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I get so sad because at some point Mrs. Weasley berates Fred and George for only getting three OWLs each or for having no ambition when they actually have a ton of ambition and are actually very smart. Sure they only got three OWLs, but does no one realize they designed everything in their Joke Shop? They’re the ones who had to figure out how much ingredients to use, which spells will work for transformations, how to even get these ingredients. The only reason they didn’t study or try much was because they knew what they wanted. Fred and George worked so hard to accomplish their dream and their parents just told them they needed to work hard at school, that their dream was only a fantasy. But Fred and George proved everyone wrong, with some help from Harry, and showed everyone that once you’re committed to something, you can accomplish anything. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were proud their sons didn’t listen to them when the Shop finally happened. 

I know I'm not the only one

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She hit her hands against his chest, sobbing. She finally got out of his grasp but fell back against the door. In her mind, he had shoved her. Her eyes widened and she straightened up. “I’ve been so good to you, I don’t deserve this. You are exactly like your father!”

Dean’s breath hitched. He’d been trying to help her up but then he stopped when she said that. “I’m… What?” he asked in a quiet but shaking voice.

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Could I please get sleep and quirk headcannons for Ichigo? :) (sorry if the requests are closed, I was unsure if you were still doing these or not)

Ichigo Kurosaki:

☾ - sleep headcanon

It takes Ichigo forever to go to sleep, he usually just lays in the bed and thinks about all the things he done that day (savings lifes and killings hollows), and if he has a lover he will call them and talk to them till he falls asleep.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon


Yesterday I mailed ABCFamily about the possibility of watching Shadowhunters legally when it airs in Januari for non-american fans. This was the responds I got. 

Jun 30, 11:48 AM

Hi ABC viewer,

Thanks for contacting WATCH ABC Customer Care. I see that you are in Europe and you would like to have access to WATCH ABC to view Shadowhunters. I’m happy to help you.

As you know, WATCH ABC is only available if you’re accessing the site from within the U.S. or its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands). Unfortunately we do not have information on the possibility of viewing and supporting Shadowhunters in Europe. I think your best bet would be to encourage TV channels in your area to try to get the rights to broadcast the show by calling them or through social media. I would love for you to be able to watch the series but I just don’t have enough information to be able to help you. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Please reply to this message if you have additional questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Looks like for Non-European fans, as of yet, there will be no legal way to see this show, nor to have our views counted with ratings. This means that the success of the show will depend solely on the American fans. (as with most shows, even if they do well aboard)
I have been told that Netflix tends to upload AbcFamily shows once the season is over, but otherwise you have been adviced as mentioned above to ask your own Tv channels to buy this show, which usually means a delay as well, but you would be able to watch it on your own telly, instead of having to pay extra for a netflix account. 
They could still decide to open the show up for non-american fans, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. 


Hi everybody! As a few of my friend may know, I’m (hopefully) going to school in the fall to study law. the thing is, I’ve been laid off of my job part time and I could really use the money to help out with food & textbooks! Im not a super incredible artist of anything & I can only work in traditional because I don’t have a computer, but I can try my best. I’ll even mail you a frickin’ painting if i have to! I will do:
-fan art
-body horror
Won’t do:
-porn (I’m underage)
-explicit gore
Prices are pay what you want, with the exception of paintings are understandably going to cost more for supplies/mailing fees. Anyone who is interested or wants to see any other examples of some of my work can reach me here at my tumblr, or carefulmakingwishesinthedark@gmail.com for inquiries.
You don’t have to commission, but I’d SUPER appreciate if I could get the word out; any bit of money helps.


IMAGINE being the one to help Lydia overcome her fears about being a banshee.

Requested by anonymous.

- - - - -

“I’m a freak.” Lydia muttered, trying to appear nonchalant. The only indication of how scared she actually was could be seen in the faint shaking of her hands. You grasped them tightly in your own, smiling at her.

“What’s so bad about being a freak? The other option is being ordinary.” You teased, making a small smile edge onto her face.

“I know, it’s just…” Lydia sighed. You pulled her into a tight hug.

“Freak or not, I’m not going anywhere. You don’t have to go through this alone.” You promised. Lydia hugged you back, the tension in her shoulders slowly fading.

Ok so far the only thing ive seen on the update is either people trying to defend vriska (??????) or drag her

All i saw in the update was Vriska being horrible. She took everything (Vriska) was proud of and destroyed it. Meenah did nothing to help. Vriska made her cry. She took someone’s personal achievements and made them meaningless. Never before have i seen such a toxic character.

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I'm a beginner, having shot only 4 rolls of film so far (looooove it). I have a Nikon FM2 and based on the film I've developed I've noticed that I'm unable to capture movement without having a blur. Does this have to do with the camera type I have / is there any way I can counter this?

