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One year ago, 2 bombs exploded around 8AM at the Brussels airport. At 9:11AM, a metro in the Maelbeek station has also been exploded, killing tens of people and injured many more. Those attacks were done by ISIS. My point here is not to launch another debate about all the things that have been debated since then… Because we’ve lived through enough hate, and pain. But when those events happened, a year ago, I could feel my heart tighten in my chest. I’ve grown up in Brussels and I’m now back living in the city. It’s strange to tell yourself that you could have been there. At the wrong place, at the wrong time. And it saddens me to see that the human race can be so cruel. But I have hope, because there’re still some good people on here… Kind people who will give a hand when you need it.

Today, my thoughts go to the victims of the Brussels attacks, last 22th March 2016, and to all the other victims of ISIS around the world.

16. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

with Finnick

Finnick watched you in the training room, hitting every target with ease. He knew how well trained people from his district were, he had won the games himself after all. You were something else though. He’d bet everything he had that you would win the games easily. You didn’t look like a cold blooded killer at all but that first impression had obviously been wrong. You shouldn’t judge others based on their looks, he could see the truth in that now very clearly.

“You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

“I’m sure that’s not true, I’ve seen your fights.” You say to your approaching mentor. You knew you were good but probably not that good.

“You could win.” He tells you, giving you a charming smile.

“Aren’t you flattering today.”

“I always am.”

Today is a weird day for me. Since most universities are back in class today. I cannot help but feel a wash of relief come over me. But on the same hand I’m terrified. Honestly, I never thought I’d be here. Not the here as in this small coffee shop/ art gallery sipping on a way over price cup of really good coffee. But in the “real world” or I guess the post-grad world. Last year it felt like my whole world was crashing down on me. And to tell you the truth, even though I could see the light last semester, it didn’t end how I pictured it would when I was a naïve little freshman four and a half years ago, I can say that I am damn proud of myself. I might not know what the hell I’m doing with my life, but honestly who actually does? Yes, job searching sucks, and my pipe dreams of living on my own as soon as I graduated with a job in the field that my degree is in, is a reality that isn’t happening, so what? What’s the rush? I see this happen with so many people. We are always rushing, to get to the next place, to get that selfie posted on Instagram, or to find that job. Life is short, so I get wanting to do everything you can, but I think we need to take things slow. We need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and really take a look around us. Reality is that life isn’t going to go as planned. And as much as that scares the shit out of me, I’m excited to see this new life plan that is out there for me. So, to anyone reading this, (I only have 8 followers, so it’s a high chance no one is, and that’s fine, I kind of wrote this for my future self) it’ll be okay. For those who are still in school who feel like they are going to be there forever, don’t fret, YOU will graduate. Take a break when you feel the stress coming on, it’s your bodies way of telling you to slow down. To those who are like me, a recent grad and who hasn’t found a job yet, it’s okay. YOU will get a job. It might take months and many interviews, it might not even be a good job, but you will do it. You will find that job that shows you your purpose in life. YOU WILL eventually move out of your parents’ house. You will get out of this slump. To those who have been out for a while but seem to be hating life, it will get better. You will get that promotion. You will get the courage to quit and do something that makes you happy. Now I’ve been really down lately, for many reasons that I will not get into right now, I see a long post about in my future, but today I slept a little later than normal, and I woke up finally feeling happy. I don’t know how long this happiness will last, but right now I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy my life, even if it’s not how I planned it to be.

This is very random, but I love the fact that no Utapri character tells Natsuki that the things he cooks are horrible. They know it’s important to him, and that he’d be hurt if he knew. Syo only warns others when he’s not looking, and even though everyone knows he’s not good at it, they ask him to help with the food in the Christmas episode, since he loves it so much.

They probably won’t say a thing (actually, kinda encourage it) to make him practice more, so that one day he can get better. I will forever appreciate.

asexual-shmaysexual  asked:

Okay but like, Peter Parker and his best friend talking late at night and she says 'I wish I could change my body' so he tells her that he supports whatever decision she makes as long as it's not harming anyone else or herself <3 hope you feel better babes!!

