i was playing around and then it came out like this


Marlee: “So, next weekend you’re finally getting married. How do you feel?”
Darren: “I’m excited! It’s been quite a while since our engagement but we just couldn’t find the time with these toddlers running around and work.. But it’s finally happening.”

NO I didn’t forget about the wedding… :”) The toddler update really messed up my timeline lol.. I already did the wedding the moment the toddler update came out and I really wanted to played with toddlers BUT I wanted to use the same screenies too :/ ANYWAY that didn’t work out anyway because I realized too late that Lumen got grey hair while she still had blonde hair at the wedding… So oopssss

LOOK!!!! look.  i love morty smith.  don’t get me wrong.  he’s great, he’s like, you know!! he’s morty.  but if season three came back and morty was an exchange student far away, or morty got a full time job at a gas station, and it was rick and sUMMER i would still 10000% percent be here??? like, summer is such a complicated character, and she carries the weight of her parent’s relationship for both her and morty, she is so much stronger than i think even she realizes, and her insecurities play out in such painfully relatable ways and all i’m saying is like it’s just rick and summer. rrrick and summer and their adventures, summer. rick and summer, forever and forever, a hundred years rick and summer me and rick and summer runnin’ around and rick and summer time. aaall day long forever. all, a hundred days rick and summer forever a hundred times. over and over rick and summer adventures dot com w w w dot rick and summer dot com w w w rick and summer adventures all hundred years. every minute rick and summer dot com w w w hundred times rick and summer dot com.

Had a Gency soap opera tonight!

I was playing Mercy in quick play and my team could NOT get their shit together and attack properly, so in the last minute or so I gave up and used the sit emote in the middle ground between points. Enemy Genji and Mercy came up to us and said hello and we all just screwed around for a bit. Then the enemy team unleashed ALL of their ults on us at once - I was the first to die. The clock ran out just as I was running out of spawn and lo and behold the enemy Genji was there to meet me. But he killed me completely unnecessarily.

I called him out in all chat and he said, “You left me!” And at first I was confused and then I realized it was because I’d DIED and left him.


“You left me :’(”

“I left you for like 30 sec so you murder me??”

Neither of us switches our queue and we end up against each other again. Enemy Genji complains that we aren’t on the same team in all chat.

“No no no! We’re not together!”

“You murdered me.”

“Please baby I’m a changed man! Don’t leave me again!”

And so on and so forth lol. We stayed in the same queue and kept getting placed on opposite teams - much to his dismay. On Volskaya, he accidentally killed me twice and was very upset by it - I chastised him and told him I had a new Genji (one of my teammates just so happened to have switched to Genji at the time). He begged me not to leave him again.

He got potg at one point with his ult and all of us watched him run around murdering my teammates. During this time we could all clearly see him turn, see me, then turn away and go after someone else.

“See how I didn’t go after you there?”

“I saw”

One of his teammates: “Dude she got a rez after that you should have killed her.”

“Nah, I’d rather her rez.”

((Side note: I ended up getting 7 votes on my card at the end of that game because I was getting multiple triple and quad-rez))

Finally after several matches, we got put on the same team. 

“asdjf;asldkfja;dfljkasdf FINALLY!! THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED!”

We proceeded to kick butt - he was pretty good at surviving on his own, but when he needed heals he would always come back to me when asking (and he only asked twice and always said thank you). He also tried to protect me when he could and even killed people that had just killed me to avenge my death.

Overall, my best experience with a Genji yet - so much fun! And my shipper heart was soaring! <3

