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Things NOT To Do When Studying

I was going through some old papers from freshman year and I was thinking about what I was doing wrong when I didn’t achieve the grades I wanted, even though I got As in my classes. What things could I have done better to get a 100 instead of a 96? I don’t ask myself this so much as to be a perfectionist (even though I am one). I ask myself these questions because: 1) I must not have had a completely solid understanding of the material if I couldn’t get a 100 on it. 2) Maybe my less-than-stellar test-taking skills got in the way. 3) I’m a tutor, so I want to be sure I understand everything thoroughly enough to help others with the material.

I may add to this later, so you can always check out the original post here. As always, feel free to comment or message me if you want to add something to this list!


  • Don’t simply read over your notes to study. It doesn’t work. You might pick up pieces here and there or even memorize certain things verbatim, but reading something 20 times is very inefficient. Your brain learns by making connections, so if you’re only straight reading the material you’re not making extra connections. You’re much better off going through your notes to make your own questions and quizzing yourself on them, marking down connections as you read (either in the margin or by literally connecting them in the text with a pen), or creating a study sheet (whether in text format or a mind map).
  • Don’t simply highlight, either. While there is a proper way to highlight, most people I see using a highlighter are doing it wrong. If you’re the person who highlights 90% of the paragraph, I’m talking about you. Okay, so highlighting is physically more active than glancing over your notes 20 times, but it’s about equally as effective if you’re highlighting everything. I recommend instead highlighting (or marking with eraseable pencil) things you want to go back to later. But, again, highlighting and reading alone is not useful. Go back to your highlighted parts to reread something that was hard to understand the first time, a topic you want to revisit to make a review sheet, etc. Whatever you use it for, make sure the purpose is to quickly find information later, not simply so you can read those things again. Try making a study sheet, in your own words, based off of your highlighting.
  • Don’t forget to write things down. And I don’t mean just in your planner when you have homework or papers due. This isn’t so much about getting absolutely everything down in terms of notes, either, I have a separate post regarding that. But in class you should always write down questions you have and the answer.  If you don’t get a chance to ask during class, ask ASAP whether it’s directly to your teacher or asking a classmate. If it’s that important, do some research on it, too. Also, make sure you write down information on due dates or paper topics. You probably already do that, but I would recommend having a piece of paper with you every day where you can write anything important down like dates and to-dos to organize all in one shot. If you simply write down “paper due” in a block in your planner before rushing to the next you may not see that reminder until close to the due date. I like to take all of the information on the piece of paper (which also has my day planned out and a to-do list) right when I get up in the morning so I’m prepared for the day and don’t forget anything.

What I Did Wrong:

  • Don’t take it easy at the start of the semester. To be perfectly honest, I’ve pretty much always done that, but my freshman year of college it wasn’t a huge deal since I pretty much already took those classes. Sophomore year, however, everything was new, so memorization and understanding didn’t come quite as easily. The harder your classes are, the more essential this is, especially if you actually want to sleep during finals week. The best thing you can do is start doing work before the semester even starts if you have a syllabus handy, or even just looking through your books to see what’s ahead. While everyone else is doing fun things the night of that first day, make sure you get some work done first before you have your fun. This sets the tone for the rest of the semester and gets you into the habit of working. Don’t let yourself get behind! It’s easier to stay ahead than it is to struggle catching up.
  • Don’t leave your notes to rot after class. Meaning, do something with them right after class! … or at least ASAP. Mark them up, edit them, rework them, copy or type them (if your handwriting sucks like me), or, best of all, write a short summary. Take the several pages of notes you have and condense them into one or two paragraphs. Don’t worry about the details, just make sure you’re hitting on the key points. As a bonus, you can type up some questions based off of your notes to save for later studying (details are allowed here). Everything will be fresh, making this a much easier process than if you did it right before the test. At the end of the week, make a summary of your summaries and quiz yourself on the questions you made. You’ll probably want to use those questions again, so try to reword them or even combine them into bigger questions that cover many topics. That way you’re being active with the material and will actually understand what you’re answering as opposed to parroting.
  • Don’t make study sheets by copying off of something else. Yes, I made this mistake. I wasn’t copying initially, but rather, using a review book as a reference to make study sheets. However, the more I was pressed for time the less I started putting things into my own words. Now, this wasn’t a big deal in terms of legality, since I kept them to myself, but it didn’t turn out to be all that helpful in the end. If you want to make study sheets, you could either take concepts you’ve been learning and put them together in different ways or make a summary in your own words. I recommend both, but whatever you do, make sure you’re actually creating something new or else you’re not going to remember it. For example, in organic chemistry I took the reactions and grouped them in different ways (by subtstrate, reactants, products, etc.) as a reference while studying. The act of sorting and looking through the reactions in order to make the sheets helped me remember them, then I had the sheets to look at while doing practice to help me memorize them further.
  • Don’t save the bulk of lab work for after the lab and don’t wait to write your report. By this I’m referring to the post-lab report. Spend the extra time while prepping your pre-lab materials to start your report! You’re expected to know the theory behind your labs before you perform them, so writing the introduction to your report should not be a problem. If it is, then you’ll be glad you took the time to understand the lab before you tried actually doing it. By doing this you may also find that you have questions that can be answered by the professor before you get confused in the middle of a procedure. Also make sure you have data tables prepared (not just in your notebook, but in the report file to fill in after) and anything else you’ll need to take down data. Once the lab is finished do the report immediately. Everything you did will be fresh and you’ll be glad you finished it well ahead of the deadline. At this point you can show your lab to your professor and get any corrections fixed so you’re ashooin’ for an A!
  • Don’t try to write a paper in one shot. I understand if you feel like your papers flow better if you do it all in one shot, but at least make sure you plan it out thoroughly ahead of time before you actually write it all out. But even then, you will likely benefit from splitting your paper into chunks to tackle one day at a time. If you have a research paper that’s double-digit pages then you’ll be forced to do that anyway, but be sure you’re splitting up the work for small papers, as well. It may not seem like a big deal to do a short paper in one day, but if you end up having other assignments or tests due around the same time it might up your stress if you’re crunched for time trying to finish that “insignificant” paper while juggling a few other assignments as well as some test prep.

Advice Suggested By Others:

  • Don’t listen to distracting music while studying. To some degree, the types of music that are considered “distracting” vary when it comes to the subject you’re studying and personal preference. However, the general rule of thumb is that you avoid any sort of music with lyrics if you’re studying a subject that involves language. Art, math, and certain sciences are an exception if you’re working with pictures or numbers, since language usually doesn’t interfere with those things in the brain. But if you’re reading anything, even if it’s worded directions to a math or science problem, lyrics will probably be distracting. Some people suggest that listening to new music with lyrics is okay because you won’t be tempted to sing along with something you don’t know while others get distracted by hearing any type of language. Again, it’s truly up to you, but genres such as classical, jazz, and nature sounds are usually recommended. Heck, if you’re a musician and get distracted by any type of music, silence or brown noise may be the better option for you. (Suggested by aslongasitsfiction)
  • Don’t study in bed. Scientific studies have shown that doing anything in your bed that isn’t sleep or sex-related affects your ability to fall asleep in your bed. When your brain primarily associates your bed with sleep, it’s much easier to fall asleep. But having trouble sleeping in your bed isn’t the only part of the problem. While studying in your bed is really comfy, you’re also more likely to fall asleep if the association with sleep is strong enough. It’s generally recommended that you don’t even study in the same room as your bed, but as college students this may not be possible if you want to use your desk. So if you don’t want to make the trek out to a more secluded study space, at least try to make sure your desk doesn’t have your bed in view. Because let’s be honest, if you’re exhausted, simply seeing your bed might be enough to make you nod off. (Suggested by rare-footage and ane-mia)
  • Don’t go on tumblr. Okay, this may seem obvious, but sometimes a reminder is all you need to get off your computer! I suppose it’s better that you’re looking up information to help you study, but I think we both know what the better choice would be. (Suggested by oneofakindgizibe)
  • Don’t study in a place you can’t focus just because your friends are there. Us humans are social animals. We like being around other people. But this can cause you problems if you’re trying to study. Unless you’re in a productive study group, make sure you separate study time and social time. You’re probably more likely to gravitate towards fun, social things over studying, so make sure studying is a priority and you get it done before seeing your friends. If you have a roommate or two, then your dorm room is probably not the right place to study. Find a few of your focus hotspots and go there for your study time. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t forget the little things you know you’ll need. This includes but is not limited to things such as chargers, books, snacks, and water. You don’t want to be in-the-zone and all of the sudden realize you need to run back to your dorm room to get a book. And then 10 minutes later realize you’re hungry and need to run to the cafeteria. If you don’t already have certain things that are always in your bag, simply keep a list of things you generally need to bring with you, leave it as a reminder on your desk, and check it over before you hit the library. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t take naps while studying without setting an alarm. Or even better, avoid naps all together. If you’re like me, 15-minute naps usually turn into 2-hour events. But regardless, if you need to get some extra sleep, get the extra sleep. It’s better to take a nap when you know you need it as opposed to falling asleep on your desk unexpectedly when you have a paper you need to get done for the next day. 15-20 minutes the recommended time for a short nap, but if you need something more robust, try for 90 minutes or use sleepyti.me to figure out the right time to wake up. (Suggested by fitspoforever)
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. I personally find that “dressing for success” works really well for going to lectures and virtually everything else, but terribly if you’re hitting the library for a long study session. You’ll probably wanna look cute if you’re heading somewhere public, but just make sure you’re comfortable. Yoga pants are fine for the occasion! (Suggested by fitspoforever)
Fearlesskiki’s Appreciation Post (edition 4)

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I know that the numbers are simply nothing to be brag about (I’m pretty sure people had achieved more than me) but this is a nice reminder that there are real people out there that appreciate the work that you put out. A very good signal boost that I’m sure everyone loves. Yesterday one of my readers offered to translate one of my fics into Chinese. And you can imagine the joy I had when I read that message.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and love come in many different ways and shapes.  I thought it would be fitting to post today. (this should be posted last month but shhh…) Anyway, let’s start with some special mentions:

To all my followers! Thank you for putting up for everything that I’ve done. I know I’m not perfect but thank you for being there especially those who had followed me for a long time.

To the lovely @bayer-mund , my bestie, my OTP and my little sister. I’m still thankful that you reached out and get to know me. Otherwise, my introvert self will never ever have a true friend like you. Thank you for laughing with all my Lahm jokes, although I can’t differentiate if you really enjoy those Lahm jokes or just being super nice XD And thank you for being my other support system ♥

@half-fallen time zone is such an evil thing! We never get to chat for a long time :( But you know I always love you ♥ and your fics ♥

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#standing with an army

of tesco & boyfriends

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil decide it’s the right time to come out. Later, in Dan’s liveshow, fans ask them to kiss.
WARNINGS: shameless fluff
A/N: so this fic is literally1,465 words longer than i thought it would be bc of the domestic intro and the liveshow. i also hope you like the edits bc i did them by myself. painstakingly slowly. remember my prompts are open here 
lowkey pulled inspiration from realityisnoplacetolive’s Problematic

Dan walked the long stairs to their apartment quickly, glad to be out of the harsh cold of the London air. He loved London and would hate to move, but sometimes he mentally cursed Britain’s strange ability to be constantly cold. Making his way quickly up the thousands of flights of stairs, he managed to make his way to their door. He looked momentarily behind him at their neighbor’s door, decorated with a wreath, and considered going out later to get one, but the harsh cold that had managed to chill him to the bone convinced him otherwise.

Dan pushed open the door and was greeted immediately with the smell of the fajitas that he and Phil had been making together when Phil realized they were out of fajita seasoning and given Dan puppy dog eyes that were unfortunately irresistible. Phil was very loudly singing along to Dan’s “C Word” music Pandora station. “Dashing through the snow! In a one horse open sleigh! O’er the hills we go! Laughing all the way!”

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anonymous asked:

i'd love to see a post on amy pond full-fleshed out if that's something you'd be willing to write? because i think karen was so talented but so much about amy was just told to us and not shown. there's so much still we don't know/understand about her.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s some Amy. I wrote this out ages ago, but over a series of several random rambly posts, so I thought I’d compile/edit/give them to you here. This about Amy, a bit about Rory and the Doctor, and a lot about River Song.

Someone tell me a bedtime story, someone sing me a lullaby about Amy Pond burning the universe down, searching for her stolen child.

Amy is allowed to be fierce and violent and furious in every timeline but the true one: she is the hardened military officer putting the eyepatch calmly back on Madam Kovarian and leaving her to die in pain; the wearied Girl Who Waited, trapped and furious and refusing to lay down and die.

She is established as a woman with potential for such violence and power in every other world; but in this one, in the timeline that stays, that matters, Amy lets the Doctor drop her and Rory off to play house while he goes and searches for Melody alone.


No. Let Amy rage. Let her conquer, a loyal centurion at her side. She would be glorious.

Let’s tell the story of season six and seven under the assumption that Amy and Rory Pond aren’t the sort who sit at home while someone else searches for their stolen child. Let’s tell it like River is an actual subplot and an actual person, not a flash-bang grenade.

So what happens, if Amy and Rory demand to follow the Doctor into chaos and war after their child? He drops them, just as before, at the house with the nice car, the door painted TARDIS blue.

But this time there’s screaming, not tearful farewells. “I will not get you killed, too!” “This is my child!” cries Amy, “You have no right!” And Rory: “I’ve died before. At least this time it’ll mean something.”

But he leaves them, leaves them anyway, leaves them no choice. This is the Doctor. This is what he does when he loves people, and he loves Amelia Pond.

We can still have the corn maze that shouts DOCTOR to the skies, his rapid landing to make sure they’re not in trouble. We still get young Mels and her reckless gun, charging through the cornfield with Rory and Amy, and commandeering the TARDIS. But this time it’s with Amy raging at her friend’s shoulder, desperate to be part of this fight. This is her child, her search, and she will find Melody Pond or she will burn the universe trying.

(Or even have the TARDIS drag him back to Earth without his consent here. She knows Melody Pond. The TARDIS is going to teach her how to fly one day. I’d love to see the TARDIS thinking of her as family).

“We are finding my baby. Either you’re with us, or we’ll see how well a centurion can fly a TARDIS.”

The Doctor surrenders. He lapses proud and terrified for his Ponds, suspicious of their friend who refuses to back off. He makes her leave the gun, but he can’t manage to get Mels to leave her friends to fight this one alone.

Having a desperate, driving main plot, this furious breathless search, wouldn’t stop us from having DW’s classic one-shot episodes. They land accidentally in that house with the faith monster, spend the same episode trying to escape—just more lives are on the line than just theirs this time. They have someone they need to go save. (I love that one, by the way: Amy’s faith in the Doctor as the literal thing that’s killing her).

Or they’re following up a lead at that fancy spa planet, tracking down some rich benefactor of the Eyepatch Lady. But Amy gets separated, gets stuck in the wrong time stream, and we get The Girl Who Waited.

Or they land on some planet, get the info they need to keep tracking Eyepatch Lady, but something seems wrong. The Doctor wants to investigate, against Amy’s impatient protests. “My baby is alone and scared. We are not going to let her go so you can satisfy your curiosity!”