Oh my gosh I only just saw this, it’s so sweet and definitely something Pete would say!
And I feel so much better, today’s been a really good day confidence-wise ❤

*Mama is about to prepare to cook when Hobbes comes in*

Hobbes: Hi Mama! How you doing today?

Mama: I’m good. Seeing Teruteru for the first time in ages feels amazing

Hobbes: Hm,  did I tell you that you look absolutely beautiful today?

Mama: Oh my *blushes* thank you Hobbes

Um Hobbes,  could you stop flirting with my mom?

Calvin: Yeah! Stop being gross towards our mama!

Wait! “our mama”??

Calvin: About that… Long before you woke up… She kinda took me in as her own

What!? How!?

Dirty Doctor Gilinsky Part 1

This is my first smut so I hope it doesn’t such too bad if you have any advice comments or requests please tell me :)

It was Friday morning and we had double physics today that I really didn’t feel like going in so I had pulled a sickie. I was good and pretending to be ill but maybe a little too good because mum was convinced I needed to see the doctor. “Your appointment is at 1:00.” Mum said and I frowned. I may have fooled mum into thinking I was ill but the doctor wouldn’t be fooled so easily. I was in big trouble. Not knowing what else I could do I text my best friend.


Y/N Help mums taking me to the doctors! xxx

Y/B/F/N HAHAHAHA serves you right you should be at school ;) xxx

Y/N Thanks for the help you bitch enjoy physics ;) xxx

Y/B/F/N Thanks I will enjoy the doctors :p xxx


I put my phone down and went upstairs to get changed figuring I wasn’t getting out of this. I put on my denim shorts and a tank top on seeing as it was boiling today and let my curly blonde hair lay loose on my shoulders. “Y/N are you ready?” I groaned at mum trying my best to look ill and took a slow walk to the car. It didn’t take long to get to the doctors and before I knew it I was sat in the waiting room. “Y/L/N” I stood up and gritted my teeth then me and mum followed a lady to the doctors room. Mum opened the door and inside was the hottest doctor I had ever seen. “Hello I’m Dr Gilinsky What’s the problem?”

“Y/N my daughter is feeling a lot under the weather she’s complaining of stomach ache.” Mum said and then looked at me. Dr Gilinsky looked up at me and gave me the most gorgeous smile and then began to type things into his computer when my phone went off.


Y/B/F/N How’s the doctors? xxx

Y/N Not bad seeing as the doctor is hot as fuck xxx

Y/B/F/N Damn it! How hot? xxx

Y/N A definite 10 he looks so fuckable xxx

Y/B/F/N Well enjoy it before he finds out you’re faking and tells your mum xxx


Mum realised I was on my phone and gave me a stern look so I put it down on the chair and looked up to see Dr Gilinsky finish typing. Y/B/F/N was right  I was screwed. Dr Gilinsky got up out of his chair and walked over to a set of draws showing off his fine ass as he walked. He came back with a small tube like bottle and passed it to me. I looked at mum knowing what I had to do. “Y/N its just a urine sample I’ll go and wait in the waiting room and the toilets are just through there you wont be a minute.” I looked up at Dr Gilinsky and he gave me a comforting smile so i got up and went to the toilet.


Dr Gilinsky’s P.O.V


I was having another shitty day at work when a beautiful young girl had walked in to my room she looked only a year or so younger than me but it was still wrong to think about her like that. She had just gone to do a urine sample and I was waiting for her to return when I saw that she had left her phone on the chair. Should I I thought. She was taking a while and temptation got the better of me and I picked up the phone seeing her texts come up on the screen. Hot as fuck? A definite 10? Fuckable? This girl isn’t ill and thinks I’m fuckable. The thought of fucking her had given me a growing bulge inside my pants. I adjusted my trousers and put her phone in my desk draw when she entered the room again and handed me the sample. I placed it on my desk and then decided it was about time I had some fun.