Living with Chanyeol

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  • Just imagine waking up next to this guy
  • Seriously you’d be the luckies girl on earth
  • Him waking you up by peppering kisses on your face
  • Sometimes he would wake you up by smacking a pillow on your face though
  • You getting to hear his raspy morning voice
  • Showering together
  • “I say ‘let’s shower together’ because I don’t want to waste water.”
  • “Or you just want to see my naked, Chan.”
  • Making breakfast together
  • Him cooking shirtless
  • Him wrapping his arms around your waist while you cook
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Him laying down on you and crushing you
  • You playing with his hair
  • You stealing his hoodies 
  • “Is that mine?”
  • “Maybe…”
  • “Yah! Give it back!”
  • “You own like 300 hoodies but you only wear one of them so no.”
  • The boys would be visiting you everyday, well because you cook for them
  • “Did you guys came for Chanyeol?”
  • “We actually came for food, Jongin wants some chicken tonight if that’s okay with you.”
  • Adopting dogs together
  • Probably 10 dogs
  • Sometimes you wouldn’t get out from the bed
  • I mean who wouldn’t leave the bad if there’s Chanyeol?
  • Lazy sex
  • Rough sex
  • Sweet sex
  • Shower sex
  • Him being a cutie
  • Like he never stops being a cutie
  • Him teaching you how to play the guitar
  • Him distracting you while you do your work
  • Sometimes he would snatch your phone away and take millions of selfies
  • Living with Chanyeol would be fun and tiring but you would have the best time of your life. 
Obstreperous (M)

» sehun & chanyeol, 4kyou catch sehun and chanyeol fooling around [

warning: smut (switch!sehun, sub!chan, bxbxf, femdom, threesome, orgasm denial, Chanyeol has a mommy kink, Sehun’s whiny)

So Chanyeol-ah is the only one who’s disobeyed me? Such a shame. I thought you were the most obedient, Chanyeol?”

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Dance With Me

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky totally misreads a situation on his birthday.

Warnings: swearing, FLUFF

Word Count: 800+

BEFORE YOU READ: Here’s a little thing I came up with on the fly! I hope you enjoy this little drabble for Bucky’s birthday! Special shout out to the song Mr. Brightside for giving me inspiration lol!

Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

In some alternate reality, Bucky’s scared out of his goddamn mind and an absolute mess. He’s watching the girl of his dreams dance like no one’s watching with Sam. She’s a little buzzed, and the upbeat music isn’t helping her case. She’s singing along to whatever song is playing and jumping up and down to the beat of the instruments instead of hanging around Bucky celebrating his birthday with him. The burning pit of jealousy rips through his stomach as he watches her and Sam dance, sing, and giggle like no one’s watching. It’s like their not-so-accidental kiss didn’t even happen and it pisses him off. He should be the one that she’s dancing with and having a good time with, not Sam. All he wanted to do for his birthday was spend the day with her, and all he gets being able to watch her dance with Sam at some shitty club.

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someone requested a whole new world from aladdin………….and they’re playing it………..

Reita: btw Uruha what’s ur favourite disney movie

Uruha: I like…Lion King.



Reita: (laughs alone)

Uruha: Mufasa…I saw it at the theatre

Reita: Oh really? I remember watching that at your house

Uruha: Oh on DVD?

Reita: It was around middle school

Uruha: Yeah I think I showed it to you! I’m always making you watch movies

Reita: But you never made me watch Avatar


(Reita giggles)

Uruha: Avatar

Reita: But yeah I definitely watched Lion King at your house and I thought it was good too

Uruha: So what’s your favourite [Disney movie]? Oh yeah, Rapunzel?

Reita: Yeah, I like Tangled.

(Uruha giggles)

Reita: It’s really well-made. 

Uruha: I saw it too. It was pretty good

(*I would just like to mention this movie came out in japan when they were 30)

YES! (Stiles Stilinski)


I was walking down the hallways to my locker, like I normally do, when my boyfriend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Hey gorgeous.” he kissed my temple.

“Hi handsome.” I smiled.

“So I was thinking that you should come over tonight.”

“And do what?” I asked as I put my books away.

“I don’t really care watch a movie, play a board game, I don’t really care as long as I’m with you.” he beamed at me.

“Stilinski family game night sounds cool. Will Papa bear be there?” 

“I mean he’s off work tonight.”

“Perfect! I’ll see you at seven?”

“That sounds good to me.” he kissed my cheek and we walked out to the parking lot together.

At promptly seven o’clock pm I arrived at the Stilinski household, wearing sweatpants and Stiles lacrosse sweatshirt with my hair put up in a messy bun. The Stilinski’s never cared what I wore and they always treated me like family which I loved. When I knocked on the door Stiles answered also wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

“This is why I love you.” He chuckled referring too our outfits. He led me inside and Papa Stilinski was in the kitchen setting up sorry.

“Why does it look like I’m harboring hobos?” Stilinski asked jokingly.

“Haha very funny dad.”

