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sorry to bother you!!! the last anon said that u had more Peter/Stiles on the way, do you already have an idea in mind, and are you already in the writing process? (You're my favorite author okay bye)

omg not a bother at all!!!! you’re so sweet!! here’s what i’m currently working on:

  • on a whim i started writing a chauffeur au for them about a week ago and i’m maybe halfway done with that (i’m planning on that being a pretty small oneshot) and that will probably be the next to be posted!! hopefully very soon!
  • i’ve been dabbling with a paparazzi fic in which stiles is the pap, derek is the famous actor he’s supposed to be papping, and peter is the protective uncle who keeps trying to shoo stiles away… i have the sneaking suspicion that this one’s going to be longer than i intend it to be….
  • i’ve also been meaning to write a hurt/comfort fic in which they’re buried alive together for some time but i haven’t actually started it yet. i just really want to write peter and stiles stuck in a life-changing experience together and it affecting them both!!
  • i also have another fic for the fluff verse that i admittedly haven’t worked on in a while BUT IT’S THERE! i don’t know when i’ll finish it up but eventually, I WILL

The day he gave his kitten a kitten😽

Can’t believe it was 3 weeks ago that I posted my latest art….I’ve been busy then but finally settled down these few days. Therefore, my plan in the near future is to complete some undone and to-do works. You can call this post a rehabilitation lol Btw thank you guys for all the messages! Also sorry for the wait, I will answer them asap :)


Justine Damond reportedly called 911 about a possible assault in the alley behind her home on the southwest side of Minneapolis.

After police arrived, an officer opened fire, fatally striking her.

Her death has been ruled a homicide. Her family wants answers.

Australia native Justine Damond, 40. (Photo: Stephen Govel via Reuters)

Damond moved from Sydney to Minneapolis several years ago and was planning to marry her fiance, Don Damond, in the coming weeks.

“Basically, my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know, and I demand answers,” the slain woman’s stepson-to-be, Zach Damond, said in a video posted to Facebook. “I’m so done with all this violence. It’s so much bull—-. America sucks. These cops need to get trained differently. I need to move out of here.”

“This is clearly a tragic death,” the Minneapolis police chief said in promising an independent investigation. 

Nearly 9,000 miles away, in Australia — where lawmakers have passed some of the world’s most restrictive gun-control laws — people were struggling to make sense of Damond’s death.

“AMERICAN NIGHTMARE,” blared a headline on the front page of the Daily Telegraph, a Sydney newspaper.

“Why on Earth did U.S. cops kills Aussie who called for help,” the Courier-Mail, an Australian tabloid, asked on its cover.

Damond was the 541st person shot and killed by police in 2017, according to a Washington Post database of deadly encounters with law enforcement officers in the U.S.

Read the rest of the story: ‘AMERICAN NIGHTMARE’: Australians react to fatal police shooting in ‘very risky’ United States

19.9.16 // Hey guys!! 👋🏻 Sorry for the lack of posts in the past few days, last week was absolutely hectic. I had a few assignments due and my dreaded Stats test, all while suffering through a terrible virus and going through some stupid boy drama 🙄 Moving forward. I have a two week break now, the entirety of which will be consumed by work and studying. 😢 Here’s a lil’ pic I took in the middle of last week! (I’ll post the full spread tomorrow.)

OMG AND I ALMOST FORGOT, I JUST HIT 4.1k?! I swear I only hit 3k less than two weeks ago, which is insanity. I can’t thank you all enough fir your constant support!! Let’s keep on killin’ it and making those goals our realities! 💕👏🏻


15.02.2017: Hi everyone, sorry for not posting any original content for so long!
I started uni last September in another country and I’ve been quite (super) stressed since then, so I didn’t take any time to take pictures or post any new stuff on here. But I’m back, so get ready for some posts from me!
It’s 7 am here and I woke up early, drank coffee (I had the prettiest coffee in Dubai some weeks ago, so I had to show you the picture up there) and am currently eating breakfast and trying to make a study plan for exams in 7 weeks (if you have any good advice - please message me). Today I have no lectures, so I’ll try to be super productive and catch up on my readings/doing outlines for one or two chapters for Social Psychology.
Have a great day & feel free to message me whenever you need help/have a question or just want to chat with another student who has no idea what she is doing with her life (just kidding)! xx Amber :) 


