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My original outline for Still Star-Crossed (the book)

Still Star-Crossed (the show) ended last night. I enjoyed it so much! It looked beautiful. The cast were all fantastic. And it was more faithful to the book than I expected, but still had a lot of twists and turns. If you ever have a chance to see a world-class group of writers and actors take your characters (OK, some of them were Shakespeare’s) out for a spin, I recommend it.

It was also lovely to see how many fans loved the show as much as I did. I’m as frustrated as you guys are that the show ended on a cliffhanger (I’m just another fan! I don’t know what would have happened next season), so here’s a weird little easter egg you might enjoy: This is my original outline for Still Star-Crossed (then called Verona). Back then I envisioned it as a trilogy. Weirdly, Book 2 ended more or less where the show did last night. A LOT of other stuff also changed. (Livia was gonna turn evil? I had no memory of that till I dug this out.)

Enjoy! (Or keep scrolling. It’s long.)

Verona, Book 1

It’s the summer after Romeo and Juliet’s deaths and the city of Verona is a powder keg of fury and grief. Though their families have vowed peace, not every Montague and Capulet forgives so easily. They are obeying the truce – for now. But sooner or later one of the angry young nobles stalking the streets looking for trouble is going to find it.

Lady Rosaline of House Capulet is determined to leave such squabbles behind her for good. Her father was killed eight years ago in one of the endless duels between the families, and ever since, Rosaline, now seventeen, has planned to go into a convent where her family’s infighting can’t touch her. She and her younger sister Livia are admired beauties of Verona, but hold little social standing as their parents’ deaths left them relatively poor. The death of her cousins Juliet and Tybalt only cements Rosaline’s resolve to take the veil as soon as she can provide for Livia. That’s the only way she can escape her family – and besides, she’s secretly sure that there’s only one man she could ever love, and he could never be hers.

But two weeks after her cousin’s death, Rosaline is summoned to the great house of the Capulets. Before she can get there, she’s accosted by a gang of young Montagues at her cousin’s tomb. Before she can escape, she’s caught between warring groups of Montague and Capulet men. Her rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: Benvolio of House Montague.

Benvolio is lost. With his two best friends, he knew who he was: his cousin Romeo was the leader, Mercutio the clown, and Benvolio was the quiet one, the sensible one, the best with a sword but the slowest to use it. Now that they’re dead he’s completely unmoored. He spends his days stalking the streets of the city, hand on his sword, not sure if he wants to prevent fights or start one. When he hears a scream and finds his own kinsmen attacking a young Capulet woman, he has no choice but to rescue her – but he isn’t pleased when he finds out who she is: Rosaline, Romeo’s first love, someone who could have prevented all the strife that followed if only she’d accepted his advances.

The two part, not much pleased with each other, only to find they share a destination: the house of Lord Capulet. Because of the bloodbath, Rosaline and Benvolio are suddenly the highest-ranking young members of their respective houses, and Lord Capulet and Montague have decided that the best way to prove that they mean to make peace is to marry another Montague and Capulet together.

Benvolio, struggling to live up to his sudden new responsibilities in the family, obeys his uncle and agrees to the match. But Rosaline refuses, though the prince himself orders her to do it. She and Benvolio have a blistering fight and she leaves.

Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Verona. The great families continue to profess peace, but mysterious insults begin cropping up. The statue of Juliet at her tomb is scrawled with WHORE. A hanged effigy appears in the town square saying DEATH TO ALL MONTAGUES. No one seems to know who is sending the messages, but tempers on both sides begin once more to boil.

Rosaline refuses to leave her house. She won’t see her uncle, or any other Montague or Capulet. She does admit Juliet’s former nurse, who minded all the girls when they were small, out of sympathy, but won’t go with her to the Capulets’ house. When summoned, she sends her sister Livia to her uncle’s house to claim she’s sick. While Livia is there, she stumbles on a surprise: her aunt, Lady Capulet, supposedly bedridden with grief, has actually been very busy. It seems Juliet’s erstwile fiance Paris, supposedly killed by Romeo, was actually only wounded. Lady Capulet spirited him away before anyone could learn the truth and she’s now nursing him back to health in a secret chamber. Lady Capulet swears Livia to secrecy, telling her that if the Montagues knew Paris was alive, they’d kill him. Flighty, romantic Livia is already half in love with Paris, and she agrees to keep the secret if she can come and help nurse him. But Paris is under the thrall of Lady Capulet, whom he calls his angel.

Rosaline goes to Father Lawrence and asks him to bring her to a convent. Lawrence, who is out of favor because of his role in the Romeo affair, goes to the Prince and tells him her plans.

