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Petty Post

I don’t understand people that feed children sugar and caffeine all day, don’t take them outside and play and burn energy, and then complain that the kid is bouncing off the walls. Like?? I know not all kids are affected by sugar the way mine are, but do you not see a correlation here? And no, don’t bring the little girls ice-cream an hour before bed - especially walking in with it so they see it then asking me if its OK in front of them. And stop sending the 8 year old home with mountain dew. I just throw it out. 

Old Junkrat request (possible tw for unhealthy relationship behavior)

How about an unnecessarily possessive junkrat? And then they confront him about it? (Perhaps a bit of angst I’m sucker for that)

Hey there! Sorry this took so long T_T I hope I did your request justice! (JUSTICE WILL BE DONE-)

****Tagging for possible trigger warning: possessive behavior, or unhealthy relationship behavior****

Junkrat’s s/o sighed sadly as they looked outside; it was pouring rain. They had made plans to go out with a few of the Overwatch members for a picnic. “Looks like it’ll have to wait…” they mumbled to themselves, “Ah well. Jamie and I can have the sandwiches for lunch so it doesn’t go to waste.” Pushing off from the windowsill, they made their way into the kitchen to get a pot of coffee started. Junkrat wouldn’t be up for a couple of hours, so they decided to enjoy a cup while reading a book.

They were only made aware of how much time had passed once they felt an arm drape itself around their waist and a face nuzzle its way into their neck. “G’mornin’,” Jamie grunted in way of greeting.

“Oh! Morning sweetheart,” they responses and turned to give him a small kiss on the cheek. “Although,” they glanced at the clock, “I guess I should be saying good afternoon.” Jamie merely sighed in response and burrowed deeper. “Would you like a sandwich? I have quite a few if you’re hungry,” they said as they ran their fingers through his hair.

“Sure. Got anymore o’ that coffee left?” Jamie asked as he leaned back to stretch and yawn. His s/o merely giggled and stood to give a stretch of their own and a small kiss on his lips as an answer. Jamie took a seat at their kitchen table as his s/o poured him a cup; black with two sugars. “Thanks luv,” he said once the cup was placed gently in front of him.

“No problem. Hm, let’s see…ah! Here we go,” they murmured before pulling out a large plate of wrapped sandwich halves. They grabbed two paper plates and filled them with food and gave one to Jamie and kept the other for themselves. “If you want anymore, they’ll be in the fridge,” they said.

“Why do ya have so much food, anyway?” Jamie asked quietly before taking a large gulp of the still hot coffee.

“Hm? Oh, you don’t remember? I was supposed to go on a picnic with some of the gang. Lúcio, Hana, Genji, and Zenyatta…but the weather isn’t exactly, ah, picnic friendly,” they said as they munched on their sandwich. They didn’t notice Jamie’s grip on his coffee mug tighten in response.

“Oh? Were ya now?” he asked through gritted teeth.

They gave a small sigh, seemingly oblivious to the change in atmosphere. “Yeah, it sucks. But we’ll just wait for another day. At least the food won’t go to waste! We can have Road over for some too, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. I’ll make sure to hide the ham,” they said.

It was quiet for a few moments before Jamie drawled, “Ya know, you’ve been spendin’ a lot o’ time with those omnics, don’t ya think?” His s/o peered at him over their mug, brows drawn in confusion.

“What exactly does that mean, Jamie?”

“You know exactly what I mean!” he suddenly yelled, slamming his mug on the table so hard a crack was nearly audible. “Am I not good enough for ya?! TOO BAD!! Yer mine! Not some stupid omnics’ or cyborgs’! Yer not hanin’ around them anymore!!”

His s/o sent him a nasty glare and snarled, “What the fuck, Jamie?! First of all, I’m allowed to be friends with whoever I want. Especially considering these are people that care about you as well, believe it or not! Second of all,” here they drew in a deep breath in an attempt to calm down,  “you’re more than enough for me. I love you, you explosive punk. Have I not been making you feel wanted or something?”

Jamie bared his teeth in anger, “What did I say? Yer mine. So, yeah, I CAN say who you can an’ can’t see!!”

His s/o drew in another deep breath before standing. “Jamison Fawkes, I am my own person. I do not belong to you, nor anyone else. I don’t owe you anything, nor anyone else. If you really believe, honestly, that a relationship is about owning the person you’re with, then I think I need to take a step back and reevaluate our relationship. I’m not a fucking object, Jamie. And I sure as hell won’t be with someone who treats me like one.”

As they turned to walk away, they only made it a few steps before a hand grasped their wrist. “Wait, please. I’m sorry, please hear me out,” they heard Jamie say in a thick voice.

They slowly turned to give him their attention and were surprised to see his eyes were glistening with unshed tears. “Jamie…” they whispered.

“In th’ outback…ya had to be possessive of everything ya had. It’s a kill or be killed world there, and people are willin’ to do fucked up things for scrap metal. If there was something ya had that was precious to ya…ya couldn’t let it out of yer sight.” Jamie gave a heavy sigh. “Yer not an object, luv. I know that, and I’m so, so sorry fer sayin’ what I did. I just don’t want ta lose ya. Yer the most important person in my life. I’m always afraid you’ll realize just how fucked up I am, and that you’ll leave. I promise ya, I will work on my issues, and I won’t be like that with ya, ever again.”

By the time he was finished, tears were trailing down his face. His s/o sighed and reached out to wipe away the tears, although they kept falling. “I’m sorry you went through that, Jamie. Thank you for the explanation and apology, which I do accept. I love you, so much. I’m trusting you to follow through with that promise, and I’ll be right by your side to help you,” they said and pulled him in for a hug. Jamie had to bend down to hide his face in their shoulder in order to muffle his sobs and his s/o rubbed his back.

“C’mon, sweetie. Why don’t we go tinker in the workshop and then take a bath?” they offered once Jamie had calmed down.

He slowly pulled away sniffling and wiped his face with his hand. “If it’s alright with ya, I’d rather just take the bath with ya,” he said. His s/o merely smiled and gave him a slow kiss before walking with him to the bathroom where they could relax in the large tub.

stoner comedy is completely realistic and i had no idea.

I’ve been watching my aunt (stoned af, drunk af) for the last ten minutes or so go outside to smoke a cigarette, realize she doesn’t have a lighter, come back in for one, and grab another cigarette instead. 

She’s up to three in her off hand, and one poised in her right. Incredible. 

do you know in the darkest hour part 2 when lancelot and merlin went back to the knights and arthur but lancelot walked in first solely to give arthur a panic attack that merlin was dead, only to have merlin walked up five seconds later?? what assholes. what honest to god jerks. i love it. they literally planned that out. they stood outside that ruined castle, about to walk in together, but then one of them was like “wait wait wait, hang on. dude. i got an idea. everyone will go crazy.” and i am willing to bet all the money i have on this earth that it was lancelot’s idea


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

  • Phsycic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: On tHE outSIDe alwayS LOOkinG in Will i ever be MORe thaN IVE alwaYs bEen cauSe Im TAP Tap TaPpIng on The GLasS WAving throuGH A winDO-THE DEMON QUEEN OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS DECREED IT, MONDAY 8AM I WILL BE DELETED THEYLL HUNT ME DOWN IN STUDY HALL STUFF AND MOUNT ME ON THE WALL 30 HOURS TO LIVE HOW WILL I SPEND I-So sO so SO thIs IS what It feeLS lIKe tO matCH WiTS with SOmeone At YOUr LevEL whAT the HELL iS ThE caTch ITs the FEEling oF FREeDom of sEeIng thE liGHt itS BEn FranKlin WiTh a kEy anD a KITe- *Mii theme song spontaneously starts playing on a loop*
  • Physic: What the fuck.
Coda 12x11

Sam’s trying to keep it together but it isn’t easy with Dean wandering off like a child, nothing even resembling a lead on the witch, and the metaphorical clock ticking so loudly that he can practically hear it. The television kept Dean’s focus for a while, but now he’s restlessly wandering around the motel room, complaining. Racking his brain for a game to pull up on his phone to keep his brother occupied, Sam entreats him to sit back down on the bed, but Dean shakes his head.

