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A    T O U G H    R O A D    A H E A D    -    L I F E    U P D A T E

It’s been two weeks since my last post. If you would tell me that everything will change just like that I wouldn’t believe you. Yet here we are.

The day after my last post our landlord gave us a call that he wants to meet with us as soon as possible. We were sure that he will raise the rent again which we weren’t too happy about. Me and Steph started to talk about how annoying it was to live in this house. Of course it was in perfect spot, perfect size but somehow it never was truly perfect. We finally meet up with him and to our surprise he wanted to see us just to complain about us. About the fact that we got dog (which we first asked him if it’s okay with him and he was fine with that) and that we also have another kid (what even?). He basically suggested us that he wants us out of the house. Our lease agreement was coming to the end too so we don’t have a choice but find a new home. We had a month.

You can just imagine all the tears and anger that come out of us as we are not in a position to move right now. All the stress create some problems with breastfeeding but I will talk about it in another post. It was so upsetting to us. We were supposed to enjoy our first weeks with little one not go through all of this.

Two days later my husband got opportunity of getting moved to Saint Greer Islands. It’s amazing job offer and everything he could wanted for his job. But I couldn’t imagine living so far away from our families. Then one night while feeding Fran I had this realization. Fran, Flo and Steph are my everything. Living here didn’t make us happy. And here we had a chance to change it and I was so ready to throw it away. So I woke him up and simply said “let’s do it”. 

During this two weeks that we have been away Steph traveled all the way to Saint Greer where he checked out all the houses we were interesting in. It also turns out that with all our savings and little help from family we are actually able to buy a house instead of renting which is basically our dream. 

Right now we are packing our life. It feels crazy to leave this house. It was our home. And somehow everyday it stops feeling like home. 

We are ready for this new chapter. It won’t be easy, but change is good. 

Till next time, Laurel

Lizzington Week, day 7

For day 7, I’d like to remind us all of my other favourite scene from s3 - this gem. May we soon see much more of this!! Things I need to happen in the rest of s4: - Red does NOT get poisoned anymore - Lizzie invites Red to her apartment - We find out what happened to Mr Kaplan after she escaped - People stop leaving baby Agnes alone in the apartment - Lizzie apologizes to Red for her fake death from last season, and they have a real conversation about how much they care for each other

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tbh, so far s4 had been kinda boring. the first week set up the season and introduced the new boys but nothing other than that has really happened yet. i think some of the people who don't seem so excited about the season are just waiting for something to happen, you know. there's only so much you can talk about this season so far. also people are comparing the excitement to the last few weeks of s3 when there was already so much going on...

That’s a totally valid opinion! I completely disagree but I also completely respect it. I think very much has happened this week, we have seen SO much of Sana that we never thought of before. There are 5 new characters and we have learned more about Sanas relationship with her faith, we know about her mother and their relationship, we know she’s in love with a boy, and we know she feels lost. But yeah, comparing to the last weeks of s3 it’s slow. But compare to the first few weeks of s3 and it’s very very similar


Spare S3 Rebels sketches from this last week! Or rather. Spare Kanan sketches. Kanan’s my fave.

Anyway, my friend and I were saying that Kanan would absolutely be the guy, now that he’s really gotten in touch with the Force, who always catches the spiders and NEVER squishes them. “Spiders are living creatures of the Force, Ezra. We must respect them. We mustn’t smash them because they are gross. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.” Blah blah blah, yeah sure Kanan, but you tell that to the giant-ass spiders that keep setting up residence in my shower.

These would be colored but… Long story short, I kinda beat my wrist into a state of utter agony yesterday, so while I wanted to color these, I think I should probably let them be for now. 

Oh, PSA regarding the last frame: I absolutely plagiarized this from the manga I’m reading right now SO uhhh I’m sorry to the creators and artists of Noragami. Proud Dad Kanan was too perfect to pass up. Bless you. Thank you.

PSA regarding the second frame: Thank you, the Incredibles.

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I'm so bloody sad that I didn't discover your Tumblr until like last week??! I am quite a late entry into the skam fandom ( started it only after season 3 hiatus). But I saw one of your posts about S4 reblogged elsewhere and then I found this wonderful wonderful thing.! Your reactions are everything! I literally went thru ur blog right from the beginning. And gah, how I wish I had found this when I was practically dying with palpitations and stress towards the end of S3. I love you!

kfjdhkhsdshf i started reading your message and it said “i’m so bloody sad” and i was like OH NO. but then i read the rest of it and 💝 💝 💝  this is so so sweet it makes me so happy that this little blog of mine could be something you appreciate this much :)))))

here’s a happy screencap for you!! 

the boy squad!! we’ve missed them a lot, haven’t we? it was so nice to see them all doing well, with those happy smiles on their faces :) their smiles are so so contagious and it makes me so? happy to see them all be there to support their friends moving out, it’s such a good thing for them to have each other 💝 

The one thing I am absolutely grateful for is A&E writing a finale so lackluster and boring I can give the show up without any emotional attachment whatsoever.

