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Reigen: “Plans for New Year’s Eve? Nah, I’m free. Did you want to go for Hatsumode or something?”

Hey ONE-sensei that line actually killed me because in the MobPuz world, they DO go, and eveyone is happy. 

Let??? Them??? Live??? MAYBE??


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I don’t claim to be a writer by any means, but an old friend of mine a long time ago suggested that I write a comic without any plan or story and see what comes of it.  They said I would learn a lot about myself.  I’m not confident enough to do a comic just yet, but I tried writing something and illustrating alongside it.  They were right.  Thank you.

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Hey it's fine if you want to see jughead as representation but the way he was coded before like the 1 single issue where he was ace was gay. Seeing as the comics started a long time ago, that meant jughead was gay. Now, they've decided to make him ace (and not gay (?)) This means that he was really not ace before that issue. He's fictional, not a real person. He was written, people 70 years ago had different plans w him than now. So him reading as nonstraight doesnt have anything to do w him

Ah, yes, how could I forget that a disinterest in sexual relationships have and always been considered ‘gay coding’, and not ‘straight people who don’t want to fuck’.

With all the insistence otherwise by various naysayers and REGs, you could have fooled me.

Except no. Jughead’s aceness was intentionally chosen because of his writing history, and wasn’t a choice made on impulse. Just because history didn’t have a vocabulary for us, that didn’t mean we didn’t exist, or that people didn’t notice that we did. 

- Fae

Three different people from three different places, but they always come together in the end.

Quickie Legend of Zelda piece so that I have more fan art stuff for a con that I’m tabling at this weekend. 

I planned this piece a long time ago, but for some reason I’ve been steadily putting off stuff that I’ve been meaning to do. It’s been a year of not feeling as motivated to try, but…well, do the things you need or want to do, right. 



Young Genji trying to flirt with Mercy but getting cock blocked by…his future self

Phil Lester: Marriage Proposal Expert

Summary: Phil has been trying for months to propose to Dan, and each attempt has failed spectacularly.

Or the five times Phil tried to propose and the one time Dan did.

Words: 6,075

Read it on AO3

A/N: I’ve been working on this for the last few days instead of studying for my upcoming exams so I hope you guys like it. It’s over 6,000 words! I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a oneshot this long.


Phil had everything planned, to the last bit. All the candles were lit, dinner was done and ready to be served and the ring was in his jeans’ pocket. All that was left was for Dan to get back home from the shopping Phil had sent him to do while he had prepared everything.

He had been planning for this moment for the past month and had bought the ring five months ago. If it had been up to him, Phil would have proposed the second he got the ring. It just had never seemed like the right time. Life had been so crazy for them for the past year and a half and it never seemed like they had the time for much else.

Now that it seemed as if they were finally getting a very well deserved break, Phil had finally decided that there was no better time than this to finally ask Dan to marry him. It took him a month to decide and plan everything because he wanted it all to be perfect. It was not everyday that you got to ask your boyfriend of seven years to marry you and Phil would have nothing ruin the moment.

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I enjoy watching ASC, is a funny and kinda fanservice show. But I would like if the fans were more considerable about the hosts. I saw a lot of times the fans asking for their bias groups to be in the show, but when they actually go, some fans complain about the hosts “not treathing their bias well”. Look, first of all, Jimin, Jae and Kevin are doing their jobs, and as long they are respectiful, is fine. Two: is a live show, so sometimes things dont go as planned and peoples still have to understand this, if they dont have time anymore, they’ll go with the script. And most times, the hosts are NOT close with your bias group, expecially if its a group that debuted five minutes ago.

Chronic Illness and Gaslighting

(Just going to start with a big ol’ disclaimer that this piece considers the concept of gaslighting in a very abstract sense, and takes the dynamic outside of the realm of purposeful abuse. Psych majors, please be nice.)