 I took the seat next to Stiles and across from Stilinski. When the game started it got very heated right away. Stiles likes to win. He doesn’t like to lose. When we got close to the end I chose to sorry Stiles and not Sherrif because Stiles was closer to my home. Stiles jumped up and threw the board upside down.

“Stiles! What are you doing!”

“This isn’t fair!”

“What! Was I supposed to sorry your dad enough though it would take longer for me?”

“YES!” he screamed.

“Are you seriously mad?”


“Are you going to be complaining all night?” I sighed.


“Do you love me?”


“Than can you calm down so we can cuddle and watch a movie?”

“Yes…” he said a lot quieter

“Okay can you go put Star Wars on while I pop the popcorn?”

“Yes.” he smiled and ran off.

“I don’t know how you do it. It used to take me hours to calm that boy down after his fits.”

“It’s nothing really.” I shrugged.

“Really though, thank you Y/N. Thank you for making him happy. You really mean a lot to him you know that.”

“I know.” I smiled.

“I really appreciate it Y/N. You’re an honorary Stilinski in my book.” 

“Thank you.” I giggled. He held out his arms and I ran into them as he gave me a big Papa Bear hug before I scurried off to make popcorn for Stiles and I.

Idk I just thought this was cute, I saw the gif and just started writing and this is what I came up with so I hope you like it.


First two pics from an AU. I just have too much fun drawing Grimmjow, so I wanted to play around with that concept too. I also really like those WWII bomber-jackets that used to have cartoons or pin ups on the back, so I wanted to draw something like that.

Then some canon ships. I think Ichigo came out sounding a lot more dirty minded than I hoped.


RE-reading the Abhorsen series because the 5th book came out and it’s not like I’ve read them all like 4x in the past 2 years (wait yes I have) ANYWAY was playing around with what Mogget might look like in his unbound form! I think I want to do some more explorations of this form but these were just my first thoughts. I’m super fascinated by Nix’s descriptions of the free magic creatures/elementals as well as different forms of the Dead, and definitely want to do some more design explorations of Stilkens, Aziminil and Baazalanan, etc…

EDIT: You’ll notice I misspelled “Yrael” in my sketch notes b/c I was listening to Abhorsen on Audiobook this time around lol oops ^^;;;;

anonymous asked:

Hey, I hope I am not bothering you, but can you give me tips on how to run an ask blog? I am currently trying to open one, and also, how do you make like your blog the way it is? Like with the music and the texts everything. Because you gave me some inspiration to create my own ask blog, and I came to you for help.

(* I’m somewhat alive today so i’m gonna give this one a go!)

(* If yer gonna start an ask blog, especially one you draw art for, start off simple. Go easy on yourself cause if your bust out the door with all the stops, you’re gonna burn out quickly.)

(* For folks who’ve been around from the beginning, my art was super simple and easy.)

(* At that point, i had started the blog for pure fun and just to play with folks, it had no real plot and Rose/Lycoris’ designs came from the NarraChara post i did since i rather liked how they came out.)
(* As i started getting more into it, i started building them up more to be more their own people, and eventually it grew into its own AU and completely separate world from the original undertale)

(* So taking your time to see how you best wanna go about things is something i fully endorse. Also for cool themes and such, i tend to go for Yukoki’s stuff!)

(* They have some super clever and inventive themes like my rpg style theme.)

(* My biggest tip, if it isnt fun, don’t do it. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, either change it up or drop it entirely. Ask blogs are for funsies after all!!)

Music Supervisor Alex Lacamoire on Life After ‘Hamilton,’ Recording New Hit Musical 'Dear Evan Hansen’ (Billboard):

[…] How did you know [Dear Evan Hansen] was the project for you?

The first song he played for me was “Waving Through a Window,” and all I know is I heard that and was like, “Sign me up.” Many of the songs he played for me actually are in the show to this day. On the strength of the music, I knew I wanted to work on it. There came a point when we had a meeting after a reading and were discussing the timeline of Dear Evan Hansen, and I had to raise my hand, saying, “Hamilton is coming at just around that time!” Fortunately, they were very cool about making the space for me. When the show started out in D.C., I was able to bring a friend of mine in to help them get the show up and running while I had Hamilton; he kind of held the chair for me so I could revisit that after Hamilton.


