i was planning on doing a new meme

❛    why are you all wet    ?    ❜
❛    it’s sandwich day.    ❜
❛    do you know what tuna is    ?    ❜
❛    i’d be an abomination.    ❜
❛    why is this so important    ?    ❜
❛    family means no one gets left behind.    ❜
❛    if you want to leave you can.    ❜
❛    i’ll remember you,    though.    ❜
❛    i remember everyone that leaves.    ❜
❛    you’re the cause of all this.    ❜
❛    it’s little and broken,    but still good.    ❜
❛    you’re vile,    you’re foul,    you’re flawed.    ❜
❛    also cute and fluffy.    ❜
❛    you wreck everything you touch.    ❜
❛    why not try making something for a change    ?    ❜
❛    no more caffeine for you.    ❜
❛    he / she wanted me to join his legion of the undead.    ❜
❛    i knew it.    ❜
❛    oh good.    my dog found the chainsaw.    ❜
❛    sorry i bit you,    and pulled your hair,    and punched you in the face.    ❜
❛    i got a new dog    !    ❜
❛    you are so finished when i get in there.    ❜
❛    trust me,    this is not gonna end well.    ❜
❛    ha    !    i win    !    ❜
❛    a falling star.    i call it.    ❜
❛    get out,    i have to make a wish.    ❜
❛    can’t you go any faster    ?    ❜
❛    gravity is increasing on me.    ❜
❛    the same thing happened yesterday.    ❜
❛    why do you act so weird    ?    ❜
❛    you look familiar.    ❜
❛    i’m lost.    ❜
❛    don’t interact with her / him.    ❜
❛    we know her / him.    ❜
❛    look at the bright side.    you won’t have to yell at anyone anymore.    ❜
❛    we’re a broken family aren’t we     ?    ❜
❛    maybe a little,    maybe a lot.    ❜
❛    i shouldn’t have yelled at you.    ❜
❛    it’s our job.    ❜
❛    you can never belong.    ❜
❛    i didn’t teach him / her that.    ❜
❛    you came back.    ❜
❛    nobody get’s left behind.    ❜
❛    come on,    what’s the big deal    ?    ❜
❛    leave my mother out of this    !    ❜
❛    oh great,    he / she’s loose.    ❜
❛    did you ever kill anyone    ?    ❜
❛    are you happy    ?    ❜
❛    i’m adjusted.    ❜
❛    he / she likes your butt and fancy hair.    ❜
❛    no,    that’s from my blue period    !    ❜
❛    oh,    you are such a pain.    ❜
❛    stupid head    !    ❜
❛    read the charges.    ❜
❛    are they intelligent    ?    ❜
❛    did you catch fire again    ?    ❜
❛    answer me.    ❜
❛    what was that    ?    ❜
❛    i know you had something to do with this.    ❜
❛    what are you doing    ?    ❜
❛    you’re just jealous ‘cause i’m pretty.    ❜
❛    i know what you mean.    ❜
❛    i need someone to be my friend.    ❜
❛    he / she’s very persuasive.    ❜
❛    please go about your business.    ❜
❛    oh,    i can’t complain.    ❜
❛    you smell like a lawn mower.    ❜
❛    ____    is troubled.    he / she needs desserts.    ❜
❛    here,    educate yourself.    ❜
❛    this is low even for you.    ❜
❛    you’re all mine.    ❜
❛    please don’t do this.    ❜
❛    leave me alone to die.    ❜
❛    does this look infected to you    ?    ❜
❛    you’d better not have rabies.    ❜
❛    don’t worry,    this is all part of a plan.    ❜
❛    we are professionals.    ❜
❛    hey    !    get that out of your mouth.    ❜
❛    new rules.    ❜
❛    that is the ugliest thing i ever saw.    ❜
❛    listen carefully.    ❜
❛    that would be a bad idea.    ❜
❛    aren’t they beautiful    ?    ❜
❛    uncomfortable    ?    good.    ❜
❛    with pleasure.    ❜

ask me about my summer!

☀️ - favorite thing to do on a sunny day?
🌧 - favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
🚙 - do i plan on vacationing?
🚴🏼 - any summer workout goals?
⚽️ - am i playing any summer sports?
🏖 - have i been/am i going to the beach?
🌌 - do i plan on stargazing a lot?
✨ - any summer traditions?
✈️ - am i going to travel to another state, country, etc.?
👔 - am i working over the summer?
🛌 - what time do i usually fall asleep/wake up?
🎸 - do i plan on learning an instrument?
🎬 - any movies i’m excited to see?
🎧 - what’s my go-to summer playlist?
🎮 - favorite video games i like to play?
📱 - something i can’t live without during the summer?
🎨 - do i plan on learning a new skill?
🎟 - am i going to any special events?
👕 - favorite summer fashion?
💇 - do i plan on getting a summer hairstyle?
🕶 - have i gotten a sunburn yet?
🍎 - favorite summertime snack?
🌴 - do i like to spend a lot of time outside?
📔 - any books i plan on reading?
💤 - do i plan on sleeping a lot?
🌺 - things that remind me of summer?
⭐️ - what am i most excited for this summer?

  • I love you, ____
  • Don’t you do that, don’t say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me? 
  • I got everything I need right here with me. 
  • I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. 
  • You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.
  • Stay back! Don’t come any closer!
  • Come on, just give me your hand. I’ll pull you back over.
  • Do you love him?
  • Well, you’re being very rude. You shouldn’t be asking me this.
  • Well, it’s a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?
  • Why can’t you just answer the question?
  • You are so annoying.
  • I’m the king of the world!
  • This is where we first met.
  • I changed my mind.
  • Do you trust me?
  • Goodbye! I’m gonna never forget you!
  • You’re a good liar.
  • What I was thinking was, what could’ve happened to this girl to make her think she had no way out?
  • No, no, that’s not what I was thinking.
  • Well, I believe you may get your headlines, ____
  • You’re so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You’re so stupid, ____
  • Oh God! I couldn’t go. I couldn’t go, _____
  • It’s not up to you to save me, ____.
  •  You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…
  • Music to drown by. Now I know I’m in first class.
  • I know. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I trust it.
  • You unimaginable bastard!
  • Oh stop it, mother. You’ll give yourself a nose bleed.
  • So, you wanna go to a real party?
  • How did you find out I didn’t do it?
  • Well, you’re about to fall into the snake pit… what are you planning to wear?
  • You shine up like a new penny.
  • I will never forget you.
  • You want to walk a little faster through that valley there? 
My Impressions of the Types

These are based solely on my experiences. They turned out a little more negative than I intended, since I’m not great at expanding on the positives. I love all the types, so focus on the good parts please lol. Also included: advice for each type.