A few weeks ago, I made a very big life decision. I had thought about it for a good long time, and only took action when I was 100% sure of myself. I approached my doctor for assistance… only for him to misunderstand my intent, despite multiple explanations and rephrasing. Not only that, but he consistently encouraged me to do the exact opposite of what I’d planned. He brought up the fact that I should consider cognitive behavioral therapy, despite the fact that my concerns were physical, not mental. 

You know how this story ends. I doubted myself. I wondered if I was truly making the right decision, even though I had thought about it for ages, even though I had just been feeling incredibly self-assured… I believed in myself, and it only took one person to shut that down. Now, my plans are on hold as I search for a doctor who will take me seriously, and I am constantly thinking things like “maybe I was just being a wuss, maybe he’s right, maybe I’m going about it all wrong, maybe I’m imagining it, maybe I’m just being dramatic." 

Like I said, this is probably very, very familiar to you.

True story: after about two years of chronic illness, I no longer trust myself and my judgement. And it’s not because my judgement has turned out to be wrong–in fact, my judgement has been proven correct 99% of the time. But with the constant contradictory input I receive from others, that confidence just collapses. 

Enter the concept of gaslighting. Wikipedia describes gaslighting as:

a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

Now, as much as I’d like to believe it, there is no conspiracy, no underground group of people committed to messing with you. In most cases, there isn’t even a plan or an intent to abuse. Nonetheless, the dynamic described here is spot-on: spoonies are incredibly likely to experience the emotional effects of gaslighting throughout their medical journey.

Think about all the times a few words from a doctor or a loved one have left you wondering if you were just imagining your symptoms. Think about all the times when you’ve pushed yourself to do something you know you can’t do, because someone else told you you could and should. Think about the state of your self-confidence when it comes to your health. It may stand tall, but it topples at the slightest of breezes.

You are being gaslighted. By doctors, by society, by friends and family, even by yourself. Every day, the small contradictions chip away at your confidence, your belief in your ability to determine what’s best for you.

So remember this the next time you don’t trust your own judgement. Remember that your judgement is digging through layers upon layers of self-doubt to get to you. Respect all that it’s overcome to give you whatever signal you’re getting, and listen to yourself above all others.

Tabimatsu: Happy New Year! The Story of Dreams! Story 5

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 005: Shinnen no Aisatsu to Mutsugo / 新年の挨拶と6つ子
EP 005: Welcoming the New Year and Sextuplets

a pure and wholesome ending for a generally pure and wholesome event.

I started doing these translations around… 2 or 3 months ago when Tabimatsu first came out??? It’s definitely been a long way since then, and I really don’t plan on stopping these any time soon ♥ I’ve met lots of great people, and just know that I appreciate every single one of you who have bothered to follow me and read all of my shitty posts ♥♥

明けましておめでとうございます!Let’s have a great 2017!

Osomatsu: Uhyo—! We collected lots of gift money!

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[PT] Esse é um desenho que eu comecei há um bom tempo mas acabei me esquecendo de terminar. Eu rascunhei no papel, escaneei, aí depois que passei pro Photoshop eu só lembrei de fazer algumas linhas. Isso foi há BASTANTE tempo, lá pro início do ano. :v
Eu planejava finalmente continuar o trabalho nesse desenho hoje, mas até agora não fiz nada no desenho. xD
Esse também é um desenho refeito, baseado em um desenho bem mais velho do qual eu perdi tanto a folha original quanto a versão escaneada que eu tinha.

[EN] This is a drawing I started some good time ago but I ended up forgetting to finish it. I sketched it on paper, scanned it, then after moving to Photoshop I only remembered to add a few lines. That was LONG ago, around the start of the year. :v
I planned to finally continue working on it today, but I still haven’t done anything on the drawing.
This is also a remade drawing, based on a much older drawing of which I lost both the original paper and a scanned version I had.

Of Doodles and Ink

Gency week, day 1 - First!

Next of the week!