“Amy, I want to save your child. You know that. But there are children here, too. Remember? You told me once that I was old, and sad, and I’d never let a child cry alone. We will find your Melody. But help me save these children first.”

Except, during all these stories, we have Mels, too, now, this brash, beautiful girl. She’s maybe a bit too violent, maybe has a bit of a bright-eyed death wish. She’s spittingly combative with the Doctor, deeply loyal to Amy, regards Rory with a vast and amused affection.

When the Doctor takes Amy aside, asks her softly to help save these children, too, Mels is staring, staring, glaring. Because she needs to hate this man whose blood she is destined to have on her hands. He’s making it difficult.

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Who Should You Fight: JS&MN Edition
  • Jonathan Strange: Unpredictable, whimsical, and has been in the Peninsula. Chances of victory are not high. However, he can be kind of cocky, so go for it if you really want to, I guess. Just keep a weather eye out for Arabella because she might come to rescue him.
  • Gilbert Norrell: I mean...he sort of deserves it, frankly. And you'd probably win without a struggle; he spends all his time reading books and none of it fighting people. On the other hand it seems like it would be kind of a hollow victory - he would probably turn it around to make himself a martyr without learning anything from the experience; he's also sort of small and cute which might disarm enemies despite his obnoxiousness. Furthermore, there might be Childermass to contend with. Use your judgement.
  • Arabella Strange: Depending on your physical ability, you /might/ win, but there is really no reason to go for it and she probably has a lot of pent-up frustration in her heart after everything she's been through, so you never know what will happen. Pick someone else.
  • John Childermass: Unwise in the extreme. He'll either destroy you or he'll let you beat him to further his own ends. Either way, it's going to end badly for you.
  • The Gentleman With The Thistle-Down Hair: Chances of victory are extremely slim. But do it anyway. Go on, just do it. He deserves it. I'll hold your flower.
  • Stephen Black: Why? He's already been through so much, and also he's a king now, so you're going to lose by a mile /and/ feel guilty about it on top of it. Don't do it.
  • Emma Pole: Do not engage. DO NOT ENGAGE.
  • Sir Walter Pole: Combat abilities uncertain, but probably not worth it even if you could beat him. The man was in financial straits for years and then his life got all weird and magical. Just leave him in peace, he's probably atoned for any sins.
  • John Segundus: You'll probably win unless he conjurs some unexpectedly tricky magic, but you'll feel awful about it. Why would you even want to, really? Not recommended.
  • Mr Honeyfoot: As above, not recommended. In addition to the lack of push factors, he might pull out the blunderbuss and shoot you with walnuts. Turn your attentions to more worthy opponents.
  • Christopher Drawlight: An excellent target for his personal qualities. Chances of victory are somewhat uncertain. On the one hand, he doesn't seem like a brawler. On the other hand, he once tossed a cat out a third-storey window for threatening to shed on his clothes, so clearly there are some hidden depths here. Try it, but be wary.
  • Henry Lascelles: DO IT. GO FOR IT. Beat him up. It's the least he deserves. Make sure you take his gun and knife away at the first opportunity and have care to watch your back, but if you keep your wits sharp about you and pay attention, you may win. Fight him for all of us.
  • Vinculus: He spends a lot of time wandering around and drinking so he probably knows at least basic street-fighting, and I'm sure he fights dirty. Additionally, he has all those tactics of distraction from his time as a street-magician. Only engage if you particularly dislike him or have enough fighting experience to be confident.
  • John Uskglass: RIP.
Call Me in The Morning (I was there when you woke up)

Thea swirled the spoon around in the container in her lap before taking the last bite of chocolate ice cream. She closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against the head rest.

“Thank you,” Thea started, turning her head to look at Felicity. “I know taking care of your boss’s dramatic little sister isn’t really part of your job description. I appreciate it though.”

Shaking her head Felicity smiled. “You aren’t being dramatic and most of what I do for your brother is outside of my job description.” Thea burst out laughing as Felicity’s face reddened. “That’s not… that is really not how that was supposed to come out.”

“I know. I tend not to believe rumors.”


“You’d be good for him though.”

Felicity bit the inside of her lip, focusing her attention on trying to maneuver her car out of the downtown traffic and toward the highway entrance.

“So, you and Roy,” Felicity started, trying to change the subject. “You want to talk about it?”

“I don’t… I don’t even know where to begin. Is it weird that I sort of thought he was joking? He told me a week ago that we couldn’t be together anymore, for some stupid reason, and I just thought he was being moody. I didn’t actually think he meant it.”

“Definitely not stupid.” Felicity glanced behind her shoulder before merging on to the highway.

“I’ve never been on the receiving end of the break up. And, God, this makes me sound like such a stuck up bitch, but I never really thought I would be. I should have prepared myself for this.”

“Trust me, I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of break ups and preparing for it doesn’t help any.”

“What does help?”

“I tend to wallow for about twenty four hours. I eat a lot of ice cream and Chinese. Right around day three I spend hours on my hair and make-up, dress in something that makes me feel cute, and drag whatever friends I can find out to a club. And then… I don’t know, you sort of just keep going I guess. One day at a time?”

“I had court-mandated AA meetings when I was 16, I suck at 12-step programs Felicity.”

“Well, what do you feel like doing?”

“Ripping his face off the next time I see him. Crying. Watching movies. Finding another guy to make me forget all about him.” Sighing, Thea turned her head to look out of the window. They didn’t say anything for a while as they both took in the changing scenery of city to country. “Tell me about Barry?”

“He’s a scientist. Nice, kind of socially awkward, not a great dancer.”

“You like him.”

“I do.”

“Then  why aren’t–”

“He offered, but he caught on that I might have feelings for someone else.”

“My brother.”

Felicity’s eyes flew over to Thea’s before she nodded. “I’m apparently not very good at hiding it.”

“He cares about you.”

“I don’t know if that’s enough.”

“Maybe after we leave the hospital we’ll need to go shopping. Do you mind sharing a hotel room? It can be the deterrent to bringing random guys back to our room. Unless you want the random guy to come back with you? I could work–”

“Thea!” Felicity interjected trying to keep up with the girl. “What are you talking about?”

“We are going out. Maybe get crazy enough that US Weekly will run our picture. Give my brother a small heart attack when he sees you look gorgeous, give Roy another reminder at what he lost.”

“I don’t know. I’m not much of a drinker.”

“It’s a girlfriend rule. I think that if the friend that has been most recently broken up with demands a night of drunken debauchery the other friend is required to join in.”

“Friends huh.”

Thea shrugged. “Gotta start somewhere. Besides, don’t you think it’ll be nice to have someone to bitch about Oliver too? And baby pictures, being friends with me comes with unlimited access to baby pictures.”  

“Deal. But if we do end up in the tabloids, I’m going to take them down.”

“You can do that.”

“Consider it a perk to bring friends with me.”

Thea smiled, leaning forward to plug her phone into the the radio, her hand pausing on the volume button. “How much longer do we have anyway?”

“About an hour or so.”

“How do you feel about 90s boy bands,” Thea asked as she turned the volume up. She smiled innocently as Felicity glared at her before she started singing along.

Thea’s sides hurt from laughter by the time Felicity pulled into the hospital parking lot.

“I needed that,” Felicity said with a smile as she turned the car off. “I don’t think I’ve sang along to boy bands like that since… well probably since the 90s.”

Smiling at the blonde, Thea hopped out of the car stretching her arms up. “You’ve got a good voice. Maybe we should find a karaoke bar instead of a dance club.”

Felicity glared at Thea. “Don’t get too many ideas. The last thing I need is a video of me singing floating around the office.”

“I thought your mad computer skills could stop that from happening.”

“Well. Maybe.” Felicity sighed. “Come on, visiting hours end in an hour.”