I’m free to just read fic about this amazing couple and these amazing characters and pretend that really the show ended for me in S5 (and honestly maybe even S3).

Like the last season of Sherlock was pretty awful in my opinion, but I still bawled by eyes out in the third episode because it was the end.

Downtown Abbey I mourned for a week after I stopped watching when Matthew died.

Buffy series finale was so emotional for me I almost couldn’t function for days.

I get unhealthily attached to these things and it’s so weird to have watched what was ostensibly the series finale and just kind of go “Oh well that’s done. Back to fic!” I am an emotional person but all I feel is weird that I am not more emotional? I guess I got it all out in the day after the wedding.

Like even during the CS Happy Beginning scene in the car with the badge I felt nothing, no happy OTP pangs, no “Oh look at my babies”. There was no build up to it, no emotional payoff, just a few flickers of Emma remembering she had a True Love and them exchanging like 4 words. If the creators had *deliberately* been making sure we were disconnected from the characters I would actually give them all the awards for that because other than the lovely Captain Charming scenes I felt absolutely nothing the entire two hours.

I was more angry and upset at the absolute BS they spewed in their post-Mortem interviews vs actually caring what happened on the screen. That in itself should be sad, but I can’t even be sad about not being sad.

It’s all very strange for me.

lucas looking @ riley pt. 2

so, as promised, i’m continuing to post every file that i have of lucas looking at riley because apparently you guys all want to suffer and i want to suffer right along side you !!! it’s been like three weeks but i kind of forgot that this one was in my drafts but i hope that you all enjoy it!!!!! this post covers the rest of s2 (cory & topanga - legacy) and then the next (and last) post will be covering s3. so enjoy this one fam!!!!!!!! it’s painful but it’s worth it i promise!!!!! 

here’s part one. 

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The post you just reblogged about the yellow eyed lamp reminded me that I was curious about why the yellow eyes sound effect played when Cas got powered up by the nephilim. I think it was? That sort of chittery sound and then didn't his eyes get yellow? I'm probably missing something really obvious lol.

It’s not just the “yellow eyes” sound effect. It’s been used in multiple contexts over the years, and has been associated with “just plain old demons” too.

Yes, it was the s2 title card sound, but it was also part of the s3 title card (i.e. the season AFTER the original YED was killed). And I noticed it last week when I was rewatching 7.15, when Sam squeezes the scar on his hand to make his hallucination of Lucifer stop.

I actually… had never thought of it as specifically tied to Azazel before it was brought up again after 12.19 aired.

I will say it again though– In my opinion, taking ANY of these things out of context, looking at them for some sort of specific foreshadowing of the future and not as just one small thing in an ocean of callbacks to the entire history of all twelve seasons of the show, is missing the bigger picture. It’s not seeing the forest for the trees (to incorporate another recent visual motif).

(or for assuming that recent comments of something “purgatory-esque” means ACTUAL PURGATORY, and not “360 degree combat Dean,” aka the version of himself that earned Legend Status among the monsters as The Human who cut a bloody swath through monsterland in search of an angel. sorry, mentioning all the trees as visual themes lately made me think of that… :P)

It’s focusing on one tiny yet eye-catching (heh) detail at the expense of ignoring how it fits in with the thousand other details that are part of the same picture.

It’s like looking at a Hieronymus Bosch painting and just focusing on the dude with the butt music, and ignoring the rest of the weirdness all going on in the picture. (despite my appreciation for butt music dude)

It’s like listening to All Along The Watchtower and complaining that a watchtower isn’t something you can walk along, or stand along, because it’s a TOWER and not a road or a path or a wall. (it just means you focused on nitpicking at the title and didn’t actually get anything else about the song)

i’m so proud of my friend. he started to watch skam last week and already saw s3 two times. and we just said in sync how we love that scene at the kitchen in ep 10.

2017 Re-Watch: 3b

Good morning and Happy Monday! Here are my observations for 3b (I made it through the hardest part of the re-watch. We’ll only be doing 3 episodes/week from now on.)

3x09 - 1) So this is the episode where Daryl leaves the prison with Merle (and the fandom sobbed for a week). The thing that really jumped out to me about this are Daryl’s words to Rick before and Merle take off.

We’ve been discussing this a lot in my FB group. I think we’ve all be a little surprised at what we’ve observed as we’ve re-watched: Beth, even in S3, is not considered a child. (And this isn’t specifically a TD thing so much as an argument against the lame age-gap argument the haters like to throw around.)

