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Okay, so Mycroft is very obviously holding a pen in TST, and John is very obviously holding a pen in TFP, is there anyone holding a pen in TLD?  ‘Cause then maybe we could assume TST is Mycroft’s “fixing” of Mary’s murder as evidenced by his “fixing” of Sherlock killing Magnussen at the beginning; TFP is John’s mind after he gets shot; so presumably Sherlock would be writing TLD, but was he ever holding a pen in that one?  Does this make sense?

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I don't mean to sound ignorant or anything, but I'm genuinely curious as to why you think Namjoon is underrated? I'm not trying to be argumentative, but honestly, I feel like every ARMY I know is incredibly appreciative of Namjoon. Yes, he may not be the most frequently stanned in BTS, but I always see people expressing their wholehearted appreciation and admiration for him, his leadership, his hard work, and his love for each of the members! Just a thought I had! Please enlighten me! :)

please forgive me it’s late and i’m not fully functional anymore but

i follow a lot of blogs who are either namjoon biased or have him somewhere high on the list, and since these are the people i spend the most time interacting with, i usually feel like we all appreciate and love him too

but then there are examples of people being so disappointed with getting his photocard they throw it away or even rip it to shreds. there’s the fact that not many people notice him/talk about him when bts are doing something as a group. there’s always the least fantakens and videos of him (though i appreciate every single one!!! a lot)

i’m not saying there aren’t people who love him wholeheartedly, because believe me, i know we’re here. we all scream together, cry about his big heart and generosity, melt when he’s acting cute

i just wish people would pay him more attention. not brush him off as ‘the leader’ and never properly give him a chance to sneak his way into their hearts. i’m not saying people should stan him, i’d just like them to pay attention

(fuck i need to sleep dude i’m sorry if this makes no sense or like… didn’t even answer your question lmao i might add to this in the morning)