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Cat Talk (Chatroom) Batfam x Batsis

After a century without posting here, I’m briging two new stories this week, but before these stories, I decided to write something the Batfamily again so… Enjoy :)


Damian has created a chatroom

Damian has invited Dick, Jason, Tim

Damian: We need to get rid of Y/N’s cat

Tim: What? Why?

Damian: First: he’s always messing with Titus and second: I think her cat is posessed 

Jason: Wth bro? 

Dick: Why you think that?


Damian: He keep staring at me

Tim: Maybe because you are bothering him

Dick: He is just a lazy cat, he never caused any harm, leave him and our sister alone

Jason: Yeah, I like Oreo, he is a good cat

Tim: And you know, if you get rid of him then Y/N will find a way to get rid of Titus as well

Damian: No one will do nothing with my dog

Tim: Then stop whatever you’re thinking about doing with Oreo

Damian: Are you defeding that cat?

Jason: Yes

Dick: Yes

Tim: Yes

Damian: Guys

Jason: Bro, what Oreo did to you?

Damian: To me nothing, but he’s constantly messing with Titus. I don’t like him

Dick: Maybe because he’s a cat and Titus is a dog

Damian: But look at that photo

Dick: He’s just a lazy cat

Jason: Nothing is wrong with him

Damian: Yeah? Then look at this


Tim: What the hell?

Dick: Wow, is that Oreo

Damian: Yes

Jason: Right, this photo is a weird one, doesn’t mean he is posessed 

Tim: Jayboy has a point

Damian: Come on guys

Bruce has joined the chat

Bruce: What are you guys up to?  

Damian: Nothing

Dick: Damiboy wanna get rid of Oreo

Bruce: Why?


Jason: There is something wrong with YOU

Damian: Asshole

Bruce: HEY, don’t swear

Tim: I really don’t understand you Damian, leave the poor cat alone  

Damian: Alright. You guys wanna a REAL proof that there’s something wrong with Oreo?

Dick: What now?


Dick: What the hell is that?

Jason: It looks like a demon sent from hell

Tim: Is this a footage from Chernobyl?

Bruce: This is odd


Damian: I’m telling you guys 

Y/N has joined the chat

Y/N: Look who decided to join with me for a bath

Jason: Things will get bloody now

Y/N: Why are you saying that?

Tim: Read the chat sis





Bruce: Stop “yelling” each other

Y/N: You raised a monster dad

Bruce: What monster?


Damian: Your cat is a demon and I am the monster?

Dick: Guys please

Tim: The house is wide enough for both Titus and Oreo

Jason: Y/N hold your cat and Damian hold your dog

Bruce: I don’t wanna see you two complaining about each other’s pet anymore

Bruce: Got it?

Damian: Yes

Y/N: Yes dad

Bruce: Good

Bruce has left the chat

Dick: So?

Y/N: I’m cool with this

Damian: So am I

Tim: Don’t you have anything else to say Dami?

Damain: Oreo still scares me tho

Jason: Oh kids, I’m done with this conversation

Jason has left the chat 

Y/N: You know he is just a cat don’t you Dami?

Damian: I know. But still

Tim: The Mighty Robin is scared of his sister cat. What a great headline this would be

Tim: I think I have an idea


Tim has left the chat


Damian has left the chat

Dick: So?

Y/N: I love you bro

Dick: I love you too sis

Y/N has left the chat

Dick has left the chat

Stick Around - Blind Reader

Prompt: Oh, what about a blind poor reader that has a seeing eye Great Dane, female to be exact named Spade, and Damian finds her and falls in love with her but they’re completely opposite. Oh and maybe plot twist like she’s catwoman’s daughter or something. Please and thank you


You’re sitting at the dog park the first time you meet him. Even though you took off Spade’s harness, she hasn’t gone very far. She’s only about 15 feet in front of you, playing with the only other dog in the park. From the sound of their playing it’s another Great Dane.

“May I join you?”

“Of course. I assume you’re the other Dane’s owner”

“Yes, Titus is my pet. I am Damian, Damian Wayne” You turn slightly so you’re facing Damian, “Father says that it is rude to not shake someone’s hand, you know.”

Raising your eyebrows you gesture to your feet where Spade’s harness is resting, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t see your hand. If I could see it, I would shake it”

“Oh” He sounds shocked, “I apologize. I didn’t realize you were blind”

You shrug, “It happens” quietly your phone chimes, letting you know that you’ve been at the par for an hour, “Unfortunately, I have to go now Mr. Wayne” Standing up you let out a sharp whistle, “Spade come” Immediately the Great Dane trots over to your left side, ready to be harnessed. “Good girl”

A cold nose presses into your right side once you finish harnessing Spade. “You must be Titus. I’m sorry buddy, but we have to go home, my aunt will be worried if we aren’t home in time for dinner” Turning slightly to where Damian is still sitting on the bench you give him a smile, “It was nice meeting you Mr. Wayne”

“Wait. You never told me your name”

Throwing a smirk over your shoulder you let Spade lead you out of the park, “I suppose I didn’t, you’ll just have to ask me next time we meet, won’t you?”

Damian lets out a throaty chuckle, “Well then, until we meet again”

“Until then”

The next time you meet with Damian he isn’t really Damian, he’s Robin.

“You cannot escape, Kitten. Batman has your mother, and now I have you.”

You can’t help but smile at his confidence, “Do you really have me, Robin? Because last I checked, I still have the jewels”

“Hand them over … please”

Instantly you perk up, “Did you just say please, darling? Has the big bad bat finally taught you manors? Or” slinking forward you press a hand against his chest, “Do you just like me that much? Are you sweet on me, Little Bat?”

Suddenly your hit hard, right in the face and sent reeling. Your scanner’s damaged, you’re once again completely blind, and too disoriented to fight when Robin grabs the jewels.

