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Rumple Outlines His Plan For Cruella and Ursula
  • Rumple:It's simple really: continue to repent your wicked ways, make friends, build relationships.
  • Cruella:Is that all?
  • Ursula:We said we changed. Is that really enough to convince them?
  • Rumple:Believe me, dearies, all you have to do is pay lip service to the idea of rehabilitation, never mind actually helping them the three times a day they come running into the shop, saving Charming's life without getting so much as a tip and oh yeah, actually dying to save their lives. Because if you did any of that and were enslaved by an evil witch, they would just leave you there to rot. Supposing they did, ever, actually bother to fight her, only after their son was taken, they would try to take away your revenge from you, so what would be the point?
  • Cruella:I feel as if we're missing some background.

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Would you mind giving me some advice. Recently my boyfriend has been saying in not as attractive as I was when we first started dating and that I've gained weight, but same with him. He doesn't look the same but I haven't said anything. Would you be able suggest some things I could do to help myself? I'm already trying to lose some weight and tone my body.

dump his sorry ass honestly he sounds like a major dick bag and you really dont need that in your life. 

Lose weight IF and only IF YOU WANT TO. Not because he thinks you aren’t as “good” as you were before, honestly fuck that. You’re so much better than that!

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As a white person trying to be supportive. What would be most helpful for black out day tomorrow 3/6? I feel like I should either reblog only posts and pictures by and about about black communities or just not post anything that day. But idk which.

The former is cool with me. ;) #solidarity

one of my favorite headcanons about solangelo is that jason bless his heart tries to play matchmaker and gives nico all these tips on wooing will and they end up failing miserably and once piper learns about it she’s mortified at how oblivious her boyfriend could be 

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Okay so I have been trying to lose weight and nothing is working. So I'm trying not not eat but it's so hard to. What should I do to help me not eat?

No you need to eat to live. You need to eat. If you want to lose weight then try a regular fitness routine, go jogging, do yoga, swim, anything active. And eat healthier. They’re the only ways you’re going to see healthy results xx


One of the things that REALLY pisses me off, and really should piss everyone off, is when people try do dress up body shaming behavior as complimentary, or a way to help and save others, or make them feel ‘better’ about themselves.

Fuck this ‘flattering’ idea. These companies (I’m looking at you, Marisota), say you can be accepted as a size 12 upwards, but only if you dress in a way to smooth your curves, hide your natural lumps and bumps, pull in your waist, lift your bum and flatter your figure i.e buy their products. This new advert for ‘Shapeology' shows middle aged Women being given a makeover and literally crying with joy because they have a new, flattering shape thanks to this store and their new selling technique.

Sorry, but, the company doesn’t care about being comfortable in your body, they don’t care about finding beauty in who you already are. They care about.. you guessed it, making money. They do this by inadvertently making you feel bad about yourselves; labeling the clothes as exclusively a size 12+ upwards, with the attached notion that you can’t possibly already feel good about yourself at this shape and size- and offering a hand of help. If you don’t already feel crappy about yourself when living in the b*llshit beauty standards of today, companies like this will subtly reinforce shame upon you, but then offer a solution by saying “But buy our clothes and get confidence, change your life, accept yourself” - BUT you must wear slimming clothes in order to do so. Seriously, companies like Special K and pretty much every magazine targeted at females are doing the exact same thing. Consider this before contributing their their products.

Fuck this idea that everyone should need to be smaller. Stop trying to confine Womens bodies to be less, to consume less space. Stop pushing the idea that by doing so, you will accept and feel good about yourself. Because it’s bullshit.

Simple little thoughts-

-First of all, considering all the Beth and Rick parallels, what if, when Beth comes back, she’s the one who kills Negan, just like Rick killed Gareth. Or at least helps significantly in the destruction of Negan and his whole group, perhaps from the inside…

I could totally see Beth and Dr. Edwards escaping Grady only to get themselves trapped with Negan’s group (or maybe that other scavenger group that’s present before Negan’s protagonist arc in the comics!), maybe Dr. Edwards somehow gets out first, probably with Beth’s help (mirroring Grady), and he finds Alexandria and recognizes Rick and the rest of the group. 

