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The Long Dark - Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6

Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader, assorted dwarves.
Erebor after BOTFA (fix-it, Durins live AU).
Synopsis: As the rebuilding of Erebor begins, Thorin and his Company take on the new responsibilities their station demands, leaving you to find a place in the city on your own. Isolated and lacking the skills to make a living in a city of craftsmen, your situation seems hopeless. So while Dwalin and Bofur make unlikely fairy godmothers, you can’t afford to be choosy. And then the king gets involved, changing your life in ways that are as exciting as they are scary. (Incorporates “imagine helping with the clean-up of Erebor” from imaginexhobbit.)
Warnings: Eventually NSFW. Angst. Fluff. Slow burn of sorts. Excessive cluelessness on the part of the main couple.
Again, many thanks to my lovely beta, @oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester, who made this fit for public consumption. All remaining mistakes are mine alone.
Words: 5572

The next morning, you woke slowly from the most restful sleep you’d had in ages. Watery sunlight caressed your face, filtered through a bluish quartz dome at the center of the ceiling.

You stretched, inhaling the fresh scent of luxurious bed linens. The last wisps of a clinging dream slowly faded, leaving behind an idea. The dream had been confusing, but it left behind a vivid image of great greenhouses beneath the mountain, lit by mirrors and fed by a great array of water pipes. You found yourself eager to talk about it, find out whether it was feasible.

A quick inquiry to one of the guards revealed that most of the company were tied up with the ongoing negotiations or their regular tasks, so you decided that you would dig into your meagre funds and use the morning to buy a new dress. You couldn’t live in the royal wing and dress like a beggar, it wouldn’t reflect well on Thorin.

To your surprise, a dwarf you knew fleetingly from the kitchens delivered a lovely meal of porridge and canned fruit. You savored a leisurely breakfast and washed up, delighting in the scented soap and soft towels that you found waiting for you. You had just finished dressing when Kili knocked on your door, looking very chipper in a fur-lined coat over a maroon tunic edged with gold.

He beamed at you. “Good morning, Y/N!”

You smiled back. “Good morning! This is a surprise. Not that I’m not glad to see you.”

“I’m at your disposal today,” he announced, bouncing on his toes.

This was news to you. “How come? I thought you’d be busy with the negotiations like everybody else.”

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Work of art

Pairing: Tony x reader

@xangelhunterx request :the reader is Tony’s girlfriend and a professional artist. One day Tony is out on a mission that should have taken longer but he gets back early and surprises the reader, who has paint all over her hands and face from a rather messy spray painting project. Tony begs her to take a shower with him so she can wash the paint off which ends up with a cute smutty bit of shower smut.

Y/n- your name
Y/l/n- your last name

“F.r.i.d.a.y. when does Tony come back from the mission” I asked the A.I. As I lazily laid on the couch watching some shitty reality show. Tony had been gone for a week now because of a mission and I missed him so much.

“Not for another week ms. Y/l/n” great another boring week without Tony. I might as well start working on my next project to distract myself then. I got off the couch and went to our bedroom to change into my painting outfit before heading off to my art room in the tower. I actually met Tony at one of my art exhibits and we spent hours talking about our favorite artists and paintings. He asked for my number and we’ve been together ever since.

“Alright F.r.i.d.a.y. Can you play my playlist” I asked as I grabbed spray paint.

“Certainly ms. Y/l/n” and soon my favorite song started playing as I started to work on my giant canvas

(Meanwhile Tony’s pov)

“Guys can you hurry up I want to go home already” I complained as we were raiding a hydra base. We’re supposed to be here for another week but I just want to get back home. I want to be around my girlfriend and not these idiots.

“Chill Tony we’re almost done” I heard Clint’s voice as I circulated the base, taking out any agents that are trying to leave with information.

“Well hurry”

*time skip*

“You got your wish stark, we’re coming back early” Bruce sat next to me.