“Kitten!!” You curl into yourself, trying to get your senses to right themselves. Then you’re in your aunt’s arms, she quickly hauls you up, yanking the scanner from your head. “You’re alright, sweetie. It’s off now, don’t fight it, just let everything right itself. You’re okay”

“Selina, is she alright?”

“Back-off, Bruce. Your son did this. Just leave, she’ll be fine by tomorrow”

You can hear Damian shuffle slightly, “What happened? All I did was …”

“You messed up her scanner, it makes it so she knows where things are. Did you think she wore the face mask just to look cute?”

“It’s fine, I’m fine now. They got the jewels, the heist was a bust, let’s just go home”

Heavy footsteps approach, “She’s blind? You let her complete heists when she can’t see?”

You chuckle, “And most of the time I’m successful, Batman. Just because I can’t see doesn’t mean I can’t do my job. Being able to use echolocation is actually helpful, means I can create a picture of things that aren’t seen with the naked eye. When Robin hit me in the face, he managed to hit one of the few weak-spots on my locator. When it’s damaged, it can emit a high-pitched sound, it makes my other senses go haywire.”

Damian crouches down next to you, “I apologize, I didn’t realize you were blind”

“Really? You seemed to know I was blind when you talked to me at the park”

He jerks back, “That was you!?”

Bruce and Selina chuckle, “It look like the two of you know each other better than we thought! Now you have your own little bat to play with!”

“Aunt Selina!”

“Damian, it’s time to go. We need to finish out patrol and return the jewels”

“Of course, Father. I will catch up to you” He places a surprisingly gentle hand on your, now bare, cheek, “Will you tell me your name now?”

“It’s Y/N. My name’s Y/N”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Will you meet me at the park tomorrow? I would like to get to know you”

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there tomorrow, at 10:00”

“I will be there”

“Are you brining Titus? I have to bring Spade with me”

“Of course. I will see you there”

“You’re here”

You hum softly, “I told you I would be. I try not to lie to my friends”

Damian sits down on the bench beside you, “Are we friends, Y/N?”

“Well, what else would we be. I mean, we hang out, both inside and outside of work, we know each other’s names, our dogs even like each other. Of course, we’re friends.”

“I suppose we are … I believe I would quite like being your friend”

“Well it’s too late to get rid of me now!” Damian chuckles. “You have a nice laugh, Dami. You should laugh more”

“I don’t have very much reason to laugh, Y/N”

You lean your temple against his shoulder, “I’ll just have to give you reasons to laugh”

One of his hands gently cup your face, brushing over the bruise that covers half of your face, “I am sorry for hurting you, had I known …”

Jerking your face out of his hand you turn to face him, “You would have what? You wouldn’t have fought me? You would have let me get away? Because I’m blind you would have gone easy on me?!? I’m not fucking helpless, Damian!!”

“I did not say you were! I would never treat you differently! I would not have let you escape, however I would have … aimed that punch elsewhere”

Your body loses some of its tension, “I don’t want you to go easy on me just because we’re friends now, bird brain”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, kitten”

You and Damian end up meeting with each other a lot in the next few weeks. You’re sitting at a coffee shop across from WE when he finally asks you about Spade.

“I have never seen a Great Dane as a service dog.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty special. I had just gotten out of the hospital after losing my sight. I was grumpy, like you” Damian grunts, “Yeah, definitely like you. Aunt Selina wanted to cheer me up, she started talking about getting a service dog, that I could pick any kind I wanted. So, naturally, I chose a Great Dane, a dog that I had never heard of being a service dog, just to spite her. My aunt went out, found one, and brought her home, I’ve had her ever since.”

Damian hums, “How did you lose your sight?”

“A heist gone wrong. I had gone out alone, Aunt Selina was at a gala, it was supposed to be simple, in and out. Turns out the museum had some … unconventional … theft protection. I must have set something off, I’m still not sure what it was, but the last thing I remember seeing is a bright red light aimed directly at my eyes. The doctors said that the beam emitted a wave a light as bright as the sun, it completely burned through me retinas and damaged the optical nerve. If I hadn’t managed to get out of there the light could have done damage to the rest of the nerves in my brain, and killed me.”

One of Damian’s hands brushes against yours, “I am sorry that happened to you”

“There’s nothing anyone could do. I had already been working on an echolocation device to help with heists, I just had it modified for my specific use”

“How can you be so happy? You lost your sight, and yet you still see the best in everything”

You shrug, “There’s not point being upset, there’s nothing anyone can do. I can either live my life hating everyone and everything, or I can continue to live it.”

“You are so positive, it is an admirable trait. You are a mystery to me, Y/N. One I believe I would like to figure out”

Winking, you take another sip of your coffee, “I suppose you’ll just have to stick around and find out”

His hand grips you’re a little tighter, “I believe I will, kitten, I believe I will”

Flyin high: part 2

A/n: yep, there’s a part two. This is probably going to suck so please don’t kill me. Also, PLEASE REQUEST STUFF THE ENTIRE REASON IM WRITING THIS IS BECAUSE NO ONE REQUESTED SO I HAVE TO COME UP WITH MY OWN STUFF AND IT SUCKS. Sorry, if I came off as too aggressive but people tend to actually read the stuff in all caps.

What surprised the men were your beautiful white/gold wings.

“What the hell?!” Damian shouted as you hovered above them. You slowly started to float down, your wings flapping gently. Your feet touched the ground and you stood there ready to run.

Damian looked at his father. “Did you know about this?!” He shouted. Bruce shook his head while walking over to you. You backed away and were getting closer to the cave exits.

“Stay away from me B! I know I’m a freak but I’m not letting you send me back there! I’m not going back!” You shouted. Bruce stopped walking and looked at you.

“Calm down y/n. I’m not going to send you anywhere, I just have a few questions.” He said calmly. Damian snorted. “Don’t we all.” He huffed and both you and Bruce glared at him.

“You’re not going to get rid of me?” You asked quietly. Bruce shook his head. “Why would I do that? You realize that if you’d let me, I would have adopted you in a heartbeat. There’s no way I’m getting rid of you, you’re too big a help around here.”

