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Not Again (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Title: Not Again

Requested by anonymous: 

Newtxreader please? She runs into the maze cause Minho was alone and not going to make it through the closing doors due to severe injuries so she keeps him safe by hiding him til morning and running all night to keep grieves away from him. Gets back next morning ro the surprise of everyone else and newt won’t leave her side all day like an adorable little puppy please?


The Glade wasn’t usually an exciting place to be, but the boys made it all better. Usually, every day felt the same. You wake up, you do your job, you eat and then get back to work, then eat again and then work some more until it’s time to go back to sleep and start all over again.

But talking with the Gladers improved that routine. And for a Med-Jack like myself the routine was really boring. Not that I was complaining that my friends were healthy and unharmed, but there wasn’t really much to do for us other than occasionally treat a Runner that sprained their ankle or a Slicer that accidently cut himself.

Clint and Jeff were taking a break, and they asked me to stay in case someone needed my help. I was working on the Med-Jacks hut when Newt came in.

“Hey, love” He mumbled, and I looked up from the supplies I was putting in place.

“Are you alright?” I immediately asked him in concern.

Newt laughed a little.

“Yeah, I just came by to see you”

“Oh” I loved to be with him, so I didn’t complain. Yet I was glad he wasn’t hurt.

He seemed to enjoy my company as well. He often came to visit me to the Med-Jacks hut or just join me during lunch or something.

“How was your day?” Newt folded his arms over his chest and coolly leaned his side on the frame of the door.

“The usual” I motioned to the supplies that I had been arranging for the entirety of the day. All day, only two Slicers came, and Clint and Jeff treated them instead of me.

Newt smiled and opened his mouth to talk, but he never had the chance to say anything.

“Newt!” Someone called him urgently, and we both turned to the sound quickly. “Newt!!!”

“What the bloody hell is wrong?” Newt mumbled, looking at Chuck, who came running by.

“Minho….” The kid wheezed, trying to recover from the dash.

A lump formed in my throat as I sensed something was wrong with Minho.

We impatiently waited for him to keep talking.

“What happened to Minho?!” I exclaimed, sick worried about him.

He was my friend, I couldn’t lose him.

“The Doors…” Chuck panted. “Are about to close…. He’s not… back yet”

Newt glared back at me for a second before he started following the chubby boy to the Doors.

But I went ahead of them, knowing that Chuck and Newt both were slow.

I saw a crowd gathering around the East Doors, so I jogged all the way there.

“How long until the Doors close?” I asked Gally nervously, the first Glader I saw.

“Not long” He just answered eerily.

“He’ll make it” Thomas kindly rested his hand over my shoulder, and I felt slightly less apprehensive.

Thomas was still wearing his Runner outfit, backpack and all. He probably arrived from the Maze just a while ago himself.

“Were you guys running a section each?” I asked him, and he nodded.

That, on the other hand, left me with anxiety.

Minho was alone. And if he was hurt or lost or who knows what, he couldn’t get any help. And that might be troublesome for him, maybe deadly.

A few more seconds passed as us Gladers kept our glares in the Maze, waiting to see his figure turning the corner and coming back to us.

“Nothing yet?” Newt and Chuck had finally arrived with us.

“No” Gally blankly answered. Although the expression on his face seemed neutral, I could see the concern and restlessness in his eyes.

I got ahold of Thomas’ shirt, feeling way too nervous and edgy.

Startled, he carefully pushed me aside.

“There he is” Thomas pointed his finger at the inside of the Maze, and my eyes quickly darted in that direction. “He’s going to make it”

“That bloody shank” Newt proudly said.

A row of gasps was heard along the crowd as Minho dropped to the floor. I gasped in horror. He was not okay.

“Minho!” I screamt, holding on to Thomas’ shirt even tighter.

I knew I couldn’t go inside the Maze, it was forbidden. But Minho was my friend, and he needed help. I couldn’t just let him die. Should I go in and help him?

My eyes didn’t leave Minho’s figure. At least he seemed to be still breathing as he weakly brought himself to his feet once more.

“Come on, Minho!!” Thomas shouted, his voice echoing through the corridor of stone walls.

I looked up at him and in my heart grew a spark of hope. Minho couldn’t make it through those Doors on his own, and no one was allowed in. But Thomas…. he was a Runner, he was allowed.

Nevertheless, Thomas was taking way too long to react. I read in his eyes that he wanted to run in and save his friend. But his mind seemed to be taking longer to process that he was actually supposed to move.

The ground beneath us started to shake, the movement of the enormous walls sliding to a close filling the whole courtyard.

That was it. Now or never.

I pushed everyone close to me aside so they wouldn’t hold me back and then I proceeded to run in.

Everything seemed to slow down in that moment. I could hear all of them yelling as they realized what I was doing.

I thought that deed would probably earn me a whole night in the Slammer to say the least. If I made it back, that was. 

However, if I did come back alive and in one piece, I wouldn’t mind. I needed to save Minho.

“No!” Thomas yelled.

“Y/N! Don’t you bloody do it!”