After Hamilton, the music for Dear Evan Hansen must almost feel like chamber music – it’s a fairly small pit, with lots of guitar, piano and strings.

It’s funny, I actually did look at Hamilton like a chamber piece. It was a little more electronic in its chamber-ness. But Dear Evan Hansen is much more chamber-like, in that it’s mostly acoustic piano, not a lot of synth, the strings do carry a lot of the emotion – which, actually, is also a lot like Hamilton. I was told by one of the string players in Dear Evan Hansen who played in both pits that the string parts for Dear Evan Hansen are actually harder! I just love how expressive strings are; they can be very sweet and romantic, but also very aggressive and crispy and staccato when you need. When Justin and Benj write their songs, they actually write a lot on acoustic guitar. That feel was very present in the song variety. It became very much the background for a lot of the songs.

For a long time you led and played in the pit for Hamilton – why did you choose not to for Dear Evan Hansen?

The main decision just had to do with having the chair at Hamilton and wanting to stay there. Before Hamilton, I hadn’t held a Broadway chair since 2009, about six years, and between that I supervised a lot. Supervising gives you a lot more freedom in having a global picture of the show; you’re not tied to the pit, you have the audience perspective, and when you make changes you have a little more time because you’re not also worried about playing the piano part correctly. [Laughs] When Hamilton came along, that was the show I was waiting for to get back into the saddle to conduct full-time. I did that about a year and a half, and my choice to not conduct Dear Evan Hansen was mostly to finish my term there, and also to have that global picture. To have that bird’s eye view. And a little more objectivity. You’re not the lobster inside the pot, where you can’t really tell what’s going on because you’re so in it. […]

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i found a text post around tumblr where this guy's roommate came home really drunk and designed an airplane (with all the drawings and calculations and shit) while intoxicated and didn't remember it the next day could u imagine that with cf victor and yuuri tho lmfao

“Okay, okay, look,” Yuuri slurs, lying on Victor’s chest with a notepad held above his head and a pen resting between his fingers. “Look,” he repeats, as though Victor isn’t looking. “See?

“See what?” Victor asks, brushing Yuuri’s hair back out of his eyes. It’s not particularly comfortable, lying like this, but he’s not about to complain. Yuuri is adorable when he’s drunk.

He had been playing some game with Phichit for a few hours, and then he’d come back to their dorm room like this. Immediately, he’d collapsed on top of Victor and started babbling incessantly about a genius breakthrough he’d had. Now, he’s designing an airplane, and is very adamant that Victor pay attention to whatever it is he’s doing. “Look! Look!” he’s insisting.

“I’m looking,” Victor promises.

“See the, um, what’s that part called? The wing! See how the wing is shaped? Like that? That helps,” he informs him, but his serious tone is betrayed by his occasional hiccup. “Listen,” he repeats.

Victor can’t help but laugh, now. “I am listening, Yuuri. I’m listening and looking. I promise.”

“Now if we just… The air resistance…” He starts scribbling formulas.

In an attempt to get him to forget about his airplane, Victor runs his foot up the bottom of Yuuri’s sweatpants, drifts it across his ankle. Yuuri doesn’t even seem to notice. “So you’re designing an airplane?” he asks, because if you can’t beat them, join them.

Yuuri shifts on top of him–it’s incredibly distracting. “Mmm,” he agrees. A second later, he thrusts his drawing in front of him, admiring it. “Done.”


As if an afterthought, he adds a few more numbers with little arrows pointing to pieces of the plane. Then, he puts the paper down on the bed and turns onto his side, his entire weight still resting on Victor. Victor wraps his arms around him, keeps their legs tangled together. “Goodnight, Yuuri.”

“You’re so nice, Vitya,” he mumbles against Victor’s chest. “So nice. Love you.”

“Love you too.”


“Who wrote this?” Yuuri asks the following morning, holding up his airplane design. Then, he pauses, and slowly but surely brings the paper closer to his eyes. “This design is actually intuitive.”

“You made it last night,” Victor reminds him. “You don’t remember?”

“I made this?”

“You’re even smarter than me when you’re drunk,” he teases, gripping Yuuri’s hips with his hands and looking at the paper over his shoulder. “Except, there is a drool stain on my shirt.”

