i was never a girl scout but we do have a boat

100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 5

Great team work, amigos. Here’s is part 5! 

  1. “Why is there a naked Ken Barbie doll tied up in your room?” “Goddammit, ____! I told you not to go in there!”
  2. “No Candice, I am NOT selling you my soul again.”
  3. “why is the fairy holding a gun.”
  4. “Jesus Christ on a boat made of crackers, what are you doing outside of the pod ship again?”
  5. “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT” “He said I couldn’t… and I thought it was a challenge…”
  6. “How the fuck did you dye the ocean ORANGE?!”
  7. “Why are the roses green?”
  8. “Great, you made death angry.”
  9. ”この___だ!”
  10. “That better be a press on tattoo.”
  11. “If you only listened to the nature, you could learn more than humans ever passed to us.”
  12. “So, we’re dead?” “Well, kind of… yeah.”
  13. “Remind me again why you have a centaur tied up in your truck?”
  14. “Can you stop staring into my soul every time we meet? I feel exposed.”
  15. “You do realize that he wasn’t breathing when he spoke to us, right?”
  16. “I liked you better when you where possessed by that demon friend of yours”
  17. “You’re absolutely in love with him and have been for at least 2 years if you don’t go tell him how you feel I swear to god I will”
  18. “There are worse things in life than death.” “Nobody asked you,Lucifer.” “Just saying.”
  19. “Well, it’s wonderful that you’re having a sexuality crisis, but in case you forgot, we’re kind of in the middle of STOPPING THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!”
  20. “Why is there a horse crashing on our couch?” “Oh, that’s Satan.”
  21. “Why would I hang out with you? You’re so incompetent! Your sacrifice to the faeries was so insufficient!”
  22. “Where the hell did the dragon go?! He was right here!”
  23. “Ok, the recipie calls for two cups of lemon and a cup of sugar, but all I see are cough syrup and battery acid…”
  24. “What do you mean today’s not a Tuesday?!”
  25. “So everyone on Earth had the same dream as me?”
  26. “you know what will solve that? Scotch.”
  27. “I didn’t ask for this!” “… you didn’t?”
  28. “How is it that the least likely outcome is always the outcome I receive?!” “You should go buy a lottery ticket.”
  29. “Guys, i know you’re all busy, but if any of you wants the dinner done, i will need my arm back”
  30. “Of COURSE I care about you. That’s why I sold your soul on the black market.”
  32. “What?”
  33. “I will take the concept of my rage, transform it into a physical weapon, and use it to BEAT YOU TO DEATH!”
  34. “Did you really HAD to slap the shark?!” “I mean… If you want me to kick it-”
  35. “I don’t care, your tamagotchi dying is not an excuse to wake me up before noon!”
  36. “You are telling me that the socks with hearts that I’ve been mocking since the first day you arrived are, in fact, what keep you alive?” “Yes!” “What?”
  37. “So you really want me to believe that you’re actually from the future?”
  38. “Dude. What have you done. Now we HAVE TO save those aliens!”
  39. “Can you just stop?” “God no, why would I do that?”
  40. “Hey at least I get laid doing it”
  41. “While that’s a lovely story, it doesn’t quite explain the fires.”
  42. “Dude, please tell me that you planned to deal with her guardian angel when you killed her.”
  43. “That’s such a stupid idea… let’s do it.”
  44. “What do you MEAN this just HAPPENS?!” “All the time, actually.”
  45. “I swear, one day you’ll kill us both.” “Oh please, I’ve never been that reckless.” “…” “That was ONE TIME!”
  46. “Why did you buy a nuke?!” “Why wouldn’t I? It was on sale”
  47. “I am fueled purely by rage and instant coffee.”
  48. “How are you a million years old, bit you can’t even remember who George Washington is?”
  49. “Because I gave not, a single shit.”
  50. “Is that a marijuana? In my good  Christian suburbs?!”
  52. “I don’t care if he’s a unicorn, NO ONE EATS MY MINI EGGS!”
  53. “Jesus Christ Lewis! *Again* with the Snails?” “It’s Thursday! You said Thursday’s were okay!”
  54. “Here’s a story for you. I woke up in Vegas as a makeup guru. I was REALLY drunk.”
  55. “If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you…WAIT, NO IT WAS A JOKE, STOP!”
  56. “You’re kinda like hitchhiking Ghost Busters, aren’t you?”
  57. “For gods sake, ditch the fanny pack”
  58. “Take the tomato!” “No, I don’t want the tomato” “JUST TAKE THE TOMATO”
  59. “‘That’s no moon!’ Everyone  remembered Jimmy’s words that night as he scolded his friends for half-heartedly pulling their pants down.”
  61. “Can you believe it?” “Just barely.”  "Man, I never thought he would ACTUALLY throw the chair.“
  62. "What did you THINK girl scout cookies were made of?”
  63. “Really? That’s not what I heard from Mrs. Sanchez across the hall!”   “Mom she’s literally a possessed cow, why do you listen to her?”
  64. “You got the rubber chicken, cheese whiz, and dish soap?” “Yep” “Ok, let’s do this!”
  65. “Are you building a life-sized Godzilla at 3am again?”
  66. “Don’t get pissy at me, YOU’RE the one who didn’t say what kind of tea bags to get for the clown!”
  67. "So YOU’RE the guy the math textbooks warned us about.”
  68. “Where’s our cat?” “I thought you were responsible for it?..”
  69. “What do you mean I’m half demon”
  70. “why are you duct taping a cat to the ceiling?” “aesthetic.”
  71. “Hope is a lie. So is philosophy, morality, language in general, the sky, dogs, and about a third of the population of Michigan.”
  72. “So let me get this straight. You filled a Darth Vader costume… With cats?”
  73. “How did I die this time?” “Well, it was pretty quick. I missed it, but from what I can tell, you convinced an entire school of 4000 people to throw watermelons at you all at the same time.” “…And?” “The impact of the watermelons threw you back a couple hundred kilometers and you landed in the ocean…inside the mouth of a particularly hungry shark.” “Goddamn it I wanted this death to be metal!”
  74. “Yesterday I learned that my childhood friend was a demon.”
  75. “Please tell me you said 'What bothers me most.’ "Yes? What the hell did you think I said?” Well….it kinda sounded like “His father’s meatloaf.’
  76. "Goddammit, why won’t you die?!”  "I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! “
  77. "I’d appreciate it if you fucking stopped, thanks.”
  78. “What the hell is this?” “It’s jello, you eat it”
  79. "You didn’t” “I did and I made them watch”
  80. "Why in the hell did you think this was a good idea?” “Look, YOU try saying 'No’ to not just a primordial deity, but my little sister as well.” “…Ok, you got me there.”
  81. “How do you know that it’s supposed to look like this?”
  82. “Are you making *tea*?!” “Well what else am I supposed to do?” “I don’t know maybe STOP THE MONSTER THATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!”
  83. “Why are you in a dress?” “Lucifer wanted to have a tea party. You don’t say no to Lucifer”
  84. “So you’re telling me that aliens invaded while I was on vacation?”
  85. “I appreciate the gesture but I prefer my horses fried rather than alive.”
  86. *whining* “But Mooommm, I don’t want to save the woooorrld!”
  87. “Now I know not to cry there”
  88. “What if we DIDNT kill the king every Thursday” “Good idea we’ll kill him on Fridays instead.”
  89. “So you’re a zombie now?” “I guess I am” “So what are you gonna do about it?” “*shrug* I don’t know….”
  90. “I guess you weren’t joking when you said that the world is ruled by ants”
  91. “When I die, tell everyone 'I told you so.’”
  92. “You’re not real… You’re only in those silly books!” “Correction, my dear, you’re the fictional one.”
  93. “There was no 'free pie’ you moron! You stole it!”
  94. “Okay, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my pet rock has gained sentience, just like we planned! The bad news is that it turns out he’s evil and is currently building a rock army with the intent of taking over the world. aaaand, he’s trying to get Mt. Everest on his side.”
  95. “Why is our baby on a wanted poster?”
  96. “Zombies are people too, Mom!”
  97. “… I’m gonna go for it. Hold my head for me real quick, and don’t put it on a mannequin like you did last time.”
  98. “Fascinating… I was unaware that was physically plausible.” “I know right.”
  99. “ACHOO!” “Bless you.” “No sorry, that won’t work on me.”
  100. “Bye, Felicia. Take you and your cat ears! GO!”