Thea followed Felicity through the hospital running her hand along the walls. White walls freaked her out a little bit, they lacked feeling. She figured if any place needed some warmth, a hospital would be one.  She watched as the nurses at the front desk smiled at Felicity, updating her on his condition.

“How often do you come up here,” Thea asked once they walked away from the desk.

“I try to come every other week, but I call at least every other day.”

“You’re a good friend.”

Felicity smiled at Thea before she nodded her head toward a door. “That’s his room. You don’t have to actually come with me. This must be awkward for you, just going to some person’s hospital room while he is in a coma. I didn’t really think about that when I asked if you wanted to tag along. I just figured you could some time out of Starling and someone to talk with.” Felicity pulled her car keys out of her purse, holding them out to Thea. “You can totally take my car. Do the shopping for me tonight? I’ll just wear whatever you grab.”

“One,” Thea started, taking the keys from Felicity and putting them back in her purse, “You should never just trust me when it comes to clothes. It’s a dangerous way to start off our friendship, and I’ll probably never remind you of this. Two, it is a little strange, but he sounds like he was a nice guy, and I want to meet him. So, get to the introducing.”

“Right.” Felicity turned around, pausing slightly before opening the door. Thea followed behind her, sitting down in the chair closest to the door. Felicity dropped her purse down on a little table that was in front of the window, before sitting down in a chair across the room.

“Thea, this is Barry.” Felicity gave her a small smile. “Barry, this is Oliver’s sister, Thea.”

“Hey there Barry.” Thea reached forward, squeezing his hand slightly. “Nice to meet you. Felicity has been talking my ear off about you. All good things I promise.”

“I’m going to grab something to drink and call your brother. I think I’ve missed like ten calls from him. You want anything?”


“You got it.” Ferocity squeezed Thea’s shoulder before walking out of the room. Thea pulled her legs up underneath her as she sat further back into the chair. The steady beeping of the machine that Barry was hooked up to was the only sound in the small room. She squeezed Barry’s hand again before she started talking again.

“I’m not sure if you can hear me or anything, I’ve never actually known anyone in a coma before. Which is sort of strange when you look at my track record of people I love getting hurt.” Thea shook her head, tapping her fingers against his skin. “Is it weird that I’m holding your hand? It’s probably weird.” Thea laughed slightly as she tried to pull her hand away, she felt his fingers brush against her skin slightly. Her eyes darted up to his, watching as they slowly started to blink open.

“Oh my god.” Thea froze, her hand in his, as he opened his eyes.

“Wa—“ Barry started, before breaking out into small coughs.

His voice pushed Thea into action. “Water? Of course you want water. Let me just…” Thea’s voice trailed off as she moved around the room to pour water into the small paper cup. She walked back over, holding the water up to his lips, tilting the cup slightly.

“Thanks.” Barry’s voice was rough and scratchy. “Nurse?”

“No. Um, I’m Thea. I’m Felicity’s friend. She went to get something to drink. This must suck for you, just, you probably wanted Felicity to be here. Or a nurse. Anyone would have probably been better than me. You don’t even know me.”

“A pretty girl isn’t the worst thing.”

Thea laughed, shaking her head. “I should go get a nurse, or a doctor.”

Barry nodded, watching as she walked toward the door. “You’ll come back though?”

Thea stopped at the door, turning around to look at him. “Yeah. I’ll come back.”

happy friday the 13th! i know it’s after new years but shut up that’s why (also forgive the shitty edit, this was a quick decision thing). so i never really do these because i always worry i leave someone out/people get their feelings hurt/general favoritism, but! clearly i’m doing one right now lmao. 

i made this blog on november 18, 2016, and in less than three months i’ve gained 160+ followers and that just blows my mind! i had been out of the roleplay community for over a year, so to be welcomed back this way has been really, really nice, especially because selina is a new muse for me. i’m so grateful that people like my portrayal enough to follow me, it genuinely boggles my mind and i’m incredibly thankful. this list by no means encompasses everyone i admire, it’s just a quick run through of people i really appreciate being here. 

                                                      P U R R F E C T   P E T S 


                     mccall - okay so you’re my irl partner, but that’s not why you’re on this list (well, i guess it sort of is?​​ shut up). i love you so so so much–not just because you’re you, but you’re the one who encouraged me to make selina in the first place, and you’ve been so patient with my questions about insignificant details (do you like this border, or this border that’s just 1 pixel different? what do you mean you can’t tell the difference?). you mean so much to me and i’m so happy to be able to go through this experience with you. plus, you’re the best jon crane that’s ever graced this website (but you knew that already). ❤


                    fae & co. - i knew you a bit from mccall talking about you, but getting to know you has been such an amazing experience. i truly consider you a close friend and i’m really greatful for how supportive and understanding you’ve been. you personally (all of you) are amazing, and i look forward to going on as your friend. i love the interactions between lindsay and selina and i can’t wait to do more; selina’s dying to take this kid under her wing. will lindsay let her? probably not, but it’ll still be fun to figure out. ❤


                    rosa - just. gosh. i’ve told you a million times how enraptured i am with your stephen, just from a few interactions, but let me tell you again. tbh i didn’t give a shit about him before i saw your portrayal. i didn’t read the comics, i didn’t watch the movie, i just wasn’t interested. but your stephen has made me interested. i know there’s canon divergence in your portrayal, but you’ve made me want to learn what the original canon is (well, as much as one can with comics, anyway). i also never planned to ship selina but here we are in hell. you’ve also been very patient and understanding when i’ve talked to you about my insecurities about my selina. i really appreciate you being here and really hope to continue writing with you soon. ❤

                                                         G O O D   K I T T I E S 

@atrcpabelladcnna @alitheiia @arxnexe @arachnidlegacy @avroris @agonyfed @agothamite @arkhammade @aerialistix @arrowsbro @avengingdaughter @bitterpatience @bleachserved @birdfromthenight @birdbraiin @bangflags @bludhavensbluebird 
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thank you all once again for being here with me. here’s to a great 2017!


30 Days of Phan Drabbles Day 26

Tease | Phil really wishes he could tell the whole of twitter that it’s Dan’s fault his Halloween video is going to be late, but you know, whatever. | Phan |Teasing? | Mature | 727 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Prompt:  dan and phil make a video together but phil isn’t able to upload it because dan wouldn’t stop kissing him and making references resulting in not enough footage

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FitzSimmons Fandom Appreciation Post (#2)

Soo, I’ve been noticing an odd amount of hate being spread in this fandom and I?? Don’t??? Like?? It?? At?? ALL?? Because everyone here is an actual gift and super important!! I made one of these when I was very new to the fandom but I was only scratching the surface of awesome people and the things they do, so I’m back with an updated version because sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re awesome and great and beautiful and this fandom wouldn’t be the same without you. Anyways, *cracks knuckles* let’s spread some positivity!

First off, thanks to @thefitzsimmonsnetwork , @teambiochem , @leofitznetwork , @jemmasimmonsdefensesquad @teamengineering  for bringing the community together.

Thanks to @inevitablyfitzsimmons for being an actual BABE. Like honestly, you’re so sweet and kind and pure and what did we do to deserve you in our fandom.

Tip your hats to @superirishbreakfasttea a boss lawyer, great fic writer, and overall sweet person who handles hate better than any one I’ve ever seen.

@agl03 AKA the mama hen of this ship. Thanks for calming us down when the rumors start to fly and thanks for answering meta’s and spending your free time writing fics for me us.

@grapehyasynth Honestly, what can I say. THE FLUFF QUEEN. Thanks for dedicating so much time to writing drabbles and answering asks and I still remember when you were very new to the fandom and you asked if I could write you a thing because you didn’t have time. oh, how the tables have turned (I’ll write that thing for you one day, I didn’t forget about it!)

