At the beginning of the semester I actually wrote down a few of the things that were nice to bring in a blog post here. I also took a few pictures of my dorm room with stuff moved in so you can get an idea of what I brought from here. You’ll probably find some nice checklists online of all the basics, like bedding and bathroom supplies and clothing, so I’ll skip those (unless you really want to know, in which case shoot me another message). I was actually quite underpacked, so I’m also going to include some things I wish I had brought in hindsight. As a female first year living in a mini-suite (which means the bathrooms are attached instead of one per hall) at UC Berkeley in California (where the weather is quite mild), a few specific items I would recommend bringing:

  • dorm decorations (and double sided tape or pins to stick them up)
  • a whiteboard with corkboard for push pins
  • ethernet cord (it’s a lot more reliable than wifi once you’ve set it up)
  • one single good non-academic book for stress relief
  • a paper calendar
  • sticky notes
  • a lamp with an opaque shade (translucent ones spill light everywhere)
  • binder clips
  • blue painters tape
  • as many pens as you can
  • stapler, hole puncher, printer, etc. are quite nice if you can manage it
  • wipes to sanitize everything before you unpack
  • A FAN!! it is so unbelievably hot and muggy the first few weeks
  • on a similar note, bring a blanket. it was way too hot to sleep in bed the first few weeks, but its still nice to feel covered.
  • small shelves (those foldable locker shelves work great)
  • bookshelves are also useful
  • mugs, forks, spoons, plates, etc. you will want to eat in the dorm room and it’s not very nice to steal from the dining halls.
  • more hangers than you’d think you need (you will probably go shopping at some point or get free shirts, and hangers can break fairly easily)
  • extension cords
  • a small portable vacuum if you can. dorms usually have a large old vacuum that you have to drag up from the basement, so having a small vacuum on hand is really convenient
  • paper towels (spills happen)
  • shower caddy (i like the two piece ones with the small on inside for toothbrushes and stuff, otherwise you have to drag the whole thing around sometimes)
  • shower shoes
  • for most people i hear a robe is nice but i don’t need one bc minisuite
  • i really like having a keurig bc coffee of course but it also dispenses hot water in a minute, which is really handy for ramen and stuff
  • free-hanging hooks, if you have somewhere to hang them off of, they’re actually quite useful (they’re the yellow things on the side of my bunk, if you can see from the second post I linked)
  • all the laundry supplies, from hamper to detergent (I recommend Tide Pods they’re super convenient) to dryer sheets (those are nice)
  • relaxing things: don’t be embarrassed about wanting to bring a stuffed animal! i brought my stuffed dolphin and it was really nice, as opposed to my roommate who didn’t bring her panda pillow pet and really regretted it (she brought it with her after going home out of state for thanksgiving)
  • candles, bath products, etc are also nice just for scent, even if you can’t use them in the dorms
  • makeup, small mirror, and makeup wipes. wipes are really nice to offer to someone if they’ve been crying and want to clean up (from experience)
  • febreeze (esp if a floormate with bad BO comes to visit)
  • not really a thing, but be prepared to say your name, where you’re from, what you’re majoring in, where you live, and maybe an interesting fact about yourself about 200 times in the first few days-weeks

dear daughter, this is for the day when you first stand in the shower, with eyes producing more water than the shower itself, and try to scrub your skin off. using all your might as if they were the chains you were once bound too and desperately need to free yourself from. firstly honey, your black is neither burden nor boundary it is a key that reveals so many treasures if you’d just persevere until you find the right doors. what are you trying to do with your caramel coloured skin of soft buttery texture that has been churned through generations of hardships to produce this fine product of supreme quality called you? don’t you know your hair is an enchanted forest, each kink and curl creating it’s own unique magic to keep your well deserved crown in place? my baby, you are royalty and ignore the white’s dictionary definition of humility, it is not stripping yourself of your crown to avoid being the subject of jealously and envy. that big, beautiful forehead of yours is filled with a lifetime of substantial knowledge and always be proud of your luscious lips that reflect the enormity of love you have to share. don’t be afraid of your already thick thighs in preparation for the day they become your own daughter’s pillow to cry into and confess all her secrets too. finally my star, have i not always showed you how bright you glow, so why did you allow them to burn you out? if i could not make you love yourself, open your eyes to see how beautiful you truly are then how could you give them permission to teach you how to hate your black then learn the lesson so well?