I put the urine sample on Dr Gilinsky’s desk and then he looked at me and said “Would you mind laying down on the bed I’m going to need to examine you now.” I knew he was going to find out I wasn’t ill but I couldn’t deny the fact that just the thought of his big hands on me hadn’t made me a little wet. I got up and laid down on the bed. “Lift your shirt up please.” Dr Gilinsky said in a deep almost seductive voice and then he began toughing my stomach. He wasn’t touching me like any other doctor had. He was being much more gentle and it was really turning me on. His large strong hands stroking my sensitive skin. I had to bite my lip to try and hide back a moan but Dr Gilinsky looked up at me and smiled. Not sure if he had heard me I smiled back and then he pulled my shirt back down and walked towards the door. “I’m afraid you might be more ill than we thought,” He said with a serious look on his face “I’m going to go and inform your mother we will be doing some more tests and may be a while so just sit there and I shall be back in a minute.” I watched him walk out of the door and then turned to look at my feet. What was wrong with me? Was I really ill? I didn’t have time to think about it when Dr Gilinsky came back through the door but this time locked it and then came towards me. He looked different something had changed. He looked at me and smirked. “Take of your clothes.” I gave him a confused look and then he said “Y/N you could be seriously ill I need to do some thorough examining. He leaned his face close to mine. Close enough to kiss me and then he moved back and pulled off my shirt trailing his hands down my body making me shiver. This was so wrong but it felt so right. I moaned again this time I knew he had heard as I saw him smirk and hook his thumbs in the loops of my denim shorts before pulling them down revealing my soaked panties. "What’s this? You look worse than I thought I’m gonna have to take a close a look.” And with that he took my panties off exposing my soaked core. He lent down and placed his head in between my legs making sure to breath heavily over my heat. He then leaned back and then entered one of his long slender fingers into me causing me to let out moan but he didn’t move and just kept his finger still making me more agitated by the second. “Please doctor.” I begged wanting him to do something,

“Pardon I’m sorry I didn’t catch that was quite a surprise you haven’t spoken since you came in here.” He said making sure his finger stayed completely still.

“Please do something doctor” He removed his finger making me moan again.

“I do not know what you are talking about I am trying to find out why you are ill. That’s what you are here for isn’t it?” I had realised by now that he knew I was faking. “I’m nnot rreally ill.” I stuttered.

“Pardon.” He said once again.

“I’m not actually ill I faked it.” I said again but this time much louder.

“Well that case,”“ Dr Gilinsky said as he climbed onto the table and put his head in between my legs "I’m ok to do this.” And with that he leaned down and licked up my slit making me cry out in pleasure. “You like that hmm?”

“Yes Doctor.” I said as he began to circle my clit with his tongue. He then looked up and made eye contact with me and said

“Call me Jack.” before sticking his tongue into my soaked core licking up and down making me moan uncontrollably just when I was about to hit my climax he lifted his head back up licking my juices of his face and laughing at my annoyed expression. “What was that for?” I asked annoyed.

“I want to be inside you when you come.” He said in a seductive tone reaching down and kissing me letting me taste myself. I reached forward pulling off his shirt exposing his perfectly toned chest. Jack smirked as I stared at his abs and stood up and pulled down his trousers and boxers in one quick motion revealing his long hard length. I bit my lip looking at his size. I wasn’t a virgin but I had never had someone that big before. He pulled a condom out of his wallet and rolled it onto his long dick making me wetter by the second. He then climbed on top of me and positioned himself at my entrance teasing me with the tip of his dick. “please.” I moaned and then he slowly started to slide into me at first I felt pain as he did slow thrusts in and out after a few more thrusts the pain turned into pleasure and I moaned again making him go faster and deeper. As he repeatedly hit my g spot I reached forwards scratching my nails across Jacks back surly leaving marks. “Jack I’m close.”

“Me too baby.” He said as his thrusts got sloppier. He trailed his hands down chest as he continued to thrust when suddenly I felt his finger on my clit. His finger rubbing circles around my clit while he thrusted and hit my g spot every time sent me over the edge and I came undone all over his cock. As I did he let out the manliest deepest groan and released his fluids into the condom. He pulled out and laid beside me on the hospital bed wrapping his arm around me. We both lay breathing heavy coming down from our highs when he turned and kissed my cheek. “That was amazing Y/N.” All I could do was smile in return.