“I just want to get home already” I rested my head against the seat.

“To see y/n right? Why else would you be on our asses to finish the job if it wasn’t for her”

“Obviously” I rolled my eyes.

“Well you better cheer up because we’re halfway there” Bruce got up and walked away. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I felt someone tapping my shoulder.

“Tony we’re here” Bruce was the last one in the quinjet with me. I got up and walked out, automatically going towards my car that was outside. Another hour later and I’m back at the tower being greeted by F.r.i.d.a.y.

“Welcome back sir”

“Thank you” I noticed that it was too quiet in here. “F.r.i.d.a.y. Where is y/n?”

“Ms. Y/l/n is currently in her art room, she’s working on a piece for one of her clients. Would you like for me to inform her that you have arrived?”

“No I want to surprise her but thank you” I got back on the elevator and went up to the floor where y/n’s art room was. Once I was in front of the door I was debating if I should knock or not but ultimately decided to quietly enter. Opening the door my ears were immediately met with the loud music in the room. I quietly made my way over to her and really took in her work. It was wonderful, she is really talented.

“It’s looking great babe” I talked into her ear as I grabbed her waist and making her jump.

“TONY ! ! !”

*y/n pov*

“It’s looking great babe” I heard Tony’s voice as I felt him grabbing my waist.

“TONY ! ! !” I spun around and was about to hug him but stopped once I noticed I was dirty because of the paint. “I thought you weren’t going to be here for another week” I opted to kiss him instead.

“We were but I told them to hurry up, I wanted to come back home to you” he kissed me again and took the spray paint from my hands. “No offense babe but you are filthy” he pointed at my hands and forehead. “Let’s go clean up, I could use a shower myself. F.r.i.d.a.y. Please turn off the music” Tony instructed the A.I. As he got ahold of my paint colored hand and guided us out of the room.

Once we reached our room I made my way straight into the bathroom and taking off the paint covered clothes. “Tony are you joining me or not?” I asked as I took off my bra and underwear.

“I’m coming, I just had to bring this” he walked into the bathroom naked and holding my hamper. “So you can put those in here” he pointed at my clothes. I picked up my clothes and put them, giving him s quick kiss before he took the basket out of the room. I opened the shower door and stepped inside, turning the shower on I shivered when cold started to come out. After a few seconds I finally got it to a perfect temperature.

“Tony come on” I shouted only to have him open the door two seconds later with a wash rag.

“Alright alright calm down” I moved back so Tony was comfortably inside and shut the shower door. “Ok you first because your more dirty than me”

“No you’re way more dirty than me Tony, you know with all those naughty text you sent me yesterday.” I teased taking what he said out of context.

“Hahaha you know what I meant” I squirted out a bit of body wash into the washcloth and started to wash my face. I faintly saw color in the water when he rinsed the washcloth so he could squirt more body was on it.


“I know and you still have a little bit on your face.” Tony started scrubbing again “close your eyes” I did and I felt him tilting my head a little so I felt water on my face. I felt his hands on my face, wiping it to make sure there was no more paint on my face. “Alright your face is clean, now your hands” he held onto my multicolored hands and pored the body wash on it, using the washcloth to scrub the paint away. After a few minutes he finally managed to wash away the paint out of my hands.

“Yay now I can do this” I held onto the back of his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. He took a few steps forward, making me step back until my back hit the tile wall. “I missed this” I managed to say against his lips.

“I know me too” I his right hand started to make its way down my body and soon his thumb was on my clit.

“I thought we were supposed to be taking a shower Tony” I moaned as he started to suck on my neck and inserted his fingers inside me.

“We can do both” he removed his hand and got my shampoo. “Wash your hair in the meantime” I squirted it into my hands and started to massage it into my hair while Tony inserted his fingers inside me as started to suck on my left nipple.

