i was panicing

panicatthedisco: Made it to Las Vegas. Had to go see a vocal doctor because he thought there was a chance of a tear in my vocal chords. No tear just extreme swelling and temporary damage due to singing the last two nights without treatment and having laryngitis. He told me no talking or even whispering so if you see me and I don’t say hey that’s why. Very excited to play a home town show tomorrow!!

i really want to duel ryan ross. if i ever see him, i’ll punch him. i gotta make the first move. start making your bets now.


Hello Ladies and Germs!!! In preparation of my upcoming milestone with this blog I’m doing an Itty Bitty Giveaway!! 

 The Prizes: 

One (1) person will win-

 - This Huge and Emo poster, perfect to start your very own in-home Panic! shrine

- This Cute and Dazzling pin, a perfect conversation piece to drag more people to the fandom!

The Rules: 

 - This is for my followers! So, you have to be following me. 

- Feel free to like and reblog as much as you want, but I will only be taking one entry for each url that reblogs this post

 - You have to be comfortable giving me your address, as I will purchase these items from amazon and have them delivered straight to the winner

 - I’m not actually at 2k yet! I’m about 85 away, so the deadline to enter will be whenever I reach 2k or let’s say April 7th, whichever feels right I suppose

 - When the deadline comes I will put the urls into a website that will randomly select one for me 

So, get following and get reblogging, and if no one is interested in this we can all turn a blind eye and act like I never said anything ;)


I’m taking every chance I’ve got
Like the man I know I’m not

The album that invented music and rebirthed my soul.
Happy (belated) 6 years Vices and Virtues!

[ Inspired by Dallon in the background of the album art ]

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Instagram post from Panic! At The Disco. This post and a tweet from Brendon. Brendon has some other tweets in reply to people asking him specific questions he replied to. he was asked why was he still singing and people didn’t know who he was talking about and they were confused and someone asked did he hug the person. The end of the last tweet was ….different.

“I think you’ll like it. it’s got bi representation” I haven’t even come out to you yet am I just that obvious