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Let’s talk about this moment right here for a moment, shall we? Here is the Beast, who has just been beaten, hit over the head, and shot three times at close-range. He is about to die and he knows it, and yet what matters to him? That Belle came back. She came back

Watch the movie closely and you’ll see that the Beast-Adam-has lost everyone he loved throughout his life. His mother died when he was a child, a crippling blow. His father abused him. The staff stood by and let it happen, effectively choosing their jobs over the well-being of the child they had known from birth. And Adam has accepted that he is unlovable, and reacted to it accordingly: he says for himself, in Evermore, “I never needed anybody in my life.” That is an unhealthy reaction to everyone around him telling him he’s not good enough for them. Furthermore, at the ball where Agathe cursed him, we see everyone hauling off and abandoning him to his fate. They left him alone, and the only reason the servants stayed is because they had to. 

The movie makes it pretty clear that Adam does not believe the curse will be broken. He says, again and again, that Belle “will never love me”. Even when he loves her enough to let her go, he does not believe that she will ever come back. He believes Gaston when he says that Belle sent him. The chase across the turrets really gets me, because Adam is trying to get away from Gaston, but not to safety: he could easily have slid down one of the turrets and angled for an open window. Instead we see him trying to climb up one of the turrets, away from any sensible platform or window. 

I think he was going to jump off. Better die by his own hand than be hunted like an animal.

And then Belle comes back, and he immediately forgets everything else in his rush to get to her. He even lets Gaston go, because “I am not a beast” (which I love. I love that he rejects the label they’ve all put on him.) And then of course Gaston shoots him in the back. Those are killing shots; if this wasn’t a Disney movie there would have been a ton more blood. But what does he say? Not “I don’t want to die”, not “help me”, but “You came back”. Because that is all that matters to Adam in that moment. Belle is the first person to ever come back after leaving him, and he cannot get over it. 

And that friggin breaks my heart.