Prepare yourselves, because starting from tomorrow we will be making ‘100 Prompts That Will Make You Cry’ lists. Hope you enjoy this one. Which prompt do you like the most?

Summer Camp AU’s

  • I showed up three days late for camp and you’re the unlucky person they chose to show me around and I’m not listening to a word you say AU
  • I never do any of the camp activities, and I sneak off at night. So tonight I invited you on a date, sitting in a tree while the Girl Scouts over there make s’mores AU
  • I snuck in my cellphone, and you had the same idea, so now we send pictures and little stupid videos from our groups’ activities from across the camp AU
  • We’re canoe partners and I got distracted by a pretty fish and tipped the boat over, I’m not sorry AU
  • I’m in charge of keeping the horse stables clean and setting other kids up when the groups go horse riding and you always get so excited, so I’ve decided I’m giving you horse riding tours in the forest, just the two of us AU
  • I brought a big bag of candy with me in my suitcase, and you, bring my bunk mate, have been stealing from it, I demand an explanation AU
  • My bunk mate keeps covering me with their blanket at night because I forgot mine, and I don’t know who they are, but I’m determined to find out AU
  • I’m the person in charge in my cabin and you’re the one person who chooses to disobey everything I say AU
The Melody In My Head (A Jonah Marais Imagine)


Part One

*As Requested*

Disclaimer: Because this request contained more in-depth plot-lines and story segments, it will be divided into three parts, posted at different times

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 2329

Description: In which your boyfriend, Jonah, hears you singing to yourself and, on a whim, records it. Funny, how one simple recording, posted to the internet, can change someone’s life forever.

    I’d never been a very outgoing person. Even as a kid, I’d always preferred the company of my own imagination and thoughts to those of other children. I never tried out for any extra-curriculars, never managed to make more than a handful of friends, never really became anything. I was always just Y/N, the girl at the back of the class, with my head in a book, keeping to myself, not rocking the boat. I was a freshman in university at Stanford now, my dream school, because being smart had always been the only thing that I really excelled at. That may come across as sounding insecure to some people, but I don’t think of it that way. I never really valued anything over my education, not even my social life. Which made it particularly shocking to the few who know me well when the word broke that I’d started dating a rising international pop star. I remember the first day after the word hit the internet, a few articles had hit the tabloids, and a few photographs of us on a date at the park had surfaced; my mom called me up on the phone to make sure I hadn’t had a social breakdown. My few closest friends had called to see if I was being held against my will. Of course, neither of those things were true, but to this day I’ll get comments on how different we are- and truthfully I don’t know if I could explain how we fell in love if it would save my life. Some things are inexplicable, and when they happen it takes most everyone by surprise, even though it suddenly becomes the most natural and comfortable thing in the world for you. I’d been with Jonah for about a year now, and while most everyone is supportive, I’d be lying if I didn’t notice a blog post here or tabloid story there, talking about how odd it is that such an outgoing and self-assured guy like Jonah would be dating such an introverted, anti-social Brainiac like myself. I’d seen more than a few fans comment how it reminded them of Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, but I’d never seen much of Gabriella in myself. Maybe Kelsey, but without the piano skills, or Ryan Evans. Nevertheless, we somehow fit together, and somewhere along the road, he’d become my favorite person, which is a massive step up from my previous favorite person- no one.

“Hey babe, the boys and I are heading out for pizza, you sure you don’t wanna come?” Jonah shouted from down the hall. I nibbled absentmindedly on the edge of my ballpoint pen as I continued copying down the notes from last weeks lecture into more legible handwriting. Smiling softly, I shook my head, before realizing he couldn’t see me.

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Once Upon A Time

Pairing: Peter Pan X Reader

Word Count: 1301

Warning: Murder

Summary: An unwelcome gang of pirates that wash up on Neverland’s shores won’t last long against it’s King and Queen. Dark!Reader makes sure they will remember to never set foot on Neverland again. 

A/N: Kinda terrible summary, basically an evil reader committing many acts of murder. Kind of the reader I always thought Pan would really be into.

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Gods Help Me Part 3

I know, I know, I thought I was done too. Then someone asked for more and my wheels started turning. Don’t judge me I can be as uncertain as I please. Now, it’s been a while since Elide was almost implanted. She’s almost completely healed- and Lorcan feels a lot less territorial. Lorcan and Rowan have a silent truce. All is well, until someone comes for a “visit”.

Part 2 here –> http://samaykay912.tumblr.com/post/156494742582?is_related_post=1

Part 1 here –> http://samaykay912.tumblr.com/post/156192379072

Rowan was a little flustered. He was doing his training exercises- with Elide watching. Elide was staring at him with eyes full of steel. He wasn’t going to lie to himself- it was a little unsettling. Especially since he knew Lorcan was going to come back from his hunting trip any minute. The fae prince didn’t want to destroy the rope bridge of friendship he has created with Lorcan. As Elide improved, he and Lorcan talked more- about anything and everything. We reminisced about Sollemere, discussed Aelin’s arrogance, wondered what things were like back in Terrasen. It was… calming. Rowan hadn’t want to rip anyone’s throat out in weeks. The conversations helped him feel better. They distracted him from his mistakes… for a time.

Lorcan came back from his piss poor hunting trip. He was able to snare enough rabbits to last them a while. He wanted to get as much meat as possible. It kept Elide full and seemed to improve her healing process. When he finally returned to camp- he was greeted by Elide staring at Rowan. He would of been mad- until he saw her eyes- they were her learning eyes. The same stare she gave him whenever he fished back on the boat- before it went to shit. So, he simply nodded in Elide’s direction. Rowan’s eyes went up in surprise. When Lorcan opened him mouth to explain- a knife whirled in his direction- and a cry of pain followed.

Rowan was waiting for an explanation when Elide’s eyes went from him to the forest. He saw her turn her ears- then, her eyes went wide. She bent over, pulled a knife out of her boot and threw it across the camp. A cry of pain followed. The fae prince knew she didn’t miss.

Gavriel bursted into the camp- still in his lion form from scouting. Elide then crosses the camp to retrieve her prize. Gavriel followed- Lorcan was busy smiling and beaming with pride. Meanwhile, Rowan was frozen in shock. The fae prince was astonished. No one had trained Elide- as far as he remembered. It was a miracle that she was able to make that shot- wasn’t it? He didn’t know. He’d have to ask Lorcan latter.

Lorcan was proud- Elide had grown so much. He always knew she could fight. She killed four ilken with a broken nose, a sprained wrist and cramps. He knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. Even if she never trained a day in her life- as long as she had examples to follow she could fight like hell.

Gavriel and Elide returned. Elide was cleaning her knife with her skirt and Gavriel was dragging one blacked out member of the cadre. Connall.

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Smelly Boat Boy

Here we go again! This is part of my wonderful @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics‘ writing challenge! My prompt was:“Don’t come near me until you shower!” with Frank Adler and I truly hope you guys like it!!! This is pure fluff, partially for me and partially for Ary because we all need some sweet fluff in our lives. Enjoy!

