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So you think I can hear..?

 “You’re not really d/Deaf/HOH, you hear me just fine.”

If I had a dime for everyone who’s ever told me that…                                       Here’s what’s more than likely happening during what you perceive as me “hearing”:

1. I’m relying solely on social cues. Luckily for us d/Deaf/HOH, 93% of communicaton is non-verbal. Basically if you laugh, I laugh, and no one ever knows I missed the joke (..again).

2. I’ve known the speaker for a long time. We all have those topics we can (and do) talk about for hours on end. And the longer I’ve known you, the better I’ll be able to use your favorite topics to figure out what you’re saying.

3. ‘Neutral’ answers. “Yeah”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Yeah, I get that”.. I’ve got a whole list of responses that can easily trick you into believing I have some idea of what you’re saying.

4. Mad Libs. Did you ever play mad libs as a kid? You know the one.. every so many words you insert a random one and you get a story that doesn’t make any sense? Yeah, being d/Deaf/HOH is pretty much just like that. 

5. Silence. You probably didn’t notice, you almost never do, but I haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. I gave up on trying to understand this conversation a long time ago and I’m really just planning what I’m gonna eat later.

6. Again with the social cues. Remember that whole non-verbal communication thing? Yeah, I probably use it even more than you do. Head nodding, and smiling works like a charm to get a girl through your incoherent story telling.

7. Just this once.. On this rare occasion I actually heard what you said; that happens sometimes.. But you’re still a jerk for dismissing my struggles, feelings, and identity. 

Telenovela(?) Expressions

Things you can use in your daily life… maybe!

atreverse a (hacer algo) = to dare to (do something)

¿Cómo te atreves? = How dare you?

¿Te atreves a hacerme esto? = You dare do this to me?

¡¿Cómo te atreves a volver ahora?! = How dare you come back now?!

¡¿Cómo te atreves a decirme que me extrañas?! Tú me abandonaste. = How dare you tell me you miss me?! You abandoned me. 
[Latin America; Spain would say me echas de menos for “you miss me”]

descarado/a = shameless
el descaro = shamelessness

engañar = to deceive, to lie / to cheat on

No me engañas. Te conozco. = You don’t fool me. I know you.

Ella te engaña. = She’s lying to you. / She’s cheating on you.

engañarse = to fool oneself

No te engañes. = Don’t kid yourself.

Puedes seguir engañándote. = You can keep lying to yourself.

mentiroso/a = liar

la traición = betrayal, treachery / treason
traidor(a) = traitor

canalla = swine, lout, scoundrel

malnacido/a = bastard, ill-born
desgraciado/a = miserable, wretched, pathetic, unfortunate

Haz lo que quieras. = Do whatever you want.
Haz lo que te dé la gana. = Do whatever you feel like. [snarkier?]

Nunca te perdonaré. = I will never forgive you.

Te lo juro. = I swear (to you).
Te lo prometo. = I promise (to you).

¿A qué has venido? = What did you come here for?

No quiero excusas, quiero resultados. = I don’t want excuses, I want results.

salirse con el suyo = for someone to get away with something.

No te vas a salir con la tuya. = You won’t get away with this.

No permitiré que te salgas con la tuya. = I won’t let you get away with this.
No permitiré que se salga con la suya. = I won’t let him/her get away with it.
No permitiré que se salgan con las suyas. = I won’t let them get away with it.

estar embarazada = to be pregnant

Estoy embarazada pero no sé quién es el padre. = I’m pregnant but I don’t know who the father is.

¿Qué más da? = Who cares? / What does it matter?
¿A quién le importa? = Who cares?

Qué va. = No way.
Ni hablar. = No way
En absoluto. = No way. / Absolutely not.
Para nada. = No way.
Ni muerto/a. = Absolutely not. [lit. something like “not even if (someone) were dead”]

la mosquita muerta = two-faced liar / back-stabber

el/la amante = lover
el esposo, la esposa = husband, wife [“spouse”]
el marido, la mujer = husband, wife [sometimes “man” and “wife” in weddings]

el novio, la novia = boyfriend, girlfriend
el novio, la novia = fiancé, fiancée
el novio, la novia = groom, bride [wedding]

el prometido, la prometida = groom, bride

la boda = wedding

casarse con alguien = to marry someone
estar casado/a con alguien = to be married to someone

Acepto. = I do.
[in a wedding; literally “I accept”; in Spanish wedding vows typically start with ¿Aceptas este hombre / esta mujer como legítimo/a esposa…? “Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife…?” …….Saying acepto “I accept” is the equivalent of “I do”, though aceptar is normally “to accept” or “to agree”]

ser un caballero = to be a gentleman
ser todo un caballero = to be a complete gentleman
ser una dama = to be a lady
ser toda una dama = to be very ladylike

Nos vemos. = See you soon.
Hasta pronto. = See you soon.

Chau. = Ciao.

Adiós. = Goodbye. [can be a little formal like a “farewell”, and in some places it can carry the meaning of “I don’t know when we’ll see each other next]

Buenos días. = Good day. / Good morning.
Buenas tardes. = Good afternoon.
Buenas noches. = Good evening.

Buenos. / Buenas. = Hello. [a shortened form of buen@s (whatever time of day), works as a simple and informal greeting]

saludar = to greet / to wave / to salute
despedirse = to say goodbye, to say farewell

el saludo = a greeting / a salutation
la despedida = a goodbye

¡Salud! = Cheers! [when toasting] / Bless you! [when someone sneezes]
[literally la salud is “health”]

Hasta nunca. = See you never.

¿Pero qué te pasa? = What’s wrong with you? / What’s up with you? / What’s your problem?

conocer = to know / to meet

Lo conozco. = I know him.
La conozco. = I know her.
Le conozco. = I know him/her. [regional, or more polite]

Es un placer conocerte. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [informal]
Es un placer conocerlo. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [formal, male]
Es un placer conocerla. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [formal, female]
Es un placer conocerle. = It’s a pleasure to meet you [formal / regional, or very polite]

Lo conocí pero estaba disfrazado. = I met him but he was in disguise.