“Oh god” I moaned as i continued to wash my hair. “Let go of my breast Tony, I’m about to rinse” he pulled away and watched as I rinsed out my hair. Once I rinsed out my hair a second time I squeezed some shampoo in my hand and started messaging it into Tony’s hair.

“Mmm I love it when you run your hands through my hair” he started pumping his fingers inside me faster as his other hand was around my waist.

“Tony” I managed to move us around so now he was under the shower head and he started to rinse out the shampoo.

“I think I’m clean enough, turn around from me” he lightly tapped my ass before I turned around. “Bend over and place your hands on the wall” I shook my ass a little bit for him before bending over and my hands were against the cold tile. I moaned as I felt Tony teasing my entrance with the tip of his cock before pushing himself inside me.

“Tony ! ! !” I closed my eyes as he started to move.

“Fuck” Tony grunted, he gripped my waist tighter as he started to set a fast are harsh pace. “I was only gone for a week how are you so tight” the sound of our wet skin echoed.

“I don’t know but don’t stop Tony” I whimpered as one of his hands made its way toward my clit and started to play with it. “Tony I’m so close baby”

“Do it babe, cum for me” a couple of more thrusts later and I was putty in his hands. “TONY ! ! ! !” I screamed and Tony continue to thrust harshly inside me.

“That’s it y/n cum, fuck I love hearing you cum” Tony made me lean back and let my head fall back onto his as he continued to move.

“Tony” His name continued to fall from my lips as one of his hands started playing with my breast.

“That’s it y/n” I could feel his cock starting to twitch inside me

“Tony stop I want you to cum in my mouth.” He pulled out and I dropped to my knees. Waisting no time I took him in my mouth and started blow him.

“Oh shiiiit” one of Tony’s hands landed on my head as I bobbed my head. “Ooooh fuck I missed your mouth so muuuuuch” I could hear Tony breathing heavily. I started sucking faster until I felt him spilling himself in my mouth. “FUUUUUUCK” Tony let out a long moan as I continued to suck until I got all of his cum. Once I did I got up and pecked his lips. “I fucking love you”

“I love you too Tony” I kissed him again and continued to shower.

“Round two in the bedroom?” I asked as we stepped out of the shower.

“Oh do you really have to ask?” Tony lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom where we spent the rest of the making up a weeks worth not having sex.

I was bad.

This is kind of a naughty story but i had to tell you guys what happened yesterday!!

I woke up around 7:30 that morning (which is early because I usually wake up around 9) and I walked over to my mirror and saw that I had slept only in my bra and panties (Daddy and I had played the night before). I was, for some reason, looking for marks and bruises, but there were only two and they were small.

That made me sad. I love Daddy’s marks, they’re like little reminders that he loves me. I guess there weren’t many marks because when we made love, it was a slow and romantic time.

I then noticed that Daddy was still home, and I wanted him to mark me and treat me like his little slut, so I took off my bra and panties, grabbed my pink butt plug (that has a big fluffy tail) and walked out into the living room and saw Daddy walking around in just his boxers and holding a cup of coffee.

I casually walked out and sat down on the couch and Daddy noticed I was up and said “Princess? Why are you up?” I shrugged and watched as Daddy sat down next to me and pulled me closer. He ran his fingers down my back, on my hips, and stopped on my butt then asked me why I was naked. I shrugged again and laid my head in his lap and handed him my tail. He smiled at me and said “Do you want this in you, Kitty?” And I nodded and moaned as he put it in my butt. 😊

I looked up and asked Daddy if I could play with his toy, and he said that he had to get ready for work. I ignored him and grabbed it through his boxers and I giggled and whispered “Daddy, it’s hard.” Then, he let out a deep breath, so I was grabbing at his boxers and was about to pull them down when he grabbed my hands. “Not now.” Was the only thing he said, and it was in a harsh tone. He then got up, kissed my forehead, and went into the bedroom to get dressed.

Rude. 😒

So Daddy kisses me and leaves for work, and I was determined to get Daddy to punish me, so I decided to make myself look really cute at school and “accidentally” run into him.

