i was more upset than i thought i would ever be when i heard you passed away

I Can’t Help It - Archie x Reader

I took some liberties with it, I hope you don’t mind! I made Reggie a bit of a sleaze too lol. And I made it as gender neutral as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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“Arch?” You frown, peering into the supposedly empty classroom, “What are you doing… here?”

He steps into view, a guilty look upon his face. How was he going to explain this to you?

“I was just… I left a book behind,” he shrugs, attempting to sidestep you into the corridor.

“Nice try, Andrews,” you move to block his path, “I know when you’re lying,”

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Let’s Start Here (NSFW)

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Summary: Your breath hitched. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. “O-oh…” you said. “B-but…”

“Shh.” He tugged at your top, and another button popped open. “Go on. Do the next one.”

You weren’t sure what to expect or what to feel–the most you’d ever done was daydream about holding Kylo Ren’s hand. Never kissing. Never stripping. Never…

“Mm.” The corner of his lip quirked. “Keep going.”

Words: 6300

Warnings: EXTREME innocence kink, Medic!Reader, virginity loss, praise kink

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: This is a work crafted especially for one of my favorite humans and smol beans, @kylooppa. We’ve bonded frequently over our mutual love for innocence kink, and I decided to take this to the next rational level. I hope you enjoyed it, boo–I love you so much.

And I hope the rest of you enjoyed it, too! Thank you!

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The Intern

a/n: Heya fam! I knowww I’m supposed to be on a break and yes I am seeing your requests (and I’ve even started a few of them) but I was thinking last night and well … I kinda came up with this. Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see continued maybe in the future?? Okay SERIOUSLY THIS TIME, adios muchachos.

*** Warnings - Language

*** This is unedited?? Like just about everything else i post these days? sorry.

“Y/n? I’m Tom, nice to meet you.” A voice called from behind me. I turned around see the familiar golden locks of Tom, the production manager of Shawn Mendes’ world your, and- for the next three months- my boss. Tom had hired me to assist him with the visuals on Shawn’s tour. I was only and intern, the pay was shit, but still… I was going on our with Shawn Mendes.

I smiled a took hold of his extended hand, shaking it slightly. “It’s nice to meet you.” I said nervously. “Very nice to meet you.”

He smiled and led me towards the arena where the Show that night would be held. “You came just in time. I was just about to set everything up for tonight’s visuals but maybe you’d like to do it? Give me a feel of what your skill level is.”

“I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

“I like the enthusiasm.” He said with a chuckle as we stepped through the door.

The inside of the arena was not at all what I was expecting. Everyone was rushing somewhere, yelling orders to someone else. I was immediately put into a state of alertness, ready to spring into action.

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Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Warnings: Alcohol

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader, Zach Dempsey x Reader

Requested by: anonymous

Request: Omg your Jeff imagine was super cute! Can I request a Jeff imagine where the reader is dating Jeff but she’s best friends with Zach cuz they grew up together so Jeff gets a little jealous? (You can make it as fluffy or whatever as you want 💕)

A/N: I’m such a newbie to this whole imagine thing urghh. I hope you like it, anon. Let me know what you think.


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You and Zach Dempsey were childhood friends. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. However to some, namely your boyfriend Jeff Atkins, it supposedly looked like you and Zach were ‘an old married couple’.

When you were younger, Zach’s mom and your mom would arrange play dates for the both of you. You and Zach had been friends since you were both in diapers. Long before the social segregation that came with high school. This meant that no matter how popular Zach was, he would always find time for you. After all, you were his best friend. The bond shared between you and Zach was unbreakable, but strictly platonic. The friendship you had with Zach was nothing compared to what you felt with Jeff.

No matter how many times you would reassure him that you loved him and only him, Jeff held a spark of jealousy whenever he saw you and Zach together. Seeing how happy Zach made you, made Jeff feel as though he wasn’t good enough for you. Jeff would look at you two, wishing that he made you as happy as Zach did. What Jeff didn’t know was that he made you feel so much more than Zach ever could. 

“Y/N! Over here!” Zach had spotted you in a crowd of people. You and Jeff had both been invited to Jessica’s party but Jeff had run errands before the party. The two of you had agreed for Jeff to meet you at the party. 

