i was never a fan of buster

Yesterday I went to the theatre and I saw “Sing” with a friend of mine. 

I really enjoyed it. The movie reminded me of Zootopia: both films have similarities but it’s also true that they are different. The main point is that Zootopia is “a world built by animals for animals” while SIng is more a human world with animals instead. 

All those cute and fluffy animals are just adorable and illumination entertainment movies have (almost) never disappointed me. 

I was sorry for Buster Moon (aka one of the most cutest koalas in the universe) all the time, I mean I really hated seeing him unhappy because of his theatre. Anyway we get cute animals singing and dancing the entire time so if you’re a fan of walking-talking animated animal movies , watch it!

Yeah, I’m a feminist who is not all about the Ghost Busters Reboot.

So there has been a bit of talk about the Angry Video Game Nerd not going to review the new Ghost Busters Movie, and of course people are screaming its sexist and unfair and of course, calling the Nerd out as being a horrible man baby. Now, I am a feminist. I am always glad when we have new Female Led entertainment out in the world. I’m a fan of Melissa Mccarthy (I loved the movie Spy: It was amazing, and it needs a sequel). I also love Ghost Busters, and I love the Nerd, so here a few thoughts:

A. The nerd is not remotely sexist. I have watched him for -years- and watched just about every single video he has done for game reviews, and a few of the retrospectives he has done. He’s nuanced, intelligent, and yes, crass, but a lot of the time its funny and honestly, he is -never- insulting towards any specific group or remotely sexist, racist, or any “ist”.

B. As a feminist, I’m really not sure I’m on board with the idea of taking popular franchises and rebooting them with all female casts. I don’t think it really helps women in Hollywood get innovative, creative roles - I think it just helps Hollywood be extremely lazy in not creating new material. And honestly, the GhostBusters reboot essentially says to me “ We don’t think an original content movie with a female cast is going to make money, so we are just going to slap a popular franchise on it so we can make people happy.” If women are going to make headway in Hollywood - it needs to be original, honest works. I know that the actresses in Ghost Busters are giving it their all, so I don’t fault them, but I just think the whole thing is Malarkey.

C. I hate reboots for the most part (At least when it comes to live action movies. Anime/Cartoons are a different story). There have been a few reboots that were good: Dark Knight, Dredd (With Carl Urban. The Judge Dredd with Stallone was crap. (BTW, Carl Urban’s Dredd should get a sequel). Star Trek was good, but I don’t think it was better. Star Wars vastly improved upon the prequels but I don’t know if its really better than a new hope. But for the most part, movie reboots are crud).

D. Honestly, if we are going to get pissed off about female not being represented in media - lets focus the attention on the MRA’s, and the actual sexists who are trying to push women back into the 1950’s. Not a dude who does really good reviews on video games AND does Charity for the Shriners organization that helped his daughter gain mobility in her arm after she suffered nerve damage during birth.