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one of the best non-korean zergs in sc2 (scarlett) is a trans woman

i dont even play starcraft cuz that shit is a cesspit of crime villainy and greasy straight korean men but power to her 😜👊🏼

What the hell is wrong with me?

Before I expound on that, let me say that I really enjoyed reading The Martian. It’s not just that it was a fast-paced, fun read, although it was. It’s not just that I nerded out about the science and technical details, although I did. It’s more that I could sympathize with the author for having written the book. Having an immensely detailed survival-on-mars-plus-the-orbital-mechanics-of-your-way-home-plan-that-you-worked-on-for-a-few-years in your back pocket seems like a reasonable thing to me. I mean, what if civilization got wiped out, and you needed to have committed numerous survival skills and several scientific disciplines to memory to rebuild? Or, like, what if you got stuck on mars? Better safe than sorry. There should be a merit badge for it or something.

What I’m saying is, I deal with stress by trying to gain superficial competence in probably useless areas. We are constantly buffeted about by the blind, uncaring forces of fate, and tending to our own little walled gardens of knowledge and technique as the storm rages outside gives a feeling of control that, while perhaps meaningless in the grand sense, is both comforting and perhaps also an apt metaphor for the human condition. In the end, we all succumb to entropy, but there is beauty in our struggle to maintain order as well as in our ultimate failure to do so.

What I’m saying is, Max Frisch was a good author.

For some reason, international travel is stressful to me. I suppose that’s also true for big life changes like moving or changing jobs, but international travel is disproportionately stressful, in that it triggers these feelings in me despite not really being a big deal in an objective sense. Domestic travel is also unduly stressful for me, but it’s scaled down, so I usually only worry about it a couple days ahead of time. Past things I have done (that I can recall, anyway include) in the weeks leading up to international trips:
- Watching vast quantities of StarCraft II tournaments and strategy videos. I can’t actually play SC2 for shit.
- Reading a spectacular amount about poker strategy. My actual skill level could generously be described as “novice”.
- Getting half way through parsing Baxter’s transcriptions of characters in MC and trying to work out the phonological rules that would lead to their expected reflexes in Mandarin (in Python).
- Planning out maker-type projects in great detail, including laying out most of a circuit board for a shower timer and learning how to recalibrate the internal timers of Chinese knockoff attinys.

What I’m saying is that I’m watching a lot of cooking videos. At least I can actually cook, but I’m rather skeptical that the last 15 hours of yt vids will have any actual effect on my skill level or repertoire.

In unrelated news, I’m going back to Japan in a few days. Lots of posts queued, but I will be blissfully unaware of all the garbage discourse on tumblr, so don’t expect any interaction.

Blizzcon Adventures!
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SO! Before I get to anything, CHECK OUT ALL THIS STUFF I GOT FROM THE J!NX store for free! Those guys are the best! Definitely can’t wait to wear some of this! In case you guys are wondering, I played for the Alliance back in Vanilla, then switched to Horde when Burning Crusade came out! So since then…. FOR THE HORDEEEE! And for SC2, I am a Protoss player! Granted I never played SC2 that much at all, the few times I did I am an avid Protoss fan because they are so cool looking ~_~! So once again, thanks a lot to the guys over at J1NX for the free swag! Appreciate it a lot! :)

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Giant group of cosplayers at Blizzcon! So I didn’t take too many pictures individually with cosplayers at all, since I didn’t know what half of them were…. but they were pretty! For the event itself, I enjoyed it but I didn’t really care for any of the booths/panels. I kind of just walked around watching the tournaments and running into fans, it’s definitely an event you want to go to once. Probably not more than that though, or at least that’s how I felt about it!

There was a Newegg after party on Friday that I had a lot of fun at. The good thing about going to e-sport events/parties is that usually people will offer to buy me drinks, and I’m not passing on a free drink! Although I feel a bit bad, they always insist and well… when I’m under the influence a little, I’m less likely to say no to a kind gesture. A lot of my friends were here and we got to dance for a good amount, the dance floor wasn’t that big nor was the DJ that great but it’s always about what you make of it. So I had the most fun I could with what they had, and it was a grand time!

On Saturday I went to the Twitch after party, and man oh man, there were a lot of people there! The majority of people were guys, which is no surprise as most e-sport parties are like that. Maybe another few years or a decade and the ratio of guys to girls will become much better, but for now the parties are mostly dominated by males haha. I had a VIP wristband there so I got few drinks! Which is always awesome, besides that I played a round of beer pong and we crushed the enemy team! We had like 6 cups left, sadly I didn’t make the game winning shot but hey, it’s a team game!

Overall, I had a pretty good time this weekend hanging out with friends, exploring Blizzcon and going to Downtown Disneyland (btw, I’ve never been to Disneyland! So that was the closest I’ve been to it so far).

As far as the book that I’m going to start, I think I’ll start reading “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore. It’s a fantasy book, basically about a world where some people get a power/talent, and others don’t. The power/talent seems to be able to be anything, and the main characters talent happens to be killing. Seems interesting so I’ll give it a try! If you guys want to read with me feel free too, but please don’t post any spoilers or anything about the book until I’m done reading it! Then we can talk about it and maybe find another book to start on. I’ll likely finish it within a month, so don’t feel the need to go out and buy it this instant as you have a while until I’ll be able to read through it all. I’m not entirely sure if I should just make a review at the end of the book, or just talk about the book as I read each chapter, what are your guy’s thoughts?

So next year, 2015, there seems to be a lot of good games coming out! I am PRAYING that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released this year. I’ve literally been waiting for them to release it since I was a wee young lad in middle/high school. When they give a release date for it, I’ll probably go through and play Kingdom Hearts Remix 1.5/2.5 so I get a refresher on the story. I never got around to playing all the KH handheld games as I don’t like handheld games anymore. I used to when I was younger, like Fire Emblem/Golden Sun/MegaMan and what not. Maybe I’ll have to give them another try when Nintendo release their new handheld device! Regardless, hopefully Kh3 comes out this next year or I’ll be a sad panda. 

I BELIEVE Blade and Soul will FINALLY be released in NA this year as well, my friend showed me clips of this game way back in high school and I was beyond stoked for it! I got to play a bit of it in Korea and the graphics/game play were beautiful! I’m really excited for this game as I’ve always wanted a new MMO to replace WoW. This should be the one! Or at least I’m hoping it will be. If you haven’t heard of the game, go check it out! It’s pretty damn cool looking.

Blizzards new game Overwatch looks pretty damn promising and I believe the Alpha/Beta will start in early 2015 as well. It’s basically a better version of Team Fortress 2 is what people told me and what it looks like, so if you were a fan of TF2, check out Overwatch!

Thanks for reading guys, I’ll try and have another post up within the next week! I THINK if you hit the “Subscribe” thing at the bottom right of the post, it mails you when I make a new post? I honestly don’t know, otherwise bookmark the site or check my twitter for updates! 

If you guys have any ideas for things for me to add to the site, let me know! I read every comment you guys leave, granted I might not reply to them all, but at the very least I’ll read what you have to say. So give me some feedback/suggestions and I’ll see if I like any of them!

Have a selfie, and have a great night/day :).

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