“I wanna go outside,” he says again.

“I need to keep working so we can get you…better,” Sam says, with a false note of confidence. “If you could just give me some time to research—“

“I wanna go outside,” Dean insists, like a child who wants to play. Sam’s trying not to snap at him when Dean’s suddenly present again with a pained lucidity in his eyes that Sam hasn’t seen for the past few hours.  “It’s too much being cooped up in here, Sammy, waiting for whatever I’m gonna lose next. I need some fresh air. I need to see the sky.”

Sam’s on his feet in an instant. It’s bad enough when Dean lets Sam lead him around, happy to be along for the ride and pleased with whatever simplistic answers Sam gives him. But at least in those moments Sam can pretend it’s a stranger wearing his brother’s body. These flashes of awareness are exponentially worse and Sam is determined to give him whatever he needs.

“Ok, Dean,” he suggests. “How about this?” He moves a chair into the motel doorway, propping the door open with it. It will leave him close enough to get a signal while he keeps one eye on Dean outside. The Impala is parked right at the curb and he leads Dean to it, hoping that the familiar sun-warmed feel of the hood will comfort him in a way that words can’t. Dean climbs onto the hood with his eyes trained on the clear blue sky. As Sam watches, Dean begins to relax, leaning back against the windshield. “You want your sunglasses?”

Dean doesn’t answer, just shakes his head no. Sam gets back to work.

The calm lasts about a half hour until clouds begin to move in, marring the blue with a promise of rain.

Dean clambers awkwardly down from Baby and comes to stand before Sam. “The ocean,” he says with no preamble.

Sam blinks up at him. “What about it?”

“I want to go see the ocean.”

“Dean.” Sam tries to keep his voice calm and gentle. “We’re in Arkansas. There’s no ocean here.”

“But I want to see it.”

“I’m sorry, Dean. That’s not something we can do right now.” Dean’s face begins to crumple, so Sam quickly adds. “I have an idea,” and that’s enough to elicit Dean’s interest. Back inside the room, Sam takes out Dean’s laptop and types ocean into Google image search. “How about you look at pictures of oceans and tell me which one you want to go see when we’re all done here?”

Dean’s already fixated on the blues and greens filling the screen and he reaches for the computer.

“Just click right here to make each one bigger.” Sam points to the trackpad and he’s treated to an eye roll from his brother that he finds equal parts jarring and reassuring.

“I’m not an idiot, Sam.”

You forgot your own name, Sam wants to say, but there’s no point in burdening Dean with that.

“Ok, Dean. Find the one you like best.”

Sam gets back to his research as Dean takes his assignment to heart. There’s a steady stream of clicking and muttering as Dean opens and then rejects photo after photo. Finally, he stands and brings the laptop over to Sam.

“This one.”

Sam smiles at him and takes a look to be polite. It’s a beach in French Polynesia with tropical waters as deep and blue as…

“Good job, Dean. I’m gonna call Cas, ok?”

Dean nods, never taking his eyes away from the screen.


On his way to meet Rowena, Sam pauses in the doorway. “I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he tells Cas, who is sitting on one of the beds.

Calmer than he’s been all day, Dean lies with his head in Cas’s lap. When Cas turns to say goodbye to Sam, Dean reaches out a hand to Cas’s cheek, angling his face so he can continue to stare up into his eyes.

Context: Myself and 3 other players are staying at the first Inn in the town, waiting for our contact who’s late and may or may not actually be coming. I only have to meditate for 4 hours so I offer to take the second watch while everyone else gets some sleep because nobody trusts this city. 

Me: I’d like to look out the window of the room and see if can observe or hear anything strange outside. 

GM: Roll for sight. 

Me: *rolls a 1* 

GM: Roll a listen check. 

Me: *rolls a 19* 

GM: You press up against the glass and are able to vividly hear the sound of it shattering as a grappling hook breaks through the window. It has enough force to both send you stumbling back and for several sharp shards to hit you in the face. 

in times of distress i like to remember clarke griffin in 2x01 because she is so stressed in that ep. like, i know Clarke. it literally starts with a sitting-grumpily-in-a-corner-on-a-nice-new-day clarke, who’s wearing white mount weather pj’s, in a white ass room and a camera that has been watching her for hours now, and then goes over to a screaming-and-destroying-things clarke, who breaks the camera and smashes the window of her room, because she sees someone outside who doesnt react to her loud noises. girl wants answers

and once she’s out (mind you, she is bleeding like crazy because the glass cut her, but still keeps going) she picks up a piece of the broken glass

and uses it on maya because she didn’t wanna listen to her loud noises

and once she makes it to the dining hall people go crazy because they see clarke and they fear a containment breach and clarke’s like “where the hell am i”

but it gets even more stressful. clarke gets restrained cause apparently shes learned quite a few things from ~ the outsiders ~ and sits there still in her white pj’s, all bloody and dangerous and still grumpy and really not in the mood for talks (until dante shows up and she starts to ask 100 questions about everything because clarke is smart and knows what to say and still wants answers)

when dante tells her to change her clothes and join them so that she can finally meet her people (those that have “survived”) she’s like “mmh okok” and then she gets new clothes and is allowed to choose whatever she wants to wear and the first thing you see written on her face is “huh, i actually did learn quite a few things from the outsiders” because clarke x heels?

make a great weapon

and then you see clarke in this outfit that literally screams gucci tracksuit (look at those sneakers). and dante is like… where the heel at clarke

and she pulls it out of her gucci jacket and is like “here”

and clarke is humiliated by her own failure. she should have known better. but she doesnt give up. instead she gets this neat map

and plans her next attempt.

and its so terrifying because this tiny blonde is manipulative as hell, like her name is associated with it. the first thing she does? steal maya’s card, literally pretending to be “sorry” and “I hope you understand that” and she couldn’t hide the heel but she can def hide the card *smoothly slips it into her gucci pocket*

but!!! maya realizes things in seconds and everyone is up on their feet and searching for clarke. and clarke is running through mount weather, using the card and then breaking the lock of a door so that the guards cant use their cards themselves and follow her anymore. well played griffin

and then she is ready to pull the lever because she doesnt believe the mountain men and just wants the rest of her people back.

but jasper and maya arrive and he stops her and clarke breaks and allows herself to be taken into custody

BUT not without leaving another message

because yes, she will do it, AGAIN. and succeed.

but until then, let her have this tiny moment after all that stress, before she is faced with the next stressful Thing

Person "So how much money do you make stripping"

“well, it can depend on what day of the week it is, what the weather is like outside, if there is some event going on in the downtown, what holiday is coming up, how many weeks after tax returns it is, or how many hours before Black Friday it is, if mercury is in retrograde, the number of times a black cat has crossed the strip club multiplied by the percent of people wearing the color pink, if I’ve been sick, if some dude won the lottery-”

I would like a fanfic where Steve gives Tony the usual “You’re not disciplined, you don’t take orders well, and you rely too much on your armor” spiel….

Natasha: Ho don’t do it –
Steve: So I’m going to teach you hand-to-hand fighting.
Natash: Oh my god

And they go to the mats, and Steve starts off slow with a couple of demonstration moves, and Tony nods along very focused and very poker-faced, and then they try an actual fight and Tony just destroys him.

For like half an hour Tony kicks his ass around the room, Steve can’t get a hand on him. And finally Steve’s like “What…the fuck” and Tony’s like “Who told you I couldn’t defend myself outside the suit? You know I wasn’t born in it, right? I mean Howard was good but he wasn’t that good.”

Steve: *bewildered face*
Natasha: *sips tea*

(She filmed it on her phone to show Clint and Bruce later.)


You know what I kind of find funny/adorable?

That both Brian and Dan’s dogs kind of reflect their personalities a bit.

