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Birthday Surprise

Summary: In which a day you’re dreading becomes a day you’ll never forget.

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Word Count: 2,652

A/N: Happy happy birthday, @sebseyesandbuckysthighs! I adore you with all my heart and I hope you have the amazing day you deserve! This one’s for you, my fellow X-Files lover :) (And shoutout to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower™️ for letting me include them in this)

@avengerstories - Thank you, as always for being such an amazing editor and friend.

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On regular days, waking up in the morning is a slow process. You’ll start by rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and do some stretches while lying down. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll fall right back asleep. Other times, you’ll just stay wrapped up in your blankets and bask in the serene silence of your soundproofed room.

Today isn’t one of those regular days. It could’ve been if Tony hadn’t opened his big mouth in front of the team a few days ago and informed everyone of your upcoming birthday. You genuinely thought that Wanda was going to faint when he made the announcement that made you want to wring his neck.

You love the team, you really do, and you understand how important birthdays are to them. For you however, the same can’t be said. You never understood the need to make such a big deal out of that single day of the year. Surely there were more important things to celebrate.

Your attempts to douse the flames of their excitement after that were futile. Wanda and Nat were already making plans for a party. Clint was quick to jump in with decoration ideas, while Tony was offering up his credit card to pay for everything. Steve was thinking about what kind of cake you might like and he recruited Bruce and Bucky to help him.

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Somebody Else Pt 2

Pt 1 

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Words: 2642 ( I promise next chapter to be longer :P ) 

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. 

The music was so loud that it made your skin tingle and your lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with your heart beat as though they were one, filling you from head to toe with music. Over the roar of music, a distant, hazy chatter could be heard. You couldn’t make out any words, but a very known laughter rang in your ears and wouldn’t seem to stop; Jungkook.

Shit, you couldn’t afford to see him or him seeing you, you looked everywhere trying to find Minah but you couldn’t see her anywhere. Jungkook’s laughter echoed in your ears until you dared to look to the direction the sound was coming from. It was him without doubt, now his hair was a little longer; he was with a group of friends of whom you only recognized Jimin and Jhope.

Looking at him was not as painful as you thought it would be, alcohol was able to sleep your feelings, but you no longer felt sadness about seeing or thinking of him, it was more like a mixture of disappointment and emptiness. In the last two months you had cried everything you had to cry, there was no sadness or rage inside you, you had managed to close so much your heart that only remained empty for someone who you had loved so much.

The truth was that it had been a while since you decided to open your eyes and close the door, sometimes you liked to find a place in your mind where Jungkook could stay, but you have always thought that it’s better to root things out and although you didn’t want it that way you kept silent about things that you would have liked him to know, not out of pride nor was it out of shame. You have always been straightforward with feelings and with who you were. It wasn’t any of that; the real reason was to protect yourself because if there was something that Jungkook had taught you was to not trust everyone, that many people hide behind a mask and put a different one for each person…. The irony? He was one of them.

You broke your head trying to fix his; you wanted him to be happy, to get him out of everything that could hurt him. And you supposed that; that was love, although what nobody explained to you was that sometimes you feel so much love for someone that you start giving even your self-love.  

You wanted to explain to him that; having lost a part of you when he left you didn’t mean that you regretted having ceased to be who you were. Today you are not the same as yesterday, and with the scars he made in you, you can say that falling makes you wiser and getting up from them makes you stronger.

You found a part of yourself that you thought didn’t exist, you thought you couldn’t live without him but here you were; still alive, a little broken but still alive. Happiness sometimes depends not on the person you have at your side but on the desire that you have to be happy and you were so tired of feeling unhappy that all you wanted was just that, to be happy.

The reality hit you like a concrete wall, you had wasted a month locking yourself in your apartment for fear of seeing someone, how stupid. You turned and went  upstairs looking for Minah who should have been in one of the bathrooms. And so she was, Minah was waiting for a girl to get out the bathroom and when she saw you coming with a smile on your face she wondered what had happened.

“I’m an idiot; I wasted a fucking month without leaving my house for fear of meeting someone for whom surprisingly I feel nothing but a distant memory.” You said out loud more to yourself than to her.

“Eh? what? Jungkook is here? Oh my god! Did he see you?”  Your friend covered her mouth with her hand, unable to believe what she had just heard coming out of you.

“He’s here and no, he didn’t see me, nor do I care if he does,“ you answered. Your friend wasn’t sure of your words thinking that it was the alcohol talking. "Y / N …. I think you’re not in all your capability, we better go home” she grabbed you by the hand to take you downstairs but you didn’t want to leave, you really were having some fun after two months of locking yourself in your house, you liked the music and for some strange reason you wanted to talk to the guy with golden hair.