(i also messaged @mx-kit about this already coz they do the perc’ahlia timestamps post weekly aka Pelor’s Work™)

BUT OMG as VM were building up their plan for Ogden’s ritual, Percy says that they “should start consecrating the ground, at least.”

and it takes about a HALF-SECOND for it to register with Vex/Laura, which then prompts her to make this face at Percy

which sort of makes Percy realize what he said

which makes Vex/Laura start giggling

because 2 episodes ago

(AND NOW I’M REALLY REALLY SAD COZ my personal laptop is in the repair shop for at least another week, so i can’t GIF the moment from the new episODE U G H)

“I could tease you a little…like this.”

The sauce train has reached the finale that is V Sunday on MM Valentine’s Week, the event hosted by @mysticmessimagines​! WE MADE IT! OMGOSH I can go to bed now and sleep for a week XD Thank you so much for hosting this event. Originally I was only going to participate on the first day but then I thought, ‘Why not do all the days?? It would be good practice.” And it was. I felt myself improve a lot and I can now draw faster (a week ago something like this would take me a whole day but I even managed to do 3 crack posts, one of them being the infamous V chain lolol, as well as this V drawing) so I’m pretty proud of myself ^-^

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting in the tags about my art :3 It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have other stuff planned for drawing but first I’mma take a nice break with Baehee (on her route atm <3)

Much love, D.Pigeon

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confession; my boyfriend and his older brother live together so i see them both all of the time, but last week my BF went out of town and will be for a few weeks, so I was lonely and drunk two nights ago and ended up fucking his brother. I cried out my BFs name, so his brother flipped me on my back, rammed into me, wrapped his hand around my neck and asked "does this /feel/ like *bf's name* to you?" i have never cum so hard in my life. I have no plans of stopping fucking him when my bf is back.

     Hi! Originally, i planned on posting a follow forever on my blog’s 2nd anniversary which was 3 days ago, but since i got a little busy this week because of a very important event in my life (no i did not get married) and with other (unnecessary) stuff, i failed to finish the gfx for this thing. 

     Anyway, for this follow forever, i would like to thank everyone who stayed with me despite my crappy content lol To the people i follow, to my mutuals (even if we haven’t really had a decent conversation), to the friends i met irl (you guys know who you are), to those who i’ll be meeting really soon (1 month left!), to those who i’ll be meeting eventually, to the people who send anons (esp those who send on a daily basis lol) and to the people who still follows me, thank you for everything and i love you all ♡♡  -mika

- friends (idk if you consider me as your friend but i do so…) coz you guys are a bunch of sunshines

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day after tomorrow

firewalker post-ep au, second installment in my x files rewatch series. (the two stories i’ve posted insofar are unrelated to each other; there’s no planned connection between these stories.)

summary: She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her. 

note: i have little to no knowledge of quarantines, so this is probably horrifically inaccurate. 

Trepkos disappears into the volcano with Jesse O’Neil and Scully waits for the government to arrive in the dark, rubbing her raw wrist. It feels almost normal, after everything that’s happened, and that feels worse than anything.

“You okay?” She jolts at the sound before she realizes it’s just Mulder; they should turn some goddamn lights on. She turns towards him in the shadowy room, still rubbing the sore spots. “Your wrist hurts,” he says quietly.

He’s spoken quieter to her since she was returned, touched her more. She’s not sure whether she likes it or is annoyed by it, but she’d felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder for long minutes after he’d left. Now he touches her wrist gently, turning it over to try and examine it in the nonexistent light. “I’m fine, Mulder,” she says determinedly. “It’s just a little sore. All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty well off.” (They don’t know that they aren’t infected, she thinks. They could be dying right now.)

“C’mon, let’s take a look at this,” he says stubbornly, in that soft, nudging way he’d had since the abduction. Somehow, they both move in opposite directions at the same time and she crashes fully into him. And then the next thing she knows, he is kissing her. His hands soft on her hips, his mouth hot on hers. She kisses him back with something like eagerness, anticipation, until he pulls away.