Then she becomes almost like this double agent type of character, helping from the inside (much to TF’s protest I would assume), while they are trying to destroy Negan from Alexandria. 

THAT would be badass.

-Secondly, I saw this post that says something about Sasha becoming the next Andrea in the group, and I think that totally might be true. In my opinion, I could never see Beth killing with a Sniper Rifle, It just doesn’t really fit her character. So, to have Sasha fill that role is completely possible. Besides, we already know that the writers have spread out the qualities of the comic!characters among the AMC characters in different ways, so there is still a really good chance that Beth could take the “survival of a bullet wound” arc from both or one of Andrea and Carl’s comic book counterparts. 

So as far as that goes, I wouldn’t be too worried, if anyone was that is. 

-Last but not least, I’d like to remind everyone not to freak out if we don’t see Beth in the next episode (if we do though, there’s gonna be a damn party with moonshine, strawberries and pigs-feet while we all raise our glasses for the beautiful Beth Greene). The “Bethfoot” photo was taken during the season finale (and a quick reminder that no one has said anything about it besides that it’s not Alexandra. Not a peep from Emily or any of the the producers and directors… Seems a little suspicious to me *grins like an idiot whilst winking like one too*) so don’t be discouraged!

Good things come to those who wait :)

(gif not mine, idk who made it but you are a GREAT gif maker and I love you ~<3)

Day 11. Today feels different. It feels peaceful. I woke up happy. I feel really good today and it’s a nice feeling. I’m really honored and so pleased to know me posting my daily journals is helping people. I’m always receiving messages from others telling me how happy they are to read these. People have told me I have inspired them to write their own daily journals. It makes me happy to get messages saying I’ve inspired people. I’ve only been doing this for a short while but I feel so grateful that I started this self rehabilitation. I’m feeling happier. Not all the time but more often. I’m really happy to know I’m helping others by helping myself. I’m going to try and eat today. I don’t want to but I know it will be good for my body. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and it’s helping me so much. I’m going to be at work all day so that’s bleh. But oh well. I’m almost done with Yugioh 5ds so I’m kind of sad. This series is helping me so much and I don’t want it to end.

So today I went back to the unit I used to be in to interview future staff nurses and thought I would share a little something.
I have been in camhs (a mental health service) for just over 6 years and I have only just realised how far I have come. At the end of last year I hit my lowest point and I honestly didn’t think I would have made it but I did. I was told today that early next year, after it’s been a year since I was discharged, I have a spot to spend some time in the hospital again but not as a patient, this time to learn how to be a support worker so eventually I can become a mental health nurse and help people like others helped me.
Anyway, I’m just trying to say that if you’re having a bad day/week/month/year/life things will eventually get better. I know it doesn’t feel that but it honestly will. I am now the happiest I have ever been. I am not recovered by any means, but I am getting there☺️
Also shout out to the 2 staff in the picture who helped me enormously.

Jonnor Drabble: Jude and Connor Have a Fight

Anon requested: Can you do a Jonnor one shot where Jude and Connor get into a huge fight and Connor really hurts Jude’s feelings? Can it also have a happy ending? (Btw I love your Jonnor one shots they are life) Thank you!

Jude and Connor Have a Fight:

Jude was trying to clean his room. Even though Connor was over, Stef and Lena insisted he tidy up. Connor was nice enough to help him. Connor was making Jude’s bed when he found a picture underneath the mattress. It was the picture of Jude and Callie’s mom, baby Jude, and little Callie. It was the only picture Jude had of his mom. Connor had never seen it.

“Is this you?” Connor asked looking at the picture.

Jude looked up from what he was doing. He quickly walked over to Connor to try and grab the picture. “Give it back.”

Connor held it out of Jude’s reach. “Is that your mom?”

“Yeah, now give it back.” He reached for it again.

Connor moved out the way. “Why is it under your bed?”

“Leave it alone. Just give me the picture.”

“Not until you tell me why it’s under your bed.”

“Connor, give it.”
“Tell me.”