When you were downstairs, before she could drag you through the front door you managed to get rid of her and head back to the kitchen to see if Taehyung was still there , your friend following behind.

The golden-haired young man was still in the same place talking to a girl who seemed too desperate to attract attention; a skirt too short, a neckline too provocative, it left nothing to the imagination, all her aura was screaming boring.

You took two long strides to where he was standing and with all the confidence in the world you gently grasped Taehyung face with both hands and pressed your lips against his; his mouth was delicious just as you thought. A small moan came out of Taehyung’s throat and when you parted your lips without letting his face go you said "My name is Y/N by the way”.

When you let your hands go he grabbed you from the waist and brought you closer, his body was extremely warm and the next thing you knew he had slammed his lips to yours and nearly knocked all wind from your lungs, you didn’t have a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of your lips and you granted his access, delved inside your mouth; this time was fiery, passionate and demanding.  You could taste the sweet flavor of alcohol in his mouth being exchanged in the intermingling of your billowing breaths. Your arms reached up and tangled around his thick, strong neck. You heard a cough coming from behind and you parted away. His kiss was so different to Jungkook’s; it was magnetic, savage, it left you wanting more and he knew it.

Minah was startled looking at you without saying a word, you grinned at her and nodded to assure that everything was okay, it was something you wanted. Taehyung grabbed your hand and started to guide you upstairs to the safety of a quiet room, you knew what that meant but you didn’t care, for once you were doing whatever the heck you wanted to do.

As soon as you entered the room he started kissing you again, your brain was on fire and you womanhood was already aroused, you wanted to pull away before you lost yourself but you couldn’t seem to as your lips crushed together, you felt like walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected to yours. You opened your mouth with a low moan; your senses have been seduced and couldn’t no longer think straight.

“Y/n ” he whispered slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. You smiled, heart fluttering at his voice as you clasped your hands on either side of his face. Never before has your name ever felt so wonderful you thought.

He pushed you gently on the blankets of the bed, positioning himself on top of you caressing your thighs, descending to your neck and with the soft touch of his lips he began to mark the hollow of your neck causing you let go a strong moan.

“God you are so beautiful, I want to hear you moan for me babe” He whispered in your ear now caressing your earlobe with his sinful mouth. You moaned again at the touch of his lips. You could feel his hard member through his pants pressing into your thigh.

“You are so fucking hot Tae, I want more” you whispered between growls, you started to rub your body into his, making him gasp with excitation, he took your shirt off leaving you in your bra, and quickly pulling it off too. A loud groan leaves your mouth when he starts grabbing your breast and sucking them at the same time sending you almost to your bounds. Your mouth lets out another moan in ecstasy as you imagine him inside you.

But before you could do anything else the door opens and someone enters the room. “Hey Tae we need your car keys, Namjoon forgt….” You knew that voice like the palm of your hand, you tried to cover yourself with your shirt but he had already seen you and in the position you were in it was beyond obvious what you were about to do if he hadn’t interrupted . Taehyung felt you stiffening to his touch thinking that you were ashamed of another guy seeing you in that way. He then turned around covering you from the sight of Jungkook.

“What the fuck Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” Jungkook screeched; Tae was taken aback with the mention of your name. “Wait… do you…how do you know her?” He questioned.

“She is my ex-girlfriend you fucking prick” Jungkook seemed pissed and that made you mad, who was him to be pissed! “Oh fuck man I’m sorry I swear I didn’t know” Tae apologized but before he could said something else you stood up now with your bra on which you had quickly managed to put on. “Tae, you don’t have to explain anything to him, this was just a coincide, I didn’t know you were his friend and you didn’t know I was his ex” You put your hand in his shoulder to relax him, noticing the straight look Jungkook was giving you. “Besides…” you continued pointing to Jungkook “this useless piece of shit doesn’t have the right to say anything; he cheated on me and didn’t even tell me, so you can imagine how much I care about his opinion” You finished with an obvious sarcastic tone in your voice.

Tae looked at Jungkook with a little bit of disgust, he couldn’t imagine his friend to had done something that shitty but he knew it was bad to be with his ex anyway. He felt like you two had a lot to talk about but before he walked through the door he gave you a kiss in your cheek and whispered in your ear “I’m sorry this ended this way, I had a great time” and with that he left you alone with the dark haired man.

As soon as he left Jungkook locked the door so no one would interrupt. “I can’t believe you almost fucked one of my best friends” you have never seen him this angry before.