I’ve been sick for a while and haven’t had the time to write anything, so there won’t be much Gency week material from me after all. However, I will write those things I have planned, either soon or eventually. But I do have a large thing planned for posting later this week!

This small thing here was all written today, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Appropiate tags: soulmate au, first meeting, first contact!

Please enjoy!

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Welcome to the last full year of Supernormal Step

Don’t panic! Okay now that that’s out of the way, it’s true. I’m planning to end the comic in about a year! Not sure exactly how long it will take at the moment, but I decided a while ago I need to start working toward the end of this story and move on to something new.

I’ve been working on Supernormal Step since 2009, and when I started I didn’t know much about writing. I’ve learned a lot since then, but with that comes the knowledge that I could do better with a stronger base to start with. So I thought I’d let you know ahead of time that this is it, we’re headed for the endgame.

But just because Supernormal Step is ending, doesn’t mean I’m done with webcomics. I’m already in the process of building a new world to play in. If you want to see me going through that process you could follow me on twitter, I’ve been posting some concept art and stuff there for a while now.

Until then, we still have a whole dang year! Hope you enjoy what happens next!

Broken (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

N/A: Mentions of abuse/rape Inspired on a gif imagine I saw a long time ago

Y/N. The most loved girl in Scott’s pack, everyone wanted to take care of you, you were so pure and sweet the pack feared that when you were dragged to this supernatural world you would change, but you surprisingly didn’t, you stayed true to yourself at any time.

But now you were facing the Alpha pack, a major threat. Although you didn’t had to worry just know because you believed in your pack.

“So when are you planning to… You know. Do it” Lydia asked for the fifth time in a row, which made you giggle and roll your eyes at your best friend’s sassy comment. You were a virgin and your friends- Malia and Lydia loved to tease you about it.

“We’re facing an killer Alpha pack and you worry about my sex life?” You sass at her and she smiles

“Well yeah” she said in an obvious tone

“I don’t know. And I honestly don’t care right now” you confidently said


“Be careful” Isaac whispered in your ear holding your wrist when he saw Aiden going inside the English classroom, which was the same you were heading to

“I’ll be fine” you reassured him, he then nodded and left in a different direction

When you got there you sat on the first place you saw available, and not a second after Aiden was sitting next to you

“Hey” he said and you raised the corners of your mouth to let out a small grin, after that you payed attention to the teacher-or at least you tried to do so-.

The bell finally rings so you quickly grab your stuff and leave the classroom, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following you, so you started walking faster.

“Hey Y/N” Aiden said appearing right in front of you, making you jump slightly

“Oh, hey Aiden, I’ll love to talk, but I gotta go” you replied hurriedly trying to leave but he blocked your way

“I’m sorry but I can’t let that happen” he said with a charming smile taking his claws out, you do the same but he was faster than you, so he quickly holds you down and covers your mouth dragging you to the janitor’s closet, you try to scream but the only thing that comes out are muffled sounds as he closed the door behind both of you.

“NO, AIDEN, PLEASE DON’T’” you scream squirming around, trying to break free but failing miserably.


You were now in the janitor’s closet, alone. Feeling sad, hopeless.

How could you let that happen? You ask yourself over and over again with no response, your clothes were scratched, your skin was covered in bruises and the most precious thing you had was taken away from you like it was nothing.

You knew your pack was looking for you, that you were missing, probably for hours, but you didn’t had the strength to get up and look for them, you could only cry and feel your body aching from head to toe.

After some time you managed to get out of the janitor’s closet and go to the first place you could think of.

The loft

You ran as fast as you could and opened the door, not caring about your ripped clothes or your wounds. Everyone looked at you with their eyes wide open and your legs suddenly failed, making you fall to your knees completely exhausted.