We’ll start here, because this is me. I don’t actually know a whole lot of other ENTPs, at least not very closely right now in my life. The ones I do know I get along very well with. They’re funny and it’s always great getting into discussions about random things. Tbh tho ENTPs are kind of 50/50 hit or miss with their Fe. Ones that have healthy Fe are all around wonderful to be around; they’re fun, engaging, and nice. Ones that lack healthy Fe sometimes act weird just to get attention or will say some pretty insensitive things. Most are pretty awkward though, in one way or another. It’s hard to break past the acquaintance barrier unless they’re actively trying to befriend you. My advice: work on socializing and figuring out what to say and also not sucking at being organized (I’m working on these too lol)


INTPs are really similar to ENTPs, just quieter and awkward in a different way. I love them to death though. The ones I’ve met are really great people and always have some funny remark or interesting insight on anything. The one I’m closest with right now is a little bit dependent socially, so I feel kind of tied to them at social gatherings. Oh wait there was this one other one I knew a while ago who’s a huge jerk, and rejected anything good about others. My advice: open up a little more. You’re great, people will love you if you give them the chance (unless you’re an edgy jerk, then work on being a decent person, then open up, but that’s probably not you).


I love ESTPs they’re so fun. As an Ne-dom though, it’s sometimes hard to relate to them, as abstract discussion is much more interesting for me than for them. Also, I find that every single ESTP is into some combination of sports, cameras, and cars (or for the 1% that don’t fit any of those, try music or video games). As long as you know something about each of those, you’ll be able to have some sort of conversation/hang out with any ESTP. Many are prone to doing really stupid things though (at least the male ones I know) and will probably die someday in a silly stunt. Overall, super chill people. My advice: Don’t do anything too stupid. Always calculate your risks.


I don’t know too many ISTPs very well. But the ones I do know, I very much enjoy hanging out with. As an ENTP, I love their strong Ti. It’s so fun to dissect things in conversation with them. They sometimes will also suffer from Edgy Jerk Syndrome like INTPs, but if not, they’re very likeable. They’re also really chill, like ESTPs, but in an even more laid-back way. Unless you’re annoying, then they will not be chill at you at all. My advice: Be nice to people, and keep doing you.


Oh dear where do I begin? My 13 y/o brother and my dad are ENFPs and as far as I can remember I’ve had an ENFP best friend/sidekick. My current best friend is an ENFP and he’s great and I love him but also I hate him. My dad is such an incredibly extraverted person if we’re outside the house. He will talk to literally anyone about basically anything. Now that I think about it, my brother is the most exaggerated form I can think of of each of his function (except inf Si). His Ne is literally insane. Ne: For the past few weeks he’s been singing/screaming about “chickensquids” to the tune of any song he can think of (and he loves memes). Fi: Ohhh boy has this kid got some not-so-healthy-Fi. He always has to have his way or he starts yelling. He doesn’t care much for what others want and will make some selfish decisions like all the time. (But when he’s not he is a really fun person to be around). Te: When he wants something, he will create a specific plan for how he wants it and he will Execute. I need $60 for this new game? If mom and dad pay me $10 an hour for doing chores, I need to do exactly six hours of dishes, vacuuming, etc. and I can have this game by 4:00 today. But other than that he will not lift a finger of work. My best friend though, I love him, we’re very similar people. Our Ne is always in-sync. He knows about MBTI in-depth too, so he’s worked on polishing up his Te and making sure his Fi thinks about other people. And he just keeps better too. I’m real grateful to have him around because I’d be so bored without him. He’s a lil dramatic sometimes but that’s okay. So… overall ENFPs are real social and fun but can be a pain in the butt if they don’t get their way. My advice: Remember that there’s more to life than just you having fun.


I’ve mistyped a good (ISTJ) friend of mine as an INFP for a long time and it’s been a while since I’ve actually interacted with INFPs regularly so writing this one might require a little more thought and digging through my inf-Si haha. In my experience INFPs are pretty 50/50 too: they’ll either be super sweet and quiet, or very strongly-opinionated individuals with a bit of a wild side, which will especially come out once you get close to them. The latter are truthfully a prime example of my (not-to-be-taken-very-seriously) saying of “Feelers have no chill.” My advice: Idek you probably wouldn’t follow it anyway


I have a love/hate relationship with ESFPs. Two of my good friends in my recent high school years were ESFPs and they were quite different but with significant similarities. Let’s start with similarities: Probably the most fun people you will ever meet. They love dancing and are always fun to be around. Unless they’re in a bad mood. Differences: ESFP 1: Probably the most outgoing person I’ve ever met (even more than my aforementioned ENFP Dad). He was a huge mess with girls tho. Everyone was in love with him and he’d be absolutely in love with a girl one week, and then drop her and be into another the next week. He hurt a lot of people’s feelings and was kind of a huge inconsiderate jerk. Also, a bit of a pathological liar and would find out people’s secrets and then broadcast them to the world. Idek why we hung out with him so much. It’s kinda weird how he managed to be so charming yet so inconsiderate. When in a bad mood, he wouldn’t say anything or look at anyone, but you could see the fire in his eyes. ESFP 2: Very opinionated social activist and lead actor in like all of our productions. He’s much less outgoing, but was still really fun to hang out with. He disliked a lot of people and would get annoyed by little things. I wasn’t around him too much outside of school, but I know he partied hard, but wasn’t openly a huge stoner like some people are. My advice: CHILL.


I’m not too familiar with many ISFPs, but they’re all pretty quiet. Basically the same as the second kind of INFP but typically have some specific thing they’re really into: theater, drawing, sports, music. They tend to not like most people as well. My advice: tbh same as INFP.