I took a long bath using my bath bomb that smells like candy and washed my hair with coconut shampoo so I smelled nice, then after my bath I put on the nicest looking makeup I’ve ever done. And I wore this breathtaking little black dress that is tight and flowy in all the right places, and since I know it drives Daddy CRAZY, I wore a pair of thigh highs that have a cute bow at the top.

So I got to school and I was looking fierce, but I didn’t see Daddy anywhere around campus, so I just decided to pay him a visit after class.

And I did just that.

I walked into his classroom and it was empty, so I closed the door and walked in. I was looking around when the door to his office swung open and he strolled out carrying papers. He looked up and saw me, and he gasped so loud that it slightly echoed. He said “Ms. (My last name), w-what’re you doing here?” I giggled and replied with “Daddy, I needed to see you.” And I walked up to him. He gulped really hard and looked at the door, and when he saw it was closed and we were alone, he said “Kitty, don’t tease me like that.” So I decided to kiss his cheek and turn around, but then I “accidentally” dropped my pen, so I said “Oopsie.” And slllloooowwwwly picked it up, wiggling my butt a little.

So after that I headed over to Kate’s and we set up for her birthday dinner that Mitch and I were invited to.

Eventually our friends and Mitch show up and its around 7, and during dinner I figured I could be naughty, so I took my hand under the table and placed it straight on his daddy toy. He gasped, but nobody noticed, and he gripped my wrist and placed it onto my lap.

I did it again, three times. He just kept putting it back in my lap. :(

So Mitch left early, and when I eventually left I arrived home around 10. I opened the door and all of the lights were off except for the bedroom, so I set down my stuff and walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

He was wearing only a pair of black jeans and was holding my ball gag. I was about to say hi when he growled and said “You’ve been acting up lately.” Then he turned around and walked up to me and said “When little sluts act up it means they need to be punished.”

Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed me, pulling me over his knee. He spanked me three times before grabbing me and ripping off my dress and my bra and panties.

He pushed my face down onto the pillow and he started fucking me from behind. But I started moaning loudly so he flipped me over and grabbed my ball gag. He asked me if I needed him, and I nodded. Then he growled “Use your words, Slut. Tell me what you need.” And I muffled through the gag, making him smirk at me.

After that he tied my hands to the bed railing and he went down on me. And after my fourth orgasm I was quivering, so I tried squirming away, but he kept pulling me back in, saying “I’m not done yet.” And I was shaking so much that I yelped “Daddy stop! I can’t take it!” And god, his response was “Tell me to stop again and I will.” And when I just moaned instead of telling him to stop, he chuckled and said “I thought so.” 😍😍

Then he was pounding me when I looked over at the blindfold on the dresser and he saw, because as he tied my feet he chuckled, then stuck his toy in me hard, telling me “Look at Daddy.” As he punished me.

So he then spanked me again with a paddle, and gave me a lot of hickeys before he fucked my mouth and he came in my mouth and I waited for him to allow me to swallow.

And afterwards he picked me up along with my hello kitty blankie wrapped around me and carried me to the living room where we had hot cocoa and cuddled and he massaged me and told me how much of a good girl I am. 😊 Then we went to bed and we cuddled as we fell asleep.

But this morning when I woke up, Daddy had already left for work and when I looked in my full body mirror, I had the most bruises and bite marks I’ve ever seen. I went to go send him a good morning text and I saw that he had sent me a picture.

I clicked on the picture and it was of his back. It was FULL of scratches. And his caption was “Kitty scratches 😘😍” and I died. It was amazing.

I love you Daddy. 😘

Sorry I posted this so late, but I was in the middle of writing it when my friend Tyler called and I had to help him and I forgot.

And yes I know this one is dirtier than my others and I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but I just had to tell you guys!

Happy World Chocolate Day! June 7th, 2016

“Are we certain this is safe? I mean, I am going to be sticking my…you know what in there.”