You hum to yourself as you dry the dishes, thankful that Roberta is taking Mary to Girl Scouts so that Frank can finish today’s work and take her back home. Normally he’s able to do both, which is easiest since you only have one car, but Mary understood that he needed to finish this boat and that he was still determined to pick her up. You can’t help but smile, knowing Frank loves taking Mary to things like that and that he loves that he’s finally giving her a life Diane would want for her- full of academic challenge, of course, but also life and love and a freedom Frank’s sister never had.

You hear the door open and smile, turning around to see a tired, sweaty, and very greasy Frank bending to untie his boots. “Hey, handsome,” You smile, giggling at his fluffy hair being a mess.

Frank looks up, smiling. “Hey, gorgeous,” He pads closer,  socks in hand and tossing them into the little closet you use for laundry. “How did it go?”

“Great. Mary understood and I may have a potential job,” You smile up at him. It’s hard to help work when there’s only one car, and your writing only goes so far, but you’re desperate to help Frank pay the bills, especially since you’re living with them now and have two more cats from when Frank rescued them.

Frank smiles. “That’s great, where?” He grabs himself a beer, leaning against the counter.

You put the last dish away and dry your hands. “The college, actually. I only have a writing degree, but I can work at their library and possibly get a teaching degree. It’s enough to help with bills, and I should be able to go home with Mary and come back with you.” You grab some water, humming. “But that’s only an idea.”

Frank smiles. “I think it’s great. I know it’s hard for you to be home all the time.”

You shrug. “It’s ok. I just want to help.”

Frank smiles. “You help a lot, babe. I promise,” He sets his beer down and steps closer, arms moving to wrap around you.

“Oh no you don’t!” You jump back, hands in front of you to keep him away. “You’re sweaty and covered in grease!”

“You know I just came back from work,” He tries to come closer again, and again you hop back.

“Nuh uh! Don’t come near me until you shower!” You warn, fighting a smile. “Mary’s waiting on us!”

Frank grins devilishly. “Well, we could always save some water…” He stalks closer, and you back away, giggling. “After all, one shower is much faster than two…”

“You’re so much trouble,” You giggle, knowing there’s only so far you can escape. “My smelly boat boy.” Frank smirks darkly, and you bolt, laughing and running to the shower as Frank chases you, knowing he’ll always catch you.


You smile as Mary runs to Frank and hugs him, her looking between the both of you. “Are you guys ok? Your hair is all wet.”

Frank messes up her hair. “That would be washing it, bug.”

Mary makes a face. “Did you shower together?” Before either of you can respond she sticks out her tongue. “Yuck. Grown ups are gross.”

You look at Frank and can’t help but giggle, hugging Mary as your husband shakes his head and leads the way to his car.

Essays in Existentialism: FtWD VIII

Is there any chance of a FtWD update before the new episodes start up this week? Thanks for all your wonderful writing! As you know, you’re the greatest.

Previously on FtWD

The winds were gone. The calm before the storm whimpered outside with nothing more than a gentle rocking on the waveless sea. Though the summer was quickly coming to an end, the nights refused to calm themselves, were still the humid kind of hot that made the stagnant air a bit heavier than normal. Sweat gathered at the base of her neck, but still, Elyza found herself sitting in the cabin, cleaning the gun, arguing with herself.

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the story of me and laura's date yesterday evening

so we got sushi at this place we’ve gone to a couple times, did our usual thing with sushi - we each get half of each other’s roll. we got TWO rolls each yesterday because we were hungry and willing to splurge a lil. we hadn’t seen each other in a while bc School And Also Work, so yay :)

after that we went and got frozen yogurt!! i got a chocolate concoction while laura got fruits - yes, she got lemon sorbet. fun fact: i am a way slower eater than laura! also, laura gives her phone number so i can get my yogurt for basically free (we are in the habit of paying for each others ice cream), but the cashier is having some trouble so laura has to repeat it like seven times. i joke about the cashier stealing my GIRL. but i do get ice cream for 50 cents so hey. also her car almost doesn’t start after we leave, which was a Fear Moment.

because it was a lovely sunny may evening, we decided to see if we could go over to boulevard park, which is this really nice park along the beach. for the past MONTH we’ve been trying to take a Romantic Walk there but… everyone in town goes there when it’s nice out so there’s never any parking!

this is what boulevard park looks like btw:

but there was parking yesterday, so we were able to hold hands, stare at dogs - date stuff.

we went over to a section of the beach, which is fairly rocky and covered in clam shell pieces. it’s a very pacific northwestern beach. laura wanted to see if she could skip a rock. i knew my abilities and just threw rocks into the water, which is also fun.

she goes over to this tree and decides to try and climb it in order to “impress me.” so she koalas up on a low bough.

keep in mind that on our like… fifth date she basically destroyed a toilet while i was in the other room. the depths of humility between us run deep. there’s little to no dignity here despite what we try to pretend.

but anyway. she realizes that she has gotten her foot stuck. and rather than ask for my help in easing the rest of her down to the ground, she just LETS GO and THWOMPS down. i’m like DDDD:>!!!! LAURA!!

her leg is still sticking up at a 45º angle because her foot is still stuck. she’s joke-whining about a concussion while i go oh noooo babyyyyy…!

we manage to finagle her foot out of the tree. she’s doing okay, and is bemoaning how she was trying to impress me, but now has come out looking the fool… well, i say, now you get me hovering concernedly over you for the rest of the evening, so hopefully that works.

we make our way to the coffee place and she takes an excedrin. and then we wander around the beach and docks for the rest of the evening, holding hands and just chatting and stuff. you know! except every so often i worriedly inquired about the state of her head because :((( baby :(((((!!! (this is documented in this short film i constructed later in the evening.)

at one point she decides she wants to scratch our initials into a tree with a bunch of other people’s, but she doesn’t have anything sharp enough to do it with. she does find a rock with which to scratch out a sharpied swastika, so we left something good there anyway.

we go down to a little beach where she took these gorgeous photos of me and us, and leave after laura realizes there’s another couple there Having A Moment.

and then we go down to a dock after i tell her that if she pushes me in that would most likely make me break up with her, and she agrees, except she wouldn’t go all the way to breaking up. we both worry about people’s phones and belongings when they get pushed into water. i tell her she could only push me if i was in a swimsuit, and i wouldn’t really like it even then.

this discussion lasts the entire trip down to that dock, and then we smooch on it in the light of the sunset and do not push each other in. i tell her that if i had oars and a rowboat i would row us out and we would kiss on the boat. she is very impressed. i admit i definitely do not still have the arm muscles i had in high school when i rowed for form in girl scouts. she commiserates.

and then we went and hung out at my dorm and my roommate peppered laura with questions about psychology while i read analyzations of mcr songs. then she went home and got there safe! the end.

Watering Hole (WenDip NSFW) (WIP?)

After reading the amazing story Infinitesimal Infinite by @ticknart, I had the urge to write some wendip. Total garbage, little over 4k words, nowhere near the emotional intensity of @ticknart ’s contribution, but here it is.

Watering Hole

Wendy/Dipper NSFW.

The side trail Dipper and Wendy had taken - overgrown to the point of being barely recognizable as a path - soon widened out to a patch of scrubgrass, and then to a gentle slope of sandy beach.  The pond was just big enough for the wind to whip up inch-high waves, which lazily lapped roots of trees which zigzagged into the water.

Wendy grinned and stretched out her hands, as if offering the scene itself to Dipper.

“Pretty cool, huh?” she said.

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Here’s the Eulogy I wrote (tl;dr story of my life)

Hi. My name is David. You probably already know that. This is my story. And like all stories, it’s subjective; meaning I chose what to include based on my own feelings and opinions.

I’ve had a lot of nicknames: D Diddy, Master D, Double D, D Dog, and Chuck (short for Chuckles). Isn’t it weird that Dave was never my nickname?

I guess I should start at the beginning. I was born in Alberta, Canada in November 1970. My parents wed in February of that year…you can do the math. My dad once told me that he and my mom each brought a lot to the marriage, but that’s what it was, two people with their own histories. He said I am the first result of their marriage, the thing which changed them from two people into one unit, a family. I always liked that thought.