I don’t know any ENTJs. Where are they? Advice: Show yourself


Are NTJs even real? Are they a myth? Are we human? Or are we dancer? (Sorry idk I’m a meme). I see tons of people typed as INTJs online but I suspect a lot of them are not what they think they are. They’re rare types, we can’t all be INxJs. (So rare that I know none.) Advice: Read up on functions in-depth, if you’re not suuuuper well acquainted. Make sure you’re 100% an INTJ. (Inb4 people offended I’m questioning their type)


ESTJs have a pretty wide spectrum from pretty chill to pretty stereotypically Te. My main ESTJ is literally Dwight from The Office sometimes. The most stereotypical ESTJ you can think of. He ran track and Cross Country (not that it’s stereotypical but an interesting detail) and was always leading Boy Scouts projects and events. Very quick to direct people and give orders. He was really into superheroes though. He also memorized thousands of bad jokes, one-liners, and puns that I heard so many times over again over the eight years of knowing him. Prone to getting slightly physical when angry. His dad is a huge ESTJ too, who knew every practical skill you can think of. He was a church/scouts leader of ours and has a lot of knowledge in so many different topics. He was in the navy and is now an ironworker. Such a great storyteller and always the center of attention. He’s actually a very funny person and puts up a bit of a mean facade, but really has a heart of gold under it all and everyone knows it (but he does intimidate younger kids occasionally when he comes across too strong). Another ESTJ church/scouts leader I know is super chill and hangs out like one of us kids a lot of the time at events. Also a great storyteller. My advice: No you give me advice. How are you so organized and straightforward? Real advice: Let other people be themselves and handle their own life.


Most of my ISTJs I had previously mistyped as other things, so this one will take some thought like INFP. ISTJs are mostly all really nice people that I love to be around. A good friend of mine in high school was so much of that that I was positive she was an ESFJ. Another I thought was an INFP for a long time. ISTJs will always put the group first, and almost seem like they have Fe most of the time, with exceptions of course. One ISTJ I know was THE MOST STEREOTYPICAL STJ POSSIBLE. He was a 50-60 year old Boy Scout leader and EVERYTHING has to be by the book and by the rules with no exceptions. There will be no fooling around when he is there. One time at a Fourth of July social event he gathered up a bunch of kids and told a very boring, ridiculously long story about something in American history. (I just walked away after two minutes. I’m there to have fun, not hear a boring story.) My ENFP best friend’s parents are both ISTJs so that makes for an interesting family dynamic. Si-doms will also talk and talk and talk. The one I thought was an INFP, my closest ISTJ friend, will go on forever about computers. He loves computer programming and suggests to anyone that they study it because “it’s a growing field and it’s very secure with lots of options. And it’s a very useful skill” (not an exact quote, but he says things like it very often). My advice: Make sure people are interested when you talk about the same thing for long periods of time. Give them space to also give responses of a decent length. And not everything needs to be fully planned out. Go with the flow.


I don’t know too many people of this type very well (he says for the the thirtieth time), but those who I suspect to be ENFJs are all very likeable people. They’re social and kind, but not overbearingly so. Just the right amount that they know what to say but they typically don’t talk too much. My advice: Keep doin you.


What’s an INFJ?… Actually when I was writing the ENFJ section I realized someone I previously typed as one is probs an INFJ so… Yeah same as ENFJ, really. But also see INTJs above. My advice: see INTJ and/or ENFJ


I know so many ESFJs. Honestly, I bet everyone does. This section doesn’t really feel needed because you could just go literally anywhere with people and find twelve. I love ESFJs though, they’re one of my favorite types on average because they always make you feel welcome (unless they hate you). ESFJs are either really nice and sweet or need to chug a bottle of chill pills (figuratively. I’m not advocating drug use) or both, depending on the day. Also, kinda unrelated but I love how mom ESFJs increase their mom-mess by about 300% whenever there are people over. There is about a 70% chance that the house will be clean and a 100% chance food will be offered, much higher than the average levels. ESFJs are also very susceptible to Feelers Have No Chill™. My advice: Chill. Keep doin you tho, just don’t stress so much. And stop gossiping, for the love of all that is good in this world. ESFJs will always, without fail, say “ugh I hate drama/gossip” and then proceed to gossip for three hours and cause drama. (ExFPs do this too).


I love ISFJs (again I’ve said this for like every type lol). My little brother is one, as well as a number of other friends and some church/scout leaders. They are so considerate and kind. Sometimes too considerate though, for example, an ISFJ friend of mine worries about offending someone or saying something rude at every turn when they weren’t doing anything of the sort. Apologizing too much. One ISFJ I know will end up sharing a lot of their feelings or whatever and then say to themselves “Okay, (ISFJ), it’s time to stop oversharing. Nobody wants to hear about your issues” and give a nervous laugh. ISFJs are really smart too like a lot of the ones I know have some rock-solid tert-Ti (not to say that Ti is a measure of intelligence or that Ti=smart, but like… You get what I’m saying). Honestly, I feel like some ISFJ stereotypes are the most accurate of any MBTI stereotypes. The first time I met one ISFJ I know was at a pool party and they just made brownies to bring and share and I’m pretty sure that was the only food there. My advice: Don’t worry so much (about anything, i mean this in every sense of the word). See also ISTJ.

Persona 5 groupchat head canons (kinda spoilery)

I’ve seen a few fanfics where it’s literally just the Phantom Thieves dicking around in their group chat and that inspired me to post this and honestly I put way too much thought into it


- okay he’s not too different from what we see in the game, meaning most of his replies are like 5 words at most, even after someone sends him an entire fucking essay in text

- he will occasionally send cat pictures (Morgana included, but only when he’s asleep) and everyone mutually agrees it’s the highlight of their week

- he’s never there for any of the late night chats because of You-Know-Who so he always misses all of the crazy shit when everyone is sleep deprived (rip in pieces) but it’s always the first thing he checks when he wakes up

- can get very snarky at times but that’s just his inner Joker coming out

- you can fucking bet he talks for Morgana whenever he wants to say something (Morgana’s messages always end with a - M)

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The Sky Sisters Girlfriends.

So. I’m going to try and make this short sons and daughters; to celebrate my development/experimentation week for a new style (oh so demonstrated above), in the midst of my meme week or month or maybe even year , I’m holding my own personal LGBTQ week in which I’m going to try to post art of specific LGBTQ ships to raise awareness and also help the fandom accept more LGBTQ ships in general. Here’s mi schedule can you believe i made a schedule.