           - Part V

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 747
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Y/N and Kai got into his car. He pulled her seat belt for her seeing how she had no reaction whatsoever.  Only thing she did was stare out the front car window , tears silently rolling down her cheeks.
“We are going to rescue your mother.” Kai sighed , as they drove down the road. “I’ll do everything I can to make this happen , I promise.”
Y/N turned towards him ,reaching for his hand. “T-thank you.” she said quietly.
It took them nearly half an hour to get there. Kai parked the car almost a kilometre away from the house. He helped her get out , worried she might faint or something. All colour had been drained from her face. He wrapped his hand around her waist and was just about to cloak them when suddenly Caroline flashed in front of them.
“I though I told you to stay home and not go anywhere.” she crossed her hands starring accusatory at Kai.
“I tried. She wouldn’t listen… just like her mother , Y/N is ready to leap into danger for the people she loves.” Kai sighed.
“D-don’t be mad at him.” Y/N said quietly. “She is my mom. I have to try and do something to save her. Maybe if I talk to Klaus … he will let her go. I …”
Y/N suddenly broke into tears again and Kai pulled her close , allowing her to bury her face in his chest.
“Where is Bonnie?” he whispered. Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned his head coming face to face with Bon Bon. “Oh hello. Long time. Please don’t kill me , we are on the same side now…”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “You are not on my list today….and you brought her?! Have you lost your mind ?!”
There it was again. Everyone acting as if Y/N was a porcelain doll or something. Her entire life had been like this starting since that time she and Matt’s daughter fought and Y/N fell to the ground with a bleeding wound on her forehead.
“We are wasting time.” she said wiping tears away from her face. “Let’s go.”
Y/N pulled away from Kai and headed towards the house , walking angrily and so fast for a moment Kai wondered if somehow she had gotten vampire speed. Then he caught up with her , grabbing her hand.
“Slow down princess.” he said smiling. “Invisique. There , now we can go.”
Kai wanted to save Elena , not because he liked her. Part of him still held a grudge for what she and her friends did to him - first ditching him in 1903 , then Damon killing him , locking him away again … No , he wanted to save her because of Y/N.  He couldn’t stand to see the girl he loved like that - tears in her eyes , looking broken as if someone had crushed her inside and out.
Caroline rushed towards them just as they disappeared. “I hate it when he does that.” she muttered under her breath. “Okay. Listen to me - I’ll distract , you rescue.”
Kai nodded at her , realising too late she couldn’t see or hear them. Bonnie walked a few steps behind them. As they neared the house , he used his vampire hearing to listen in. Klaus was talking with someone on the phone , a girl and then there was the unmistakable sound of blood dripping into a puddle … or a blood bag. Kai hoped it was a blood bag. He swallowed hard imagining how crushed Y/N would be if they find her mother in a pool of her own blood.
The closer they got the clearer the smell of blood became to him. He glanced at Y/N who had calmed down and now there was only determination on her face. She turned towards him and gave him a small smile before stopping a hundred meters away from the house.
“When we get there … I want you to lift the cloaking spell off me.” she said. Kai started to protest but she shushed him pressing her finger on his lips. “I want my mother to see that I am there… and maybe it would create a distraction allowing you to rescue her. You have to get her to safety. Promise me.”
Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek. “I’ll lift the spell , but you are my priority. I’ll do whatever it takes to save your mother , but that doesn’t mean I will leave you unprotected near that hybrid. You mean everything to me .. and I don’t want to lose you.”
“Promise me.” she insisted.
Kai sighed. “I promise.”
Y/N smiled at him , stretching her hand to cup his face before kissing him gently.
“I love you. Whatever happens , I love you. Don’t you ever forget it.” she said.
“I love you too sweetheart… but nothing is going to happen.” he said reassuringly , taking her hand in his.
Caroline got to the house first , by the looks of it she had tried to reason with Klaus which had ended up turning into an argument. He wasn’t sure if that was a part of her distraction strategy or not but he took advantage of it. Bonnie walked into the house before them and soon after Klaus screamed out in pain. Kai did as Y/N asked and uncloaked her , he sniffed the air  pulling her behind him as they walked into one of the rooms on the first floor , not too far from where Caroline and Bonnie were dealing with Klaus.
Y/N’s eyes widened when she saw her mother tied to a chair , needle and tubes connected to both her hands draining her out of her blood. Elena’s head had drooped to the side but she was still conscious.
“Y/N …? Wh-what are … you d-doing … here?” said Elena weakly.
Her daughter knelt next to her , swiftly pulling the needles out.
“Rescuing you , of course.” she said. “What ? Did you think I’d listen and stay hidden somewhere ? Kai , help me get her up.”
Kai uncloaked himself , pulling one of Elena’s arms around his shoulder while her other arm was wrapped around Y/N’s.
“Y-you promi-sed …to keep her save.” Elena muttered turning towards Kai. “Why would y-you -”
In that moment Klaus showed up into the room , vamp - running to Y/N , wrapping his hands around her neck from behind. Kai hadn’t even realised Caroline and Bonnie’s voices had disappeared. The hybrid’s eyes burned with anger.
“Ahhh , if it isn’t the rescue party 2.0. Here is what’s going to happen.” he said. “You are going to leave Elena here , or I am going to kill both of you… I’ll start with her. I’ll kill her in front of you and then I’ll rip your heart out for meddling into things that do not concern you.”
“You have more than enough to create your stupid hybrid army.” Y/N said struggling to breath. “Let her go.”
Klaus laughed under his breath. “Not even close , sweetheart.” he waited for a moment to see if they’d do as he asked , realising things weren’t going to go his way.“So , we are going to do this the hard way then. Fantastic.” he grinned at Kai who couldn’t tear his eyes away from Y/N. “Sorry love , it’s nothing personal…” Klaus whispered in her ear.
Kai smiled at the ground for a moment then lifted his eyes , nothing but fury in them. He pressed his lips into a thin line and raised his hand.
Motus.” he muttered and Klaus went flying away from Y/N , hitting the wall. Kai held a magic grip on Klaus’ neck chocking him. “You should’ve never laid a finger on her.”
“I will rip your throat you !” Klaus hissed , pointlessly trying to fight off the magic grip on his neck. However strong he was , there was one thing he couldn’t do - fight off magic.
“No. You are not. ” Kai said , snapping Klaus’ neck , his body falling on the ground.
Y/N ran into Kai’s arms hugging him like never before.  For a moment she had thought this was it, the end of the line for her. Kai turned towards Elena who’s eyes had started rolling in their sockets.
“As I promised , I will protect Y/N with my life. Always.” Kai said groaning a little as they dragged Elena’s body out of the house. “She is a lot more like you than I thought. Reckless , fearless … ready to sacrifice herself for the people she loves.Kind of makes me love her more for it.”
Y/N’s cheeks flushed and she wasn’t sure if it was because of her mother’s weight on her shoulders or because of Kai’s words.
“Can we … talk about this later ?” she said nearly out of breath.
Invisique.” Kai whispered. “There , we can talk about it now…” he laughed.
“Shut up.” Y/N said with a smile.
They walked for a few more minutes before Kai realised Elena had become unconscious. He stopped for a moment listening to her heart beat , a worried look on his face. He noticed Y/N looking at him with a puzzled expression. Quickly he bit his wrist forcing his blood down Elena’s throat in hopes it would heal her.
The second he did that Y/N knew something had gone wrong.
“Kai …” she said , fear in her voice. “.. what’s happening ?”
“Her heart beat is too weak … I don’t know if -” in that moment Elena started puking his blood. “Damn it.” he muttered.
“What the … ?! … The cure.” Y/N whispered realising what was happening. Vampire blood couldn’t heal her mother. “Can you carry her ? I’ll try and catch up with you. We need to drive her to the hospital. Now.”
Kai sighed and in a swift motion lifted up Elena’s body in his arms.
He ran in vampire speed while Y/N ran as fast as she could towards the car , getting into the passenger seat quickly and pulling out her phone to call her dad and text Caroline.

