i was overwhelmed by feels while making this


Digital collages by slimesunday

Slimesunday is a moniker that is not supposed to make any sense or have some profound hidden meaning behind it. Its a random incidental title I gave myself in late 2014 while watching an old Eminem interview.

The goal from day one has always been to create something; To occupy a blank page with some idea before I fall asleep. If that day I’ve created nothing, then I won’t fall asleep because there is this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. If there is something there, I wake up the next day ready to repeat the cycle. I have created a situation for myself in which the only way to sleep is to create something before the day ends. It doesn’t make sense but it’s how I’ve come to operate on a daily basis. It’s more or less an obsession that has taken over my life but in many ways this obsession does not deserve any negative connotation.

Keep the friends that make you realize that life isn’t so scary or sad. Keep the friends who laugh at anything and tease you. Keep the friends who will talk to you about whatever because you’re comfortable with each other. Because when you think the world is lonely and overwhelming and you’re feeling hopeless and depressed, these friends will say something that will make it go away for a while. Keep those friends. They are rare in this world.

P: Aww Twi don’t be a pessimist, this is good!

T: I know, I know… It’s just… wow.

So like what the heck it has only been a day and we already are that many! A big, big thank to you all, really! All this support makes me feel flattered and overwhelmed ♥

I’ll try to do my best with this blog and bring you as many drawings and adventures with these two as I can, Pinkie Promise! It’s gonna take a while to answer all of your questions, so please be patience, but still feel free to send ask and ideas if you want to ^^

This isn’t a flaw of BvS necessarily, and maybe its just a personal thing I have with MoS and BvS, but I feel like those films are so freaking emotionally loaded. Like I’ve only seen those movies twice each, and every time I get really overwhelmed to the point where some scenes I have to pause midway through so I don’t start crying. It could be me and my thick ass rose-tinted glasses, but then again, maybe it isn’t? I forgot how crazy emotional Lex’s speech was until I just rewatched that clip and I had to pause that video bc my chest swelled and my reaction to it was just the same as it was when I saw the movie for the first time. While I appreciate that and how these films make me feel, I kinda don’t want them to be like that 100% of the time, but at the same time, I don’t want the lighter films to lose that emotional weight, because, you know, then they’d just be M*rvel movies…

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could I get some chocobros taking care of their sick s/o? <3

Of course you can! Hope you enjoy ^ w ^

Chocobros taking care of their sick s/o

Gladio: Get ready to be overwhelmed with gifts, cause this man has got plenty for you. The minute he hears that you are ill, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of teddy bears at your bedside table. Gladio won’t quit till you are feeling 100%. From massaging your feet till making you laugh for hours, you can be sure while he;s at your side that you will forget all the pain of that nasty old cold.

Ignis: Besides the fact that he probably lecture you on how you could of avoided this, he will no doubt do all that he can to cure your suffering. Ignis knows everything when it comes to anything medical, so there’s no doubt he will have all the goods to help you out. He’ll have you on routine, from morning to night. As soon as you wake up he’ll have herbal tea ready along with your medicine. He’ll also have heated blankets for you so you’ll never go cold. According to schedule you’ll take the rest of your doses for the rest of the day. Of course he’ll make sure you don’t feel as if your just stuck in bed all day. Ignis will be happy to spoil you will any of your favorite treats. For once, you can get away will asking him to make anything for you, even if all you want is dessert.

Prompto: The minute he hears that you will ill, he’ll come bursting through your door, making it his life’s mission to make you smile. He’ll even attempt to cook for you even if he’s not that good. The food comes out a bit burned, but nonetheless you appreciate the effort. His company has your spirits brightened in no time and just cause your sick, doesn’t mean he’ll mind showering you with kisses. You tell him he’ll just get sick himself, but he doesn’t care.

Noctis: Noctis is not keen on germs at all. Though you may just have a simple cold, he may keep his distance every-time you sneeze or when can hear you coughing up mucus. You make fun of him for being so silly, but he just pouts in response. Soon enough he’ll lighten up, feeling bad you are in a lot of pain. He does wish to take care of you, and he’ll do his best. Noct will do small things like, style your hair for you and even paint your nails to cheer you up. At the end of the day he doesn’t mind staying the night, and will even stay up with you when you can’t sleep. Though he might end up falling asleep faster then you, but you don’t mind. Having him with you is enough.

there’s something so heavy about filling urself with negativity, i think for a while ive been overwhelming myself with feelings of self pity, criticizing myself and others, jealousy and ínecurity. i think i had a revelation today. i want to be full of energy and radiance, i want to smile at strangers and make memories with people i love and develop healthy happy relationships with other people and it’s such a light feeling. what a terrible way to live, as a burden to yourself

Bouncing Back After a Mental-Health-Related Absence

This post is for people who have had extended absences from school/university due to mental health issues or similar. As someone who has had to take time off several times over the years due to depression and generalized anxiety, I know that it can be extremely challenging to get back into the rhythm of schoolwork and even just normal life. While I am no expert, I hope this post can help people going through similar situations and make the transition back to school as easy as possible.