The sweaty, dancing bodies surrounding you made it hard for you to move towards Zach and his friends - who weren’t exactly your friends but they were aways nice to you - until his hand reached out for you. You gladly took it and began to maneuver through the crowd. Once you had reached Zach, his hand retreated from your own and settled around your waist. Of course, you just passed it off as a protective gesture and thought nothing of it. After greeting them, you, Zach, Justin, Jessica and Montgomery then moved over to Jessica’s couch. 

Justin then yelled your name over the music to get your attention to get your attention, “You want a drink?”

“Sure but I don’t want to get too drunk before Jeff gets here.”

“Yeah, ok.” Justin nodded before leaving with Montgomery to get drinks. They came back moments later and Monty handed you a red solo cup.  Truth be told you weren’t the biggest party animal there was but you definitely knew how to have a good time.

It didn’t take long for you to get tipsy. In fact, maybe you were a little more than tipsy - so much so, you didn’t notice that Jeff had arrived until he was standing right in front of you and Zach.

“Hey ba- whoa,” Jeff didn’t let you finish. Instead, he had grabbed your arm and pulled you up out of your seat on the couch.

“We’re leaving.” He clenched his jaw and spoke through gritted teeth. You could tell he was angry - everyone within a mile of him could - but you didn’t want to cause a scene. Honestly, you didn’t want to leave. Tonight was one of the first nights you had where you actually enjoyed the company of Zach’s friends.

“You literally just arrived.” you said softly, trying to get him calm down a little.

“Huh, didn’t think you noticed. You looked a little busy all cosied up with Zach.“

“Dude, what’s your problem?” Zach rose from his position on the couch.

Jeff no longer faced you and he had taken a step towards Zach, “You’re my problem.”

Maybe a fight would have ensued if Justin hadn’t intervened, “Guys, seriously knock it off, it’s a party. You wanna fight? Outside. Not here.”

“Forget it, let’s just go.” You did not want your best friend and boyfriend to fight. Leaving was the best decision for now.

The car journey to Jeff’s place was completely silent. Both of you were radiating anger and any words said would just fuel the feeling.

Jeff’s parents had left for a weekend business trip, which had allowed you to stay the night. Your parents had no idea and believed you were staying at Jessica’s house.

As soon as Jeff pulled up outside of his house, you left the car as quick as you could and opened the door with the spare key that you knew they kept behind one of the rocks. You fled to one of their bathrooms and locked yourself in. You definitely didn’t want to confront Jeff about what happened but you knew you had to. As you washed your face, you heard a knock on the door.

“Y/N, baby. Listen, I love you. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you or made you feel bad or anything. I guess I’m just jealous.” you sighed before opening the door.

“But why? Why would you be jealous?” You walked closer to Jeff and held his face in your hands.

“I don’t know. I see how happy you are with him and it makes me upset.” Looking down, Jeff started to scratch the back of his neck.

“Don’t you understand that you make me happy too? I know we’ve been friends for so long but you make me happier than Zach ever could.”

Jeff looked up at this and you started to lean in. The two of you shared a kiss that held more meaning and more passion than any other kiss you’ve shared before. The two of you broke away from each other to catch your breath and leaned your foreheads against each other.

“Listen, babe. You have nothing to be afraid of. I’m yours and only yours.”

“I love you so much, Y/N Y/LN.”

“And I love you, Jeffrey Atkins.”

→ pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

→ genre: angst & fluff

→ words: 3057

→ warnings: none

→ summary:Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”


The word wasn’t even close to how you felt as of now with the blood boiling under your skin and through your veins, the last few minutes of your fight running through your head over and over again like a broken record.

You were furious. Absolutely outraged by your inconsiderate, selfish boyfriend.

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On Cloud Nine / Jughead Jones

I’m not sure it it’s exactly what you were thinking of…but I hope you like it nonetheless. 

Words: 1280

(Y/N)’s face remains blank.

She waits patiently until the shock and amusement that had overwhelmed her friends passed.

“This is gold,” Reggie manages to say, despite his uncontrollable laughter. 

“Are you serious?” Veronica asks, unable to believe what she had heard. “How is that possible?”

“No one? Ever?” Archie sniggers, continuing the excessive questioning. 