Yuuri turns in his arms and then cringes when he sees the prominent stain on Victor’s chest. Then, though, he seems to identify his mischievous smile and nudges his shoulder instead of being embarrassed. “Well, you’re a good pillow.”

“I like being your pillow. Can I major in that? Yuuri Katsuki’s pillow. Whenever you want to design airplanes while drunk again, just let me know. Or if you want to do something else while lying on top of me…” He pauses, lets the meaning behind his words settle in. “Let me know.”

“I’m up for doing something else while lying on top of you.”

Victor perks up. “You are?”

“Like playing games on my phone, reading a book, talking to Makkachin…”


“I’m kidding.” He takes his hand and squeezes it, then leads him to the bed. “Really though, that design wasn’t bad. Remind me to show it to Phichit later.”

Cassian (& Nesta) Headcannon

This got a bit…. long


•Cassian, with his 500 years of living, has picked up how to play some musical instruments out of curiosity
•BUT, he’s never really played in front of or for anyone
•His favorite instrument is definitely the piano
•He just- he loves the way the chords flow together and the sounds that resonate in a room even after he’s stopped pressing down on the keys
•He loves to lose himself in the notes; to let everything in him be consumed by the way music affects him so intensely
•So one day, Cass is in the House of Wind or something when everyone else is gone doing their own thing
•He’s wandering around and just so happens to walk past one of his favorite rooms, where his beloved piano is bathed in golden sunlight in this open, airy balcony, music room type of thing
•And his fingers twitch as his side, yearning to create melodies long since suppressed, considering he hasn’t played in what seems like forever
•So he gently crosses the room and sits down on the bench; runs a hand lovingly across the lid of his piano before placing his fingers tentively on the ivory keys
•And with a deep breathe to calm his nerves, he begins to play
•It’s messy at first; years of not playing has caused his brain to muddle his usual technique, but he still continues, pushing on
•Slowly, slowly, the notes start to come out smoother
•Memories and notes come back to him in waves; his fingers dancing across the keys in excitement, having almost forgotten how good it feels to release his emotions and craft them into something beautiful
•He remembers now, why he started learning to play piano in the first place
•He remembers: a younger Cassian wandering around Velaris, centuries ago, and hearing something that stopped him in his tracks
•It was music- a type he’d never heard before; music that burrowed itself in his skin and settled along his bones
•So he followed that sound, coming to a shop with its door open, and peered in to see an older woman sitting at a piano bench
•He watched her for a few moments, losing himself in the movement of her hands- how intricate the chords seemed to be, and he wanted it so bad- wanted to know how to create something as breathtaking as that
•So after her musical piece came to an end, he approached her, swallowing his pride to get out the following breathless words, “Can you- can you teach me?”
•From then on, he would go to that little shop to be taught the ways of the massive instrument
•She taught him & he learned to know which pedals to push and how long to hold each note; how to build a piece higher and higher until the crescendo shattered into existence, all from the tips of their fingers
•Eventually, when he was quite advanced in learning and playing after months of practice, the woman told him that her job was done, all that was left was for him to create his own music instead of learning hers
• “You have so much inside of you,” she had said, gently pressing a palm to his heart. “You must take all those deeply buried feelings and let them out. Forge them into something useful, something that brings you peace instead of turmoil. You must understand that music is your companion, it will be there when all else is lost. Don’t forget to share your burdens, your happiness, your sorrow, with the one thing that will never betray you.” With that, she had taken the hand that was still on his chest and placed it on her magnificent piano, letting her own memories sweep her into an inviting embrace as Cassian quietly left for the day
•A few weeks later, as Cassian was making his way back to the old lady’s piano shop for a visit, he walked in to find the place empty- all except the piano they had played on together for hours on end
•And as he made his way over to the instrument, he found a note laying on top of it saying, “She is now yours, and she is your friend. Treat her well.”
•Cassian has never seen her again, but the memory of her will live on with him for as long as he’s alive
•So now, he is currently sitting still at the House of Wind, having lost himself in the memories of his earlier life, and he just - starts crying
•Like, it hits him so hard and he misses the old woman who taught him how to play and he wants to go back to the time where everything was not quite so hectic; before Amarantha and the King of Hybern and all the wars that he has fought in
•He wants to go back to the time where his soul wasn’t so heavy, even though he has never experienced a time where he’s been completely light hearted
•Not until her
•With that thought, his silent tears instantly slow until they stop
•When he’s with her, everything seems so simple
•Although she’s a pain in the ass a lot of the time, he wouldn’t have it any other way
•He recalls a past conversation with Rhysand, where his brother had confessed to him that when Feyre and him had first gone to the Summer Court, Feyre had told the High Lord Tarquin that, “It would be very easy to love you.” Rhys had been a wreck whenever it came to his mate (during the time she didn’t know she was his mate yet)
•But those words had stuck with Cassian for a while
•It is very, very easy to love Nesta
•With that notion, and feeling of love in his heart, he begins to play again
•But this song is slow, peaceful, and effortless
•He let’s his heart compose this piece, as his hands do the work
•The music is lovely, resembling the most cherished of his feelings
•And Cassian can’t help but memorize it; he knows it’s dedicated to his love- to Nesta
•And after this afternoon is over, and he has created the most graceful tune he has ever played, he knows he has to show her
•So when the opportunity arrives a week or two later, and Nesta & Cassian are alone, he brings her to his music room, and plays the piece he crafted for her
•And she knows, can feel it deep down in her soul, that the music he plays for her is for her ears alone
•She cherishes it, loves it, spills more than a few tears over it
•Cassian is so nervous and anxious because this is his first time showing someone this part of him, this love for piano
•But Nesta just comes over to sit next to him on the bench, and leans her head on his shoulder as she gently grabs his hand and entwines her fingers with his
•And he’s just silent, so full of happiness and he’s content and he’s proud to have a woman like Nesta in his life
•He tentively asks her, “Do you like it?”
•She turns her head to peer up at him, her eyes shining silver, “It’s perfect.”
•And the purest smile appears on his face and it just breaks her heart and mends it back together again all in the same instant and she leans in to kiss him
•And the kiss is slow and extraordinary, and it reminds them that they have the rest of their immortal lives to be with each other, and even in death they will not be separated

