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s4, breaking the fourth wall, the arg, and gaslighting as literary device

And if the pretentious title didn’t frighten you away, or cause you to immediately unfollow / block me, I offer some thoughts:

Following the cues left by the hot mess s4, it’s reasonable to assert the following (which has been asserted just about non-stop since each of the episodes aired; I am not pretending to be original here):

  • s4 is fucky in a way that seems to call attention to its own fuckyness, especially if you take events and themes of the previous series as guidelines for what to expect / how things work in the world of Sherlock. (A ton of people have done a ton of work on this, but thanks to @antisocial-otaku​ for making it clear how frickin obvious this pattern is, here.)

As much as recent arg developments have been A Ride, I really think we’ve missed the obvious, because it wasn’t nearly as much of a challenge as people were looking for / as the fandom genius hive brain is capable of meeting. I think we’ve been looking too hard.

The puzzle, the thing we are supposed to figure out, is s4 itself. The game is simply this: we are invited to have discernment with regard to what is and what is not possible in the world of BBC Sherlock, and to conclude, as most people did, that much of s4 is, indeed, not compatible with the world of Sherlock. The truth of the narrative is in the subtext, as almost everyone here has argued.

The narrative of s4 is, for the most part, really hard to get hold of, and full of content that blatantly works against everything the show has tried to set up so far. As much as I appreciate attempts to make sense of s4 as is, my mind, like a lot of people’s, recoils when asked to consider (for example) that the people who wrote this:


Also wrote this:


You’ve all seen the evidence. You’ve all watched The Final Problem and thought–what the hell is this? 

People in this fandom were crying foul from the moment TST ended. I think we were already playing the arg then (if such a thing exists), and we kept playing it all through s4, because we were thinking critically about the episodes, and questioning the reality status of the story with which we were presented.

Up until recently, I would have said, meh, maybe this apparent lack of skill on the part of the showrunners was deliberate, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe they just threw in a ton of excess detail (like Mr. Glowy Skull) because why not? I am not very big on writerly intention. The text I’m presented with, I feel free to interpret however I wish, and this, to me, is the point of s4. It undoes itself. It undoes the text of series 1-3. It invites critique in a whole new way. Regardless of what does or does not happen next, I will always choose to question this narrative, to read against the text, because that reading is more interesting and less infuriating. s4, like mofftiss, lies. 


The part that makes me think the arg is happening right in front of us, and it’s still live: 

This fucking thing.

This “John and Mary really love each other” barf festival video, released on 28 February. (Savage and efficient crit here, by @smoljohnlock​) 


I could see, maybe, that video flying as an s4 preview, but we have it released here, now, after…all that, when we know that the picture being presented in it is nowhere near the reality that we got in the narrative.

I don’t want to say it’s a sign. I don’t know, man. I’m tired. We’re all tired. But that video certainly did invite a renewal of the wtf-was-that outrage of s4, didn’t it?

The fourth wall, in my opinion, has already been broken. 

The show has been teaching us how to observe, and not just see, to think critically, and to look for solutions to puzzles, since the beginning. Now it’s turning the function of detective over to us. 

Just like the #sherlocklive game was designed to allow us to practice our puzzle solving on a small scale, so is s4. The entire narrative invites us to sit up, take notice, and say, come on, that can’t be how it really happened.

I’m still not going to predict the future here. The show has broken the fourth wall before, and paid off careful observation, via the “1895″ clues. It might be doing that with the “March 8″ billboard thing. It might not. When I say that the narrative is unfinished, I mean exactly that–it lacks an ending (much like my languishing WiPs…sorry about those, btw). What will happen next? Who knows? None of us. Signs (that’s literal, billboard-type signs) point to something more. 


So: we have been presented with not one, but two false narratives. If mofftiss finish their damn story, and offer some sort of explanation for all the fuckery of s4, then we’ll have been told a bunch of lies in-story, about “what happened” to John and Sherlock, and a bunch of extratextual lies, about s4 being finished after three episodes. 

I will always assert, regardless of what happens next, that the in-story lies are there, and believing the textual level of the narrative makes less sense / is less happy making than believing that the story lies. As for the bigger lie, about the length of s4 / the end of this narrative–we’ll see. 

It’s a peculiar choice, this, as modern storytelling goes. Rather than just, you know, tell the story they wanted to tell, about a detective and his blogger, they’re really going the long way round. If the “s4 is fake” reading is confirmed, and there is a plan in place, it’s show-offy. It’s audacious. It’s gaslighting the audience to make a point. It’s putting us through an experience–the textual level content of s4–and asking us to believe something contrary to that experience. 

It’s not…enjoyable? Like with everything else, I think I’ll be left questioning why this way, and not some other way. It is, potentially, fascinating. 

If this is what we think it is, we’ve been playing all along, without even trying.

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(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST) 

- Feels Like Coming Home , by @phd-mama : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.

Larry ex to lovers AU (60k) : OOMMMGGGGGG this is the best angst fic I read for a long time !! Very well written, absolutely painful and beautiful, maybe some TW (read the tags) , but really really read this now. (kind of share that for the smut, awesome btw)

- When We Were Younger , by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee : About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again. His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse. - Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

Larry Catfish AU (76k) : starting with teenage Harry and going on for a few years of a online/phone relationship. Very well done ! angsty and (obviously) full of phone sex :D (kind of share that)

- Save your loving arms for a rainy day , by @briannamarguerite : “What’s got your panties in a twist, then, pop star?” the man finally asked, his gaze returning to Louis’ face. Something pressed against Louis’ chest and for a moment Louis let himself wonder what it would be like to let all his secret spill out. To fall into the space between them and be devoured by this stranger. Terror mingled with bliss, tangling into a sharp throb he had to swallow hard against. “Absolutely nothing,” Louis said instead. “Happy days, yeah?”The man clicked his tongue once, a disappointed, wet tetch that Louis felt. Actually felt. “My mistake.”Louis turned desperate eyes on him, blinking too fast. He could see his own lashes flutter. “I’m living the dream, mate” he said and even he could hear the way his voice cracked along the edges. “What would I have to be upset about?”–Or the one where Louis is a pop star who has lost his voice and Harry helps him find it.

Larry famous-not famous AU (19k) : singer Louis and record-shop Harry, a bit angsty, some good smut (bottom Louis) and songwriting,  very well written !

- Your Love Was Handmade , by @inked-withlove : There must be a rule book describing in detail how you proceed from being best friends to lovers. That’s what Louis thinks. But maybe, there isn’t a need, Harry decides. Maybe you just follow your instinct and…run your finger down your best friend’s bare back. That should seal the deal for sure.Or, Harry and Louis are best friends who are also mutually pining, and when a work trip looms in to separate the two of them for three weeks, they finally get their shit together.

Larry BFF to lovers AU (5k) : BFFs who share a apartment  and are pining on each other are my kind of shit. Just a bit of smut.

- Perfect Storm , by @cherrystreet​: What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.Harry and Louis choose the latter.

Larry ex to lovers and fake relationship with a twist AU (80k) : angsty (but not THAT much), smutty (hello angry sex)(botyom Louis) and awesome :)

- You’re My Favorite Bird , by @supernope : Harry sets his hands on the counter and leans over them, looks Louis in the eye and says, “Louis, would you like to go bird watching with me?”Louis just blinks at him for a moment, like he’s not sure how to respond, then says, voice slow and unsure, “Is that a euphemism?”  Also known as: Harry is an ornithologist and Louis owns the camera repair shop where Harry gets his photos printed. Niall works for Louis, Liam works with Harry, and Zayn paints. There’s a cat, some camping, some bird watching, and obscene amounts of fluff.

Larry AU (33k) : Ornithologist-Photographer Harry, a lot of pining, some great smut (bottom Harry) , and kudos for the tattoos.

- Down For The Count And I’m Drowning And I’m Helpless  , by  patdkitten : “Staring costs extra, mate,” he says, perfectly cheeky. Harry didn’t know he found cheek sexy, but it’s definitely a turn on. He’s working up a response, turn on the Harry Styles trademark charm, when he hears a small whirring sound. Somehow, in his approach, Harry’d missed the ears perched on the barista’s head. Now that he’s aware of them, though, the dark brown fuzzy ears tipped in black twitch in his direction with another quiet whir. They remind him of the maid cafe he went to once in Japan, but while they hadn’t been attractive to him there, on this barista, they’re as sexy as the cheek.Yeah, Harry could definitely use a booty call. Maybe if he’s lucky, the barista’s getting off soon and would be interested in getting off with him…? He can dream, at least.— Harry Styles is an international pop star who suffers from insomnia, and Louis is the sassy little barista in fox ears and tail that won’t get out of Harry’s head. And the sexting is pretty damn great, too.

Larry Coffe Shop AU and Famous/not famous (5k): popstar Harry and sassy barista Louis, no smut.

- Love Is a Kitten from Hell      by  Anonymous : Louis Tomlinson passes himself off as an arrogant prick at his new school to hide the fact that he’s terrified of being bullied again. Just when he’s getting tired of putting up walls, he finds himself in a local pet shop where he finds a sanctuary playing with the kittens in the front window.Harry Styles is the popular football player who works at the pet shop, secretly watching the boy he thought was utterly unlikable prove him wrong. Partnered together for a class project, Harry gets more and more hints that Louis is actually someone worth getting to know. But the real question is, will Louis let Harry in?