(Y/N) shakes her head, crossing her arms over her chest, “No one,” she confirms. 

“Not even when you-”

“No,” (Y/N) interrupts, not needing to know what the question was.

“I don’t believe you,” Archie declares, leaning back in his seat. “You’re winding us up.”

Reggie, who still hadn’t completely tamed his laughter, threw an arm over (Y/N)’s shoulder. “You are a constant surprise, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). So sweet and innocent,” he sighs. “What are we going to do with you?”

She releases an aggravated groan, unintentionally pressing herself further against the warmth her friend offered. “I don’t see why this is such a big deal.”

Because,” Veronica demands, overly dramatically, “you’re a lip virgin!”

(Y/N) rolls her eyes, not able to comprehend why her friends were concerned about who she’s been kissing-or more accurately, hasn’t been.

“Why is this so hard to believe?” she questions, narrowing her eyes.

“It’s just odd, I guess. I suppose I’ve never really thought about it, I’ve just always assumed. I mean you’re friends with so many guys,” Archie shrugs.

(Y/N)’s glare hardens, “We’ll I’m not you Archie,” she snaps, sliding out of the booth, finally being pushed to her limit. She lets Reggie’s arm fall to his side. “I don’t go around kissing anyone and everyone.” 

“Obviously,” Reggie mutters under his breath. 

Without hesitation, or a second glance at her friends, she rushes towards the exit, the laughter from the table seeming to echo behind her.

(Y/N) accidentally runs into Jughead who was just entering Pop’s. “Hey,” he chuckles, “why the rush?”

She couldn’t answer him, instead she pushes past him and heads in the direction of her home. 

Jughead is left standing at the door to the diner in complete confusion. He slowly enters and looks around, frowning when he sees Archie and the others sitting in a booth laughing.

“Are you guys aware (Y/N) just ran out of here?” he asks as he approaches them, thrusting his thumb in the direction of the door. His words seemed to amuse the trio even more. His frown deepens as they continue. “She looked really upset.”

“We were just joking,” Reggie defends. 

“What did you do?” he demands, addressing all three of them-feeling a sudden rush of defensiveness. 

Archie rolls his eyes, “We were just having a little fun, we didn’t mean to upset her.”

“Well clearly,” Jughead says, “you did. (Y/N) mustn’t have caught on the the joke.”

Veronica was the first to come to a realisation, “Oh no,” she mumbles, “we really didn’t meant to hurt her, Jughead.”

“What did you do?” he asks them again.

Veronica bites her lip, her fingers start scrunching at the napkin in front of her. “We were talking about the worst kisses we’ve had…” she trails off.

“And?” Jughead questions, his forehead furrowing-wondering how his friend could have gotten so upset. 

“It turns out she’s never been kissed before,” Archie answers. While this newly gained knowledge undoubtedly surprised Jughead, he didn’t let that get in the way of what he wanted to say.  

“So you made fun of her? Seriously?” he scoffs. “I thought you were better than that,” he shakes his head before giving them all a pointed look. Reggie and Archie were now the ones frowning. “I can’t believe you would do that,” he says. “Actually,” he continues, “maybe I can.” Jughead makes his way out of the diner and starts to walk to (Y/N)’s house. 

As he moves towards the door he starts to think of what to say. (Y/N) was one of his closest friends and he wanted nothing more than to make her happy again. 

Knocking on the door, Jughead rocks back and forth on his feet. The door eventually opens. (Y/N) stands in front of him, looking the same as she did when she had left the diner-only now her eyes were red and puffy.

Without even having to say anything, (Y/N) takes a step closer to him. Jughead wraps his arms around her while she rests her hands on his waist, scrunching his jumper in her fists. 

“Don’t listen to them,” he tells her quietly. “They were just being jerks.”

“Doesn’t mean they’re not wrong. It’s weird,” she mumbles.

Jughead strokes her hair, “It’s not weird, it’s good to have standards and want to wait. Maybe you just haven’t met anyone you want to be with in that way,” he shrugs. “There’s nothing weirds about that.”

“You think?” she asks, pulling her head away so she could see his face, trying to detect a lie.

He smiles as he looks down at her, “I do.”