Lo conocí antes. = I met him before.
La conocí antes. = I met her before.

Lo conocía. = I used to know him.
La conocía. = I used to know her.

Nos conocimos. = We met.

Nos conocíamos. = We used to know each other.

Nos conocimos hace mucho, pero no éramos amigos. = We met a long time ago, but we weren’t friends. [can be amigas if it’s two female friends]

volver = to return
volver a hacer algo = to do something again

No pienso volver. = I don’t plan on going back. / I’m not going back.

Jamás volveré. = I will never return.

Nunca volveré a amarte. = I’ll never love you again.

enarmorarse de alguien = to fall in love with someone
estar enamorado/a de alguien = to be in love with someone

Estoy enamorado de ella. = I am in love with her. [male]
Estoy enamorada de ella. = I am in love with her. [female]

Estoy enamorado de él. = I am in love with him. [male]
Estoy enamorada de él. = I am in love with him. [female]

No pienso enamorarme de nadie. = I don’t plan on falling in love with anyone.

No me interesa enamorarme. = I’m not interested in being in love.

verse las caras con alguien = to deal with someone [lit. “to see each other’s faces (with someone)” or “to face off against someone”]
vérselas con alguien = to deal with someone

Dile que tendrá que vérselas conmigo. = Tell him/her that they’ll have to deal with me.

Ahora tendrás que vértelas conmigo. = Now you have to deal with me.

plantar cara = to stand up to (something/someone) / to confront, to face
enfrentarse a algo/alguien = to confront something/someone, to face something/someone head on

hacer(le) caso (a alguien) = to listen to someone, to heed someone

No me hacen caso. = They don’t listen to me. / They don’t pay any attention to what I say. / They ignore me.

Te lo advertí, pero no me hiciste caso. = I warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.

Te lo dije, y no me hiciste caso. = I told you, and you didn’t listen.

Siempre tengo razón pero nadie quiere hacerme caso. = I’m always right but no one wants to listen to me.

Haces lo que quieras, no me haces caso. Pues, yo (hago como Pilato y) me lavo las manos. = You do whatever you want, you don’t listen to me. Well, I (do like Pontius Pilate and) wash my hands of it.

lucir(se) bien/mal = to look nice/bad
verse bien/mal = to look nice/bad

Luces bien. = You look good. / You’re dressed nicely.

Te ves bien. = You look good.

Qué raro que me siento tan mal pero me veo maravillosa. = It’s so strange that I feel so awful but I look so amazing.

estar genial = to look amazing
ser genial = to be great

estar espantoso = to look awful
ser espantoso = to be awful

estar horrible = to look horrible
ser horrible = to be horrible

Ah, querida, estás horrible. ¿No has dormido bien? = Oh, sweetie [f], you look awful. Are you not sleeping well?

Estás espantosa. Yo genial. = You look awful. I look great.

No es tan terrible como parezca. = It’s not as terrible as it looks.
No está tan terrible como pienses. = It doesn’t look as bad as you think it does.

¿Estás enferma, querida? Estás fatal. = Are you sick, dear[f]? You look awful.

Qué horrible. = How awful.
Qué terrible. = How terrible.

Allure Korea July 2017 | Lee Jinki

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: This is your last night in Maldives. What are the most memorable things?
First is playing outside. The nature is very very beautiful. Thanks to the villa I’m staying in I could see the ocean just by sitting leisurely, and I also could see it just by opening the curtain. In the morning or at night, my mind got calm when I saw the ocean from my villa. Next is doing sea activities. I didn’t know I could see a turtle this close!

Q: The villa is nice, right? Although the wind sound is a bit loud sometimes due to monsoon.
I saw stingray come and go. The water level changes every hour. I get to know how deep is the water.

Q: What’s a good point of Minho as your travel buddy?
As you see, Minho is always full of energy. I don’t know what I should do so I can’t decide. But Minho organizes the things that he wants to do. Minho’s good point, but also a weak point is that he has too much energy. (laughs)

Q: What did you put inside your suitcase?
I brought four white t-shirts. I always leave some space.

Q: You’re still touring right? What concert is it?
It’s overseas concert and we want to show it in high
quality just like what we did in Korea.

Q: You’re a concert veteran now, right? Are you still nervous when coming on the stage?
No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I’m always concerned about maintaining my stamina. However, I always fail at the first show. There is a moment where I burst out my energy explosively that I become so exhausted. Different situations also occur when I do the same performance several times, but I overcome them all as I exchange gaze with the members.

Q: Do you understand each other only by looking at their eyes now?
Not everything, but I think Minho kind of knows. (laughs)

Q: Yesterday was your 9th debut anniversary right? How was the past 9 years?
It’s short if it’s short, and it’s long if it’s long… I think the strongest point of a team is that it continues to exist. Our affection grows as we undergo things together over time.

Q: How have the members grown up?
I think everyone has grown up into a good direction. As each of us are trying to find ourselves, individually, our area of capabilities have gradually become bigger. We gain synergy because of that.

Q: It seems that you care about the other members more because you’re the oldest?
I just listen to them when they tell me something. I also whine a lot. Since we’ve been together for over 10 years, there are days when they are like the hyung, and there are also days when I’m like the hyung.

Q: When is the time when you feel it’s nice to have done this career for 9 years?
Because we’re no longer rookies, it’s nice that we’re able to match each other.

Q: Is ‘A team that is always trustworthy’ a thing that comes across your mind when you think of SHINee? They’re like perfectionist at their performances and songs.
Haha! When I’m working hard on a performance there are times when I don’t think much about it when it’s near the last stage.