Thanks to @agents-of-frickle-frackle  @leotitz @agentsofpsych for the crack posts that are the actual best.

@dilkirani My favorite fanfiction writer, I can only aspire to write the way you do.

@shieldsil @theskyefalls and @eclecticmuses for the fantastic art. These people were #blessed with the art abilities I could only wish for. Honestly amazing and will always be seen as more than just “doodles”. ;)

Thanks to @blake-wyatt who just has thee BEST tags in history, like I don’t know what I would do without them.

@ughfitz who’s just super sweet, I can’t even.

@agentsoflove thank you for spreading positivity.

@wakandandperthshire @bioforensics @fitzsimmonsinthetardis Just overall great people that I don’t know much about but I know they are great and loved and awesome and yeah.

@mynameiseco @blacklolitarose @stelenaisinfinite for the UH-MAZE-ING fan videos. They are so beautiful and amazing and deserve more recognition and I watch them multiple times a day because they are just sooo good. 

@cardb0rdeaux your edits are simply divine! You’re so talented, stay awesome!

Tip your hats to @fitzsimmonsfic​ for “doing the lord’s work” and finding us fan fiction. 

Major thanks to @jemmamaximoff @agentcalliope @nerdlove4thewin @memorizingthedigitsofpi @agentverbivore @comickid99 @chinese-bakery @everyl1ttleth1ng @perthshirekisses *deep breath* @thelatenightstoryteller @recoveringrabbit @agent-85 @agentlukaofshield @writeonthrough  @plentyofmalk @theclaravoyant @notabadday @consoledacup @amanda-rex @jessiecrimefighter and so so sooooooo many more it’s kinda overwhelming and I feel really bad I couldn’t recognize everyone but the list just keeps going. Fan fiction writers, in my opinion, deserve thee BIGGEST thanks. From all the AU’s to period fics, The crack to the heavy angst, this fandom would not be the same if it wasn’t for fanfic writers. So take a bow, pat yourself on the back, and remember that you are the base of this operation and life wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t laugh and cry at your amazing writing.

A thanks to just overall awesome people that deserve to be recognized like  @jemmasimmuns @jemmasimmonsy @welldonefitz @idecaesteckers @mrsdecaestecker @jemmaleopoldfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonns @mech-bull @msdevindanielle @ohifonlyx33 @unbreakablejemmasimmons@omgfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonsies @fitzsimmonss @fitzsimmmonsy @fitzsimmonsftw @pesto-aioli @simplyshipping @leggy–peggy @sciencebiaatch @sciencebabies44 @onewordtest @leopoldfitzsimmons @leosimmons a wonderful collection of people that do things from gifs to edits to videos to fan fiction to just being kind, y’all rock!

I really truly, apologize if I forgot anyone but just know if you’re reading this, regardless if your name is one this list or not, you are important and fantastic. Never stop being you and remember, despite any hate you may receive, there are people that care about you and appreciate your existence . Feel free to tag anyone I missed, stay awesome, spread positivity, and it’s a pleasure shipping with y’all.

So there are a lot of posts about commenting on fanfics and how much comments mean to writers, how much we need them, and how much it hurts when they aren’t there (really really bad, you guys. Seriously SO bad). 

But sometimes people just don’t know what to say. 

Here are some suggestions for HOW to comment on fanfics when you want to express yourself but words are hard: 

1. What is your favorite part of the chapter/story? Tell the author. Tell them how much you loved the line about the purple chimpanzees or that part when your otp stroked each other’s hair under the moonlight. We often have our own favorite parts, and hearing a reader echo some of our prouder moments is wonderful. It also tells us what you like most so we can put more of what our readers want into fics.

2. Are there any parallels to your own life? Did you identify with the MC when they said they hated coconut milk or when they talked about feeling like they weren’t in control of their own emotions? Say it. Say “God, I hate coconut milk too” or “I feel like that all the time. Thanks for putting it into words.” 

3. Did you have an “I see what you did there” moment? Writers think we’re a lot more clever than we might be. Stroke our egos by telling us when you notice how clever we are. We will love you.

4. Did you see a glaring typo? Please tell us, especially if it’s a really hilarious typo that we can laugh about. Open criticism of fanfic is often discouraged since not all fic writers are ready/willing to accept it (and that’s okay!). But pointing out typos is acceptable and helpful. Don’t make your whole comment negative, but “Amazing chapter. Loved the part about the chimpanzees. But you accidentally said Jim took an ass instead of an aspirin, and I almost spit out my juice.” 

5. Do you love it so much you want to gush all over the place? Do it. Don’t be worried about gushing too hard. You can’t. You just cannot. There is no amount of fanwhatevering over a work that is going to make an author go, “whoa stop.” There just isn’t. Write a rambling comment that is the text equivalent of a string of heart eye emoji. No one will judge you, least of all the writer. 

6. Do you make art or do edits? Do you find yourself wanting to draw or make edits that go with the story? DO IT. Don’t worry about getting a detail wrong. Show us how you envision our work. We will want to send you several baked goods even if we can’t bake. 

7. Is there something you really want to see? Tread lightly here, but it’s okay to make a light suggestion sometimes. Did the author make an offhanded joke about the MC taking piano lessons, but you don’t want it to be a joke? “Omg piano lessons would be amazing.” Have you always wanted a story where your otp trip and fall down the stairs together and this story has a lot of staircases because it takes place in a magical castle or something? "It’s like they’re always on stairs. It’d be so funny if they fell down some, landed on top of each other, and fell in love.” You never know what suggestions might get taken into account. And even if they don’t, it shows that you’re engaging with the story, which is wonderful. 

Anyway, these are just a few suggestions on commenting. I’m sure there are more, and I welcome other writers and experienced commenters to reblog with their own ideas. 

Preference #87: THAT Picture

Jack: You walked into the office as usual, seeing everybody working away on laptops and computers with headphones on as if the world didn’t exist. Hardly anybody noticed you walk in the room at the beginning. Not even your boyfriend, editing his newest video with his headphones over his ears. You smiled, creeping up on his slowly until you quickly tapped his shoulder. He jumped a little with a head turn, instantly smiling at the sight of you. ‘Hey beautiful,’ He grinned, removing his headphones, 'How’s your Mum?’ You normally went to see your mother on Wednesdays, since it’s her only day off, but Jack always worked out a way into not coming along. 'She’s fine. Complained about work, a few friends, and her new boyfriend. I think they’re going to break up soo…Jack…’ 'Yeah? What’s wrong?’ 'Why is that here?’ You saw a highly familiar photo sitting on Jack’s desk in the corner. Set in a black frame was a photo of you posed on your bed quite provocatively, dressed in black lingerie. Jack looked at the picture, he smiled, 'Oh yeah, I forgot this was here. Yeah, I put it on my desk.’ 'Where other people can see it?!’You whispered. 'Oh Y/N, don’t worry. They don’t care.’ 'You look lovely!’ Gregg, a new editor in the office said nearby. 'Yeah, you have a nice figure,’ Agreed Finn. You looked at Louis next, who simply hid behind his laptop. You blushed, taking the picture off the desk and storming out with it under your jacket. You really hated Jack sometimes.

