i was planning on writing a proper drabble for this but for some reason i can't get the right words out so this will have to do

anonymous asked:

Hey, is it possible if you could write something about Plagg and Tiki. I don't really see anything strictly about them and I really enjoy your writing so I think you'll do an amazing job. It's cool if you can't though.

Thanks! We all need a bit more Plagg and Tikki in our lives, so I’m more than happy to oblige! This is actually an idea I’ve had for a while, so thank you for giving me a reason to write it :) I really hope you enjoy it! (sorry if there are any typos, I’ve had 4 hours sleep and I really should be in bed).

There are different kinds of silence.

The most familiar kind is the soft, musty silence of being hidden. Thrown into bags and pockets so that they’re kept out of sight, Tikki and Plagg are all too familiar with the boredom the dusty silence brings; there’s only so many times you can go through the items tucked into the crevices of a bag, after all, and pockets are even worse - apart from lint, there’s little to keep a kwami entertained.

It’s how they spend most of their time. The kwami don’t blame Marinette or Adrien, of course; being kept a secret is the safest course of action for everyone involved, especially for Tikki and Plagg. So they resign themselves to the cushioned silence of hiding, and wait patiently for their Miraculous holders to let them out, back into a world of brightness and noise.

A silence they’re just as familiar with is the tense stillness which comes with a lie. The world stops as the kwami bury themselves deeper into their hiding place before they stop moving, keeping as still as they possibly can. They know the faint sound of a hand brushing over the clasp of a bag to make sure it’s shut properly, and the kwami know they’re safe. The silence is usually broken by a laugh, with Marinette giving a just-believable excuse if someone sees her speaking to her bag. Adrien is more careful, never bringing Plagg out where he could be seen. But even then there are moments where Plagg becomes deathly still, pressed against Adrien’s chest in the pocket of his shirt as Nino asks why Adrien has so much cheese in his fridge. 

These silences are less frequent, especially as Marinette and Adrien get used to living their double lives; they learn when it’s safe to let their kwami out into the air as time goes on, and the silence of lies become less frequent. But even though their miraculous holders adapt to their new abilities, there are some silences which never quite fade.

The cloying silence of midnight, when Marinette curls into a ball and tries to fight back the choking sobs threatening to overwhelm her, is a stab to Tikki’s heart every time it envelopes them. Marinette tries to hide it, tries to keep her fears away from Tikki as she doesn’t want to burden the kwami with her insecurities, with the thought that she’s not good enough, it’s too much, she’s so tired. But Tikki knows; she gave Marinette the responsibility, and watches as the young girl fights for Paris, coping with more than anyone her age should have to. But she can’t comfort Marinette. Words would only make it worse. Tikki’s tried before, but sometimes only silence can soothe the burden of a superhero.

The quiet of midnight is cruel to Plagg, too; Adrien’s worries that he’ll let Ladybug down, that he’s more of a hindrance than a help, weigh down on him like an anvil, and Plagg isn’t enough to lift the pressure from his shoulders. Sometimes words of comfort help, but Plagg has never been good with reassurances. So the night passes, the only noise the faint passing of cars humming in the street as Plagg nuzzles against Adrien, trying to support him when there are no words to help.

Both kwami agree that those silences are the worst.

But one silence is a welcome change, and Tikki and Plagg are ecstatic when it finally comes about.

They’re sitting on a counter in the Dupain-Cheng bakery, a plate of snacks in front of them. Cheese, bread, and cookies are scattered on the stark white ceramic of the plate, and the kwami are enjoying being able to take their time to recuperate for once. It was a long battle - for everyone.

Adrien and Marinette are upstairs, having requested some privacy whilst they talk about… well, everything.

The revelation was a shock to them both. It had taken days for the pair to put their awkwardness aside and actually talk about what the reveal of their identities meant for them – as partners, as friends. As whatever else they were, now that the veil of secrecy had been lifted between them.

Tikki and Plagg were more than happy to oblige. After so much time spent apart, there’s a lot of catching up for the kwami to do. So many things to discuss; there are plans to be made, strategies to be developed now that Ladybug and Chat Noir would finally be a proper team.

But that can wait. Because right now, the kwami stop to enjoy the rarest kind of silence: that of comfort, of reassurance, which has wrapped around them like a soft blanket after a long day. The scent of food wafts around them, Plagg’s head resting against Tikki’s as he purrs contentedly, the only noise in the gentle calm of their reunion.

Separation is never easy, but being reunited was like coming home. And as they sit, content with each other’s company after so long apart, Tikki and Plagg don’t have to speak.

There will be time for words later; for now, silence is all they need.