- Ease into it. There is no point in throwing yourself back into all your work straight away. Do what you can. If you’re in university, go to a lecture, but if you feel like a tutorial would be overwhelming, don’t force yourself into it. Talk to your professors/tutors about what steps you can take while you’re adjusting. If you’re in high school, talk to your teachers about your issues (or get your doctor to write a letter) and hopefully they can do something to help you.

- Don’t micromanage yourself. Plan loosely. Personally, when I plan down to the hour, I always end up not following the plan then getting stressed/guilty/ashamed. If it’s a school day, plan your evenings/study times like “work on *subject* and maybe *subject*” or “take notes for this subject and start writing essay if possible”. This minimizes stress and allows you freedom to do what you’re comfortable with. If, in the beginning, you can only do an hour of homework a night, that’s fine!

- Take time for yourself. Self care is the most important part of bouncing back from episodes. Make sure you’re bathing regularly and try your best to keep your space clean. Take a relaxing bath and meditate if you’re stressing about school. If you have anxiety in public places, or have been/felt shut away, maybe go out and do something simple like grocery shopping or lunch with a friend before going back to a crowded place like school.

- Take your medication. Do NOT skip your medication. Even if you feel like you’ve gotten better, even if you feel fine, do not stop taking it. Medication is a vital part of coping with mental illness and often if you feel better, it’s because the meds are doing their job. Trust me, I’ve gone off my antidepressants thinking it would be fine, but it was NOT! If you always forget to take your meds, get an app like Medsafe to remind you.

- Use your support network. I know that often I feel like I’m being using or manipulative when I go to people to talk about my feelings/problems, but if they have said “you can talk to me”, often they mean it. If you don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to like that, and therapy isn’t an option (due to money, etc.) then maybe find an online forum or even some tumblr blogs that might listen. There are a lot of people out there who will not only listen, but will also understand what you’re going through. In fact, if you ever want to talk about mental health related issues, you can come to me!

- If, when you go back to school, things feel like too much, don’t be afraid to drop a class. This semester I had to drop two classes after an absence from uni. There is absolutely NO shame in dropping a class if you can’t cope. No matter what people might say, it’s your mind and your body and in the end you know what’s best for it.

- If there are specific actions that you struggle with, ask for help. I find it hard to check my university emails because I keep thinking there will be an email saying I’m being kicked out, so I get my mum to check for me and give me the all clear. If you have trouble cleaning your room/house, see if there is someone who will help you, or look up guides on easy ways to clean. If you are nervous about public transport, ask a friend to come on it with you the first couple of times, or even a family member. If you have trouble eating or eating normally, pre-cook huge meals with lots of veggies on Sunday nights and freeze them so you always have something to eat.

- Finally, do NOT feel obligated to explain to your friends/classmates/etc. why you were away. Unless they are teachers or administrators who are a part of the process to get you back into school, they do not need to know. You don’t need to talk about your problems if you don’t want to. Not even to your best friends. If they can’t understand that, that’s their problem. You don’t even need to make up a lie. Just say, “I don’t want to tell you”.

I know this is only touching the surface but I really hope these help. If you ever need to talk or more advice, please do not hesitate to send me an ask or a message.

If anyone has any more tips, please feel free to add them.

- Julia xx

Can I just say that deities can make you cry tears of eternal joy?????

Because they can. 

Anpu has been so kind to me today and asked me to rest and reminded me to take my medication, which I almost always forgets around lunchtime. After I got up he kindly nudged at me so I could make some food. And I made some food. He told me he was proud and happy that I had done something good for myself, even though it was small. 

I shared my dinner with him, and later a cup of tea with Bast, and I kind of felt both of them hanging around while chatting with my friend. They stayed for a long time, which is unusual unless I meditate or pray, so I asked them what they wanted. 

And then they just sent love and good feelings and hugs my way, and I got so overwhelmed that I started crying. And I just ?????. Nooo, I don’t deserve this. But they told me about what I have done the last couple of days, how I have been taking care of myself and Ivan and how I have been towards them when offering meals and praying.