They stand there for a while until (Y/N) laughs and finally pulls away. “I’m sorry, I’m probably overreacting.”

“You’re not,” he confirms, trying to assure her.

“Come in,” she insists, wiping at her eyes. 

Jughead nods and follows her in the house, shutting the door behind him. They make themselves comfortable in the lounge room and set up a movie-deciding to try and relax for the rest of the night.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) says sincerely, “for coming by.”

“Anytime,” he shrugs.

(Y/N) could feel her lips tug upwards into another smile. “Really, Jug,” she continues. “You’re always the one who is there for me…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it,” he tells her. “You’re always there for me as well and besides-there’s no place I’d rather be right now,” he says with a small smile, turning around so he was facing her, his arm thrown over the back of the couch.

“I suppose that’s what makes us such a good pair,” she says, unable to stop her eyes from flickering to his lips. 

“I guess so.”

The pair were silent for what felt like an eternity. “Can you do me a favour?” she asks, tilting her head to the side-coming to a decision. 


She rolls her eyes, “Close your eyes.” Jughead’s expression falters, but he complies with her request. “Just stay still,” she murmurs, leaning towards him. Jughead remains motionless, he had a feeling he knew what was going to happen-what he hoped would happen-but stayed silent.

Jughead could feel her breath, almost tickling him as she spoke. “Can I?” 

“Yes,” is all he replies. 

(Y/N)’s lips barely brush his at first, the touch so light and hesitant-unsure if it was okay.

Jughead’s fingers dig into the couch as she tries again-though this time with a slight force and determination. He kisses her back, causing her to freeze momentarily. Soon she seems to wrap her mind around what was happening and moves closer to him.

He rests a hand on the back of her neck and pulls her against him-but doesn’t attempt to deepen the kiss. 

When (Y/N) pulls back, he opens his eyes only to find hers still closed. He uses his fingertips to gently stroke her cheek. “Are you okay?” he asks her.

“Never felt better,” she responds instantaneously, a grin spreading across her face. Jughead couldn’t help but mirror her expression. “Thank you,” she tells him again.

“Why are you thanking me this time?” he asks her softly, tugging gently at a loose lock of hair.

“For making me feel happier than I’ve been in a while. For making my first kiss…something to treasure.”

“Hopefully your second will be able to meet your standards then,” he whispers playfully, pulling her face towards his. 

Meta Monday: Rose Tyler Defence

Today’s Meta Monday post is brought to you by the person who left a full-fledged rant against Rose Tyler in a comment on one of my fics. For the record, if you spend 500 words putting down one half of my OTP, you cannot say you respect that I ship Ten/Rose. Also, RUDE.

So, I’m going to break down the comment point by point. This was left on my ficlet about Martha, and about halfway through, it switches to ranting about how Martha was treated by the Doctor. For the sake of length, I’ll cover that part next week. Bullet points in quotes are taken directly from the review.

1) Rose was selfish.

At times, yes. Because Rose was human and humans have flaws. She was a well-written character who didn’t always do the right thing for the right reason.

Can we talk for a minute about why Rose is selfish? She’d recently ended a relationship with someone who took advantage of her. Jimmy Stone took off and left her £800 in debt. When you’re used like that, you learn to look out for yourself first, because no one else will. It’s a habit that takes time to break. 

Now, this accusation often includes, “Rose was selfish to leave her family to travel,” and I will argue against that with my dying breath. It is not selfish for a young woman to decide to leave her family and create her own life. That is natural. I know Jackie and Mickey struggled with it, but that’s their thing to deal with. Honestly, them expecting Rose to never change and always be the same Rose they remembered is more selfish than Rose choosing to create her own life.

Don’t we tell girls all the time that they should plan their lives based on what would make them happy, not on what people expect them to do? Isn’t that part of what feminism is? So why do we insist it’s selfish when a young woman is actually bold enough to flout expectations and forge her own path?

2) “She ditched Mickey immediately when she heard the Doctor telling her that Tardis is a time travel machine.”

Why is it so horrible that Rose jumped at an amazing opportunity for a better life? She was obviously bored and dissatisfied before meeting the Doctor. (Look at her face when she’s working at Henrik’s. That is not the face of someone content with their life.) 