Like, Princess Tinkles is a goofy, chill (just based on what I’ve seen/heard Dan mention about her on instagram and Game Grumps) little fluffball, kind of like Dan.

And Coco is this big, kinda gruff and scary looking dog (similar to Brian’s Ninja persona), who’s actually probably really kinda sweet, kind of like Brian (outside of his persona).

Bowtruckle got your tongue?

(This is my 3rd attempt -_-)

Request: Newt admit he likes you and is all nervous and stutters.

Warnings: Fluff

Newt paced outside the shack nervously. His hair was a tangled mess from running his hands through it so many times. “I could-! No that’s stupid….” He was so anxious about what he was going to do. He had to tell you but he had no idea how. “Maybe-! No no that’s cliche…”

Pickett sat on the man’s shoulder eyeing the man in amusement. Newt had been mumbling and pacing for almost an hour now. Of course the bowtruckle knew exactly what it was about. He let out a little chirp of amusement as the man once again ran his hand through his hair.

Newt eyed the bowtruckle curiously. “What’s so funny Pickett?” He asked trying to ignore the anxious pit in his stomach.

Pickett let out another amused chirp. “You being all nervous~” that was Newt got from the little bowtruckle.

He blushed and huffed slightly and plopped down on the step to the shack. “I can’t help it Pickett… I wanna tell her the right way,” Newt mumbled fiddling with his fingers.

The little bowtruckle pat Newt’s head letting out small little chirps. “Just tell her in the way you feel most comfortable.”

Newt sighed and stood up dusting the dirt off him. “Your right Pickett I’m being silly…. I’m going to go tell her.” Pickett nestled back into Newt’s pocket as the man fixed his bowtie. Newt felt his stomach shifting nervously as he made his way out of his case.

“Newt are you back?”

Your voice made the shifting worsen and a small pink hue rise to his cheeks. “Y-Yea (Y/n) I-Im finished,” Newt said nervously as he came into the living room. You were sprawled out on the couch a closed book in one hand.

You smiled as he leaned in the doorway studying you. “About time. I’ve been bored out of my mind waiting for you~” You teased smirking slightly seeing a pink hue light his cheeks.

He coughed and ran a hand through his hair. “W-Well the creatures were p-p-particualrly needy t-today,” He stuttered making his way over when you sat up.

When he plopped down you put your head in his lap yawning slightly. Newt’s cheeks were now a scarlet hue as he hesitantly ran his fingers through your hair.

You yawned again at the calming action feeling safe and warm. You blushed when your eyes met his green ones. He only studied you with the blush on his cheeks spreading to his ears.

He started to lean down and for a moment you thought he would kiss you. That was until he brushed your nose against yours. He pulled away a blood red hue all over his face.

You found yourself smiling knowing that he got the idea from his animals. You pulled him down and rubbed your nose against his giggling. “I like you too,” You mumbled.

You only caught a glimpse of his smile before he truly kissed you this time.


This is an Angst with prompt 64- “Did they hurt you”. Im not very good with blood scenes yet and I felt like there are so many torture scene that I wanted to try something new. 

Warnings um idk i guess screaming 

Edited by @winter-patrick

“Newt, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your case unguarded like this.” Newt and Jacob were already climbing into the case while you stood outside. 

“Y/n, everything will be fine. Its 2am in New York, I highly doubt someone will come along at this hour.“ You’re still hesitant and fiddled with your hands. 

“And Y/n, the Erumpent will need your help.” Sighing, you step into the case and close the lid. 

You were tending to the Erumpent when you heard a knock at the case. Your heartbeat got quicker as your thoughts began to race. Newt opened the case and stepped out, you followed, and then Jacob. You were met with the face of Tina and many unknown faces. 

“Is that Scamander, Theseus Scamander, the war hero?“ 

“No, it’s his little brother.“ You hear people murmuring. 

“Mr. Scamander, tell me, which one of your creatures did this?” Madame Picquery asked pointing to the floating body. You gasped at the marks on the No-Maj’s face. 

“That’s not one of my creatures, those marks, this was an Obscurus.” Gasps ripples through the faces of the room. 

“You go too far, Mr. Scamander, there are no Obscuruses in New York. Graves, impound his case!” Newt’s case flies from the ground and into Graves’ hand. 

“Don’t hurt my creatures. Please, they’re not dangerous. They’re not dangerous!” Guards drag you, Newt and Tina away. 

Newt continues to beg for his creatures’ safety. It breaks your heart, hearing such desperation in his voice. You’re put into a cold cell. You hear Tina apologizing, you understand, she never meant for this to happen. 

“What’s an Obscurus, Obscurial thing?” you hear Jacob ask. 

Newt proceeds to tell the story of the 8-year-old girl you two met in Sudan. You block him out, the story makes you too emotional. A banging makes you refocus, 

“We’re here for Y/n L/n.” Newt stands in front of you protectively 

“Why?” he questions. 

“That’s none of your business.” They grab you and drag you to an interrogation room, Newts yelling can be heard in the distance. 

“Now, you’ve been traveling with Mr. Scamander for… 5 years now?” 

“Yes, that’s correct.” 

“Now, why would someone as smart as you travel with a Hogwarts drop-out?” 

“Because, Mr. Graves, protecting these beasts are important, something every wizard should know that.”

 “What about these creatures are important? They are dangerous, and the wizards should know. Now tell me. Which beasts did that to the No-Maj?” 

“Mr. Graves, you can try to interrogate me all you want, if this is what you call interrogation. But These. Animals. Are. Not. Dangerous.” Your blood boils at the accusations. He doesn’t know these beasts. 

“That’s all, take them to the next room. You may not be helpful here, but we can use you for something else.” You’re placed into a chair and held down. 

You hear Newt and Graves talking in the next room. Newt sounds as passionate as you about his creatures.Suddenly, one of the guards puts his wand up to your temple. He takes a silvery substance from your head. 

“We can’t actually make you scream in pain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t trick Scamander into thinking you’re hurt,” he gives you a devilish smile before performing some complicated spells. 

Suddenly, your scream echoes from his wand. You here Newt begging Graves to stop hurting you. You desperately wanted to call out to Newt, saying you were okay, but they cast a silence charm. You can hear his voice crack as he continues to plead. You hear chairs shuffling and sobbing. 

“You’ve been sentenced to death, for aiding and abetting a criminal, L/n.” You stand up carefully, in a burst of rage, you elbow the guard in the nose and kick him in the nuts. 

You point that guard’s wand to the other one and knocked him out. Grabbing the keys, you unlock your cuffs and run to find Newt and Tina. Turning a corner, you run head first into Queenie and Jacob. 

“Oh, Y/N, sweetie. Are you okay?” She pulls you into a hug. 

“Come, we must find Tina and Newt.” A few minutes later, you run into them. Newt rushes to hug you but you stop him, 

“In the case, now!” All of you get into the case and Queenie takes the case. Inside, Newt runs to you checking all over for injuries. 

“D-did they hurt you?” “Newt, I’m okay, I’m okay, I promise,” you place your hand on his cheek and wipe away his tears. 

“B-but I heard you screaming, a-and crying and I got so worried.” 

“T-they used a spell, they pulled my memory from when I broke my arm. They didn’t do anything to me, I promise.” He pulls you into a hug and continues to cry. 

You start crying too, seeing Newt like this, it just destroyed you. You rub his back until he stops crying, looking up at you with red eyes he smiles. 

“I love you so much, Y/n.” 

“I-I love you too, Newt.

I hope y’all enjoyed that. Night

everything about shiny hunting in pokemon sun and moon!

(note: this post got pretty long)

i’m sure there are already posts like this, but i’ve noticed that they tend to be pretty minimal in terms of tips outside of the very basics, so i’ve decided to make my own! shiny hunting is different in sun and moon with the recent implementation of SOS pokemon, but overall much easier than it used to be! it can take a lot of patience, as it’s all based on chance, but as long as you keep all this in mind it should be relatively easy (although time consuming). in my experience, you can end up with a shiny in as little as half an hour or as much as several hours, all depending on luck.