The Prince’s response is to hold a ball. It’s in his sister’s honor, and he knows Rosaline can’t ignore the invitation without giving offense, because years ago when Rosaline’s mother was the Prince’s mother’s lady-in-waiting, they were all playmates. All of Verona’s high society turns up at the ball, so they all witness Rosaline leaving with the Prince when he calls her away for a private audience. That would not be a problem, except that they don’t come back. The Prince proceeds to get Rosaline drunk in his private chambers so she won’t notice he’s kept her away from the party for a scandalously long time. But it backfires in an unexpected way.

Once she has half a bottle of wine in her, icy, obstinate Rosaline is gone, replaced by a playful passionate girl who blindsides the prince by admitting she’s adored him for years and kissing him. As he forgets himself and begins to kiss her back, she gets woozy and he puts her chastely to bed.

The next day, he coldly reveals his plan: She, an unmarried girl, has just spent the night in his house. If she goes along with his demand that she marry Benvolio, he will let it be known that she spent the night quite properly with his sister. If she doesn’t, he will say nothing. Her honor will be ruined and neither she nor her sister will ever make a decent match.

The prince forces himself to go through with this, even though he’s beginning to feel something for her. Rosaline agrees, of course – she has no choice – but he can see her feelings for him die.

Rosaline outwardly agrees to the match, but in truth she’s more determined than ever to escape the vipers’ nest of Verona nobility. She goes to her “fiance” and strikes a deal: Neither of them truly want this match, so they will get to the bottom of who’s making trouble between the families and make it stop. If they can make real, lasting peace between the two families, there will be no need for their marriage, and they can both be on their way.

What they don’t know is that it’s Lady Capulet who’s behind the troubles. It’s she who defaced her own daughter’s statue. Rosaline and Benvolio arrive just after the statues have been defaced a second time, and Rosaline recognizes a mark left behind in the paint: it’s from the beaded train of a dress. The saboteur is a woman.

Livia and Paris, meanwhile, are being drawn deeper and deeper into Lady Capulet’s plans. Paris has begun leaving her house in disguise, picking fights with Montagues, including Benvolio. Livia, angry over the way the Montagues “attacked” him, goes to the Prince and tells him that Benvolio and the Montagues are behind the attacks.

Benvolio denies this. He believes, because of a note that he’s intercepted from Livia (though he doesn’t know it’s her who lost it), that someone in the Capulet household is behind what’s been happening, but because he’s been accused himself, no one believes him.

Things really take a turn for the worse when the nurse turns up dead. Of course it was Lady Capulet, but since the nurse has a note thrown on her body saying “thus to all Capulets” scrawled on a Montague crest, it looks bad for the Montagues. In fact, the crest was stolen by Livia, who didn’t know what it would be used for.

The families withdraw within their respective walls. Livia and Rosaline are sequestered within the Capulets’ house with the other women of the family. Rosaline’s engagement, of course, is no more, but she uncovered enough evidence with Benvolio – and she’s grown to trust him enough – not to quite believe the charges against him.

Rosaline is sleeping in her cousin’s former chamber when a desperate Benvolio climbs the balcony (yep) to tell her he’s innocent and to beg her to help him clear his name. She leaves with him, not before being seen by a sleepy Livia.

Rosaline and Benvolio flee the city and go to Father Lawrence to beg him for help. He’s withdrawn to a monastery some miles away, but Benvolio is convinced that he knows something about the true culprit. He admits he does, but can’t say what it is (Livia confessed her theft of the crest to him, so he knows it was Lady Capulet). His discomfiture is evidence enough to raise their suspicions.

On their way back to the city, a storm forces them to stop for the night, and they’re accosted by brigands. The “bandits” are actually led by the Capulets’ former servant Peter, who decided to seek his own fortune on the road. An exhilarating escape from their clutches leads to a kiss for Benvolio and Rosaline.

Afterward, they return to the city to find it in an even worse uproar than when they left. Livia has raised the alarm that her sister was abducted by a Montague, and the two families are now in open war.

Paris finally reveals himself, and challenges Benvolio. Rosaline reunites with Livia and finds out about the crest that she stole. After telling Livia how it was used, Livia admits that it was Lady Capulet who took it from her. Rosaline and Livia bring the evidence before the prince, who orders Lady Capulet exiled.

Though badly wounded, both Paris and Benvolio survive the duel. The two families once more establish an uneasy peace, but they agree that the forced marriage isn’t a good idea. Rosaline and Benvolio’s engagement is dissolved, and they both discover they’re not quite as relieved about that as they expected to be.

