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I’ll also admit that one of the reasons I’ve not been on tumblr as much lately is that all of the drama is getting to me. I love you all dearly but my anxiety has been worse lately and I can’t handle it. I applaud all the good and important discussions being had but I likely won’t contribute to a lot of it until I’m in a better frame of mind

i feel like i eat a lot more chinese food here than i did back home but actually i’m not im just actively seeking out chinese food here more than in hong kong because in hong kong chinese food = normal food. Anyway I never knew how good sichuan noodles could taste until i ate them just now after having eaten nothing but western dining hall food for two straight weeks

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How's married life? 💖


Honestly I have never felt happier and more safe and comfortable in my day to day life than I do now with Mary. Things are not perfect, obviously, life happens and we both have our own struggles and mental illnesses but I feel so taken care of and supported every single day. 

I never get tired of being with Mary, it feels normal. It feels as comfortable as being alone? Our schedule is so nice, doing little things together like shopping for groceries or cleaning or jsut sitting next to each other on our laptops is so peaceful and good. We dont need to talk constantly, or be touching all the time but all of that is so easy and effortless. 

Mary’s been cooking amazing dinners and we’ve been going on adventures together and having people over and are planning for our future and everything is just so GOOD UGH

Also I fart all the time and Mary just makes O_O faces when it happens and thats it. I pounce on her when shes trying to sleep and try to make her stay awake with me and she goes “no go to sleep”. Once when visiting my mom my mom talked about how when I was like four I would sleep with her and never stop moving and would shove my legs between hers and ‘walk’ up her back with my little kid feet and Mary just sighed and said “nothing’s changed”

Tarot Readings

So i want to bond with my tarot deck, which is Doreen Virtue’s Fairy Tarot, and i think i need to practice on reading for people when i don’t already have an opinion/insight of my own! If anyone wants me to read for them, i’d like to give it a shot! (Totally free, btw)

So, if you have a question, send me an ask (or message idc) with some identifying factor if you’re anon(like initials or name/nickname or whatever you identify most with about yourself)! Again, i usually read for myself or people i know, so i’m not sure how this will go. I can try yes/no questions, but i’ve never done them before. For normal questions i’m pulling 1-3 cards (whatever i think fits) and for yes/no i’m pulling 1. Please DO leave feedback! I’m doing this to learn & potentially help some people out, so without feedback i have no idea how i’m doing.

Also, if you’re a tarot diviner and you want to get some practice as well, message me! Let’s do readings for each other! Let’s all just learn & have fun!

Resistance Lance comes in many hair colors apparently, and yes he’s been in space long enough being chased by the galra I think he’d have a cyber leg. Gosh he’s a sweetie and I love him.

I worked on this last week but didn’t post it for some reason

Things Each Musical Reminds Me Of

*based on the period of my life when I listened to the musical the most, not the actual content of the musical; though it’s kind of funny how each musical relates to what it reminds me of

Wicked: unexpectedly starting a conversation with an old friend and realizing you miss them

The Phantom of the Opera: the kind of love you don’t expect anything from

RENT: rebelling against your parents for the first time

The Sound of Music: finding family in friends you never expected to meet

Newsies: adventures and memories that come from the people you were with not the places you went

Les Miserables: disappointment you won’t remember in a month but you needed to experience

Next to Normal: self-growth when you least expect it

The Last Five Years: losing what you were looking for but finding something better

If/Then: independence is not loneliness

Love Never Dies: sharing something you love with your friends because you want them to know how important they are to you

Avenue Q: going on a road trip with your best friend and singing until your throat is raw

Spring Awakening: continuously learning and falling in love with something you already know so well

The Book of Mormon: second-hand happiness because the person who means so much to you is where they want to be

Daddy Long Legs: accidental all-nighters reading horoscopes with your friends

Fun Home: allowing yourself time for growth; accepting not everything has to come at once

Hamilton: meeting someone once and knowing from then on you won’t go a day in your life without them

Heathers: the worst new beginnings that somehow still lead to the best new things

In the Heights: forgetting why you started doing something and beginning to do it for yourself

Dear Evan Hansen: the trust someone hands you when they introduce you to their favorite band

Waitress: a person you associate with your entire life but you’ve only known a short while

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: forgiveness you don’t deserve and the hope that comes from your lowest moments

Falsettos: long distance friendships with origin stories no one will believe


“Your Guardian Angel”

Tried out some new techniques after binge-watching speedpaints on YouTube – gotta say it turned out way better than I expected!

(Also - just realized I haven’t drawn mercy properly until now, lol)

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Having seen some of the fallout from the latest Steven Universe episode(s) I’ve realized something:

Before “Wanted”

Normal person: “Don’t you think you’re reading into a kids show a little too much? I mean, it’s not that deep.”

Me: “I mean, it’s got a little depth to it, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe I am looking a little too into it by attempting to analyze every line spoken and every little detail in the background.”

After “Wanted”



this was fun! trying to guess what the new Ducktales kids would behave like from the trailer and a more cynical/mean Gladstone from the good ole’ days- might be totally off the mark as to what they’ll turn out like but hey

part one of two! Part two can be read here!


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

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I love ot when you do underswap sans so imature and stupid! Its making me laugh XD

Aw come on he is not that immature at all! He is still a cool dude with his strong will and great confidence, and is able to handle many stuffs as he is really an adult, since considering he is a version of Sans-