“Draco, stop being so squeemish.”

Draco threw his hands out, shaking them back and forth a bit, his mouth opening and closing like a grouper fish. The little contraption, made of plastic if Blaise was to be trusted…it sat there so unassumingly. As if it wasn’t made with the specific purpose of making a chocolate mold of your -

“Don’t you want this to be a memorable Valentine’s, Draco?”

Draco decided then and there making Blaise’s smirking illegal would be his first act as Minister, if his supposed “best friend” even lived past today.

*naughtiness below the cut*

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Do u know dick sizes of s, m&t brothers😏

Hehehe, I see where this is going ;) I have no awareness of there being an actual canon of this, so I’ll just have to give a suggestion, my thoughts on the boys’ jewels xD

Shu : 8 inches, I really think the man is quite big (every time I look at his shoulders I feel like they’re huge and broad and his dick would be the same)

Reiji : 7 inches, not as big as his bro but still this butler would be…oh god…I can’t turn this into smut it’s too early

Ayato : 6.85 inches, the man would obviously be super proud of his woody womb pecker, probably give it a nickname too

Kanato : 6.25 inches. He’d probably be a bit bigger than what his s/o expects considering his physical appearance and cuteness.

Laito: *here comes our pervert* 6.85 inches just like his red haired brother. They probably fought about this already

Subaru : 7 inches. He’d be quite modest about it when thinking about his little dingly dong but indeed…big enough…really enough

Ruki: 7.55 inches….eh….hmm…just…please give me your cock already

Kou: 6.25 inches. Our idol probably has a fandom about his dick

Yuma : HAHAHAHA LETS NOT PRETEND WE DONT KNOW ALREADY (but obviously he’s over 9 inches or something cause the way his carrot grows…god where did my panties go)

Azusa: 6:85 inches, I don’t want to add any naughty comment next to my cinnamon roll.

Shin : 7.85 inches *doggy style doggy style doggy stile*

Carla : 8 inches (btw I had a naughty dream about him yesterday woops)

Rant About Zayn

i feel like enough time has passed, and enough things have happened for me to have a solid opinion on the last few days. 

The first day I cried so much. not because I felt like it was unfair, but because I couldn´t begin to imagine this band without one of them. I would´ve felt the same way if Liam, Louis, Niall or Harry had quit. But, after thinking about the reasons, I understood that health and happiness are the most important things, so if it was hurting him it was a good decision. 

The second and third day, I felt upset, I won´t deny it, but I felt a sense of pride because he had quit his job to feel better. I felt like that was a lesson to learn: no matter how much money or fame a job brings, if you´re not happy, it´s not worth it. However, I was still waiting for a goodbye. A video or a tweet, or something more than just a legal document. I felt like we deserved that. I felt like if he left without it, it meant he didn´t care at all about us. I felt like 5 years is long enough to get attached to someone, even if you don’t know them. 

I feel like we gave so much of our time, energy, money, love, laughter, tears and lack of sleep for them, I was hoping he would see that and at least tweet a proper goodbye to us. But today, as in the 31st of March, he hasn’t said anything. 

When the “twitter war“ happened, I had blindly hoped Zayn would defend Louis, and take his side. But he didn´t. I read something yesterday that said: Zayn chose Naughty boy over us and Louis chose us over Zayn.

Then the song comes in.

I really like the song, it´s a good song, I have to admit that because it´s only fair. But the fact that he lied… that´s what I can´t get over. He said he wanted a “normal 22-year-old life“. but a couple of days later we see him in a studio, then with Naughty Boy, and then the song.

I´m not stupid. And I hate being lied to, because that means the person that lied to you thinks you are stupid enough to believe them and to never find out the truth. I feel like lately he wasn´t in the band. He didn’t seem okay. He seemed like his heart wasn’t in it anymore, which is what he said in the interview.