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Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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Sneaking Out

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Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Word count: 378

A/N: in honor of me hitting 500 followers! sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy. Here’s a little thing I wrote a while ago (but wasn’t planning on publishing until now), hope you enjoy!

“You know, he’s gonna catch you eventually,” a voice interrupted your escape.  You halted in your tracks and whirled around to face Evie.

“Oh god, you scared me,” you breathed a sigh of relief.

“(Y/N),” Evie started, and you saw her step forward in the darkness, “how much longer are you gonna keep this up?”

“As long as I can.”  You shrugged. “How long have you known?”

“I saw you sneak out last week.  I figured it was just a one-time thing, but then I saw you do it again two nights ago,” she explained.  “Last night, I decided to follow you and see where you went.  I watched you go into an alleyway with some guy.”

In the dark, Evie could barely see your eyes widen.

“You saw?” you asked, trying but failing to keep your voice calm.

She nodded.  “I know you’re meeting up with some guy.”

“You know who it is?”

Evie paused for a moment. “No,” she admitted.  “But I know why you’re doing it in secret.”

You groaned, “Evie, I can’t tell Jay about him.”

She shook her head dismally. “You shouldn’t keep this a secret from him.  He’s your brother, (Y/N).  He’ll find out eventually.”

“Exactly,” you nodded, slowly inching towards the window, “he’s my brother. That’s why he can’t find out.”

“Just because Jay is a little overprotective-”

“A little?” you laughed, and Evie frowned.  "Evie, do you not remember what happened with my last boyfriend?“

"Okay, so he scared one off,” she admitted, “but that was one time.  And I’m sure whoever you’re seeing doesn’t scare easily.”

You couldn’t help but allow the smile that was creeping on your face just thinking about your fearless boyfriend.

“Just, consider it, please?” she begged.  "You and Jay are so close.  I’d hate for a secret like this to cause a falling out.“

"Sure Evie,” you waved her off, attempting to quietly open the window.

“I’m serious, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you replied, one leg out the window.  "I am too.“

"At least tell me one thing,” she found a compromise.


“Tell me who it is.”

You grinned as you fitted the rest of your body through the window. “Harry Hook,” you said, and slammed the window shut, leaving an astounded Evie behind.

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Hey it's fine if you want to see jughead as representation but the way he was coded before like the 1 single issue where he was ace was gay. Seeing as the comics started a long time ago, that meant jughead was gay. Now, they've decided to make him ace (and not gay (?)) This means that he was really not ace before that issue. He's fictional, not a real person. He was written, people 70 years ago had different plans w him than now. So him reading as nonstraight doesnt have anything to do w him

Ah, yes, how could I forget that a disinterest in sexual relationships have and always been considered ‘gay coding’, and not ‘straight people who don’t want to fuck’.

With all the insistence otherwise by various naysayers and REGs, you could have fooled me.

Except no. Jughead’s aceness was intentionally chosen because of his writing history, and wasn’t a choice made on impulse. Just because history didn’t have a vocabulary for us, that didn’t mean we didn’t exist, or that people didn’t notice that we did. 

- Fae

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Malec + "Are you flirting with me?"

“are you flirting with me?“ alec asks, a small smile forming on his face.

“of course i am, i thought that was obvious,“ magnus replies, one of his hands sliding under alec’s suit jacket to rest on his lower back.

“you do realize we are literally at our own wedding? that we just got married an hour ago?“ alec says, feeling his heart skip a beat at the word married. him and magnus. married.

magnus breathes out a small laugh and presses his body closer to alec’s.

“that’s no reason for me to stop flirting with you,“ magnus says before pressing a light kiss to alec’s cheek. “i plan on flirting with you for a very long time.“

he moves in and kisses alec softly, pressing his forehead against his as the kiss breaks.

“doing anything with you for a very long time sounds wonderful,“ alec says, his voice barely above a whisper. 

“now who’s flirting?“ magnus teases and they both laugh, eyes never leaving each other and in that moment the world could be ending around them, crumbling to nothing, and they wouldn’t even blink.

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Writing Prompts.

• I’ve never been so shocked.
• Where can I find you?
• I’m obliged to do it.
• Why can’t you lie to them?
• Who should do it?
• I think we lost them.
• Can you examine it?
• It’s not at all similar.
• It was no coincidence.
• This is terrifying.
• It’s near us right now.
• Am I irritating you?
• Let’s just drive around.
• They were riding with us.
• How much is left over?
• It leads them inside.
• Where do you wander?
• I thought you were joking.
• Does it make you uncomfortable?
• Can we save a copy?
• Why would they come here?
• They did nothing.
• I don’t see any humans.
• It’s right there!
• They failed us a long time ago.
• Why have you done it, then?
• Who loves me the most?
• You ask good questions.
• You need to make up your mind.
• Where will they go?
• We’ve been painting it for years.
• It didn’t scare me at first.
• Did they even see me?
• Where are you running to?
• It wasn’t a coincidence.
• We won’t tolerate this.
• This is a little extreme, isn’t it?
• It’s very strange at night.
• We searched for you everywhere?
• I have an unusual number of brains.
• You lie about every little thing.
• Do you need them?
• They’ve been planning it the whole time.
• I don’t want to talk about it.
• We all regret something.
• It turned sinister then.
• They have no new information.
• Let’s go to the edge of the world.
• Isn’t it could out there?
• We found your card.
• Look at that conspiracy.
• We suspected them.
• Who was present?
• Every few minutes, a car goes by.
• They stole our hearts.
• Are those ghosts?
• Where do the dreams come from?
• He was there the entire time.
• I like your hair.
• Can I call him out on it?
• Are you wearing that?
• It made absolutely no sense.
• I’m so sorry for what I have to do.
• We need to get him involved.
• We’ll need to remove them.
• It’s been a long day.
• Can we release this information?
• We are falling apart.
• I don’t like the way they treat you.
• We need more publicity.