That was the best sex I had ever had. I turned around and caught a glimpse of the clock. “Shit!” I said quickly getting up and rushing to put on my clothes on mum was going to be so worried. “Calm down,” Jack said “I told your mum we would be a long time while i examined you to check for your illness.”

“And what are you going to tell her Jack? That you did all this and I’m not actually ill.”

“Calm down I have everything sorted.” He said as he helped me sit down seeing me place my hand on my lower stomach. “Did I fuck you too hard?” He asked cockily putting his clothes back on. He came back over to me kissing me on the cheek and helped me back up. I ran my fingers through my hair thinking about what a mess I would look like as we both walked out the door. As I walked through the hall everyone seemed normal despite my louds moans only minutes earlier. At the end of the hall we were greeted by Mum who hugged me making me blush. “How is she?” she asked Jack and I turned to him to see what he was going to say.

“After the examining and scanning luckily its not what we thought it was and She just has a stomach bug which explains the sweating high temperature and the pains in her lower stomach.” As he said it I saw him trying to hide back his smile. “It should go away on its own but Y/N has my number in her phone in case it gets worse.” He said handing me my phone smirking. I reached down to feel my pocket realising I had left it on the chair when I went to the toilet and judging by the confident smirk he had red the texts. “I have scheduled an appointment for Monday for me to check over Y/N again to see if she has recovered so I will see you then.” And with that Mum said thank you and began walking towards the door I turned to Jack as he winked at me and then headed back to his room while I caught up with Mum. As we got to the door my phone buzzed


Jack A definite 10? ;) xxx

Y/N Now we’ve fucked I’d say your about a 7 xxx

Jack We shall see about that on Monday! You ready for round 2? xxx

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wearing Nothing But An Oversized Shirt And Panties

[ iKON Version ]


“You look… Very good like this”


“Shit. You know what I like”


“I need to go! Why do you wear that when I have to go!?”


*Happy death*


“Oh, you look especially nice today, makes me glad I have a day off”


“The only better thing that could happen is for you to dance for me wearing this, is it possible?”


“You’re wearing this for me, right? You have some naughty plans for tonight? You can tell me~”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

BTS Scenarios|| Why did BTS wake you up on a Saturday and how?

Hoseok: You feel someone pepper you with kisses and when you open your eyes, you see Hoseok, “Good morning sleepy head. When are you going to wake up? I though we could head out today.”

Jimin: You feel two arms wrap themselves around, making you turn towards the owner of the arms. Without opening your eyes, you could tell it was Jimin. “How long are you going to sleep babe? I miss you.” He says as he nuzzles up agains you neck.

Jin: The sent of Jins sweet cooking woke you up and before you got the chance to get up, you hear, “Y/N, get up. I know its a Sunday but its not healthy to wake up late.” As you get up, Jin serves breakfast in bed.  

Jungkook: Just like Jimin, Jungkook warps his arms around you and makes you face him, “Wake up Y/N. After playing with the games and everything, it gets really bearing when you’re not near me.”

Namjoon: Namjoon sees you sleeping and walks over to you. You where sleeping on your side and you felt someone kiss your shoulder. The kisses moved to your neck then to your back. Its was enough to get you fully up. But Namjoon wakes you up to only make you stay in bed with him and have a good morning ; )

Taehyung: You hear someone calling your name and as you wake up, you see taehyung sitting crisscross in front of you. “Waaake uuup! I’ve been waiting to have breakfast with you but you haven’t woken up in what seems like ages.” Vs stomach growls, and you soon start to feel hungry.

Yoongi: You felt a push and then a kick and before you knew it you fell of the bed with a thud, “Wtf Yoongi?!”

“Ah, sorry Y/H.” Yoongi woke you up because you woke him up multiple times so he wanted you to stop.