Finn: It was his wallpaper. Yes, a photo of you half naked was his desktop wallpaper. Whenever he opened his laptop, the first thing people see is you in a corset and panties sucking seductively on a lollipop. You hated seeing it every time he opened the laptop. You only hoped he didn’t open it in front of people. You soon found out, he did and often. 'Baby! Why would you have that?’ You asked, bringing him into the kitchen whilst a get together went on in the next room. 'Because I love you and that’s my favorite picture of you,’ He reasoned. 'Finn! That was supposed to be private!’ 'Well, it’s not like I posted the fucking thing all over twitter! I have it on my private laptop, that’s privately locked with a password that’s private and that I only privately know and the only reason people see it is because they privatelyhappen to see it.’ You hated it when he treated you like you were overreacting. 'So, you’re telling me if I had a picture of you in your boxers, you wouldn’t mind? It wouldn’t bother you in the least if I just had it plastered on my desktop like no big deal?’ 'No, it wouldn’t. Matter of fact, why don’t I take one for you and you can put it up?’ 'Good. I think I will. Why don’t you privately take a picture of it and I can privately do it?’ 'Okay, now you’re just mocking me.’ 'Damn fucking right I am. Take it down, Harries, or I’ll take YOU down.’

Dan: You never expected him to have that sort of picture there. Completely out in the open, clear as day, underneath a fucking lamp where people could just chance a glance at it. You didn’t mind it much before…until fans noticed it in one of his videos and started making zoomed in pictures. Dan told you not to worry since a lot of the pictures came out pixilated and blurry. You worried anyways. People knew what you looked like semi-nude! 'Dan, seriously…just put that somewhere else,’ You told him. He shook his head, 'No. I’ve moved it around the apartment four times because YOU weren’t happy where it was.’ 'Because I didn’t expect you to fucking frame me half-naked in a towel and put it on the end tables!’ 'It’s a nice picture of you. Your smile, your eyes, and your hair all wet like that. You look gorgeous, babe. Why wouldn’t I frame it?’ 'Uh, because I’m naked!’ 'Half-naked’ 'Whatever! Naked is naked!’ 'You know what?’ He stuck the frame in a drawer and shut it, 'There. Problem solved. Happy now?’ 'A little.’ 'I’ll just frame that picture of you with cake all over your face and put that instead.’ 'No!’

Phil: You waited in his bedroom while he changed into some clothes for the party tonight. You hadn’t been snooping around his bedroom or anything, but your eyes happened to catch it. You normally expected Phil to keep things like this a secret. But no, the photo of you in your bra and panties, lying on your hotel bed, was flat out on top of Phil’s dresser for people to see..  'Phil?’ You called him while he dried off from his shower in the bathroom. 'Yeah?’ 'Why is this picture here?!’ You heard him go silent in the confides of the bathroom, but then say, 'Because I really like it. Why? Does it…Do you want me to take it down?’ 'A bit, yeah.’ You didn’t want to be a complete bitch about it because nobody really comes into his bedroom and he’s allowed to have what he likes. Though, thinking that people could see it if they took a good look around bothered you, 'Just put it in the drawer…by my bed.’

hey, I don't follow you that much or I don't read or actually watch your videos.

Is basically what I get on a daily basis… 
for everyone who is wondering “where did dare mattg go?” let me lay it down for you. 

Its fucking over. Its done. Its gone. Its not coming back. 
I did 100, thats more than enough of that. 

Heres why I don’t like doing dare mattg. 

I realize for the most part everyone who watched it only wanted to see me do some dumb shit and thats awesome.. but heres the thing. I don’t like doing dumb shit. It was fun for a bit but imagine having to spend 3 days out of your week sifting though comments,tweets,facebook posts and every single comment being something that is A) impossible, B) actually illegal for real, C) classified as assault, D) Something I hate that some other youtube did once, E) Not actually as funny as you think its going to be. 

Imagine you’re at a job that when you started was a ton of fun. You really enjoy the people you’re working with and the boss is a real nice guy not to mention the pay is not bad. What do you do if after awhile showing up to work becomes a draining daunting task? You show up and your fellow employees are making it really hard for you to thrive under your work conditions, your boss walks up to you EVERYDAY.. more than once a day and tells you that what you’re doing isn’t as good as it used to be even though what you’re doing is exactly the same as you think it is. 
You come in and work gets a little harder everyday and you’re having a hard time trying to have fun with it. You don’t like anything you’re doing anymore. Its taking up so much of your time and energy to get the task done and by the time you get it done and out there for the world people don’t even want it anymore because its not how it used to be. 

That was dare mattg. 

So what do you do in that situation.. you put in your two weeks notice.. and you quit and try something new. 

Honestly.. I know the formula on how to make something people are going to enjoy. I can make videos people like. Its clearly not hard if you actually look at the shit people are pumping out that accumulates on the front page like old food at the bottom of the sink. 

I get it.. challenge videos that ARENT EVEN ACTUALLY CHALLENGES.. THEY ARE LITERALLY “RIPPED YOUNG TEENS” GETTING DRINKING AND TRYING TO DO STUFF… another ripped teen see’s the response it gets and then replicates it to a T. Like.. actually nothing is difference accept you can tell they are a different person because their face is weird looking in a different way.

Im almost 25 years old. I can’t fucking do it anymore. I can’t act like im 14. I tried really hard. I can’t. Its actually embarrassing to me. Ive watched some of the shit thats popular and knowing how old they are Ive gotten second hand embarrassment. 

What I like doing is writing “jokes”. I tried to fit some into dare mattg. Im really not a positive person at all.. and acting that way makes it really hard to want to edit and upload any garbage I make. I honestly don’t understand what it takes to be perpetually happy and upbeat. I guess it isn’t hard when you literally have to put 0 thought into what you’re doing and see immediate growth and success just because you’re “so cute” or what ever fucking bull shit. 

I hate complaining about shit like this.. because hey it isn’t so bad. Some people have a lot of shit they have to deal with. I just have a crippling sadness that comes with the stress of having to put up with not being the same to everyone. I had a strange thought in my head when I decided to end dare mattg “hey.. im still funny.. people will want to stick around right?" 


Well. This is the first month in 5 years where I didn’t make enough money to pay my rent. 

I don’t know what to do. 
I’d post my stats on here.. but lets just say ive been looking at negative numbers every day for the last 3 months. 

Anyway.. thats the last time im complaining.. just.. fucking stop asking about dare mattg holy fuck god damnit. 


Hey, cuties! Here is the first follow forever I’ve made on this blog. ; dies I would like to apologize for my editing incompetence but this is the best I can do right now. Soo yeah, I decided to make a valentine’s day edition because you all deserve my love. I would totally shower all of you in roses and chocolates if I could, but I’ll stick with the whole appreciation thing for now! I love you all so much and thank you for being so fabu. ♥

I’m not bolding any of my favorite blogs because I’d probably have to bold all of you. You all have amazing blogs and you are all wonderful people. Blogs are listed in abc order! italicized blogs are tumblr crushes. c:

# - j :  

0kamii  |  0takugirl  |  akahshi  |  akashis  |  akirassendoh  |  atsush-i  |  blackdjinns  |  daikiaominecchi  |  escarletes | gayyladriel  |  hanae-ichihara  |  haruuka  |  hinatas  |  hyouriinmaru  |  ichij0u  |  ishidasuryu  |  itachu  |  itarasu  |  itsminseok  |  izachi  |  jeankirschteinss  |  judalbaby  |  jukous  |  junkoschan

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Not You Dumbass...(Nate Maloley/Sammy Wilk Fluffy)

Unexpected imagine haha. It has been edited hehe.

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Your POV: You arrived at the airport with the ultrasound pictures in your hand. A couple days ago you had went to the doctors because you had suspicions that you were possibly pregnant. You weren’t exactly sure how to tell the baby daddy, a.ka. your boyfriend of 3 years, Nate Maloley. So you decided to step out of the box and just show him the ultrasound pictures, allowing him to figure it out himself. And since you were picking him up from the airport today, you found that everything fell into place as it had only been a couple days since you found out the news.

Nate had been on tour with Sammy and a few of their other friends for 6 weeks and as soon as he told you, you missed him already. He told you time would fly by and that 6 weeks would be over before you knew it but you knew those were just things to say, so you wouldn’t be so sad.