And now I just feel so happy. I still don’t feel like I deserved such an overwhelming amount of love in one go, but I’m grateful. 

They reminded me of why I have to stay strong, and now it’s time for me to show them how strong I am. 

so i just wanted to say something nd make sure u guys know that like… i really appreciate you all a lot nd i love it when u guys talk to me, i just feel really bad for leaving so many conversations hanging, i just want yall to know i never intentionally ignore yall or dont care cause like. im just beginning to recover nd i cant pay attention to shit bc my dissociation is rlly bad nd my adhd is unmedicated nd like. i get overwhelmed REALLY easily nd cant reply for a while nd its nobody’s fault !! i just wanted to explain because i constantly worried that ppl think i hate them

“give me Viktor’s time….”

I’m so overwhelmed with the feels YoI gives me, I couldn’t help but to write them down, so maybe these butterflies on my chest would calm down a bit… Maybe this was told a billion times, but let’s make that a billion+1

It’s already evident that Yuri!!! on Ice is a story about emotional growth, overcoming changes and learning to love and believe in yourself. But I’m really really happy with the way this developement is being told! (1.2k+ of words ahead!)

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Oh wow hello

- lemme ramble for a minute, skip further down if you’re not interested in what happened and why I went awol -

A little while ago (I’m actually not sure when it was now), I logged off tumblr and most of my social media linked to this, deleting friends left and right just because.

Well, the reason was my deteriorating mental health, but I didn’t realise that until I went to see a doctor.

It wasn’t even exam season and I was so overwhelmed with people and attention and expectations that I felt that friends I had made here hated me, didn’t need me despite anything they said and I lied to make them feel that I was the bitch who was going to leave for no reason. Well, I mean I was and I guess I still am, but the no reason was a lie.

I didn’t want pity or people offering help. I’m independent and I like taking care of myself in the way that I don’t need others to help me. I decided that was what would be best for me.

I’m sure you’re familiar with my pack.

I am the heartless piece of shit who just up and left without a goodbye, who decided that I needed a break and didn’t consult with anyone.

On top of that, my phone also broke so even if I wanted to I couldn’t come back on here or anything.

I love every single person I just left, I just couldn’t understand what was going on with me and fight or flight kicked in and flight it was. I’m so sorry to everyone. Especially the pack.

- real talk, stuff you need to read -

I disappeared because of mental health issues but I am back on a part time basis.

I am going to be answering questions and stuff, all asks in my inbox, and I will try to reconnect with you all as possible.

I apologise for disappearing without a word. However, I will not be as active as I once was, I am going to finish my last year of school and then gonna start all over again. I will finish the Halsey series finally, BUT


I will post a full list of all requests I will e abandoning this week sometime.

I am going to university in September, and I am going to start another blog, which will be multi-fandom. I will leave this blog up with a link to my master list and to my new blog.

I just need to start this cluttered mess again tbh.

Once again, I apologise for leaving, I don’t care what I get in my inbox tbh, but I will be restarting things to clear my plate. I’ll keep you updated.

Halsey series will hopefully be finished by May, but I cannot say for sure. I have so many deadlines I’m quite dead rn tbh, I just missed having you all here tbh.

I love you all, thank you for sticking with me, there are things coming soon I promise.

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about lesbian Dee- the fact that she surrounds herself with male friends has always been interesting to me. She has expressed not being about to form female friendships and I feel like it might be BC of that overwhelming alienating feeling of being the only queer women around straight women (seriously, as a wlw, it sucks to be around straight girls sometimes)

yeah, that makes sense! i can definitely see that in her characterization

her actions in…. the episode where she tries to recreate sex and the city with artemis and the waitress (i cannot for the LIFE OF ME remember the title right now) also point towards her having no clue how to form friendships with women? she’s basing the entire concept and all of her actions on a tv show instead of any real experience which, while pretty standard for the gang, i think is pretty telling in her case. didn’t sex and the city have a bi or gay girl in the main group?

ASK SPAM COMING: blacklist #kaye rambles

Hi guys!!! As you know I finally finished the arc :’) And since I worked hard I just wanted to treat myself by resting and answering your asks and just talking to everyone! I missed talking to y’all while I was being on hermit mode trying to finish that fluffy behemoth.