You nodded and walked back to the infirmary. You sat down on the bed and looked at the two Waynes. Alfred had heard the commotion and came down to investigate. He didn’t panic when he saw your wings, just muttered that your shirt was ruined.

“Where do you want me to start? There’s a lot of parts to the story.”
You said. Bruce just smiled reassuringly at you.

“Tell us as much as you feel comfortable with.” He said and you nodded.

“Well, my father died when I was only a few weeks old. He had broke his neck on the stairs when he fell. Instead of saving himself, he twisted around to make sure I’d be safe. I’m getting off topic. Mom always told me that story when she was sad. She remarried when I was five years old and the guy was a huge asshole. He always tried to control the two of us. Well, they weren’t even married for an entire year before mom got sick and died.”

“What does this have to do with your wings?” Damian interrupted. Bruce just batglared at him and the kid shut up.

“I’m getting there. But after she died, my dear old stepdad decided to introduce me to his work. He worked for ITEX and it turned out that they needed another kid to experiment on with their new formula. So mr. Batchelder took me there, they ran a few tests and gave me super strength to make sure my body could handle the changes. A few more tests later, they found out that I had a special type of DNA that in their words ‘will seamlessly mold with any mutations we do to her. We could even undo certain enhancements and replace them with no problem.’ Basically they would put me through hell until they got what they wanted.“

“They decided to give you wings? Why did they want wings and not some other enhancement? The guards at the meeting had claws.” Damian said. Cue batglare.

“They could do as many mutations to me as needed and there’d be no unintended side effects. But they were trying to sell an aerial weapon and they had never used the serum before. I was the only choice. Five injections per hour and a couple weeks later, these babies started growing out of my back. Hurt like hell and apparently mine are still growing.”

“Still growing?! You already have a twelve foot wingspan!” Damian yelled. He couldn’t believe that this kid had wings. The wings were already brushing the walls in the small infirmary when she stretched them.

"Technically, they should be at least fourteen feet. But without the help of the injections to hurry it up, they’ve grown a lot slower.”

"How did you get away? How long have they been hunting you?” Bruce asked. You closed your eyes.

"I escaped the same year they got me. So at least nine years. Could be longer? They were trying to transport me to another facility and they didn’t think I’d be able to fit through the window with my wings. Well they were wrong and didn’t realize I was missing until a couple hours later.”

"How was a five year old able to hide from a big company like that for so long? I assume you had no education during your time of freedom.” Damian said snidely. You rolled your eyes.

"Actually, I was pretty smart for a five year old. I learned all I needed to from the Internet.” You replied. Damian huffed and looked like he was about to have a fit.

"This is the person you had as a partner for a year?! She hasn’t even gone to school!” He shouted. You growled.

"Oh, that is it! I managed to stay out of their grasps for eight years all by myself and when I finally get help from someone and I actually have people who care about me, only to have to deal with this asshole! I can’t do it anymore.” You shouted as you gripped the front of his shirt.

Damian grabbed your forearms to try and pry your grip off, but his hard expression softened when he felt the scars. Your eyes widened when you felt him run his fingers over the biggest one. You let go of him and backed away, wrapping your arms around yourself.

"Are the injections all they did to you? Or were you hiding more from us?” Damian asked quietly. You looked away from him.

"They wanted to see how my healing factor works. They t-took a knife and cut as deep and big as they could. I always asked them t-to stop but they never did. N-no matter how much I screamed.” You said as tears started streaming down your face. Alfred sat down beside you and hugged you carefully, making sure he didn’t do anything to your wings.

"Wow. You only know demon spawn for a week or two and he already has you bursting in tears. Good thing I’m here.” A new voice said. You looked up with a smile on your face.

"Jason! You’re here, you’re really here!” You shouted happily as you flew forward (literally) to hug him. He laughed as he patted your back, avoiding your wings.

"Hey kiddo! What did he say to make you this emotional?” Jason said while glaring over your shoulder at Damian. He mouthed the words “You better watch out.” at Damian.

“It wasn’t his fault, Jay. My stepdad is in town which means I’ll probably be leaving soon anyway.” You said. Damian’s eyes widened. “Your stepfather was there? How did you know?” He asked.

“Y'know that Mr. Batchelder? My mother unfortunately married him and when she died, left me with that sicko scientist.” You said.

Jason was angry. He remembered how he had met you, how badly you had been injured, and the bastard that had been standing there laughing.

The outlaws had been hired to take out a big head of the ITEX foundation. Jason had done his research and he knew that the dude deserved it. All Jason had known was that they were experimenting on people, turning them into living weapons.

He hadn’t known that they had been using children.

That was until he had met you. He had broken into the one office to try and find where the asshole was. He saw a tall man standing over a girl with h/l h/c hair and e/c eyes. The girl had wings that she was trying to use to hide herself from the man.

The man laughed as he grabbed the one wing and forced her to stand, only to hit the ground as the man slapped her. The man laughed as the girl whimpered and cried out.

Jason couldn’t stand it anymore. Two bullet quickly rang out from his gun and both hit the man in the kneecaps. Jason ran into the room and grabbed the kid, and immediately ran back out.

He could hear Roy in his ear. "The hell happened jaybird i thought we were stealthy for this mission.

"Change of plans Harper! Found a kid, she needs help!” Jason shouted. He turned to the kid in his arms. “I’m going to get you out, Okay? Just hold on tight to me. I’m Jason, by the way.” He told you.

“I’m y/n.”

“I might have to pay that bastard a visit while I’m here.” Jason said to you. He looked at you and he saw your wings stretching out and he knew you hadn’t flown in a while. “Why don’t I meet you outside and then you can go for a quick flight around Gotham when we go on patrol? It’s not like ITEX doesn’t already know that you’re in the city.” He said. You nodded and ran up the stairs to the manor.