See ya ✌︎

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I attempt to summarize Dear Evan Hansen songs
  • Anybody Have a Map?: Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day and here's why...
  • Waving Through a Window: will I ever make a sound?
  • For Forever: shit what did I get myself into.... umm.. apples?
  • Sincerely Me: smoking drugs.. smoking drugs? Just fix it! Smoking crack... crack?? Smoking pot
  • Requiem: my brother was a terrible person but he's dead so I'm supposed to feel bad??
  • If I Could Tell Her: you looked really pretty... er.. it looked really cool when....
  • Disappear: everyone deserves to be here, you deserve to be here
  • You Will Be Found: like you could fall and no one would hear
  • To Break In a Glove: shaving cream, rubber bands, mattress, repeat
  • Only Us: you don't have to convince me to love you
  • Good For You: thank god they rescued youuuuuuUUUUU
  • Words Fail: I really fucked up im so so sorry
  • So Big/So Small: your dad was an asshole but don't worry, your mother isn't going anywhere
  • Finale: Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day and here's why... *ocean of tears*

i burned myself this morning
with the bottom of my coffee cup
left a tender pink circle on the
flesh above my belly button.
and it felt so good to imagine
sizzling the skin until i
could feel my ribs

i drank the cup quickly
my secret to gulp away
and inside it read, 
“stop torturing yourself
you are worth so much more
than you think”

i used to say God always whispers
but today, i heard a loud plea
like the Creator of all good things
was somehow desperate
for me to understand just how valuable
i am and maybe even, in His eyes,

i know i’m wrong but
i still wondered if
the angels were watching in heaven
holding their breath, counting to ten
hoping for once i’d listen

so i said, “okay
i’ll believe i’m beautiful today”
i set the cup down
just to humor the crowd
and i could have sworn
i heard Him laugh
like a hero who still has
the knack for defeating
all the evil villains
and winning the heart of
the gorgeous maiden.

—  i found God at the bottom of my coffee cup - Christina Hopp

// I deleted the other post that went more in-depth about it, because tbh it felt like too much information, but I thought I’d let you guys know that I could really use some positivity at the moment. Like not just “nice things about me” positivity - recommending blogs that you like, telling me about good things that happened today, sending positive, happy IC asks, et cetera. Ty & I hope you’re all having a wonderful night, or whatever time it is 💙

iKON Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wearing Nothing But An Oversized Shirt And Panties

[ Monsta X Version ]


“Hey, isn’t that my shirt? Take it off this instant”


“What a pleasant surprise”


“Hmm. You look good wearing that, but it suits the floor better”


“You’re not wearing a bra under are you… Why aren’t you wearing a bra? What made you desire to not wear a bra today? Could that possibly have something to do with me?”


“Wow, my shirts do look beautiful on you”


“I consider this an invitation, you can’t tell me different. C’mere already”


“Ooh, I see how it is~”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

2/7 Jinhwan

Kim Jinhwan x You

slight!angst, fluff

[1/7] [2/7]

My phone has been ringing frequently for the past hours but I don’t have an interest to pick it up. I even know the person who’s calling me this late without looking at my phone.

There is always a day when you feel like everything that could go wrong went wrong. For me, that day is today. My work wont let me have a good resting time even a second. My mom called from overseas to tell me that my brother injured his ankle and now he will skip basket ball match, which is very important to him. And when I got home, assuming it’d be the only place I could rest my bone, my boyfriend—Jinhwan—started to grumbling out of nowhere about how lazy I am for not doing the laundry.

Well, not actually grumbling. But Jinhwan suddenly came out of the bedroom carrying a pile of our unwashed clothes and asking a little sarcastically about what did I do when I was home having a free time. And my answer was, nothing. Because I didn’t have any free time lately. But I was planning to take it to the dry clean tomorrow the first time in the morning.

And when I thought it’d end soon, Jinhwan express another complain. And so it went. Bit by bit spread to another tiny problem we shouldn’t have argued about. And the usually calm-boy Jinhwan suddenly raised his voice and we just yelled to each other. I couldn’t get the hang of it anymore, nobody could. So I ran out of the house, took a cab and end up here at the park.

This cold weather doesn’t even bother me, I enjoy it too much. The wind somehow blows my mind away and relaxes me a little bit. Although my toes curled in my sneakers and my nose start to runny.