Along with the sweet but not-convincing-enough things Nate told you about time flying by, you had a little fun before he left since you obviously wouldn’t be able to while he was away. You had morning sickness the next day and were able to connect the dots a few days later, leading to your doctor’s appointment.

You had arrived just in time to hear the the announcer lady, announce the name of Nate and Sammy’s flight arriving and you got an anxious feeling in your stomach. You fiddled with the ultrasound pictures in you hands as you stood there watching people walk out of the terminal and greet their loved ones waiting for them.

When Nate’s face finally showed you smiled wide and ran up to him. He instantly recognized you and hugged you back, smiling into your neck. When he set you down he gave you a gentle kiss.

“I missed you so much.” You said.

“I missed you too, baby. How are you?” Nate questioned.

“I’m doing better now that you’re here.” You replied.

“See, I told you 6 weeks would fly by.” he said.

“It felt like 400 years.” you said hiding your face in his chest.

Nate kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back.

“Hey what about me?” Sammy whined.

You let go of Nate and walked over to Sammy giving him a quick squeeze as well.

“Babygirl, what’s that?” Nate questioned pointing to the pictures in your hand.

You looked down at the pictures flipping them over to look at them one more time, making sure that you wanted to go through with telling him.

“Actually, I have something to tell you.” You said standing in front of Nate and Sammy. Your stomach doing backflips.

“What?” They said in unison.

You held up the ultrasound pictures and flipped them over so they were facing Nate and Sammy. You smiled wide at them to show them your excitement.

“IM GOING TO BE A DAD?!?” Sammy yelled. Some people in the airport turning around and staring.

“Not you dumbass, I am.” Nate said smacking Sammy’s arm, making you laugh.

“I know. I know.” Sammy said rubbing his arm.

Nate took the pictures from your hand and examined them as Sammy stood over his shoulder examining them as well.

“This is amazing. I’m gonna be a dad.” Nate said grinning widely as he stared at the pictures in astonishment.

“I’m glad you think so.” You said.

“It’s going to be a boy. I know it.” Sammy said.

“I guess we’ll see in two months.” You said shrugging.

“Well I think it’s going to be a girl.” Nate argued.

“Boy. I’m betting on a boy.” Sammy said.

“I don’t need to bet because I already know.” Nate said.

You watched as Nate and Sammy looked at the ultrasound pictures, bickering over whether it’s a boy or girl. You can already tell you’re gonna have one crazy family. But that’s okay, you love them anyways.

(A/N): So this was requested to be based off of a picture I was sent in a group chat. Sorry if it sucked before lol. I had to edit it. I rushed when I typed it. And yes yes yes I know I said i’d be posting a Matthew smut, but this was unexpectedly requested and i’m still posting it tomorrow. So just enjoy this for now loves.

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But hey!

1000+ followers, and I haven’t even fixed up my blog like I intended to. I’m honestly blown away by how many of you are here. I don’t do bias lists for reasons, and it’s hard to sift through everyone and choose certain blogs because I adore so many of you so much. I don’t do any art and I obviously can’t edit well.


I can write.

So that’s what this giveaway is for.

3 of you guys will get a little fanfic written by yours truly. I don’t have any examples to give, but my threads are a pretty great indication of how I write.

You want that nice little rarepair? A certain scenario that you want to read but not write yourself? You got it, darling.


1. I’d prefer if you were following me, but I’ll be honest, I’m not going to check. It’ll be easier when I announce the winners if you are following me now.

2. Likes and reblogs count, but it’ll only count once.

3. I won’t write explicit smut, but I might be able to write up something suggestive if the muse for it is right.

4. I’m mostly focused on Undertale right now, but if I know the fandom I can probably write it anyway!

5. I’m not sure what I won’t write, really, so we’ll talk about it.


This will end on NOVEMBER 10TH, because I forgot to give an end date.

thequeensclock  asked:

I don't understand why so many people on here don't understand that France is a SECULAR country.

Hi, another long post incoming, sorry…

Thing about tumblr is that not only do they not understand that France is secular, and which brand of secularism it has, but they also don’t understand what secularism is to start with.

There is that weird trend in some leftist circle to hate secularism in favour of supporting religious theocrats if they perceive this religion as a “minority” one. But religion is religion, it doesn’t matter how it’s dressed up this time around, and supporting the freedom of a religion to impose its laws on people over the freedom of those people to express themselves on an idea (which is what religion is) one is free to believe or not, is something that is about as anti-left as it gets. Theocrats have never been friends of the left, they’ll never be friends of the left, so I don’t understand this absurd insistence some leftists have to defend people who think that the god they believe exist should have a bigger say on how a society is run and on what rights people should have (including what they have a right to say or indeed draw) than the actual men and women living in that society (I have already made a post about that here)

It’s like those people have forgotten what enlightenment was about. The promotion of reason, secular thinking, humanism, rights of men …etc… This is why I call myself “pro-enlightenment” in my blog description because during the whole Charlie Hebdo debacle I have learned the hard way that it isn’t as much of a given as I thought; seeing that a large number of people positioned themselves against free speech and the questioning of ideas in favour of pandering to religious sensibilities, pretty much promoting obscurantism in their misguided desire to offend no one.

But anyway, I digress, to go back to secularism… the problem is that too many people fail to understand that secularism isn’t about repressing freedom of religion, it isn’t about trying to take away rights, it is precisely the reverse. Secularism is what insure that everyone has a right to worship or not what they like. Secularism is what allows every religions to coexist peacefully with each other and with non-religious people. Which is why, again, I think that the part of the left defending theocrats are being very misguided, because theocrats do not care about the freedom of any religion aside from their own, we see that every day still in theocracies that are still existing today (see Raif Badawi for example). For religious freedom to truly exist, religion NEED to be separated from the state, for most secularists (including myself) this is non-negotiable, this is why secularism is needed and is one of the most important value I will continue to defend.

Now… France brand of secularism (or laïcité) is a bit more hardcore than most because it promote total and hard separation of church and state; meaning that in theory the church (any church) can not insert itself anywhere in our public sphere. So no religion in public schools, institutions, civil servant jobs, laws…etc… because if you represent the state then you can not promote a religion. In France, we believe that if religion becomes public, it becomes dangerous and while we believe that freedom of religion is important, we believe that freedom FROM religion is an even more important thing to protect because it is also what insure that you are free to not believe at all or not believe in religions that aren’t your own, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to wear religious signs in the street (for example the hijab is NOT banned in France, my god!), or worship what you like in your personal sphere, but it HAS to stay personal. This comes from a long history of struggle with the Catholic church who used to hold (and abuse of) an enormous amount of power. Before the French revolution the catholic church used to be the first estate, above the nobility, its influence was everywhere and during the revolution France tried to get rid of it. We are a bunch of “bouffeurs de curés” (priests eaters) to put it bluntly, our distrust of religion come from there and we don’t want it anywhere near our public sphere. I said that once here already: it might be paranoid, but this paranoia has deep historical roots.

Point of this is, plenty of people here seem to be under the misguided impression that France’s sometime quite anti-clerical stance (to be honest) started when islam became an important minority religion here and that therefore every laws on hard separation of church and state was made with an anti-muslim stance in mind. But it wasn’t, those laws existed way before that. Now, I’m not saying that sometimes laïcité isn’t used here as an excuse to promote muslim hatred, but to say it is all of what our laws on laïcité are about is ignoring a huge part of the picture and historical context when it comes to looking at France’s complicated relationship with religion and how it deals with it.

I personally don’t pretend to say that France’s version of secularism is better than the anglo-saxon model, I make no such judgement, but I wish people would look at the big picture before they try to talk and judge how we handle religion.