“What on earth was that, Todd?” Damian asked. Jason rolled his eyes. “Y/n is like a sister to me. I knew I should’ve killed her dad when I had the chance. Anyways, you better watch out for her demon spawn. Bruce called me when you radioed in that there had been a problem due to y/n and I came as fast as I could. If she gets taken again and it’s because of you, there will be nothing stopping me from killing you.”

Damian rolled his eyes and started going up to the manor too. You were standing there in the yard, looking at the moon. Damian’s fingers ached to draw your wings as the moonlight gave them an ethereal glow.

“Ailés? French for wings. You really enjoy wordplay, don’t you?” He asked. You laughed slightly and shook you head. “No, while I was on the run I spent a few weeks in Paris before ITEX found me. The kids gave me that nickname and it sorta stuck when I came here. I figured that they’d find me at some point, so it didn’t matter if I had a name that basically told them who I was.”

Jason cam out in his uniform and your face cleared. “Shit I forgot!” You shouted as you ran back inside. Damian (who was wearing his Robin suit.) watched you go. Jason looked at him. “I bet if you asked she’d take you flying with her.” He said.

Damian shook his head. “Doubtful. We’re about the same size which makes it highly unlikely that she’d be able to lift me, so much as actually carry me while attempting to fly.”

Jason laughed. “Dude, she’s like Kori. She’s able to carry me and Roy at the same time due to that strength enhancement they gave her.” While Damian marveled over this fact, you came back to the boys.

“Alright let’s go! Who’s with me?” You said as you came out in a black spandex suit. You had a mask that looked like wings and the black of your suit made the gold flecks in your wings stand out even more.

“Hell spawn said that he’s going with you. I’m taking the bike.” Jason said. Damian glared at him and you smiled. Nonetheless, he walked over to you.

“How am I supposed to hold on to you? There’s no way I can hold onto your back without getting hit by your wings and there is no way I’m letting you carry me.” He said.

You laughed and showed him a sturdy rope connected to your utility belt. “This clips on to yours and you’ll just be suspended below me.” You explained.

Damian shook his head. “There’s no way that your method would be effective if we were being shot at or if we had to do complex aerial maneuvers.”

“That’s why it’s so short. I can just give a good yank and then you’ll hold on to me the rest of the time.” You explained. He reluctantly let you clip the rope into his belt and then you took off.

The night wind blowing and the adrenaline pumping through his veins made him feel alive. You were laughing, overjoyed to finally be able to fly again. When you unhooked Damian on top of Wayne tower, he was a little sad.

You stood on the edge of the building and he saw your wings fold into themselves until they were pressed tightly against your back. “They’re retractable? That’s why we never noticed anything strange.” He said. You nodded and walked to the edge of the roof.

“Bye Robin.” You said as you leaned forward. Damian tried to catch you but gravity took you before he could. You fell fast and when he was sure you were about to go splat, your wings popped out and you shot up into the sky. Your laughter was almost as loud as his pounding heart.

You saw the shock on his face and laughed. “Don’t worry Robin. You won’t get rid of me that easily.

You sat in the cave and heard your phone buzz. You looked at it and saw a video had been sent to you by an unknown number. You decided to open it and screamed when you watched the video.

Pounding feet echoed through the manor and cave as they ran to you. You had curled up into a ball and were crying. Jason wrapped his arms around you when he got there and grabbed your phone.

There had been two videos and a message. One video was of you being held down, while they injected stuff into your arm. The second, was of a bird getting its wings cut off. Jason growled when he read the message.

Both of these videos have you in them. I’ll see you soon little bird and when I do, I have some fun planned for you

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132 "I thought I lost you" for dick and damian please?

It’s been silent for far too long. Where before there were explosions and gunshots and yelling, now there’s nothing except for his own too loud breathing, and Dick doesn’t dare stop his sprint. The last thing he’d heard before it went quiet was Damian’s pained cry, and Dick curses himself for not being there. He should have been there.

He pushes himself faster.

When he leaps down from the rooftop of the last building just before the bombsite, there’s no one to be found. Everything is quiet in the aftermath of ash and fire, and Dick’s just lucky they’ve both died down enough for him to see.

Damian. He needs to find Damian.

He spots green boots sticking out of an alley between two still somehow intact buildings, and Dick doesn’t hesitate. “Damian!” he yells, not caring who hears him. There’s nothing anybody could do, anyways. The fight is over, and the good guys have won.

To Dick, though, it still feels like they’ve lost. It always does. He doesn’t think that they’ve ever quite won. Winning would mean that everything is over, that there’s no need for vigilantes, but there will always new villains who crop up, new crime that needs to be stopped, and if their jobs aren’t done, if there’s still a need for vigilantes, then they haven’t won, have they?

Dick drops to his knees next to Damian, who is slumped against the wall. He’s not moving, and there’s blood trickling from a large gash on his forehead.

“Damian,” Dick breathes, and when Damian doesn’t answer, Dick fumbles to get his glove off and press shaky fingers to his little brother’s neck. There’s a pulse—it’s weak, but it’s there. Damian’s chest is rising and falling just barely, but when Dick taps his cheek, there’s no response. He yells just a bit louder, like it will magically make his little brother wake up, “Damian!”

Surprisingly, it works. Damian’s eyes shift, underneath his eyelids, and when he pries them open to glare at Dick, Dick can’t help the burn in his own eyes. Not again. He can’t—

“I thought I lost you,” Dick says, the unspoken again hanging in the air between them.

Damian scoffs. “Like you could get rid of me that easily.”

“Right,” Dick says, a soft smile creeping on his face. He keeps his hand on his brother’s cheek, and Damian allows the point of contact. Even leans into it a bit.

Dick knows they’ll have get up and go at some point, but for now, he’s content to stay right here. Right next to Damian.