“Stop her!”

I felt how many hands tried to reach out for me and pull me back, but I was already in the Maze. I was ready to help Minho, who still struggled to just take a few steps towards the entrance –or the exit- where the boys were.

Frowning, I looked back at them. They knew it was too late to try to stop me, that the doors were almost completely closed. So they remained still, watching hopelessly.

Many angry faces stared back at me. Like Gally’s.

Others, concerned. Like Thomas’ or Chuck’s.

But there was this one person who looked back at me with such a devastated look that it made me feel so bad for him. Newt.

I knew him; he wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to me. He would blame it on himself for not stopping me. So I had to get back for him.

“I’ll see you later” I mumbled as the stone door blocked his face from my field of vision.

It was a promise that I would survived. That I would fight to get back to him.

“Y/N!!!” Newt’s shriek could be heard all over the Glade and the Maze just as the stone walls closed with a loud rumble.


Minho was hurt, and I had treated his wounds the best I could. Thankfully, being a Med-Jack helped. He was pretty bad, but could still survive.

“You need to stay awake” I told him, gently tapping his cheeks with my fingers.

For a moment, he stared at me with tired eyes and in complete silence.

“You shuck face…” Minho mumbled at last. “You got yourself killed for something useless”

“We’re still alive. So shut up, shank” I warned him, trying to hide my concern and fear. But he knew.

“Listen to me, stupid” Minho grabbed the collar of my shirt and yanked me closer to him so our faces almost touched. “You better run, because I’m already dead”

“I didn’t come here to save myself, I came here to help you!”

He rolled his eyes at me. Even in those kinds of situations, he was being so… Minho.

I examined his wounds again, rolling my eyes at him in response to his gesture.

Minho’s arm was gushing blood, and he also had hit his head and created a wound there as well. Not only that, he had many less severe wounds all over his body. But I covered the serious ones as the blood lost could be fatal.

I didn’t ask him what happened, and I didn’t really want to know. He probably encountered a Griever, and it couldn’t be a pleasant story to hear.

“We have to move” I hung his arm over my shoulders to give him a hand since he was too weak and injured to walk on his own.

Then, we both managed to pull him up and started going through the passages of the Maze.

My hands were dirty, filled with blisters caused by the vines and reddened by Minho’s blood and by my own blood. But I couldn’t help to slap them over my mouth to keep quiet when I heard that terrible sound.



Whirl. Click. Whirl click. Whirlclick.

It sounded closer and closer.

I had taken Minho’s watch to know how long I would be stuck there for at all times. Only half an hour more.

At least, Minho was still alive.

He had passed out soon after we started walking. Knowing he couldn’t defend himself, I hid him where Grievers wouldn’t find him.

If it weren’t for Thomas, who told us how he tied Alby to the vines and lifted him up to keep him safe when they got stuck overnight, I wouldn’t have known what to do.

And now, just in case, I was keeping the damn Grievers away from him. I couldn’t raise him too high, he was too heavy. But hopefully I’d diverse their attention towards myself instead of my friend.

Because of my plan, I ended with many bruises myself. Most of them were graces I accidently got by scrapping my skin against the walls or tripping, but other were bleeding injuries caused by the Grievers themselves.

I just felt lucky that neither Minho nor I had been stung yet.

The mechanical sound of the Griever was so close to me that I closed my eyes tight and cringed. But I had to get out of my hiding place and keep running.

‘Never stop running’

I was beyond exhausted, though. 

My limbs didn’t felt strong enough anymore, like my legs wouldn’t be able to support me for too long. And the rest of my body shook from the effort. Every inch of my arms hurted, from my shoulders to my wrists, because I had to pull Minho up with the vines. My palms got burnt by the friction of them as well.

And I had been running literally the whole night. I just wanted to lie down and rest, sleep and give my body a break. But I couldn’t.

As a Med-Jack, I knew that if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to get back on my feet. And what would happen to Minho then?

I took a deep breath and started sprinting in the opposite direction to the Griever. Just a while longer and I’d be safe back in the Glade. With Thomas, Chuck, Gally and all my friends. With Newt.


Lowering Minho when I had lost the Griever was harder than I expected it to be. The Doors were opening, I could hear them. And I had survived.

As soon as Minho was gingerly put on the floor, I quickly kneeled down next to him and checked his pulse like I had done many times before during that never ending night.

I smiled and heaved a huge sigh of relief when I felt a faint pulse. I leaned my ear towards his ajar mouth and noted he was still breathing as well.

It took all of my willpower to put him up and drop his dead weight over my shoulders again, but I did it.

Just a few more steps and we’d cross the threshold of the Maze.

“Holy shuck!” I heard someone exclaiming as I entered the corridor that lead to the open Door.

“Yeah! She’s alive!”

I rushed myself a bit to reach the Glade and I dropped to my knees in exhaustion the moment my feet stepped on the grass.

Knowing I was safe, I relaxed. Every single muscle of my body was sore because of all the tension and physical strain.

Someone took Minho’s weight off me and I felt so relieved. I mentally thanked them, whoever it was.