Larry High school AU (8k) : cute and fluffy, with no smut.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Prompt: you’re trying to toilet train your 20 pound cat and you sent me this photo and now I can’t stop crying out of laughter in public.

A/N: Happy birthday to my favourite human @fetchalgernon - I love you. Thank you for making it impossible for me to write modern!jily and not include algernon. So here you go, 100% of fluff and shenanigans, with next to 0 plot. I hope you enjoy <3

Thank you @yourbcky for the stellar beta job x

Read on FFN or AO3.

It’s three in the afternoon on a Saturday when Lily drops a bag of frozen peas all over the floor of her local supermarket.

It really isn’t her fault, to be perfectly honest. Yes, she’s making a fool of herself, crying with laughter as she struggles to gather the peas that have spilled all over the floor. and the others down the aisle - from the old woman looking at the yorkshire puddings, all the way to the middle aged man studying a ratty shopping list - probably think she’s mental now, but it really isn’t her fault.

Picture this: you’re running errands, casually making your way through every different sodding aisle of the nearest Tesco Express because Sirius and co. are coming over for dinner, and the only things you have in your fridge are mustard and cheese crackers – and even though you know full well they wouldn’t mind, you actually feel like trying for a change.

Your phone buzzes with a message notification, and when you slide your finger over the screen, you’re met with a picture of Algernon, your boyfriend’s insane and alarmingly orange cat, sitting next to an empty litter box. Yes, empty, because all of the litter is strewn across the midnight blue carpet, and you can practically feel James’ despair simply by looking at his face.

If this was the case, you’d probably be cracking up like an idiot as well.

[15:02] james: toilet training algernon is not… going as expected

[15:03] lily: I dropped my peas.

[15:03] james: ???

[15:04] james: tht was a typo right

[15:05] lily: I was getting food for tonight and the picture you sent me made me drop my bag of peas.

[15:06] lily: They rolled everywhere, James. I hope you’re peased with yourself.

[15:06] james: :(

[15:06] james: btw i cant believe YOU made a pun

[15:06] lily: I know, you’re a terrible influence

[15:06] lily: Also, you’re cleaning that up.

[15:07]: james: just like u cleaned up the peas right

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So there’s a thing that happens in every fandom and bothers me in every fandom, and in SKAM I feel like I can go “this specifically is why it bothers me” so I’m going to talk about it for a bit.

That thing is that once an m/m pairing gets to a certain level of popularity, at some point it apparently becomes more or less “widely accepted fanon” that one of them is the more or less (recently more more than less) subby bottom and the other one is the confident top who takes the lead in most/all matters. I don’t know why, but this seems to happen every single time. Apart from how I don’t think that’s representative of most actual m/m relationships, I personally think there’s hardly ever any reason to assign such roles to fictional characters because we hardly ever know anything about their actual sex lives. Often it’s ships who aren’t even canon! There is literally nothing to know! And even when it’s canon ships like Isak and Even, we don’t actually know anything about their sex life! And there’s no necessary correlation between someone’s behaviour outside the bedroom and in it!


Basically, I’m a little bothered by this “Isak is a shy cupcake who never takes the lead and also definitely bottoms” thing that’s been growing so much recently. (Not to say there’s anything wrong with enjoying your smut however you want! If a boy wants to be fucked, he should go get himself fucked and have a great time! My point is just that that should go for all boys and that liking things up your butt isn’t a character trait, it’s a sexual preference.)

Even disregarding that Isak is a seventeen year old boy who is still in the closet when he meets Even and struggles with acting on his true desires because of how he fears it’ll make others perceive him, and has thus never been in a romantic relationship where he felt comfortable and got to explore the physical side in a way that was true to himself (if he did at all) (that is to say, it’s not unlikely he’s a virgin when he meets Even, and even if he isn’t he’s quite obviously way less experienced than Even, who also generally doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what people think about his sexuality), I think there are many instances in the show that establish Isak as a forward, not-at-all-timid person!

Annnnd I’m gonna put this behind a read more because this got seriously long oops

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anonymous asked:

For your AU post! I LOVE secretly married Aus, so how about one of those? I'm thinking IronPanther, maybe? Or IronFalcon! One of those (first one would be preferred, but both are great!), they've known each other much longer than in canon (obviously) and for some reason their relationship get's made public/ the other avengers find out?

Oh man do I enjoy Secretly Married AUs!! The drama, anon. The drama. Also fluff. Please fluff because unhappy endings break my heart. Anyways, I like both pairings, so I’m just gonna go with IronPanther. Btw this turned into a Post CW ficlet that focuses mostly on Tony and T’Challa, I hope that’s alright!

It happens on their fifteen year anniversary because of course it does. The universe refuses to grant them a single moment of peaceful happiness after all. Looking back Tony really doesn’t know how he didn’t see this coming.

And it’s so unfair because the last six months have been hard on the both of them. The last two years, to be honest. With the whole Civil War mess, T’Chaka’s death, the fighting and betrayal–well, Tony wishes he could say he was able to keep those events from affecting his marriage, but that would be nothing more than wishful thinking. The first time they had been fighting side by side and T’Challa had been in too much pain, too blinded by his desire for revenge for him to enjoy the moment, never mind that he’d been fighting against half his team. Then there was the matter of Siberia, of his husband taking Rogers and Barnes with him and leaving Tony behind and-

There’s a hand on his shoulder, warm and grounding, the pleasantly familiar sound of T’Challa’s voice, talking to him, slowly drowning out the ugly thoughts in Tony’s head.

He takes a shaky breath, blinks, meets his husband’s worried gaze. “Sorry,” he thinks he mumbles, and wishes the trembling would stop already.

It hasn’t been a good day. Not after someone–the Dora Milaje are already looking into it–leaked those pictures of them to the international press. Tony wants to laugh, but it ends up coming out as more of a hysterical sob.

Fifteen years. They’ve managed to keep their marriage a secret for fifteen years. Sure, they have been times they both wished the hiding would stop, but there had never quite been the right moment to announce it, and now? After everything? They were still trying to do damage control with the fall-out from the Accords, Tony honestly isn’t sure whether there could have been much of a worse moment for this to be revealed.

Forget the UN and Ross for a moment, how would Rogers and his little band of followers take the news? Their presence in Wakanda couldn’t become known,  at this stage it might lead to an actual war against the country and-

“Hush, my heart,” T’Challa’s voice rings strong and clear in Tony’s ears, and he allows himself to sink back into his husband’s arms, until his head is resting against T’Challa’s chest, listening to the rhythmic heartbeat.

“What are we gonna do?” Tony whispers, hopeless and worried and so, so, tired.

“We will figure something out,” T’Challa replies without hesitation, cards his hand through Tony’s hair. “Our marriage is not something I have ever been ashamed of, beloved, nor should we be. It is a bond of joy and love, that should be honoured. Ultimately there is nothing anyone can do. We have broken no laws, nor do we owe the world an explanation. And I will be glad to walk proudly by your side, instead of watching you across yet another hall.“

Almost against his will, Tony can feel himself relaxing, soaking up the utter calmness T’Challa exudes, the easy confidence soothing his frayed nerves. Rationally he knows they have faced much, much worse, knows that even though things aren’t gonna be easy, this particular issue will eventually be solved–but T’Challa makes him believe it, without hesitation or doubt.

“Love you,” he says into the high-quality shirt he’s burrowed his face in–it’s so soft too, Tony approves of his husband’s taste–because he can’t think of anything else to say. Most people would describe Tony as ‘incapable of shutting up’ but when it comes to his personal relationships, he has never been the most articulate.

The arms around him tighten, and he can hear T’Challa’s smile in his responding, “I love you too, my heart.”

“Be at ease for now, we will deal with this issue later. And get you to a hair dresser as soon as possible,” he adds after a moment, teasingly pulls on a strand of Tony’s admittedly rather unruly hair. 

A cut hasn’t been on his mind for months, and he can’t help laughing–at T’Challa’s antics, the situation, everything. He doesn’t need to look up to know that this has been T’Challa’s intention from the start, simply squeezes his hand in silent appreciation.

They’ve got this. They really do.

[The confrontation with the rogue Avengers is as ugly as T’Challa has expected it to be. The only positive side of this is that Tony isn’t anywhere near to hear the commotion, T’Challa might have been forced to kill someone otherwise. As it is, there isn’t much to be said about it, in the end. His marriage isn’t a recent thing, it doesn’t change the actual situation. Not that you’d believe as much, if you listen to Clint Barton’s poisonous rant. At least Captain Rogers’ indignant rant is silenced with a sharp reminder that trust only reaches as far as it is extended.

“Your mind is your own, but any insult against my husband is an insult against myself. I suggest you keep that in mind!” has been the only warning T’Challa is willing to grant them. His patience isn’t limitless and certain guests have been testing those limits for some time now.]

Got7 comforts GF when her best friend betrays her

Request: Hey can I request a Got7 reaction to their gf being upset because their bff betrayed her and they comfort her? :33 Love your blog btw <3

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, so I hope you like it and I hope our followers continue to make requests! - Lady B <3

Disclaimer: Gifs not mine. Got7 members not mine. JYP not mine. All credit goes to owners.


When you come home crying, he would be by your side immediately asking what happened. When you tell him, be prepared for him to get every bit as angry at your friend as you are. He would have to work on calming both himself and you down, so he would do something such as putting on your favorite movie to watch together, holding you and peppering you with frequent kisses the whole time.