  • chaining! shiny pokemon have a little over a 1/4000 chance of appearing under normal circumstances, however since chaining was introduced in gen IV, people have discovered that encountering the same pokemon multiple times in a row exponentially increases the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon over time. EDIT: though no one currently has any details on the chances of encountering a shiny after 1-70 encounters, by the 70th encounter your chances are maximized, with a 1/1024 chance without a shiny charm and a 1/512 with one. this bonus applies until the chain reaches 255, as it is an 8-bit system, after which it will roll over and reset the chain. (in addition to raising the chance of encountering a shiny, pokemon that have been chained for tend to have better IVs, with up to 4 perfect IVs once a chain of 40 has been reached.)
  • adrenaline orbs! when used in battle, these cheap items make wild pokemon more likely to call SOS pokemon, which is the new method of chaining in gen VII. additionally, these can be used to use up a turn if necessary, as they will simply fail if one is already in use without expending any more of your supply.
  • false swipe or hold back! these moves both have the exact same effect: they reduce the HP of the target pokemon, but always leave it with at least 1 HP remaining. a pokemon with lower HP is more likely to call an SOS pokemon and succeed, so it’s a good idea to get the caller down to 1 HP.

status conditions

  • status moves! pokemon become unable to call for help when they are paralyzed or asleep, and in addition become easier to catch, so it is a good idea to have a pokemon that can inflict either condition on hand when shiny hunting. in addition, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t use any moves or abilities that could leave the pokemon you want with poison or a burn, as they may faint before you can catch them. always be wary of which moves and abilities have such secondary effects!
  • status condition immunity! if you’re going for a pokemon that has the ability to inflict a status condition (sleep, poison, paralysis, etc) it is a good idea to go hunting using a pokemon that would be immune to such a condition. for reference, fire-types are immune to burn, ice-types are immune to freezing, poison- and steel-types are immune to poison, electric-types and pokemon with the ability limber are immune to paralysis, pokemon with the abilities vital spirit, sweet veil, or insomnia are immune to sleep, pokemon with the ability own tempo are immune to confusion, and pokemon with the ability oblivious are immune to infatuation. EDIT: “powder” moves such as sleep powder, poison powder, or spore can be avoided by grass types, pokemon with the ability overcoat, or pokemon wearing safety goggles. they will not be protected from other means of acquiring status conditions, however.

useful abilities

  • immunity-providing abilities! abilities which provide immunity to basic status conditions are listed above under the ‘status condition immunity’ section.
  • synchronize! if you want a pokemon to have a specific nature, this ability means that wild pokemon encountered when a pokemon with this ability is active have a 50% chance to have the same nature as that of the pokemon with this ability.
  • cute charm! when a pokemon with this ability leads, there is a 66.7% (about 2/3) chance that pokemon encountered will be of the opposite gender of that pokemon regardless of what the normal gender ratio for the species is. this can be used if you want your shiny to be a specific gender, or especially in the case of pokemon which only evolve when of a specific gender, such as salandit.
  • shadow tag and arena trap! prevents wild pokemon from fleeing in case they have moves such as teleport.
  • cloud nine and air lock! eliminates effects of weather (rain, hail, sandstorm, etc), which can be bothersome in long term battles with pokemon that have abilities that summon them
  • damp! prevents pokemon from using self-destructing moves
  • unnerve! has the same effect as an adrenaline orb without having to use one. additionally prevents foes from using berries, though that generally wouldn’t happen anyway
  • corrosion! while not an ability you would want your own pokemon to have, as the signature ability of salandit/salazzle, it can be a huge pain since it allows them to poison even steel- and poison-types.

general tips/info

  • isle aplenny! this isn’t a necessity per se, but in my experience is extremely useful, so i highly recommend you look into using it. pp restoring items such as ethers or elixirs cannot be purchased in shops, however leppa berries can be found under certain berry trees and restore 10pp! isle aplenny allows you to multiply your supply in bulk. if you have it fully upgraded, you can get many berries at once, so after only a day or two you have enough to last you for several chains.
  • shiny charm! if your pokedex has reached 100% completion, you can get a shiny charm by speaking to the game director in the game freak building in heahea city. this doubles the chances of finding a shiny pokemon.
  • get to know the pokemon you are chaining for! make sure you take note of any abilities or moves which could complicate chaining in some way as well as which moves could be super effective, not effective, etc. against it or the pokemon you are using to chain. also, make sure you know of any special circumstances in which a pokemon you’re chaining for may appear, such as certain times of day or certain weather conditions.
  • odor sleuth and foresight! these moves allow ghost-type pokemon to be damaged by normal-type moves, which typically would have no effect. this allows hold back or false swipe to be used on a ghost-type. EDIT: this was actually misinformed, as i’m not certain that any pokemon that learn these moves can use false swipe or hold back, which leads me to the next (new) point.
  • soak! soak is a move that can turn any pokemon it is used on into a pure water-type, thus eliminating immunity to false swipe or hold back. it cannot be learned by anything that can learn either of those moves, however, so it would be necessary to switch to the main pokemon being used for chaining afterwards.
  • set a new caller every so often! inevitably the pokemon calling for help will run out of pp, and if you’ve used false swipe/hold back and gotten it to 1 HP, struggle’s recoil damage would knock it out, thus ending the chain if no ally pokemon is present to take its place. it is a good idea to pay attention to how long a single pokemon has been calling for help and eventually shift to a new caller by knocking the first one out when an ally from the same family is present.
  • SOS pokemon from different families cannot become callers! this is important to keep in mind if the pokemon you are chaining can call pokemon of other species. for example, when i was chaining pichu, they sometimes called happiny and pikachu as well. if i were to make pikachu the new caller, this would be fine, as pichu evolves into pikachu. if i were to knock out the pichu when a happiny were present, however, the chain would break, as pichu and happiny aren’t related.
  • do not use false swipe/hold back on a target that hasn’t been paralyzed or put to sleep! from experience, if you get your shiny down to 1 HP without preventing it from calling new pokemon, it will continue to successfully summon allies, which prevents you from catching it. if this continues on for a long time, you run the risk of letting the pokemon run out of pp and knock itself out using struggle.

that’s all i can think of right now but i hope this helps someone out! reblogs would be appreciated for spread of info to anyone interested in chaining and just because it took me a long time to write all this :V

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Please tell the story of your meeting with Stephen King!

It’s not a very interesting story, unfortunately. My mom had dropped me off to see a movie while she went to Sam’s Club and somehow that ended up taking her, like, four hours? So I was sitting on the curb outside the movie theatre reading a book when he went in and I was still there when he came out and I guess he thought I was abandoned or something. Anyway this was pre-cell phones, obvs so he came over and asked if I was all right, I had been sitting there for a long time, did I need some quarters to call someone to come get me. 

In retrospect the explanation of “No, my mom always does this” was probably not very reassuring, but he gave me a dollar in quarters and made me promise to call someone before it got dark out. He also went back inside the theatre so I think he probably told someone I had been out there all day. 

I saw him a bunch of times, (he wasn’t a recluse, at least not when I lived there, so you saw him around if you spent enough time in Bangor) but that was the only time I ever spoke to him. He seems like a nice person

Study Partner (Taeyong x Reader)

How goes my fellow nut busters? I’m jumping right onto the request train by giving you some fluffy and a little smutty study partner Taeyong! While our resident being of perfection may have enough sex appeal to shut down a male stripper convention, I think Taeyong/s sweeter side needs a bit more loving too. So I hope y’all enjoy this one because it was really fun to write!!

p.s. Taeyong can bust my nut anytime. anywhere. he can have me over easy, scrambled, or sunny side up tbh

Originally posted by teeuai

Staring out the window of your classroom like some angsty anime character was one of your favorite pastimes. You wished every waking hour you were in this hell hole of a school to be outside, riding your bike through the streets, picking flowers in the park, playing in the stream that ran through town, anything but this class.