“We should… find you something,” he says unevenly. “For your wrist.”

“Mulder…” she starts.

“Scully, I’m sorry.” His hand is still cupping her wrist; he lets go and turns to head down the hall. “I’ll be right back.”

His footsteps echo down the empty hall, eerie in the dark like they’re in a haunted house. People have died here, she remembers. She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she says to the empty room.

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Needless to say mama enjoyed her weekend. We’re totally new to this with each other, so it’s a journey we both hold dear. This is our play style, and I find it to be unique. It’s a role reversal that happens without plan. We play based on feel not by program, so in that it’s very organic. At times, I play the boss, but it’s understood that when the chips are down, I follow her lead without hesitation.

She’s so sweet…demure…petite…beautiful…smart…
responsible and funny. I cannot believe I’ve found her. I held out for so long and even lost hope of finding someone, now here she is. We fit perfectly, so she is my lego.

I came up with the idea of posting our journey together on tumblr a week ago…so here we are now that she’s given me permission.

Isak and Even x international women’s day - one shot by Nate

I had planned to post this on international women’s day a few days ago but I didn’t have the time to finish it due to school! But here it is anyways! I hope you guys like it!  💙and doesn’t drill me on my dialogue work because that’s a sore spot for me and I know I have a lot of improvements to do.

It was a late Wednesday evening and Isak and Even had just got back home to Isaks place. It was international women’s day and Even had been the one that had tried to convince Isak the importance of participation for weeks in advanced. Even had always been reading about equal rights and it was often something he discussed many times with his mom during family dinners. Isak on the other hand had previously really not cared at all. Not until recently when he briefly had searched up information about equal rights since Sana had brought the discussion to the table during one of their biology study sessions a few weeks before international women’s day. Since then, Isak had spent loads of his free time googling about the issue of feminism at the same time as he started following new accounts on Instagram that frequently posted about it. The more research Isak did, the more he felt like he just couldn’t ignore the issues anymore. So when Even had asked Isak if he was interested to participate in international women’s day for the gazillion time, Isak was more than ecstatic to finally come around and say yes. After all, despite the fact that Isak had been reading up a lot about it he was still always willing to learn even more so what day wasn’t more perfect for learning all about women’s rights and feminism than on international women’s day?

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Hello guys that was my first post :) 

i started playing wizardess just few weeks ago, and i did yukiya’s route first cuz he was the one who caught my eye first, and i realy loved it. Now i’m doing Luca’s and Elias’s route on diffrent devices so i can finish them fast XD i’m planning to finish the tower of sorrow series and then procede with other routes (KLAUS I’LL COME TO U SOON) 




hey!! in honor of me logging into tumblr at school and reaching 2k (WTH I GOT TO 1K TWO WEEKS AGO TYSM GUYS THIS IS SURREAL [even with my lack of original content recently (’: ] ) i’ll be doing blogrates!! (and two other things that i’ll be announcing later teehee)

this wasn’t my original plan actually…but lots of people wanted br’s when i started doing the emoji ask game so…!!!


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Happy Monday my friends. 🌹🌸🌷 For breakfast today I just have some chocolate cherry oatmeal. Nothing to see here. 😜😍 I cooked sliced cherries in the oatmeal along with cinnamon. So good with some melty chocolate. 🍒🍫🌸 This is already the start of our third week in Spain. I’ll work on a blog post for you today, filling you in on what we did last week and our plans for the rest of June. I can tell you now that we have more hiking and a trip to Madrid planned. I’m excited to revisit the city that first inspired me to quit my job in the States almost three years ago! ✨


7.19.16 | I have been so unproductive this past week. I’ve done nothing but lay around my house and binge-watch netflix and crunchyroll. But I think my laziness is finally be over. I will soon be posting a step-by-step process of how I plan my spreads, since someone asked me to a while ago (sorry!). How is everyone’s summer going??