The voice of my phone echoes through the quiet night. It’s him again. Why would he even care about me right now? Wasn’t he the one who told me to stop yelling at him? Well now he got what he wanted.

“Stop calling me.” I warn him after I pick it up.

“Wait, babe, please listen to me…”

“Don’t babe me, Jinhwan,”

“I’m so sorry for what I said earlier. It’s totally my fault and I’m aware of that but please,” he stops. His voice sounds shaky. “Please come home. It’s pass eleven and I don’t want you to get sick.”

I look to the ground. I know Kim Jinhwan more than himself. He is an over-worried guy. One day I came home with sprained ankle and he didn’t allow me to walk for the next ten days. So I could just know Jinhwan is probably somewhere outside the house looking for me after calling all my friends or even his friends.

“Are you there, Y/N?”

“Look, I’m fine so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“How am I suppose to not worry?! I called all your friend and no one said you are with them,” I can hear he’s cursing over the call. “Please, sweetie. I’m begging you.”

“I’m at the park, but don’t come. Just, don’t.” I take a deep breath, “I’ll come back after I feel better.”

I remove the battery, avoiding another call while realizing why didn’t  I do it sooner.


My ear caught a familiar voice from far away. I turn around just to see a silhouette running closer to my direction. This guy keeps calling my name until he’s only two meter away. It’s Jinhwan.

He is gasping. His chest goes up and down as white air blown through his mouth’s gap. His gaze melts my heart like it always does. He steps forward, he reaches my hand with his cold pale palm and pulls me. I rest my chin on his left collarbone, breathing to his aftershave scent bursting from his neck.

“Don’t ever do that again.” He whispers to my ear. “I was so worry that it almost kills me.”

“I told you not to come.”

Jinhwan pulls away, still surrounding my body with his arms. “I was near.”

“Did you really worry that much?”

“Do you ever know that feeling worry could kill a soul?” He looks at my face, “you’re so pale. I’m sorry.”

“You were right, anyway. I’m too lazy to—“

“No! I was wrong. I didn’t think about your condition back then,” he cuts me off. “That’s why I’m apologizing now.”

I smile and nod. Jinhwan smiles and let out a deep breath before he pecks my lips.

“Let’s go home and warm ourselves.”


King and Queen (Draco x Reader x Harry part.4)

Originally posted by infp-soup

Terribly sorry for the long wait! I was so unsatisfied with this chapter-*shakes fist* but I’m glad I finally finished it since now I can move to the more important things - dates.

 Hope you enjoy it D: sorry there’s not much romance, but plot haha… *shifts awkwardly* 

[1] [2] [3] [5] [6]

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The boyfriend and I only get to see each other on the weekends–he lives an hour away. He just left a bit ago. It never gets easy. We’ve been this way for a year and a half maybe. I really just want to be cuddled. I’m feeling emotionally needy. Maybe I just need a good cry or something. I miss him already. It feels almost like sub drop. He was telling me today how other people in his life can only hang on weekends too. I get it, he wants time for that too and I have no other choice than to not be greedy and comply. He gave me the, “I’m sure there’s friends and such that you’d like to see on weekends too”. Yeah, I could, but I can’t cuddle them. ;) I’ll be going to bed soon, maybe some sleep will reset me.

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Revelations Part 3

Oh my gosh you guys have been so supportive and the outpour of love for my story has been astounding! I can’t thank you enough. So, here’s part 3, to try and say thanks!

*flashback* It was going to be a good day, Marinette could tell.

“You’re looking very chipper today, Marinette.” Tikki teased as she walked to school.

“I’m feeling very chipper today, Tikki.”

“Could it be because you have rounds tonight with Chat Noir?” Tikki giggled, and Marinette swatted at her playfully.

“Very funny, Tikki.” But even as she said it, she knew deep down that the promise of seeing Chat later that night was a big part of the reason she was in such a great mood. Not that she was ready to admit it to anyone, even her kwami.

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La Petite Miraculée

This ficlet is part of the Faith lives AU which starts with A Garden of Worries.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Out in the Open.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber.

Let me know what you think.

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