My Fake boyfriend Part 7

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2273


A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

credits to the gif owner

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Bucky gets off of the bench, offering you his hand. You accept gladly smiling at him, but his mind can’t focus on anything now. Would you let him kiss you? Would you be mad at him for asking? Maybe you would just politely decline; he wouldn’t blame you for not being attracted to him.

In the dinner room everybody is already sitting waiting for the two of you, including an old couple that he assumes to be Lucas’ parents and the way they are looking at you leaves him no doubts.

He sits by your side on the table watching as you smile at him and he kisses your hand. It is a small gesture, sure real couples do this all the time but it was also a way for him to say that things were alright between you two.

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Father to the Unknown: Part One

AN: Since I’ve been so remiss in updating lately, here, have a new Wonder Woman series.


When the phone rings for the fourth time, you start to think that some people just can’t take a hint. Then you remember exactly who’s on the other end, and you realize that the man can take a hint, he’s just too stubborn to do so. You wait for the buzzing to die off, and sure enough it starts again a second later.

    With a sigh you pick the phone up, and hit the answer button. You wait for him to speak first, “You’re a tough one to get a hold of.”

    “I figured you’d get the hint, Mr. Wayne.”

    “I’m calling in regards to your mother …”

    You cut him off before he can continue, “Saving the world is my mother’s business not mine, Mr. Wayne. I have no desire to join your little club.”

    “So she told you.”

    Your eyes flicker to the television, “The news told me everything I needed to know, Mr. Wayne. I saw the remains of the fight. I saw my mother.”

    “You disagree with her choice, a choice to step up and save the world?”

    Your eyes land on a photograph over the mantel. A picture of you and your mother from last year, not that anyone would know it. You looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. “My mother was born to save the world Mr. Wayne, I was born to protect her.”

    “Which is exactly, why I’m calling.”

You stiffen at the words, “What do you mean?”

“When’s the last time you talked to Diana?”

“Two days ago. We made plans to meet in London.”

“Where are you right now?”


“Good. If you take a plane you can be there in five hours.”

You find your mouth dry, at the words, and it takes everything you have to ask your question, “What’s happened to my mother, Mr. Wayne?”

There’s a moment of hesitation before he says, “I’ll explain when you get here. I’ve already booked your flight.”

It doesn’t take you long to grab the essentials; a few pairs of clothes, emergency cash, and a few family heirlooms. You make it to the airport with only a few minutes to spare. You spend the entire flight with a knot in your stomach. You’d talked to her two days ago. Only two days. Your mother was a goddess. She was unbreakable. Only able to be killed by someone like her. And yet, no matter how many times you repeated that information to yourself you never felt any better.

Your mother had had may professions during her time in man’s world. She’d been a teacher, a professor, a nurse, a translator, and now museum curator. It made sense, your mother’s love of Greek history.

Your mother took pride in her work. Her love for it displayed any time she talked about it. Organization ruled her domains, just as it had when you were a child. But as you step into her office you see what Bruce is talking about. There are papers scattered on the floor. The glass displays behind her desk are broken. Her tablet had been thrown against the wall. You lock eyes with Bruce over top of the investigators scouring the floor. A few eyes flick to you, before the lead inspector turns to you.

Before he can say a word Bruce steps in, “This is Ms. Trevor. My translator, she should be able to help with the translation on the wall.”

Your eyes snap to the wall you had missed in the chaos, and the writing there. You swallow the lump in your throat, and the investigator prods you on, “Well, Ms. Trevor.”

Your voice quakes a bit, “It’s ancient Greek. One word. Themyscira.”

Your eyes flick to Bruce, as the investigator turns back to his team. With a motion of your head, Bruce follows you back. Once you’re safe distance away you ask, “Was that blood on the wall?” His nod is barely perceivable but it’s there. You take a deep breath.

“Would she go there?” His voice is soft.

You shake your head, “She didn’t know the way back. She would have taken me there when she found out she was pregnant. There’s no way to find it.”

Bruce’s voice is soft, “Your father found it.”

You snap, “My father crashed into the sea near it. There’s a difference Mr. Wayne.”

“Which means it’s not impossible to find.”

You stare at the man. The bat vigilante. The world’s greatest detective. Your brow furrows and you step closer, “What do you know?”

“Your mother believed that our world would soon need the full force of the Amazons. We’ve been doing some searching for it. Looking at your father’s flight pattern, and judging distances and so forth, along with strange reports of fog.”

“You know where Themyscira is?” You ask softly.

“I have an idea of where it is.” He corrects gently, “And if who ever took your mother knew this, then they’re counting on someone to come and try and rescue her.”

Your eyes narrow, “Why me? I’m nowhere near as strong as my mother.”

He shrugs, “Who knows. But you’re probably her only hope.”

You raise an eyebrow in question, “You’re not going?”

“Your mother gave me strict instructions to remain here if something were to happen to her. To contact you, and give you these.” You focus on the small watch, and piece of paper in his hand before taking them.

You knew the watch well, you had fallen asleep with it clutched to your chest more than once. It was the only thing of your father’s that you had. The photograph was different. You hadn’t seen it before, but you knew your parents on sight. You carefully slip both into your pocket before meeting Bruce Wayne’s gaze again. “Well?” he asks.

You give a small smile, “My mother always said that we could sit around and do nothing, or try and do something. Apparently doing nothing is no longer working. I’m going to need a ride Mr. Wayne.”

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I've read about vld showrunners saying they might add LGBT content in the show, do you think this means that Sheith relationship in first 3 seasons is supposed to be percieved as platonic (that might as well turn into romantic if they decide to go down that road), since it was something they've considered only after making these seasons? I ship Sheith with all my heart, but sometimes i'm afraid of getting my hopes up.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what you mean by “since it was something they’ve considered only after making these seasons”?? Because lgbt representation is a conversation they have been having since the start. In fact, if we get any lgbt rep at all, it’s been implied that that’s been planned since season 1. 