Regardless of which brand you pick through, I can not envision a free society without secularism, so I’ll keep defending it to the end.

Quick edit on something I forgot to say: You can be religious and secular those two things are not mutually exclusive.

prettier-firecrackers  asked:

ummm i just saw your post comparing a womens body w/ a mans (you used an analogy about women being an established peice of software and a guy being an unstable mod if it helps you remember?)and i was wondering if there are any more "biology lessons" you can share? cuz im sick and tired of seeing how men are better than women physically...jfc everybody always thinks men are superior. :( you don't have to, tho! and heads up ur blog is awesome :D

I’m not a biologist though. My main contact with biology is reading and editing biology textbooks (I work for a book publisher), but you do learn some basics.

I used this “mod” metaphor because all fetuses start female in the womb. Female is the original template, and males come modded with information to produce androgens who will turn them into males. This article here gives some detailed information on how and when this process occurs, but notice how it uses a sexist language. It says:

Femaleness results from the absence of any masculinizing genetic factor or hormone acting during the critical period of differentiation”.

It assumes male is the default and the female is lacking something. All I did is turn it around, which is actually more biologically accurate. Female is the default, and the male is a modified version. You can see this is true in conditions like Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome when it happens in genetic males. While they have the instructions to mod them into males embedded into their code (they have a XY karyotype), their cells do not respond to androgens, causing them to develop a female phenotype, with wide hips and breasts a vulva, though they’ll be infertile due to having (internal) testicles instead of ovaries.

So while I was snarky, I didn’t pull the “man-as-mod” idea out of my ass. I simply framed human sex differentiation in a way that would piss men off, pretty much, since they’re used to seeing themselves as the default template for human beings. And holy shit, it worked. It worked so well.

It also helps to understand why sexual differentiation evolved and what advantages it brings to a species. In short, it was an adaptation to increase genetic variety within a species, but the way it presents varies wildly among living beings. For example, there are a lot of creatures that have both male and female reproductive systems in one individual and they can self-fertilize in the absence of a partner, though swapping gametes with a partner is preferred because of the aforementioned genetic variety. Your common garden snail is an example of this. Another example are angiosperms (flowering plants). Their sex organs (flowers) contain both female and male organs, and reproduction relies on pollen, which contains male gametes, being spread from flower to flower by animals or by the wind.

Yes, all that pollen you breathe on Spring is plant sperm. And when you give flowers to your girlfriend, you’re giving her a bouquet of plant genitals. Think about it.

Anyway, in the case of humans, we evolved in a way where we have differentiated external genitals, which was very handy for not having to go back to the water like frogs when we want to mate. We also gestate our eggs inside our bodies, which is also very handy to protect the young from the elements and from sneaky thieves looking for an egg for breakfast. A pregnant woman has reduced mobility, but she doesn’t need to be sitting on a nest for weeks. It also let the fetus develop for more time, which in our case, accounts for our big brains and overall intelligence (though some people refuse to use theirs).

This is all, of course, a very simplified and condensed explanation. The history of how sex came to be is fascinating and well worth spending some hours reading into. It also puts some things in perspective: if all mammals get pregnant, and female mammals are usually smaller, why do only human females have this inferiority complex? My female cat is half the size of my male cat here, and she’s not shy about asserting her boundaries to him. Femaly inferiority and weakness is socially constructed. We are so much more than we’re told we are. It’s time men quit lying about us to make themselves look better.

Specially because they’re biologically the equivalent to a shuffle button on your iPod and their reason for existing is to mix their mother’s DNA with their partner’s, thus creating more varied, healthier females. =)

kirishimatoukaa  asked:

Hey!! Sorry for the bother but if you don't mind me asking, how'd you color Burdge's drawing? It looks really beautiful, and I've been trying to color my own sketches digitally, it would be great help!! Thank you in advance!!!!

I’m working on a proper colouring tutorial with brushes and how to pick colour and all that boring theory stuff because how I do stuff in photoshop is really simple and I’m afraid it will be pretty useless but I’m going to do it anyway

You open the file in photoshop

And open that thing down there and choose Color Balance and this is going to open

You need to play around until you get the colour you want. I usually go for warm browns but anything works. Also to make that little arrow on the layer appear you need to right-click over he text part and select create clipping mask

if you don’t to this the Color Balance is going to affect all the layers you put underneath (you’re going to put the colour there and you don’t want to mess it up before even starting)

The last step until you decide this is useless. You set the sketch layer to multiply and create a new layer underneath

easy peasy right?

THen you paint there is no magic or anything. Lots of colour theory, practise and shit but no computer program trick

most people work on different layers but I always paint on the wrong one and end up merging them anyway

I usually put background first, then put on colours on characters with a giant soft brush and then go over it with a harder one because there are no lines or limits for soft brushes

if something is not dark enough sometimes I create a new layer in multiply mode and darken the thing but I merge it down immediately

same with overlays for light parts

I also abuse the tool picker a lot and pretend I know about reflected light by putting colours of stuff close to the thing on the thing wow I’m really good at english

I know I’m useless I’m doing a long ass tutorial soon haha soon it’s going to take years explaining this part better because this is shit sorry

then I abuse adjustment layers since I didn’t like how the scarves colours looked I created new Color Balance layers to fix it

also the little black or white square on the right is a masking layer. Which means that if you paint something black in there it will hide that part of the layer so you can paint white only what you want to adjust and you’ll only edit that part

and I know you can just select and do it from the controls up there but this way you can double click the balance symbol on the layer and readjust the settings and just generally play around more easily with stuff without messing up what you’ve already done

It’s also a good idea to then add at the top layers of Curves and Color Balance to fix the whole drawing

this took literally 20 seconds and you can change the whole lighting and mood really fast and it’s really cool (you can do this only in a part of the drawing using the masking layers)

So yeah, I don’t know if I helped much but here it goes


also if you’re not wondering on how to colour in the sense of techniques but in the sense of choosing and using colour in general check this awesome tutorial because it’s literally my Bible it covers everything and it covers it really well

anonymous asked:

Any chance on you continuing reference material? I thought it was absolutely amazing. One of the best things I've read recently

Thank you so much, Anon! Hopefully this lives up to the original (which can be read here for anyone who’d like to do so).

And yay! I’m posting this for #CastleThemeDay.


“She’s driving me insane, Rick.”

It’s not the most gracious greeting she could give him, especially after a long week of barely seeing each other, but her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind.

“Hi, honey, how was your day?” he teases, stepping aside to allow her entry into his apartment. She’d been a little annoyed when he’d simply buzzed her up instead of coming downstairs to meet her, but judging by the smells in his place, he’d been in the middle of cooking the dinner he’d promised her. He’s forgiven.

Sheepish, Kate stretches onto her toes to kiss his cheek. “Sorry. I’m just, ugh, the end of the year can’t come fast enough. Hell, spring break can’t come fast enough.”

“That bad, huh?” Rick slips his hand down her arm, lacing their fingers together in solidarity. “You gonna last another two weeks?”

“You joke, but at this point I’m really not sure. She complained for four hours last night about how much work she has, then proceeded to kill her light as I was studying, and bitched when I turned on my desk lamp.”

He nods, tilting his head. “And today?” His thumb swipes her knuckles, coaxing the rest of the story out of her. He always does this, nudges her toward letting it out and talking things through.

“She left a passive-aggressive note on the hall bulletin board about how we need to be conscientious that our study habits don’t negatively impact the sleep of others.”

“What a bitch,” Rick murmurs, squeezing her hand.

“Yeah,” she sighs. “It’s like freshman year all over again. But the upside is she’s not here, and I brought a bottle of wine to help me get through another night of your terrible movies.”

He laughs, pulling her closer. “My terrible movies are what got you to kiss me for the first time, Beckett. You love them.”

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