The prince apologizes to Rosaline, and reveals that he persuaded the two families not to press the issue of the marriage. She forgives him for what he did to her before, but still isn’t sure she trusts him. He promises to win her trust back – and, privately, decides he’s going to court her.

With Lady Capulet gone, Rosaline is now the mistress of the extended Capulet family. She decides a nunnery isn’t for her, and that she will stick around. Paris, angry and confused, leaves town to follow Lady Capulet, despite Livia’s pleadings that he stay.

Benvolio realizes that he’s in love with Rosaline, but when he goes to see her, the prince is already there. Knowing it’s suicide to compete with the city’s ruler for her hand, he decides not to tell her how he feels.

Book 2

Rosaline has come farther than she could have dreamed possible. She is the toast of Verona society, she is the de facto head of the Capulet household, and she’s practically engaged to the prince. But she’s not as happy as she ought to be.

For one thing, her friend Benvolio has entirely turned his back on her. She doesn’t understand why he refuses to see her, or why he seems so angry when they do meet.

For another, her adored sister Livia has been acting strangely. Rosaline tends to think of Livia as a child, and never realized that she was in love with the exiled Paris. Livia blames Rosaline and Benvolio for Paris’s exile, and she wants revenge. She forges some documents to make it appear that Rosaline has been conspiring against the Prince. Rosaline is forced into exile herself (so much exile! But, you know, Shakespeare), and flees the city.

No sooner has Rosaline left than Verona comes under attack. A mysterious army surrounds the city and lays seige. Rosaline is presumed killed in the opening battle. Ever-loyal Benvolio is made general of the prince’s armies, but assumes the position somewhat reluctantly, since he blames the Prince for Rosaline’s death. A brutal, desperate war begins.

Rosaline, meanwhile, is not dead. When she finds herself in the midst of a war, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the enemy army, hoping to learn something that will help her city. She finds that it’s a ragtag group of mercenaries hired with the promise of plundering wealthy Verona. No one seems to know who the leadership is. Rosaline falls in with Peter, the Capulets’ former servant turned bandit turned mercenary, as she tries to get closer to the army’s leadership.

Eventually she finds that the army is being led by a trio of angry traitors: Paris, Lady Capulet, and Iago of Venice. Paris and Lady Capulet are motivated by revenge, Iago by plunder. Rosaline follows them when the army feints a retreat to Padua. When she’s wounded, she takes refuge with a relative who lives there, Beatrice of Messina, whose husband (Benedick) visits Iago with Rosaline as his “page” so that she can steal Paris’s battle plans.

Rosaline takes Paris’s battle plans and races back to the city with them. She and Benvolio, having each thought the other dead, have an emotional reunion in an army tent. They admit they’re in love with each other and decide to get married if they survive.

Rosaline and Benvolio deliver the battle plans to the prince, but they don’t realize they’re only a ruse: Paris’s true secret weapon is Livia, who opens the gates of the city sewers so Paris’s army can pour in and overwhelm the city. The prince is captured, and most of Verona’s army is cut off outside. Dun dun DUN!

Book 3

Verona is under occupation. Those of its nobles who kowtow to “Governor” Iago are left more or less alone, but those who maintain loyalty to the prince are exiled or killed, their lands and houses seized. The mercenaries run roughshod over Verona.

To give a semblance of legitimacy to the occupation, Livia and Paris are married and put in as rulers. Livia is deliriously happy at first - Paris is all she’s ever wanted. But he’s still under Lady Capulet’s thrall.

Rosaline has, to all appearances, become an empty-headed young noblewoman, content to go to balls and be Verona’s social queen as though the city isn’t burning around them. In fact, she and Benvolio are secretly working to free the prince and rout the enemy from the city. They, along with Friar Lawrence, are leading the resistance.

As Iago’s rule grows more brutal, even the mercenaries become discontented. Rosaline uses her friendship with Peter to start to sow division in the ranks.  

When Livia realizes that Paris has been sleeping with Lady Capulet all along, she decides to help Rosaline. Together they manage to free the Prince. Paris and Benvolio fight again; this time Paris is killed.

Verona’s army returns to the city. The mercenaries, most of whom have no interest in trying to hold the city, flee. The prince captures Iago. Lady Capulet runs; Livia tries to stop her, and Lady Capulet stabs her. She dies in Rosaline’s arms. Trapped, Lady Capulet commits suicide at her daughter’s grave.

Order is restored in the city, and the Prince, back in his place and assured of Rosaline’s loyalty, assumes they’ll be getting married as they planned. Rosaline is torn - she loves Benvolio, but she cares for the prince too, and since House Montague’s fortunes suffered so badly during the war, Benvolio’s been pushing her away because he doesn’t think she deserves a poverty-stricken husband.