When you tell Jinyoung what happened, you would have the man’s full attention. He would want to sit down with you and hear every single thing that happened and everything that you were thinking and feeling. He would think carefully about what to tell you, and he would always have just the right words to say. After you calm down a bit, he would offer to do anything you wanted to do together. *wink wink*


Jackson would feel secondhand betrayed by your friend. He would be angry and hurt, just for your sake. Of course, being the sweetheart that he is, he would be hyper-focused on making you feel better. He would act as cute and silly and ridiculous as possible until he could get a laugh or smile out of you. If that didn’t work, he would show you his abs, which had a 100% guaranteed success rate.


Bambam never trusted your friend! Or he would be sure to tell you that and anything else to make his beautiful girlfriend feel better. He would turn on some serious Bambam-level charm and aegyo to get a good reaction out of you. When you felt up to it, he would offer up an exciting night for you two, spent either out on the town or indoors, your choice. But we all know which one he hopes you pick.


Mark would be shocked when you told him what happened. He would want to hear about what happened, but wouldn’t have much of an idea what to say. Instead, he would sit quietly by your side, hugging you, rubbing your back, kissing your forehead, holding your hand, and telling you how amazing and sexy and pretty you are. He would comfort you more with actions than words, but he would make sure to not leave your side until you felt better.


Bring forth the sunshine! If his smile doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will tbh. All that aside, he would be with you in a heartbeat, ready to take your side and comfort you in any way he can because he hates to see you sad. Expect lots of snuggles and kisses in his bed, pictures of Coco, and sweet compliments about how wonderful you are (since you’re not Bambam). He would tell you that you don’t need a friend like that and that he loves you more than anything.


Yugyeom would also try to use his aegyo to cheer you up. He would want to listen to what you say and how you’re feeling, and he would be mad at your friend, but he would still turn on the cute for you pretty fast. He might do a little dance for you, or ask you to dance with him. He would try to do anything to get what your friend did to you off your mind. Eventually, his charms would have you smiling and laughing until you were sleepy. He would whisper to you as you fell asleep that you were his best friend.

Sidney Crosby #2 - Homecoming

@habs-girl-31 asked: If the requests are open, (I can’t see the description because my computer if having a fit), could I request one with Sidney Crosby, where the reader has just come back from 3 years in the arm, and the Pens have won the cup, but Sid was sad that the reader wasn’t there to see it, but low and behold, the reader turns up and surprises Sid. Also, the team knew about it, but kept it a secret for Sid. Thank you!!! You are awesome BTW!! I love your stories

Yes my requests are open! I don’t have much to say in preface to this piece which seems to be a first for me. I hope you enjoy this! 

You had done a total of three tours in Afghanistan, each one longer than the last. The most recent had been three years long and even harder knowing you had someone to return home to. Your long term boyfriend Sidney Crosby had been planning to propose the same night you were planning to break the news to him so by the end of it there were lots of tears.

“Are you sure about this?” you had asked, “three years is a long time to wait.”
“You’re it for me,” he had confessed.

The two of you did the best you could with the distance and he kept you up to date on what was going on in Pittsburgh. He had dinner with your family twice a month when his schedule permitted and made sure your parents were doing okay.

On one of your most recent video calls he informed you that they had made it to the playoffs for the second year in a row. You had missed the previous season playoffs as well so you had to miss your fiancé hoisting the cup over his head. He sent pictures of course but it wasn’t nearly the same as being there for him.

You hadn’t noticed you were crying until he asked, “what’s wrong?”

“I’m just sad I don’t get to be there for you,” you sniffed.

“Don’t be sad. Please,” his voice grew hoarse as he tried to will away his own tears.

The end of the tour was set to end in mid-August so there was essentially no chance of you making it back in time.

Flash forward to game seven of the playoffs against the Nashville Predators. You were situated up in the Luxury Box with several of the important members of corporate watching as your fiancé and his team dominated the ice. He had no knowledge of you being in attendance and you had only gotten in last night. Due to an unfortunate incident with a mishandled firearm you had been honorably discharged but not before undergoing intensive surgery. You hadn’t told Sid as you didn’t want to him to worry as none of your injuries had been life threatening.

The score was tied 2-2 at the bottom of the third period and appeared to be going into overtime when Evgeni Malkin with an assist by Sid managed to sneak it past the Predators’ goaltender and win the game. Everyone around you began exchanging hugs and high fives when you felt a tap on your shoulder. The Penguins PR manager gestured for you to follow and took you down to where you could enter onto the ice. The team was currently huddled around their captain and watched as he was the first to lift the Cup. Even from this distance you could see the joy on his face. Just as soon as he passed it off to another teammate, reporters swarmed with cameras and microphones. Your fiancé’s face was broadcasted onto the Jumbo Tron and the entire arena turned to watch. Sid talking was your queue to walk down through the Penguin’s bench to the edge of the ice.

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The Way You Move//Kim Yugyeom (Part 14)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14

You saw the color drain from Yugyeom’s face before you turned around, beginning to walk back towards the door that led to the stage. Your heart broke into pieces inside of your chest, each piece stabbing you from the inside out.

“(Y/N),” You heard Yugyeom call your name softly, but before he could say another word, you were out the stage door, slamming it behind you.

You knew that your instructor was right; that all the girls fawned over Yugyeom and wanted to date him, but you never thought anyone would attempt to kiss him. Maybe it wasn’t expecting anyone to kiss him— maybe you didn’t expect him to let them kiss him.

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answering asks!

heheeyeyeheyehHE hey

oh also since this was asked a couple times.. chapter 4 will be starting after i finish the mini comic! i’m currently done with 1.5/10 pages of that.. so i’m unsure when EXACTLY but yea

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All Started With a Song Part 10 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2221

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) here it is! this is way longer than i thought it would be and i didn't get to half the stuff i thought i would. so i re-planned everything. there will most likely be 13 parts now! i hope you enjoy. 

p.s. nothing crazy happens, this is mainly a filler chap. sorry if you were expecting drama!


You guys headed to bed rather early that night. With all that happened and your plans for tomorrow, you guys needed the beauty sleep.

At 6 o’clock on Sunday morning, you three left the hotel and started your adventure. Alice had looked up a really nice café for you guys to have breakfast at. She got some pancakes, Olivia got an omelet and you settled for a bagel.

“So where are we headed to first?” you asked before taking a sip of your tea.

“I really really really want to go to the walk of fame.” Olivia pleaded. “Can we please go there?”

“Of course Liv!” you smiled. “We’ll head there right after we’re finished eating.”

She squealed and clapped her hands, causing Alice to snort.

“You are too awake,” she mumbles, taking a forkful of pancake.

“Hey, don’t judge me. I’m just excited,” Olivia frowned.

“Oh, you know I love you,” Alice laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder. You quickly opened the camera app and snapped a pic.

You posted it on your Instagram with that caption:

i have the cutest friends ever… btw expect lots of pic today and tomorrow #sorrynotsorry

“Awwww, Al look at what Y/n posted. She’s so cute!” Olivia gave Alice her phone.

“She’s so sweet, let’s post one of her.”

You laughed, “No, please don’t.”

“Aw c’mon. You’re adorable babe.”

“Fine, but I get to approve the picture and caption,” you emphasized the and.

“Deal! Make a pose!”

You rested your elbows on the table and your chin on your hands, flashing the camera a small smile.

After a few moments of intense typing Alice handed you her phone, “Is that okay?”

Cannot thank @y/i/n enough for this trip. Love you lots babe xx

“You’re so sweet Al,” you handed her phone back to her.

“Alright, here’s the bill. Are you ladies all finished up here?” the waiter asked as he handed you the receipt.

“Yep!” Olivia smiled.

“Do you think I could get a to-go cup for my tea?” you asked.

“Of course,” he turned to walk away when he stopped. “I’m sorry to bother you. But are you guys from the UK?”

You three started laughing, “Yes, we are,” Alice answered.

“Oh my gosh, really? Would you mind if I ask you a few questions?” he instantly took a seat next to you.

“Of course not, whatcha wanna know?” you smiled.

“Is it always rainy?”

This caused you three to erupt in laughter yet again, but stopped when he frowned.

“Oh love, we’re not making fun of you. It’s just cute,” Liv placed a hand on his and smiled.

“But to answer your question, no. Sometimes it’s really nice out. But most of the time yes, it’s rainy.”

“It’s not even always rainy, just really cold.” You added.

“I’ve always wanted to go to London,” he sighed. “Is it worth taking a trip to?”

“I can’t answer that without bias, but I think coming here was definitely worth the trip. If that helps.”

He stood up, “Well my name’s Clayton.” He pulled out a piece of paper and began scribbling. “If you girls need anything, here’s my number. I’m free whenever after noon.”

“Well thank you Clayton. That means a lot,” you smiled.


After that cute little meet up you girls grabbed an Uber and went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was so much fun. You girls had races to see who could find this person first or who could find a ‘James’ or ‘Amy’ first. You may have looked crazy to others but you three knew it was all in good fun.

You were only here once, why wouldn’t you make the most of it?

After the Walk of Fame you three headed to any and every shop that the London didn’t have; which was a lot. You hit lots of clothes shops, make up shops, and so so many candy shops.