It’s not like you were bad at writing and literature, in fact, you were exceptional, the brightest in your class. But you hated the teacher, hated what he made you write. You didn’t want to write about the characters in a Greek tragedy, you didn’t want to analyze Jane Austin, you wanted to write soaring stories about adventurers, magic, and romance. This class made you despise writing, and you loathed that, because writing was one of your secret passions.

You loved nothing more than sitting by that stream, feet soaking in the cold spring water as the plum blossoms overhead showered you with their petals. You would have your notebook in hand, writing story after story, poem after poem, they just sprang off your pen onto paper like you were born to write.

Many argue that you were a born writer, including your prick of a teacher.

“_______!,” you heard that deep voice snap you name for the fifth time that period.

You languidly turned your head away from the window, one eye brow quirked, “Yes, sir?”

He angrily furrowed his brow and squeezed the open book in his hands, obviously frustrated as he asked you, “What metrical pattern did Shakespeare use in many of his plays?”

You sighed, looking down where your fingers were playing with your pink mechanical pencil as you droned, “He used unrhymed iambic pentameter, called blank verse. He diverts from this several times in many of his plays and also uses other simple forms of poetry and prose.”

You felt the wide eyes of your classmates as they looked at you slack jawed, your chin titling toward the window to resume your usual position. Your teacher stopped you again, “And which of his plays are we reading? Or have you not been paying attention for the past forty-”

“Othello,” you interrupted, looking your teacher dead in the eye. “We’re reading Othello, believed to be written by Shakespeare in 1603.”

“Good,” your teacher replied, “Why don’t you stand up and continue reading for us then, Miss _______? Since you seem to know so much about it.”

You shot him a glare because he knew you didn’t have the book on you. You had read Othello countless times by yourself, so you didn’t ever bother bringing it to class. You were about to spit out at him like a viper when you felt a nudge on your arm from beside you.

“Here,” you turned to find the intense dark eyes of one of your classmates, Lee Taeyong, trained on you intently. He held out his copy to you, finger pointing out the line where the class had left off.

You raised your eyebrows at him, lips parting as you went to convey your thanks, but felt it catch in your throat. You grabbed the book from him instead, cheeks pink as you stood up and began to read. You couldn’t even comprehend the words that were coming out of your mouth, but you felt Taeyong’s soft gaze on you the whole time.

You were saved by the lunch bell, signaling that you were free from that wretched class and embarrassing situation. You carefully closed Taeyong’s copy of Othello and handed it back to him as you mumbled, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he took his book, giving you a small smile. “You staying in here for lunch?”

You were busy packing up your things, turning to him, “What?” You didn’t expect him to keep talking to you, so you were surprised when he asked again.

“Are you eating in here?,” he repeated, smiling to himself when he saw you blush and turn away.

“No, I always eat outside,” you said, feeling guilty because you thought you were being too rude. “I eat at the picnic benches, if you want to join.”

“Would you mind?,” he asked, putting his things into his bag and standing up, looking hopeful.

“No,” you mumbled, already weaving through the desks and out the classroom sliding doors, trying your best to calm the heat in your cheeks.

Taeyong didn’t say much, thankfully, as the two of you walked side by side through the hall. You saw numerous people whisper to one another, and some girls give you nasty looks. It wasn’t a secret that Taeyong was literally the most wanted boy in the entire school, he was absolute perfection, practically a prince. You’d never really paid much attention to the gorgeous student, but you shared every single class with him, and knew that he was ranked second in the school academically.

Second behind you.

You held first place by some miracle, even when you did nothing at all. You were just good at testing, that’s about it. To be honest, you thought Taeyong deserved it far more than you, seeing as he worked a lot harder for his scores and grades. He never seemed mad about being second though, he was a little quiet and acted content all the time, so you could never tell what he was really thinking. You couldn’t help but be a little curious as to why he wanted to hang out with you, he never really showed much interest before. You never even had a real conversation with him, the most you got was when he would congratulate you once again for staying in first place.

You reached the busy picnic benches that sat underneath the blooming plum blossoms, a picturesque scene that made your fingers itch to pull out your notebook. You usually did a lot of your writing at lunch, but since Taeyong was there, you didn’t want him to see. It was lowkey embarrassing and your writing was pretty much a gateway to your heart and soul, something you didn’t share easily.

You sat down at an empty table, fixing your uniform skirt and crossing your legs as Taeyong sat across from you. The two of you pulled out your lunches and ate in a strange but not uncomfortable silence. You were curious though, sneaking glances at him occasionally while he ate, completely unaware that he caught you staring every single time much to his amusement.

You cleared your throat, swallowing a spoonful of yogurt, “Thanks again for what you did in class, Taeyong, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, I know how hard he is on you,” he chuckled looking at you with cutely scrunched eyes, “But I think he does it with the best intentions in his heart. You’re really his favorite student, you know.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes and eating another spoonful angrily, “That man wants nothing more than to see me fail,  it’s like it’s his one mission in life.”

“I think it’s cool how you just know everything though,” the dark haired boy said, his eyes widening in admiration. “It just comes so easily to you, I don’t know how you do it.”

“Honestly,” you admitted, picking at the table, “I really enjoy literature and writing, but hate being taught it.”

Taeyong laughed, “Everyone can tell, you’re always writing in that little green notebook of yours at lunch,” he nodded to where said notebook poked out of your open bag.

Your eyes widened and your face turned pink, “I-I just do it for fun, it’s not like I’m studying or anything.”

“I know,” he smiled, resting his head in his hand as he looked at you. “I think it’s really cute though because you’re always acting so tough.”

If you weren’t fire engine red at that point, you would have been proud of yourself, but you could feel the heat in your face and neck. You couldn’t even manage a reply, melting under his unabashedly adoring gaze, his smile too sweet for words.

His mouth quirked to the side in a smirk, “Is your yogurt too spicy for you?”

You gaped at him, mouth morphing into a smile of disbelief as you leaned over the table and smacked his shoulder, “You…!”

The two of you laughed suddenly, something changing after that. You felt a lot calmer around him, happiness creeping into your bones as you finally found enjoyment at school for the first time. You two talked about whatever came to mind, and it felt so natural and real, you’d have never thought Taeyong was as down to earth and sweet as this. One moment you were talking like friends and then next you were flirting like your lives depended on it.

It was intoxicating and beautiful.

“I have a question,” he said, absentmindley playing with your fingers, tracing the dainty ring your mother had given you on your birthday.

“Hm,” you hummed, watching the way he concentrated on the lines of your palm and shivering at the feeling of his touch. It made you squeeze your thighs together under the table and you never wanted him to stop. Taeyong stretched out his legs and tangled them with yours, brushing his knee against your inner thigh. You let out a small gasp at the touch, but Taeyong didn’t seem to notice, preoccupied with his words.

“Would you mind being my study partner?,” he asked, looking up at you with hopeful eyes. “It’s just…you’re so good at everything and it may not look like it, but I’m kinda struggling to stay afloat-”

“Taeyong,” you stopped him with a smile, feeling brave enough to brush the hair from his eyes. “Of course I can. I need to get my act together too anyway. We can help each other.”

“Really?,” he breathed, looking relieved as his shoulders sagged. “God, I could kiss you right now, to be perfectly honest.” He looked breathless and he seemed to look at you differently for a second, eyes flashing something deeper.

You were shocked but tried to save the situation quickly, “Shut up,” you laughed, taking your hand from him and standing up as the bell signaling lunch range. “I need someone to get my ass into gear anyway.”

Taeyong hummed, wiggling his eyebrows jokingly and giving you a smirk, “I like the sound of that.”

You made a noise of disgust and walked with him back to class, “We can go to my place later if you like, I have snacks.”

“Snacks sound perfect,” he said, bravely taking your hand and making you gape at him again. He carefreely swung your joined hands, like it was the most natural thing to do.