“I can fuck whoever I want, I’m not yours anymore, remember?” you muttered. He stepped closer and you backed a step not wanting him near you.

“Maybe we are not together anymore but I bet you are still mine” what the fuck was he thinking you thought. “You are such an asshole, I can’t believe I wasted so many years dating you, you disgust me” you were so fed up.

“Y/N c’mon don’t say that, you know no one can make you feel the way I make you feel, I loved you so much, I still do…” You were shaken up with his comment, he was such a fucking liar; how could he love you with everything he had done to you? How could he still love you when he told you he didn’t anymore?

He took one more step towards you, closing the gap between your bodies, you knew he didn’t love you back, but you couldn’t resist. He leaned in a little closer, your foreheads touching. Dear god, you couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through your mind. His very smell was flooding your senses now; you were already so worked up because of Taehyung. His lips brushed yours, not innocently, like a tease but hot. He deepened the kiss and the world fell apart. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be, you had been waiting for this to happen since the day he left you.

His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breaths mingled. You ran your fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between your bodies and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest.

You knew this wasn’t love, this was lust, this was anger, these were mixed feelings but it wasn’t love, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t the first time for either of you, but you we’re so nervous you’d never know it. There was something about him that lighted you up from the inside, there’s something about him that melted your confidence to nothing at all. With Taehyung had been so different, with him you had felt so confident about yourself and you liked that, you liked the feeling of being free of your boundaries.

You urged yourself to push away, but couldn’t, he was intoxicating and you were caught in the memories of you two together; those kisses were your salvation and torment. You lived for them and would have died with the memory of them on your lips.

The facade you showed the world melts away and all you want is to fuck each other’s brains out. He pushes you hardly into the bed and before you know how it happened you where both naked and your skin is moving softly together. You turned him hardly so you were in top of him. You felt his fingers enter you from below moving fast, oh god how long you had longed for his fingers to be inside you again. Your tongues entwined in a kiss, He positions himself at your entrance, his hard and long length you loved so much and then he’s inside, changing your breathing with every thrust, hearing his moans timed to his body. The only thing that mattered was touching you more, kissing your mouth, your stomach, your breasts. You couldn’t bear it anymore after the session with Tae you had been almost at your limit.

He gasped for air and you moaned louder, he thrusted you deeper, faster, lost in time without a sense of control you growled his name; “Jungkook… Jungkook I’m going to cum” His name coming from your lips was something that turned him so bad. “Come all around me babe, I wanna feel your wetness around my cock” he grunted low and with that he sent you to your edge, you rode him hard coming all around him, clenching your walls into his cock and moaning his name in rhythm with his sloppy thrustings sending him to his ecstasy too.

He rolled out from you panting discontinuously and stayed like that a few minutes, heavy breathings surrounding the room, cum coming from your inside. He then stepped out of the bed and went to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper to clean you.

After you were clean he laid in the bed again but this time grabbing you to come closer to him resting your face in his toned chest. When you came down from the excitement of the moment guilty started to grow up inside your chest and to make things worst his phone started to buzz.

He grabbed his phone from the pocket of his pants and looked through the screen of it, you could read a name; Bora. He started typing something you couldn’t see because he stood up once again, he then began to dress up so you did the same. When you were both dressed up he spoke “This… I don’t regret it but this could never happen again, I’m sorry, I have to go”, and with that he left you to be with somebody else.

I’m looking through you

While you’re looking through your phone

And then leaving with somebody else

I just noticed now how Lauren’s crotch is covered with blinding light as if it was blessed by Allysus herself, and holier than the second coming of Christ.

This picture is Lauren saying in her raspy voice, “I bless you my dear jauregays and chickens, drink from my sacred chalice, and I promise you will never be thirsty. Feel the throbbing in your hearts as I grace you with my presence. Smell the fragrant scent of divinity, and taste the holy essence of your faith in me. There’s more to come. Have faith in my sacred 😸.

I hope one day someone treats you just like you treated me, and I hope that when you find yourself surrounded by the pieces of your heart shattered on the floor they simply look at you with that pitiful look in their eyes, and simply tell you they’re sorry. Maybe then will you understand that those words fix nothing at all, especially when the person who pronounces them has nothing but condescension in their voice and looks at you like you’re a confused child to whom they’re trying to explain why they don’t wanna play with him anymore
—  Maybe then will you understand how I felt

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Y'know, recently it seems like your heart just isn't into it. You've been overtly rude, many of your posts these days are just 'Disgusting,' which, while that's probably the most literal route, it's also the laziest. It's not funny. Maybe you should take a break?