You picked up something for Alex and a few gifts for your mom. Alice got something for Brandon, but insisted it was for her friend that ‘you don’t know that well’. And Olivia, of course, got something for Sean.

After what felt like a lifetime you guys finally found an In-N-Out. You all had been craving it ever since Sabrina took you guys to it your first day in LA.

While you three munched on your burgers, you just chatted about anything and everything.

“What time is it?” Alice asked.

“Just past 11,” you clicked your phone shut. “So what’s next?”

“Honestly? I want to go back to the hotel and take a power nap,” Alice sighed, Olivia vigorously shaking her head in agreement.

“Okay, I’m down for a nap. Then the beach?”

They both smiled signally they were okay with that.


“Wake me up at two,” Olivia sighed, falling onto her bed. You laughed and watched as Alice copied her movements.

You walked out to the balcony and sat up against the wall. You were tired, but you didn’t want to sleep. You didn’t want to miss anything LA had to offer.

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you texted Anth. It was a low blow honestly. But you were bored and didn’t have any clue as to what to do. You opened SnapChat and clicked his name.

You sent a simple selfie with a caption:

any fun activates you know of in LA?

You scrolled through Instagram while waiting for a response. You noticed Conor posted a new picture.

You knew it would hurt, but you couldn’t not look.

It was of him sitting of the edge of a bench, it was nighttime. He was facing away from the camera.

He captioned it:

C’mon LA, you have yet to let me down. Please don’t change that.

There were hundreds of comments that ranged from ‘ARMS’ to ‘why are you sad :(’ to ‘i hate when he doesn’t tell us what’s going on’.

You were hesitant, but ended up liking the picture anyways.

SnapChat from anth.melo

He sent a picture of him in front of a mirror of what seemed like a gym. You could see Conor on the side, but it was only an arm. You cringed at the fact that you knew it was Conor simply by an arm.

His snap read:

sorry y/n, kinda busy rn.

You sent another selfie with a frown:

okay, but we NEED to hang out soon. i leave in two days :(

You closed your phone and went back inside. After sliding off your shoes and plugging in your phone, you slid into your shared bed with Alice.

A few minutes of shot eye wouldn’t hurt.


“Y/n!!!!” you heard someone shout.

You shot up from the pillow, “What?!” you shouted back, not having opened your eyes yet.

“Its 4:30!” a voice, you recognized as Alice sighed. “You had one job. One bloody job!”

“Oh, sorry. I fell asleep and forgot to set an alarm.”

“It’s okay, we can still go to the beach!” Olivia piped up from her spot in front of the mirror.

“I guess,” Alice sighed.

“Haven’t you always wanted to see a sunset on the beach?” you asked, getting out of the bed.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Let me check when sunset is.”

You bent down and grabbed your shoes.

“It’s at 6:04, should we invite anyone?” Alice asked.

“Like who?”

“Clayton!” Olivia jumped up. “Please invite him!”

You smiled, “Okay, I’ll invite him. But i can’t promise anything.”

You sent him a text that read:

Heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. Care to join us?

You sat your phone down and began braiding your hair.

“Did he text back?” Alice asked.

“Check my phone, I’m kind of busy.”

She stood up and walked over to where your phone was sat on the bed.

“What’d he say?”

“Nothing, but Anth texted snapped you.”

“You can open it up if you want,” you said, closing your eyes to focus on the pattern.

After a few seconds you heard a gasp, “What’s wrong?”

“Look! “Alice shoved your phone into your face. On the screen was a selfie of him and Conor and it read:

Okay, we’re free tomorrow

He was smiling and Conor was sporting his signature ‘kissy face/pout face’ look.

You stared until it disappeared, then you let out a sigh.

“What’d he mean by that?”

“I asked him if he wanted to hang out,” you said, sticking out your tongue as Alice snapped a picture.

“Oh, well.” She smiled, helping you up. “Looks like we got plans for tomorrow!”

You three changed into your swimsuits and packed a bag. You were going to go to the beach no matter what, Clayton being there was just a plus.

Your phone dinged and the girls sat, eyes wide; waiting for a response.

Of course! Meet me here in 10 minutes.

The link sent you to your Map app. There was a blue line from the hotel to a beach about 5 minutes away. Due to it being so close, you three decided to walk. As you left the hotel you sent him a quick text back.

see ya soon xx


As usual Anth and Conor stayed up late doing whatever they do. Most of it was just joking around. But part of it, a very small part, was very deep.

“Mate, I gotta ask,” Anth sighed.

“I can’t answer it. I know what you’re going to ask. And I honestly don’t know. I was jealous and upset. I just-” he sighed, looking at Anth. “I messed up.”

“Well do you like her?” Anth asked hesitantly.

“Of course I do! I liked her before I met her. But I overthought everything. I assumed she didn’t like me, so I wanted to make her feel how I felt.”

“Do you want to be with her?” Anth questioned again.

“That’s the thing. Like, I don’t know her. But I want to. And I want to see what it could become, but I don’t want to give us a chance and it be awful and I have to break her heart again.”

Anth remained silent as Conor poured his feelings.

“I’m just so angry. At myself. But also her. And I know I have no right to be mad at her. But she’s just so perfect. And I want to hate her and just forget about her. But I can’t, because whenever I see a girl, I notice that she isn’t Y/n. But I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me. And I just want to punch myself, every time I remember what I did.”

Conor knew there was more to how he felt, he just wasn’t ready to admit it.

Anth stood up and put his hand on Conors shoulder, “Well, how about you sleep on it. And tomorrow we go to the gym; work out all the anger. Then afterwards, you can talk to Y/n.”


Conor and Anth didn’t make it to the gym until a little before noon. Conor woke up to Jack spamming him. Jack lost the keys to his apartment so he begged Conor to tell him where his extra set was.

Conor really didn’t want Jack to be at his flat alone. Who knew what the kid would get up to? But after a few minutes of Jack begging (and almost crying, almost. it doesn’t count if the tear didn’t fall) Conor told him to message Alex.

After that, they were about to leave but then Anth realized he forgot that he planned to Skype his grandparents. Knowing he couldn’t let his friend not call them, Conor sat in the guest room while Anth chatted with his grandma and grandpa about various things.

After Anth’s grandma finally said goodbye, they headed to the gym. On their way they stopped to get juices.

“Mate, the Strawberry Mango is way better than the Green Machine,” Conor dragged on as he walked aside Anth.

“Stop playing dude, the Green Machine is the best!”

“You’re mad, y’know that right?”

“Nah man, you’re just stubborn.”

When they arrived at the gym, they both popped in their headphones and got to work on their preferred workout equipment.

Within the first thirty minutes, Anth could tell Conor was more upset than last night. He was lifting way more than his body could handle, but every time Anth would bring it up Conor would brush him off.

“Mate, your calves don’t need that much weight,” Anth chuckled, pulling out a headphone.

“Why come to the gym if you’re not going to push yourself?” Conor asked, standing up.

“If you say so,” Anth said, grabbing his phone to change the song. He scrolled through his notifications. He went to close it, but then he noticed your name. Why were you snapping him?

He walked over to Conor, opening the snap.

“Hey, look at this.”

Conor looked at the screen then turned around.

“So do you want to?” Anth followed him

“Not really,” he muttered.

“Okay,” was all Anth said. He sent a picture of him in front of the mirror.

A few seconds later Conor said, “I don’t know what to say yet. But tell her we’re free tomorrow.”

Anth just smiled. Conor was head over heels for you and him trying to hide it was so cute.

Valentines (except not really): Zen

A/N: LOL MINE ISN’T IN FIC FORM LIKE 404’S BECAUSE I’M NOT TALENTED LIKE THAT SORRY NOT SORRY BYYYEE <3 I’ll be posting Jaehee’s tomorrow and V’s on Friday! These aren’t even really Valentine’s but I really needed to write these omg, hope y’all are doing great! Btw, whoever requested the RFA members in a musical, it’ll be posted soon too <3 ~ 626

- The second you woke up you were expected to be showered in gifts
-  And by expected, it’s not like Zen had to actually do anything for u but I mean, it is Valentine’s Day and Zen is a very extravagant person
- But there was nothing???
- Turns out he got called in for a role bc some poor person got sick and couldn’t make it (Zen totally didn’t dance and break something while u were asleep, nope didn’t happen)
- But he didn’t wanna wake u up on your day off so he made breakfast and left it along with flowers for u on the table <3
- But you don’t see him again for awhile???
- And he’s being very, very suspicious about what he’s doing?? He hasn’t even told what character he’s playing
- But you don’t say anything (make his dick hard not his life amiright), you know how hard it can be to memorize lines so last minute so he probably just doesn’t want to talk about his role when he’s not at work (haha yeah right he’s a little attention hoe
- And ofc, two weeks later, he invites you out <3
- aND HE’S TAKING YOU TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT??? (if ur not into taylor swift, u r now it’s important for the story mkay)
-  he gets to your seats but ofc his hoe ass excuses himself to look at himself in the bathroom because “I need to make sure I look good for the pictures, mc” as if he doesn’t know he always looks good
- but he doesn’t come back??? The show is about to start??
- Ur so hyped omg, ur lovely little Zen dancing to some of your favorite songs??? (if u all don’t at least like one TS song,,, ur lying,,,)
- she’s walking towards you??? dIRECT EYE CONTACT, WHAT DOES THIS SNAKE WANT
- ??? she’s holding out her hand for you??? Does she wants you??? To get on stage
what is happening
- if we’re being honest ur not even paying attention to zen bc hOLY SHIT TAYLOR SWIFT INVITED U ON STAGE
- You dunno what to do??? Ur standing awkwardly watching her sing as everyone dances around u???
- “Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think, he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said..”
- Taylor Swift turns u around aND ZEN IS ON ONE KNEE??? WITH A RING??
- U end up bursting into tears and nodding ur head and ofc zen isn’t done with his dramatic ass proposal
- some very good loving that night wink wonk

morisaxa  asked:

Could I request headcanons for knights + Chiaki and Mao having an artsy s/o who likes to draw and paint?, also your headcanons are really great btw!!!

aaaah i’m glad you like them !!!! this request was so sweet and pure, i loved it !♥ - mod mademoiselle

Tsukasa :

  • The most enthusiastic about your art ! He’d get so excited whenever you’re drawing or painting and come sit with you, watching what you’re doing intently.
  • He’d always try to guess a deeper meaning than intended, but you can’t really correct him because he looks so cute and happy to have found out about your art’s well-hidden symbolism…
  • He sometimes asks if he can hang your paintings on his bedroom’s wall, only to quickly dismiss it as a joke later, but you know for sure he’s being 100% serious…
  • He’ll often invite you to his mansion in summer and spring, as he believes the gardens might be a good place for you to find inspiration !
  • He loves to take you out on museum dates too, since the two of you share a passion for art !

Arashi :

  • He’s proud to have a creative s/o and you came to know well that happy glimmer in his eyes whenever you start talking about art !
  • Honestly you know he’d support you in whatever you do, but it still feels great to have someone be interested in your passion !
  • He offered to model for your drawings quite a few times, and you actually took him up on it ! You have to admit he’s a pretty good model, but you always end up getting distracted…
  • He’ll secretly take pictures of you while you’re working and save them as his lockscreen, you look so focused and cute on them !
  • He’s so worried about your clothes when you paint, you can practically feel him quivering uneasily every time you pick up your brush…

Ritsu :

  • He doesn’t really mind either way, you could be making clay sculptures of his butt that he wouldn’t notice.
  • He still likes to be around you when you’re busy painting or drawing, your quiet concentration does wonders on him when he has to work on an assignment of his own…
  • You noticed he got more interested in art since he started dating you ! Maybe he’s just feigning indifference to look cool… who knows with him…
  • He found himself mentioning you’re an artist to his friends and Knights bandmates, as he thinks it’s pretty cool and unusual ! They’re fans of you now !
  • As he’s a big baby he’ll sometimes come and scoop some paint on his finger, only to put it on your cheek or neck or wherever he can that won’t be a hassle to clean. Be careful, he can be pretty devilish when you don’t pay enough attention to him…

Leo :

  • He’s !!!! so !!!! excited !!!! Someone finally understands all his talk of inspiration and fantasies !!!
  • Every single time, he mistakes you drawing or painting for a game of Pictionary, and he’ll slump over you and excitedly try to guess what you’re drawing. Sometimes he’s so far from the truth that you worry about his eyesight…
  • Expect him to try and give “suggestions” when he’s watching you draw. Like adding himself, or aliens, or something cooler because he certainly doesn’t like what you’re currently drawing. Apparently it’s not fueling his fantasies enough.
  • Sometimes the inspiration gets to the two of you at the same time ! He’s humming happily and composing a song while you’re drawing, and you show each other your work once you’re done with it !
  • As he’s also a big baby, he tends to pick a forgotten pencil or paintbrush and add little “touches” on your canvas. He’ll just use his fingers if you made sure not to leave any extra drawing tool around. Just give him a canvas of his own and he’ll leave you alone, busy painting his own “masterpiece”. He’ll even insist it’s better than yours.

Izumi :

  • He can’t say he’s extremely enthusiastic about art, but it’s not any art. It’s your art. So of course he’s proud of it. And how.
  • Everyone around him already knows. He doesn’t stop there though : he shows your actual drawings proudly to everyone who more or less knows him. His social media accounts are literally filled with pictures he took of your drawings or paintings.
  • He’s secretly pretty happy you’re so creative. An idol and an artist sounds like the perfect match to him…
  • He’d definitely get jealous if you take someone else than him as a model, or heck, even draw someone else. Hello ? You’re dating an actual model ? And a very talented and handsome one at that ? Why would you pick anyone else than him ?
  • Please stop him from putting your drawings all over his bedroom walls. He’s ready to do it. Oh but don’t worry, he’ll leave some room for pictures of you, too.

Mao :

  • To be honest, it’s his first time being close to someone who loves art so much so he’s pretty excited about it !
  • He likes to watch you when you’re busy. Oh, but he doesn’t watch what you’re doing, no : he’s very clearly staring at your face. He’ll look away very awkwardly if you catch him though. He just thinks you’re cute when you’re so focused…
  • He sometimes buys drawing tools as presents for you ! He got pretty knowledgeable about them, too. Sometimes he cleans up your brushes when you’re done. He likes it : it makes him feel he was useful to you…
  • To him, your drawings or paintings are like pieces of you, so he treasures them dearly. Should you give one to him, it would become a prized Isara family heirloom.
  • He’s too shy to ask you, but he’d love to see you try and draw manga. He just loves manga, okay ? And it just so happens that he also loves you. What would be better than seeing the two things he likes most combined into one ?

Chiaki :

  • Let’s be honest, he doesn’t understand art at all. But still !!! This is your hobby, so he decided to be extra supportive !!!
  • He’s so glad you’re so invested in something. That gives him extra motivation for his “hero of justice” routines and his idol training !!
  • He sometimes kind of misses the point and offers to serve as a model/muse for you. He genuinely believes that’s going to help the inspiration flowing.
  • Sometimes he picks up books on drawing or painting and gives them to you. He really wants to help you become “the best artist ever”, to quote his own words, and as he doesn’t know anything about art himself, he decided to turn to books !
  • He gets so calm when you’re painting. He’ll just sit next to you, put his head on your shoulder and watch you silently. He inexplicably burst into tears once. Turns out your art gets him really emotional for some obscure reason…
Flashback (Adam Cole One shot)

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This was originally going to wait until next month but plans changed as they always seem to. So here’s some Adam Cole fluffy smut for all of you. This is my first fic since I finished the Say You’ll Haunt Me series, no supernatural element to this and I’m honestly a little nervous to post it lol. It’s a little out of my wheelhouse. Enjoy!

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I tagged you if I thought you might be interested in this one or if you requested to be tagged in future fics <3

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Look here for a moment: Star and Marco's Friendship + Star’s Wand Theory = ?

So, if you are a big fan of Star vs. The Forces of Evil and a Starco shipper, I suggest you stay and indulge yourself in this post of mine. I will make sure you won’t regret it. 😉

This is long overdue and this is probably me just ranting more of my favorite cartoon animated shows on tv but I still want to put this out there because there are some great animated series out there that don’t really get enough credit because they are deemed “just cartoons” which is really shallow of some people. Just because it’s animated, it doesn’t mean that there is no depth in their characters or story. As I mentioned in my last post about “Zootopia”, there will always be something more than what lies on the surface. I admire the creators of these shows because they really pay attention to details which is important. (I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU ROCK!) Ok! back to topic.

Now, we all fell in love with the amazing perky monster fighting Princess from another dimension, Star Butterfly, and her badass adorkable Karate chopping bestfriend on Earth, Marco Diaz, on the first season of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” ever since their first episode which aired on Disney XD last year. We all watched their adventures, shipped them hard ever since “The Bloodmoon Ball” episode, witness their bond of friendship strengthen from their last episode, and anticipated for their 2nd season to come which finally aired on July this year and not to mention that jaw dropping, sugar pumping trailer! (YAY!)

I’ve been up to date with their episodes this season 2 and there are some important points I would like to share with you all. If you’ve noticed them or not, please feel free to comment your thoughts below my fellow brothers and sisters.

First and foremost, let’s recap what happened with Star’s wand from the last episode of Season 1 to the 1st episode of Season 2. Now, her wand was destroyed and became a new wand with the help of a new unicorn and the wand’s star was broken into two with one missing piece that we now know is in Ludo’s possession as seen from the episode 2 in the show. In S2 ep1, the wand is clearly malfunctioning and acting weird like going berserk in blasting random energy without Star’s authorization. In the recent episode, she’s fixed it with the guidance of Glossaryk by finding the thing that doesn’t belong which was TOFFEE’S FINGER.

I was astonished by this reveal and confirmation that Star’s mom, Queen Moon, DID have a past with Toffee which explains his evil actions during season 1 when he forced Star to destroy her magic wand in order to save Marco with the spell her mom first taught her. His line hinted that he was close with Queen Moon before and it was proven in Queen Moon’s tapestry,

According to the tablet Star has read about her mom, Moon the Undaunted, she had cast her darkest spell that will forever haunt the immortal monster– Toffee. Now, from what I understand from this episode and the previous ones, Moon and Toffee definitely knew each other very well and were very close friends until this very moment weaved in Moon’s tapestry. It definitely means that she probably cursed Toffee and banished him due to a betrayal or a big fight which caused a rift between the two.You can really see Moon’s anger in the picture and the shock from Toffee’s face. It’s kinda hinting that Moon really cursed him because if you’ve notice he can grow his body parts back, all except for his missing finger. It doesn’t lead much on but Toffee’s finger probably signifies that it is important to both of them; it definitely is symbolic. 