*run around screaming in a pillow and then go buy some fabric* be prepared because i’m gonna cosplay this NO MATTER WHAT.

Rose Lalonde : @hisayadaydream

like it was completely foreshadowed and obvious the whole time that a) diana is a god and the god-killer and therefore b) no matta what, we gon hafta contend with chris pine’s mortality compared with her immortality and therefore it’s gonna get sad at some point and given her reaction to that photo it’s gonna get sad sooner rather than later but in all honesty i was not prepared to actually be that sad when pine bit it like…….i have never cared about a heterosexual romantic subplot in my entire life but this wasn’t that….like…….them finding each other is the Entire reason they were able to do the things they needed to do and help each other be the people they needed to be and like…….this 100% equal footing healthy loving relationship in the midst of everything that’s fucked up in the world….jesus fuck i did not expect to care about that pillow princess but damn if i didn’t cry through the last 20 minutes of that movie

You gave me your heart, and I am sorry,
but I am not strong enough to
hold it. I will leave, and I will leave it
lying on my pillow,
on my side of the bed
that was never big enough to hold us both.

And when you awake,
as we all must from even the most
pleasant of dreams,
you will see it resting there,
staining the sheets that we bought together
crimson. And you will know that
I am gone.
And when that happens,
though I know I do not deserve it,
I want you to do something
for me.
For the person you wanted me to be.

Don’t cry.

As sad as you will be -
and even as I prepare to leave,
a part of me hopes you will be sad -
there will be no abscence.
Here. I am returning your heart to you.
There will be no more
emptiness inside of you.

You gave me your heart, and I am sorry.

It is a gift I cannot accept.

—  It weighs on my chest like a stone, A.B (prompt from here)
The Art of Pining for Another - Chapter 23

First Chapter - Previous Chapter - “Deleted Scenes” (offsite)

I liked that I was good for Chris. He needed someone good.

I was so sure I’d sleep fine that night. Closure, I decided, was exactly what I got and exactly what I needed. The drive back to the house reminded me of drives with him, even though he’d been exactly four days of the thirty years I’d lived here. Things kept popping out at me – the perfect night sky he so admired, the hunter’s path off the Miller’s property, my own home. Everything. He’d ruined it all for me.

Yes. Ruined.

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dwarf sex tips from caranthir

yet another epistolary ficlet from yours truly

Dear Brother (who dispossessed me), 

I heard from a wandering minstrel that you have recently taken the Dwarf-lord Azaghâl as your paramour. Congratulations! I hope that Fingon is taking this change in your lifestyle well, but if he would like to travel halfway across the known world for an attractive Fëanorian shoulder to cry on, please give him my address. I find him exceedingly comely, and possess great quantities of gold for him to stick in his hair. 

Because I have always been supportive of your love life, even when I replaced your hand lotion with liniment, I have enclosed several nuggets of advice about Dwarf intimacy. How did I acquire them, you ask? Felagund By listening very closely to their drinking songs.

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GUYS. oh god.

Okay I just finished reading Malec Moments, like actually 3 minutes ago. The fanfictions contains 58 chapters, and I just started it yesterday on my train journey back to uni :P

If you haven’t yet read it, then stop reading this. Because everything from now onwards contains spoilers!

Honestly when I first started reading this yesterday, I was somewhat disappointed because the hype was so much over this fanfictions, and I found that because it was made up of moments rather than continuous structure. Also if you haven’t read the TMI books, then this fanfictions contains A LOT of spoilers, just saying, so read at your own risk, 

As I kept reading the fanfictions, I became determined to finish it, and let me tell you guys, I think i got chapter 55 and I BAWLED. Like I spent 5 minutes just sobbing in my pillow because I wasn’t prepared on the onslaught of emotions. It was too much, it was so beautifully written and penned down that it just made me cry so much. 

Overall the fanfiction was so so good, if you are worried about an unhappy ending, don.t be because one way or another it all works out. It made me believe that no matter what happens, Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood will always find a way to each other. Both the characterisation of magnus and alec was perfect, it was so in character and just beautifully structured. Kudos to the writer for writing such a masterpiece, and for also changing my views on the fanfiction as the chapters went on. You made me fully love it. 

And lastly, when reading Malec Moments, the writer made me see just how Immortal Magnus Bane was and just how painfully Mortal Alec Lightwood was. But through it all, these two people in love defied all logic and found a way to love. 