  • Fri 27th of Oct - Chendy
  • Sat 28th of Oct - I might have plans during this day but if you’re doing something, try having a go at any lgbtq rare pairs!
  • Sun 29th of Oct - Erlu + Luvia 
  • Mon 30th of Oct - Gratsu + Canajane
  • Tue 31st of Oct - Stingue + Yukinerva
  • Wed 1st of Nov - Luli 
  • Thurs 2nd of Nov - Fraxus

So I guess that’s it? I just felt like doing this for myself considering as we all know, it’s getting very gay in the anime world this season. 

If you’d like to tag along with me for this lgbtq ride then hell ye, sure go along! The tag I will be using for this and what you can use is #illulgbtqweek. Fics, art, coloured mangacaps; you’re all wonderfully creative amigos. You can message me for any questions or anything but like I said, this is a personal project so don’t feel obliged. I’ll be here listening nonstop to Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira Shakira and arting my ass off. 

Adios amigos. 


I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw Queen Margaery forever, so yay you guys! \o/ Uhm, I hope you don’t mind I put your requests together? I wasn’t planning to, but then I had to do this twice over cos it’s a new face for me… Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

PS. Please don’t worry if it takes me a while to get to your number. I’m already thinking on it! Just RL, is all. x)

The Nightmare Before Christmas sentence starters

1. “How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!” 

2. “You’ve poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl/boy.” 

3. “I’m conducting a series of experiments.” 

4. “Interesting reaction. But what does it mean?” 

5. “You’re not ready for so much excitement.” 

6. “Consider this a vacation, ____. A reward. It’s your turn to take it easy.” 

7. “Something’s up with ____.” 

8. “I sense there’s something in the wind, that feels like tragedy’s at hand.” 

9. “There are few who deny, at what I do I am the best.” 

10. “We’re his/her little henchmen, and we take our job with pride.” 

11. “What have I done? What have I done?” 

12. “I wish my cohorts weren’t so dumb.” 

13. “Since I am dead, I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations.” 

14. “Haven’t you ever heard of peace on Earth and good will towards men?” 

15. “Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it.” 

16. “It’s a world unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” 

17. “What is this place that I have found?” 

18. “What’s this?” 

19.  “There’s something out there, far from my home. A longing that I’ve never known.” 

20. “You’re mine, you know! I made you with my own hands.” 

21. “S/he’s not home. S/he’s been gone all night.” 

22. “Where are we? It’s someplace new.” 

23. “I’m restless. I can’t help it.” 

24. “This’ll stop ____.”

25. “Until you taste it, I won’t swallow a spoonful.” 

26. “The job I have for you is top secret. It requires craft, cunning, mischief.” 

27. “Leave that no-account ____ out of this!” 

28. “Please listen to me. It’s going to be a disaster.” 

29. “Be careful with _____ when you fetch him/her. Treat him/her nicely.” 

30. “This is worse than I thought. Much worse.” 

31. “Release me now, or you must face the dire consequences.” 

32. “The sound of loaded dice, to me is music in the air.” 

33. “It’s hopeless. You’re finished. You haven’t got a prayer.” 

34. “There go all of my hopes. My precious plans. My glorious dreams.” 

35. “They’re trying to hit us!” 

36. “Aw, what the heck. I went and did my best, and by God I really tasted something’s swell.” 

37. “I just can’t wait until next Halloween, because I’ve got some new ideas that’ll really make them scream.” 

38. “I hope there’s still time to set things right.” 

39. “S/he’ll fix things, ____. S/he knows what to do.” 

40. “____’s okay!” 

41. “My dearest friend, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side.” 

42. “For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”    

anonymous asked:

What is your biggest issue or complaint with the TribeTwelve fandom?

After 7+ years of being in the game, it’s honestly hard to say.

Fan impatience isn’t an issue, it’s a state of being that is required when following works like mine and creators like me. I understand the frustration that festers from my hiatuses, but that is how I work and considering my medical career aspirations I’ve come to terms with balancing my workload and prioritizing the series accordingly behind it. 

I cannot complain when those outspoken say that they have lost interest and proclaim that they’re no longer following my content, their choice to stay or leave is not up to me. If anything, it reassures me that those who do stay are my true audience, even though it’s known that people who get this deep and leave tend to come running back for the next entry like ravenous dogs once they see that new YouTube thumbnail simply because they’re in too deep. 

Drama happens in all fandoms, it is inevitable that every community has its outliers. I can also not complain when turmoil does spring up every so often, the amount of rational fans always bring order back and I appreciate that immensely. A lot of people out there tend to forget that fans, like myself, are human beings that grow and look back on themselves years later to cringe seeing how much they’ve changed for the better. That’s something I’ve personally witnessed in my fanbase, experienced myself, and can respect greatly. 

The more I look at it from the perspective of someone this many years deep in the game, I see less and less to feel negatively about. What I do see are those who have stuck around for years clamoring excitedly at the new updates, I see the eager new comers who are welcomed and empowered with knowledge by the older fans, I see the critical reception when my updates drop and feel the wonderful feeling I felt when I dropped my first one, I see the community slowly piece together puzzles I’ve hidden in the mix for years and figuring out the grand master plan as I intended, I see all the fanart and memes and projects that I have inspired and get giddy at what I’ve helped cast into being, I see thousands of people supporting me and my work despite all the waiting who are still pumped just to have a small conversation with me about how I produce a certain effect or to congratulate me on my new entry telling me what they loved and what scared them or just to thank me for helping them get through a dark time and it makes me feel so damn important in a world where I would otherwise feel like some other lame cog in the great machine.

The truth is, I have no real issues or complaints in the end. I feel so much love. 

Thank you all.

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If you're still taking prompts- Magnus having a crush/ falling in love for the first time after Alec?

Oh boy, in case ALDNT isn’t already egregiously over-saturated with my completely self-indulgent OCs, I guess it’s time to introduce you to another one!

Magnus takes another sip of beer, only somewhat begrudgingly. He’d spent too much time and energy convincing himself that he’d hate whatever Gael bought for him, so he’s not quite emotionally prepared to admit that it’s actually one of his favorites. He even wrinkles his nose a bit as he sets the bottle back down on the ledge, just in case Gael happens to be looking at him.

“That bad, huh?”