But the prince is also refusing to give Livia burial in her family’s vault - despite Rosaline’s pleadings, he insists her body be buried by the road outside the city with the other dead from Iago’s army. She finally gets her way by threatening to kill herself if he doesn’t allow her to bury her only family properly. When Benvolio, unaware of all this controversy, comes to lay a rose on Livia’s grave, Rosaline bursts into tears, throws herself at him, and insists on going to find Friar Lawrence right then so she can drag him home and seal the deal. Happy ending!

Sweeter Than Candy

Wanna One’s Park Woojin X Reader

Fluffier than cotton candy

Word count: 3255

• summer’s here whooo it’s time to make extra cash [ to save for merch and concerts amirite ;) ]
• you’re hella heart eyes for your new coworker
• let’s see what happens hurh ;)

i’m the most unoriginal person to ever exist. Your job is at a damn candy store but that’s only because I was being all sentimental and emotional about the times my friends and I would go to the candy stores and pig out….sigh, it’s very far away from our homes though so we don’t go nowadays :(((
Anyways, i hope you like it anon :)) , soRRY IT’S LIKE TWO WEEKS LATE I’VE BEEN STUDYING

- admin L

PS: will be edited soon [ 7/8/2017 ] 

edited: 7/8/2017

Oh my god…..if he’s going to sneak another sugared fruit jelly into his mouth i’m gonna….yeah okay

You sighed, staring sheepishly at your coworker - Park Woojin - in a non-stalkerish, totally friendly kind of way as he popped yet another piece of candy into his mouth while working. He knew you were eyeing his every move and winked cheekily before speeding off to assist another customer.

It was finally summer and as much as you wanted to let your hair down and party, you also wanted to make some extra pocket money, a little could always go a long way. So, you had taken up your parents’ suggestion of working at the nearby candy store, The Sugar Shaker. Despite it’s… peculiar name, it was a very popular store and was constantly filled with people, be it young children from the neighbourhood elementary school, teenagers stocking up on their study snacks or even working adults giving into their candy cravings, everyone in this estate loved The Sugar Shaker. The atmosphere was always bubbly and lively, there was never a dull day.

Especially when you had a shift with Woojin.

You would be the world’s biggest liar if you said that his presence didn’t light up the entire room. Woojin was always so talkative and funny, albeit he could be really awkward and dorky on occasion but you only added those to the list of things you liked about the boy. He made you laugh at his silly jokes when both of you worked the latest shifts and showed his sweet side by telling you to go home early when he saw you dozing off on the counter.

“Go ahead at head home, Y/N. I can pack up. Your health is so much more important,” Woojin had told you, smiling despite how tired he was and showing you his snaggletooth. It only made him more and more charming.

When you refused to leave him by himself, he made you nap in the break room, using his black hoodie as a pillow. It smelled like his cologne so you really didn’t have any issues with it.

Woojin was rather popular with the girls’ around here, at school, at work, in the store, they all whispered and giggled about him. You couldn’t blame them, he was indeed made out of 110% boyfriend material.

Any girl would be lucky to have him…I just wish it was me….oh, he’s so-

“Y/N!” Your other coworker, the older and more experienced Hyonju unnie yelled, glaring at you but there was a playful twinkle in her eye. She was already in college and yes, had her fair share of boyfriends while you had never had one.

“Ugh, what am I going to do with you,” she said, not looking up from packing a customers bag of candy and once they had left, continued. “You keep admiring him from afar but never actually makes a move…ahh.”

You blushed bright red and returned to your original task of manning the till but your mind wandered back to Woojin.

No, no. Let’s focus, now…..but-No!

Hyonju unnie shook her head, snickering at you. She pinched your burning cheeks affectionately. “Awww, my cute dongsaeng is scared. Never fear, you started summer with a new job and we’ll make sure it ends with a new relationship!”

You swore under your breath, praying Woojin hadn’t heard whatever nonense Hyonju was spewing.

“How can I? Woojin’s way too good for me, it’s impossible,” you muttered, rather reluctant to admit the truth. Hyonju heard this and gasped, smacking your arm. “Don’t say these kinds of things! I don’t believe them for a second! Look, out of all these girls in the neighbourhood that admire him, you’re the best and probably the only good fit for him. Ahhh! So cute! Just date already!”

Woojin approached the cashier without either of you noticing. “What’s so cute?” He asked, his nose scrunched up adorably in confusion.