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How bout a slightly bloated and nauseous Damian getting stomach rubs and back pats from one of his mates to help him burp but ends up getting sick? Ahhh I love u and ur writing u have no idea!!! 💕💕

A/N: So! I’ve had this prompt sitting in my inbox for quite some time now, and as @its-a-goddamn-heartbreak and I were chatting about the end of Damian’s Coeliac Saga, this prompt came to mind, so I am dubbing it the epilogue as it’s set when they’re at university!! Thanks anon for the compliment - I hope you enjoy!! 😊😊

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |

Pfffft!” Damian collapsed heavily onto the low sofa in their flat kitchen, resting his head back briefly with his eyes closed.

“Alright?” Cain asked, raising his head from the doodle that he’d been staring at while he ate his dinner. “How was your medic’s function?”

“Long…” Damian muttered, shifting around on the sofa as though trying to get comfortable. “And full of pompous prats floating through on daddy’s money.”

 “Oh dear, not worth going to then?” Cain suggested and Damian made a non-committal noise in this throat. “Where are Aleks and Zara?”

“Zara was too busy drinking – free wine…” Damian mumbled, rubbing his hands across his face. “And Aleks went – to meet Murray.” Cain looked across at his friend it was unusual for him to be so quiet, and the pauses in his speech pattern only made it more noticeable.

“Are you alright?” Cain asked, placing his pencil down from his doodle that had spread across his A4 sheet.

“Mmmmm…” Damian hummed, wriggling around on the sofa. “Brrrrraaaaaauuuuuurrrrp!” Damian covered his mouth as a deep belch rolled out of him.

“I’m gonna take that as a no…” Cain said, rising from his place at the table and crossing to sit on the sofa next to Damian, who was still shifting in discomfort around the sofa. “What’s wrong?”

“Aah – oh – I’m sorry…” Damian forced out, one of his hands moving to his stomach as his face screwed up in pain. “Oh!”

“Damian?” Cain put his hand to Damian’s shoulder as his friend suddenly curled forward, both of his arms wrapping protectively around his abdomen. “Okay, Damian, you need to talk to me otherwise I’m going to call an ambulance.” Concern was bubbling through Cain as Damian let out a low moan as he shook his head.

“I think…” Damian started to force out, and Cain could hear his teeth grinding as he fought against the pain. “Oh God… I’ve eaten something – with wheat.”

Understanding flourished through Cain as Damian rocked back and forth, trying to soothe the cramp in his stomach.

“Oh no!” He exclaimed, but couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved that it wasn’t something more serious. “What can I do to help?”

“There’s… There’s a hot water bottle in my room,” Damian groaned, “can you get it – for me?”

“Of course,” Cain nodded instantly, springing up from the sofa. “I’ll only be a moment.” Cain practically sprinted through to Damian’s bedroom, and grabbing the hot water bottle he ran back. “I’ll fill it up… Can I get you anything else? Would painkillers help?”

“N – no…” Damian shook his head, still rocking a little restlessly. “They don’t work when it’s this…”

“Oh okay…” Cain was pouring boiling water into the bottle from the kettle; he felt rather helpless. Damian seemed to be in so much pain, but there was absolutely nothing he could do to help. “Here…” He fastened the lid on the hot water bottle and carried it over to Damian, who accepted it like a lifeline.

“Thanks,” he murmured, clutching the bottle to his stomach.

“Maybe you’d feel better if you lied down?” Cain suggested, indicating the length of the sofa, but Damian shook his head again. 

“Being upright helps more…” He replied, leaning back and drawing his left leg up so it was bent close to him. “Sorry Cain.”

“It’s not a problem,” Cain gushed, “I just want to do anything to help.”

“Will… you sit with me?” Damian asked. “Tell me about your day.”

“Um well…” Cain tried to think of something other than the fact his friend was writhing in pain. “I’ve got an assignment to create an environmentally friendly structure at low cost that people could reside in permanently.”

“Yeah? So what you – thinking?” There was a long enough pause between Damian’s words for Cain to know how difficult he was trying.

“I was trying to figure out if I could do a sustainable treehouse,” Cain answered, struggling not to reach out and physically comfort his friend.

“Treehouse – sounds great,” Damian nodded, one of his hands rubbing at his chest., A tight build up of pressure in his stomach made him feel like he needed to burp, but every time he tried the air snagged in his throat and wouldn’t bring any relief. “Urgh…”

“Oh Damian,” Cain grimaced on his behalf. “Are you sure I can’t do anything more to help?”

“I feel like – ugh – I need to burp but I can’t…” Damian said honestly, pressing harder into his stomach.

“Do you want me to rub your stomach for you?” Cain offered and Damian stared across at him, his eyes wide – and for a second he looked like a little kid. “Your mum used to do that for you, didn’t she?”

“Yeah…” Damian’s voice had gone weak, and his face was pale from the stress of the pain. “Would – would you do that?”

“Of course, here…” Cain gently encouraged Damian to rest his head back against the sofa, then peeled away the hot water bottle that was held to his skin. “Just let me know if you’re uncomfortable.”

Mmmhmm…” Damian had closed his eyes and appeared to be fighting against the pale. Cain was cautious as he pulled up the t-shirt Damian was wearing, revealing the flesh of his abdomen, and he very gently placed his fingertips onto Damian’s stomach and began to rub a light circle. Cain could hear Damian letting out slow and controlled breaths through his mouth.

“Is that okay?” Cain questioned, anxious not to cause any more pain.

“Yeah…” Damian mumbled. “I’m sorry – I should have been more careful.”

“Don’t be silly Damian,” Cain replied. “You wouldn’t have knowingly done this to yourself!” Damian was rubbing his own chest again, Cain was concerned by how much discomfort Damian was in. “Are you still feeling like you need to burp?”

“Yeah…” Damian nodded, opening his eyes to look at Cain. “I feel like all the air’s trapped in here.” He pointed to his upper stomach and screwed his face up once more; under the palm of Cain’s hand he felt Damian’s muscles tense as a cramp wracked through him. “Mmmmmmnn…”

“Let me try help,” Cain said nervously, moving his hand further up Damian’s abdomen, and putting more pressure into his skin. “Is that pressure okay?”