And let’s get rid of the notion that Mickey was a perfect boyfriend. Do you remember the part in “Rose” where she asks if she can borrow his laptop? And he says yes, but then in a panic tells her not to look at his email? That’s supposed to be a hint that he was cheating on her–another sign that her life was not ideal, meaning she was at a perfect spot for a change.

I understand that it hurts to be the person left behind. I’ll even agree that Rose should have said a bit more of a goodbye to Mickey than she did. (Though since the Doctor had already left once, I don’t blame her if she thought there was a clock ticking.) However, I refuse to blame Rose for wanting a different life. That’s grossly unfair. 

Think about this: Donna pitched the keys to the car she shared with her mother in a bin, then took off without saying a word about travelling. And yet, I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about the way she left her family. Why is what Rose did so much worse?

3) “She also not only made Jackie grieve over her, therefore making her get Mickey go to police 5 times the whole year.”

Oh boy. One of my favourites. 


We don’t know how long Rose had been with the Doctor when they landed at the beginning of “Aliens of London.” If we go strictly by time we’ve seen, it’s less than a week. If we believe there are adventures that happen offscreen, then maybe 2-3 weeks. 

Not only that, but she had been assured that to her mum, only 12 hours would have passed. She walked into that flat thinking she’d been gone overnight, thinking her phone call from Platform One would have been plenty to ease any worries. 

It is not Rose Tyler’s fault that the TARDIS, purposely or not, skipped a full year.

That means none of the things that happened to people on Earth during that time are her fault. It’s not her fault that her mum thought she was dead. It’s not her fault that Mickey was dragged in for questioning. Jackie and Mickey resenting Rose for the missing year does not make it actually Rose’s fault. 

4) “She flirted with Adam and Jack and broke up with Mickey, making him feel like crap.”

Right. Mickey who told Rose–in the middle of trying to chat her up–that he was seeing Trisha Delaney? Which he told her purposely to make her angry? Mickey is not superior here, so don’t even try to make it out like Rose is the horrible tramp and Mickey is the long-suffering boyfriend. 

And if she’d broken up with Mickey, what does it matter that she flirted with Adam and Jack? This kind of slut-shaming needs to end. Flirting is not a sin.

5) “She ripped Tardis console to become Bad Wolf, despite the fact that Tardis was an sentient being.” 

I see this thrown out as a horrible thing all the time. Do you know who did not get angry at Rose for opening the TARDIS? The Doctor. Not once in his explanation to Jack during “Utopia” does he say anything bad about Rose opening the TARDIS. Not once does his voice betray anything but awe at what she became. 

No one knows and loves the TARDIS more than the Doctor. If he wasn’t upset with Rose for opening her heart, maybe it wasn’t a bad thing for her to do. 

Also, if you’re thinking Bad Wolf was a selfish choice, then you’re purposely reading your opinion that Rose was selfish into the text. Rose knew looking into the heart of the TARDIS could kill her–she’d seen what had happened to Margaret the Slitheen. But she chose to do it anyway, because it was the only way to save the Doctor. 

Rose becoming Bad Wolf is not about her pouting because he sent her away. That is the wrongest interpretation of that scene I have ever seen, and it makes me angry every time. In the diner, when she’s trying to explain to Jackie and Mickey why she’s so upset, she starts with, “Two hundred thousand years in the future, he’s dying, and there’s nothing I can do.” And when Bad Wolf explains her choice and her purpose to the Doctor? “I want you safe. My Doctor. Protected from the false god.” 

Not to mention her glorious speech in the diner, which is entirely about understanding that life is better when you live it for other people. Bad Wolf is Rose Tyler at her least selfish and she is absolutely brilliant. 

6) “Martha actually worked hard to become a doctor, while Rose could not even get herself a job after getting her job blown off.” 

Wow. There’s so much classist garbage in here, I don’t even know where to start.

  1. Yes, Martha worked hard. That doesn’t mean Rose didn’t. Stop putting down one companion to praise another. 
  2. You don’t have to have an upper class job like doctor to be a hard worker. Poor people work their tails off, doing things no one else wants to do. Even Martha complained that she had to work in a shop. (Blink)
  3. Rose left with the Doctor twenty-four hours after Henrik’s blew up. 
    1. No, she didn’t go out job hunting the day after almost dying. 
    2. Lucky she didn’t, because if she hadn’t spent the day looking up the Doctor, she might not have been there when he faced the Nestene Consciousness. And the Doctor himself admitted that he would have died if it wasn’t for her.