Next, Toffee’s line in the last episode of Season 1 clearly had something to do with Marco’s role in Star’s prophecy which is one of the reasons he kidnapped him. He said that Marco was a disappointment even though he was trying to be polite with Marco and didn’t really want to hurt him or Star because he was only after the destruction of the wand. He is expecting something from Marco, that is definite. 

And there were moments when Marco would be seen sometimes something related with a suit which we know is Toffee’s main outfit. Plus, Marco doesn’t really know what he’s going to be in the future and this shows him in a suit. It is not for sure but Toffee probably sees Marco’s potential in his plan. So I’m gonna quote what other fans have been theorizing: Toffee is to Moon as Marco is to Star. This is because they clearly have a strong connection with each other.

Thirdly, THIS WOMAN:

Eclipsa. (Her name totally suits her btw and you might know why). She definitely has something to do with what will happen in the future and it will surely have something to do with Star, Marco, Toffee, and Star’s wand. I don’t exactly know what but she definitely signifies something bad will happen and/or she might have something to do with what happened between Moon and Toffee, she is after all the Queen of Darkness. It’s possible! Come on! She married to become queen and gain power then eloped with a monster. She could’ve been the sword that tore apart Moon and Toffee’s friendship. She was queen before Moon could take her place so it kinda makes sense that she was still there when that scene happened. 

I’m kind of sad for Glossaryk though. He wasn’t even “tall enough for the ride” but he still saw them all no matter how wonderful or horrible it must have been. He looks so sad in the tapestries. He is the Princess’ adviser and guide/teacher when it comes to using their wand and magic but it’s clearly seen that he cannot change their decisions whether it be bad or wrong because they control their own destinies. He is merely a teacher, a guide, an observer in every generation. 

BUT HAVE YOU ALSO NOTICED THAT IN MOST OF THE TAPESTRIES, THERE WERE ALWAYS SOMETHING RELATED TO A MONSTER??? Star’s tapestry is already being woven therefore what is about to come might be already prophesied or can still be changed since not much of it has been certainly woven yet. The monster can be anyone: Toffee, Ludo or even Marco (I’m certain each of these 3 will play huge a role in Star’s destiny). 


Hopefully what I fear won’t happen: that Marco will be the monster that Star has to face. It was seen in season 1 when Marco’s monster arm said that he will always be a part of Marco and that he will never truly be gone so that means that there IS something evil residing within Marco (as it is in everyone) BUT it just needs a trigger. 

