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The Proposal - Part 4

Dean x Reader

[ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3]

Risking deportation since your Visa application has been denied, you blackmail Dean into marrying you. He’s not happy, at all.

Word count: 1500+

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Imagine being on your period and Dean looking after you

Original Prompt: Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader is on her period and is basically acting like she’s dying and Dean is freaking out because he thinks she’s dying or something. So she tells him what’s wrong and he decides he’s gonna take care of her till it’s over. Just an over all really fluffy imagine :3 please?

TW: None

Authors note: I know I’m a horrible admin for taking this long and I’m super duper sorry but in the next week I’m planning to get another two up :) I’ve just started school holidays so whenever I’m free I’ll be working on those, please don’t stop sending in requests they inspire me to keep writing! And for the anon I hope this is okay - also feel free to message me if there is something you want me to change or any tips for my writing (constructive criticism not hate)


You woke up feeling like you had been shot in the abdomen, An enduring and sharp pain filled your body and you knew exactly what from. Well this is exactly what you needed the day of a hunt you had been looking forward to. You groaned in frustration and pain, got up from the comfort of the bed and made your way to the bathroom to clean yourself up a bit. You re-emerged soon after, still in your pajamaas but with a fresh pair of undies on.

The sound of Dean munching on what was probably the most sugary and diabetes inducing cereal in the other room lead you out there clutching your stomach in pain. You knew you were overreacting slightly compared to the injuries you sustained while hunting with the boys but your periods had been distinctively excruciating ever since you had hit puberty, sometimes it got so bad you couldn’t get out of bed for a whole day.

“What’s wrong with you?” Dean asked light heartedly with a mouth full of colourful sugar cereal, he had a joking tone and you just ignored him and went straight for the food. Periods meant business and your uterus knew what it wanted, generous amounts of sugar. You turned around to face Dean after fixing yourself a bowl of the same cereal that Dean was basically inhaling and you just knew today was going to be a long day.

Suddenly, another wave of agony was sent through your body and you doubled over clutching your tummy. Dean shot up, moving toward you with haste.

“(Y/N)! Talk to me! You okay??” He practically yelled in you face, You could only grimace and smile slightly at his freaking out over something that happens every month.

“I’m okay” You managed to say after the wave of pain was getting easier to endure.

“You don’t look okay” Dean’s forehead was knitted with worry “I think you should lay down, were you hurt in the last hunt? Why wouldn’t you tell me? Should I drive you to a hospital?” Dean had started rambling off crazy possibilities and ideas of how to treat you. You knew he wouldn’t let up unless you told him what was wrong.

“Dean calm down I can handle it” You started making your way over to the couch that was in the bunker and you settled down into its comfy upholstery “It’s just a period thing” You confessed, you hated talking with the Winchesters about anything like this, it just made you uncomfortable, Sam and Cas saw you as ‘one of the guys’, and even with that you weren’t sure that Cas even knew what a period was. The only person who could even have a chance of not making it awkward would be Dean.

Dean walked away and out of your sight, you assumed with sheer embarrassment of the situation. You focused on the old black and white movie that was playing on the television set and tried to just get through the day with deep breaths, movies and binge eating.

A minute later Dean re-emerged out of no where. He had a handful of different objects and you looked at him with what must have been a look of confusion because he started laying things out in front of you one by one and explaining.

“First present” Dean explained, he looked excited like a little boy who had saved up all his pocket money to buy his family gifts for Christmas for the first time and awaiting their faces as they opened them “Chocolate from my secret stash, no clarification needed but don’t tell Sam I have a secret stash” He grinned to himself and it couldn’t help but make you break out into a smile and giggle.

“Second present” He continued and pulled out the second object “Pain killers, again, fairly self explanatory”

“Third present” Dean smiled and showed the third object, a small hot water bottle that was covered in a bunny rabbit cover “Do not ask questions about why I own this I just do” He joked and handed you the hot water bottle to which you put on your belly and soothed it almost as if it had magic powers.

“So what’s the final present?” you smiled, noticing that he had ran out of objects but still was going with his cute little act for you.

“Why me of course!” He jumped in next to you on the couch and snuggled closely with you, his body warmth comforting you. “Did you really think I would leave you alone today?”

“But what about the hunt?” You asked Dean as we cuddled closely.

“Demons can wait, I’m not leaving you until it’s over” he hushed softly into your ear and you both stayed like that for the whole day.