I highly highly recommend it ++ Give it a shot guys. Malec Moments 

5sos Preference 49: He Has A Girlfriend (Part Two)


“Hey Ash,” You mumble, sitting as far away from your best friend as possible. As you settle in the chair across the room from him, Ashton looks at you with confusion and a little anger. “What?” You ask, confused by his sudden mood swing.

“I’m just frustrated,” He grunted to himself, rubbing his eyes before looking back up at you with a grin. Your heart broke all over again, hating how he didn’t have any idea just how wrong everything was right now. “I need your help, actually.”

“What’s up?” You asked, shoving a few chips in your mouth as you waited for him to reply. Somehow, even though you wanted to hate him, you couldn’t. You were too in love with him.

“I was wondering if you could help me plan a surprise for my girlfriend, I want to fly out and see her but Mum doesn’t want me to go alone.” He stated, staring at you hopefully. “Please?”

“No.” You stood up, ignoring the hurt look on his face as you stomped back to your room and slammed the door behind you. 


“(Y/N), stop crying.” Luke struggled to comfort you, wiping tears from your cheeks as you continued sobbing. Soon after the boys had finished performing, you’d tried to congratulate Calum when you’d found him making out with his girlfriend. Now, here you were, crying on Luke like you’d just found out your goldfish had died.

“I can’t!” You whimpered, sniffing wildly in an attempt to control your emotions. “I just don’t get it, I’ve loved him for so long but he never even looks at me.” Your shoulders shook as you began to sob once again, loud wails falling from your mouth as you went into hysterics.

Michael and Ashton had burst in earlier to see if you were okay, but Luke had only pushed them out muttering lame excuses under his breath. Calum hadn’t even bothered to find you, and the thought sent you further over the edge. You felt ridiculous, holding onto this silly crush even though you knew it would never happen.

“I’m such an idiot,” You choked out, wiping your cheeks angrily and scowling down at the floor as you held your breath in an attempt to stop crying. “I don’t get why it’s always me, why is it always me who gets hurt?" 


"Oh, uh, hey!” You greeted the girl, smiling at her tensely. She stared at you with disgust, her eyes scanning you from head to toe before she smirked a little to herself. “Nice to meet you?" 

"I wish I could say the same,” She snapped, making your eyes widened as you grew irritated with her attitude. “I’d appreciate if you kept your fat ass off my boyfriend.”

“Excuse me,” You stated, raising your eyebrows and placing a hand on your hip. Sass levels rising, you thought to yourself. “Who the hell are you calling fat?”

“I’m pretty sure I just called you fat,” She tossed her hair over her shoulder, batting her eyelashes at Luke who stood frozen between you two. Mentally rolling your eyes, you pushed him out of the way in preparation to throw a swing at the girl when he broke out of his trance.

“Woah, woah! (Y/N)! What’s wrong with you?” Luke cried, grabbing your arms and pulling you away from his girlfriend. “I can’t believe you’d try and hit my girlfriend!”

“What’s wrong with me?” You gaped, staring up at Luke who scowled down at you. “Wow, I guess what’s wrong with me is I’m in love with a dumb-ass named Luke Hemmings.” With that, you turned and sprinted off down the hallway to your hotel room.


“(Y/N)?” Not bothering to look up, you continued to cry into your pillow. You knew it was Michael, but you were too busy being depressed to care. “I’m really sorry for being mean to you.”

“Yeah, me too.” You sniffed, scowling up him. He smiled halfheartedly and sat on the edge of your bed. Wiping tears from your cheek, he breathed in shakily.

“Do you really think I’m a judge-mental prick?” He asked, looking at you timidly. Shaking your head slowly, a small smile crossed his face as he pulled you into a hug. “Good, I was so scared you didn’t want to be my friend anymore.”

You tensed up once again, earning a curious look from Michael as he pulled away to look at you. “I don’t, Michael,” You replied. His face fell, his eyes welling with tears. “I don’t want to just be your friend, that’s the thing. I want so much more than that.”

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 9

Photo not mine (Though I did edit a bit)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Warning: Violence, Offensive Language

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,839

It felt as though time had slowed almost to the point where everything was frozen. My body and mind had no idea how to react to what just happened down in that cellar. I couldn’t think about anything right now, my thoughts all jumbled together creating a mess in my head. The only thing I could focus on was Luca and how he was safe.