My wife thinks I’m funny.

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Fucckk im re watching Hannibal and seriously I forgot just how depressing s2 and most of s3 is like fuck Will just had to fall in love with hannibal and his freaking guilt, feeling like he's betrayed everyonebreaks my heart .

It hurts so good though. Late season 2 especially is the BEST kind of fictional ache. “I envy you your hate” onward is my death knell and my LIFEBLOOD. And the pain only grows on second and third and fourth viewings, knowing what’s to come. Knowing how truly, desperately, achingly in love Will Graham is with Hannibal Lecter. Knowing that no matter where he goes or what he does he will never be able to break that bond. That deep down he will never want to.

That in Hannibal–devourer of humanity and the literal devil himself–Will found PURE, REAL, TRUE, DEEP HUMAN CONNECTION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE. 

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It will never stop hurting and I will never stop living for this hurt.

Language of Love:

Dedication (noun)- the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

I lingered like morning frost on grass,
each and every day for her,
I gave her all that I could give,
Yet, still I wanted more for her.

Understanding (noun) - sympathetic awareness or tolerance.

There were parts of her that I’d never understand,
old wounds and scars that course so deep.
Still, I’ll listen close and kiss those wounds,
‘til she feels the tender warmth of sleep.

Softness (noun) - the quality of being sympathetic, lenient, or compassionate.

To hold her heart within your hands,
is to hold a sculpture made of glass,
such wonder and such beauty within,
yet, only for the most delicate touch.

Warmth (noun) - enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.

A love has burned inside me,
a love akin to sweet spring sunlight,
pure and healing in its nature,
enough to thaw the coldest winter.

Loss (noun) - the fact or process of losing
something or someone.

I search for her still everywhere,
in windows, streets and people,
my heart screams with each beat
“I forgive her”
still, it’s plea goes quite ignored.

—  S.H.
No matter how strong i am, every time i hear you laugh my walls come down and my heart melts and all my attention is fixated on your beautiful laughter.
—  you’re absolutely perfect

I want to see us both on the rooftop 
We’re waiting for the shooting star
Holding the jar filled with wishes
Your heart is incomplete
My head is complicated 
My soul chasing ghosts
Your wide awake soul
I want to see us running away
We’re catching the air that we can’t ever breathe in
Holding on into the clock 
Our clouds are on the ground
The moon is in your eyes
The heartache turns into butterflies 
Rose smells like losing our mind
The only earth with one chance
So maybe you can give it to me?
It’ll never lead us to die young
We’ll just take it fast
I want your head on my shoulder
We’re living in our dreams
With the hold of your hands 
Your voice is such a lullaby, I won’t ever sleep
You shiver like you’re scared with no reason at all
We’re like climbing through the mountains
It’s like our story will start when we feel more agony
It seems like we are the same, but different 
In a golden sun, I’m the rusting ash
And when you close your eyes, I might fade away
But if you want to put me back together, you’ll be complete
Too lost to be found, but fate is here for me
We have no land, we can only float
In the middle of somewhere separate ways 
We should be the place of our soul
I’ll scream through the empty surroundings,
‘Stay! Stay!’ No hiding scars
And I want the impossible, so please
I want to see us walk away 
We’re searching our feelings 
Holding on into doubts, but be taller like love.

best year amy’s song to sheldon

Running side by side Hiding from the rain Sharing all our fears On the A-Train

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No destination  It’s just you And me 

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Central Park after dark
Never looked so bright
No room for wrong
Cause I found my Mr. Right
Couldn’t ask for anything better 

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It was the best year,

It was the best year
Had my heart right from the start
And your still my favorite part
Of the best year
Cause you were right here

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Everyday, and night
Knowing that you were mine
Was the best year of my life
Best year of my life

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I have lost myself emotionally for a women I absolutely adore. I told her how feel and she basically gave me the "Friend Curve". I consider myself a understanding guy, so I accepted it. My problem is that I can't emotionally accept it. I try talking to other women and it's just not the same. It's frustrating when mentally you understand where things stand, but your emotionally stubborn. I really don't know what I'm asking, just wanted to express it to someone, w/o being joke by my friends.

I know the world of emotional stubbornness all too well. There comes a time when you will accept the reality of the situation with all of your being and let go. Embrace what you’re feeling, sit in it, and capture it. Never deny your emotions or force the healing process. I know it’s hurtful, but be grateful knowing where you truly stand within this bond which is setting your heart free. Just give it some time to shed.

