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I know you're currently not doing prompts, but I'm having the worst day ever School sucks and I feel like everyone hates me So could you maybe when you have the time write something really fluffy? Like SUPER fluffy? Bc I just need some sanvers in my life right now. Have a great day, and of course you don't have to write anything (I'm surprised I was brave enough to even ask tbh)

I’m so proud of you for asking, darling. You’re amazing <3 <3 <3


She watches the Danvers girl from a distance, because she’s beautiful and she’s the radiantly intelligent and she’s a massive nerd and she’s just got this incredibly sexy haircut and she’s fiercely protective of that blonde freshman girl and she’s everything Maggie wants and she’s nothing Maggie deserves.

So she just watches. “Not in the creepy way,” she defends herself to her roommate, who’s sharp as a whip and doesn’t miss a thing. “No, come on, Lena. We have classes together, that’s all. And she lives just down the hall, so of course I’m gonna see her all the time – “

“Yes. Exactly, Maggie. She lives right down the hall. So why don’t you go talk to her?”

Maggie clams up and Maggie takes a deep breath, and Lena knows, and nods, and slides her the half-eaten box of donuts.

But it turns out that she doesn’t have to bury herself in late night donuts and laughs with her roommate, and it turns out she doesn’t have to work up the courage to go up to her, doesn’t have to practice what she’ll say over and over and over again.

Because the next morning, Alex Danvers comes up to her on the quad.

“Hi. Um… It’s Sawyer, right? I’m Alex. Danvers. Alex Danvers.”

Her voice is higher than it is in class, and it makes Maggie fall even harder, because lowering the octave of your voice to make sure you’re heard is a strategy she knows far too well herself.

She stares and she splutters because she realizes, all too late, that Alex is holding her hand out to shake hers, and Maggie clears her throat, and gulps, and tries to remember that she learned the alphabet many years ago and really should have a better grasp on it by now.

“Yeah. Maggie. Uh – hi.”

Nice, Sawyer, she scolds, but Alex doesn’t seem to notice. In fact, Alex seems to…like it.

“So um. Maggie. I noticed… I noticed you’re always the only one other than me to actually get the right answers in chem lab.”

Maggie looks down and grins, because Alex Danvers noticed me, Alex Danvers noticed me, Alex Danvers noticed me.

“So I thought, you know, we could study together. If you want. Keep each other company. During… studying. And there’s this great pinball bar I know, in town. We could… study. Together. And maybe play some pinball.”

Alex’s spluttering – Alex-best-at-everything-at-all-times-Danvers’s spluttering – somehow makes Maggie like her even more.

“You asking me out, Danvers?”

Alex blushes and shifts her feet and wrings her hands and pffts a little.

“Do you want me to be, Sawyer?”

“Heads up!!!” The shout from the quad makes both girls jump, and they both reach up to catch the football spiraling chaotically their way. Alex’s hands close around it first, and Maggie thinks to be embarrassed because of her height, but Alex is beaming and Alex caught the damn thing and fuck is Maggie more than a little turned on.

“Watch where you’re throwing, Schott!” Alex laughs as she chucks the ball back.

“Oh, Winn didn’t throw that! Winn couldn’t’ve thrown that, are you kidding?” a boy that Maggie thinks is called Jimmy calls, and Winn laughs but doesn’t deny it.

“Friends of yours?” Maggie asks as Alex extends her arm to her, and Maggie nearly swoons, and loops her arm through Alex’s to steady herself.

“Of my sister’s,” Alex explains as she waves laughingly as James and Winn both whoop on seeing Maggie and Alex’s arms linked.

“On your way to bio lecture?” Maggie asks, and Alex grins down at her.

“You too, right?” Maggie nods because she’s forgotten about words again.

Alex opens doors for her and Alex sits next to her and Alex scribbles little notes to her in the margins of her otherwise extremely detailed, extremely meticulous notebook.

It’s been two hours since Alex first revealed that she even knew who Maggie was, and already Maggie feels more cared for, more respected, more fun, than she had in any of her relationships – if you could call them that – in high school.And bio lecture had never quite been this incredible.

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Blitzen F3 and Hearth B4. That is if you are still doing it. Btw your art is great.

Hearth wears this every time he wants to play pinball

(btw!! i already drew blitz in that awesome dress <3)


i spent my morning losing my god damn mind because i vaguely remembered this NES ddr game i had so i google it and it turns out it’s an unlicensed bootleg ddr game from hong kong called Hot Dance 2000 and seven year old me apparently thought it looked totally legit but it’s so obscure that i’m scared