have a sad mike headcanon

They don’t play their first campaign since Will’s disappearance until almost a month later. Mike had been taking longer than usual, but none of them said anything. They saw the shadows that stretched under his eyes, the smile that never fully lit up his face. They knew he was trying his best.

When he showed up to school looking eager a few weekends later, they were all excited to hear that he’d finished the campaign, quickly making plans to head over to his house as soon as Christmas break started. Lucas and Dustin exchange looks, finally feeling like maybe something can go back to normal.

But during the beginning of their much-anticipated game, all three boys can tell something is off. Mike keeps losing his train of thought, stumbling over his words and bumbling terms they know he’s familiar with. Will figures it out first, noticing how his friend’s eyes keep drifting past his head, gazing past his shoulder at something behind him. He can’t resist, quickly turning around while Mike pauses to regather his thoughts… again.

It only takes a quick peek to confirm his suspicions.

Directly behind the smallest boy sits the fort, blankets neatly folded, pillow fluffed, SuperCom sitting angled beneath the frame of the table and chairs. The nightlight still glows from inside, making it more obvious how empty the space is as it waits patiently for its inhabitant to return.

Will turns back quickly, glancing around the circle and trying to catch Lucas or Dustin’s eye. It only takes Mike stumbling one more time before Lucas realizes what’s happening, and he and Will exchange a look, realizing they need to do something.

“Hey, Mike?”

“What’s up, Will?”

He smiles that hollow smile, eyes as empty as the fort he can’t stop staring into with barely hidden longing.

“Can, um, can we switch places?”

There’s a pause, no one daring to breathe, and Will quickly blurts the first excuse he can think of.

“I don’t like sitting with my back to the door,” he glances behind him at the basement door that leads out into the dark backyard, hoping his friend will buy it, “it, um, kind of freaks me out… now.”

It’s not a total lie and there’s no hesitation from the taller boy.

“Yeah, of course, you should have told me sooner!”

The two boys switch places, Mike carefully gathering his binder and game pieces and rearranging everything in front of him as he settles into his new seat. The rest of the campaign goes off without a hitch, the hours slipping by quickly as the four friends get more and more involved.

It isn’t until after Will leaves, when Dustin and Lucas are heading up the stairs towards their own homes, that Mike finally dares to look behind himself again, needing to check the impossible one more time.