My earliest memory is when my mom, with tears in her eyes, told me and my sister that Jesus is important to her, wanted us to learn about Him. I also remember her speaking on the phone and saying that our reaction was basically “Yep, we know, we learn about Him at church.”

I went to kindergarten in California. I had a teacher named Ms. Berry, but I called her Ms. Strawberry. One day a bunch of dads came and taught us skills. I was so excited my dad was there and showed us how to hammer nails.

I still feel comfort and love when I remember laying in the top bunk at night as my dad vacuumed the bedroom, and how he’d look over at me and smile.

At the age of 8, I was baptized by my dad in Alabama. My family moved a lot. I don’t really know why.

Thinking back on Halloweens, the one candy I always dreaded getting was those peanut butter-flavored sticky candies that come wrapped in orange or black wax paper. Who even likes those? If someone out there does, you gotta be the KING of Halloween candy trading.
“Hey, you like these? Here, I’ll trade you them for that mini Snickers and a Blow Pop.”
“Okay, fine, I’ll take just the two Hershey kisses. At least I got SOMETHING for them.”

I began Junior High in Texas. It was horrible. I knew I liked boys in a way other boys didn’t. I tried to hide that from everyone, even from me. Eighth grade was the worst. I wanted to die. Some of the guys in my gym class caught me sneaking glances at a dude in the shower. That got around the school and I was shamed and harassed.

One person was especially hard on me, not just about that, but about everything. I faced him in a wrestling match and was determined to get him back. I dominated, all I needed was for him to bend his elbow and he’d be pinned. I pressed down hard and…Snap! That crack of his bone was loud. He immediately went limp in my arms. I felt sick to my stomach. I really hurt him. I also felt joyful vengeance. I’d been good at wrestling, but I stopped. I didn’t like the monster I saw I could become.

So school sucked. And scouting, I hated it, and we did that every Wednesday at church. Like the school day wasn’t already bad enough and then scouts on top of it.

Oh, there was one really cool thing that happened related to scouts. In church we had a lesson that the quorum president is the leader, the adults were there to guide but the power rested with us. The quorum president said, “In that case, we’re done with scouting.” He asked if the rest of us sustained. We voted to end scouting! Unfortunately my dad and a few others didn’t take that well and I was forced to go to a different scout program in the stake.

One of the bright spots of my Junior High & High School years were piano lessons. I excelled with a teacher who was quick to praise, which helped boost my very bruised self-image. Developing your gifts and talents isn’t selfish, it’s actually a great gift to other people.

Another bright spot were my friends. If you’re hearing this and you are a teenager, reach out to the youth around you. No matter how nice the leaders are, they can’t make up for feeling left out by other teens. Trust me.

At some point I realized a lot of our culture honors those who stand up against the norms, admires those who live life on their own terms. I made a list of 5 actions, actually non-actions, I would take to make me different.
1) Not go to Prom
2) Not go to Homecoming  
3) Not get a driver’s license  
4) Not go to graduation  
5) No open house when I leave for a mission.

I didn’t tell anyone about this list and my poor dad, he would get excited for these things, like Prom, and get me a tuxedo only to be bewildered I wasn’t going.

I kept 4 of those 5 stupid, pointless goals. My parents did make me get a driver’s license so they could stop carrying me to 6am seminary class. I didn’t realize until too late, the point of being different is to replace frivolous things with something deeper, better, more meaningful.

I loved art class even though my grades were so-so. One day my art teacher asked me to explain the print I made, what was my thinking behind the design. After listening, she said the skills of how to use the different tools and materials can be learned and that my classmates are all better at using them. But I have something they don’t have, something that can’t be taught. Art comes from the head and heart, it requires creativity and a different way of viewing things, of having something to say, a story to share.

What I heard was my classmates were all better, I was the worst. Later I understood what she meant. She’d actually given me the greatest compliment of my life. I have something worth sharing, I just need to learn how.

After years of crying for God to fix me, to make me normal, I eventually accepted that a homo is what I am. I didn’t choose it, in fact had fought it. I guarded this knowledge, it was dangerous. But owning this is part of me gave me power even as it complicated church and my life. Church is where my friends were and it was okay except when terrible things were taught about people like me.

Why do we let harmful words go unchallenged? Hearing bigoted, intolerant words really feels isolating. I know it’s hard to stand out and be different, to rock the boat. But doing nothing, being silent—to the person feeling attacked, it’s not viewed as neutral. Choosing not to speak up is taking sides. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

Immediately after high school, I got arrested, actually spent time in jail. Shocking, right? I shoplifted a shirt. That’s sort of a harsh punishment, don’t you think? Fortunately a plea deal was made and I avoided a criminal record. I’ve paid this forward, twice I’ve agreed for charges against a young adult to be dropped so they could have a second chance at a clean record.

When my bishop called me in to talk about preparing for a mission, I went home and prayed hard. I asked if God loves me, loves me for who I am, all that I am. Warmth radiated across my body. I knew with certainty that I’m loved and I am not broken.

Serving a mission in Korea is one of the great adventures of my life. I learned so much about myself. I rose to the challenge. I worked hard and made some life-long friends. Weekly service at orphanages really buoyed me, I loved playing with those kids.

While I was in Korea, at a branch conference, the members voted to not sustain their branch presidency. In other words, they voted out their branch leaders! I didn’t even know that was possible. I mean, yes, we get to vote, but it’s always more of a formality. I hadn’t realized we have power. The name of our church indicates this is the case. It’s the church of Jesus Christ AND it’s the church of the latter-day Saints.

In brief, here is the top highlight of my mission. I met a man at a bus stop. I was going to give him a Book of Mormon, but a voice in my ear very clearly whispered not to. Twice that happened. The third time I was reaching to get a book out of my bag to give to him despite that voice. My arm froze and the voice said if I gave him the book, the consequences would be on my head. Message received loud and clear, no book given away that night.

He eventually got baptized, and I was still in Korea a year later when he got married. Receiving the phone call from him that he was being sealed to a wife in the temple was the happiest day of my mission.

Hearing that voice in my ear would happen again and again over the years. Not very often, but always significant. I’ll include a few more examples.

Next I was off to college, which I loved! In January 1993 I arrived in Idaho to attend Ricks College (now it’s called BYU-Idaho). I’ve never been so cold my entire life. If I walked outside with wet hair, it’d freeze!

My first roommate was soooo handsome. The girls called him “Ken” because he reminded them of Barbie’s boyfriend. We became great friends. I had a crush on him. At the end of the semester he told me he’s bi and our relationship changed. I was willing to leave behind church and family to be with him. He decided his life would be easier if he pursued a relationship with a woman and so left me behind in Idaho.

After “Ken,” my next roommate was Futoshi from Japan. He became my best friend. Many years later I attended his wedding in Japan. In fact, our tradition is to send each other a package of Halloween treats (and no, I’ve never sent him those terrible black-and-orange wrapped candies).

I was walking down the sidewalk at Ricks College and a voice in my ear whispered I should call Memo from Mexico to be my 1st counselor in the elders quorum presidency. “Yes,” I thought to myself, “he’s an excellent choice.” Wait. What?!! MY counselor? That night I got a phone call, I was the new Elders Quorum president. Half the ward was in my quorum (the other half were women). I visited with each person in the quorum every month. I liked them. I knew them all.

Ah, Rexburg, home of BYU-Idaho. Does anyone know if they ever renamed Beaver Dick Park? So many unfortunate (or fortunate, if you know what I mean) double entendres.

After Ricks, on I went to BYU in Utah. Futoshi came, too. I wanted to date and kiss and all the things my friends did, except with men, and that was explicitly banned by the Honor Code, even things like holding someone’s hand was out of bounds. I feared the Honor Code Office, they sometimes ran undercover stings trying to catch gay students.