“Taeyong,” you gulped, feeling the stares and glares as you walked back inside. “What are you doing?”

“Can I not platonically hold your hand?,” he asked innocently, eyes wide and soft, but the quick smirk on his mouth said otherwise.

You groaned and let him hold your hand with his sweater paws, leading you like that from class to class for the rest of the day until the final bell sounded the end of school. Your stomach churned with excitement. To be perfectly honest, you were both happy and confused with how Taeyong was acting. One moment he was acting like the best friend you’d never had and the next he was acting like your boyfriend. You wouldn’t mind either of those things, but both? That would be like a dream come true. You weren’t going to lie, as a writer you were a hopeless romantic, and you always imagined how everything would be when you fell in love. You couldn’t even count how many tales of romance you’d written, how many poems to your future boyfriend you’d scribbled in your journal. As of now, everything was living up to your expectations, though, not necessarily with the person who you thought it would be. It was a pleasant surprise though that you welcomed with open arms.

You’d always thought Taeyong was absolutely gorgeous, but you didn’t know what his personality was like. You only knew he was sweet and hardworking. You wouldn’t have believed he was a complete flirt if you hadn’t experienced it firsthand yourself. The strange thing was, Taeyong never dated anyone, never flirted with anyone before he began to with you.

It also didn’t hurt that you could practically taste the sexual frustration radiating off of him.

You looked over to where the dark haired boy was packing up his things, hypnotized by the way he neatly and methodically tidied everything up. You walked over to him and poked his rib cage, watching in amusement as he jumped and shot you a cute angry look.

He pouted, “Hey, don’t! I’m really ticklish.”

“Oops, many finger slipped,” you grinned, to which he smiled to himself as he finished packing.

“You ready to go?,” he asked, sliding on his backpack. “I rode my bike here, we can ride it to your place.” He was practically bouncing on his toes as he took your hand and led you out of the classroom.

“Okay,” you smiled, letting him pull you away and thinking about how cute he was for riding a bike to school. How much more perfect could he possibly get? You literally saw no flaws in him.

You walked out to the bike rack and Taeyong unchained his sturdy black bike. He swung his leg over it and patted the handlebars and winked, “Here, I’ll be really careful, don’t worry.”

You gulped, a little freaked out by the prospect of balancing your ass on a thin piece of metal. But you trusted Taeyong and he seemed capable of maintaining his balance. You grabbed his hand and he helped you sit as comfortably as you could on the cold metal that pressed against the back of your thighs. Much to your surprise, Taeyong helped you fix your skirt, lifting you gently to tuck it carefully underneath your legs without a word. You blushed and grabbed onto the rubber grips of the handles, jumping when Taeyong slid his hands over yours and pushed off.

He wobbled at first, unaccustomed to the added weight, but he quickly recovered and peddled strongly down the road, cruising past the houses. You pointed out to him which way to go and he smoothly made the turns, the spring wind whistling through your hair as the afternoon chill began to set in.

Thankfully, you arrived at your house, the sun still fighting in the sky as Taeyong pulled up along the curb. The steps to your house were a perfect place for you to dismount, only stumbling a little bit as you clumsily slid off the handlebars. The two of you giggled at your less than graceful landing and Taeyong simply let his bike flop down as you walked up to your door. Goosebumps raised up your legs as you shivered in place and fumbled for your keys in your school bag.

“You’d think winter would end already,” Taeyong casually commented, daring enough to run his hand up and down your exposed thigh, dangerously close to the hem of your skirt.

You shot him a look, but he just smiled boyishly. You finally found your key and shoved it in the lock as quickly as you could, wanting nothing more than the heat of your house to swallow you whole. It was like a wave of summer when you walked in, the dry heat feeling orgasmic on your bare legs as you took off your shoes.

Taeyong did the same, looking around your house curiously, “It’s really cute.”

“Thanks,” you said in amusement, “Come on, we can study in my room.”

“What about snacks?,” Taeyong asked, looking hopeful and hungry.

“I’ll bring some up, don’t worry,” you laughed, already trudging into the kitchen to grab some chips and grapes you had in the fridge. You heard Taeyong climbing the stairs and shouted, “It’s the second door on the right!”

You heard a grunt of affirmation and bounded up the stairs with your backpack and snacks in hand. You entered your room to already find Taeyong sprawled comfortably on your bed, pulling out notes and textbooks.

“Comfy?,” you asked, moving aside pillows and plopping down beside him.

He chuckled, scanning his notebooks, “Perfectly. What do you want to look over first? I was thinking writing and literature.”

You huffed, popping a grape in your mouth, “If we have to, I want to get through the worst first.”

“It’s not as bad as you think,” he said, nudging you with his shoulder as you sat up and leaned your head on it.

“I know,” you strained, pulling out your very minimal notes. “But it’s just something I don’t like being taught. I want to learn it on my own, through my own enjoyment.”

“Enjoyment, hm?,” the dark haired boy pondered, glancing at your notes before looking up at you exasperated. “_______, aren’t you worried you’ll fall behind?”

You’d never had the feeling you were ever drowning in work or behind the curve, always being right on track regardless of how hard you tried. You shrugged, looking at him with raised eyebrows, “Not really.”

“Well, I’m worried for you,” Taeyong said with a sigh. “You’re too smart and gifted to fall behind, and I don’t want to see that.”

“Taeyong? I’ve always wondered this but,” you murmured, tracing a finger on a vein up his forearm absentmindedly. “Don’t you want to be ranked first?”

Taeyong turned towards you, his dark eyes hard as he echoed you, “Not really.”

Confused you inquired, “But you’re always working so hard-”

“And it’s because of you,” the handsome boy interrupted, locking eyes with you. “You make me work harder than anyone else, you make me try, and no one else gives me that.” You didn’t notice it, but Taeyong had leaned closer, his breath fanning over your face. His voice was quiet, a soft murmur, “If I didn’t have you always one step in front of me, I don’t know what I would do.”

“Taeyong,” you whispered, his lips hovering just above yours, making your heart beat a mile a minute in your chest. He looked so soft, so exposed and vulnerable like he’d been craving to get that off his chest, to tell you.

“I don’t want to be ranked first,” he murmured, his lips brushing yours for a fraction of a second.

“I just want you.”

It was like a wave of feelings and sensations came crashing down on you, one minute you were a hairsbreath away from Taeyong, and next he was washing all over you. His body was pressing yours into the bed, your hands were tangled in his hair, and his lips were making what felt like love to yours. He kissed you passionately, like all the pent up feelings in his heart had just released into his body, hands and mouth driven by another force.

He cupped your face softly, but his lips and the rest of his body said otherwise. His chest rubbed against your clothed breasts and you couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. He took this opportunity to slide his tongue in, tasting the grapes you had eaten and groaning at the way your body moved against him. You spread your legs and welcomed the knee that slid your skirt up to your hips and pressed against your clothed heat. Taeyong’s kisses were so wet, the sounds coming from your mouth made you go delirious as the fire in your stomach was stoked.

Deprived of oxygen, he pulled away with a gasp, looking so fucking gorgeous with his messed up hair and swollen lips. You leaned up and pressed kisses to his sharp as a knife jawline, moaning when his hands began to unbutton his shirt. Your finger helped him along by untucking it from his belt, craving to see the creamy skin underneath.

You nearly cried when he slid it off his shoulders, fingers tracing down the warmth of his skin and running down his lean abs, “Taeyong…” You pressed kisses to his chest, tasting him with your tongue as you dragged your wet muscle along his defined collarbones.

He smirked at your reaction, his fingers now making quick work of your shirt, tossing it across the room as he exposed your chest, “Now we’re even.”

“Please, Tae, I need to feel something. Just touch me,” you whispered, breath coming in gasps as you sat up and placed his hands on your hips.

He slid them down and under your skirt, squeezing your ass over and over as he groaned, “Come over here.”