BUT ANYWAY I’m making a new tag so you can blacklist it. I don’t want to overwhelm you guys so yeah! I’ll be using (#kaye rambles) when I’m feeling spammy~ 

Zodiac signs listening to *If I could fly*

Aries - Screams the lyrics while making pain faces

taurus - Sends depressed text about life to his best friends

gemini - “What ??? No I’m not crying… It’s just the wind… I don’t even like this song…”

cancer - Cries on the floor like somebody died

leo - Improvises a dramatic dancing performance

virgo - Gets the bitch resting face on

libra - Lets every single words of the lyrics overwhelmed his mind

scorpio - Sits in front a window and watches the street like it’s an old black and white movie

sagittarius - Gets in the shower and lets the water run down on his face for ages

capricorn - Lies on his bed hugging a pillow and tries to breathe

aquarius - Tries to understand his feelings, tries to understand the song, tries to understand the world

pisces - Builds a blanket fort “This is my life now”

a post on white wheatleys

@koboi-labs made a post about this a while back and i thought we’d make a post about it as well, since they tagged us in it asking for an opinion

we do agree that there is severe lack of diversification in the humanizations of robots in the game, especially in regards to wheatley, who is often drawn as a white guy. we have no problem with what your headcanons are, but white wheatley is the beyond overwhelming majority, which is disheartening

a lot of the excuse i see for people drawing him as only white is “only a white man could fuck up that much.” and i think it’s a cheap cop out of diversifying designs. taking that jab at white people covers up the issue while making it seem progressive that he’s always drawn as white.

the sad thing is it’s true that a lot of white men feel a sense of entitlement and lust for power. it’s the unfortunate truth of a post-colonial society filled with racism. people treat it as a joke in this context, but for a lot of people, it’s not a joke - it’s a harsh reality.

at the end of the day, you should draw your wheatley how you see him. the issue here isn’t us trying to force you to draw him something different. the issue is that the overwhelming majority is white (despite the fact that chell is the only visibly canon person of color in the game) and that people try to find excuses to pass it off as progressive


Advice for people who get overwhelmed by household tasks (especially people with mental/chronic illnesses):
This may be obvious to people, but it took me a while to figure out. I always organize the dishes before I start to wash them. This took me probably about 2 minutes and I didn’t wash a single dish. I’ve had people imply that doing this is a waste of time, but I actually find it really helpful. It helps me mentally prepare/plan for actually washing them. I try to do it long before I actually plan on washing them, this makes it so when I do get to the task of actually washing them it feels a lot less overwhelming. It feels like some of the job has already been taken care of. It also makes it so I feel less guilty if I’m not able to get around to washing them and makes it so the kitchen is still usable/not a terrible place to be in.

The Houses and how they get angry/insult people:

Gryffindor: hot, overwhelming anger. short fuse. fire and bombs in your chest. usually blows over quickly for little things, but if they’re deeply hurt they can stay angry forever. Insults while mad tend to be yelled and choked out through rage; they generally find it difficult to think properly while angry, so they’re pretty basic insults. get angry over being laughed at and seeing something they deem wrong.

Ravenclaw: anger is itchy and stingy and makes them feel sick. it coils in them and they hate the feeling. usually get angry when their hobbies or passions are insulted, or are lied to. they usually deal with their anger by feigned confidence/arrogance and by using creative insults to try and make themselves feel more in control and superior to the person making them angry. they try hard to cover up their hurt and pretend it doesn’t bother them.

hufflepuff: anger is low and thick and hurts. if it’s about them, they’re usually fairly quick to forgive and understand. but if they’re defending a friend or seeing someone innocent attacked, the anger is much stronger. hufflepuffs don’t generally enjoy insulting or hurting people, so their insults are usually aimed to make the other person feel bad or realise what they’ve done. ‘Why are you being so cruel?’ ‘You should be ashamed.’ are common phrases.

slytherin: slytherins like to keep their anger under control, so they don’t often let it show. when they do, they tend to get angry over people insulting things that matter to them, and people questioning their knowledge on something they know a lot about. their insults are usually thought out in advance, and are aimed to hurt. they know where to hit, and if they know the person already, they’ve probably thought out how they’d hurt them well before the fight. often, they forgive but don’t forget.

       pls tell me i’m not the only one who gets anxious about starter calls on new blogs bc like??? it takes me a while to get comfy writing said character and usually my mind just gives me dead air when i try to come up with something.

I feel anxious, and sad, I’m so burnt out at work and I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of school work I still have to do for my packet that’s due tomorrow. I started bleeding randomly this morning and I’m not at all prepared for it. It’s a beautifully rainy day but I’m stuck at work with no energy and no motivation and I just wish so badly that I could be home with Richard who would cuddle me and make me feel better and then just chill near me while I did homework and it would be so nice but instead I’m stuck here with my aunt who’s an asshole. And I miss Disney World so badly. Oh yeah and also my nose is runny and I’m sad about it.