What you’re really saying is that instead of going off to have a fabulous life, Rose should have stayed on the Estate. I’m being kind and not adding, “where she belonged” to the end of that statement, but really–that’s what you’re implying. That as a young woman from the Estate, Rose didn’t deserve the kind of life she found with the Doctor.

Why not? 

Rose Tyler was clever. Practically the first thing the Doctor says to her is a compliment because she’d come up with a logical explanation for the Autons. It was wrong, but he was impressed by her logic. 

Rose Tyler was brave. She saved the Doctor that first day, she ran into the TARDIS even though he told her it would be dangerous, she ran after the ghost in “The Unquiet Dead…” Do I need to go on? Rose Tyler shot out the window of the rocket she was on so she could kill Satan. How’s that?

Rose Tyler was compassionate. She objected strenuously to the Doctor asking Gwyneth to channel to Gelth. She saw a little boy calling for his Mummy and tried to help him. She refused to let the Doctor kill a Dalek. She was outraged by the slavery of the Ood.

Rose Tyler stood up for what she believed in, no matter what the cost. She never hesitated to tell the Doctor if she thought what he was doing was wrong, even though she knew he could always take her home if he got annoyed with her. When he was passed out from regeneration sickness, she stood up to the Sycorax in his place. She got in Mr. Connolly’s face in Idiot’s Lantern when he was being a sexist jerk, talking down to his wife. 

Rose Tyler was clever, brave, and compassionate. When she was gone, the Doctor missed her ability to spot things he missed. “Rose would know,” was not just a sentimental comment–the solution to their adventures often started with Rose spotting something out of place and pointing it out to the Doctor. (The Unquiet Dead, The Long Game, Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, School Reunion, Idiot’s Lantern and Fear Her, just off the top of my head.)

So no, random reviewer, Rose is not flawless. But she’s also not the selfish girl you insist she is.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a little blurb about how Y/N is shy about Harry going down there? Thank you Susie...

Running into the house after a hard day’s work had become much more enjoyable now that I had something to come home to.  I quickly deposited my coat and shoes on the front mat before bounding up the stairs to our newly minted bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to finish off our first full day living together as a real life couple.

He looked up from his spot on the edge of the bed where he had already changed into some sweats and a t-shirt before sitting down to tap away on his phone.  The moment he heard my footsteps though he looked up with a huge, welcoming, happy smile on his face.  He promptly set his phone down,

“Was wondering when you were going to make it home.”

I didn’t hesitate a bit as I walked towards him.  I slotted myself between his legs and set my hands on his shoulders,

“Traffic was a bitch.”

He gripped my sides, his head tipped up to look at me,

“LA traffic is always a bitch.”

I stared down into the face of my love for a bit before lifting my hand into his hair.  A content smile formed on my lips without my direction,

“I missed you.”

He nodded,

“And I missed you.”  He twisted me back and forth in his hands, “Want to me to make you some dinner?  Or we could get something delivered?  I could get take ou-”

“I have all I need…right here.”  I whispered softly.

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How to Change a Fuqboi (Hoseok)

Word Count: 3,912

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet and “Not My Type at All” by Jacob Whitesides

Rated M (language and like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

Originally posted by ultranicolet

How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Pay attention to first impressions*

After a little…thinking time, I have decided to write this last volume in sight of the fact that there is something we failed to discuss earlier.

In the words of the great poet William Shakespeare, “Some are born as a fuckboy, some achieve fuckboy-hood, and some have fuckboy-hood thrust upon them.” Okay, yes, I changed it a LITTLE. But that’s beside the point. In this volume, we will be addressing the third version, those that have “fuckboy-hood thrust upon them” which I will henceforth reference as a “convert.” Often times, these are guys who have experienced emotional trauma in a romantic relationship, but instead of working toward a healing resolution, they will compensate by seeking comfort in… something else.