“Nothing! Nothing, nope!” You insisted, unable to look him in the eye for you were afraid he would pick up clues from Hyonju’s cocky smirk and your scarlet cheeks.

“Ahh, I get it, girl talk. It’s okay Y/N, if anything, I find you cuter. Don’t be demoralised.” Woojin patted your shoulder while grinning, before moving off to the other side of the shop. What he had assumed wasn’t exactly right and that was one of his dorky points, the appearance of his trait made you crush even harder on him.

It was tough to ignore Hyonju unnie’s surprised yet delighted expression and her constant teasing for the next few hours.

“Oh my god, stop it!” You hissed at her even though she hadn’t done or said anything.

Hyonju simply giggled, shrugging.

“The ball is in your court sis.”

The sun had barely risen over the horizon but you were already trudging in the direction of The Sugar Shaker. You squeezed your tired eyes shut, still groggy and half asleep. There was no real point in opening the shop at 8.30 in the morning, there were barely any customers. Perhaps the handful of high school students or kindergarten kids who had begged their parents to leave the house a little earlier to visit the candy shop. You really disliked this shift.

Part of the reason was that Woojin didn’t work this one with you but the later, afternoon one with the other pretty high school girl, Lisa. You couldn’t hold anything against her, she was a nice friend.

Ugh…Hyonju unnie is probably going to tease me all the way today, you complained internally as you approached the store. The neon light sign had yet to be switched on but the inside was already well lit. Puzzled, you slipped under the shutter, only to be blinded by the brightness.

Strange, unnie NEVER reaches before I do…ugh, what did she do?

You had to blink a couple times to allow your eyes to adjust to the new level of brightness.

“Unnie?” Your voice was still hoarse and not loud enough. “Unn-!”

Somehow, Hyonju had started unpacking today’s stock, random boxes were scattered everywhere and one of your characteristics of being clumsy clearly wasn’t helping. It didn’t hurt terribly but it sure ached when your back hit the cold marble floor.


Footsteps pattered in your direction frantically, Hyonju was probably shocked as well.

“Oh my god! Y/N! I’m so sorry!”

Wait what….



You looked up so abruptly that you bumped your head on the shelf above. Woojin cringed in pain on your behalf. He shot you an uneasy look, smiling nervously while offering his hand for you to take. You accepted it gratefully, despite the throbbing pain at the back of your head.

“Uhh, thanks,” you muttered, suddenly fully aware of your hand in his and the close proximity between the two of you. Woojin seemed to realise it to, he dropped your hand and took a step back, the tips of his ears reddening.

“Ahh, it’s my fault anyways, I don’t know what time you usually show up and figured you wouldn’t be here for awhile so I just left the place in a mess. I’m sorry, Y/N! Forgive me! I didn’t mean it!” He blabbered but seemed sincere about his apology. Woojin hung his head, pouting. It was an adorable sight to witness and you couldn’t help but stare at him. Firstly, his hair was rather messy, hidden underneath his red baseball cap, it seemed like he too hadn’t bothered to do this hair. Secondly, despite is cheery aura, there was a sense of sleepiness and comfort that lingered around him. Thirdly, his snaggletooth was the cutest thing you had ever seen.

I think I’ve mentioned the last one before…….

Then, it dawned on you, “Wait? Why are you even here?”

Your heart starting beating at an abnormally quick rate, butterflies seem to come alive in your stomach.


“Oh! Hyonju noona had a change in her college schedule, so, we swapped shifts. The two of us now have three shifts together!” Woojin explained rather excitedly, however, you saw that he was still awkwardly playing with his hands and avoiding eye contact. You bit your tongue to stop yourself from allowing a giggle to emit from you.

“Ohh, I see. Well…uh, I’m here now. Let’s start work!” You high-fived him, he responded enthusiastically, beaming.

Oh unnie, what am I going to do now?

Silently, you thank Hyonju unnie but also dreaded working another shift with just two people. It made you more prone to messing up in front of Woojin.

Your hands brushed off imaginary dirt from your clothes, pondering.

At least this gave you a bit more time to grow closer to Park Woojin.

From time to time, Woojin would give you an encouraging smile, silently cheering you even though it was just your job. When there was no customers patronising the shop, he ran next door to that uber cool cafe and bought smoothies for you and him. Both smoothies were of the same flavour because, “I didn’t know your favourite so I picked my favourite but wasn’t sure if you would like that either so I asked my good friend Jinyoung who works there to recommend a flavour and he said that strawberry is nice. I’ll take you there to personally choose what flavour you want next time”. You found that gesture incredibly sweet and kind, your cheeks nearly tinged as pink as your smoothie ( which Jinyoung did a great job on ).