My understanding is that the writers were unsure for a little while if Netflix would renew Voltron or not (which is why the ending for season 1 feels really abrupt and cut off, because they suddenly realized they would get a season 2 and didn’t have to give 1 a “softer ending”) but anYWAY, for a bit it seems they were unsure. And after they got the green light, they had to wait a bit before they could publicly confirm it. So, with that in mind:

In an interview right around when Voltron first started airing, Lauren and Joaquim mentioned how they both loved the korrasami ending and were happy to be part of it. When asked if Voltron would ever “take that step,” Lauren said, “we have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope” which to me says that if there was any representation they planned to carry through with, then they’ve already started building the groundwork for that from the very beginning. (source here)

Again, to me that says the most viable candidate for a gay relationship is Shiro and Keith, given how intimately close they’re portrayed as from the very beginning. Not to mention how the season starts with Keith running in to save Shiro like his knight in shining armor and ends with Shiro returning the favor. Plus all those other times they comfort each other and trust in one another and just–ya. If sheith was going to happen, they knew what they were doing and 100% planned it from the beginning. 

And the thing is, the more questions like this I get the more I’m kind of curious if most people just aren’t aware of how animation works because?? Major plot points won’t get changed out of nowhere, an entire character arc for next season won’t just be rewritten. All the content for the rest of the series is probably well written out and a good portion of it already animated; animation takes lots of time, you have to do so much work in advance. If they were going to put lgbt representation in, it’s already been planned and written a long time ago. 

When asked about ships, the show runners themselves actually talked about this. Because someone wanted to know if Lance and Keith would be “teased” because of how many people ship it, but that’s simply not the case. Lauren said “We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything. We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.” And Joaquim followed with, “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.” 

Lauren goes on to say, “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that, even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story! And be like–and now they’re in love.” (source here)

In short–if we get lgbt representation, it’s because it’s what the writers originally intended and was probably drafted out when they first pitched the TV Bible. Not because they suddenly decided halfway through season 3 that adding it in would please fans. And honestly, I feel a lot more comfortable about that. Because you know it’s not something that just got shoehorned in and was an intentional part of the narrative that the writers are invested in. 

Which is again why, if anything, sheith makes the most sense to me, as that’s the dynamic that’s been by far the most fleshed out and well developed. It just feels like if any relationship was built up as something romantic, sheith already has all the groundwork in place there

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Yea it took me a bit to find out what was up lmao. So basically an interview with  Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos was released and they were asked if klance was gonna be a thing.

The rundown of their answer was that Lance and Keith’s relationship was only a “not getting along to respecting each other” kinda deal. They never planned for any romance between them and they aren’t baiting anything. And they said that they’ve had the story set in stone a LONG time ago so they can’t cater to the louder, majority opinion of the fandom and that they aren’t gonna be affected by popular demand and just keep on trucking.

So in short, klance isn’t gonna be canon. But they also said people can have their ships and it’s all good.

Rika's back and MC gets left P. 4

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

  • Rika felt a sense of satisfaction
  • She got off being the one everyone considered the most
  • sure, she lead MC to the RFA
  • sure she made a lot of trouble for MC and the rest of the members
  • But the one thing she did not want anyone to forget or even ever know really was
  • it also meant she could take her out of rfa with ease
  • And they wouldn’t ever know it was her or care if all went to her plan

– Yoosung –

  • From the last time MC invited Yoosung over, he remembered where she now lived
  • Why didn’t I visit her sooner?
  • Yoosung made his way to her building, knocking repeatedly and waiting for a response
  • Where is she? It’s almost midnight…
  • He almost gave up when she didnt answer either calls, text, or the door
  • Rika! Yoosung was surprised to see his cousin walk by
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing here so late?”
  • I came to see if MC is okay, shes been MIA for a while
  • “She’s fine! I talked to her not too long ago and she said that she was going to visit her family for a few weeks. I forgot to tell you guys about it too… sorry.”
  • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Though, it would have been better if she told us herself…
  • “I dont know the details, but something about one of her family members being recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.. Yeah, it was terrible. She said they started to cough blood and she went to go help them through the process. Poor MC.”
  • You’re genuinely concerned for MC, you’re so nice Rika.
  • “Ofc, shes a memeber of the rfa too!”
  • Sorry, its just i know you dont know her that much, but im glad you guys get along well. Do you know when she’ll be back?
  • “I think after the funeral. Though it may be longer since i dont know how shell be okay after all of that. Next time we talk, ill ask her, okay? How about we go visit V? Im sure hes awake and wouldnt mind if you came over for a sleep over”
  • Yoosung felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew MC was physically okay
  • He felt bad that she didnt tell anyone that she was leaving to tend to a sick family member
  • But he felt that he would forgive her since she seemed more of a private person
  • I should get her a gift basket when she comes back; poor MC will be greiving when she returns- I could add chocolates and that coffee she likes with an uber soft blanket. Yeah, i wil do that for sure when RIka tells me when she comes back
  • Yoosung wanted to be a shoulder for MC when she came back since she was there for him when Rika was gone
  • he wanted to prove to her and himself and RIka that he was more than just a college student who played a lot of video games; that he was also a capable man

– Zen –

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: MC! Please call me when you get this!

Rika: Zen, I forgot to tell everyone that MC went back to her home country to take care of a sick family member. I didnt want to say anything right away but she told me just recently that it may be a while before she returns because of how bad things are …

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: Oh no that’s terrible. Is her family member in that bad of condition for MC to leave without saying bye?

Rika: I am afraid so. From what I know, they are really ill that it is now deemed terminal.

Zen: Oh man, i really thought something happened to MC

Rika: What do you mean?