Remember how in my last post I mentioned @rednecksaints observation that Beth and Daryl often talk indirectly in group discussions and answer one another? Well, I realized in 3b that it’s not just Daryl. Both Rick and Glenn on various occasions also speak with her as though she’s one of the adults and answer her concerns just as they would Carol’s or Hershel’s. The interesting thing is that, in Georgia, you’re considered an adult at age 17, rather than 18. That’s specific to the state, but it’s interesting that they went out of their way to tell us she was 17 in s3.

@boltthrutheheart also observed that Beth is never lumped in with the “children.” We were talking about s5 at the time, which I’ll get to in a minute, but you see it here in 3x09 as well. And from Daryl, no less. Let me show you. So he’s getting ready to leave with Merle. He says this to Rick:

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*cracks knuckles* it has been quite some time since I last did this but here I go!

Theory post for S3 finale and S4 beginning. 

(or more like a post where i list the stuff that makes this season seem like it is a circle. No specific guesses for what is gonna go down in the finale because my brain is fried. ) 

Will include minor spoilers and mentions of mostly Quintis. 

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Help. Does this hiatus mean no updates at all or just no clips??? (I dont remember from last season, was it after even kissing sonja?)

Yeah. We won’t get anything until it is back now. It was the same thing in S3 and you are right. It was right after Isak saw Even and Sonja kissing in Episode 5.

And not sure what the excuse will be here that we won’t get anything. Last season was that Isak stayed at home and didn’t have any contact with no one. Next week is they have school and I think because of that we will “miss” some stuff. (Like Sana asking Isak how he is etc.)


“Switch up my style, I take any lane, I switch up my cup, I kill any pain”

“Mary, when I say you deserve this man, it is the highest compliment of which I am capable. John, you have endured war, and injury, and tragic loss ..... so sorry again about that last one ...... so know this: today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world. And I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down, and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.”

#because we all need this reminder this week

#carry on folks

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Have you recently watched Hannibal or has it been longer? Are you planning on writing a Hannigram famfiction? (Fav writer + Otp omg)

I’ve started S1 a month of two after the last episode of the season aired! I lived a huge part of the s1 hiatus and then watched s2 (and s3 of course) every week when it aired, so it has been a while!!!

i’ve written a couple of fics in italian but they are both really short (under 2.000 words) and set in season 1, so i never bothered to translate them…

i don’t plan writing anything hannigram related tho, i’m sorry! maybe when i’ll rewatch the show but meh i don’t think so


fitzsimmons’ alphabet S3 edition
O - Ogling

I understand the desire to have Even be the focus of season 4. It’s been a week and I miss Evak so much, and it would be really nice to see things from his perspective and not send Evak into the background.

But do y’all really want Even to be the focus? Because last time a Skam season started with the couple already together, they broke up. Big time. And I don’t think I could handle watching the downfall of Evak.

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i was reading your post about the back seat and just realized dean decided to sit there with cas knowing billie was going to come collect someone (and lbr, dean was thinking it was going to be himself taking one for the team).

yeah. he’s the one who made the deal. It was his choice to call Billie in. He’s the one who broke.

(I mean we kinda called it that Dean would break first here)

And he would take that on himself. He just needed Sam to agree, to go along with it. He wasn’t gonna give Sam the option to sacrifice himself when it was Dean giving up and calling Billie in the first place.

Frankly, if Billie had said no, I think Dean would’ve probably just told her that he was done, and to just go ahead and take him. Period. End of deal. He would’ve given up.

He said it was worse than Hell.

I mean, we only saw intermittent shots of their life in prison, but imagine having spent the last six weeks there, in silent isolation, with nothing but that food tray popping through the window to break up the monotony. Even in Hell, stuff happened. It wasn’t just Dean stuck alone with his thoughts, his guilt, the entire burden of EVERYTHING…

Then as soon as he gets outside, he calls Cas to come get him.

He knows he’s only got a limited amount of time. I think that’s also (in hindsight) why he reverted to Purgatory Dean in the woods there. Just like in s3 where he kept using himself as bait, doing the crazy-risky thing instead of playing it safe, because he already knew he was gonna die. Why not take a few risks, you know?

Like in s6, when he’d already been turned into a vampire, he just walked into that nest and SLAYED. Because he thought he had nothing left to lose.

That’s the Dean we saw in the woods. And also why his hug with Cas was so heartbreaking, and the way he just glommed on to Mary… and why he rode in the back with Cas… he knew. He was fully prepared to say goodbye again.

And then Cas was just like NOPE. NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Cas knew Dean made the deal, and that Dean would honor his word. And Cas noped him out.