“Y/N!” Malia exclaimed running by your side, followed by Lydia as you looked at numbly nowhere

“He didn’t listen…” You murmured, Lydia looked over at Scott confused “I told him to stop but he didn’t listen” you said sadly as the tears run down your cheeks “He… Touched me… And I couldn’t… I couldn’t do anything!” You exclaimed helplessly between your sobs as everyone came to realization Aiden had raped you.

Both of your friends hugged you tightly as you cried loudly in their arms

A week later everyone was getting ready to a school trip, and since Isaac knew about your rape he wouldn’t leave you alone-not that you were complaining to be honest- he would hold your hand tightly as you two were walking down the hallways and he would also wait you outside your classroom.

Your pack was outside the school and you- as always-were holding Isaac’s hand, but then he suddenly let go of you, you raised your head to see Isaac furiously walking towards Aiden, you instantly ran to catch him but before you could get the chance to say something he threw his fist directly in Aiden’s face, and right after he started beating him up.

“ISAAC!” You screamed but he didn’t listen to you, then Scott got by your side
“ISAAC” he roared making him stop immediately

“Don’t you EVER touch her again, or I swear to god I will kill you” he threatened him and then ran back to you hugging you tightly “I promise I will never leave alone again” he said and you nodded .


Doodles!!! these i had planned on doing MONTHS ago!!! and i asked @sycomatsu if it was okay to do so and they’d been so nice to me and told me no problem!!! and then i never got around to do it cause i was so busy and every little time i had i used to draw other things!!! so here are some doodles, only a few for now, but soon i’ll have more!!! These are all from And I Will Never Look Away From The Light (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5776060/chapters/13311673) an AMAZING and HEARTBREAKING fanfiction written by @sycomatsu

Sorry for the long wait! Love your fic! <3

All of these comments about DC not knowing what they’re doing and being reactionary and having no plan have been bothering me a lot. They’ve picked up since the Sirens movie was announced. Have people not been paying attention to the rumors that have been circulating about this movie for months now? I went back and found the first mention of it.


Look at the date. It’s from May. Seven months ago. People are acting like this movie was announced out of nowhere, but it has been in the works for a long time now. It’s clear that they’ve been working on it for a while and found a place it could fit in so they announced it. So I seriously have no idea what these people are talking about.

The Problem of Felicity Smoak

by Jennifer Crusie, July 19, 2013

Sometimes one character can upset a whole story plan.

Several years ago, I decided to write a book with Davy Dempsey as the hero. The first scene was on a boat where he was doing something nefarious–I forget what–and he ran into a woman who was also doing something nefarious and they were threatened by somebody with a gun and escaped and ended up in a room–this was a long time ago, people, I do not remember the details–and banter ensued, and I knew it was going to be terrific because I had this plan: he was a conman and she had two distinctly different lives and personalities she was living, and I’d done all kinds of research on the Double and the Shadow, and can you just imagine the chemistry of two people who were that duplicitous finally making a connection?

So Davy was standing in the doorway and Eve was sitting on the bed–must have been a motel room–and I kept writing with the intention that he would cross the room and kiss her. Except he wouldn’t go. I could not get him to move, no matter how much snappy banter I wrote, he wouldn’t go near her, and she was completely uninterested in him. I remember sitting back in my chair at one point and saying to the computer screen, “You know, I have a plan here,” but he was immovable. So fine, somehow they end up back at the family’s art gallery and her little sister walks in the room, and she’s not beautiful and she does not have a double personality, in fact, she’s practical, hard-working, focused, the rock at the center of her dysfunctional family, and the next thing I know, she and Davy are having bad sex on the couch in the office. All the stuff about the Shadow and the Double went out the window with that beautiful story plan, thanks to Tilda who was supposed to be a minor character.

The good news was, the new story was better than I had planned. Which is why, as they say in the military (well, as Bob used to say), a plan is only valid until it meets the unpredictable human factor; then you adapt to reality. Put another way, your plan for your story only works until you meet your characters; if they don’t fit the plan, you have to change the plan to fit your people and create a new normal for the plot. Anything else is futile.