Zen: I dont know, I thought maybe she got bored of us and left us or something happened to her health wise. I hope she knows that we are all here for her when she comes back

Rika: Dont jinx anything! I’ll let her know though that you were worried whenever we talk again ^^

Jahee: Please do. Id feel much better though if I could talk to her soon. Do you think you can let her know to call me please?

Rika: I will pass the message along!

Zen: me too please, I really miss her :c

Rika: I will, you guys worry too much ^^ dont worry guys, everything will be perfectly fine ^^

Zen: alighty then, i gotta go and meet some directors to talk about my wonderful gorgeous face making its appearance on stage soon, bye~

Jahee: Oh my heart!

Rika: Good luck!

Zen has left the chatroom.

  • He didnt trust Rika
  • He didnt even trust Jahee at the moment
  • He knows he saw MC at the store that night
  • And it seems highly unlikely that she would just leave without explaining the situation
  • Especially if someone she cared about was really sick
  • Would she?

– Jahee –

  • From what Mr. Han had been accumulating she knew what was going on somewhat
  • Though if the rest of rfa should know she didnt feel like she had a place to tell them
  • She did abandon MC just like the rest did
  • She wont deny that what the rfa did to MC was abandon her at a time she would have needed them 
  • despite all MC probably gave up to help them 
  • But she didnt want anyone to be in the unknown
  • Although, she didn’t know if Rika was lying or telling the truth maybe rika did know mc was sick and didnt want to tell because MC said so
  • Jahee didnt want to risk anything by letting the cat out of the bag cringing
  • For now all she felt like she could do was gather as much as she could about people with pneumonia 
  • She would look into it since that was all Mr. Han told her
  • Maybe find some coffee as well for MC and maybe chocolates as she thinks about pleading for forgiveness 

– Jumin –

  • He had no right to act like he should care for MC anymore
  • The moment they all left her, everyone in the rfa lost all the rights to care for MC
  • The only thing he could do was offer her the best treatment possible when he found out what she had it made him very uncomfortable to not know what she was suffering from
  • aside from the stabbing pains of being betrayed that he couldn’t fix for her
  • but that was only if Seven could find a way into breaking MC out of there
  • But he knew the longer they waited the worse she would get
  • When he saw MC through the camera on Sevens screen, he knew he never wanted to know what it felt to lose someone again
  • After he though rika died, he felt like his world tipped over
  • But if he loses MC, he knows he wont ever have a reason to go on living with himself
  • He did find comfort knowing that MC never seemed to have had lost her personality and all that made her so easy to be around
  • By the looks of it, it was all thanks to Paco who never seemed to leave her side
  • Are you almost done?
  • “I want her out of there as soon as possible as well, okay?”
  • Jumin was taken back with how Seven snapped
  • “Dont let it get to you, he always gets like this”  the famous ‘Vanderwood’ who leaned on the side of the wall said
  • I dont want to know
  • He decided he didnt want to get into what Seven did on his own time also bc ‘Miss’ Vanderwood was slightly scaring him
  • “Just get the IP address so we can get there and go”
  • “I cant just do that! Well, I can but there seems to be more stuff this guy is feeding me atm and its all about MC”
  • “Look at it when you get her out of there! Poor girl must be seconds away from kicking the stupid bucket”
  • Excuse me?
  • “DOnt take it to heart, he gets angry when he has to wait before a job”
  • “Shut the fuck up, I still have my taser, you oaf”
  • What do you mean hes feeding you?
  • “I mean, this Unknown guy wants her found but for some odd reason he cant let her go… idk myself, but it looks like hes just doing his job
  • “What makes you say that?”
  • “RIght here it says: Job. No. Yes.- Unknown
  • Isnt that a good thing then? That means we can get MC out faster
  • JUmin didnt care for all the extra side stuff
  • He wanted to just get to the point and storm in there to save MC and take her to the doctors he had on standby
  • Just hurry up!
  • “I would want to bu- OH shit”
  • Jumins heart stopped for a millisecond thinking that MC died
  • When he didnt see anything abnormal on the screen that showed MC he was confused
  • But looking at what Seven saw
  • He understood
  • Is that Rika?

– 707 –

  • Watching RIka give MC injections of unknown substances made him physically want to scream
  • Why would she do that?
  • What was she even giving MC?
  • Where is Unknown?
  • “Damn, white loaf can really go on strong” he ignored Vanderwoods snide comment focusing on V holding MC down so Rika could give her another injection
  • “Let’s go now Seven, no more playing around!”
  • Okay okay, let me just get this on my laptop so we can watch as we go
  • “If we take my helicopter we could be there quicker”
  • Yeah lets do that
  • Seven was in a daze
  • As he looked into the breadcrumbs Unknown was giving him
  • He began to wonder why Unknown even took MC away if he was going to help them in the end
  • Unless he too was forced into do this all
  • But why would Rika do this? What could she gain from this?
  • “Please dont”
  • Seven turned to look at Jumin who looked at him when they heard MC’s voice
  • “Ready or not here it comes~” Rika sang
  • “You both may want to look away” Seven heard Vanderwood say before turning away
  • Not once had he ever looked away from the screen while on the job

  • You begged her to stop
  • Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same anymore
  • You began to remember names and faces but you couldn’t match them together
  • Please stop this, it hurts!
  • “Sweetie, you’re dying anyways, this is me being merciful and helping you go faster. Be thankful.”
  • What about that other stuff? What was that other stuff?
  • “It will all be over quickly if you just listen to her, please MC”
  • You turn to look at the stranger with the sunglasses: who’s MC?
  • Am I MC? Are they talking to me ?
  • You think you know them but you can’t match any faces or names at all
  • “I’d ask if you have any last words you want me to give to someone but at this point, you probably don’t know if you have any friends or family “
  • You shake your head trying to think
  • Somewhere someone has to know who you are
  • Why can’t I talk?
  • You panic; thrashing your body away from the woman and man
  • “Stop it!” You hear it before you feel a stinging sensation on your cheek
  • “Like I said,you’re already dying “ the woman says as she huffs for air
  • The look on her face scares you
  • It looks like she’s enjoying whatever is happening
  • “You should never talk to strangers “ you feel the weight of something hard crash on you holding your face down on the now cold floor
  • “Don’t ever go to places you don’t know”
  • The pressure intensifies making your head build more pressure like it will explode
  • “Rika, that’s too much” you hear the man from earlier
  • Help me please! you silently beg 
  • You wonder why he doesn’t help you
  • “Stay out of this V”
  • You feel something stab your shoulder
  • Then you don’t feel anything at all