How do you remember the night we met? I remember it in jumpers.

Your hideous mustard coloured one that was utterly inappropriate for the occasion. The blood on an off-white jumper when I knocked your companion’s teeth out. My pink jumper, and you huddled into it in the morning light like you’d never been warm before and the way my heart squeezed and squeezed and squeezed because there was nothing hideous there at all.

I don't know about you? But I really love this...

“Starcrossed lovers”, “Maybe in another lifetime”, “This Bond is eternal”, “ although body’s never became one, but their hearts and their souls are forever intertwined by fate.” “I am complete when I see myself reflected in your eyes” “You, the one who I have compleat faith and trust in” “You are the one, the one who made my rain stop and who brought calm to my heart.”

Things ichiruki will always have. Regardless of canon. It’s good,that was always so fulfilling about shipping them. Those two will always be a beautiful love story. No one can take that from us.

(The way it feels when she’s gone)

I thought that was perfect the way she walked the way she talked the simplisticty of her voice made my heart skip a beat her eyes looked at me with a look I’ve never seen before… But just like that it’s all gone in a second you are hiding your pain from everyone who had to listen to you preach about that girl how you thought she was something special she was the one who made you think there was something as great as love out there

People come and go they will leave you with questions and so much pain you can barley keep your self going one day you hope to look back and call it a lesson but you know she’ll always hold the place in the back of your mind.

“And if your dream is in your grasp,” he says, “seize it. Don’t blink twice. Just lunge for it. It’s not everyday that your dream comes into orbit. It’s not everyday that a heart has a pull magnetic enough to draw it close. Because your dream will pass by if you don’t stop it, and oh, you will long for it to return for the rest of your life.”

“I saw a shooting star once,” he says, “and it was brilliant. It shot across the sky and its fiery magnificence pried the darkness apart. In that moment, I felt my life change. I wanted to see it again, so I waited at the same spot every night. But it never returned.

—  Soulworthy
Arranged Marriage: Old!Luke Skywalker X Reader {Part 3}

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“Do you, y/n l/n, take Luke Skywalker to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do you part?”

“I do,” you whispered shuffling your feet and staring at them.

“Do you, Luke Skywalker, take y/n l/n to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do you part?”

“I do,” Luke replied, never taking his eyes off you.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the man said, your eyes shot up and stared right at Luke. Kiss?! Your heart-rate sped up and Luke saw the panic in your eyes, he nodded slowly and quickly pressed his lips to yours but pulled away almost straight away. Everyone stood up and clapped, but you stayed still.

“It’s okay y/n,” Luke whispered. “Sorry about that, I know you didn’t want to but…”

“It’s fine,” you whispered. Luke linked his arm around yours and walked down the isle with you to go back to your shared quarters.

“You look beautiful by the way,” he smiled once you reached the door.

“Thank you Luke,” you replied shyly walking into the room. “My parents didn’t come, did they know it was today?”

“Yes, Leia told them, they didn’t want to face you incase you weren’t happy with them,” Luke explained. You hummed and nodded as Luke walked into the bathroom. You looked at the wedding ring on your finger and twirled it, a smiled creeped its way onto your lips as you began to take off your dress. You laid it carefully on the bed so Luke could put it safely away when he was done in the bathroom. You scrambled around for your pajamas and jumped out of your skin when you heard a cough from the bathroom door and then it slam closed. You found a dressing gown and threw that on before shouting to Luke.

“I’m so sorry about that Luke,” You said as he came out of the bathroom.

“No it’s my fault,” he smiled.

“We’re married,” you finally spoke when the two of you were lay in bed.

“Indeed we are,” Luke replied as he closed his eyes. You hesitated before placing your hand on his chest.

“When do we need to try for a baby?” You asked, Luke opened his eyes, moved your hand away and smiled.

“Not yet, maybe not at all if you aren’t comfortable,” Luke said turning away from you.

Your heart was pounding in your chest and you lay there confused. “Luke?” You asked. He turned his head your way as if to say ‘yes’. “Do you love me?”

“You’re a friend and this marriage is simply for your parents,” he replied turning his head again and squoze his eyes closed tightly. He felt bad for lying to you, but he knew you didn’t want a relationship let alone an arranged marriage. So he thought a friend approach would be better, and if you didn’t have children, you could just tell people you were ‘infertile’.

~ months later ~

It’d been a few months since you and Luke got married. You’d been practicing the ways of the Force with Luke and you were getting pretty good. He’d become more like your best friend than a husband, and your feelings for him grew stronger and you didn’t ever think they would. Knowing you were engaged to him made you happy. “Luke,” you called out to him.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“Do you love me?” You asked, just like your wedding night.

