i was on s3 last week

Just a word to the wise: No Johnlocker that I know of uses the term “shipper goggles.” That’s just a thing you and your Sherl0llian friends do because you can’t ship sherl0lly without altering what you watch. We don’t need to wear “goggles” to see Johnlock cause its blatantly in the show. Just saying’.

And while we’re here:

List of things that don’t make sense that have nothing to do with Johnlock:

((bold=overarching, bigger picture plot holes))

- Why did they reuse the title “The Six Thatchers” that was already on John’s blog without drawing any connections/parallels to it

-Why did no one know John is the author of the blog when in previous seasons everyone knew that. He has his picture on it, it’s famous, and he writes in first person

-Why did Mary lie about AGRA being her initials in HLV if she thought John was going to read the flash drive? (I know that’s s3, but s4 is what showed us what AGRA really was)

- Why did Mary’s death contradict the previous “rules” about getting shot that were established for their universe in HLV

- How is Mary sending the CD’s after her death

- How did she even know ahead of time to make the videos, since jumping in front of a bullet is a spur of the moment thing

- How do they just expect to believe that it’s possible for Sherlock to predict everyone’s every movement down to the last detail two weeks beforehand? 

-And if he is able to to that, why didn’t he use that skill in any previous season since it would have been very useful 

-What was the whole deal with the girl on the plane and what did that have to do with anything and… why?

- How did they jump out of an exploding second floor window and survive

- And how did items like books/ paper survive the explosions

- How are we just expected to believe that Eurus has these mind controlling powers and could take over a prison like that? And when will they stop using “they’re geniuses” as a get out of jail free card?

- Why did they used Moriarty being alive as the big cliff hanger and have him barely feature

-What was the entire point of TAB proving that Moriarty was alive?

- Why does the timeline of Moriarty and Eurus working together behind the scenes not make any sense if this really has been their ultimate plan

- How did a detective (who is supposedly smart enough to predict everyone’s every move) manage to not notice missing glass

- Why did Sherlock remember Redbeard being “put down” if that was really his repressed memory of Victor

- And why was there a dog bowl

- How did John got out of the well using a rope if his feet were chained

- After everything Eurus has done, how are we to believe everything is just magically fixed with a hug

-Where were the “loads of clues and red herrings” alluding to Eurus besides that one line in HLV

Followers please feel free to continue.

So….s3 was a wild ride, huh? Theories have run rampant for the last few weeks (which I love) and it’s been interesting to see what people think up next.

In a collaborative effort with @arahir, I created a VLD (Crack) Theory Bingo card based on a wide range of theories we’ve seen or totally made up! Some of these may be valid, some may not, but some are definitely crack. Feel free to share this with your friends, have some fun and see where your theories lie on the good, the bad and the wtf.

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 28 - Voyager

Months ago, when a September premiere was first announced, I challenged myself to make one new Outlander painting a week until the premiere. Now we’re less than a week away! As this is my last #droughtlander piece I want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful individuals. I’ve been lucky to have met so many incredibly talented and kind friends over the past months, and you’ve all helped make Droughtlander pass so quickly!

To finish, here’s my concept of a S3 poster in the style of S1. Several people mentioned this would be cool to see, and I’ve finally gotten around to trying it :)

Enjoy the new season and thank you all for an amazing year filled with creativity and inspiration!

Reunited and it feels so good!!

To my surprise last week after talking to Anette she said she wanted to come back and help me as much as she can!!!. Anette needed to take a break from this fandom, and wasn’t intending to come back but S3 reminded her of why she liked voltron <3.

I was delighted to hear that and I honestly can’t believe the team is back at it again. I’m so excited to bring you guys new and even better content than what we had before!.


intimiwetrust  asked:

I have spent the last two weeks more or less binge watching all three seasons of Twin Peaks (and watched the movie last year) and until s3 I thought Cooper just called his recording thingy Dianne. Then she showed up in S3 and I realized there really (well, debateable) was a person who had to listen to like 5 hours of Coopers ramblings everyday to maybe draw 5 minutes of crucial information out of it.

you thought he just named his recording device diane omfg

Outlander Recap 3x02: The Dunbonnet Big Foot, Imagination Station Sexy Times, and Carl from The Walking Dead

Here are my thoughts on “Surrender.” There were real tears shed, I won’t lie. And not just because we’re still four episodes away from the Print Shop.

Spoilers ahead, so it’s all under the cut, eh.

(Recap for 3x01 here)

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Spooptober Horror Masterpost

Need to revisit old playlists to ‘tide you over’ during Jack’s RP3 Tour upload pause?

Need spoopy games as it’s October?

*cracks knuckles*

Outlast 1 & Whistleblower

Outlast 2

The Last of Us

GoatZ (Goat Simulator DLC - I love GS so much!)

Until Dawn

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Ben & Ed 

Ben & Ed Blood Party

Amnesia - Dark Descent

Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs


Mad Father

Fran Bow

Sally Face



The Walking Dead S2

The Walking Dead S3

Neverending Nightmares

Final Station

Layers of Fear

FNAF: Sister Location


Resident Evil 7


Little Nightmares

VR Playlist (tons of horror in here)

I’ve posted playlists only, not single episode games (although there’s a ton I love) or I’d be here all week.  If I’ve missed your faves feel free to add a link to its playlist.