Brrruurp!” A short belch burst past Damian’s lips, and his cheeks went a little pink as he mumbled: “Excuse me.”

“Did that help?” Cain withdrew his hand quickly, afraid that he’d hurt Damian; but Damian’s hand shot out and grabbed Cain’s wrist.

“Please keep doing that – it really helps,” he asked pleadingly.

With that permission, Cain put his hand back on to Damian’s abdomen and started to massage up and down its length. As Cain kneaded his fingers he could feel the bloat in Damian’s flesh, and as he pressed further he could almost feel the air moving about in his gut.

Brrrrrrrrrppp!” The deep belch forced out and Damian shifted around on the sofa. “Urgh, this really hurts.”

“Is it not getting any better?” Cain questioned as Damian let out another uncomfortable groan; Damian shook his head.

“I feel like – my stomach’s expanding…” He explained. “God I can’t believe I used to deal with this every day!”

“It’s just a slip up, once it’s out of your system you’ll be back to normal,” Cain told him reassuringly.

“I know, I just-” Damian doubled forward again. “I feel so bloated.” Damian looked thoroughly miserable. Cain frowned, trying to think of any other he could help – he had an idea, but wasn’t sure whether Damian would be happy to try. “I’d do anything to get rid of this – urghh…”

“Really?” Cain asked, looking at him intensely.

“Yeah!” He nodded instantly.

“Come here,” Cain began to manoeuvre Damian up from leaning on the back of the sofa. “I’ve got an idea that might help…”

“Okay,” Damian shuffled forward to the edge of the sofa.

“You’re gonna put your head on my shoulder,” Cain told him, feeling a little apprehensive about what he was going to do, “Like you’re giving me a hug.”

“Okay,” he moved so his chin was resting on Cain’s left shoulder and Cain wrapped his arms around his best friend – holding him steady with one arm and using the other to rub his hand up and down Damian’s back.

“I used to do this to Jethro and Zachariah when they were little and needed to burp,” Cain said nervously, giving gentle pats into the mid section of Damian’s back.

Baaauuuuurrrp!” Almost instantly Cain felt Damian’s back move slightly as a deep belch rolled out of him, coaxed by Cain’s ministrations. “Oh that felt good… Keep going, please…” Cain smiled slightly, feeling Damian relax into him more as he moved his hand all over Damian’s back. “Buuuhhhrrp!”

“That’s it,” he encouraged, running his hand up more firmly and feeling Damian’s spine. “Is this helping?”

“Yes,” Damian confirmed; Cain’s hands felt like they were magic, every time they ran up and down his back he felt like another pocket of air was dislodged and pushed up, like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. “If I’d known you were so good I’d’ve come to you before I was diagnosed…”

“As long as it’s helping you now,” Cain said, glad that the laboured sounding breaths had died down and Damian no longer seemed to be experiencing such strong cramps.

Brrraaaaaap!” After this burp, Damian let out a little sound of pleasure and seemed to nestle his head further into Cain’s shoulder. 

“You tell me when you want to stop,” Cain muttered quietly, beginning the gentle patting motions again.

“Mmhmm… buuuup!” Damian said, “I will.”

Cain continued rubbing and patting Damian’s back, hearing occasional burps from him. After a while Cain wondered if Damian was beginning to fall asleep as his weight grew heavier, but, following Damian’s instructions, he kept going.

Buuuuuuuurrr –“ Damian’s shoulders jerked suddenly as an unexpectedly deep belch came from him, “huuuuuuurrrrrk!”

Damian’s entire body tensed instantly, but it took Cain an extra second to understand why. He became aware of a warm wet sensation down the left side of his back, he could hear a gentle dripping sound, and Damian seemed to be trembling suddenly.

“Damian…?” Cain started slowly.

“Mmmmmm…” Damian let out a small whimper.

“Did you just puke on me?” Damian drew back, away from Cain’s shoulder, his hands shot up to cover the bottom of his face. His eyes were wide with horror as he nodded slowly.

“I’m so sorry!” He whispered, sounding absolutely horrified with himself. “I didn’t – god – I’m so sorry!”

“Do you feel better now?” Cain asked, working very hard to keep his voice calm and measured, even though he could feel the dampness seeping through the back of his t-shirt. Damian nodded, not removing his hands from his face.

“God, I didn’t know that would happen!” Damian’s pale cheeks were rapidly turning scarlet. “I’m so sorry!”

“Damian,” Cain held his hand up to stop his gushing apologies, “I have four younger brothers – do you really think I’ve not been puked on before?”

“No, I – oh, I’m sorry!” Damian apologised once more, lowering his hands from his face; Cain reached out and fastened his grip on Damian’s upper arms.

“Do you feel better now that’s out?” Cain questioned directly.

“Yes,” Damian confirmed.

“Right, well stop apologising! I’m just glad you feel okay,” Cain told him.

“You sure?” Damian mumbled, staring into Cain’s face like he was looking for any indication that Cain was lying.

“Positive!” Cain assured, and Damian relaxed slightly. “And if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go change my shirt…”

Friendly Faces

Damian meets his first friendly face.

“Here,” you tossed a cookie at the boy in front of you.It landed on the pages of his open book.

“May I help you with something?,” Damian Wayne asked, raising an eyebrow at you. Scowling as per usual. You briefly wondered if he ever smiled, as you watched him look down at the cookie in disdain.

“You were all by yourself, and I figured ‘hey, I have an extra cookie, this kid has none, so why not share’, and honestly you looked a little lonely,” not one to soften the blows of reality you gave it to him straight. You sat down next to him while you were talking.

“No thanks,” Damian got up from where he was sitting, throwing the cookie back into your lap.

“No really, I insist. My mom made them herself,” you weren’t put off by his current cold exterior and got up to stand next to him. You handed him the cookie, and this time he ate it, probably sensing that you wouldn’t go away until he did. Jokes on him, though, you weren’t going to go away anyway.