And if he goes solo, I don´t know if I will support him. Not because he left one direction and I´m upset over that. I´m just hurt that he would lie when he knew that´s not what he wanted. I´m not saying he was´t stressed, because I believe he was, but I don´t believe him when he says he wants a normal life.

I just needed to get that off my chest, probably no one will read it, but that´s okay.

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I was reading your amazing flood my mornings post yesterday and a naughty thought came to mind: what would jamie's reaction be to prophylactics? Thank you!

Flood my Mornings: Not Yet 

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

September, 1950

“Erm…Jamie? Did I…break you?”

We had just finished making love and I’d closed my eyes, feeling sensation rippling across my body and my blackened vision sparking like heat lightning. Satisfied and exhausted, I’d opened my eyes to see Jamie (still inside me) looking down in a kind of wild, fascinated horror, face rigid as though someone had put a knife against his throat.

“Jamie?” I said again, giving him a poke in the belly, “Have your English flown away?” I asked with a grin in my pidgin Gaelic.

This seemed to bring him back to his senses, for he blinked, shook his head to clear it, and murmured an apologetic, “No, no, mo chridhe, I’m alright.” He pulled himself out of me and sat kneeling on the bed between my legs.“I’m sorry, I just realized that–” He halted again, gaping wordlessly and running his fingers backward through his hair in agitation. 

Out with it, lad,” I said, laughing at the strangeness of seeing that familiar gesture in his now-laughably-short hair. I pulled the coverlet across to cover my naked body, still cozily exhausted.

“When you talked about wanting another bairn,” he said slowly, “ye said ‘not yet,’ aye?”

I froze. 

Now? Could I tell him now? Was this the right time? 

“Well, yes, I suppose I did, or something to that effect,” I said carefully, hearing alarm bells sound when his nostrils flared and his mouth went taut. “I don’t remember the exact—”

“But have we no’ been trying in effect these last two months?”

“Ohhhhh,” I said, understanding.

“It’s only I got a wave of panic, just then,” he said, the dismay clear in his voice, “that ye might get wi’ child before you’re ready…and it’s only— I wondered…if I ought not to come to your bed—lie wi’ ye—until…until then.”

I swept up onto my knees before him and stopped his mouth with a kiss. Pulling back, I held his face in my hands.  “You’re so very sweet, my love.”

“Sweet?” he said darkly. “Damnably careless.” He made a scoffing sound deep in his throat, and his face contorted as though he were trying to hold back an explosion. “Claire, I’m…so sorry. What must ye think of me?” 

“Dinna fash,” I said, an an exaggerated accent I hoped would make him laugh. “I’ve been taking precautions.”

His eyebrows went high in shock. “Precautions?”

Ooft, a bloody great SLEW of minefield talks to be had this night, it seems. 

…and quite the field indeed, when the prospect of discussing birth control with an eighteenth-century CATHOLIC husband could be deemed the lesser of the mines!

After a deep breath and a prayer, I succinctly explained the concept of the diaphragm and—following a quick trip to the washroom to excavate and sanitize—showed him the handy little thing. 

He said nothing during this; not a word. He was holding it gingerly in the palm of one hand, staring at it as though it were about to go off. 

“I’d…like to know how you feel about my using it,” I said cautiously, trying to both scrutinize him and avoid his eye. I was talking too fast in my nervousness, babbling to fill the silence. “The other option is a rubber sleeve that you would have to wear, every time. More or less effective, but I’m told it lessens the sensation quite a bit for the man’s part. This seemed more…well…unobtrusive.”

He opened his mouth, closed it, swallowed, and at last said, full of emotion. “I…think it’s a wonderful invention.”

Really?” I said, releasing a huge breath in relief and leaning back on the pillows. “Truly? You were so quiet, there, I thought you must be upset with me.”

He shook his head. “I was only thinking about all the women back home–back then who might have benefitted from such a device. All the lives it might have saved.”

“Your mother?” I said gently. 