(I’m anticipating these in the future episodes and after reading the Wiki fandom’s list of episodes synopsis on the future episodes I will look at Jackie for this. Maybe. She’s not evil but she might be one of the causes something bad to happen between Marco and Star’s friendship’s future. But I’m just putting her as a possibility because she’s a variable in this and not to fully pin this on her because other reasons could be Ludo, Toffee, Eclipsa, or even Miss Heinous.) 


~~~More of this theory to develop in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see what ride they have in store for us. EXCITED FOR THE NEW EPISODES! WOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!! 

anonymous asked:

Hi!! May I have the RFA reacts to a very artsy MC, like they'd take the members out for a date in an art gallery and basically nerd about all the different kinds of fine arts out there? Thanks! (I love your blog btw keep up the good work! ;w;)

These are probs a bit shorter than I usually do, but that’s because I’ve never experienced this myself and it wouldn’t be easy to research. Hope you like it anyway!


  • He’s gone to a couple photography showings in the past of V’s, so the concept isn’t completely new to him, but neither is he incredibly familiar with everything outside of that.
  • It’s honestly really cute to him how you get so excited and caught up in your explanations and descriptions, even if he has no idea exactly what you mean sometimes.
  • He’s just happy to see you happy, plus your enthusiasm is contagious so expect him to start interjecting if he sees/hears something he likes.
  • It’s super fun when the two of you are exchanging the reasons you both love a piece, regardless of the medium.
  • His absolute favorite is probably sculpture; he just loves looking at things other people have made and is fascinated by how intricate it can be.
  • Is there a club for that at his school? You bet he’s going to find out.


  • Well, Zen participates actively in theater, which is actually a branch of fine art so he totally gets why you have a love for them.
  • And you do enjoy his musicals, much to his delight.
  • He’s never really done much with going to galleries, though, excluding the occasional visit to one of V’s. So that is a mostly new experience for him.
  • But he does end up enjoying it, and likes listening to you talk quietly but cheerfully about your favorite things.
  • It doesn’t hurt that you honestly love everything about the fine arts, so there’s never any way to predict just what will strike your fancy next and so he’s kept on his toes.
  • His favorite is pretty obvious, but he does like when you two go to some sort of musical performance he’s not in; he likes watching how others dance or sing the music as a way to both enjoy himself and grow as a performer.


  • She has a tendency to do research on particular pieces before you two head out, so she’s always able to keep up with you in conversation about almost anything.
  • She really loves the way you get sucked into the art around you, and how even if you can’t find the right words, you always seem to be able to express emotionally how it makes you feel.
  • It’s a very cultured thing to do, to go to all of these different places and experience them, and she’s happy that she gets to do that now that she has time to, and that it’s with you.
  • Of course, it’s always a blast when you two go to one of Zen’s musicals together, and she loves each and every time you do, but she’s surprised to find out that isn’t her favorite thing.
  • She actually adores pottery; it’s not uncommon for her to purchase something whenever you go to a show involving some. Slowly but surely, the cafe fills up with it for decoration - and you guys even have some for personal use at home.


  • Having grown up the way he did, he’s been to a lot of fine arts events before. Some meetings have take place after them, plus there’s V, of course; he’d attended most, if not all of his friend’s showings.
  • But never before has he gone with someone who got so into it as you.
  • V would talk about his pictures lovingly, like there were a precious child; in contrast, your eyes light up and you get so excited, babbling on as fast as you can about why this piece speaks to you and what about it is special.
  • When this happens, he finds he can’t take his eyes off of you; you become absolutely radiant and the only thing worth looking at, even in a room full of beautiful paintings/art/etc.
  • He often offers to buy you everything you like, but you’re prone to turning him down; you don’t need it all, and you honestly just like to look.
  • He’s partial to photography himself, but that’s most likely coming from years of supporting V. The other thing he likes is calligraphy, because it is quite visually pleasing to him.


  • Holy new experience, Batman! It doesn’t come as a surprise that the only time Seven may have entered any sort of fine arts event was to hack into the mainframe, so he never actually got to participate.
  • Most of it’s really interesting to him, although he does get bored at some of the musical events. He can’t help it, he likes to fidget and move around and always be doing something!
  • Sometimes it’s a game for the two of you to walk through a gallery pretending to be far more posh than you actually are, putting on fake accents and saying things that don’t actually make sense; sure, it’s probably annoying to those around you, but it’s a ton of fun! Besides, you know more about art that anyone looking at you would guess, so they can just suck it up.
  • Occasionally he’ll find himself attracted to a piece and have an issue expressing why, and you’ll just fluidly spit out something that sort of sounds like mumbo jumbo to him but oddly fits, and it’s such a cool thing for him to watch you do.
  • This boy loves paintings and the act of painting. It’s actually something the two of you pick up in your spare time with Saeran, repurposing a room in the bunker for that specifically (a must, since about half the time is spent flinging paint at each other despite Saeran’s grumbling protests)

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A hc Rfa members and mc arguing/fighting its not pretty and mc can't take it and heads to the door to leave please

<ahhh I haven’t done angst in a very very long time. imma put a warning for this one, just so some people don’t get triggered. thank you for this request anon, i’m think it’s gonna be good!♡>   you can blame the mysme group chat for making this like HOLY SHIT angst btw (y'all know who you are) 




  • you were tired of it
  • “Rika used to dress like that.”
  • “You remind me so much of Rika.”
  • “Rika used to do her hair like you do all the time.” 
  • “You know, that’s what Rika studied in school.”
  • Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika
  • everything you did was Rika 
  • and you were sick of it
  • “God damnit Yoosung, my name isn’t Rika.”
  • “I know that, you don’t have to remind me.”
  • you began to cry, and Yoosung was getting annoyed with you
  • you lost it. 
  • that necklace Yoosung had bought for your birthday, the one with the picture of you and him in it, you tore it off your neck and threw it down
  • “If that’s what you really think, I guess I’ll just leave then.”
  • your voice was croaky, tears slipping down your face as you stomped to the door of his and your apartment, about to head out.
  • “MC WAIT!”
  • “Wait for what, Yoosung?” 
  • “I…I, I’m sorry. Please, don’t leave.”
  • “I can’t accept that apology, Yoosung. You know that.” 
  • “MC, please. I can’t live without you!” 
  • “You’re going to have to learn, Yoosung. If I come back, I’ll be expecting a real apology and no more mentions of…her.”
  • He went to grab your arm as you left, but you got out of his grip 
  • You found yourself at Zen’s explaining everything to him, as he offered you a place to stay
  • Zen’s phone was on blast, Yoosung calling him every 5 minutes in hopes to talk to you
  • “MC, it’s Yoosu-”
  • “Don’t mention his name, I don’t want to hear his voice or think about him. Tell him I said to please leave me alone.” 
  • After a week, Zen convinced you to go back to see Yoosung again, and you’ve gotten ready to accept his apology and apologize yourself
  • You knocked on his door, and an extremely underfed, tear-stained cheeked, heavy under-eye bagged Yoosung answered the door
  • but as soon as he saw you, the light in his eyes flickered with hope
  • “MC….is it really you?”
  • “Yoosung what the hell have you done to yourself?!?”
  • you found yourself not speaking with him, but still taking care of him for the first few hours, feeding him and letting him rest
  • you could see that he needed it
  • once he was ready, he came up to you and grabbed your hand
  • “MC, I’m really sorry. I couldn’t understand that you and Rika were different people. You both seemed the same to me since you both gave me hope, and took care of me, and loved me. But now, through what’s happened between us, I can see that you aren’t Rika. You’re far from her, too, you’re way better than her. I’m in love with you, MC, not her. I hope you still accept and love me, even though I’ve been an asshole this whole time to you. I should’ve excepted it earlier but my mind wouldn’t let me…”
  • you cut him off with a light kiss, you could feel him smile some, as a single tear rolled down your cheek
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you Yoosung. I just got too frustrated with how you kept comparing me to Rika, it hurt me. It made me feel less important to you. But, I shouldn’t have left you like I did. I should’ve stayed and heard you out. I’m sorry.”
  • “You have nothing to be sorry about, MC. Now, will you take this back?”
  • he held out the necklace you had torn off your neck that day you had your argument
  • you nodded your head, as he re-put it on your neck
  • “I’m really sorry, MC. Do you maybe just wanna cuddle and watch a movie?”
  • “That sounds perfect, Yoosung, thank you.”
  • needless to say, Rika’s name was never mention in your home from then on, unless it wasn’t in a way Yoosung would compare the two of you together.

Jaehee Kang:

  • you understood how much her job meant to her, as it was her only source of a decent income
  • but when it gets to the point where it seems like your girlfriend is dating her work more so than you…
  • …you need to put your foot down.
  • “Jae, why don’t we cuddle for a little tonight with those lattes you’re so good at making and we can watch some of Zen’s musicals you have on DVD, hm? Sounds nice, right?”
  • “Not right now, MC. I’ve got this report to finish.”
  • “Well, I guess you can sleep with the report tonight instead of your living and breathing girlfriend, Jaehee.”
  • “What are you talking about now, MC?”
  • “What am I talking about? What am I, talking about? I don’t know, Ms. I Love My Work More Than My Girlfriend, why don’t you ask all the reports you did last week!”
  • “You know that I’m busy all the time with my job, MC. Mr. Han doesn’t let down the amount of work I take home per night just because I have a girlfriend, you know.”
  • that broke you
  • that was the last straw.
  • “Goodbye then, Jaehee. Have a happy life with your pieces of paper and packets of reports.”
  • “MC..I-I didn’t mean it I was just-”
  • you headed for the door as you could hear her tiny feet running behind you
  • “Save it, Jaehee. I don’t wanna hear it. I’ll hear you out if I decide to come back. Goodbye.”
  • you walked out and to Jumin’s penthouse, it was the closest place for you to head right now and Jaehee wouldn’t expect you to go there
  • “MC, what are you doing here so late?”
  • “Jumin, can I stay here for a little while? II can’t see Jaehee right now…and it’s too long of a story to explain right now. Please?”
  • he let you in and showed you to guest room, where you sat on that bed not eating or drinking for a week straight, just crying and trying to think straight
  • you heard him on the phone with Jaehee multiple times, he tried to bribe you a few times with cash to talk to her, but you never budged.
  • “Assistant Kang, I’ve told you 46 times already, MC doesn’t want to speak with you, and I’ve already bribed her 34 out of those 46 times. I’m not asking her any longer. You have reports to do, so please go do them.”
  • he walked into the guest room to see your pale tear-stained face underneath the single blanket on the bed
  • “MC, I going to need to ask you to go home. Assistant Kang really really needs to see you, and I don’t think I can handle her 50 phone calls an hour any longer. I have work I need to do myself, so please. Go home and take care of her, will you?”
  • needless to say, you were now in the back of driver Kim’s car, heading to your and Jaehee’s apartment
  • once you arrived the door swung open to reveal a more so than usual sleep-deprived Jaehee, who was paler than normal and hard bloodshot eyes from crying
  • “Jaehee, look at yo-”
  • “Shh, MC. I’m sorry. You’re right, I’ve been focusing too hard on my work and I’ve been ignoring you too much I’m sorry. I need to learn when tot put my work away and when to spend time with you. I really, truly, am sorry MC.”
  • “Jaehee I overreacted anyways, nothing to get too worked up over. Sure I was mad for a while, but I got over it cause I realized how childish I was being. I love you Jaehee.”
  • “I love you too, MC, now how about that cuddle session you spoke of?”
  • so, you both wound up falling asleep in each others arms, both with a latte in hand as one of Zen’s many musicals was just ending in the background.


  • you were happy he had gotten a new role in a major film
  • but when his costar in the film was beginning to take your boyfriend away from you more than you liked, that’s when you were done
  • “Zen, don’t you think you’re getting a little too close to her?”
  • “No, MC. I actually don’t. Aren’t you happy for me, I’m actually going somewhere in my career and all you can think of is yourself!”
  • “It’s not that, it’s just I’m sick and tired of not seeing you anymore!”
  • “You know I practice late.”
  • “Yeah, and that’s exactly why I saw pictures of you and your costar getting out of a cab and going into a bar the other night, eh?”
  • “That was one time, MC.”
  • that took everything out of you
  • he was the one hanging around with some other girl, but here you were the one being called a child?
  • you huffed, letting the promise ring Zen gave to you fall off your hand and onto the wooden floor with a klang
  • you headed toward the door, before an arm grabbed you, stopping you
  • “Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing, MC.”
  • “You clearly want to spend more time with that other girl, so why don’t you do it in your own place? I’ll send someone to get my things tomorrow. We’re done Zen.”