Enjoy :)

Allow me to make this sad moment even sadder. Heard this song last week and couldn’t help thinking of Shiro. I know about the clone theory, but admit it, you were heartbroken when you thought he was done for too!

Has anyone else done this?

(From S3 Ep 5: The Journey)

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So the girl finally makes an appearance this week and T has been spotted too. Getting off this roller coaster while I can still enjoy S3. Very disappointed fan

What roller coaster? Seems like smooth seas to me, and business as usual. Sam and Cait have been having quite a nice time and looking quite at ease, and comfortable together here these past days that they have been together in the city. But now the premiere approaches and likely the studio execs along with it. The “others” won’t be far behind. You honestly weren’t expecting this, anon?
About last night? Oh, and what a night it was, lol, not. Described as “actors” attending the opening, not as a couple. And then stiffly posed red carpet pics at a somewhat less than A list opening surface. Pics that neither one has either posted or acknowledged. The only pics either has put up of the event are “solos”. Sam’s was of him punching a “fight for each other” sand bag- a pic which, given the current events, seems to conjure up images of him and Cait much more readily than of him “fighting” for the right to be seen with, and be in love with, anyone else. And so far neither has even bothered to like the other’s pic either. Some memorable night, no?
Tony getting out of the vehicle and going right to the rear of the car to stand in bodyguard mode whilst Cait and her party went into the theatre, and then Cait posted about having brought her friend Mark to Stephen Colbert. Not Tony. That’s another “memorable” night for those two, no? Not.
And why the long wait for their true loves to join them? Sam and Cait have been nearly a week in the city- strange that only now as the studio arrives that these peripherals do also. But it would be not strange at all if they are all part of the same game…

does anyone know why Disney XD is airing two episodes of Rebels each week instead of one? i mean i’m grateful, i just don’t understand why they’re blasting through S4 so quickly since they never did this for S1-S3. are they trying to get rid of the show as fast as possible? or does the finale somehow tie into The Last Jedi so it needs to air before Dec 15?

The First Day of Forever | 2/?

*Written for westallen wedding week. Hoping to finish this multi-chap between today and tomorrow. First chapter is here.

It should be noted that I started this fic last summer, so it’s in a post-s2 setting where post-FP consequences weren’t as severe as what s3 gave us. So, Dante didn’t die, Cait didn’t get cold powers, Wally (prob) didn’t get super speed, WA’s first kiss (2.23) didn’t get erased, etc.


(Also, this is unbeta’d. I won’t be posting it elsewhere until it is. :P)

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Spare S3 Rebels sketches from this last week! Or rather. Spare Kanan sketches. Kanan’s my fave.

Anyway, my friend and I were saying that Kanan would absolutely be the guy, now that he’s really gotten in touch with the Force, who always catches the spiders and NEVER squishes them. “Spiders are living creatures of the Force, Ezra. We must respect them. We mustn’t smash them because they are gross. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.” Blah blah blah, yeah sure Kanan, but you tell that to the giant-ass spiders that keep setting up residence in my shower.

These would be colored but… Long story short, I kinda beat my wrist into a state of utter agony yesterday, so while I wanted to color these, I think I should probably let them be for now. 

Oh, PSA regarding the last frame: I absolutely plagiarized this from the manga I’m reading right now SO uhhh I’m sorry to the creators and artists of Noragami. Proud Dad Kanan was too perfect to pass up. Bless you. Thank you.

PSA regarding the second frame: Thank you, the Incredibles.

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I'm really proud of Kat and Dom. For once when it came to their scenes i actually felt something. I've tried really hard since season 1 to have some kinda feelings for Clace but they have always missed the mark for me. Their chemistry just hasn't been right and they never made me feel a connection through the screen like Malec. When you have a couple with so much spark like Malec a lackluster pairing really stands out in comparison. This time though I finally felt like they had that connection.

Same, Anon, same, same, same. I mean, I am still all over Malec, duh, but for once I wasn’t really annoyed by Clace. The kissing, the desperation, the looks, the longing and touching… it really felt on point this time and it made sense. This was so much better than the hilarious BS from last week with the glowing runes and the cringeworthy dialogue in the infirmary. Like, God no. 

I hope they will go on from there because if so I can really get on board with this ship now. Not to mention … Kat was really, really good. I think this was her best acting in the whole series. I gotta say, I really felt for Clary and she made me care for her, something that’s usually not happening. So yeah, as I said, 2b was so good and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for s3 now.


@supernaturalartbook - Here’s a package that’s completed its journey to the equator. :)


I’ve got raw fingers and shredded (short) nails, a defeated cardboard monster strewn over my bed, a cling wrap anaconda lurking on my floor…. and this awesome volume just waiting to be enjoyed! Kudos to all the other contributing artists who filled this artbook, and S3 for organising, formatting, printing, mummifying, boxing and sending this out all over the world. <3 <3 

[According to Tracking, this went through customs last week. I was starting to worry that they were investigating me for being a possible Satanist….. XD]