Magnus smirks, but he angles his face away, so it’s only for him. “Well, it was terribly optimistic of you to think you could pick the right drink for me.” He glances over at him. “You don’t know me that well.”

Gael shrugs, slouches over, rests his elbows a little more heavily on the balcony railing. “I mean, I know you well enough to know there was a six-pack of it in your fridge last week.” He raises an eyebrow. “So that was just… what, misdirection?”

Magnus presses his lips together, trying to keep himself from smiling. “Why were you snooping around in my fridge?”

Gael frowns. “Trying to find out what kind of beer you like. I just said that.”

Magnus laughs, and - since the jig appears to be up - he takes another drink, and he lets himself enjoy it this time. He matches Gael’s posture, leaning against the railing, focusing out on the distant skyline. It’s not as though there’s much ‘stargazing’ to be done out here with all of that Los Angeles light pollution, but it was a fair enough pretense to get them out onto the balcony. It’s a nice, clear night, so the few stars that they can see are still aesthetically pleasing.

It’s probably a few minutes later, a few minutes of this thick, warm silence, before Gael shifts. Takes a side-step toward him, close enough that their elbows touch. “What do you think?”

Magnus knows what he means. The night, the view, the house, something like that. But he doesn’t feel like answering that question. So instead, he says, “I think I want to kiss you.”

Gael turns to him, a little too quickly. Magnus didn’t think it should be much of a surprise, but Gael clearly wasn’t expecting it. He looks at him for a moment. Quiet. Serious. “Yeah?”

Magnus angles toward him (and Gael immediately follows suit, immediately moves with him, a perfect complement). One elbow still on the railing, one hand still holding his beer. “Yes.”

He knows what Gael’s answer will be. And he thinks that Gael knows that he knows, too. The discussion is over, and they both know it. But the answer is still a part of this, a part of what they do, a part of their usual script. So Magnus waits for Gael to smile, just a bit, and move in, just a bit. “I think I’d like that.”

Something tries to tell Magnus that he should savor this. That he should build the anticipation, take his time, make this last as long as possible. But really, he’s been waiting long enough. Too long. He doesn’t want the loud thrill of anticipation, the passion of culmination. He doesn’t want this kiss as some grand first. He wants this kiss to break that barrier, to make it something they do. He wants this first kiss so he can have all the rest of them.

So he doesn’t draw it out. He just puts his hand on Gael’s face, runs his thumb across those few gray hairs in his short, scruffy beard. And he kisses him.

That’s all. It’s simple. It’s the simplest thing Magnus has ever done. His heart doesn’t race. He doesn’t feel any fireworks. He just feels a warm, deep, honest comfort wash over him. Soothing all the way into his blood, his bones. It’s like a balm. Magnus relaxes into it, into Gael’s body, into this soft, easy kiss. And he feels more content, more comfortable than he’s felt in… too long to remember.

They break apart as easily as they’d come together, moving evenly, barely separating their faces.

Gael is waiting for him to say something. Magnus can see it. But right now, Magnus doesn’t feel like having that conversation. So he just raises his eyebrows, poses a silent question.

And Gael’s mouth twists up in a small smile. “I think I’d like to do that again.”

Magnus hums, already moving back in. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a short fic for you!-