– Vanderwood –

  • Seven was annoying
  • Richie rich was annoying
  • They all were pissing him off
  • The rush to get to where this girl was chaotic
  • He was used to the silence that Seven would accompany him with
  • But not like this
  • This silence was deafening and suffocating

– V –

  • He didnt want to harm MC
  • she was one of the good ones 
  • but he didnt want to make Rika any worse than she already was
  • He knew 707 or Jumin must have caught on by now 
  • with the help he got from Unknown, he knew they would make it but not soon enough
  • He made sure that whatever happened; it would all be on him 
  • Even if MC may never wake up again
  • even if Rika would spend a lot of time in the hospital 
  • even if Jumin and everyone in the RFA should come to hate him
  • even if he should become the villain; 
  • he would do whatever it takes to preserve Rika’s legacy and love and pride
  • He just needed for MC to hold onto life 
  • She was already sick 
  • and the medication he had replaced with the medication Rika wanted Unknown to give her seemed to have been working 
  • He made sure Unknown gave her the treatment she needed
  • But he didnt anticipate for Rika to inject her with a strong dose of whatever she had made for MC
  • By the looks of it 
  • it definitely was not the same that he had Unknown give her

– Unknown – 

  • Any minute now, it would all be over 
  • one way or another, MC would no longer suffer
  • He knew that by lying to Rika he was compromising his safety as well as Saeyoung’s
  • But he couldnt kill MC slowly
  • not with what RIka had made for her 
  • No. 
  • Instead, he made sure he gave her the medication she needed 
  • he made sure that Saeyoung would find the bread crumbs he left 
  • He expected Rika to pull something big for the finally so he made MC an antidote to what Rika had 
  • he didnt give it to her yet but he would have to leave it for Saeyoung to find if Paco didnt find a way of getting the vile out of his jacket before they got to MC
  • All he needed now was to find a way to make amends 
  • To MC and to everyone else 
  • but he would do that after he found a way to forgive himself and Saeyoung 
  • because if he didnt make him hate him; none of this would have happened 
  • and MC would have had treatment for this and have never been involved 
  • When would Saeyoung see how toxic both were to everyone else?
  • Especially to someone good and simplistic and perfectly normal like MC. 
  • Did Saeyoung even know?
  • Did his brother know how toxic both brothers were to everyone?
  • Like how toxic they were to one another.

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Got7 aren't even established as a group to be doing this. Jype doesn't even promote them well enough as a group in the first place.

“Got7 aren’t even established as a group to be doing this”

JJ project aren’t starting from 0, the unit promoted before and it was mentioned many times when GOT7 debuted, JB and Jinyoung have many fans in Korean fandom what means they’re stan attractors. Showing them to the public through unit promotions to gain more fans is not a bad idea in my opinion. Many Korean fans who have been following JB & JY since JJP days have been waiting for their comeback too.

“Jype doesn’t even promote them well enough as a group in the first place“

I’d understand these concerns more if GOT7 had long breaks or one comeback a year in Korea. Instead they always have at least 2 long promotion cycles with 20 fansign events for every one of them. Market is overstaturated and it’s not easy to become a top group these days, but as someone who has been following JYPE for years I can say they’ve never put so much effort with groups in the past. They make GOT7 film shows during every promotion, organise different ways to meet fans (mini fanmeetings, fansign events), GOT7 members assure fans that they’re not going anywhere all the time. 

Jinyoung has been wanting to act for a long time now and he’ll finally have time to do it (as mentioned in the article). GOT7 members have been focusing on group promotions for a long time. JYPE wouldn’t force Jackson to go solo or JJ Project to make a comeback if they didn’t talk with the members. As for other members activities, they might have something planned too. People become idols because they like performing, they like being on stage, I believe that every member has a dream project they would like to pursue in the future while still being a part of GOT7.

Not long ago a producer working with Youngjae mentioned they recorded something until 4AM. Maybe Youngjae is preparing something too? Today only 4 members arrived in Korea and vocal line (JB, JY and YJ) stayed in Japan. 

Jackson mentioned wanting to show his ‘real style’ in one of the recent interviews. Jackson’s fandom in China is quite big. They’re not leaving us, they want us to support them. They’re still GOT7 members and already have group activities planned (rumored comeback in Korea and Japan tour at the end of the year).

7 Minutes in Hell (Jughead Jones x Reader)

A/N: Not Valentine’s Day related at all but hey, whaddaya know, I’m on the Riverdale train and I love Jughead so here you go! 

Word Count: 2328

This was not how I planned on spending my Saturday night.

It was customary to go to the Blossom mansion for the usual weekend fun, even more now that I was a Vixen than before. Her parents were a bit more lenient on the underage drinking, assuming we were coping with the discovery of Jason’s body, and we were all crowded around the living room coffee table doing everything but mourning his death. All was well until of course it was time for Seven Minutes in Heaven. I turned to hug the wall when Cheryl set her sights right on me.

She didn’t believe that I was Vixen material and was hellbent on making me prove myself ever since I made the squad. She hated me enough to keep me on the squad just so I’d be out of my element and as uncomfortable as possible, and I hated her enough to prove to her I could be just as much as a Vixen if not more than her. Our rivalry ran deep from the time we were kids to now, and I didn’t see it changing anytime soon.