“This isn’t funny!”


“Give it back!”


“I said give it back.”

Jude managed to grab it, but Connor had too tight of a grip on it. When Jude tried to pull it away, the picture ripped in half. The fighting stopped. Connor looked down at his half of the picture. He had never seen Jude look so angry. It was like he was going to explode.

“I didn’t mean to…” Connor tried to say.

“What did you do?!” Jude yelled, “That was the only picture I had of my mom and you ruined it!”

“I just wanted you to talk to me.”

“I told you to give me the picture back! I didn’t want to talk to you!”

“You never talk about your mom. All I know is that she’s dead.”

“That’s all you need to know! I hate you! You ruined my picture!” Jude grabbed the other half out of Connor’s hand. He pushed him out of the way and went to his drawer to try and find some tape. Connor got mad because Jude was mad. He didn’t understand why he was so angry at him when it wasn’t all his fault the picture got ripped.

“Fine! I don’t need to deal with a little bitch with Mommy issues! No wonder you don’t like girls.”

Jude looked back at Connor. It was like he had punched him. Connor instantly regretted what he said as soon as it left his mouth, but he couldn’t take it back. Tears welled up in Jude’s eyes. “Get out! Go home! I never want to talk to you again!”

“Fine!” Connor stormed out of Jude’s room, down the stairs, and out the front door. Angry tears fell down Jude’s face as he taped the picture back together.

Jude and Connor didn’t talk for a straight two weeks. They didn’t talk in the halls. At lunch, they sat at different tables. Jude did his homework after school instead of going to talk to Connor. Jude hated to admit he missed Connor and Connor felt the same way. But Connor had ruined Jude’s family picture, and Jude couldn’t just forgive him for that.

That Friday after school, Jude was sitting at the kitchen counter doing his homework. Lena was preparing dinner. Stef would be late due to work. The doorbell rang.

“Jude, honey, could you see who’s at the door?” Lena asked.

Jude put down his pencil and went to the door. He wasn’t expecting Connor to be looking back at him. He had a stuffed animal Pikachu in his arms. Jude told Lena it was Connor and that they were going onto the porch. Jude grabbed his jacket and closed the front door behind him.

He stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to apologize,” Connor said, “I bought you this as a peace offering.”

“Apologize for what? For ruining my picture? For calling me a little bitch with mommy issues?”

“I shouldn’t have said any of that. I didn’t mean it. I was just mad cause I didn’t get why you were mad. Why don’t you like to talk about your mom?”
“Cause I didn’t really know her. I was a kid when she died. I only have one picture of her cause when we got put in the system, all the other ones got lost.”

“I didn’t mean to call you a little bitch or rip your picture. I should have just given you the picture back when you told me.”

“Yeah, you should have.”

“So are we friends again?” Connor held up the Pikachu. “If you say no, Pikachu will be sad.”

Jude tried to keep a straight face, but the comment made him laugh. He took the stuffed animal from Connor. “You’re such a moron. Wanna eat dinner with us? One of my moms is working late so we have an extra space.”


They smiled at each other. Jude opened the front door and Connor followed him inside.

important announcement

((this is about the management of the blog, and the potato behind the blog

for some who didn’t know, I’m in a full therapy to get back into life after a very hard living time I used to have a few years back, something which pretty much fucked me up hard and since then, it has been hard for me to be part of the society again.

so after talking with my psy about how the net wasn’t helping me for various personal reasons, we determined it was probably best to greatly diminish my time on it

basically, from now on I’ll reply to people only once every two days. I might cut a few threads (if I find the courage to do it DX) and focus on a few ones. I’ll porbably be slower, depending of the number of threads I have

so I guess if you can, wish me good luck? time for me to try to get back into society, its gonna be one hell of a hard time, one hell of a challenge, and I’ll probably cry a lot, but hopefully things will get better

thanks for understanding ;v; I love you all 

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hi hi! im wondering how you do astral projection exactly? ive been trying and i cant seem to do it :/

I found THIS extremely helpful. I would suggest not to do it in the mornings if you find it hard to concentrate when you just wake up. Do it at night before bed! c:

Basically try this, only when you leave your body, you wont be human, you’ll most likely be your kintype. I recommend playing some calming music aswell, it can help you concentrate. Just play it quietly in the background uvu

Make sure you drink water afterwards too, especially if you’ve done some running/flying in the astral plane.