He pulled you close, laying one of your legs over his thigh as he tugged you until your clothed heat was pressed against the bulge in his pants. You gasped when he began to rub himself against you, head going blank of everything except for him and the way he was moving against you. He rolled his hips into you with a groan, hands on your ass as he helped you move in tandem with him until you found the rhythm yourself.

You tangled your fingers into his soft hair when he leaned down to litter the tops of your breasts with love bites, sucking dark purple bruises into your skin. You whimpered when he slowed down, your hips still eager against his as he kissed your neck, “Please…”

He hushed you, taking his time as he felt the wetness through your panties soak the crotch of his uniform slacks, “Take it easy, baby girl. Take a moment,” he dragged his bulge slowly up your clothed slit, “To just feel this, to feel me.”

You rolled your head back, drunk on the feeling off him teasing your clit with his clothed member, “Oh, fuck…”

Taeyong’s eyes were glazed over, small beads of sweat dripping down his jaw and neck. You leaned over and licked up the tantalizing drops, tasting the salt of his skin and humming as you pressed kiss after kiss to his neck. As much as you loved how Taeyong could have so much self control, you wanted release badly, for him to make you come all in your panties.

“Taeyong, please,” you whispered, panting as you looked at him pleadingly, biting your bottom lip in want.

Instantly his hips began to move faster, slowly working up to a newer, rougher speed that left your body on fire. His hands found their place back on your ass and he urged you to move along with him, his eyes burning with desire as you complied willingly. He rutted his hips into you, causing your breasts to bounce as he ground into you roughly. You cried out when he inched up only a little bit and found your clit, driving hard into the spot when he noticed your reaction. The roughness of his slacks felt like pure nirvana on your sensitive bundle of nerves and your voice broke as you called his name out.

Taeyong’s voice was deep and husky, urging you to release as he continued to dry hump you, “Come on baby girl, soak those panties for me. Show me how wet you can make them.”

He took hold of your hips and turned you onto your side, hooking one of your legs over his shoulder as he drove into you on his knees. The new angle at which he rubbed against you made you see stars, and you felt your release upon you. You gave one last strained moan, gasping as you threw your head back and came hard, flooding your underwear with your essence as Taeyong continued to thrust against you, chasing his own high. A few moments later, he came crashing down as well, hips stuttering as he came inside of his pants, his member straining over and over against the fabric, so much so that you could see it twitching. You watched with half lidded eyes as Taeyong groaned, his head lolling back and languidly rolling his hips against your heat. It was possibly the hottest thing you’d ever seen and you felt your core tighten one last time as you came again. You gasped and road out the mini release, reaching down and rubbing yourself through your panties as best you could to prolong the feeling. Taeyong groaned at the sight, leaning down to kiss you again, swapping saliva with you as your tongues danced in sync.

When the two of you had regained your breath, Taeyong flopped down beside you, scattering notes off the bed as he pulled you into his arms. You welcomed his embrace, burying yourself deep into chest as you inhaled his homey scent, like laundry detergent and something so Taeyong it hurt.

He cradled your head and murmured against your hair, “You’re so incredible, ______, you know that?”

You laughed breathily into his skin, kissing his collarbones as you whispered, “And do you know how amazing you are, Lee Taeyong?”

You looked up and was met with a soft smile that you leaned in and kissed gently, “I mean it,” you affirmed with another kiss to his cheek, “You don’t need me to motivate you because you’re already so good on your own.”

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t want you,” he mumbled, looking away with a blush on his cheeks. “I’m sorry if I came off like a douchebag, it’s just you’re so cool, ______, and I just wanted to impress you-”

You stopped him with a kiss, laughing against his mouth as you pulled away to see his confused gaze, “And here I was thinking I was the lame girl with the gorgeous popular boy chasing after her.”

“No,” he chuckled, rolling his eyes and dragging his lips against your neck. “You just get the nerdy guy who can’t talk to girls without coming off like a dork.”

You laughed and played with his hair, gazing at him adoringly, “You’re really a strange one, Lee Taeyong. I like that.”

“You can keep me around if you like,” the gorgeous boy smiled, “So long as you be my study partner…and my girlfriend.”

“I think I can agree to those terms,” you grinned pulling him down to kiss him way past sunset. Your notes and studying were completely forgotten as the sun sank below the horizon. The two of you had cleaned up as best as you could when you remembered your parents would be home from work. It was a comical scene, but one you would remember fondly as you and Taeyong worked to scrub the stain from the front of his pants. He even met your parents that night, introducing himself like he was born to be brought home to a family. Years later, you could still remember that whole day with amusement and love, knowing you were still happily with that sheepish boy who made you laugh until your cried.

Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

Originally posted by dailybuckybarnes

It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

Keep reading

How I’m like Robbie Rotten:

- I could sleep whenever, time doesn’t matter
- Always tired
- Often can’t fall asleep for hours, sometimes not at all
- I love sweets, cake with much whipped cream especially
- Outside is too bright
- Kids are annoying brats (and so loud)
- Many sounds (like silverware clanking against plates) are too loud
- Very lazy. Quickly out of breath. Really weak.
- I love to dress up (Disguise time!)
- I can be creative
- I’d say I’m decent at drawing
- Grumpy most of the time, especially with no sleep
- Night owl
- Dislike vegetables very much

Good Girl Chapter 8

Warnings: Anxiety and rape triggers, slight smut, cursing, negan fluff

Word Count: 2406

Notes: I tried my best to put my anxiety attacks into words and I think I did a pretty good job if i do say so myself :)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

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The water fell against your back as you sat with your knees to your chest in the shower. Pins and needles spread throughout your entire body, making you feel numb. A note taped to the outside of the locked door read:

Sorry I went in your shower anyway.

The amount of time you had spent in this position was beyond your knowledge. Minutes, hours, who knows. Panic attacks for you were often like this. You crawled up in a ball and specific parts of your body tingled. Your mouth tingled, making it difficult to speak, your vision was hazy, your speech (if occurred at all) stayed low. And you stared into space, feeling completely lost. Anxiety was something you dealt with your whole life. However, it worsened once the apocalypse began. Panic attacks occurred often, but began to thin out as time went on. Even still, it was a common issue that maybe occurred once or every other month. Before your life went to shit, you would often lean on your mother for stability. But now, you were used to dealing with this alone, even if it were much difficult now. It was nearly impossible to push the intrusive thoughts away, of your mother, of the past.

Shh, you’re okay. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.

You repeated this to yourself in attempt to smooth your mind. The shower stayed on to muffle the noises coming from your mouth; to silence the sounds outside of the bathroom to stay in your own world.

“Stop. Please stop, please.” You whispered to yourself and pressed your knees deeper into your bare chest. A faint knock brought you back to your current setting.

“Sweetheart, you alright in there?”

It was Negan.

You didn’t move, hoping he would go away. You heard the door knob move and peeked out of the shower.

“Don’t make me break this fucking door down.” Even with the threat, his tone was comforting. Without thinking, you grabbed the towel outside of the shower and wrapped it around yourself. Catching your reflection as you walked passed the mirror. You looked like you literally went to hell and back. Negan stood there with a concerned look on his face as you slowly opened the door.

“What’s up with you locking me out all the time?” His words brought you back to the first encounter you had with him. It had only been a couple of days, but what fucking days they had been. You stared blankly at his broad chest, that’s where your eye level was on his tall body. He softly touched your chin and brought it upward to examine your face. Yet another mark added to your face, due to Eric punching you. You looked pretty bad, with a cut along the side of your left cheek that met with a bruised cheekbone left by Arat. It looked worse than Eric’s mark, which was developing along your right jawline. There was more blue and purple on your skin, than your actual skin color. He sighed as he tilted your face in various directions.

“Our encounters haven’t been the greatest darlin’. Shit, I’m sorry.” He actually sounded genuine. You weren’t sure why, but to hear him say those words, it broke something in you. It disabled the numbness that developed while you were alone. Embarrassingly enough, you cried, sobbed even. He pulled your face into his chest and rested his head on top of yours. Negan didn’t seem like the type of guy who would wipe away your tears. But being in his arms made you reevaluate your impression of him.