“Y/N? Be a jewel and start the night’s festivities, will you?”

I gave her the same fake smile I’d grown used to giving her by this point. “Of course.” I went to the coffee table and spun the empty beer bottle to see who’d I get to spend one-on-one time with in Cheryl’s coat closet. We were having a stare down when the bottle stopped, landing between Moose and someone I never expected to be anywhere near a Cheryl Blossom party. I opened my mouth to invite Moose to the closet when Cheryl rushed to cut me off.

“Jones! Looks like it’s your lucky day,” she said with a sinister smirk. I grit my teeth and grinned, looking down at Jughead.

He sighed, his face unamused as he took the final sip of his beer before hopping up. “Lucky. That’s one word for it…” He turned and made way for the coat closet without another word, which I took as my cue to follow him.

“See you in seven minutes,” Cheryl sang behind us.

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You are dating.... This is the best news I've ever gotten. Me and my gf, who had a similar life story, are literally going awn at everything you post now.

a significant benefit of the internet and the strange pockets of online community it harbours is the people you meet, perhaps not having the opportunity to otherwise. it’s something i think i’ll never get tired of ranting on about. also, something i feel i never do proper justice to!

we met online roughly ten years ago now, then spent the following nine years talking nonstop and creating together. we met in person for the first time at fifteen, and visited each other each following year after. the long term plan we envisioned was always elaborate, grand and involved the two of us living together. around october last year, as opposed to visiting we talked about me moving in instead. 

so. i flew across the country, and i’ve been here since. even then, it took us another four or five months to get around to actually dating, but. hey. sometimes you’re a fanfiction trope. sometimes you’ve accidentally been deeply head over heels for your best friend since you were seventeen. sometimes you adopt a cat together before you realise you can kiss. sometimes you imagine a life in which the two of you live together in a countryside home and anyone you enter a relationship with (potentially even marry) gets to live in another separate home and also never see you. sometimes you play life is strange and look at it like, haha… me… but not in a GAY way. you know! 

in all honesty. i know this is our silly little joke blog and we don’t do much serious content creation or sentiment here, but. i just want to take a moment to express that the other mod is unbelievably intelligent, compassionate, talented, and i love her endlessly. existing at and on the same level as someone is a strange fucking thing. it’s a kind of balance, in that. a crafting of a third space within the universe. 

but. anyway. straight people smell. 

Punk vs Pastel

A fic for the Carry On Countdown

“I mean, who does he think he is?” Simon hisses through a mouthful of cherry scone.  I look up from my textbook and follow Simon’s gaze to where Baz is sitting across the room, facing the other way.

           “I don’t know, Simon,” I sigh, “how dare he have the audacity to wear eyeliner?”


           I roll my eyes and sip my coffee.  Simon had always had an odd obsession with Baz, although perhaps paranoia is closer to the mark.

           “Penny,” he elbows me gently, “what do you think he’s plotting?”

           “Honestly?  Nothing.”

           He turns to me, looking betrayed.  “Baz is always plotting, you know that.”

           “Do I, Simon?” I raise an eyebrow.  “If I had a scone for every time you were convinced he was plotting and it turned out to be nothing, I’d have too many scones to count. Besides, what dastardly plan could he possibly have that involves wearing eyeliner?”

           “It’s to distract me,” he assures me, “to slow down my progress.  To get inside my head.”

           “Si, that happened long ago.”

           He frowns.  “Whatever.  We’ve got to do something.”

           “We?  Oh, no. If you have something against Baz’s style choices, you can deal with it yourself.  I’m not getting involved.”

           “Oh, I’ll deal with it,” he murmurs, almost to himself.  “I’ll give him something to think about.”


The next morning, Simon marches into the dining hall with pastel pink hair and triumph in his smirk. He drops into his seat next to me with a tray full of cherry scones and seems more relaxed than I’ve seen him in a long time.

           “Morning, Penny.”

           “Morning, Simon.”

           “Notice anything different?”


           He shoots me a look.

           “Of course I do,” I relent, “and it looks good.”

           Simon grins.  “It drove Baz mad.”

           “Are you sure?  Baz is sort of in a constant state of mad.”

           “Oh, I’m sure,” he chuckles, “I’ve never seen him look so flustered.”

           “When did you even do this?”

           “Last night.  I got some pink hair dye from Trixie.”

           I choke on my scone.  “You dragged my roommate into this?”

           “It’s no big deal,” he brushes it off, “she has like twenty boxes of the stuff, in all different colours.  She said she would dye my hair anytime.”

           “Hopefully this game won’t last that long,” I mutter.


It does.  It lasts that long.

           Because on Monday, Baz is wearing a black leather jacket with gold studs on the shoulders.  

           And on Tuesday, Simon deviates from his Watford uniform and shows up wearing a knitted sweater in a softer shade of yellow than I would have thought possible.

           I start a series of sketches.  I’ve never been much of an artist, but suddenly my margins are filling up with the latest installments of this fashion war.  I mentally title the series “Punk vs Pastel”.

           Here I’d thought Simon and Baz were already rivals on every possible medium.  Clearly I was wrong.  Those two could make a battle out of a butterfly.

           A week later, after they’ve both had the chance to get out and go shopping, Baz adds ripped black jeans to the ensemble while Simon adds light-wash jeans.  Baz gets combat boots.  Simon gets Converse in a pink that matches his hair, that is until he enlists Trixie’s help again and switches to lilac.  I start using coloured pencils in my drawings.  Because what would this war be without the colours?

           Baz slicks back his hair with gel.

           Simon wears a flower crown of rosebuds.

           Baz gets black lipstick.

           I can only imagine what the two of them living together must be like right now.

           I get my answer the next day, when I find a smudge of that black lipstick on Simon’s chin and a dazed look in his eyes.

           I pretend not to see.

           But I smile to myself.  

           And of course, I add the smudge to my sketch.