When Lisa and Hyonjun arrived for their shift, Woojin helped you to pack your things and even carried your tote out. He wasn’t having any of your protests.

The machine beep in a friendly manner right after you swiped your employee pass through the scanner, signalling you had clocked out for the day. You spun round, nearly knocking into Woojin’s chest. Fortunately, he reached out and grabbed your forearms, steadying you in time.

“Woah, Y/N. You’re so clumsy today,” he teased light-heartedly, sticking his tongue out you.

Even at the very front of the shop, you could here Hyonju unnie’s excited screams and shipping.

“‘C'mon, since I’m seeing your face so much, we should get to know each other. What do you want for lunch? My treat.” There wasn’t time for you to object, he had already began searching the internet for good barbecue places nearby. “I know noona told me about your secret obsession with meat one day. I’m sorry I know, Y/N. It’s okay! I like meat alot too.”

You weren’t sure if it made you feel better or worse.

“Yah! Shouldn’t you say something? It’s so unladylike!” You wailed in embarrassment, covering your face with your hands. ( rip admin L at family dinners lolololol i eat so much )

“Ah! Stop covering your pretty face…oh hey, you have really soft hands,” Woojin murmured in amusement as he ran his hands over yours, that small action shot dozens of tingles down your spine and sparks ignited all over your body. Woojin made you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

“Ugh, but why would I have to say anything about that? Girls need to eat too. Besides, I don’t care if you aren’t ladylike, as long as you’re a lady I like.”

You punched his muscular shoulder, letting out a small squeal of surprise as he laughed, which sounded like music to your ears. He was so angelic.

You knew that sad truth that it was just a joke between coworkers, almost-friends but a part deep inside of you yearned for whatever Woojin had said to be about you. He was the perfect friend and a dream boyfriend.

I wish he was into me, but he deserves so much better.

“Y/N! Hurry up! The faster we get there, the more meat we can eat!”

Seeing Woojin had suddenly become a frequent thing. Saturday was your off day and you always went on an evening run around the neighbourhood, making sure to be back before dark. You unexpectedly bumped into Woojin, playing basketball at the park’s basketball court. He was together with a few other boys, some you recognised as seniors and some you had never seen before. It was nice to observe their game as you stretched and cooled down somewhat. Woojin finally spotted you, he waved, “Y/N! Hello!”

Smiling, you waved back but suddenly grew aware of the multiple pairs of curious eyes staring at you. You shifted your weight from foot to foot uncomfortably, under the gaze of Woojin’s friends.

Woojin approached you. “Hi,” he said.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

Well, he’s totally not playing basketball. Well done, Y/N.

“Oh! Uh, Guanlin…yeah that really tall guy…no not Daehwi…yeah, that guy, invited us out to practice with him and i don’t know why he’s nervous about tryouts for the competition team, he’s amazing! That guy is Jinyoung, the smoothie boy and Jaewhan hyung is the one wiping Jihoon’s face,” Woojin introduced, pointing at each boy respectively. “Hey, are you busy now? If not, join us. I-I think i-it will be fun! Like…more fun if you join us rather than now because…I’m rambling now aren’t I?” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

Omg stoppp it, you have no idea how hard I have fallen for you.

“Sure! Why not? Don’t you see me too much at work though?” You joked, setting your water bottle down next to his bag.

Woojin rolled his eyes. “This is summer, I didn’t intend my holidays to revolve around work. C'mon, just catch a break, it can’t hurt. Won’t I still be seeing you tomorrow?” He slung an arm around your shoulder like it was the most natural thing in the world but you could pretty much feel his nerves and awkwardness radiating off him.

You still hadn’t gotten over the fact how cute he was.

“Hey! Woojin, who’s this?” A friendly and kind looking boy asked as you approached, he smiled warmly at you. Was his name Daehwi? You supposed so.

Woojin waited till at least all of them were in earshot before speaking. “Hey guys, this is my… friend…and coworker! Uh, her name is Y/N,” he introduced hesitantly.

Various versions of ‘hello’ were chorused in response, all of them seemed welcoming.

“Oh, are you the Y/N who Woojin really can’t shut up about? He seems to really like being your friend,” Daehwi mentioned absent-mindedly, putting a finger to his lip.

There was an long pause, even the song of the crickets had become audible.

“Y/N, do you want to play with us? It’ll be exciting!” Jinyoung exclaimed, breaking the silence before bouncing the basketball a few times.

Seeing the hopeful look on Woojin’s face gave you the push to accept their offer. You smiled, nodding you head.