“There, I ate the cookie, send my regards to your mother, now goodbye,” Damian turned on his heel and walked away from you. Not that that was going to stop you.

“Man, you’re fit,” you huffed, struggling to keep up with him.

“Not fit enough, it seems, to get away from you,” Damian sped up, causing you to jog alongside him.

“Ha, you’re funny, but you’re not getting rid of me that easily,” you smiled at him and he stopped dead in his tracks and turned to glare at you.

“What are you doing here exactly?” he asked, arms folded over his chest, trying to stare you down.

“I’m trying to be your friend!” you exclaimed landing a playful punch on his upper arm.

“I don’t have any friends.”

“Well you will soon!” optimism is the key here, you thought.

“I don’t need any friends, I’ve always been perfectly happy with my own company,” he said scowling.

“How do you know you don’t need them if you’ve never had any? If you’ve never had any friends then you don’t know what you’re missing,” you shot back, pleased that you outsmarted him.

He just huffed and turned to start walking away. You just rolled your eyes at his retreating back and started to jog after him.

“You have to be my friend now anyway, whether you like it or not,” you yelled. Ha, you knew that would stop him. Although maybe you regretted it seeing him walk towards you, not exactly looking as if he was the happiest boy in the world.

“And why, pray tell, do I have to do that?” Damian now stood in front of you, his eyes boring a hole into your head.

“Well, I gave you a cookie. My last cookie. That was made especially for me by my mom this morning. It was a token of friendship, and you took it,” you said, smiling at him, hoping your positivity rubbed off on him.

“Had I known that your mediocre cookie-” he started

“Hey, my mother’s cookies are not ‘mediocre’,” you interrupted him, but he continued as if you hadn’t spoken.

“-I would not have accepted it,” he finished.

“Well you did, so tough luck, now you’re my friend whether you like it or not,” you retorted, crossing your arms and matching his stance, which was difficult, as you were shorter than him by quite a bit.

“No, I am not,” he stepped closer, glowering at you.

“Yes you are,” you said, not backing down and matching his step.

By now you were nose to nose with this stubborn as a mule boy and you weren’t going to be the first to back down. It was clear that he had the same thoughts. But you were going to win this one. So you did the unthinkable. You leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the nose.

Your plan worked. He went beet red, unfolded his arms and started stuttering,” clearly he wasn’t expecting that. You couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction, and soon you were doubled over clutching your sides.

“I demand you stop laughing at me, right now,” Damian demanded, eyebrows furrowed, staring down at you crossly.

“I’m-I’m s-so s-sorry, but you should have seen your f-face,” you gasped out between giggles.

Suddenly, well not that sudden, giving the circumstances, Damian stalked away towards the exit of the schoolyard. Where presumably his butler was waiting for him.

“Bye friend!” you shouted at him across the schoolyard.

Damian just walked faster and was greeted at the car by Alfred.

“Good day at school, Master Damian? It’s nice to see you making some friends” Alfred asked, smirking in the rear view mirror, clearly having seen the whole scene play out.

“Just drive, Pennyworth,” Damian growled at him. At least he wasn’t denying it. 

anonymous asked:

❓ 1- Thank you for being thoughtful Selina, I will see you there. 2- Damian coming is fine by me, but be prepared for questions and riddles. 3- oh my GOD PLEASE - Can we all just mutually agree that there should be a public meeting to get rid of that pasty fuck? Please excuse my language, but really. I have been referred to as 'a poor man's Joker' too many times for it to be okay that he lives here. God if everyone can get excited to beat me up I'm holding a public meeting to plan for this shit.

Okay, I just want to say first of all that you are not and will never be ‘a poor man’s Joker’. And yay! I’m glad you’re in on this, Ed - with you, Selina, and any other rogue that wants to join, and I know you’ll be unstoppable and hopefully actually get rid of him this time!

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Hi I was wondering if you could write an Kon x reader where the reader is Damian's twin sister and she is treated like she is in Face The Music and when she turns 18 Kon proposes but she doesn't tell anyone in her family apart from Alfred who gets an invitation and she asks him to walk her down the aisle and the rest of the bat fam find out because superman holds a justice league meeting where he introduces hi new daughter in law to everyone as they've never met her before. Thx

I took from sleeping meds before I wrote this, so I’m not sure how it turned out! Hope you liked it!


The first time you meet Kon-El is when you’re 14. It’s been four years since you moved with your twin brother Damian to live with your father. Kon, or Conner as his human friends call him, is one of the few people to pay attention to you. Since you aren’t a vigilante, no one in your family ever seems to have time for you. But ever since you first met Kon he’s always made it a point to fly to Gotham and talk to you.

You’re 16 when Conner asks you out on a date for the first time.


A pebble hits your balcony window, and you roll your eyes at Conner’s antics but still get up and open the balcony doors.

“Really, Kon? Throwing pebbles at my window? Can you be anymore cliché?”

Kon smirks, “I could ask you to let down your hair, or I could be your Romeo and climb up there”

“You really are such a loser! Get up here nerd!” Kon jumps up to your balcony, leaning in for a hug as soon as you’re in arms-reach. Conner knows that your family rarely acknowledges you, making you practically touch-starved.

“Did you get a chance to talk to your father?”

“No, he, um, he didn’t have time to talk to me today” Kon opens his mouth, but you interrupt him, “But! But I talked to Alfred, and he gave you permission to take me on a date.”

“Yes! I’m gonna treat you like the princess you are! I have everything planed out, all you need to do is get ready!”

Conner’s enthusiasm makes your heart swell, none of your previous boyfriends ever went to the lengths that Kon goes to. They only ever wanted you because you were Bruce Wayne’s daughter. Kon wants you for you.

“What time do you want me ready?”

“Can you be ready at 9:00 AM tomorrow?”

“Your date will last the whole day?”