“Fool Me Once” (Bad Boy!Jooheon Fluff)

Originally posted by jhopejung

Title: Fool Me Once

Featuring: Jooheon (Monsta x) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG-13. Alcohol, bars, making out.

Summary: Jooheon seems like a typical bad boy who hangs around the wrong crowd, but after a chance meeting, he might be ready to change his ways.

Requested by @dyo-the-dinosaur!

When it came to the neighborhood I grew up in and the people I knew, you’d never guess what a square I was. You’d think I’d fall into line with everyone else, but I’d gone the opposite; studious, always trying to keep to the straight and narrow and follow all the rules, to the point where even the thought of going against the grain made me itch.

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Moriel Bookstore AU Part 1

Okay friends so this is my *first* time writing fan fiction. I write a lot of fiction thats 100% my own but I’ve never been into writing fanfic until I had this idea! Basically Az works at a bookshop and Mor is obsessed with him and doesn’t know how to ask him out. Amren plays the part of the match maker. Let me know what you think! 


Mor tucked her hair behind her ears and peered out around the tall oak bookcase hesitantly.


He wasn’t there. Not even lurking behind the counter.

She sighed heavily and returned to her seat in the corner of the fiction section. She’d been haunting the store for weeks since she’d met him. It’s not like she was a stalker or anything. She just had his entire work schedule memorized and had become friends with all the other employees. But she always bought something when she came in. Her best friend Feyre devoured books like they were chocolate and Mor had given her more than a few presents in the last weeks.

“He’s not here yet you know,” Amren, the shop owner said. “He starts at four instead of two today.”

Mor blushed a deep pink and Amren quirked a black brow at her.

“I don’t know who you mean by he,” Mor said primly.

“Oh please. You’re like a little girl with her first crush. It’s written all over your face,” Amren said, not smiling. Most people were utterly unnerved by Amren, who had the personality of a fire breathing dragon, but she and Mor got along quite well.

“Azriel is my first crush,” Mor grumbled. “Or least the first real one.”

Amren’s features softened, just for a moment.

“You know you could have any guy you wanted. Cassian would jump at the chance.”

“Oh Cass and I are just friends. And he gives the best book recommendations,” Mor said waving her hands.

“And he’s devastatingly handsome,” Cassian said as he breezed by with a pile of book boxes. He was tall and strong–built like a linebacker but with a dancer’s grace. He made a perfect stockboy and also drew an adoring, loyal crowd of customers with his devilish good looks.

The bell to the back door of the shop dinged as it opened. Mor sat straight up in her seat and began to worry the edge of her silk top.

Then she felt the air change. The shadows in the room became darker. She shuddered.

“Ah Az, so nice of you to join us,” Amren said, snapping her fingers. Mor caught her eyes and saw a wicked gleam in them.

“It’s 3:59,” Az said. “I’m not late.”

“No you aren’t. But I have a special job for you today,” Amren said gesturing at Mor.

Azriel looked at Mor. She was just as blonde and beautiful as the first time she’d walked into the store. He thought it was a little weird that she came in every day but Amren seemed to like her and she always bought things. And his friend Rhysand only had kind things to say about her. Azriel broke the world down into two categories of people: those with whom he actively avoided contact and those who he didn’t mind. He supposed she fell into the latter category. Along with Rhys, and Cassian, and Feyre. Amren was okay most of the time too.

“Elaborate,” he said blandly.

“Morrigan is one of our most loyal customers. She needs gift recommendations. Christmas is around the corner, Az, and everyone on her list needs a book. Help her,” Amren said, hissing the last two words.

“Christmas is a month–

“Some people like to plan,” Mor piped up. “I like to be prepared.” She was secretly mortified that Amren was forcing them together but she wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity slip through her fingers.

Azriel gave her a small smile. She beamed back at him.

“Az. You will help her,” Amren said, her voice like a whip.

Azriel nodded.

“Good. No one gives out better book recs than you do. And Mor is such a lovely girl. You’ll make a fine couple,” Amren said, flashing them both a smile and then walking away.

Mor turned an even brighter shades of pink. Az crept into the shadow of the bookcase in an attempt to hide.