  • “MC, wait!”
  • “No waiting, Zen! You clearly don’t understand what I’m feeling right now!”
  • you found yourself walking to Seven’s bunker, he instantly let you in 
  • every night you were gone, Zen got on the messenger drunker than a skunk
  • “MC, I think Zen really needs-”
  • “Shush it, Sev. He needs to learn. I’m not just some sort of trophy girl for him to show off at events or premieres.”
  • “I get that, MC, but he’s really…..broken….without you.” 
  • you huffed, not wanting to remember the good moments you had with him
  • he broke your heart that night, and you weren’t sure if you were going to go back
  • meanwhile, Zen sat on the same roof he and you sat on when he had confessed his love for you, except this time you weren’t there
  • you were replaced by countless amounts of empty beer cans, as he chugged the open one in his hand and allowed it to burn down his throat
  • “God MC, I’m such an idiot, I need you….I need you….”
  • you walked home the next day to see a pale-faced, passed out Zen lying on the roof, many more beer cans sprawled out next to him than were before
  • “God damnit Zen, what the hell have you done to yourself?”
  • you dragged him into his house, lying him on his bed with some water and aspirin on the side table as you cleaned up all the empty beer cans and love letters he had written sprawled all over the floor
  • he woke up groggy, not knowing how he had moved from his roof to his bed
  • “What in the-argh!” 
  • his head pounded as he looked over to see aspirin set out for him already, and some water
  • he gladly chugged them down, praying his headache would go away as you walked into the room
  • “MC, you…you’re here?”
  • “How do you think you wound up in bed, silly?”
  • “You’re still mad, aren’t you?”
  • “A little…”
  • he engulfed you in a hug, but you didn’t hug back
  • “I’m really really sorry, princess, I need to spend less time with her. You’re right, since I have a girlfriend, I should start acting like I have one. I should spend more time with you, I’m so so sorry MC.”
  • you huffed, accepting his hug as you hugged him back, tighter
  • “It’s fine Zen…I overreacted anyways.” 
  • “No, you had every right to do that, MC. I love you, will you take this back now?”
  • he held out the promise ring you had dropped that night of your fight
  • “Of course.”
  • he slipped it back on, and you both spent the entire day cuddling, telling each other how much you loved each other. 

Jumin Han:

  • “Doesn’t Elizabeth look lovely today, MC? Look at the way her coat shines in the sunlight!”
  • “Why of course, dear.”
  • it seemed like anymore Jumin’s life revolved around Elizabeth the 3rd
  • not you, anymore. it uses to revolve around you, but now you’re old news, and Jumin’s gone back to his same old cat-obsessing ways
  • and it was sickening to you
  • he payed more attention to his cat than you, he never spent time with you anymore, he never listened to you anymore
  • for christ’s sake he sat next to his cat during dinner now, not you. 
  • so you had enough, and refused to speak to him for a while to see if he’d notice.
  • “Darling, do you think we should get the rose gold food dish for Elizabeth or the silver food dish?” 
  • he waited, but you continued eating your food, not saying a word to him
  • “MC? Excuse me, darling? Are you alright?”
  • “Wow, you’re finally caring about me for once?” 
  • he was taken aback by your reply, dropping his cutlery at once before looking at you from across the dinner table
  • “What do you mean, finally caring about you, I’m always caring about you!”
  • you huffed, crossing your arms against your chest
  • “Oh really? When was the last time you asked me how my day was? When was the last time you gave me a compliment? When was the last time you felt anything towards me, Jumin?”
  • “MC, you can’t be serious right now. I’ve always cared for you! I ask you how your day is every night, I compliment you every day, I feel a strong love for you every day!”
  • “OH REALLY? THAT’S FUNNY, I haven’t been noticing that side of you, Jumin, in a really long time.”
  • “Okay, well tell me, MC, what have I been focusing on harder than I have my own wife?” 
  • his jaw dropped, his face was priceless. he never knew talking about his lovely cat would ever end up like this
  • that broke you. 
  • tears in your eyes, you ran to the door, hearing Jumin’s feet quickly following behind you.
  • as you reached for the door handle, you could feel Jumin’s hands grab your shoulders, trying to pull you back
  • “MC, wait, please….”
  • the man was crying
  • this was his first time crying in front of you, he didn’t even cry at your wedding
  • you tried to ignore that, pulling yourself away from him
  • “No, Jumin. If I come back I’ll be expecting as much attention as you pay to your cat, and maybe a little love too. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • you quickly walked out, slamming the door behind you as you heard Jumin’s soft cries coming from behind the door.
  • it broke your heart, but it was nothing compared to what he had done to you
  • so, looking for a place to go, you decided on his childhood friend’s-V’s.
  • V knew him the best, so surely he’d know how to help you
  • as you knocked on his door to his studio apartment, you heard him quietly talking on the phone to someone, only Jumin you could assume.
  • without saying a word, as soon as he opened the door he engulfed you in a hug and took you in, shortly hanging up with Jumin after
  • “…that was Jumin, wasn’t it?”
  • “He’s hysterical, MC. I’ve never heard him like this before…”
  • V offered for you to stay with him for as long as you needed, and you took up his offer for about a week
  • through the whole thing, you learned more and more about Jumin’s not-so-perfect past, making you miss him, the way he held you, the way he talked to you
  • after a week, V looked at you with sympathetic eyes as he moved from the door frame, revealing an overly-tired, tear-stained cheeks, Jumin Han.
  • without saying a word, you both ran to each other, V had helped you figure out what was going on and how to forgive Jumin for what he had done to you, and you were ready to see Jumin again
  • silently, you both made your way to Driver Kim’s car, where you continued to sit in silence, only holding hands with each other. 
  • once you made it back to Jumin’s pent house, he immediately carried you to the bedroom, placing you on the bed as he curled up beside you and cuddled you
  • “I’m sorry MC, I never realized until now how much I talked about Elizabeth more than you. I shouldn’t have done that, I thought you liked talking about her as much as I did and I’m sorry I’ve been so stu-”
  • “Jumin, stop. As long as you treat me better than the cat from now on, it’s fine. I still love you as much as the day I made vows with you, hell, maybe even more.”
  • “Thank you, MC. I love you so much, you have no idea darling.”
  • from that day on, Elizabeth was treated as strictly a pet, and you became the only princess in Jumin’s life.


  • “Hun, did you eat yet today?”
  • “No, working.”
  • Babe, wanna go out tonight?”
  • “Still working, don’t bug me until I’m finished.” 
  • you were used to your boyfriend dating his work more than you, it’s a hacker thing you supposed
  • but when he ignores you and his health for an entire week straight…
  • …that’s when you get annoyed.
  • “Seven.”
  • no answer
  • “Sev.”
  • still, no answer.
  • huffing, you spun him around in his chair
  • he groaned, taking his headphones off of his hears as he slouched back in his chair, waiting for you to say something
  • “What the hell was that for, MC? You know I’m working.”
  • “Yeah, well maybe if you payed attention to your own health and your girlfriend, I wouldn’t have had to take you away from your precious work like this.”
  • “Well, do you want money? Do you want a stable life? Do you want a place to live? Why are you so concerned about me, I’ve told you before you really shouldn’t be so concerned about me.
  • you lost it, tears falling down your cheeks as you ran to the door
  • you heard Seven groan behind you, trailing behind you but in a more slower fashion since he has been sitting down for as long as he can remember 
  • he grabbed your wrist and turned you to face him 
  • “MC, please wait, I’m-”
  • “No, Seven I don’t want to hear it. Go back to work, don’t bother looking for me. Work is more important to you anyways, right?” 
  • you slipped out of his grasp as you walked out of your shared place, not knowing where you were going until halfway to Yoosung’s dorm
  • “MC, what are you doing here? Don’t you live with-”
  • “I don’t want to hear that name right now, Yoosung. Please, may I stay with you for a while?”
  • Yoosung allowed you to stay with him as long as you told him what was going on, since his phone was blowing up with texts from Seven
  • “MC, Seven wants to speak with-”
  • “Tell him I’m still upset with him, give me more time.”
  • by the end of a week and a half, it sounded like a madman was knocking on Yoosung’s door
  • you opened to reveal a fatigued and crying Seven, pulling you into a hug
  • “I’m so so sorry MC, I’m so so sorry, I’m so so sorry, I’m….”
  • you shushed Seven, rocking him as he sobbed into your shoulder
  • you walked hand in hand back to yours and his place, and once you got there you both cuddled on your bed together 
  • “I’m sorry MC, I should pay more attention to you than my work..”
  • “It’s alright Seven, I knew how stressed you were, I shouldn’t have walked out so suddenly like that. I’m sorry.”
  • you both fell asleep in each other’s arms, tear stained cheeks as you murmured how sorry you were to each other
  • needless to say, you and him both kept a close eye on each other’s health from then on, and payed more attention to each other.

<ahhhh im so sorry this took me so long anon, it was long to begin with then i lost it then i found it and i had to finish it I’m sorry, but i hope you enjoyed! yay for angst with a happy ending! now to worry about life and school yayyyy!~~~>

Feeling bad for Sally Ann

Each time I watch over that scene with them in the last episode where he’s bringing home dinner, Sally Ann’s face gets me every time. She’s sitting there anxiously waiting for him to come home all the while fearing as each second passes by that he isn’t. The relief that shows when she hears his voice! She knows she’s involved with a man who’s not limited by traditional rules and expectations. He’s never had to take a maths test, or get a driver’s licence, made a living for cash, paid a bill and on and on… he’s accustomed to the freedom of the mountain, to come and go as he pleases with no one really looking for him. Would he really be satisfied living in a town with rules and regulations he doesn’t understand? And among people who don’t understand him? Deep down Sally Ann knows this and has a rational fear that he might just say “Ah forget it” and disappear in to the mountain. Yes, he said he’s open to new wonders BUT, he nearly left her at the edge of town and returned to his family, to new responsibility and a sense of belonging. I felt that Sally Ann saw a glimmer of that in his eyes and maybe it’s bloomed in to her present constant worry.

And if he did leave, what would be her alternatives? She seems to literally have no one besides Hasil. James told her not to come back, her father is dead and mother ran off (or the other way around, can’t remember), she’s not working either and how long could she work before she was forced to go home? No free clinic, no one close by that we’ve been introduced to that could be called a friend. I picture her stuck in that apartment all by herself just waiting for Hasil to drop the other shoe.

And that makes me feel badly for her.

I know he promised her he’d always find a way back but what if he gets caught up in the fall out of Lil Foster’s escape? What if he gets really hurt in a fight? What if he’s convinced by conniving G’win that if he comes back she may let Sally Ann come up there to live (highly unlikely after the Kinnah backlash) and he stays on the mountain? I don’t see the latter happening but we all know what happens when one character tells the other they will never leave them or they will always be there for them…

They betters invest in two pre-paid cell phones!

Btw - loving the baby bump coming through! How far along is she by now? Somehow it feels like time is going by quicker on the show than is being made clear.

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Oops I sent the massage by mistake lol. Btw can you do GD with 60 and 62, please? :D

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex” & “Are you going to talk to me”

I feel like GD requests are a trap…You guys know he is my weakness. 

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The Resident | Shawn Mendes Imagine

(a/n): hello there!! I’m back with this imagine, but as I promised and as you’ve requested, famous (y/n), and Hogwarts Shawn will be back soon 😍🙈. OH AND BTW, i’m not a doctor or anything, I just watch Grey’s so forgive me if there are any mistakes <3.

prompt: Aaliyah needs an appendectomy, Shawn is worried, and (y/n) is a surgical resident.

Originally posted by crituhcal

The ER was way more crowded than usual. 

Your shift had just started and you were exhausted. It was almost midnight, and your prior shift had finished just four hours ago, meaning you had spent your time in the on-call room, and of course one of your interns had decided to almost kill a patient, and your beauty sleep had been interrupted.

It was your turn to cover the ER, and of course some drunk idiots had caused an accident, leaving six people injured and ambulances kept making their way. You sighed as you directed your fellow residents and interns to the different boxes. Attending were nowhere to be seen, making your existence miserable as  you could hear some patients screaming in pain. You took a quick look to the emergency room and noticed every bed was being attended except for one; you quickly made your way to the bed where a girl was holding her tummy, and a boy who you assumed was her brother or something was beside her with a worried expression. 

The boy seemed relieved when you walked towards them, closed the curtain and took the chart. Aaliyah Mendes.

“Hello, Aaliyah. I’m doctor (y/l/n) and I’ll be taking care of you tonight,” you smiled at her and the boy, who was ridiculously hot. “It says here that your stomach is giving you some trouble?” you asked her and she nodded. “When did the pain start?” you asked her again as tied your hair in a ponytail before washing your hands.

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