Damon met them at the hospital , Caroline arriving almost half hour later with Bonnie , who was laying unconscious in a bed near Elena’s hospital room. Klaus had knocked her out and she wasn’t waking up. Caroline had fed her vampire blood and compelled the doctors to do what was necessary and Kai had compelled the doctors to do whatever they could to help Elena , meanwhile he used magic to help … except there was no spell to help with this. All he could do was delay the inevitable. He couldn’t bring himself to tell Y/N that , but he had to tell Damon so he pulled him aside for a few moments while Caroline watched over Y/N.
“Hey um … listen.. There is something you need to know.” said Kai nervously glancing at his girlfriend. He could tell Caroline was listening in on their conversation. “When we found Elena there were nearly 4 pines with blood. Klaus must’ve had things ready from earlier or someone’s help.”
“So ? She will be fine. They will do a blood infusion and Elena will recover.” said Damon , but there was something in his voice like he already knew what Kai was going to say.
“I um .. I don’t think it’s going to work.” he said quietly. “Her heart beat is so weak , I tried healing her with vampire blood but it didn’t work because of -”
“- the cure.”
“Yes… I am doing my best here, trying to keep her alive long enough for you to say your goodbyes… but even magic is not strong enough to pull her back this time.” Kai’s gaze dropped to the ground. “I … I don’t know h-how to tell her.” He glanced at Y/N. Caroline’s eyes met his for a moment , tears glistening in her eyes.
Damon put his hand on Kai’s shoulder.
“Look … twirp.” he said with a slight smile. “Thank you ..for saving Elena and for keeping Y/N safe…and for doing whatever it is you are doing right now to help… I never thought I’d say this in my life.” he paused for a moment glancing at his daughter. “You don’t have to tell her… I will. It will be better this way.”
Kai nodded and went by Y/N’s side.
“Hey..” he said softly.
Caroline glanced at him and he shook his head. She forced a smile on her face and went to talk to Damon , walking into Elena’s room with him.
“What did you talk with my dad about ?” Y/N asked curious.
“Um , he’ll tell you. I am sure.” Kai managed a small smile. “Do you want something from the vending machine or coffee ? Anything ?”
Y/N sighed. “I want my mom to wake up , thats all.” she said.
Kai caressed her face before kissing her forehead. “Well , I’ll go get you chocolate and coffee anyways. Trust me , you will want those.”