“Do you love me?” He asked rhetorically, thinking he knew the answer.

“I might,” you mumbled. You felt a pressure in your head and you automatically knew it was Luke. “Get out of my head Luke.”

“You confuse me y/n,” he said suddenly, and the pressure left your head. He sat on the bed next to you, hand on your thigh.

“Why?” you gulped, placing your hand on his.

“Do you love me or not?” He asked seriously.

“I shouldn’t, I know I shouldn’t. You took away all my chances of being with someone I choose to be with. But at the same time, I’m glad I was forced to marry you,” you murmured.

“Do you mean that?” he asked. You nodded and hand went under your chin and cold lips met yours quickly. His hands cupped your face and the pace of his lips fastened against yours. “y/n, if this is because you feel you have to, you don’t, okay?”

“Luke,” you whispered as you kissed him again. “Shut up. Stop talking. And keep kissing me.”

“Luke? y/n?” Rey yelled as she busted into the door, walking in on you and Luke making out. “Oh my.”

“Rey, hi, sorry…” you mumbled embarrassed. “Are you okay? Is there something you need?”

“General Organa said she hasn’t seen you two and was worried,” Rey said, her hands covered her eyes. “I’ll tell her you’re… busy…”

“Oh Galaxy,” you said stifling a laugh.

“Oh Galaxy indeed,” Luke chuckled. He went back to kiss you again and you used the Force to close the door in which Rey left open in a rush to leave. “You’re getting good my favourite little Force user.”

“I’m really trying,” you smirked into the kiss. “I shouldn’t be craving you as much as I am. This time a few months ago I never thought I’d be here kissing you like it’s the last thing I’d ever do.”

“Me too, i didn’t want to force anything upon you so I just thought I’d be more friendly than, well, husbandly,” Luke smiled, kissing your cheek.

“I appreciate that,” you smiled.

“This is cosy,” General Organa’s voice came, she walked in to see your head on Luke’s shoulder and he was holding your hand. “You guys still friends?”

“Actually… He’s my husband,” you smirked showing her your ring, as a symbol that you finally accepted the marriage.

“Took you long enough to come around to be honest,” Leia smirked, “I knew as soon as Luke saw you when you stepped off the ship when you first met, he felt something.”

“That’s kinda gross,” you laughed.

“I came to check on you, Rey couldn’t tell me what she saw,she’s laughing too much,” Leia smiled, giggling a bit. “Anyway, I’ll leave you 2 alone to make Jedi babies.” And then she walked out.

“Does this mean we can have a family soon?” You asked Luke who’s eyes gleamed with happiness.

“Indeed it does,” he smiled and pecked your lips again.



THANKS TO @greenlightsaberluke for most of the ideas for this chapter i love them so much XD

PArt 4????? Does anyone want a part 4? sMUT? ANYThing?

Let me know, hope you like this :D

Dance With Me Pt. 3

.Author: stephobrien25

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Warning: SMUT

Word count: 2,282

A/N: Here’s part 3 of ‘Dance With Me’! I promised @fairylightsandfandoms​ I would tag her in the next one I posted, so here ya go sweetie. Currently working on part 4, which will most likely be the last one. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it!

My heart stopped. I couldn’t believe it was him, I’d hoped to never see him again.


He walked up to me and gave me a hug, and my body went stiff.“Uh, how’ve you been, Scar? It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah, I wonder who’s fault that is,” he winced. “But, I’m doing fine, how’s your whor - I mean your girl.”

Brad frowned at me, “You’re still not over that, are you?”

I scoffed, “Well, seeing your boyfriend of two years in bed with a close friend is bound to leave a mark, don’t you think? But, I’m getting by without you just fine.”

He grabbed my hand and I tried to tug away, but his grip tightened, “Scar, I’m sorry. I was in a really low moment in my life. After a year, I came to my senses and realized that I need you.”

“Brad, I don’t want to hear your petty ass excuses. Now let go of me.” I struggled in his grip, but he only gripped me harder and pulled me into his chest. Without a second thought, I slapped the sly smirk off his face and was satisfied with the red mark I left. 

“You bitch!” He grabbed me by the shoulders and who knows what he would’ve done, when suddenly I felt an angry Dylan come up behind me.

“I believe she said to let go,” Dylan said in a dangerous tone. Brad looked behind me and sized Dylan up, I think I saw a bit of fear in his eyes before finally letting me go. 

“Who the hell is this?”