Keep trying!! I know you can get it 8D

Knowledge is Power! SMWW Dates Update

Morning SMWW fans! Well if your like me on the East Coast or basicly anywhere in the US you have been dealing with this unruly winter weather, Will DC Comics has too. Not only are they trying to move their whole operation from the East Coast to West but the weather probably is helping them too much either. Lord help the person who loses one piece of DC’s priceless collection during this move… I feel they won’t make it… hehe… Also remember artists have to mail to inkers, inkers to print and print to comic book shops and retailers. So its a long chain of place our comic books travel before the get into our hands. 

 So because of the weather and the move DC has pushed back several of its titles dates including SMWW related material. So let’s show DC how fans behave when unpleasant things mess up our comics. 

1)Keep calm and don’t panic- ranting and raving isn’t going to make them come any faster, so why waste time being grumpy?

3)Remember things happen beyond DC and our control, mother nature will just laugh and make it snow some more (I love snow it I need the sun and 65 degrees)

4)Know good things come to those who wait, more time means they will have more time to prefect their work 

5)Be excited for what is coming! 

These are the new dates as of now. These are subject to change but this is what we know as of now.

Justice League L-3/11 

Superman-3/11? or 3/18? 

Action Comic-3/11 

Wonder Woman-3/25 

Superman/Wonder Woman-4/1 

Wonder Woman Annual-June

Keep Calm and love Superman and Wonder Woman

Today when I was coming in to work I pressed the buzzer at the back door of the stockroom to get someone to come let me in. Apparently everyone that was working was on cash at the time, which I didn’t know, so I pressed the buzzer again after waiting a minute or two for someone to come.

A customer came walking up to the stockroom door, looked at the ‘Employees Only’ sign, and then walked into the stockroom to find out where this buzzing noise was coming from. He looked around saying ‘Hello? Hellooo?’ for two minutes before leaving.

I mean thanks for coming to maybe try and help, but you’re not supposed to be back here, and the door is locked and needs a key to open, which you don’t have.

(I would have told him he wasn’t allowed back there but the door is really hard to hear through and really the sign should have been enough).

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I just realised i might be a racist :( at the beginning it was okay with 'blackout', but later i was nervous that i saw only black people on my dashboard and i started to think 'wtf show me white people too!!!' omg what should i do? i don't want to be like this! i've never thought i might be a racist!!!! i live in a country where there's NO black people! I mean, in Poland. We're totally NOT multicultural! but i was trying not to be a racist..... omg i'm worried and help me omg

you’ve been brought up in a white culture and what you just said is internalized racism. the lack of multiple cultures have shaped your outlook on other cultures and people and i understand where you’re coming from because my family is from ukraine and my parents do the same thing. its something that you’ll have to unlearn and realize that there are more diverse and incredible cultures. i think you should be glad to be on tumblr where you’re exposed to so many beautiful black faces and a variety of cultures. look at it as a learning experience too

S/o to all the acne products that I have used and that haven’t worked at all. :/ I am kinda giving up on this. The more I try to get rid of this shit, the more my face breaks out. After I turned 18, my face decided to act dumb and break out like crazy. Oh well! If you’re going through this, just stay positive!

Acne doesn’t only leave physical scars but emotional ones as well. Just think of this as a thing that will help you grow(or be mature and not make fun of people who go through this). I don’t know if that makes sense.

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Ok so I started watching RWBY on Netflix and there are only two super long episodes and I'm seeing things that were not in them(I know that they put them on there, like, mushed a lot of episodes together) and I know that the hiatus is still like 150+ days away:( but irk if some new episodes or whatever they call them are out yet that are after the 2nd long one of Netflix

(Mod: I’m afraid I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say, anon. Could you rephrase what you’re trying to ask me so that I can help?)