i was not even born

Like y'all don’t even know I have the worst natural turnout everr and LITERALLY everyone else at my ballet studio has perfect turnout and every teacher I’ve had in the past few years (outside of this studio even) have told me that I need to turn out more and because everyone else is perfectly turned out with no complications it seems like it’s something I should just be able to do and it’s so frustrating because I get hurt when I try

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One thing that I like about Star is how even though she was born in a society that values royalty and it greatly resembles a feudal medieval society in general, I like how Star has shown tremendous kindness to everyone when she could have easily been an elitist, rich snobby 14 year old that believes that her and her family are superior to the common folk.

I think that’s her best trait! She’s not your typical princess after all. And I think the way she handles being pressured is a great way to live life. She doesn’t conform to what a normal princess is, and how she rebels and does things her own way is amazing to me. It’s why I fell in love with her in the first place.

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Can I have BPD even though I was born male? I've never seen any boys with BPD and it makes me feel like less of a person..

of course you can!! :-) i believe afab people make up a majority of borderlines (i’d fact check but its late) but its certainly not impossible for an amab person to be borderline!
-mod m

the internet told me that soaking your hands in olive oil and rubbing them with salt would help get the henna off, and it didn’t work very well but now my hands are the softest they have ever been, like i haven’t even been born yet

Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )

I rewatched the episode with my mother and she was like Ed Sheeran and his crew are probably the Westerosi equivalent of millennials and hence why they are nice people, they’re just young lads tired of all the wars and injustice committed by the previous generation but they got bills to be paid and have to put food on the table during hard times that is Queen Cersei administration.


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.

In this I believe,
that when I close my eyes every night
without you by my side,
an alternate version of me, of us, exists
in an alternate universe
so similar and parallel to how we live,
yet so vastly different with what we have.

In this alternate life,
I won’t be writing poems about you.
In this alternate life,
you won’t be making yourself sad
thinking about me.
in this alternate life,
we have each other.

In this alternate life
you are happy,
and I am happy,
and we are both happy together.

In this alternate life
I won’t be wishing for your happiness,
because I am a witness
of your happiness
and I can see your happiness
clearly reflected in your eyes
each time we say our goodnights,
and sweet dreams,
and each time we kiss our way to sleep.

In this alternate life
I won’t be imagining of how your eyes
would crinkle when you smile,
and we won’t be thinking
and dreaming of alternate lives,
and we won’t be wishing
to hold each other close,
even just for a second.

Because in this alternate life
We both make it.

In this alternate life (maybe)
God looked down upon us
and before we are even born, He said,
“I will make it easy this time.”
—  cynthia go // I believe there’s an alternate life where we both make it
  • BTS planning new album&comeback
  • RM: so I was thinking we do the same concept..kinda..like we should totally have solos again
  • Suga: I like that..I have a list of people to diss
  • Jimin: can I be blindfolded again?
  • BTS: what
  • Jimin: what
  • Rap-line: NO
  • Taehyung: even if I pay y
  • Rap-line: NO
  • Jungkook: I'm thinking we should do something new with our solos, like the rap-line could sing for a change and we will rap instead
  • Suga: can you even write your own lyrics to begin with
  • Jungkook: totally, here's something I wrote before sleep last night. (Clears throat) Jimin is so immature I'm done with his childsplay
  • I may be younger than Jimin but I'm bigger in every way ;)))
  • Jimin: (clears throat) you little shit it's hyung for you because I was born in Busan first
  • Jungkook: ...that didn't even rhyme dude...
  • Suga: you both suck so stfu
  • Jimin: can I at least be blindfolded again..
  • BTS:

“And so, in order to make amends, I took him in, even though, by doing so, I may have been wanting to eliminate my own feelings of guilt. However…by staying together and by living together…before I even realized it…there was a tenderness that was born between us… and everytime I saw him smile that tenderness would grow, and I held him dear, I worried about him, and I wanted him to be happier than anyone else. It almost felt as if I had become his father.”