Before I could say anything, Dylan put his arm around my waist and pulled me into him, “I’m her boyfriend.”

My eyes widened, but I stayed quiet. The thought of us being in a relationship, brought a smile to my face and I looked up at him with adoration in my eyes.

Brad scoffed, “You really expect me to believe that she bagged you?” Dylan’s grip around my waist tightened. “Please, I mean look at her. Do you really blame me for cheating on her?”

“I am looking at her and she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And you’re a fool to have cheated on her and losing her, at least I will know how to actually cherish her.”

“Whatever man, I hope she’s a better lay than before.” Next thing I know, Brad is on the floor, groaning and holding onto his nose and Dylan is looming over him with this deadly look in his eyes. Before anything else could happen and we make even more of a scene, I quickly grab onto Dylan’s hand and we walk away. 

Once we were a safe distance, we sit down on a bench facing the ocean. “I’m so sorry about all that,” I whispered. 

He turned to face me, “Don’t be. That douche bag is lucky you pulled me away, cause I would’ve done a lot more damage. I still can’t believe he cheated on you, I mean is he blind?!”

I chuckled softly, “He always knew how to bring me down and point out all my flaws. I was just too stupid to  have stayed for so long, until I walked in on him and a friend of mine. That was the last straw. But even with us not being in a relationship anymore, I can still hear his voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough,” a stray tear fell down my cheek at the memories.

I felt his finger brush it away, “Look at me.”

Reluctantly, I turned to face him, “Don’t you ever let him get to you. I meant what I said back there, you really are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. You have an amazing smile and I like to make you laugh, I like hanging out with you and dancing with you, you look gorgeous with my Mets hat,” I laughed and he smiled softly at me as he stroked my cheek. 

“I’m pretty sure when I get to know you even more, there will be more to add onto that list, but right now I feel as if I’ve known you forever. Meeting you last night has been the highlight of this whole trip. So, the next time you hear his voice in your head pointing out all your ‘flaws’, I want you to hear my voice telling you how beautiful you really are.” He looked me in the eyes, before slowly kissing me on the lips.

Dylan pulled away and smirked, “Did I tell you, I think you look really beautiful when you cry?” 

“Oh my god, did you just use a Stilinski line on me, O’Brien?”

He flashed me a toothy smile, “It got you to laugh, didn’t it?” I rolled my eyes and gave him a peck on the lips. Pulling away he pouted making me giggle, “Hey what if we moved our date to tonight?” 

“Tonight? But what about tomorrow?”

“We can do something else tomorrow, but I want to take you out tonight. Unless, you already have plans.”

I smiled, “No, I have no plans tonight.”

I almost didn’t recognize myself when I was standing in front of the mirror. For tonight, I decided to wear one of the few dresses that I own, a dark wine colored dress that came around mid thigh and hugged all my curves. My hair was tamed down, since I ironed it and my makeup was kept to a minimum. Tonight I didn’t hear Brad’s voice in my head, but Dylan’s telling me how beautiful I am.

“Scar, Dylan is here,” Jess yelled from downstairs. 

I quickly put on my shoes and purse and left my room without a backwards glance. Walking down the stairs, I could hear the girls talking to Dylan about his movies and his career. At first glance, my mouth watered at the sight of him, he was wearing some nice fitting jeans and a white dress shirt with two buttons undone. 

When I reached the last step he was the first one to notice me and his mouth dropped making me grin. “Wow, Scar you look - uh you look,” Dylan stumbled with his words.

“Hot!” Renee helped him out, winking at me in the process. 

He nodded and gulped, “What she said.”

I chuckled and grabbed his hand, “Let’s go Dyl.” Saying goodbye to the girls, we made our way to the door and walked towards the elevator. 

Once inside, Dylan abruptly pushed me up against the wall and kissed me with so much vigor, I thought my lips might fall off. His hand traveled from my arm down to my bare thigh and pulled it up and around his waist, “Where have you been hiding these legs from me,” he husked into my ear while rubbing his hand higher up my leg, making me whimper. “I can’t help but imagine having them wrapped around me.” I groaned as he gripped my ass in his big hands pulling closer to him rubbing against his already prominent bulge. I gripped onto his hair as my head fell against the wall. Suddenly, he let go of my leg and stood next to me, leaving me a heaving mess and wanting him more than ever. The door opened and I glared at his smirk, as he reached for my hand. 

Walking to his rental car, he opened the passenger door for me, “What a gentleman,” I teased as I got in.