“Well… no, I dinna think so….” he said, moving to lay on his side facing me. “She and my father, they wanted another bairn, aye?” He rolled the diaphragm meditatively between his fingers. “But I can think of many a woman that would have deemed it a verra great blessing indeed to be free of perpetual pregnancy and risk; to simply enjoy the bairns she had been given already….and no’ be driven to slip a bairn in desperation.”

“Indeed,” I agreed gravely, thinking of how many such women I’d known and seen in my own brief time in the eighteenth-century; women whose lives hung in the balance between the forces of men’s desires, the capabilities of their own bodies, and the dark, desperate ways out that might be offered by the Geillis Duncan of their community. I shuddered involuntarily and cleared my throat. “I did wonder if perhaps you might oppose it on religious grounds.” 

“Oh, aye?”

“The Catholic church has opposed contraception time out of mind, you know: circumventing God’s plan for humans ‘being fruitful and multiplying,’ among other objections.”

Jamie furrowed his eyebrows indignantly. “But that puts all the responsibility for things on woman, then, no? She must accept what spunk comes her way and whatever might spring from it, but man may spill it with impunity? Seems horribly unjust to—What are you grinning at like a wee frog, Sassenach? Do ye no’ agree?”

“No, I most certainly do! You should write pamphlets, darling!” I laughed, relieved by his unexpected open-mindedness. “So…you don’t think me wicked for using it?”

“No, Christ, not at all,” he said at once, firmly. “To my mind, if God can forgive a man for sowing his oats hither and thither and whenever he pleases, I’m certain He can forgive a woman for taking prudent precautions against the wily stuff.”

“Wily indeed,” I said, grinning still wider. 

I did wonder if Jamie would be quite as progressive in a decade or two when a grown Brianna began exploring her own contraception possibilities….

Ah, well: sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

“And besides,” he said, more softly, “It’s no’ as if we mean to use it so that we might commit sin….If I’m wrong or blasphemous, I’ll answer to God for it on the day of judgement, and gladly, but for the time being, I see no evil in two loving parents waiting for the proper time to bring another bairn into the world.” He kissed me. “No….Ye shall take your precautions until you’re ready…”

Until I’m ready. 

One mine down. Another about to explode. 

He leaned forward and took my face between his hands, kissing me so tenderly I wanted to cry.   

I could feel the pressure of suppressed thoughts ready to burst out from my chest.

“Jamie…but it’s…”

His eyes were crinkled up with mirth. “No ‘buts’ about it. If the pope has a problem wi’ it, he can take it up wi’ me himself.”

Despite my distress, I gave a small laugh, imagining Pope Pius XII in our living room, having it out on the ethics of contraceptives with my formidable husband. “No, that isn’t…Jamie, I need to say something.”

It came out in a rush and he stiffened at once. “What is it, mo chridhe?”

“I had thought…” I grabbed a pillow and wrapped my arms around it, grounding myself to it. “That is…I had thought to wait a time before conceiving again…”

I stopped. He tilted his head to the side, mouth quirked as though repressing a smile. His eyes sparkled with…anticipation? “You…will be thinking differently, now?”

“I want to go to medical school,” I blurted gracelessly.

In the space of one blink of the eye, his glowing features turned to stone. Not angry, nor surprised; just that impassive blank of control that he wielded so skillfully to keep his emotions undetected. He was closed. Present. But closed. “Did ye no’ already have your schooling to be a nurse?” His voice was light and even, but not his own.

Oh, please, God, please let him understand.

“I did,” I began slowly, “but that was for nursing. To be a full MD–medical doctor–you have to go back for more rigorous training; but you have so many more capabilities, for it. You can do surgeries, prescribe care, make the diagnoses that matter! And it…well, it’s expensive, and it takes a good number of years to complete, but…it’s something I’ve been contemplating for some time, now.”

“‘Expensive,’ ye say…Can we afford it?” he asked. His face was still inscrutable, his voice calm. He wasn’t looking at me.

