i was naughty yesterday

Dear diary,
Yesterday I was naughty.
I invited the boyfriend over.
The married one.
I let him fuck me. And this time, he actually fucked me.
He hasn’t had any from the wife. And I’m happy to ablige. Mainly due to the fact that it ensures I get ravaged by my -big dick- husband.
After a date with the old boyfriend, I’m sure to get all the dirty, salty yummy cum inside me. I crave him. And his touch. These other men just fill his spot when we can’t be fucking 24/7.
I squirted. Alot.
Enough to stop the fucking and grab the towels.
When I bent over and told him I wanted him to cum in my ass, I’ve never seen him take off his condom so fast. He said he wouldn’t last long, and he was right. He hoped up on the bed and started fucking my tight little ass. He made it about 10 pumps in before he blew his load. And then fell over shaking with pleasure. I enjoyed the feeling of exhaustion from the fun.
I was more so imagining the kinky sex I was going to have once the husband came home and felt my asshole. With his cum still in it. Only to use it as lube while he took back his wife’s tight little asshole.
I can’t wait to do it again!
Until next time… 😘


My boss asked me to stay home today (I usually get to stay home one day a week, but since she wants me to work on Friday, I get to take today off), so I’ve just been chillin. Made breakfast (a couple of italian sausages and two poached eggs) and worked out. Jogged for a mile and completed day 5 of the 30 day shred!

Not gonna lie, I was a little naughty for the Super Bowl yesterday and I had some pizza *bursts into tears*

But it’s fine because I still did my workout and threw in a bonus jog today to make myself feel a little better about it.

My 30 day keto restart ends on Wednesday. Overall, I feel like I did a pretty good job of getting back on track! I had a handful of non-keto days, but there were no binges. So I’d give myself a B for the month haha.

Thursday will mark my first full week of the shred and I’ll take a couple progress pics. I won’t post them all until the end of the 30 days, but I think it’ll be good to record progress more consistently.

Mom says it’s a good thing I’m cute because I was very naughty yesterday. Mom was very excited to find baby pumpkins on the vine yesterday. So was I. So I ate them. Mom wasn’t pleased.