All the Gladers were pestering me with questions that I could barely even hear.

“Are you alright?”

“What happened?”

“Are you hurt?”

“How did you survive?”


My mind was foggy and I felt everything spinning around me as I supported myself by leaning my hands on the floor before me.

I feebly stood up and took a wobbly step as I tried to reach the Med-Jacks hut.

A few of the Gladers came closer to me, but I didn’t even see. My vision was blurry.

My legs gave in under my own weight and two arms managed to catch me before I hit the floor. Finally, I drifted out to unconsciousness, my head falling against that someone’s shoulder.

The last thing I was aware of was Newt’s voice really close to me, worriedly calling me.


That voice once more. Who did it belong to again? I was too tired to even think.

I opened my eyes the slightest bit to see I was in the medical hut, lying in a bed.

Someone was there next to me, sitting in a chair and staring intently at me.

“Hi, love” Newt greeted me, but his face was still blurry for a few more seconds until I focused my vision. “How are you?”

“Tired” I sighed, only wanting to sleep.

Everything felt unreal like a dream. I barely was aware that I was still in the Glade. Maybe I was dreaming after all, who knows. That would explain why my brain worked so slowly.

“I managed to keep you from getting into the Slammer” He picked my hand up and gently held it between both of his. His touch soothed me slightly as I still felt distraught by the events of the Maze and their far-off memories.

“Great, can I please go back to sleep now?”

“Go ahead” He chuckled, and I simply closed my eyes wearily.


I felt so much better when I woke up next.

Sighing deeply, I opened my eyes. Argh, I was aching everywhere!

“Y/N?” Someone was there with me again. But this time it wasn’t Newt.

I took a few minutes to orient myself. Soon the events of last night in the Maze came back to me. I had been stupid enough to run in to help that shank Minho.

Looking down at myself, I saw that my fellow workers had cleaned and covered my wounds.

“Thomas… Is Minho okay?” I mumbled as I tried to sit up.

“He’s fine, take it easy” He pushed my shoulders back, but I just stared at him.

“I’m fine too”

Thomas shook his head gravely.

“You’re not fine, you’ve been out for almost two days” He sat in the edge of the bed and looked down at me. “Besides, Newt will kill me if I let you leave”

“I just want to see Minho” I whined, slowly sitting up as I slapped his hands away from me and his attempts to keep me down.

“You’ll see him later”

I still felt a little tired and sore all over, but I had rested enough being out for two days. I had to move, I was naturally too restless to be lying down doing nothing.

“Y/N, you need to rest!” Thomas followed me as I tried to get to the door.

But it suddenly opened, revealing Newt. When he saw me, he scowled at us.

“Tommy, I bloody told you to make sure she stayed in bed!”

Newt protectively wrapped his arms around me, not listening to my objections.

“I’m alright, you shanks!”

I looked at Newt, whose face was suddenly really close to mine. He looked back at me.

I couldn’t hide a smile when I saw with the corner of my eye how Thomas ran away as Newt was distracted worrying about me.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight, love” He softly said to me.

I felt a warm feeling spread across me as I realized how much Newt genuinely cared about me.


It took such a long time to convince Newt that all I needed was to get back to normal. Still, he insisted to follow me around and make sure that I was alright as I guaranteed I was.

However, instead of being annoyed by it, I found it extremely cute.

We went to get some food from Frypan, see Minho –who was okay too, just extremely tired- and talk to Alby together.

I thought the guys –especially Alby- would be angry because I ran into the Maze. But it seemed like they were so happy to see that I was alive and okay and brought Minho back that they didn’t want to punish me. Although Newt himself had told me he had something to do with it.

After all of that, I wanted to take a shower. And of course, our second in command offered to lend me some clothes until new ones arrived when the Box came up next with the supplies –mines had broken and stained in the Maze to the point that I couldn’t use them anymore- and also make sure no one was around so I could shower no worries.

With all my basic needs covered, it was time to end the day and go to sleep.

It had been a tiring day, and I happily lied in my hammock and gently swung on it as I waited for sleep to arrive.

“Goodnight” Newt was there of a sudden.

He casually lied down next to me on my small hammock as I tried to go to sleep.

“What are you doing?” I whispered to him, not wanting to break the night silence by being too loud.

“You may have nightmares, I want to make sure you don’t” Newt simply said like it was so obvious.

“That’s really sweet of you, Newt” I grinned at him, his closeness not bothering me at all. “But it’s not necessary”

“Bloody hell, just shut up and let me, love” He said sternly, but his puppy eyes gave him away. “I won’t be able to fall asleep if I don’t stay with you to make you feel safe”

I chuckled and curled up against him as a response. He placed his arms around me and sighed contently.

“Thanks for looking after me, Newt”

“You’re welcome” His voice felt so soothing and nice that it gently eased me into sleep.

I closed my eyes and embraced the cozy feeling of sleep and safety.

“I’m not letting anything happen to you, Y/N” I heard him mumbling just as I fell asleep between his arms “Not again”