After Kai left Y/N went to her mother’s hospital room , leaning against the door frame. Her godmother and Damon glanced at her , tears in their eyes.
“Hey kiddo.” said Damon. “You OK?”
Y/N nodded and stepped inside , her father pulling her into a hug as a few tears rolled down her cheek.
“Listen … there is something I have to tell you.” her father trailed off. “It’s about Elena… the um … the doctors don’t think she’d make it.”
She pulled away from her father with a shocked look on her face and fear in her eyes , glancing at her mother then at Caroline.
“What about Kai ? Maybe he can -”
“No.” said her godmother , rubbing her back gently. “He is already doing what he can , but … things are not looking good.”
“Oh my God…” Y/N whispered , breaking into tears again. Kai showed up at the door with the chocolate bar and the coffee. He sighed tilting his head slightly. They had told her.  For a moment it appeared she might drop to the floor and Kai vamp - ran towards her , helping her sit on the chair next to her mother. She reached for the chocolate bar in Kai’s hands. “Thanks.”

* a few hours later *
Y/N sat on one side of Elena’s hospital bed holding her mother’s hand , while her father sat on a chair on the other. Kai stood awkwardly in the corner for a while before she reached her hand for his , until he wrapped his hands around her.
“Hey…” Elena blinked a few times looking at her daughter and Kai.
“Mom !” Y/N smiled, tears glistening in her eyes. “Thank God.”
Elena managed a small smile and turned to the other side reaching her hand to touch Damon’s face.
“You are all here.” she said.
“Always.” said Damon , gently kissing her forehead. “How are you feeling?”
Damon smiled at his wife.
“Thank y-you.” said Elena reaching for Kai’s hand. “I didn’t see it be-fore. Now I do.. I - I forgive you for ..everything. There is good in you and … You are g-good for her.”
Kai nodded slightly , Damon smiled at his wife then kissed her lips.
“I’ll give you some time alone … as a family.” Kai said walking outside to sit in one of the chairs in front of the room , his head in his hands. About half an hour passed before he heard Y/N’s screams , she opened to door grabbing a doctor’s hand who was just passing near the room.
“Mom ! Wake up ! Wake up !” she screamed as the doctor only confirmed Elena’s death. Y/N grabbed her mother’s shoulders shaking them , trying to get her mother to wake up. Damon held Elena’s hand , bringing it to his lips to kiss her knuckles , tears streaking down his face.
Kai pulled Y/N away from her mother , tightly wrapping his hands around her while stroking her hair. She buried her face in his chest , tears rolling down her cheeks.
“I’m so sorry Y/N.”
Y/N pulled away from him , looking into his eyes.
“Do something. Please … ” she begged him.
“There is … nothing … I can do. I’m … I’m sorry.”
“No.. no..” she shook her head , trying to muffle her sobs unable to believe her mother was gone.
Kai pulled her into another hug , glancing at Damon who looked as if his whole life had just ended. Kai finally understood it. Their love for one another , he hadn’t understood it all those years ago. The young heretic wished he could’ve done something to save Elena. It had taken Damon and Elena years but they finally had forgiven and given him a chance.
MASTERLIST March / April 2017

“Handcuffs and a Criminal Record”

Set in an AU where Loki is an actual son of Odin. The story is set after Loki has inherited the throne. You have been brought before the King after being caught stealing food from a cart.