Not 👏 Gonna 👏 Say 👏 It 👏 Again👏

Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it’s ♫ beautiful ♫ ! In the year negative a billion, Japan might not’ve been here. In the year -40,000 it was here, and you could walk to it, and some people walked to it. Then it got warmer, so an iceberg melted, it became an island, and now there lot’s of trees! Because it’s warmer. So now there’s people on the island and they’re basically sort of hanging out in between the mountains, eating nuts off trees, and using the latest technology. Like stones, and bowls. Ding dong, it’s the outside world. And they have technology from the future. Like really good metal, and crazy rice farms. Now you can make a lot of rice really really quickly. That means if you own the farm, you own a lot of food, which is something everybody needs to survive. So that makes you king. Rice farming and rice kingdoms spread across the land, all the way to here. The most important kingdoms were here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. But this one was the most most important, ruled by a heavenly super person, or emperor for short. Knock knock, get the door, it’s religion. The new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religion from Baekje. “Please try this religion,” he said. “No,” said everybody. “Try it,” he said. “No,” said everybody again, quieter this time. And so the religion was put into place, and all the rules that came with it. Then, the government was taken over by another clique, and they made some reforms. Like making the government govern more, and making the government more like China’s government, which is a government that governs more. “Hi China,” they said. “Hi dipnoot,” said China. “Can you call us something else other than dipnoot?” said Japan. “Like what?” said China. “How about ♫ sunrise land ♫ ?” said Japan. And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book, about themselves. And then they made lots of poetry and art and another book about themselves. Then they stopped moving the capital every time the emperor died and kept it in one place for a while. Right here, and they conquered the north, finally. Get that squared away. A rich hipster named Kūkai (空海) is bored with modern Buddhism and learns a better version which is more ♫ spiritual ♫ comes back, reinvents the alphabet and causes art and literature to be ♫ great ♫ for a long time. And the royal palace turned into such a dream world of art that they really didn’t give a noot about governing the country. So if you live outside the palace, how are you supposed to protect your noot from criminals? ♫ hire a samurai ♫ Everyone started hiring samurai. Correction: rich, important people hired samurai. Poor people who could not afford to hire samurai did not hire samurai. The samurai became organized and powerful. More than the government, so they made their own military government here. They let the emperor still be “emperor,” but the shogun is actually in control. Breaking news: the Mongols have invaded China. “We have invaded China,” said the Mongols. “Please respect us, or we might invade you as well.” “Okay,” said Japan. So the Mongols came over, ready for war, and then died in a tornado. They tried again, and had a nice time fighting with the Japanese, but then died in a tornado. Then the emperor overthrew the shogunate, then the shogunate overthrows him back and moved to Kyoto and makes a new shogunate, and the emperor can still dress like an emperor if he wants, that’s fine. ♫ now there’s more art ♫ Like paining with less colors, collaborative poetry, plays, monkey fun, tea parties, gardening, architecture, flowers. It’s time for Who’s Going To Be The Next Shogun? Usually it’s the shogun’s kid, but the shogun doesn’t have a kid, so he tries to get his brother to quit being a monk and be the next shogun. He says okay, but then the shogun has a kid. So now who’s it gonna be? Vote now on your phones! And everyone voted so hard, that the palace caught on fire and burned down. The shogun actually didn’t care, he was somewhere doing poetry. And the whole country broke into pieces. Everyone is fighting with each other for local power, and it’s anybody’s game. Knock knock, it’s Europe. No, they’re not here to take over (yet). They just wanna sell some noot. Like clocks. And guns. And ♫ Jesus ♫ So that’s cool, but everyone’s still fighting each other for control, now with guns. And wouldn’t it be nice to control the capital, which right now is puppets, with no one controlling them. This clan is ready to make a run for it. But first, they have to trample this smaller clan which is in the way. Surprise! Smaller clan wins, and the leader of that clan steals the idea of invading the capital, and invades the capital. It goes very well. He’s about halfway through conquering Japan, when someone who works for him kills him. And then someone else who works for him kills him. And that guy finishes conquering Japan. And then he confiscated everybody’s swords. And made some rules. “And now I’m going to invade Korea, and then hopefully China,” he said, and failed, and also died. But before he died, he told these 5 guys to take care of his 5 year old son until he’s old enough to be the next ruler of Japan. And the 5 guys said “Yeah, right. It’s not gonna be this kid, it’s gonna be one of us. Because we’re grownups. And it’s probably gonna be this guy who happens to be way more rich and powerful than he others. A lot of people support him, but a lot of people support not supporting him. They have a fight. He wins! And starts a new government right here. ♫ Edo ♫ And he still lets the emperor dress like an emperor, and have very nice things. But don’t get confused, this is he new government, and they are very strict. So strict, they closed the country. No one can leave, and no one can come in. Except for the Dutch, they want to buy and sell noot, but they have to do it right here. Now that the entire country was not at war with itself, the population increased a lot. Business increased, schools were opened, roads were built, everyone could read, books were published, poetry, plays, nootytimes, puppet shows, and Dutch studies. People studied European science from books they bought from the Dutch. We’re talking geography, skeletons, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and maybe even electricity. Over time the economic and cultural prosperity began to gradually slow dow- …..Knock knock. It’s the United States. With huge boats. With guns. Gunboats. "Open the country. Stop having it be closed.” said the United States. There was really nothing they could do, so they signed a contract that lets United States, Britain, and Russia visit Japan when they want. Chōshu and Satsuma hated that. “That sucks,” they said. “This sucks!” And with very little outside help, they overthrew he shogunate, and made the emperor the emperor again, and moved him to Edo, which they renamed Eastern Capital (東京). They made a new government, which was a lot more western. They made a new constitution, that was pretty western. And a military that was pretty western. And do you know what else is western? That’s right, it’s conquering stuff. So what can we conquer? Korea! They conquered Korea, taking it from its previous owner, China, and then go a little bit further, and Russia rushes in out of nowhere and says, “Stop, no, you can’t take that. We were gonna build a railroad through here to try to get some warm water.” And Russia builds their railroad, supervised by a noot ton of soldiers, and when the railroad was done, they downgraded to a nooter ton. Did I say downgrade? I meant upgrade. And Japan says, “Can you maybe chill?” And Russia says, “How about maybe YOU chill?” Japan is kind of scared of Russia. You’ll never guess who’s also kind of scared of Russia. Great Britain. So Japan and Great Britain make an alliance together so they can be a little less scared of Russia. Feeling confident, Japan goes to war against Russia, just for a moment, and then they both get tired and stop. ♫ It’s time for World War One ♫ The world is about to have a war, because it’s the 1900s, and weapons are getting crazy, and all these empires are excited to try them out on each other. Meanwhile, Japan has been enjoying conquering stuff and wants more. And the next thing on the list is this part of China and lots of tiny islands. All that stuff belongs to Germany, which just had war declared on it by Britain, because Britain was friends with Belgium, which was being trespassed by Germany in order to get to France to kick France’s noot because France is friends with Russia, who was getting ready to kick Austria’s noot, because Austria was getting ready to kick Serbia’s noot, because someone from Serbia shot the leader of Austria’s noot, or actually he shot him in the head. And Britain is currently friends with Japan, so you know what that means. Duh! ♫ Japan should take the islands ♫ Which they wanted to do anyway. So they called Britain on the telegram to sort of let them know. And then they did it. And they also helped Britain a little here and there with some errands and stuff. Now the war is over, and congratulations Japan! You technically fought in the war, which means you get to sit at the negotiating table with the big dudes, where they decided who gets what, and, yes, Japan gets to keep all that noot they stole from Germany. You also get to join the post-war mega alliance ♫ the League of Nations ♫ whose mission statement is to try not to take over the world. The Great Depression is bad. Japan’s economy is now crappy. But the military is doing just fine, and it invades Manchuria, and the League of Nations is line “no, don’t do that, if you’re in the League of Nations you’re not supposed to take over the world,” and Japan said, “♫ how about I do anyway ♫” and Japan invaded more and more and more and more of China and was planning to invade the whole entire east. You’ve got mail! It’s from Germany. The new leader of Germany. He has a cool mustache and he’s trying to take over the world, and he needs friends. This also got forwarded to Italy. They all decided to be friends because they had so much in common. ♫ it’s time for World War 2 ♫ Germany is invading their neighbors, then they invaded the neighbor’s neighbors. Then the neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor’s who happens to be Britain said “holy noot” and the United States started helping Britain, because they are ♫ good friends ♫ and started not helping Japan because ♫ their friends and our friends are not friends, plus they’re planning on invading the entire ocean ♫ The United States is also working on a large and very huge bomb, bigger than any other bomb, ever. Just in case. But they still haven’t joined the war. War looks bad on tv, and the United States is really starting to care about their image. But then Japan spits on them in Hawaii, and challenges hem to war, and they say yes. And then Germany, as a symbol of friendship, declares war on the United States also. So the United States goes to war in Europe, and they helped he gang chase Germany back into Germany. And they also start chasing Japan back into Japan, and they haven’t used the bomb yet, and are curious to see if it works. So they drop it on Japan. They actually dropped 2. The United States installed a new government inspired by the United States government. Just the right ingredients for a ♫ post-war economic miracle ♫ and Japan starts making TVs, VCRs, automobiles, and camcorders as fast as they can. And also better than everybody else. They get rich, and the economy goes wild. And then the miracle wears off. But everything’s still pretty cool, I guess. ♫ bye ♫