While in Provo, I had a faith crisis. Being in the heart of Mormondom, I had access to information that showed a different sort of story than I’d been taught in Sunday School, like the way Joseph Smith translated the gold plates. What to do with this messy history? How do I fit into the Plan of Salvation? Retaining faith, in many ways, is a choice to accept the complexity, to give up black & white for nuance. As for me, I hold on to the times I’ve seen God’s love, mercy, and justness come through the lives of flawed individuals who learn to measure up and do profound things.

While a student at BYU, I got a job at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) teaching Korean to missionaries. I loved it. That place is a spiritual powerhouse and I was able to plug in every day.

And I was there when my brother came to the MTC as a new missionary. I was able to eat lunch with him every week. And what’s funny is the missionaries I was teaching knew he was my brother and every morning would give me a report on what they’d seen him doing. So at Friday lunch I was always able to say things like:
“Elder, I hear you were throwing snowballs.”
He’d always respond “How can you possibly know that?”
“The Lord sees all, Elder.” 

Working at the MTC meant, like the two years of my mission, I was back to wearing a white shirt nearly every day. When I stopped working there, I threw away all my white shirts and never looked back.

Wearing colorful shirts in this church is unusual for men. It was a way to mark myself as different; a way to show my experience and journey is not the same as those around me. When someone at the podium looks out and sees a purple shirt, I want them to think, “Oh, there’s David.” Yes, see me, notice me! I matter, I belong. Please see I’m doing my best and even if I am different, I am here.

I have 6 brothers and sisters. They married and had babies. Those nieces and nephews are the greatest blessings in my life. I thought I’d be a good dad, but I am gay and marriage equality didn’t come until too late. So I was the best uncle, involved in their lives, making sure they know they’re loved.

One thing I like about kids is they ask really personal and fundamental questions. “What’s your favorite color?” Mine is yellow. Isn’t it a lovely color, so warm and inviting. All the different shades from cream and pastel to golden or bright sunshine, yellow is beautiful.

Learning to play the piano, speak a language, ride a skateboard, drive a stick-shift car, ride a bike, hit a ball or most any other skill will require mistakes, thousands of them, maybe even hundreds of thousands. It can be embarrassing. Give yourself credit for trying. Attempting something that is challenging is what you should take pride in, not ashamed that I didn’t do it perfectly the first time, or every time.

I don’t know why I’ve stayed in church all these years. That’s not true. But it is complicated and this doesn’t seem to be the time to get into it, I’m trying to tell my story. The anti-gay restrictions are strict and do a number on a person’s mental health. I wish my church and my orientation were more compatible. I don’t think God finds them incompatible. In fact, He loves me in a way my church is only just learning to do.

I’ve spent more of my adult years in Primary (what we call junior Sunday School) than anywhere else. They even got me to serve as an assistant scout master over the 11-year-old patrol. I couldn’t believe of all the things, it had to be scouts.

I was determined that it was going to be fun for those scouts even as we were being productive, not how I experienced it. Those scouts were a joy to be with.

One of them often said things like, “Knives? They NEVER let us play with knives in cub scouts.”
“Hey, if I see you playing with it, game over. These are tools, not toys.”

At the end of the day, I’m my longest commitment, it’s only proper that I make myself a priority. I went back to school and earned a Master’s degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). That was hard work.  

That degree helped me land a job at a university. I love working in an environment that is open and accepting. I also really appreciate knowing my efforts are going towards the university’s mission of gathering, applying and disseminating knowledge. And it’s fun to work somewhere with a fight song and a mascot, I recommend it.

When my grandma died, I played a piano piece at the funeral. Afterwards a lady came up and thanked me for all the years I spent practicing, sitting there alone at a piano when I could’ve been doing something more fun.

What an unusual compliment, she put thought into it, and I appreciated the recognition that playing on that day didn’t just happen. That’s how life is, you’re preparing now for things you don’t even know are on your horizon. Try to be the best you can be.

My favorite hero of fiction is TRUTH. I just think a great novel contains life’s important lessons and meaning wrapped in entertaining adventures and mysteries. Harry Potter & Huckleberry Finn not only transport us to another place, but leave us with deeper understandings.

I love Harry Potter. Those books and movies teach so many important life lessons, some in a straightforward way and others you have to think about. Here’s a for instance, we learn that the thing Neville fears most is Professor Snape. This kid went to class for years with that professor. No wonder the Sorting Hat put him in Gryffindor; he was one of the bravest characters. Aren’t we all brave in this way, at least sometimes?

I was asked to be a counselor in the stake young men presidency. I turned them down. It took two hours of convincing before I agreed to give it a try. I said they had the wrong guy and in six months when they recognized it, they could release me, no hard feelings. I couldn’t imagine that I’d have anything to offer.

Turns out it was the right calling for me. I feel like I blossomed. I was no longer just existing, merely surviving in this church, but was making a mark.

At one point, a voice whispered in my ear that I was going to be stake young men president and I am an unusual choice and would only serve a short time.  I knew by “unusual” that meant because I’m gay. I started thinking of how I’d do things differently if I were in charge.

Six months later I became president and I had a plan and hit the ground running.

One way I was a different kind of Stake Young Men President is I applied my experience from when I was an Elders Quorum President all those years ago, of how I used to talk with everyone each month. As stake young men president, I visited every ward at least monthly, usually twice a month. This meant every month I had contact with nearly every young man in the stake, and many of the young women, too. It was a pleasure to work with the ward young men presidents, bishops put top-shelf people in those positions. I really liked getting to know the youth. I tried to be protective of teens who struggle. I want them to know they are seen, they are loved, and there is hope.

Turns out a short time was exactly one year. I was very sad to be released, my church life had found meaning.

When my stake president told me “with every calling comes a release,” I blurted out, “But I just bought a Chewbacca shirt for the Star Wars dance!” “Well, wear it on casual Friday,” was his response.

I was asked to be the secretary to the stake president. It’s a lot of work, definitely not a favorite calling; I’d rather be back in Primary. He said many people could make appointments, but he wanted me to be stake executive secretary so my viewpoint is present in all the top councils of the stake.

I attend stake presidency meeting and some of those meetings go on and on.
“Dear Lord, as we begin this meeting, please help us not to be bored. And for them to keep their stories to a minimum so we can get out of here at a decent hour.”
I’ve thought about praying for those things, although never was brave enough to actually do it.

One night it was late, and the stake president asked who can say a short prayer. My hand shot up so fast!

Early one chilly Florida morning, I was grumbling about how cold the steering wheel was as I’m in the McDonald’s drive-thru lane. I saw a man walk out the side door, past my car, to the homeless man sitting directly ahead of me. The homeless guy had no blanket or hat, just a sweatshirt for warmth. His reaction at receiving a cup of hot coffee and a warm sandwich really touched me. I was ashamed. Why wasn’t I more like that guy? I talk a good game, but true religion requires action. The world needs more Christ-like love like that.

Sometimes I wonder if the things I hear at church align with the God I know. Does it fit with the two great commandments to love God and to love one another? I try to focus on the love, that is God’s primary attribute and the one I try to emulate. If your heart ever tells you that something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it.

Over the years, if I’d read a story or seen a video about someone who is gay & LDS (or even formerly LDS), I sometimes tried contacting them. I never got a response.

I have a blog where I write about being gay & Mormon. I wrote about an experience I had when I got to meet a church leader, Elder Joaquin Costa of the Seventy. The whispering voice prompted me to tell him I’m gay and he showed me a great deal of love. That blog post went viral. If you want to see it, do a search for “Nerdy Gay Mormon”.

Because of my viral blog post, I was contacted by many people, hundreds of them. And I responded. It’s been incredibly rewarding. For the first time I had actual friends who are LGBTQ+ and LDS.