Hi! Most likely you are shooting at a shutter speed that is too low… For motion shots, try a minimum of 1/500 and even higher if the available light permits, that should help!

So to my European followers out there:
I’m hearing ur having a heat wave with temperatures ranging between 87-98 degrees Farenheit (31-37 degrees Celsius, I think???). These are pretty normal temperatures where I live, but of course you guys are not only not used to this but it’s also been brought to my attention a lot of u don’t have ac. I wanted to give some advice, if I could. Some of these might seem obvious but plz bare with me, I’m just trying to help. These are tips from someone with lots of personal experience in 100+ F (that’s 38+ degrees in Celsius) weather so I promise it works.
-you got fans? Like tiny battery powered fans? Or maybe office fans? You might not have them but you can order them online and they are MAGICAL on hot days.
-soak a rag or towel in cold water and wring it out just enough that it’s not dripping all over the place. Put it around ur neck, also it couldn’t hurt to wrap some around ur wrists. We do this a lot during outdoor summer sports when the heat’s at its worst.
-DONT DUNK UR WHOLE BODY IN COLD WATER IMMEDIATELY! Ease it in if u wanna submerge in cold water. Especially if ur body’s overheated. If u dunk it all in all at once u can send urself into shock which is super bad for u and may even end in death.
That’s all the emergency heat stuff I can think of for now, I might update later if I remember anything. Please stay safe guys, ilysm!!!! Hopefully it will pass soon…


Recently I’ve been having some pretty bad financial trouble, so I’m going to be doing commissions to try and help make ends meet (and feed my precious baby cat, Mordecai)! These commissions will be on a first-come, first-served basis and I’ll start off with only having three slots open and we’ll see how that goes, in order to know as soon as new commission slots are open, feel free to follow me!

If you are interested in something that isn’t listed here or anything extra special, then send me an ask or fanmail to talk about your idea and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

See this x-ray of some jacked up wisdom teeth? That’s my jacked up wisdom teeth!

These suckers need to be taken out! Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover it. That’s right, both my medical and dental insurance will not pay for this surgery. Even if it were covered, the cost would only go against my stupidly high deductible and I’d be left trying to figure out how to pay for it.

That’s where you can help!

I have created an IndieGoGo Life fundraiser for the amount needed for the surgery. I would be extremely appreciative if you could donate even a small amount, or just share this to spread the word! Every dollar makes a difference.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post and sharing it! For those that can donate, I really, truly appreciate it.

I was freaking out

(no surprise there)

and trying to explain to my dad how I feel absolutely helpless, how I don’t think I am capable of supporting myself and making it on my own, on moving into my own place, on finding a healthy partnership, etc.

He took it very personally and attacked instead of giving me the emotional support that I so desperately need.

“You’re lazy! Useless!”

I told him that I need help, therapy, and he attacked instead of listened. 

I’m tired of being told that I just need to focus on the positive. I’m tired of having my depression and anxiety brushed off by my family as me just being too negative or irrational.

I’m tired of not having a support system. How do you make strong friendships? How do you develop healthy relationships? How do you not scare people away when you’re only trying to establish an open and honest discussion about your demons? I’m trying to be vulnerable with another human being but I only ever feel judged and taken advantage of.

How do I get better? I know there is a problem but I cannot for the life of me, figure out the solution.

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So I've been trying to come out to my parents but I'm so scared they'll dismiss me or think that pansexuality is an illegitimate sexuality and that is my worst fear could you give me any advice?? Thank you so much xx

It’s going to be okay. I think that that’s at least one of everyone’s worst fear upon coming out especially as pan. You really never know what their reaction will be until you either bring it up somehow or fully come out. The only thing you can do is when you do come out try to help them understand that pan is a legitimate orientation and something that needs to be taken seriously and not just brushed off.

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Im trying to move on from someone and I want to know how to fully love myself. Please please help

You’ll never get over your ex until you stop watching his social networks. Delete him from your networks, the pictures, the texts, and never talk about him in any conversation. The memories of him are pleasant experiences with love. And they should be remembered as such. Memories that love exists and you know what it feels like. This doesn’t mean he’s the only one you’ll have it with. It just means you know what love feels like. Love was kind enough to allow you to experience it’s grace. Because if you never had this experience you would be crying that you’ve never felt love with anyone. You have. Now what? You use the love you were given and you spread it with others. Just because one chapter ends doesn’t mean the entire book is complete baby girl. Furthermore you are a representation of what you believe yourself to be. Meaning if you believe you’re ugly & stupid, you will in fact be ugly & stupid. There’s power in what you believe to be true. Because you will mold your life around this belief. So you are in fact creating this environment in which you’re unlovable & unattractive. It’s important to understand this because you know how your reality works. You are the conductor and your the one whom sets the tone for your reality. With that being said, nothing will change until you say something positive about yourself. Think about it, you want to be positive yet the voices in your head tell your negative things. Do something for me, sing your favorite song line in your head. You will notice that it takes a conscious effort to do this. Now ask yourself why doesn’t it take effort when you hear those voices? Because they aren’t of you, that is the simple logical answer. So you must keep in mind something out there wants you to be defeated and you must fight back. Every morning you wake up tell yourself, “I’m beautiful, I’m sexy, I’m confident, I’m amazing, I’m lovable, I will be loved, and I am a motherfucking Goddess.” You need to say this every chance you have. Don’t just say it believe it. Counter every negative comment it comes into your head with a positive comment. Self love is a battle. It’s a battle you have to fight every single day. Furthermore once you notice this self love come to fruition you will notice more people will desire this light you’ve obtained.. 