Jung Hoseok, a name that anyone- nay, EVERYONE in the Middle Earth dormitory has heard.

Jung Hoseok, the dancer, the straight A student, the part time waiter in the university’s only sit-down restaurant.

Jung Hoseok, the most notorious fuckboy on campus.

See, rumor has it, he keeps this list, a LITERAL list. It has no title and no explanation, but neither is ever really necessary. It only consists of names…about three hundred of them, though the general consensus stands that slightly more than half are crossed out. And let’s just say it’s not because he’s handing out party invitations.

So obviously, when you moved into your Middle Earth apartment, having transferred over from another university, within the first two days you knew who he was and that you should stay the hell away from him at all costs.

You want NOTHING to do with Jung Hoseok.

It’s not that he’s trouble, because let’s face it, you are NO stranger that word in any sense, but rather your avoidance of him has everything to do with how you first met and what he said to you. Or maybe what he didn’t say.

The empty carton of cigarettes stares back at you with a vengeance, the last one poised between your fingers.

By now, one would think you’d learn to keep a reserve, but NO. You let your vices eat you alive and then cyclically get angry when you neglect them out of laziness. You shrug, skillfully flicking on your lighter before letting the tip of the flame kiss the edge of the cigarette.

Fine. Whatever. Learn nothing, that’s okay too.

Taking a thoughtful drag, shifting your position at the base of the tree, you pull out this quarter’s class schedule and the campus map to look them over one last time instead of watching students pass between small dormitory buildings, meeting neighbors, greeting friends.

As you have or desire neither, you devote your attention to the paper, pretending to be thoroughly interested in wherever the hell “Science Lecture Hall B” is located- especially as some boy decides that out of ALL the decorative trees to sit under, he’ll be occupying the space under YOURS.

“You know this is a smoke free campus, right?” he deposits his book bag beside the trunk, looking at you like you just killed a man.

You arch an eyebrow, unsure whether to be irritated or curious, “You know I don’t actually care, right?”

“Great, because I don’t either,” he laughs at his own bad joke, taking a seat and stretching out his legs. You’ve got to admit (or I’ll force you to), he’s a little attractive with his bright smile, tanned skin, lean frame, and dark, feathery hair- but oh GOD is that a choker?

“Fantastic,” you smirk before taking a long drag and blowing the smoke right into his face, hating the burning, but loving the coughing fit your new companion bends into.

“Was that…really necessary?” he bats at the air, action so (possibly unintentionally) comical that it makes you laugh. The boy seems to take this as the go-ahead to continue, “You got a name?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?” you’re more amused than anything at this point, ego being stroked fervently by his insistence on finding everything you say hilarious. You want to believe your interactions are reluctant, but the smile on your face as you tell him your name says otherwise.

He extends his hand for a shake and you’re one hundred percent ready to accept the greeting until he says, “I’m Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.”


You immediately retract, having skimmed the skin of his palm, watching him now with a look of disgust. His smile falls.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You stand, shoving your schedule into your bag so haphazardly that it audibly crumples, “Don’t think I haven’t heard your name before. I know what you are.”

“What I am…?”

You decide to not grace him with an answer, opting instead to walk away. But the persistent boy follows.

“Wait, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

If your roommate hadn’t warned you about him, you might think Hoseok is actually upset by your leaving, rather than simply pining for attention. If your name is on that notorious list of his, you want absolutely nothing to do with him- a thought that I encourage enthusiastically.

You drop the cigarette, stomping on the smoldering end until satisfied, words gruff, “You don’t NEED to understand. Now, unless you have a pack of smokes that you want to share, we’re done here.”

*Elaboration: first impressions are not always correct and should not be used to judge the ENTIRETY of a person, but rather your impression of them should based in what they do to maintain a good image or repair a bad one.

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Panic Attacks || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by nnochu

Word Count: 2.0k

Genre: Fluff

It was almost six in the afternoon when you got the phone call. The other person on the line sounded harried, as if there was something bad happening and they couldn’t control it. At the sound of Jungkook’s worried voice you couldn’t hold back the anxiety that wanted to flow underneath your skin. You took a deep breath, your eyes flicking to the clock in your office.