“I aim to please,” the look he gave me made my mouth go dry. There’s no doubt in my mind that he knows how to please. I thought about what happened not even five minutes ago in the elevator and a naughty idea came to mind. As Dylan got in the car, he saw the look in my face, “What?”

“Oh, nothing. Just excited,” I grinned at him and faced forward.

While he started to drive, I casually put my hand on his thigh and out of the corner of my eye saw him glance my way. “Eyes on the road, O’Brien.”

Very slowly I begin to rub my thumb in small circles, trying to keep a straight face as he looks my way again. He just shrugged and faced forward, with a small smile on his face. 

Boldly, I began to stroke my hand up and down is thigh. “What are you doing, Scar?”

“Oh, I’m just aiming to please,” I smirked at him as my hand traveled to his still hard member.

“Oh, my god. Scar, you’re going to make me cause an accident,” Dylan groaned as I gripped him tighter.

“You’re just going to have to focus, Dylan,” I grinned as he glared my way. 

Out of nowhere, Dylan made a U-turn causing multiple cars to beep at us. “Where are you going?”

“To my hotel,” he rasped.

“But what about our date?”

He looked at me and smiled, “Don’t worry baby, we’ll still go on a date tonight. Maybe.”

“Maybe?” I quirked an eyebrow at him.

He lifted my hand to his lips and softly kissed it, “Yeah, cause with the things I plan on doing to you, we might not manage to leave my room anytime soon.”

After what seemed like a long drive to his hotel, a torturous trip up the elevator which involved heavy groping, we were finally in his room. Not even a second had gone by, when suddenly I was against the door and my hands above my head. Dylan’s lips were on mine hungrily and I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me. “You have no idea how you manage to drive me crazy,” Dylan whispered in my ear as he lightly nipped my earlobe. I thrust my hips forward and I was greeted with the big swell of his dick. 

“Mmmm, I think I may have an idea.” 

He groaned as he lifted me into his arms and swiftly walked us to his bed and sat down on the edge while I straddled his lap. From this position I could feel his cock practically throbbing from inside his jeans. Looking into his eyes, I brought my hands to his hair and pulled his head slightly back and began to kiss my way down his neck until my lips reached his adam’s apple, sucking on it harshly. He growls deeply, and grips my ass harder causing me to thrust onto his cock and we both moan at the contact. I feel his hands travel up towards the zipper and he begins to pull down, while I swiftly undo his shirt buttons and take off his shirt. 

Dylan abruptly stops and looks at me, “No bra?”

I don’t have time to respond when his lips are attached to my nipple making me gasp and grip tightly onto his bare shoulders. As to not leave my other breast unattended he grips it in his hand and begins to lightly pinch my nipple. After a few seconds he switches and alternates between the two causing me to be a wriggling mess above him, “Dylan,” I moan aloud when lightly bites on the side of my breast.

With a playful growl he flips us over onto my back, making me squeal with laughter as he looms over me. My nails travel down his chest to his abs, making him shiver at my touch. I quickly unbuckle his jeans and pull them down along with his boxers. My hand grips onto his hard cock and the sight of him moaning above me, makes me wetter than I already am. His hands grip my dress and pulls it all the way off, “No panties either?”

“I didn’t want panty lines - Oh my god, Dylan!” His fingers enter my hot core and I could practically hear how wet I was.

“Oh, baby. You’re so fucking wet and tight.”

“Dylan, I can’t wait anymore. Please, I need you now,” I whimpered as he took his fingers out my pussy and brought them to his mouth. I nearly came as he moaned around his fingers. 

“You taste so fucking good, I need to taste more of you.”

“No, Dylan. Please, I need you inside me. Please I can’t take it anymore.”

“Tell me what you want baby.”

I pulled on his head so his lips are hovering over mine, “I want your big hard cock inside of me, O’Brien.”

He began to tease me by pushing only the tip inside, making me arch my back and groan, “You want this baby? Well you got it,” he shoved the rest of his cock inside me and I came right then and there.

“Fuck! You’re so tight,” he slowly began to thrust into me. “I’m not going to last long, baby, I’ve wanted this since last night.”

Dylan was panting above me holding back, moving my head into the crook of his neck I whispered, “It’s okay, I’ve wanted this too. Now let go, baby.” That was all he needed to hear as he began to thrust harder into me. My legs went around his waist, pulling him even deeper making us moan in unison. My lips began to kiss his neck and his thrusts became sloppier.

“Oh, god, Scar, I’m about to cum baby.”

“Me too, you’re going to make me cum again.” His hand went in between us and he began to rub on my clit. I bit onto his shoulder to not scream aloud as I came again and that set him off, moaning my name into the night