Just a thought.

Here’s why we think fat shaming is okay:

Because we think everyone who is fat can “just fix it.”

We think that all fat people are just plain lazy, need to work out more, need to eat less, need to just fix it.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not always that easy. I speak as somebody who’s mother died in November, 2013 of complications related to Type 2 Diabetes.

I spent my entire childhood watching her try every gorrammed thing to lose weight.

She had back problems, which restricted her ability to exercise. She had some success with weight watchers, but it only helped so much. Her weight exacerbated her back problems (which were caused by incorrectly lifting something originally).

So I know personally and intimately, despite the fact that I am a “healthy” weight myself, that it is not always that easy.

I have more than one friend who has had to resort to weight loss surgery. In one case it was the same thing - back and neck problems that made it hard to exercise then their weight went up and made them worse.

Now, I’m all for encouraging a friend who is trying to lose weight and needs the help.

But please stop assuming that every fat person out there is lazy. They could be disabled. They could be desperately trying to find a medication to fix some other problem that doesn’t have weight gain as a side effect.

(And yes, I’m okay with people being okay with themselves at any weight - it’s their choice, after all. But they’re now discovering that being okay with yourself actually helps you lose weight. Funny, that).

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(Going with that cracked mute Dan idea) Arin tries to help Kevin use his healing powers on Dan because "You'll do it for him, because I know you can, you'll hear his voice sing, but only if, you do it for him." And a whole song about Dan and Dan walks in on it and he cries silent tears and then Arin and Kevin and trying to coax out Kevin's powers with the song and it works when he finally cries as Dan hugs him and tries to tell him "it's okay if you can't heal me." (#sorrynotsorry)


Recovery isn’t easy but it’s possible! We must fight! Always! Give up it’s not a choice anymore!
Heart failing became a big problem to me, a consequence of too many panic attacks and my ed. Don’t eat all day and then go practice made it a lot worse, such as, force multiple times the vomit, all the pills I need to take, control panic attacks, being with all body contracted to try look skinny and the list goes on and on…
Pls fight! Recover! Not only for others but for you!! I promise you deserve being happy again and you are worthy it!!
If you ever need to vent, a friend, talk or a simple opinion, help, anything I’m here for you!!

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I'm wondering, could these nut jobs be calling hotels and trying to invade peoples personal privacy? I 'm concerned about their sanity if their whole life's pursuits is stalking actors instead of just enjoying a good romantic couple and dreaming of what could be like normal people do. Perhaps this Purv character can have her friend give her a quick analysis and perhaps prescribe her some meds? Might help with her obsession and anger issues as well. Just a suggestion.

Lucy is only equipped to analyze the famous from afar.  Not the infamous.


Hey guys! So I’m trying to earn money but I’m having a hard time finding a job. So I thought that an art sale would help. Usually a full body character would be $26 so I’m dropping my prices a ton for this. 

SLOT 1. Taken

SLOT 2. Taken





If you are interested message me OR email me at freak4hp@gmail.com

I only accept PayPal.

If you have any questions just message me and ask.

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I think this is probably stupid but there's nothing for pansexuals in LGBT

i agree very much so to some extent, people who support the LGBTQ+ community need to be educated on the variant of sexualities etc inside of the community, many people may associate bisexuality with pansexuality which is completely wrong!!! it seems as if that pansexuality is not as focused or deemed as important as many other classifications in the community because many people believe that it is associated with bisexuality! i have made a few posts and presentations in class about pansexuality, how to classify it and how everyone can help (even in small ways) try to give pansexuality a voice in not only the LGBTQ+ community but also the entire social structure! and i believe that education is key, it is needed to make people aware of pansexuality and the community as a whole! I Believe there needs to be a higher promoted support line for pansexuality and lgbtq+ as a whole and also funded campaigns not only to distinguish sexuality and gender but also including pansexuality giving it the recognition it deserves and making people aware, so they do not mis interpret the sexuality !!! i have also been starting to organise an lgbtq+ group with people that live near me!! which will include in depth education on pansexuality etc!! i really hoped this has helped u, have a lovely day