I think if the teenage me who contemplated suicide could see how my life developed, he’d be surprised at how much better the future turned out. A job I like, the favorite uncle of 14, I am well liked across my stake and make a positive contribution. I’ve lived through a difficult but special time to be gay in the Church as it’s been transforming.

Wanna hear something funny, one time at church my little nephew said, “I’m hungry. How much longer to the snackrament?”

Life doesn’t wait until we’re perfectly prepared and feel totally up for what’s ahead of us. In fact, life is messy. It’s not been an easy path, but it’s been MY path. Being gay in a time of unacceptance helped me gain empathy for others. I’ve tried to be a good and kind person.

Living within the restrictions placed on me by my church; it’s been difficult. I’ve tried to make a mark on the world. My one great regret in life is not having children. Even so, Primary teachers and scout leaders are important to children. I may not be the main gardener in anyone else’s life, but I nurture and water others. There’d be some pretty meager gardens without people like me.

If you’re hearing this and are queer, I have a message for you. Being gay or trans or whatever is not a sin, it is not the result of a lack of faith, it is not a punishment. God created you and me as glorious, eternal beings. I am a son of God. I am gay. I am known and loved by Him. He is rooting for me.

If the choice comes down to suicide or your church, choose to live. Protect your mental health by taking a break from religion. God created you. You determine if this will be a blessing or a curse in your life. Enjoy it.

And to everyone, be kinder and gentler. Leave the enforcing of church boundaries, of judging, up to the bishop. Don’t tell a kid that he shouldn’t be wearing that or commenting that “someone” smells of cigarettes. If this is God’s church, then there should be room for all His children, all should feel welcome. Mormons have a way of obsessing over details that don’t matter. I wish we spent more time obsessing on how to love.

That’s it! It feels like this story needs an ending, a concluding sentence, something snappy. I hope I have time to think of a good one.

Man Enough

Frank Adler x Witch

Summary: Frank chaperones a camping trip with Mary and her troop leader

Word count: 2084

Warnings: unprotected sex (it’s pretty fluffy overall, but use protection in real life, kids)

A/N: This is my contribution to @angryschnauzer and @ursulaismymiddlename challenge “If You Go Down To The Woods Today”.

Song list: Witchy Woman, Eagles; Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra; Woodstock, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

An old blue Ford pulled into the community center parking lot where girls and parents were busy loading camping gear and duffle bags into an SUV and minivan. Hannah didn’t recognize the truck. She waited for the occupants to exit the cab while listening to a few of the girls arguing over who was going to ride in which vehicle.

A tall man with broad shoulders and a beard got out of the truck wearing faded jeans, worn work boots, a t-shirt, and sunglasses. A girl with shoulder-length blonde hair jumped out the passenger-side door. She wore cut-off jean shorts, high-top sneakers, and a t-shirt. The girl took the man’s hand as they walked over to join the others.

“You must be Mary. I’m Ms. Greene,” Hannah said with a smile and offered her hand to the girl. “Nice to meet you.”

Mary shook Hannah’s hand, “Nice to meet you, too.”

Hannah turned to the man who took off his sunglasses before taking hold of her hand. “Frank Adler, Mary’s uncle.”

“Hannah Greene. Great to meet you, too.” Hannah felt her face flush, but tried to act as if the broad shoulders, beard, and gorgeous blue eyes hadn’t affected her. The smirk on Frank’s face told her she wasn’t fooling anyone.

“Mary!” Hannah said as she clapped her hands together loudly once. “Let’s introduce you to the other girls.”

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mikannie week day 4: forgiveness

Title: It’s Quiet Out Here

Summary: It takes a Scout dying and Annie getting on a boat for Mikasa to forgive her, but it’s worth it.

Author’s Note: This is based on “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Hamilton! Heavy spoilers for the manga in the beginning.

Reblog are appreciated!

The first thing Annie registered was a stinging in her left hand. She lifted it off the ground and saw a jagged crystal underneath it, and a shallow cut gushing red blood from her hand. She poked it and immediately hissed– the pain was unbearable.

That’s when Annie realized– she was awake.

“Annie,” a calm, gentle voice said. Annie whipped her head up and saw Mikasa, then Eren, Armin, Connie, and Jean, all in uniform. They all seemed a lot taller, although perhaps that was because Annie was on all fours.

“Annie, it’s been almost five years,” Mikasa said. “We already know about Bertholdt and Reiner and Marley. We’ve eradicated all the Titans, and we need you to help us bring peace to, or fight, Marley.”

The information came faster than Annie could possibly process it, but Eren bought her some time.“God, Mikasa, you can’t just tell her all that at once!” he shouted.

“Shut up! She’s just trying to give a  simple explanation!” Jean fired back.

“Shush,” Mikasa said, waving a hand at both of them. She looked Annie dead in the eye and Annie’s stomach dropped as Mikasa knelt down in front of her. Her breath and expressions were warmer than anything Annie had felt in a while. “Annie, will you help us?”

The question hit Annie like a slap and she drew a blank. She blinked drowsily until she re-caught Mikasa’s intent gaze and reminded herself to think.

She would be killed if she returned to Marley this late, that was definite. not that she didn’t deserve it, for being so weak, and for betraying her friends on either side. But the scared part of Annie did not want to die.

Besides, she thought, you could make it up to them.

Annie looked at her friends. Eren was scowling at her, Armin looked afraid, Connie was cautiously standing behind Jean, who was definitely angry. They could look at her with love, with admiration. So could her family and friends in Eldia, if she freed them, from Marley. So could Mikasa.

She drew a deep breath– this is it. Your final decision. “Why not?” she said.

Mikasa sighed and withdrew from the floor. Annie looked up– Armin and Eren’s expressions did not change, but Jean and Connie were grinning. Her heart fluttered.

“Alright, 104th, let’s move!” Connie shouted, pivoting around on one foot.

104th…. was this supposed to be all of them? If so, why were so many people missing? Annie slowly pushed herself up fro the floor– her entire back and both legs ached. “Wait,” she said, “where are Sasha, Krista and Ymir?”

The group, which was now almost out the door, halted. Mikasa turned around. ‘Krista– or Historia Reiss, as we now know her, is queen. Reiner and Bertholdt were aware of her royal blood, so I’m sure you were, too. Ymir was captured by those two and we do not know her status. Sasha….“ Mikasa paused, looking down and taking a deep breath, then slowly said, "Sasha was killed about a month ago. She was eaten by a Titan she did’t see coming.”

… … … .

The boat to Marley was– well, very technologically advanced, with engines and systems that were almost at the same level as Marley. All of Paradis was advancing quickly, which shocked Annie, as she’d been told all her life that Eldians could never reach that level of intelligence. But mostly the boat was quiet, and Annie was grateful for that. Usually, she hated the dullness of silence, but she had a lot to think about and needed quiet to do so. So she spent most of her time on the dock, ignoring the hissing of the waves as her mind spoke long monologues. Her world had changed so much and there was overflowing information pouring all over her, and she needed time to process it.

But mostly, she thought about Sasha.

How was it possible? Sasha was so lively, so energetic, that the words 'Sasha’ and 'dead’ seemed sick and wrong together. And in such a small, sad way… it seemed unfair. She’d never even said goodbye, and that was the worst part. Annie had betrayed Sasha and her friends and never gotten her forgiveness, let alone her farewell. It was possible she’d never be able to accept that.

The only times when Annie wasn’t thinking was when she was in tactical meetings. They took place in Hanji Zoë’s cabin and consisted of her, Levi, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and of course Annie. She didn’t talk much, except when they were going to make a blatant mistake or useless move. But every time the group decided upon something risky, an attack or rule that put all the Scouts in fatal danger, Annie couldn’t help but wish with all her might that no one was killed. Normally, she wouldn’t have cared, but she knew she would break with the blow of another Sasha.