The Martian Starters
  • “It has been seven days since I ran out of ketchup.”
  • “Every day I go outside, and I look at the beautiful horizon. Just because I can.”
  • “Disco. Goddamn it, ____”
  • “Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped.”
  • “I guess you could call it a failure, but I prefer the term ‘learning experience’.”
  • “Everything went great right up to the explosion.”
  • “Things didn’t exactly go as planned, but I’m not dead, so it’s a win.”
  • “And by enjoying, I mean ‘hating so much I want to kill people’.”
  • “The worst moments in life are heralded by small observations.”
  • “Fear my botany powers!”
  • “I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.”
  • “I’m pretty much fucked. That’s my considered opinion. Fucked.”
  • “Tomorrow, I’ll sink to an all-new low!”
  • “To them, equipment failure is terrifying. To me, it’s tuesday.”
  • “Life is amazingly tenacious. They don’t want to die any more than I do.”
  • “I’m leaving today, one way or another. About fucking time."
Opening commissions

Hey guys! Now that I’ve settled into my new city, I’m applying to allllll the jobs (outdated memes ahoy). But now I gotta play the waiting game – and unfortunately, my hunger doesn’t pause just because I’m waiting for a call back.

So I’m opening commissions!

How much are commissions?
Commissions are on a set plan:

  • $5 gets you a 1000 word fic
  • $10 gets you a 2000 word fic
  • $20 gets you a 3000 word fic
  • and so on

This is half the price I usually charge for commissions, so it’s quite a bargain!

What do you write?
I’ll write just about any pairing in the MCU and Harry Potter fandom. As for kinks, I will not accept a commission for underage, non-con, or hard fetishes like scat/vomit. If you have any questions, just ask!

When can I expect my finished product?
It depends on how big your commission is and how many I receive. A $5 commission will be delivered the next day most likely. If I can’t complete in time, I’ll let you know.

When do I pay?
I expect payment upfront for $5 and $10 commissions. $20+ can be split half upfront and half upon delivery.

Where will the product be posted?
On my tumblr and on my ao3. You will receive a copy emailed to you – this can be in whatever format you choose, such as .doc, .pdf, .mobi, etc.

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otp question meme Coliver: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30

lol! I’m just going to pick one. Hope that’s okay, love. xoxo

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?

It started that first Fall Break. Connor had already made plans to head back home over the long weekend for his niece’s birthday party. He’d promised her; he couldn’t just cancel. Could he?

“No,” Oliver insisted. “No. You should go. I–I–” I’ll miss you, was what he wanted to say but things were new and felt fragile. He didn’t want to show how much he cared, especially this soon. Oliver’d been burned before. He didn’t want to mess this up. This thing growing between them felt different somehow, like it could be better than those relationships from before. It felt like this, the two of them together, could be Something

So Oliver swallowed down what he wanted to say and all he told Connor was, “I understand. You should go. Don’t even think about it.” 

“I’ll text you,” Connor said, a little shocked at how quickly he’d offered that up. Hell, if he was being honest, he was surprised he’d told Oliver he was leaving town at all. They’d only been hooking up for a few weeks. And he was only going to be gone for three days. It wasn’t a big deal and Connor hadn’t wanted to make it one. But they were laying there in bed, just talking and somehow Connor found himself telling Oliver all about his sister and her kids and his mom and the trip and everything. He didn’t really know why. What was it about Oliver that made him feel so safe? So seen? 

Oliver started to snort at Connor’s offer to text when he caught sight of the man’s face. “Are you serious?” 

“Yeah,” Connor answered, just shy of insulted. Of course he was going to text. He’d just said he would. “Why?” 

Oliver’s mouth opened but he wasn’t sure what to say. Texting was something boyfriends did, something couples did. Yeah, he and Connor sexted a bit during the day but they didn’t really text, unless Connor was arranging to come over. 

“Okay,” Oliver said after a beat. “I’d like that.” 

Connor’s brow shot up. “You’d like that?” 

“If you texted.” Oliver turned his head so their eyes met. “I’d like that.” 

Connor ignored how the breath caught in his throat. “Okay then. That’s that.” 

At the airport, Connor was waiting at his gate, message to Oliver open but blank. What the fuck did normal people talk about? I made it through security – I’m already so sick of traveling and I’m not even on the plane yet – The right earbud on my headphones broke and I’m so pissed I can’t even see straight. 

Then, Connor saw it. 

At work, Oliver’s phone buzzed with a new text from Connor. Sneaking a glance to make sure his boss was occupied, he swiped it open. 

It was a blurry, hastily taken pic but Oliver could make out a kid walking through the terminal, towing a R2-D2 carryon behind him. 

hey nerd. thinking of u, read the caption and Oliver pressed his fingers to his lips to stop the smile. 

It becomes their thing. Random pictures of people and flowers and food and street signs. 

When he’s flying out to Denver for a conference, Oliver snaps a pic of a tie organizer from Sky Mall and texts Connor when he lands. xmas present? The response is an immediate NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Connor’s stuck in Chicago during a blizzard and wanders the terminal. He stops in front of the ugliest painting he’s ever seen in his life and texts it to Oliver. should we get a print of this? seems like your taste. All he gets back is a fuck you, to which Connor replies, love you too babe.

On nights when the space next to him in their bed is empty, Connor texts Oliver a pic of the unruffled sheets beside him. miss you. He gets a pic back of empty space to Oliver’s right. miss you too. 

They both know its cheesy but neither give a shit. 

otp question meme

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could you do a pidge/reader imagine where they go to the space mall all domestic together n shop n stuff!!? thank u 💕💕

I LIVE for domestic loveliness omg I am so excited for this

“Didn’t you say that everything that could go wrong did go wrong last time you were here?” I asked nervously as we walked into the surprisingly normal looking space mall. From the crazy way everyone had described their last trip here I was expecting … I wasn’t quite sure. Something like a black market that wouldn’t look out of place in star wars? Not this upper middle class suburbia looking place. I actually half expected to see a starbucks and a victorias secret.

“Yes well last time we were on a mission and in true paladin fashion had to make a fool out of themselves,” She responded with a scoff and very conveniently forgetting that she had waded around a fountain to buy a game system she couldn’t play. Lance sure hadn’t and had made sure to give me all the details before I left. I figured I would be kind though and just smile knowingly to myself.