“We need to go,” I heard Luca say from above me though he sounded muffled. His arms snaked through mine pulling me from the rain soaked ground lightly to my feet. “Ella, come on.”

No matter how hard I tired my feet wouldn’t move. “Luke,” I breathed out as my brain started to uncluttered itself. “Oh my God,” I whispered staring at my brother with wide eyes. “We need to go back. Luke’s down there. You don’t understand, Jai will…” Kill him.  

I began turning back to the cellar’s door just as Luca pulled me out of the ally. “We need to get help.” He told me then continued after taking in my uncertain facial expression. “It’s the only way we can help Luke, Ella.”

I nodded my head knowing that going back down into the cellar would only grant us a death wish. The only thing we could do was find a shop open near by but with the power out from the storm, every store we ran by to be closed limiting our options from slim to zero.

“There has to be a shop open somewhere.” I muttered to myself knowing that if we had to run back to our house to get help I might as well kiss Luke goodbye. 

As if my prayers had been answered, the convenience shop on the corner of the street had it’s flashing open sign on in it’s window. Luca and I pretty well ran down the door, wheezing and coughing in attempts to catch our breath from the run.

“Phone 911,” Luca wheezed. The man behind the counter hesitated as if we were pulling a practical joke on him before Luca reached over the counter and grabbed the phone dialing the number as quickly as he could. “Hi we need police and an ambulance. A man took my friend into captive and is threatening his life. Okay. Yes. On Queens St. in the old Geno’s cellar. Uh-huh. Okay.” And with that Luca hung up.

“So what now?” I asked him but he just shrugged.

“I guess we just pray to God that nothing happens to him.”


Luke’s P.O.V

I held back yet another scream as the knife dug into my thigh from Tyse’s powerful arms. 

“I have to saying, Hemmings.” Jai started. He was sat in a chair facing mine watching me as if this were a movie. “Sacrificing your own life for a girls trauma and pain, now that’s quite the love story.”

Through the pain I felt a smile tug at the ends of my mouth. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself over there.” I told him. “Because once my boys find out that you killed me it won’t be a party… at least not for you.”

He gave me a cold smirk. “What boys? You dropped out of my gang when you realized you could never lead it. What idiots would want you as their leader?”

“Who said anything about a gang?” I asked, his eyebrows shot up but I didn’t feel the need to elaborate. If I knew my three best friends as well as I think I do then I know that they aren’t going to let Jai just prance around town without payback.

“Again.” Jai called out to Tyse who sent the knife back into my thigh making me yell out in pain.

My eyes fell back on Jai noticing the small smile of defeat on his face. Like hell I would let him win. Even though I was in quite the mess up I knew this wouldn’t be the last of me, it just couldn’t.

“Again.” He repeated for the seventh time. Just before Tyse could bring the knife down into my thigh the sound of sirens from outside filled the cellar’s walls. Jai turned to his men. “You three,” He pointed to the three men who he wanted. “Go outside and distract the police, run around the block if you have to. Just do everything you can to keep them from coming down here.”

The three men left without a single objection as Jai turned his attention back to me and nodded at Tyse to continue. A scream lifted from the back of my throat louder than the others finding it harder each time to contain the noise. I lost track by now of how many times that knife had gone into my thigh before a loud bang came from the direction of the cellar door.

“Get down!” I heard someone yell praying and hoping that help was finally here.

“Well don’t just stand there,” Jai hissed at Tyse and Rowan. “Go stop the cops from getting in here.”

The two nodded racing towards the entrance of the cellar. Jai watched me with suspicion before getting up from his chair and walking past me. “Just so you know, Hemmings, this isn’t over yet.”

I heard his footsteps get quieter behind me then the sound of a door opening and closing sent me into thought. There was another way out.

I studied the ropes that had me tied down knowing I wouldn’t be able to break free of them by jiggling my arms around. With all of Jai’s men focused on fighting off the officers, I got to my feet with the chair still attached to me and limped my way into the wall trying to break the chair. It took me at least five tries before it broke and my restraints fell off. I quickly made my way over to where I heard Jai walk to in attempts to find the door. The cuts on my thigh made me wince every time I put pressure on my leg making it frustrating to walk.

Finally finding the old rotten door that camouflaged into the dirt walls of the cellar, I let myself squeeze through as I began my walk down the tight passage way. It was a 10 minute walk before I surfaced back above ground popping up near the malls entrance which wasn’t too far from Ella’s house.