“Want to talk about it?” He whispered into your hair. You walked passed him and held onto his hand to guide him into his room. You sat on the bed in only a towel and he stood in front of you.

“You don’t seem like the kind of guy to want to listen to me vent.” You spoke in between sobs.

He chuckled at your statement and scratched his beard.

“I’m not exactly the best fucking therapist, but I can sure as hell listen if it makes you feel less shitty.” His warm smile made it easy to confide in him. You looked down at the ground again.

“See, don’t do that. You have to fucking look at me sweetheart.” He tapped your chin again and you looked into his eyes.

“If I tell you why I freaked out can you truthfully answer one of my questions too?” Your voice cracked while speaking and you sounded like a baby since you were still crying. He groaned at your respond and shifted himself.

“How the fuck can I say no when you ask like that?”

You explained what happened when the apocalypse first started. The scene played over and over in your head. Once the government realized the walkers could not be stopped, they set safe zone locations where the military watched over the neighborhoods. People started dying left and right and panic spread throughout. Laws started to be broken and safe zones were being taken over. Yours in particular was taken hostage by power hungry criminals.

“In short, sick fucks. No one was allowed to leave and if you tried you were punished.” You told Negan. Your family had tried to runaway, but the men had took you all out before you could escape, killing your father in the process.

“To punish the rest of the family, the men decided to chose a family member to..rape.” You forced the word hesitantly out of your mouth.

“They chose me.” Negan sat beside you on the bed and watched as you fell apart again.

“But that wasn’t the worst part. My mother volunteered in my place and I was forced to watch. Along with my two younger brothers.” After barely finishing the story a painful silence hung over the room. Negan just stared through you waiting for a response.

“Don’t pity me, okay? It sucks, it really fucking sucks but-”

“Who said I was? You’re a badass because of it. Shit I’m sorry you had to go through that to become one. But here you fucking are; in one piece might I add.” He patted your head like a child, but you were okay with it.

“So stop fucking crying. If I can’t pity you, you can’t pity yourself. Shit happens and the world is fucked but you can’t stay in the past. People like that get killed.” His tone changed which caused you to toughen up. You bit the inside of your cheek, a bad habit you developed at a young age. You no longer wanted to ask him the question you thought of before.

“Okay, now that you heard my sob story let’s just change the subject completely.” Before he could respond, you leaned over and pressed your lips against his. You weren’t sure why you did it but you just knew you needed to. Having someone to confide in was new to you and it made you cling to him. Especially being in nothing but a towel, it slightly turned you on. He pressed into you hard, you could feel how much he craved you with his touch. Right now you wanted nothing more than to feel him. Your hands searched for his chest and you gripped onto his white t shirt when finding it. His hands roamed up your thigh and started to slip under the towel. Someone knocked on the door, but the two of you were too into each other to notice right away. The kiss deepened as his tongue entered your mouth and his other hand gripped onto your hair. Again, someone knocked on the door, but this time it was louder. He groaned against your lips and pulled away slowly, which was torturous. Negan cursed to himself as he stood up and opened the door.

“What the fuck do you want?” Negan spoke angrily. You couldn’t tell who he was speaking to, the voice was faint. Negan shifted uncomfortably due to his annoyance, as well as scratching his beard. You took notice on his body movements to tell his emotions, since he sucked at expressing them. Negan turned to you as you were still taking in his body, he smirked at the thought.

“Sorry sweetheart but my irrelevant duties call. We’ll finish this later.” You laughed with your tongue in your cheek at his remark. He was throwing your previous insult back into your face.


He closed the door after winking and once again you were left alone. Your thoughts began to take over again, an inner battle occurring.

What the fuck were you thinking?! Kissing Negan?? He has like 12 wives, didn’t you leave Alexandria because you were fading into the background? Now you’ll fade into his group of wives, even better.

Okay, yeah you’re making valid points ‘angel on my shoulder’ but have you seen him? He’s built like a god, with that smile that could literally make me do anything. His confidence, his charisma, the way he kisses, how he listens to me..

You threw yourself on the bed and groaned. The second your head hit the bed, you knew a nap was needed. So you drifted away on Negan’s bed, in nothing but a towel.

When you woke up, it felt like you had been asleep for years. The only light coming from outside of the window were the stars and the moon. Still, you were alone in a towel. So instead of going back to sleep you changed back into your clothes and wandered around Negan’s place. When you left his bedroom and entered his office you saw him sleeping face down on his desk. You figured you would wake him and drag him to his bed once you returned, right now you had other plans. Opening the door as slow as possible to avoid noise, you slid out of his office and closed the door behind you. Retracing the steps from this morning, you headed out for the garden. There was no one in the hallways at this time, it was about 3 am from what the clocks showed. You wondered if there was a curfew.

Great, yet another rule broken.

Once you opened the factory doors you were left speechless. Stars were something you adored, so to be outside with them shedding the only light, it was beautiful. You wandered over to the garden and avoided the spot where Eric was killed. Your intentions were to finish the garden from what was left before the incident. It was soothing for you, incredibly nostalgic. You were no longer lost in your thoughts, but in the stars. When you finished the garden, you couldn’t help but lay and stare into the sky. The only sounds coming from the insects singing in the woods nearby. As well as chains hitting together from the walkers in the yard. A lot of things had changed since the walkers came about. The American Dream was no longer a house and a white picket fence, but to be alive. People’s intentions and minds changed drastically due to the horrid things that scarred them. But the one thing that didn’t change was the sky. It was the same sky in which your family tragically died. But it was also the same sky in which you were born under, that your brothers were born under. The same one in which your family dinners would occur under, along with the picnics and the boring days of school. It was sad yet beautiful to imagine.

You wandered back to Negan’s room, feeling a lot better than you had when you originally left. When you returned he was still sleeping on his desk. Softly closing the door behind you, you tiptoed over to him, avoiding the creaking wooden planks in the floor.

“Wake up sleepy head.” You hummed into his ear and poked his temple. He didn’t move, so you poked him again a bit harder. Negan groaned and turned his head away from you.

“Okay, I’ll just have your bed all to myself.” You strolled away from him into his room and before you could close the door behind you his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. He lightly bit the side of your neck, causing you to practically melt against his touch. His bites turned into kissing and sucking. You were walking towards the bed and right as you touched the edge, he turned you around and moved to your lips. His tongue roamed the inside of your mouth. The only thing you could focus on was him, his touch, you yearned for him. His movements grew more intense and it was hard to keep up with him. He lifted you up from behind your thighs and set you on the bed. Your breathing hitched and heat spread throughout your body. Negan’s mouth trailed down your neck and before he moved to your chest you stopped him.

“Negan, can we talk for a sec?” You moaned out the words which didn’t help get your point across whatsoever.

He pulled up from his kisses and met your gaze.

Holy fuck.

You moved up from under him and sat up, your cheeks were red from embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” He looked over your face to confirm your expression.

“Listen, I know I can be a tease and stuff but-”

“You’re a fucking virgin?” He finished your sentence for you. Your cheeks fumed with redness and you tucked your head down in embarrassment. He didn’t say anything for a moment, which caused you to worry.

“A virgin, huh? Jesus fucking Christ I could cum to the thought of that.” He laughed to himself and looked at you up and down hungrily.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do sweetheart. You set the pace.”

You smiled in relief.

“It’s not that I don’t want to because believe me,” you tugged on his shirt, pulling him closer to you. “I do. I’m just nervous and slightly embarrassed.”

“Don’t be fucking embarrassed, shit like this is like hitting the lottery for me. And from what I could fucking see there’s no need to be nervous because before telling me this, you led me to believe you knew what the fuck you were doing. But we’ll move at your pace, okay?” His smile warmed up the room and set ease to your worries.

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