The golden doors opened and the guards either side of you dragged you forward, a pair of handcuffs around your wrists – a feeble attempt at keeping you captive. You smirked at the thought of such puny methods being able to stop you. Had you wanted to, you could’ve unlocked the cuffs and been out of the palace before the guards so much as blinked. However you suspected the King knew as much and so you faked submission for as long as was necessary.
King Loki sat upon the throne with an air of confidence unlike anything you’d ever seen before. The sceptre in his hand reached high into the air – parallel with the god’s pride, you wagered. He look down upon you with a serious expression that was something you hadn’t expected from the God of mischief. Upon reaching the centre of the hall, you were forced reluctantly to your knees by the brutish men either side of you. Loki waved his hands dismissively and they retreated soon after. Looking up at him from your position on the floor, you flashed a roguish smile – some hair had fallen across your face and your cheeks flushed, giving you a dishevelled appearance that was also oddly charming.
It didn’t seem to affect the King, however, who simply arose from his throne and approached you. You were surprised to see him hold out a hand to you. Looking from him to his hand and back again, you waited for his image to flicker and disappear, or a grin to break out as an indication of his trickery. Yet the God remained in this position for some time until his expression began to reveal the irritation he was feeling at your distrust. Sighing, you placed your cuffed hands in his and allowed him to help you to your feet. Once you were up you stared straight past him, awaiting his oncoming interrogation. The God started to circle you before speaking.

Keep reading

Me when the author keeps >implying things and I have no idea what to make of this information and I just want sOME GOD DAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!

Workspace: Part Four

Part Three

A/N: Expect smut in the next part and finally knowing what happened that drunken Monday night (; Also, this is kind of long because I didn’t want to leave you guys waiting any longer than I already have. Hence the typos that are bound to be there as well. love ya babez.

“Hey, Y/N.” Scott greeted me as I entered the copy room.

It was Thursday afternoon and up to this point it had been next to impossible to get Scott alone. He was either wrapped around Kira or stuck to Stiles. Whom I’ve also not seen a lot of. Stiles was uncharacteristically quiet at his desk too. Normally, he’d add a smartass comment or unwanted opinions in conversation with the girls. But since our little…um…accident, he’s barely utter a single word to anyone but Scott. No matter how hard I try I can not remember a thing from that night. I racked my brain over and over trying to call to mind what happened that night but it’s all just blank. And after being ignore and deprive of vital information, I decided that the only way to get what I wanted is through an aggressive approach.

“Hey!” I replied to Scott as I walked to the copier next to him with my papers. I regarded him coolly wanting no diversions from my mission.

He smiled at me warmly but I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries. I wanted answers, and I wanted them now. But I also need to play this smart, or I could have him retreating. So I took an easy route.

“How’s Kira?” I asked casually.

Scott looked at me feigning bemusement, but I gave him a knowing glance.

“She’s fine.” He said finally with a shy smile. His tan face turning a rosy hue.

I giggled softly shacking my head. I don’t understand why the two of them pretend that no ones knows they’re together.

“Today’s you’re date with Isaac, right?” He quizzed, and I knew he was eager to change the subject.

“Mmhmm.” I hummed as I set my papers on to the machine and pressed the start button. A second later they began sliding through the copier, their replicas launched out and resting on the tray to the side.

“That’s cool. Where you guys going?” He’d just put another stack of papers into his copier.

“Not sure. He wants it to be a surprise.” I rolled my eyes but I couldn’t suppress my grin.

“I’ll bet he does.” Scott said snidely.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I questioned as I eyed him.

“Nothing, Isaac’s a great guy.” But somethings about Scott’s tone made it seem he was telling a joke I didn’t get.

I was getting frustrated, we were seriously getting away from the real reason I was here.

“Scott, I need to ask you something.” This caught his attention away from his copying and he searched my face for some indication on my mood. I gave nothing away.