I looked around the parking lot hoping to catch any clue that might lead me to Jai. But there was nothing. He was gone.


Ella’s P.O.V

My mom made us all hot chocolate that night as my entire family sat around the fireplace. None of us spoke a word not knowing what to say or do. You can’t prepare yourself for a situation like this and I could tell by my mom’s face that the sense of not knowing how to fix this was killing her.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed.” I told them starting to get to my feet.

“You’ve hardly touched your hot chocolate.” My father commented but I only shrugged.

“Guess I’m not that hungry.” I didn’t give them my regular good night kiss, instead I went straight to my room and curled up on my bed. I didn’t realize I was even crying until I felt a tear dampen my pillow case. 

Everything that’s happened since Luke came into my life has been a complete mess. From getting a concision, to remembering how to feel again, to today in the cellar. And looking back at everything now I think I finally understand why theses tears are coming. They’re not because of the messed up life I’m living or because I have no idea if Luke’s safe. I’m crying because I realize that there’s nothing in the world that I would have traded for the moments I spent with Luke. And that’s beautiful. They weren’t sad tears, they were happy ones. And maybe the reason why I was crying tears of joy in the saddest moment of my life was because my feelings are so fucked up right now that I don’t know how to function anymore.

Just then, I felt the bed dip beside me causing me to jump and turn to see who it was. A wave of relief and pure bliss washed over me as I brought Luke into my arms.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him pulling away.

“I had to make sure you were okay.” He told me. “By the way, you should move your room downstairs so I don’t have to climb up the side of the house to get into your window, especially when I’m injured.”

My eyes traveled down his body stopping at the darkened spot on the material of his jeans over his thigh. I ran to turn on my bedroom light before making my way back over to Luke to asses his injury. Opening my top drawer of my desk, I grabbed a pair of scissors and began cutting his jeans back to where the injury was.

“Oh my God,” I breathed out as I looked at the gashes feeling a bit queasy. “We need to get you to a hospital now.”

Before I could even take one step towards my door I felt Luke’s hand tug me back down on my bed. “I’ll go later,” He told me. “Right now I need to know that you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, Luke.” I rushed trying to get to the point. “Now lets go, you need stitches.”

“Ella please,” He took my hand in his intertwining our fingers. “Just put a cloth around it for now.”

I felt my jaw clench in argument but decided against forcing Luke to the hospital. As I went through my closet, I found an old t-shirt that I probably last wore in grade 5 before sitting back on my bed with Luke. I grabbed the rubbing alcohol that sat on my nightstand in for in case I cut myself too deep from the razor and rubbed some on the shirt and Luke’s wounds. He hissed out in pain while I apologized the entire time before securing the shirt around his thigh and tying it in a double knot.

“That’ll have to do.” I told him. Turning off the lights again and lifting the covers up for both Luke and I to get under. “Will you stay the night with me?”

“Of course.” He mumbled kissing the top of my head.

“And when I wake up, will you still be here?”

He looked me in the eyes before nodding his head. “Yes.”

I smiled up at him, lying my head on his chest careful not to hurt him. “Luke?” He hmmed in response letting me know I had to share his attention with tiredness. “Thank you, for everything you’ve done for me.”

I felt his arms tighten around me. “I love you, Ella.”

My heart fluttered at the words that left his mouth. “I love you too.”


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A/N: Finally a cute ending to a chapter instead of a cliff hanger lol :) so I hope you’re still enjoying it and I’m sorry for any horrible writing errors as it is 1am here and I’m so dead AHA but ya please give this a heart and reblog if you liked it! Thanks guys! 

Taylor and Calvin are new parents to their twin babies, Tristan and Arabella. What will happen to their relationship as they realize what parenthood is really like? Follow Taylor and Calvin as their go through new challenges and face new experiences together- from their wedding to a shocking surprise that may change their relationship forever. As long as they have each other, they will be able to get through any challenges they have to face. Whatever It Takes.

Word Count- 12103

Epilogue to Whatever It Takes Series

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Am I good enough?


Aloha fairies! So possible series if you like it or think its good enough. Let me know what you think in my ask box. I love you all<3


Dan had never actually introduced me to his friends yet. I dont understand why, we’ve been a couple for about a year and a half now. I know he’s spoken about me but I’ve never met them in person. It bugs me. Is he ashamed of me? Is he embarrased that im his girlfriend?Ugh I must stop thinking like that!!

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