But otherwise, Annie strolled the deck all day, only going to her quarters when night fell. The rest of the Scouts seemed to either take pity on her or view her as a freak.

She remembered one night when she was thinking about how Sash would have loved this place–the regular food, the peace, the company– when she heard her name in a whisper.

“… and she’ll get exhausted, walking all the time,” she heard Armin say.

“I know. I think she circles the whole deck almost twenty times a day,” Jean replied.

Another time, it was Connie just chatting about it with some unfamiliar Scout.

“She just walks, totally silent, every day!” the girl declared, practically shouting.

“Stop, can’t you see she’s falling apart?” Connie said. He glanced at her quickly, then darted his eyes away and began to whisper when she met his gaze. “All this new information, plus the news of Sasha’s death. Can you imagine?”

… … … … .

Annie couldn’t sleep one night– her head kept on replaying her first sight of Sasha, and she wanted to cry every time she heard Shadis shout at her. So she left her cabin and went up to the deck, where she saw Mikasa Ackerman leaning against the bow of the ship.

She hadn’t spoken to Mikasa in over a week, not since the first encounter. Sasha had been like a sister to her, an annoying but optimistic little sister, so it was no surprise that she was more reserved and gentle than usual, not even fussing when Eren leaned too far over the bow. She was definitely mad at Annie, and ignoring her, which was understandable– Annie would ignore herself if she could. Still, it was boring to be without the awe of her strength and her constant beauty, and Annie was constantly afraid of the feelings of guilt and sadness that threatened to overwhelm her.

So, she stood next to Mikasa.

Mikasa stepped away, putting almost a foot between them, and Annie’s heart sank. She, too, leaned against the ship, thinking, assess the situation. Talk to her.

“Can you believe you’re here?” Annie said, her voice sounding more emotional than usual, but she couldn’t help it. “After all your training and fighting you’re here, on the ocean.”

Mikasa was dead silent.

Annie sighed. “Look, I don’t deserve your time or anything about you, Mikasa, but just listen.” Still no response, but Annie had something to say. “If…. if I could save Sasha, if I could stop those Titans or throw myself in instead, then it would be Sasha here next to you, not me, and you would smile, and I’d be so, so happy. But I don’t have that power, so we’re stuck here.

"I don’t know how to deal with this sort of loss. I don’t like it. We can’t replace her and I can’t seem to shove down this feeling. But I know you, and I know that if I can stay by your side, I’ll be alright.”

Mikasa never responded, but Annie realized that what she’d said was true. She started dragging Mikasa with her on her walks, trying to talk to her, to make her do anything that would make Annie feel better. It failed. Not even the most intriguing questions, which Annie knew she had a wise answer for, got a reaction. She just looked straight ahead, intentionally apathetic and distant.

The exception was one time when Annie asked, 'Do you like it out here? It’s quiet.“ She nearly jumped when she heard Mikasa sigh heavily, and watched her bite her lip. But that was all.

When the walks failed, Annie joined Mikasa at the bow of the ship every night. She didn’t respond much there, either, but Annie did find she was in a  more emotional state.

"Look around. Look at the stars,” Annie said one night, in an attempt to cheer her up. Mikasa looked down and let a tear slide into the sea.

… … . .

One night, no words came. Annie was out of ideas, and the salty, sharp sea air and crashing waves overpowered any brainstorming attempts. They sat in total silence, and images of Sasha jabbering about hunting or cooking or something were the only things that came to Annie’s mind. Her heart felt heavy when she remembered that she would never talk like that again, and she opened her mouth and turned to Mikasa, ready to say something about it. But the other girl gave her a sad, tired glance that immediately told her “no.”

Annie looked away, a new sting in her eyes. God, what a selfish, awful person she was, so evil, so annoying. No wonder Mikasa hated her. She would never admire her again, or love her, and neither would anyone else. She was just–

She felt a warmth on her hand.

She only had to look at her hand, the same hand that was still healing from the crystal wound, a second to see Mikasa’s cream-colored hand holding hers. But she looked up and saw a work of art, Mikasa’s face glowing, tears in her eyes sparkling as she looked out at the sea. Everything paused a moment and Annie’s stomach gutted in anticipation and disbelief.

“It’s quiet out here,” she whispered.

Annie couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She was forgiven. She squeezed Mikasa’s shoulders with a force she’d never known, and Mikasa gently embraced her waist. She was forgiven. Her tears silently dropped onto Mikasa’s uniform. She was forgiven.

Sasha was still painfully, obviously gone, and Annie felt it weighing on her heart. And she remembered all the terrible things she’d done to people just like Sasha more than ever. But in Mikasa’s embrace, squeezing and cherishing her forgiveness, Annie at least felt a little more safe.

anonymous asked:

Hello love! I have a request if you're interested. Maybe something with ether 76 or Pharah (or both) where the two are on a mission togeather (and also sort of into each other but they refuse to say anything). The missions complete and they are ready to leave but get snowed into their hideout and evidentially won't make it back to base for New Years. But, maybe some quality time and a bottle of rum is exactly what the two needed.

((It’s almost Christmas and I’m a little bit homesick. So I am thinking about making this sappy and sweet. So I’m using the sappy old man. Sadly i dunno how to write Pharah properly. - Mod Tez))

Originally posted by damageamplified

It was originally a scouting mission down the northern part of Greece.

You weren’t too happy about working near Christmas time but the fact you were with your long time friend, Jack, made it abit better. You both enjoyed this cultural difference.

You both watched as the locals decorated in lights and angels boats, instead of the usual pine green trees. There was a warm cheer even if everyone was quiet during the day. The most shocking part was when the first signs of snow began to show.

You and Jack were meant to stay one more day and then return to Gibraltar. But the snowfall got heavier, making the both of you encased into the small hotel you stayed in, along with afew locals.

Staring out of the window in your dual bedroom, you sighed, “We won’t make it back to the others for Christmas in this weather.” you pouted and crossed your arms, ‘Oh come on (Y/N), they’ll understand. At least you’re not on your own.’ was what Jack wanted to say, maybe his feelings weren’t too valid about you. He always told himself that his infatuation to you was simply a phase, even if this phase has been going on for almost years now.

“How about we go to the lobby? I heard they have musicians every weekend night.” He suggested, making you turn your head and nod. You both stood up and began walking to the lobby.

Jack was right, he noticed the musicians setting up their microphones, tuning an oddly shaped guitar along with normal guitars. The bartender was smiling as he cleaned classes and served some people what seemed like water in a shot glass.

You sat down on one of the couches on the lobby, patting the seat beside you for him. He gladly sat down and watched people bring in more instruments, more strange guitars, all bearing intricate designs and being smaller than a normal guitar.

He was becoming lost in thought, should he take the opportunity nature gave him to tell you how he felt, would you reject him? would you even feel the same?

His thoughts were stopped as he felt your hand on his shoulder. Turning to face you, you asked, “Hey I’ll get us some drinks, what do you want?” he responded quickly, “Surprise me honey.” but he instantly wanted to kick his teeth in at the subconscious flirting. Your cheeks turned red a little as you nodded and went to the bartender.

When the music began playing, he was immediately intrigued by the foreign language, the flutes playing and the guitars that played harmonically. “If you’re the angel of the earth, if you’re the star of the dawn my gem…” he turned to see you with two small glasses in one hand and a bottle in the other, “The bartender said that I could get the whole bottle for me and what he said as ‘Γκόμενο’ whatever that means.” you sat beside him again and poured the honey gold drink in the glasses. “Into the bluest of the depths, and the heavenly treasures, golden moon”

The more the song went on, the less alcohol remained in the bottles and the more remained in your guts as you both began walking back to your room, “Let your hair loose and let me closer to you so I can see, How your white gown describes your angelic form.”