“Okay…?” He said cautiously.

I took a deep breath.

“So, I know you picked Stiles up from my house the other day…” I began.

He looked at me like he wanted to say something. To lie maybe. He open his mouth and then, wisely, shut it.

“I know you guys are best friends and all, but you’re the only person other than Stiles that knows exactly what happened that night.”

At my words, his brow furrows and his lips settled into a hard thin line. His reaction is…unexpected. It’s a mixture between disapproval and confusion with a dash of disbelief.

“What are you asking me?” He inquired although I sensed he already knows the answer. After a moment of silence, I realised he was going to make me say it.

“What did Stiles say happened Monday?” I diverted my eyes away from him, unable to meet his gaze.

“You don’t remember?” His tone is incredulous.

I shook my head. “No, I-”

The copy room door opens behind us and of course of all the people in the entire office building that could’ve walk in at that moment, it had to be Stiles Fucking Stilinski.

I blushed grabbing papers from the cooling rack and bustled out of room, Stiles stepping aside to let me pass. Once out the door, I turned and pressed my back against the wall next to the place in which I’d just fled. Was I ever going to know the mistake, or mistakes, I’d made on my one night in a drunken stupor.

“What the hell was that all about?” Stiles asked his tone a little more than a whisper. My eyes widened and I held my breath. Not wanting them to know I was still there.

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this…” Scott said almost confounded.

I couldn’t see their faces, but I assumed Stiles gave Scott one of his famous “let’s hear it” faces and probably a gesture or two.

“She doesn’t remember.” Scott scoffed in complete amazement.

“Doesn’t remember what?”

“Any of it. She was trying to talk me into telling her what happened.”

It was quiet for a beat and I caught the sound of Stiles exhaling deeply. I could imagine him running his hand through his wild hair, with the other hand perched on his hip. After another moment of silence, I feared I might get caught ease dropping so I scurried back to my desk. I began working with only more questions, and no closer to any answers.

“Lydia!” I implored her. “Please just pick one.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and stood from her perch on my bed. She looked over the outfits I held in either of my hands on hangers.

“Let’s see, plain jane jeans with a frilly white top and chucks or an outdated aline skirt with a frumpy sweater. Both of these suck.”

I groan. “Lydia, please. Can’t you just be a little bit of helpful?”

“I thought you never ask!” She beamed and pushed me aside, making me stumble to the right, out of her way and she sifted through my closet.

“Last season, ew last year.” She counted off the reason all of my clothes weren’t suitable for wearing one by one until she stopped.

“This.” She pulled a plain black v-neck of the hanger and held it up to me.

“That? Really?” I asked not really believing she was serious.

“And…” She walked over to my chest of drawers and rummaged through for a second.

“These!” She produced a pair of black skinny jeans with a hole in the left knee.

“Lydia I don’t think..”

“Black is sophisticated, elegant, and sexy. Besides you don’t know where you’re going. So a skirt my be over dressed and honestly the frilly shirt is just god awful.”

I ignored her jab, taking the items from her and looking them over. She looks at me with anticipation, her eyes big and green.

“Sexy, huh?” I said holding the shirt to my torso with a smirk.

Lydia squeal and hugged me tightly. “Now let’s do something with this hair.”

“My hair?” I wined with a slight fear to my words as the strawberry blonde pushed me to the vanity.

By the time Isaac texted me to say he was outside, Lydia had thoroughly done me up. My dark hair was curled into loose waves and my eyes lined with black. I hated to admit it but I looked…hot.

I grabbed my purse and house keys off my kitchen table before heading out. I turned to lock the door behind me. When I swivelled back around, Isaac was leaning up against his black Camaro with his arms folded. He wore a seductive smirk on his face and I took the short walk to him, to admire how handsome he really was. He was tall and lean, with light hair and captivating eyes.

“You didn’t get all dressed up for me?” He asked a little smug.