“Yes! We’ll get brunch, go to …” He stops, “Nope, you know what, it’s gonna be a surprise. You’re gonna love it! I worked with Alfred to make sure you’d enjoy it”

“You seriously worked with Alfred?”

“Totally! And yes, he already threatened me with his kryptonite shotgun, so don’t worry about that!”

You groan, letting your head fall in your hands, “Oh god, he didn’t! But he totally would, not like father cares enough to do something like that”

Kon reaches out, wrapping you in another hug and laying a kiss on the top of your head, “Don’t worry about them, sweetheart. You deserve so much more than them. You’re so good and kind, and that group of assholes don’t know what they’re missing.”

Before you know it you’re 18 and you and Kon have been dating for two years. You had gotten really close to Clark, Mrs. Kent, and even Kon’s other father Lex Luthor. Unfortunately, Bruce doesn’t have time to go to your graduation and Damian had no interest in walking with the rest of the class, so his diploma was being mailed to the Manor. The only people there to support you are Alfred, who has to leave as soon as he gives you congratulations, Clark, Lex, Mrs. Kent, and of course Conner. They even taking you out to a celebratory dinner in Metropolis.

“We’re so proud of you, Y/N!!”

“Thanks guys, I’m so glad that you were able to come”

Conner leans forward, pressing a brief kiss to your lips, “We wouldn’t miss it for the world, doll”

“Yeah well, if only my father was as dedicated as you guys.”

“You don’t have to worry about him anymore, you’re an adult now”

You flash a brief smile, “I guess you’re right. I already have an apartment here in Metropolis, and a job as Lex’s secretary, I bet Mercy will be glad that I’m coming on full-time.”

Lex chuckles, “That she will, and I’ll finally have someone who will get me coffee without threatening me”

“Of course, Mr. Luthor”

Kon rolls his eyes but reaches out for you again. “I have something to say, sweetheart, and I don’t want you to interrupt until I’m done, alright?”

“Um … alright”

He takes a deep breath, cupping both of your hands in his, “I love you. I’ve loved you from the moment that I saw you sitting alone in your family gardens. You were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and have grown into a strong and gorgeous woman. I’ve loved you for years, and I hope that you give me the chance to love you for many more. Y/N Wayne,” Kon slowly gets down on one knee, pulling a black box out of his pocket, “will you marry me?”

Words don’t seem to want to come to you. All you can do is nod frantically, holding your hand out, finally a breathless, “yes” makes it past your lips. The entire restaurant bursts into applause, several people whistling. Kon scoops you into his arms, spinning you around before sweeping you into a deep kiss.

He pulls back, resting his forehead against yours, “I love you”

“I love you too, Conner”

It’s been almost three months since you’ve been engaged, and this is the first time you’re been back to the Manor.

“Hey, Alfie. It’s been a while”

“Miss Wayne” Alfred’s voice is slightly admonishing even as he opens the door wider, “You should know that you do not need to knock”

“It’s not like I live here anymore, Alfie, didn’t think it’d be good to just walk in unannounced”

Alfred leads you to the kitchen, “It has been quite lonely without you here, Y/N”

“I know, and I’m sorry for not visiting, but everything’s been so busy at LexCorp. And … well … I have some good news!”

Setting down a plate of cookies and tea, Alfred sits down beside you, “What is it?”

You quickly hold out your left hand, “I’m getting married!!”

The older man’s eyes widen, “To Mister Kent?”

“Yes! Conner proposed! And … and I’d like you walk me down the aisle”

“Me? Would your father …”

“I’m not telling Bruce or anyone else in this house about my wedding. You were more of a family to me than any of them ever were, you’re the only one I want there”

“Of course, it would be an honor to walk you down the aisle”

You fling your arms around Alfred, “Thank you, Alfie”

The door opens behind you, “tt, I did not realize you had returned, harlot. Has Metropolis finally decided that you are useless and sent you back, or has the Kryptonian come to his senses and left you?”

“Shut up, brat! Your ruining the moment, go away, you can get your snack later”

“Enough, harlot, you have no right to tell me what to do. You should not even be here! You are not wanted, you have never been wanted! We thought we were rid of your presence, but here you are again!”

For years you’d known that Damian has hated you, but he’d never been to blatant in his dislike, “Damian!”

“Get out! You are not welcome here! You are not wanted here! You are nothing but a burden!”

“Master Wayne, enough!!” Even Damian looks shocked at Alfred’s raised voice, “Your sister has done nothing to you! I am tired of your constant belittlement of the others in this house!”

“You have no right …!”

“Stop, Damian! If I’m that much of a bother to you, I’ll leave! I already told Alfred what I came here to tell him!” Turning to Alfred, you pull him into one more hug, “Call me later, okay? We’ll go over dates, and I’ll tell you more about my new life”

“Of course, Miss Y/N”

Alfred walks you to the door and then out to your car, “Will you … will you tell the others that I said hello?”

“Of course. I’ll tell them”

You’ve been married for only two weeks when Superman ask you to meet the rest of the Justice League. Apparently, he had let it slip that Superboy was on his honeymoon, and everyone had insisted on meeting you.

“You mean I get to go up to the Watchtower and personally meet the founders of the Justice League?!?”

“Yes, I’ve organized a private meeting. Kon will go with you, he’ll introduce you to everyone. They are all very eager to meet you”

“Will Batman be there?”

Clark lets out a barking laugh, “Batman hardly ever shows up to meeting that he himself hasn’t called. He doesn’t think that this kind of thig is important enough to draw his attention, so I can almost guarantee that he won’t be there.”

“Alright, good. I – I don’t want to face him. I never told him that I got engaged, much less married! This would definitely be in interesting way for him to find out.”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I can almost guarantee that he won’t be there”

As soon as you step into the JLA conference room you lock eyes with the one person you had been hoping not to see.

One of Conner’s arms wrap tightly around your waist, “Hello everyone. I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Y/N”


Turning slightly, you force a smile onto your face, “Hello, father. It’s been a while”