i was on s3 last week


“Switch up my style, I take any lane, I switch up my cup, I kill any pain”


@beaniesforspock tagged me to post my sherlock transformation selfies- late november 2013 before s3 (which i actually didnt watch until about march?) when i had just barely dipped my toes in vs last week-ish now that i am fully intrenched in the #cult life

i tag…?! ok most people i wanna tag are Trans™ n therefore fkakdkakkaka may not want to so I TAG ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO IT!!! MUTUALS I DONT TALK TO THAT MUCH!! PEOPLE I DONT FOLLOW BUT WHO WANNA DO THIS!!!!! THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!!!! 💖

lucas looking @ riley pt. 2

so, as promised, i’m continuing to post every file that i have of lucas looking at riley because apparently you guys all want to suffer and i want to suffer right along side you !!! it’s been like three weeks but i kind of forgot that this one was in my drafts but i hope that you all enjoy it!!!!! this post covers the rest of s2 (cory & topanga - legacy) and then the next (and last) post will be covering s3. so enjoy this one fam!!!!!!!! it’s painful but it’s worth it i promise!!!!! 

here’s part one. 

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Kanan in S3 - A Missed Opportunity

Alright…. This has been a long time coming but last week’s episode is the final straw.

All season I’ve been waiting for them to develop Kanan’s disability and by extension change how he interacts with the Ghost crew most notably with Hera. But Lucasfilm have really dropped the ball with this and it’s getting unbearable.

Since Holocrons of Fate, Kanan’s blindness hasn’t once impacted how he operates on a day to day basis. He can fire the cannons, he can run around without guidance, he can fight. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be able to do these things, but his disability doesn’t get acknowledged nearly enough.

It’s particularly aggravating in regards to Hera. They were so used to being able to communicate non-verbally with glances and smiles in the first two seasons, and since losing that, Lucasfilm frankly haven’t tried to put something in its place.

I know run time is short, and there’s a lot to get through, but small gestures mean a lot and would be subtle rewarding hints to mature and attentive watchers of the show.

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Hi For All!

I had been away these last few weeks for many reasons and one of them was my son’s birthday party. This took all my free time. But I was happy with the result: it was worth every second.♥♥♥

This explains the lack of posts and even wips on the blog. I thought it would be fair to post some pictures of what I’m working on at the moment: thousands of conversions! :)
Last Christmas, I made a calendar with gifts. But it was long and time consuming. I decided that this year I will do differently! I’ll pack a mega pack with lots of presents. Some of them are in the pictures above. They will all be conversions.

I have no idea when it will be ready due to the short time, but I guarantee you will have them until Christmas. :)
Hope you like it!

Santa Claus is getting ready! ;)♥

I understand the desire to have Even be the focus of season 4. It’s been a week and I miss Evak so much, and it would be really nice to see things from his perspective and not send Evak into the background.

But do y’all really want Even to be the focus? Because last time a Skam season started with the couple already together, they broke up. Big time. And I don’t think I could handle watching the downfall of Evak.


Jeff x Annie Appreciation Week, Day 2: best J/A season arc
Season 3:  Jeff x Annie + text posts (2/?)

Grounder Pounder // Bellamy Blake

Request: Last week, I received a Bellamy request. The prompt is waaaay too detailed/long to post so here’s a little summary: Grounder!Reader who is the Commander of the Ice Clan has been hooking up secretly with Bellamy. Currently, the Arkers and the tree tribe are at war.
Word count: 1757
A/N: So there are rumors we’re going to find out about the Ice Clan in S3 so I just wrote the Ice Clan how I wanted them to be. They may be very different in the show, I’m just going by what I know of them, which is nothing. (*cough* Jon Snow *cough*) thanks for requesting, love! xxx

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fitzsimmons’ alphabet S3 edition
O - Ogling

@hannahabbott said: what’s happening in that hellhole of a show now fdfdgh My Ass dropped it back in the beginning of s3

last week miller n bryan disagreed on ya know whether to let some ppl die or not - the usual - so when they don’t let them die n get home bryan was like do u at least think it was the right choice now n miller was like nah so then bryan did the i can’t do this anymore thing n walked off n he literally hasn’t been seen since bc he wasn’t in this week’s ep at all while miller was there doing stuff in the background w his dad who only appears when there’s no gay storyline to keep up 


King Scott Appreciation Week Day 5: Favourite relationships → Eleanor & Madi

“We were successful. The war we sought will soon be under way. On our terms. I was there in Nassau, and she’s there. Eleanor is there. In a position of great influence, they say, at the right hand of the governor. She is one of them now. I stood in Nassau and I realized when this war begins, it will have many different meanings, but to you this war is a civil war between two cities you held together for so long with unseen bonds. You will have people on both sides of it. You will have daughters on both sides of it.


This was definitely a “SAY WHAT” moment in last week’s episode. Like I said before, I thought Princess Cadance was handled pretty okay, but this new trick of hers was really cool. Definitely confirms the whole “Behold the crystal princess!” thing some random background pony said back at the start of S3, The Crystal Empire. Anyway it seems both light and dark magic could create sharp massive crystals at the blink of an eye.


Date: August 19, 2015

It’s been seven weeks, and Nowaki and Hiroki seem to still be lost in an unknown forest. They were last seen in the opening credits. We have not heard their voices in seven years. I’m beginning to question whether we’ll ever hear from them again. What forest are they in? Who thought it was a good idea to play hide and seek there? Will we ever learn?



[05.08.2016] // Gender reveal!

Well, I never thought that over 30 years I would have another child, I never thought I would one day be the mother of 3, and I will now turn the mother of 4. I thank God for the family I have, the support of friends when I need to, the support of my family and especially Jhonny.
Last week, did my ultrasound to find out the baby’s gender, I was pretty sure it would be another boy, but this time I will mom of another princess, a little princess who will call Jasminne.
And all parts of pregnancy, the best starts now. Lay the head on the pillow night and imagine how it will be that little baby that is inside of you, eye color, hair, personality. Imagine the little room, and imagine the baby in each of the clothes I buy.
As she with green or blue eyes, black or brown hair, more brave or more calm, I’m already loving much to my little princess and super excited for her arrival.
Jasminne is coming, people! haha
PS: The two objects will be sent in the night for the winners!

k so i did some detective work regarding to carmilla s3′s release date

Last year, on April 7th 2015, Elise tweeted that she had received/was reading the scripts for Carmilla season 2. Then, on May 16th, 39 days after this announcement, she tweeted that filming for s2 began. On May 20th, filming wrapped up. The day before on the 19th, the release date was announced, which was June 2nd - aprox. 2 weeks after filming wrapped.  

This year, Elise tweeted that she had received the scripts for season 3 on June 19th. If we go off of last year’s scheduling, we can presume that filming for Carmilla s3 will begin around July 21st. Filming should wrap up the next week and we should get an announcement for the release date sometime in the next 3-5 days. If the schedules align similarly to last year’s, the first episode of season 3 should premiere about 2 weeks after filming wraps, ALSO they are going to most likely stick to the Tues/Thursday scheduling so that puts us for a Tuesday, August 9th release date. 



Okay fandom…if you haven’t been keeping up with my Special S3 Series: The Olicity Wedding Theory …now is A REALLY GOOD TIME to get caught up. There are 11 posts in total!!!

All the posts are under my Top 5ive Posts. Read. Enjoy. Bask. HAVE A FUCKING BLAST FANDOM!! That’s what we’ve been doing the last 4 weeks!!! COME ON AND JOIN THE PARTY!!!!

Plenty of room on the Crazy Train but I think…it’ll just be called THE TRAIN sooner than we think!!!