“Why? Are we going somewhere nice? I can change.” I asked now worried Lydia’s choice was wrong.

“No, no. You just look hot.” He chuckled.

His bold comment caught me off guard.

“Oh, thanks.” I said awkwardly tucking my hair behind my ear dipping my head averting my eyes from his. I dreamily walked to my side of the car, anxious for what lie in wait for the night, and got in.

The movies.

His surprise date was just to the movie theatre.

Not dinner and movie.

Not hanging out watching movies.

A completely public, non-intimate, movie.

And on top of that, it was some gory scary movie.

I hate scary movies. Our conversation in the car oozed chemistry. We had so much in common and, although he wasn’t very witty, he was funny. And after all that, the fucker takes me to the movies. I don’t know why I was so mad. Maybe because I’d hyped myself up for some elaborately planned out date with hearts and flowers, and I was getting an extra butter popcorn with a box of Mike and Ike’s.

I hate Mike and Ike’s.

As we stood in line waiting for the girl behind the counter to provide us with our goods, I heard a familiar laugh behind us. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Kira walking in. I brighten immediately at the sight of her.

“Hey, I’ll be right back. My friend is over there!” I told Isaac not even giving him a chance to respond as I rushed towards her. She hadn’t spotted me yet, so I waved my hands to grab her attention.

“Kira!” I shouted.

“Y/N!” She shouted back with the same amount of excitement.

We collide hard when I embraced her.

“I’m so glad to see you.” I sound relieved, and I am. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here with Scott…as friends.” She added quickly.

I rolled my eyes as we detached from each other.

“Where is he at? Hiding?” I tease.

She blushes and jabs a thumb over her shoulder in the direction of him. I looked and see him just as he walked through the doors.

“Y/N” Scott hollered with glee and engulfs me in one of his famous bear hugs. Something about his reaction to seeing me startles me. He didn’t even seem surprised to see. Like he’d expected me to be there.

“Hey Scotty,” I chuckled patting his back.

“What are you doing here?” He asked releasing me from his tight grip.

I furrowed my brow, he knew very well what I would be doing here.

“My date…with Isaac?” I said still a little baffled.

“Ohhhh! Was that tonight?” He ask with a theatric attempt at confusion.

What was he playing at? I look at Kira for some answers, but she only shrugged and shook her head equally as confused. From behind the pair I could see a familiar mess of hair and looked beyond them to the new comer to theatre. Stiles strode in with a certain skinny, dark haired, big boobed girl at his side. I felt my face turn hot. What she doing here? What is he doing here…with her? I mean, I didn’t care obviously but the possibility that this was all a coincidence seemed highly improbable. I suddenly had the overwhelming feeling that this was all planned. But as I watched Stiles snake his arm around the girl who I’ve come to know as, Brielle, and join the group; a sickening feeling washed over me that I couldn’t explain. I looked down at my knotted fingers to avoid them.

“Hey, Y/N.” Stiles greeted me with a soft voice taking me aback.

I hadn’t expected anything from him let alone a hello. Hell he hasn’t even talked to me since Tuesday, and here he was all brown eyed and bushy tailed regarding me with a smile.

“Y/N, are we going this or what?” Isaac asked appearing next me popcorn in hand. Stiles smile fell and he narrowed his momentarily at Isaac. In the same moment, it reverted back to a, if not hasty, smile.

“Hey man,” Stiles said to Isaac. “Thanks again for inviting us!”

My head snapped to the boy standing next to me.

“You invited them?” I hissed.

This date was just getting worse and worse. This was suppose to be a romantic evening and it’s turned into a double, excuse me, triple date.

“What?” He shrugged unapologetically shoving a few pieces of popcorn in his mouth.

I took another look at Big Boob Brielle then to Stiles and rolled my eyes.

“Let’s just go, the movies about to start.” I mumble and pushed past him.