“I, uh, I don’t know what she meant by couple really,” Mor said. “I’m sure she just meant we’d work well together. Not that we’re really working together or anything just that I really do need your help picking books and I think–

“It’s okay. Amren does as she pleases,” Azriel said, hoping he was putting her at ease. He wasn’t good at that. He wasn’t good at people and talking to them and he certainly wasn’t good at girls.

She smiled back at him as brightly as if he’d asked her to marry him. What? Where had that thought come from? Az shook his head.

“So I really just need books for  Feyre and Rhys because well, I don’t know what Rhys has told you but I don’t really get on with most of my family. But I guess I also need a present for Cassian and Amren and you know, my tennis coach and that barista at Starbucks,” Mor said awkwardly.

“Why do you need a gift for Cassian?” Az asked before he could stop himself.

“I don’t! I totally don’t. Just Rhys and Feyre!”

“Well I mean if you want to give Cass a gift go ahead but I just think you should know that sometimes he can be an unmitigated ass,” Azriel said.

“Hey! I heard that!” Cass said from the other room.

Mor grimaced.

“I…honestly…don’t have that many people to shop for. I don’t have a lot of, you know, close friends,” she said, thinking of all the people who she liked but never let herself get close to.

“Neither do I,” Az said, hoping to make her feel better. “But why would Amren ask me to help you if you don’t need it?

“I don’t–”

She sighed. She was so so tired of this. Tired of hanging around the bookstore. Tired of waiting for him to notice her. Tired of being turned into a person she didn’t even recognize because she liked some stupid guy.

“I do know, actually. She was trying to help me out. See, I’ve had this huge– embarrassingly huge–crush on you for weeks. Since I met you at Rhysand’s birthday. And I’ve been too afraid to talk to you because well, you’re sort of intimidating and I’m well…I’m me. So I know it’s crazy, I know you’d never like me like that but I just–”

What?” Azriel all but yelled. “You don’t think I’d like you?”

Story time: I love this fandom so much but I still can’t believe this happened

I went into Starbucks today and used the name Danvers because I’m a fangirling nerd. When the barista called “Danvers,” another girl waiting for her drink replied “Sawyer.” So I looked around to see who it was because obviously she got the reference and must be super cool. But I couldn’t find her anywhere until I saw eyes following me as I went up to get my drink. Now, I’m super awkward and shy so I just smiled and looked away. Then I heard “Supergay” being called from the barista and she came up next to me to get her drink and smiled at me. I nearly about lost it because who meets a fangirl like this….like this is only fanfiction stuff, right? I tried to say hi to her and play it cool as if I wasn’t internally freaking out inside but in actuality was really awkward and couldn’t form real english words..oops. She just laughed and asked me if I had some time and wanted to hang out. So I nodded since I was speechless because again when does this happen in real life. Ive only ever read this kind of stuff in fanfics or dreamt of/imagined this (I know, I’m a total dork). We had a fantastic time talking about Supergirl, its fandoms and other shows. Turns out, we go to college near each other (small world, eh?) and have a fair amount of commonalities. Unfortunately, I had to run to a class cutting the fangirling time short but before I could leave, she grabbed a pen out of nowhere ( A+ for girl scout preparedness) and my hand as she wrote her number and told me to text her sometime so we can do this again. I’m legitimately about to faint but hold myself up against the table and do my best to verbalize ok because what else was I going to say. This never happens to me. I had a million questions and thoughts running through my head like what does this mean? Why did this happen? How did this happen? Is this for real? Am I being pranked right now? Did my friends put you up to this? Is this just friendly? Are you being serious? Can you tell I don’t know what I’m doing? When is it approrpiate for me to text you? What do I say next? I say see you around because why not quote Maggie Sawyer and left before I did something utterly embarrasing. I was almost late to class but made sure I added her number to my phone before I did anything else. Now, I’m sitting in my room staring at my phone with an empty text message screen unsure of what to say or when to say it. All I got is hi haha. I am not smooth enough/ too awkward to know how to do this but here goes nothing. 

If you read this, thanks for taking the time to hear about my awkwardness. But note that pleasant surprises are what make life great. However this moment turns out, I’m just glad it happened. I didn’t feel as alone or scared as I have in the last few days for once. She reminded me to always have hope. For that, I am truly thankful and she may never know this. I hope some day she will know the kindness and care she is spreading in the world. If she somehow ends up reading this, you are really one special person that the world could not live without.