“Besides last time none of us had any money. Luckily it doesn’t take very long to hack into a monetary system completely electronic based. So now we are practically the richest people in the galaxy,” she added mischievously, a certain devilish gleam in her eye when she held up something that looked similar to a credit card except it was clear and full of wires from the look of it. I couldn’t help but remember how excited she had been to have the task of making it when I asked if she could take me here after hearing so much about it. In fact I doubted she actually wanted to come back so much as she wanted to show off her skills but I didn’t mind. It was just nice to spend some alone time with her and act like semi normal teens.

“Well this just means you get to buy me whatever I want,” I teased hooking my arm through hers and sticking my tongue out at her. She responded with a small blush and scratched her cheek muttering something about that being the general plan. I beamed up at her before taking another look around the large shopping center. None of the stores were familiar and it was all kind of intimidating if I really thought about it longer than a couple seconds. So my first reaction was to not think about it and to just rush right into the first open door that we saw.

At first look it was a bunch of nonsense, just flashing lights and off beat music that almost at once made your head feel like it was caught in a vice. Then as I was turning around trying to find the exit I realized what we had stumbled upon and I burst out laughing. “Oh. My. God. This is the alien hot topic,” I said with almost too much excitement as I saw the familiar pop culture references (though non of them I actually recognized since you know space) plastered on shirts and the teenage worker with brightly colored hair and piercings I didn’t even know the name of.

“Oh quiznak I think you are right,” Pidge said snickering as she ruffled through a bin of bargain items. She held up a shirt with four arm holes to herself “I’m not sure what ‘Shut up its sprangdorf’ means but I get it,” she said tossing it to the side. We then proceed through the store with way too much glee for a couple of people who didn’t understand any of the references or bands plastered along the wall. We each took our turn trying to find something more ridiculous than the last until we were each decked out in the most eye bleeding outfits imaginable.

We had just gotten to trying to put everything back where we had found it, though trying to find the places was hard since we didn’t understand the names of the shows, when I came across the best thing I had ever seen. “Pidge you have to look at this,” I said with awe, all the other items abandoned on a nearby shelf “they have an EARTH SECTION” I screamed bouncing on the balls of my feet, my whole body wiggling with the excess energy.

“This is it,” Pidge said her eyes growing even larger than her glasses “we have found the most perfect thing in this entire mall. Real question though do they have meme shirts? Cause if they do I think Lance’s closet needs a complete new wardrobe.” I giggled at that flash in her eye she got whenever she was hatching a plan. It was an almost manic look but it was so full of passion that it was infectious. It was an ocean of intensity that was intoxicating and I was willing to jump into every time. She may not rest til her plan was done but no one else who was around her would either cause they wanted it done for her just as she wanted it done for herself. It was that passion that pulled me in deeper each time I saw it.

 “You know I think that he would love that and i also think that Keith wants matching best friend shirts with him,” I added rummaging through the racks and pulling out neon colored couples shirts with a smirk of my own. Pidge brought her hands to her face and I was surprised that she didn’t float off the ground. “They are more perfect than I could have ever imagined,” she said dreamily reading the comic sans print that said ‘99 Problems’ and ‘Ain’t 1′ respectfully.

The next hours was nothing but a pleasant blur of giggles, changing room doors and the crinkle of shopping bags. It turns out that no matter where you went in the galaxy that people wanted the same non sense that they did on Earth and it was surprisingly comforting. A little slice of home that could make them feel like normal teenagers having a normal weekend together. It was something that I could only dream of usually and yet here I was living the dream as we crashed down into an empty booth.

“I half expect my mom to call me and ask if we need a ride back,” I laughed my hands reaching out to her side of the table which was slowly being covered with gadgets and books she had got. She seemed to be looking for something but my eyes were growing sleepy and the happiness of the day seemed to be dragging my body into fatigue. I got a curt nod in response and heard her grumble before tossing herself into the sea of bags. “Pidge, dear, what are you doing? We have time to go through this back on board,” I said stifling a yawn as I tried to make sure nothing fell from her garbage mountain.

“No I got something and I need it now,” she said with gritted teeth and a flurry of curses in several alien languages. Well at least her studies seemed to be getting on nicely in the very least. Then with a fire lit in her eyes she reemerged and held a small box in her hand high above her head. “Aha! Here open it hurry,” she said frantically, her eyes burning a hole into the table, suddenly very still for all of the fuss she had just been making.

“Okay, okay geez,” I said taking the box, not even thinking much of it at first. It wasn’t like Pidge was the sentimental type so it was probably just something I had gotten mixed up in her stuff or I had dropped. So when I opened it and found a delicate length of fabric inside that was a soft shade of green. Some where between the color of jade and forest light filtered through dark green leaves. “A scarf … with your lions color,” I said gently picking up the scarf and feeling its softness against my cheek.

“You can always take it back if you don’t like it, I kept the e-receipt,” she said with a small gulp and tinkering with her watch nervously. “But um I thought maybe it might be nice if you had something like that. You know how royalty would wear the color of their favorite knight? Or vice versa? Well paladins are kind of knights and uhhhh you’re kinda my royalty in a weird way I guess? So I thought it was appropriate anddddd I wanted to get you something nice okay?” she finally managed to say in a long sigh like the words were painful to get out. It was the same way I looked when I practiced a long speech and still managed to mess up.

It was the cutest thing I had ever witnessed. I scooted through the booth to sit next to her and slung my arm over her shoulder. “I think that it is perfect and very us,” I breathed into her hair with a smile. She linked our fingers together and saw a relieved smile relax her features. “You know I think it is. Maybe I am better at this then I thought,” she said leaning against me casually, trying to hide the rosey hue lighting up her skin.

“You’re just perfect,” I muttered back kissing her hand and promising myself that green was going to become a staple in my wardrobe.

  • Me, a Yeerk, on a date in my host's body: so what do you think about our leader's new plan to create a drug that would eliminate human free will, facilitating our takeover of this planet?
  • my date, who is also a Yeerk: I think it's a great idea. Human free will have been a major problem for us throughout the course of this invasion, and I applaud Visser Three for taking the initiative to address this problem.
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my host's purse so that I can enjoy them at a later time: I'm sorry I have to go back to the pool to feed immediately