I made sure to sit in a row that was too full so the others would have to find somewhere else to sit. I was determined to get this date back on track. I liked Isaac, though I knew little about him and I wasn’t going to let Stupid Stilinski muck it up. Unfortunately for me, I could see the foursome from where I sat with my own date. Though I refrained from acknowledging them. They would not ruin this for me!

A sort of scary part played out on screen and I strategically grabbed Isaac’s arm, feigning the poor damsel in distress. He look down at me and I up at him gazing in his eyes, willing him to kiss me with my mind. He smiled then glanced down at my hand and back at me.

“You okay now?” He whispered and a wave of embarrassment washes over me. I withdraw my hand and sink into my seat. It was very clear now. This most certainly was not a date. When he said he wanted to show me around town, he meant it literally. He was being friendly not flirty, and I’d been stupid enough to mistake one for the other. Is this what my friends meant by be careful? Or was I just not his type? I snuck a peek up at him threw my lashes. He was totally fixated on the movie. I groan and without really thinking about it, glanced at my friends. They weren’t far from us, and I could perfectly see the back of their heads. Scott and Kira were clearly making out, give the people behind them quite the show. It made me chuckle, softening my ever worsening mood. I scanned either side of them looking for Stiles and I found him.

Staring at me from over his shoulder.

When he caught sight of me, he whirled his head forward again. Clearly being caught. His date noticed and gave him a concerned look. Mistaking his action for fearful. She wrapped both of her arms around his one and laid her head on his shoulder pulling him annoyingly close to her. And for some reason, this was my breaking point. I’d had enough of this whole night and just want air. I rose from my seat, noting that Isaac didn’t so much a flinch as I did so, and exited the theatre.

The lobby was pretty dead. It was late and most of the movie were in progress. There was the occasional straggler, who drank too much during the previews and needed to pee or was refilling their popcorn bucket. I saw a cushion-y bench against the wall near the entrance of my movie and I briskly walked to it, sitting down. I let my head fall in my hands as I went over in my mind the crazy first week at work I’d had. It was impossibly chaotic and I was positive if I pinched myself I’d wake up from the dream I must be having.

“Scary movies not your thing?”

I looked up to see Stiles standing in front of me. I instantly frowned.

“What do you want Stilinski?” I rolled my eyes, leaning back until my head gently touch the wall.

“Nothing.” He answered awkwardly.

We sat in silence for a moment, but somehow it was comforting.

“I don’t think that I’m on a date.” I finally say squeezing my eyes shut.

“What?” Stiles asked bewildered at my sudden admission.

“I thought when Isaac ask me to come out with him, he was asking me on a date. But I think he was just being friendly.” I wasn’t sure why I was telling him of all people this.

It was quiet again.

“Kira and Scott are secretly dating.”

And this makes me laugh. He laughs too.

I look over at him and he’s bearing into me with his eyes from behind his glasses. And I know this is my chance. I’ve wanted to know all week long what happen between us and this light mood may be my only opportunity.

“Stiles I-”

“Do you want to get out of here?” He cuts me off.

“What? Like ditch our dates?” I scoff gaging his words.

He smirks and admittedly spending a few hours with a guy I may or may not have had sexual intercourse with and also who may or may not hate me, didn’t seem as bad as shamefully walking back to my not date and watching a movie I don’t like.

I grinned. “ Lead the way, Stilinski.”

Have you ever felt as much surprise and panic as these two felt in this one scene? Michonne was scared, out of breath , and panicking all at once . Her facial expression is golden throughout this whole scene. It’s like omg omg omg. Just imagine how she felt not only seeing Carl but also hearing and seeing her other family rush up the stairs. I know she wanted to hide. If they were dressed their reactions I feel would have been different. But they were half dressed and looked guilty 😂😂😂😂🤔
Those the faces you make when you are trapped in a situation and your feet won’t go anywhere . Rick looked around and back at Michonne like “I’m not going down alone"😅😂😂


A Month of Spook - (15/31)