Which brings us to Felicity Smoak. Felicity began as a minor character in the world of Arrow, the TV version of the Green Arrow comic book series. I’m not sure why I began watching Arrow, it’s not my kind of story, but once I started watching, the character of Oliver caught me, especially the way he was rendered by Stephen Amell, a guy who looks like a more-muscle-than-brain surfer but who is doing an amazing job playing a selfish playboy turned grim avenger with a savior complex who spends most of his time pretending to be a selfish playboy. It’s great super-soap-opera, plus there’s his mother, a Gertrude if there ever was one; and his little sister, a brat with a heart of gold; and his best friend/sidekick, a good guy with a score to settle; the bad guy, played by John Barrowman which says it all, and Oliver’s former girlfriend …

And that’s where they lost me, with Laurel aka The Black Canary, the great love of Oliver’s life, because Laurel is a crusading do-gooder with no sense of humor, a beautiful woman made of self-righteous cardboard. What Oliver saw in her I could not imagine; my guess is that the writers were hamstrung into making her the character from the Green Arrow stories which meant making her an incredibly beautiful, incredibly serious, incredibly noble future superheroine, a lesser, female doppelganger of Oliver. If I wasn’t such a ‘shipper, I’d have been happy to toss Laurel overboard with her sister and follow the rest of the characters around–I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show where every single character is so over-the-top screwed up–but I am a ‘shipper and Oliver is so alone and my romance-writing radar kept looking for somebody to fill the void.

Then in Episode 3, Oliver needed some computer help and went to his company’s IT department (did I mention Oliver is immensely wealthy?) and there was Felicity pushing up her glasses and stammering and then tilting her head at him when he fed her a ridiculous lie, and for the first time in the run of the show, grim-to-the-point-of-catatonia Oliver smiled for real, not as part of his charade. (Amell has said that wasn’t planned, he just couldn’t help it.)

I’m not the only one who saw that smile. As Episode Three aired, the showrunners watching the show’s twitter feed saw it explode with “blonde IT girl” tweets, followed by a phone call from the president of Warner Brothers who said, “I love the blonde computer girl.” So Felicity’s one-time-only-appearance minor character became a recurring character who grew in importance until she became one of only two people who know Oliver’s secret identity, which made her one of only two people he can be himself with. All of which was followed by a flood of internet pressure to make Oliver-and-Felicity happen because it was already happening.

Of course much of this is due to Emily Bett Rickards, the actress who took the Felicity role and didn’t just run with it, she jumped tall buildings in a single bound with it. Her charm and intelligence and zest infuse what could have been a trite, geeky loser character. Add to her performance the very real screen chemistry she has with Amell, and the Arrow writers were already dealing with something beyond their control. But there’s more to this than the casting and performances, good though they are. The writers have, whether they wanted to or not, created a near-perfect romantic dynamic, something they could not have done with the characters they inherited from the Green Arrow stories.

First they made the character of Felicity an engaging combination of conflicting traits: she’s unsophisticated with people and very advanced with computers, she’s intrinsically sunny but capable of embracing real pain, she’s shy and unsure of herself but determined enough to stand up to an angry Oliver and leave him flat when he crosses her moral line. She’s a complete, complex character in herself, the antithesis of Oliver’s grimly serious, amazingly attractive, all-powerful, single-minded persona. There’s something about a grim, tortured, extremely hot avenger whose sanity is iffy paired with a sunny, geeky girl in glasses who believes in fighting for good without getting all angsty about it that creates not only great, crunchy scenes but also balance. Oliver without Felicity is a humorless bastard, doing good outside the law, coming very close to crossing the line into evil. Felicity without Oliver is stuck in the IT department, wasting her amazing talents fixing executives’ online screw-ups, hemmed in by her determination to be a good girl. Oliver and Felicity together mean that Oliver smiles and Felicity saves lives, that Oliver has somebody to say, “You’re going too far” and Felicity has somebody to invite her to break into a casino and cheat at cards, which means they reach the goal of every great romance story: they’re better together.