“Yay! Thanks Y/N!”

You felt you throat close and heart thud madly in your chest as Woojin wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Your back leaned against his defined chest as he hugged you. Because of the sudden action, your shirt had ridden up a tiny bit so Woojin’s arm brushed against your tummy, right above your belly button.

The reaction was immediate, electricity shot through your veins, you felt icy shivers slip down your spine, leaving a weirdly pleasant feeling.

Neither of you pulled away until Jaewhan coughed and once he thought you weren’t looking, glared at Woojin, who in turn, burned bright red.

There wasn’t anyone who was cuter than him.

The summer was coming to a close much faster than you anticipated, it was a bittersweet moment. You weren’t sure if you could manage classes AND a job, the will to try was there but really, it was a tall order.

However, you had grown a lot closer to Woojin and even expanded your circle of friends.

Hyonju unnie was constantly cheering you on.

Meeting with Woojin to hang out became an extremely frequent affair, your parents were beginning to get suspicious but you reassured them that he was just your good friend. That was not a lie either, Woojin had become one of your best friends. There wasn’t a day that he didn’t text you to make sure you were all right.

You genuinely wanted summer to last forever, it was such a shame that it was coming to a close so quickly. So, savouring your last few shifts, you often prolonged tasks, especially if it was the shift with Woojin and Hyonju.


Woojin’s voice shook you awake, it appeared that you were dozing off at the counter again. It was already 9.45pm, The Sugar Shaker would close in 15 minutes.

Woojin rubbed your back, tracing small circles comfortingly. “Ahh, go and rest. I’ll be with you soon okay? Let me close up first,” he said.

You flopped onto the small sofa in the break room, and considered it a luxury. Grateful that Woojin pretty much left all his hoodies here, you grabbed one and snuggled into it for comfort. You heard him sigh when he saw you.

“Y/N, oh my gosh. You’re so cute. You must be tired, do you want me to call a cab? We can crash at my place,” Woojin suggested, playing with your hair.

“Come and cuddle,” you mumbled, you had no shame right now. Besides, was it not natural for friends to cuddle?

“C-c-cuddle? Me? And… Y-You?” He stammered but didn’t complain when you held out your arms, in fact, he gladly obliged.

“Woojin,” you began, pondering if you should confess your feelings for him.

Whatever, YOLO amirite? ;)

“Yeah? You okay? Are you comfortable?”

“Mhmm yes. Thanks. Uh, uh….I just wanted to say that… you’re one of my best friends…”

Ugh! What an awful start!

“Oh…thanks…” Woojin shifted in discomfort.

“But I want us to be more than that. I like you. Date me. Now or never,” Mustering up the courage, you declared bravely.

It was like Woojin could not believe what he was hearing, he took a double take, staring blankly at you. “Wha-what? Re-really? Me? Date you? What?….Yes! Of course!”

Then, he leaned in and kissed you.

Not on the lips because he closed his eyes and missed but just at the corner of your mouth, you found it the perfect ‘first kiss’ spot.

Woojin’s eyes widened in horror. “I’m so sorry! I was aiming for your lips…no! I was going to kiss your cheek, not your lips! Not that I don’t want to kiss you on your lips but that-”

You cut him off with a giggle. “It’s okay, you can try again. I find your rambling adorable by the way.”

It seemed to give him a surge of confidence. Woojin smiled, he brought his lips closer to yours and cautiously pressed his to them.

You savoured every second, his lips were soft and velvety, just like you expected them to be.

When he pulled away, he pursed his lips together. “Mmhm, isn’t that the new green apple flavoured gummy?”

You blushed in embarrassment, refusing to admit you had nearly downed a whole packet of those. Of course you paid for it, with employee discount.

“Mhmm, it tastes good. Almost as sweet as you,” Woojin professed and nearly doubled over in laughter after.

The summer began with a new job, who knew it would end with a new relationship.

Tension - Johnny x Yuta Smut

Hello all!
It’s my first time writing smut and it’s boyxboy. I originally didn’t plan on ever doing smut, but my dear friend requested it so here it is. Just ignore this if you don’t like Johnny x Yuta ship.

Genre: Smut, Daddy kinks etc.
Word count: 1.6k
Pairing: Johnny x Yuta


No one could deny the undeniable tension between Johnny and Yuta. Just by looking at them, you could tell something was up, that there was sexual tension that lies whenever they’re close to each other. And that’s how Johnny found himself locking lips with Yuta as he unbuttons his long sleeve shirt.

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The Proposal - Part 4

Dean x Reader

[ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3]

Risking deportation since your Visa application has been denied, you blackmail Dean into marrying you. He’s not happy, at all.