“Yes. I’ve still got part of my inheritance left over from Uncle Lamb…and with your salary coming in, we should be able to manage, if we’re careful about our expenditures. They do offer loans for tuition, and if it comes to it, we can take advantage of that. My earning potential will be immensely higher once I’m an MD, so we’ll have no trouble paying them back.”

He didn’t speak, but nodded his head, brows furrowed in thought.

“I can do it, Jamie,” I said, doing my utmost to keep the pleading out of my voice, but hearing it nonetheless. “It’ll be hard for a few years, but we have Penelope, and I can do much of the studying the first two years from home, and–”

He raised a hand.

“Jamie, please listen to me–”

But he put a quelling hand on my arm, squeezing gently. “If ye want this thing, Claire….you’ll have it.”

I sat gaping at him. “Thank you,” I breathed, a huge weight rising from my shoulders. “Truly, thank you.

He smiled, a little weakly, but with genuine love and feeling. “I’ve no doubt that you’ll be wonderful….and we’ll manage wi’ the details as they come. Together.”

I leaned down and kissed him, running my fingers through his hair. “Jamie….thank you….You have no idea how much this means to me. It’s…God, just… thank you, sweetheart.” 

“What would I no’ do for your sake, mo chridhe?” he said, so quietly it was no more than a breath against my cheek.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, steeling myself for the final revelation of the evening. “And so…I’ve been thinking…perhaps we ought not to….put off having the second baby, after all?”

His head snapped up and I watched as—in an instant—his mask cracked and fell away, from first shock and then from the dawning of the most breathtaking smile. “I thought–” He exhaled heavily, stertorous, his whole body seeming to shake as the words tumbled out of him. “Claire, I thought ye were telling me ye’d decided ye’d changed your mind and didna wish to bear another child so you might pursue your schooling!”

“No, no!” I exclaimed, feeling my heart rise like a balloon. “Oh, no, sweetheart! I just meant if the child was a year or two of age before I began medical school, rather than falling pregnant in the midst of things, that would be ide–”

“I was fully prepared to stand by ye if that was your wish, and never say a word more about it, but–” He grabbed me around the waist and pushed me back down on the pillows, kissing me with abandon. When he pulled away, his face above me was filled to bursting with tenderness and joy and love. “Oh, God, Claire,“ he groaned, cupping my face with his free hand. “I’m so happy.”

“So am I,” I whispered, breathless with it.

He was beaming. “We’ve a marvelous future, ahead, do we not? You’ll make a verra fine doctor, Sassenach, and I ken already you’re a wonderful mother.” He pulled back and laid a hand gently on my belly. He rubbed tenderly, murmuring something in Gaelic I couldn’t understand.

“There’s nothing in there at the moment, you know.” I said it to be humorous, but my voice cracked.

“But it’s a wonderful thought, aye?” he said, looking up with tears in his eyes. “That ye’ll soon carry a child—our child—in a peaceful time?”

And you’ll be here for all of it.

He kissed my hand, then straightened and picked the diaphragm up off the bedspread. He looked down at it for a moment, laughed—a deep, full, throaty incredulous sound—and flung it carelessly over his shoulder, crawling toward me with a deep, significant growl.

Again?” I said, laughing as he tugged me bodily down beneath him in that way that drove me wild. “ALREADY?”

“Well, it didna count all the times you’ve worn the wee stopper, now did it?” He lowered his head to fasten his lips maddeningly around one nipple before grinning up at me with one eyebrow raised. “We must get on wi’ it, if you’re to become a doctor anytime soon.”

to be continued

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OMG Julia! In the independant pic rebbloged by Scat, the one with Cait's tong thing, look at Sam's hand! He squeeze her that's why she does that and why he looks like a proud and verry happy naughty boy!... So I can be more mess than yesterday... 🔥⛵

hehehehehehe he’s squeezin her


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