The writers haven’t messed with that dynamic. Even when they glam Felicity up to go undercover, she’s still Felicity, and even when Oliver is grimly focused on his mission, he still makes deadpan jokes in her ear. Add to that their clear and growing platonic allegiance to each other–Felicity gets angry and quits but she comes back because she knows he needs her; Oliver puts the mission before everything else until Felicity is in danger and then he throws the plan away to get her out–and the “better together” is reinforced.

But that surface trope of “opposites attract” and its awful cousin “You complete me” wouldn’t be enough without the second key to a strong romantic relationship: they have the same core beliefs. No matter what Oliver was before he was shipwrecked, he’s a good man now with a burning desire to save people from predators. And no matter how reluctant Felicity is to work outside the law, if somebody is in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate. So their crunchy differences notwithstanding, Oliver and Felicity have the same values, the same it’s-got-to-be-done-so-let’s-do-it, matter-of-fact approach to their responsibilities to the human race. They may argue about their methods, but they don’t argue about their goals.

Which brings us to the third component, one of the strongest building blocks of any romance plot: Oliver and Felicity work together on something they care desperately about, achieving those goals. Their relationship is not built on physical attraction or the potential of a physical relationship, they respect each other’s strengths, they’ve learned to cooperate despite their differences, and by the end of the first season, they need each other because only they and Diggle, the third in their triumverate, can do the job. In fact, they’re the only ones who can understand the job in all its Byzantine, secret-society, hidden identities plot insanity. They’re not just working together, they’re risking their own and each other’s lives together for a cause they believe in, and that builds a bond.

The slow build of that working relationship has been tremendously effective. One of the most interesting things about the fan reaction to all of this is that the Oliver-Felicity ‘shippers talk about Oliver and Felicity finally becoming a couple in the third or fourth season. You’d think that the average romance fan would be rooting for at least a kiss in the second season, but I think they recognize that the fun of Felicity and Oliver in the first season was watching it happen, and that the strength of the future relationship is best built over the long haul. Arrow is not a romance novel; it’s a superhero story with a romantic subplot that leaves people cold and a friendship subplot that people are hot about. When you have readers or viewers saying about the arc of that subplot, “Not yet, I want to see this happen,” you’ve put a very strong relationships on the page or screen.

But for the Arrow writers, there’s that source problem: Oliver is destined to marry Laurel [though, they do divorce in the comics], which means that Oliver-and-Felicity are off the table, not gonna happen, thanks for playing, unless the showrunners are willing to jettison the Black Canary for the Blonde IT Girl. They have, in short, the Felicity Smoak problem: you think as a writer you have control of your universe and you do, until your characters and your readers or viewers react in ways you didn’t foresee. At that point, you’d better learn to be flexible or go down fighting a losing battle. The characters are always right.

The good news for Arrow is that the showrunners have already shown a cheerful enthusiasm for dumping some of the chaotic Green Arrow bible to make their stories better. That coupled with the equally cheerful enthusiasm they have for Felicity in interviews, and I’m starting to have faith that the people behind Arrow know what the military knows: a plan is all well and good until it meets Felicity Smoak.

Then you go with Felicity.

Halloween Horrors Part 4

Read the rest: Part 1 (Kol), Part 2 (Rebekah), Part 3 (Elijah)

Summary: Klaus and Elijah plan on pranking you but instead you, Kol, and Rebekah decide to make their prank backfire on them.

Requested? Yup by @rubywwood

A/N: I know halloween passed a long time ago but as some of you may know, I gave up on writing for The Originals but I was asked to finish off this series so I decided to do so.

You, being the nosy person that you are, can’t help but eavesdrop on Elijah and Klaus during their ‘private’ conversation. For a bunch of vampires, they could be pretty oblivious from time to time.

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