also you can randomly play pac man, tetris and pinball

  • me: ok i have 4 assignments this week. can we do at least one today
  • head honcho in my brain, unable to hear clearly, eating pringles and playing pinball on windows XP: i think he said let's listen to the complete symphonic works of schumann on spotify while studying the score
Ryan's wild night - Part 2 - The Patch @ E3 - June 16th (5hr 31m)
  • Meg: Then Ryan - Did Ryan tell you he met a lady at the party?
  • Ryan: Oh someone befriended me.
  • Meg: Yeah!
  • Ashley: Who did you meet?
  • Ryan: I don't know.
  • Meg: -laughs- He was drinking quite heavily - [everyone talks over eachother and Gus demands the story]
  • Meg: Let me let you part of the story for my perspective. The story is that Burnie and I were playing a baseball pinball game so one person pitches and one person hits- Burnie destroyed me by the way, so we're playing and Ryan is playing terminator pinball next to us. Suddenly Ryan is gone-
  • Ryan: No you left first.
  • Meg: Well first we went- they had hamburgers [everyone agrees how good the hamburger sliders were] So we went to go get those and in the meantime, what had happened to you? [gestures to Ryan]
  • Ryan: Well I went over to play Mortal Kombat and I was playing by myself and err some lady rolled up and just started playing with me.
  • Meg: Some fine young thing came up and was playing - and then you were playing a different game you were playing tetris when we saw you next.
  • Ryan: Yeah then we moved to tetris, yeah I think she was interested for the length of time it took her to notice that I was wearing a wedding ring and then she was like "Oh, okay. Well bye then."
  • Ashley: Did she literally just look at your hand and then turn around and walk away? Or were there at least some pleasantries afterwards?
  • Ryan: Errrrrr no well somewhere in there it was "Oh well nice to meet you." [gestures a handshake]
  • Ashley: Awww Ryan you got like- you got picked up on that's really great!
  • Ryan: I don't know maybe I got spotted or picked up on-
  • Meg: I think you got picked up on and then also I got a photo of him playing like "Oh look Ryan made a friend."
  • Ashley: Wait - so we can figure out if we know this girl?
  • Meg: Oh absolutely-
  • Ryan: Well you got the back of her-
  • Meg: The best part! The girl you were playing with!
  • Ryan: Honestly probably saw more than I did; I was playing mortal kombat at the time.
  • Meg: The best part was Burnie's response to Ryan saying; "I think she walked away because I had a ring on," and Burnie said; "A ring won't stop a girl like that."
  • -everyone laughs-
  • Ryan: Or more that I'm just awful at picking up women which is a well known fact. [Meg interjects that he thrashed her at tetris] I thrashed her at Mortal Kombat AND tertis. Err I even asked her at one point; "I guess I kind of err missed my chivalric duty there by not letting you win." And she was; "Nah it's fine."
  • Meg: Urgh put on your fedora.
  • Ashley: She has the right attitude about it.
  • -Back to actual video game news-
  • -the end-

“I remember being in the studio once with Quincy and Rod Temperton while we worked on ‘Thriller’. I was playing pinball and one of them asked me, 'If this album is not as good as’ Off The Wall’, you will be disappointed? "I remember being angry. I told them that 'Thriller’ had to be better than 'Off the Wall’.

I admitted that I wanted this album to be the best selling of all time. They started laughing. Apparently, it was not realistic to want. ”

- Michael Jackson

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What arcades did you hang out in when you were young? My usual places were Captain Video and the Santa Monica Pier, and I spent so much time playing pinball at the UCLA arcade that people thought I was a student there.

I only got to go to Captain Video a couple of times when I was a kid, because I lived in the valley and was only in West LA for auditions. In fact, Captain Video is where I discovered Wizard of Wor for the first time. I never played at the pier, but I heard the legends.

My regular video game hangouts were in the local 7-11, a place called Sunland Discount Variety, and the very occasional trip to Pinball Plus up in La Crescenta. When I was super super super lucky, I’d get to go to Malibu Grand Prix in Northridge, when we’d visit my great aunt.

I miss video arcades, and I have this dream of opening a proper 80s arcade that only plays music from before 1988, with games to match. Once it is making money, I’d expand to include a brewpub, and then I’d build an apartment upstairs where I’ll spend the rest of my days preserving my urine in jars and building the Spruce Moose.

Special thanks to @itsomgitsgreenblogging for writing the Apollo-worthy poem that appears in this. 

Title: Through the Dark

Fandom: Percy Jackson/Trails of Apollo

Ships: Solangelo


“It’s pitch-black in here…”

“Is the sun baby scared of the dark?” Nico’s tone was a mix of surly teasing and subtle concern.

Will thought about it for a moment. He didn’t like his loss of vision but, with their legs tied together, their hips and elbows kept bumping. Finding the contact to be reassuring, Will leaned closer and slung an arm across Nico’s shoulders.

“Nah, I’m with the Lord of Darkness after all.”

(Or Nico and Will’s adventure during the three-legged death race through the Labyrinth.)

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Thank god for TVtropes or I would have never known about these critical roles skeletons have played in pinball machines or Elvira’s dick joke about them

It’s just a shame this list probably represents only a small cross section of a far greater subject

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So as I'm watching Titansgrave, I can't help but wonder: Did you guys get to play the pinball machines?

We never had time. If we have a second season, you can bet that I’m going to address that problem.