1 Year Ago (The Quiett)

Okay so I was supposed to have written and posted this like WEEKS ago but I didn’t and I’m so sorry :( but anyway here it is!!! thanks for the request!! As expected of TQ Anon, it was a great one ;)

Originally posted by 8-o-8

“Hey, do you and Dong-gab have any plans tomorrow?” It was a Wednesday afternoon, the day before June 8th, the one-year anniversary of the day Dong-gab asked you out. You’d come by the studio to see if he wanted to go out for lunch, but he was recording, and you didn’t want to interrupt.

“I don’t,” Joon-kyung said. “But I think he’s scheduled to record most of the day. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” you said. “Just wondered.”

“C’mon, it’s something,” he said, setting down the bowl of instant ramen in his hand. Joon-kyung always read you way too easily.

“Nope,” you said. “Hey, I gotta get going; tell Dong-gab I said hi, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, but he was watching you suspiciously as you left, and when you looked back from the elevator door, his eyes were still on you. You waved, forcing a smile, and then looked away as the doors closed.

Later that evening you called Dong-gab to see if he wanted to go out to dinner the next day, but he didn’t pick up. You went to bed with a heavy heart. You’d been excited about this day for the last month or so, but it was starting to seem that you were the only one. You didn’t think you’d be able to sleep, but when you awoke in the morning you knew you had.

The day passed slowly. You had work, and when you got home, you tried to call him again. The phone rang and rang and you were about to give up when his familiar voice said, “Hey babe.”

“Hey, Dong-gab; what’s up?”

“Just working,” he said. “Sorry I missed your calls. Is something going on?”

Your heart sunk. He really had forgotten, and the petty, childish part of you that was hurting answered for you. “No. Hope it goes well.” And then you hung up, setting the phone on the counter and then resting your hands on the edge of the sink, leaning heavily on them until the sharp edge of the formica counter dug in painfully hard.

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live with a man who knows you

do you live with a man who knows you / are you living the life you chose?

Summary: Victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern Russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. He’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (Or: adjusting to domestic life in St. Petersburg, the fanfic)

Word Count: 3,569

A/N: Annnnd it’s finished! This one gave me an unusual amount of difficulty to write, but I really, really wanted to do it anyway.  It can also be found posted to AO3 here.

This is the second of a few fics I plan to write for follower requests after I hit a milestone about a week ago. @subteraneans and @demisexualmako both asked me for domesticity in St. Petersburg, and @comet-kind requested something fluffy and sweet and snowy for the season. The two requests ended up in combination here. 

Thanks to @subteraneans for helping me with Russian terms of endearments, and happy belated birthday to @comet-kind, who shares the day with Victor!

Call it a weakness, but if there is one thing that will keep Victor lingering in a store for hours, it is the search for a perfect pair of leather gloves.

He has a whole drawer full of them in his closet, bunched behind soft-knitted scarves and few mismatched fuzzy socks. Yuuri discovers this when helping Victor pack up his room in Hasetsu, his eyes wide with a disbelief Victor rarely gets the pleasure of seeing on him in such a mundane setting. There have to be at least fifteen pairs, he points out. Yuuri pulls each pair one by one from the fingertips and deposits them on the floor in front of him in a damning spread of evidence. For what on earth does Victor need so many pairs of gloves?

The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.

Victor likes the scent of leather. It’s that somewhat sweet, somewhat sharp tang that wears away with age but never fully disappears. He breathes it in from his hands when it clings to his palms and cracks it in the air when he curls his knuckles, flexes fingers with each new glove pulled snug. Good leather, soft leather is pleasant to touch. And most importantly, whether each pair of gloves is lined with fur or fabric or nothing at all, they keep out the cold. 

He jokes to Yuuri that since he has to wear cheaper, moisture-wicking gloves for exercise when he’s skating, he’s had to buy so many other nice ones to make up for all the lost time. Yuuri rolls his eyes and tells him this is absolutely terrible logic. 

Victor laughs and falls back with his head in Yuuri’s lap, holding up a white fleece-lined glove to Yuuri’s cheek.  “Hm,” Victor murmurs. “Perhaps a brighter color would be better with your skin-tone, Yuuri.”

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