By the time you and Jack had gone back to your shared room, he was carrying you. Your face huddled close to his chest as you hummed the song that still played down at the lobby. “Mmmm.. Hey Jack?” you moaned out as the alcohol had taken a rougher punch to your brain, “Yes, (Y/N)?” he asked as he set you on your bed, but before he could go on his bed you grasped his arm, “Can we cuddle tonight?” you questioned, to which he complied by lying down with you, pulling you close to his arms as you held onto his shirt.

“Y’know Jack, I’m really stupid-” You started “No that’s not true-” he said “Oi lemme finish you dork~” you interrupted him, “I’m stupid, because I let your words always fly past me, Your kindness and care, those too, I was oblivious as all hell you know?” He watched your reddened face smile as you reached forward and pressed your soft lips against his chapped ones.

The kiss had a longing feeling to it, as if Jack hasn’t kissed anyone for decades. He loved your smell, even if the alcohol lingered on you. He cupped one of your cheeks and deepened the kiss as you held onto his shirt tighter.

When you both pulled away, your eyes were dilated, from the darkness of the room and the arousal in your systems. “You won’t believe this, I felt like an idiot for loving a girl as kind as you. It didn’t feel right when I felt nervous around you. But I never knew you felt like this.” He said as he kissed your forehead.

You smiled up at him and kissed him once again, “I love you, I love you so much” he breathed out between kisses.

As you both fell asleep you heard from down stairs the locals yell out gleefully, “Καλά Χριστούγεννα!”

Γκόμενος - Boyfriend

Καλά Χριστούγεννα - Merry Christmas

I picture Dex as the oldest of three. His younger siblings are twins, (insert two Irish names here,) and he loves them with his whole world. He’s 100% the older brother type, and that’s why he’s always working. Because neither of his parents went to college but they’re still making ends meet, but Dex wants better for (names). He wants them to have nice clothes for that middle school dance and he wants them to be able to buy the next book of their favorite series.

So even in college, while being an athlete and taking advanced math classes, he’s working. And that was the condition for him joining the team, he told hall and Murray. He’s no Jack Zimmermann, he wasn’t trying to strong arm them. But he laid out the situation, and hall and Murray agreed that as long as it doesn’t affect his playing, there’s no reason he can’t work. (And it’s not like sleep will be an issue, because Dex has been running on low sleep since day one. He came out of the womb exhausted in the way that only a 13 or 17 hour work day will do to you.)

And so he works. He works a lot. He’s taking the minimum number of credit hours so that he has time to work, and he’ll be pulling double shifts on the lobster boat over the summer to save up some money, and Dex knows hard work is what I’m saying. There is more work ethic in Dex’s left pinky than there is in the entire rest of the team, some days.

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Forsaking the Stars ch. 15

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7,Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14

The entire group shared a collective feeling of relief when they got Stan’s body encased in the Peanut Brittle, and Bill back into his own body. Not only because it meant that Stan’s body would be perfectly preserved when they got his soul back, but because Bill in Stan’s body was far too chummy, and Mabel was no longer the only one noticing it.

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So I finished 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) last night.

Things I have done in various adventure games without so much as blinking:

-Waved a scythe over a giant kitty litter box to locate a metal detector buried there.
-Hacked off a companion’s hand with an alien jawbone then shoved the bleeding stump into an alien goo crystal which saves his life but turns him into a violent, semi-psychotic alien goo crystal addict.
-Faced a final boss that was a giant, angry Scout leader who tried to kill me by throwing God’s Eyes (those yarn and popsicle stick arts and crafts projects) after a level entirely based on a nightmarish 50′s dreamscape.
-Rebuilt a German concert hall so I could use Wagnerian opera to out a man as a werewolf (regarded by all and sundry as a dick move, very impolite in modern society)
-Rode a windup clockwork train through Eastern Europe accompanied by automatons looking for wooly mammoths.  Because sure.
-Traveled through time via port-a-potty
-Retrieved the moon from a fountain with a Shepard’s Crook that I got from a kangaroo rat when I gave him a book that I bought with a wooden nickel.
-Attempt to solve every single puzzle with a crowbar (my brother was always determined to make an adventure game with a massive inventory where every single solution was ‘crowbar it’ anyway)

This, however, was something different.  I have never been so stymied by a plot in an adventure game in my entire life.  Seriously.  This made no logical sense whatsoever.  

Spoilers under the cut for anyone who might want to play this game.

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Happy (belated) birthday Miranda!

Let us stretch the fesitval of captain-k-jones for as long as humanly possible! A little something for your birthday - and not a bit of angst in sight!! Thank you for being part of our network - it means a lot to know that we have our circle of friends whenever we need them.

Word Count: 2300ish

Rated: F for fluff and flirting

Based on this prompt:  My stupid friends roped me into a mall scavenger hunt and you’re on the list” AU

Cross them off (Part ½)

“Okay, everyone, grab a list.” Ruby raised her voice to be heard over the crowd in the restaurant, as she handed colourful sheets of paper to all the women in their party. “The rules are simple. We hit the clubs and you collect the things on your lists. Photographic evidence preferred. And never let it be said I didn’t show you all a good time at this Bachelorette party!”

Already less than excited about the prospect of a night of high heels and thumping music, Emma Swan turned the purple paper over cautiously, flinching slightly at the title in its 50 point ridiculous font. “Bachelorette Bingo” it exclaimed, eliciting excited hand clapping from the bride-to-be, Mary Margaret, and a sigh of defeat from Emma. Her friends were comparing notes, giggling and laughing loudly but she was struggling to join in their excitement.

Especially when she cast her eyes over the list she had been given.

  • Someone with an accent
  • Someone who has been on a boat in the last month
  • A man in uniform
  • Someone who plays an instrument
  • A hottie…why not?
  • Someone who believes in true love…bride and groom NOT included
  • Something/someone that makes you laugh
  • A cheesy pick up line that has worked
  • Free space…something that catches your eye

“So, Ems,” Ruby said, draping an arm around Emma’s shoulders and grinning widely at her, “Ready to play my little game?”

Emma narrowed her eyes at her friend. “True love?” she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ruby laughed. “Thought you’d like that one. I needed something to represent our beautiful bride…and there’s no truer love than those two.” Emma couldn’t disagree. Mary Margaret and her husband-to-be David Nolan were the most in love couple she had ever seen and it warmed even her hardened heart to see her friend so happy.

Still, true love was not for Emma Swan. She had learned the hard way about letting someone into her heart and it was not a trap she planned on falling in again.

“Just have a go, sweetie,” Ruby whispered, almost as if she had seen into Emma’s thoughts. “Let yourself go a bit and have a bit of fun. For Mary Margaret’s sake at least.”

Emma read over the list again and looked at Mary Margaret, who caught her eye and grinned, her eyes shining with champagne and excitement. It was contagious and Emma found herself smiling back just as widely.

“I’ll play,” she said to Ruby. “But don’t expect me to enjoy it.”

Ruby snorted. “Duly noted,” she said, “No fun for Emma Swan.”


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Cast Iron: Part 21

I know this took me forever and I’m sorry.  But yes.  Charlie cheese man.  He is here.  

Previous Parts

Technically, it’s spring.  As in, it’s spring according to the calendar, but nothing about the wintry, frigid planes of ice hanging from Astrid’s eaves like sugar art remind her of the season of warming growth.  She wraps her blanket more tightly around her shoulders, staring between the shut bathroom door and the TV.  Hiccup is doing better but still acting strange.  He’s stopped checking his phone every five minutes like a nervous tick, flicking through calls, texts, and emails in that order, his eyebrows knit together in concentration like he could miss a new message.  They filmed the past weekend for the first time since…since the whole Eret fiasco and it went fine.  Reserved, but fine.  She actually finished a dish for the first time in a while without having to bring a different plate from the warmer in the last two minutes.  He waxed poetic on the bad rap cheese has gotten in the seafood oriented circles of the culinary world.  

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