Word count: 1500+

Tags: @kbrand0 @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic @getyourrocksalt @mrswhozeewhatsis @jordan0ella @dancingalone21 @thebunkerismyhome @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl @paint-the-town-black-in1967 @thisisthelilith @aristtewinchesterholmes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @jayhunter67 

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Imagine being on your period and Dean looking after you

Original Prompt: Hi! Can you please do an imagine where the reader is on her period and is basically acting like she’s dying and Dean is freaking out because he thinks she’s dying or something. So she tells him what’s wrong and he decides he’s gonna take care of her till it’s over. Just an over all really fluffy imagine :3 please?

TW: None

Authors note: I know I’m a horrible admin for taking this long and I’m super duper sorry but in the next week I’m planning to get another two up :) I’ve just started school holidays so whenever I’m free I’ll be working on those, please don’t stop sending in requests they inspire me to keep writing! And for the anon I hope this is okay - also feel free to message me if there is something you want me to change or any tips for my writing (constructive criticism not hate)


You woke up feeling like you had been shot in the abdomen, An enduring and sharp pain filled your body and you knew exactly what from. Well this is exactly what you needed the day of a hunt you had been looking forward to. You groaned in frustration and pain, got up from the comfort of the bed and made your way to the bathroom to clean yourself up a bit. You re-emerged soon after, still in your pajamaas but with a fresh pair of undies on.

The sound of Dean munching on what was probably the most sugary and diabetes inducing cereal in the other room lead you out there clutching your stomach in pain. You knew you were overreacting slightly compared to the injuries you sustained while hunting with the boys but your periods had been distinctively excruciating ever since you had hit puberty, sometimes it got so bad you couldn’t get out of bed for a whole day.

“What’s wrong with you?” Dean asked light heartedly with a mouth full of colourful sugar cereal, he had a joking tone and you just ignored him and went straight for the food. Periods meant business and your uterus knew what it wanted, generous amounts of sugar. You turned around to face Dean after fixing yourself a bowl of the same cereal that Dean was basically inhaling and you just knew today was going to be a long day.

Suddenly, another wave of agony was sent through your body and you doubled over clutching your tummy. Dean shot up, moving toward you with haste.

“(Y/N)! Talk to me! You okay??” He practically yelled in you face, You could only grimace and smile slightly at his freaking out over something that happens every month.

“I’m okay” You managed to say after the wave of pain was getting easier to endure.

“You don’t look okay” Dean’s forehead was knitted with worry “I think you should lay down, were you hurt in the last hunt? Why wouldn’t you tell me? Should I drive you to a hospital?” Dean had started rambling off crazy possibilities and ideas of how to treat you. You knew he wouldn’t let up unless you told him what was wrong.

“Dean calm down I can handle it” You started making your way over to the couch that was in the bunker and you settled down into its comfy upholstery “It’s just a period thing” You confessed, you hated talking with the Winchesters about anything like this, it just made you uncomfortable, Sam and Cas saw you as ‘one of the guys’, and even with that you weren’t sure that Cas even knew what a period was. The only person who could even have a chance of not making it awkward would be Dean.

Dean walked away and out of your sight, you assumed with sheer embarrassment of the situation. You focused on the old black and white movie that was playing on the television set and tried to just get through the day with deep breaths, movies and binge eating.

A minute later Dean re-emerged out of no where. He had a handful of different objects and you looked at him with what must have been a look of confusion because he started laying things out in front of you one by one and explaining.

“First present” Dean explained, he looked excited like a little boy who had saved up all his pocket money to buy his family gifts for Christmas for the first time and awaiting their faces as they opened them “Chocolate from my secret stash, no clarification needed but don’t tell Sam I have a secret stash” He grinned to himself and it couldn’t help but make you break out into a smile and giggle.

“Second present” He continued and pulled out the second object “Pain killers, again, fairly self explanatory”

“Third present” Dean smiled and showed the third object, a small hot water bottle that was covered in a bunny rabbit cover “Do not ask questions about why I own this I just do” He joked and handed you the hot water bottle to which you put on your belly and soothed it almost as if it had magic powers.

“So what’s the final present?” you smiled, noticing that he had ran out of objects but still was going with his cute little act for you.

“Why me of course!” He jumped in next to you on the couch and snuggled closely with you, his body warmth comforting you. “Did you really think I would leave you alone today?”

“But what about the hunt?” You asked Dean as we cuddled closely.

“Demons can wait, I’m not leaving you until it’s over” he hushed softly into your ear and you both stayed like that for the whole day.