“Noona, it’s Hobi-hyung. He started freaking out, and nobody knows what to do, and they won’t let me see him, and it’s just– the other’s told me to call you and tell you to get here as soon as possible.” The words flowed out of Jungkook, some of the words being stuttered. You could tell how freaked out Jungkook was, as it was something the boys had never had to deal with before.

After having been with Hoseok for almost two and a half years you knew the ins and outs of his personality and who he was. Never had he ever had a panic attack in front of the others but there had been countless times where you had to talk him through it and calm him down. It was one of the reasons he loved you so much, and being able to be the one to help him made you feel better.

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anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed, but I'm kinda hoping it'll be seen anyway... I just got yelled at by both my parents and my fiancé because I decided that I don't want any children in the future... and I've been getting yelled at and called selfish and all... so it might make me feel better to know how the RFA and Saeran would feel about MC not wanting children, either... I kinda feel like they'd feel the same as my fiancé, but I like to hope otherwise... :/

Wow, I just. I honestly angry cried a little bit last night when you sent this in. I had to walk away from my computer because I was too upset for you. I just…hope you think long and hard about saying ‘I do’ to someone who is willing to yell at you and call you selfish for wanting control of your own body and life…

◉ Yoosung 

  • He was glad that you decided to tell him!
    • “I respect your decision, MC,” he grabbed your hands, “I love you. I married you. I’m happy with the way things are!”
  • He does have a sister, so he could always play with nieces/nephews if she ever has kids
  • He wasn’t even totally into pets… so he was fine with your decision
  • Happy to spend his nights playing LOLOL instead of changing and feeding a baby
  • He says the pets at the clinic are more than enough responsibility haha he treats them like they’re children
  • And he loved being taken care of by you
  • He would have to split your attention if you had kids!

◉ Jumin

  • He gave you a warm smile when you told him
  • He could see how nervous you were to tell him this
    • “MC, I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into this. I didn’t marry you expecting to have children. Elizabeth 3rd is more than enough for our family,” he kissed your forehead
  • It was true
  • He enjoyed spoiling you both and that was enough for him
  • Without a kid, he could keep focusing on work
  • He was a little grateful for that, because if he ever did have a kid he knew he would find himself taking more time off to be home instead of running the company
  • He admired that you were honest with him

◉ Zen

  • He was a little sad at first
  • But when you both sat down and talked about it, and he heard you explain your reasoning, he understood completely!
    • “Babe…I didn’t even think about all of that…I feel bad for assuming this was something you wanted. I love you so much, and if this is how you feel then I respect it completely!”
  • The more time passed the more he was actually okay with it
  • All of his late rehearsals and traveling to sets for work…
  • He would never be able to do all of that with a kid!
  • And it was hard being in the public eye
  • Would he have been okay with people taking pictures of his child?
  • After thinking about all of this, he was happy with life the way it was, and was glad you talked to him about your feelings
    • “It’s good we aren’t having kids, MC. Our children would be too beautiful for this world to handle”

◉ Jaehee 

  • She breathed a sigh of relief
  • It’s not that she wouldn’t want kids
  • But she is perfectly fine not having them
  • Hugged you so tight when you told her
  • She could see you starting to tear up a bit and she wanted to comfort you
    • “MC, I had my own reservations…please. We can be happy with the way we are now!”
  • And that was that!
  • Life moved on and you two were happy

◉ Saeyoung

  • He just shrugged
  • Gave you a big hug
    • “I was fine either way, honestly! It’s okay! Why are you looking so glum? Do I need to tickle you?”
  • Made you smile right away
  • His hands were full enough worrying about Saeran
  • He’s perfectly fine getting a cat to act as honorary child
    • “We will name it Yoosung!”
      • “You BETTER NOT SAEYOUNG” -Yoosung
  • All he ever wanted in life was you
  • And that was more than enough

◉ Saeran

  • Felt bad that you looked so nervous telling him
  • Held your hand in his own
    • “Hey, I feel the same. I would have kids, but, the thought makes me a little nervous…”
  • He liked your routines
  • He liked the quiet apartment with just the two of you
  • He liked you all to himself
  • Change sometimes gave him anxiety so this was a relief to hear
    • “Saeyoung is enough of a child for us both,” he laughed.

Set directly after season 2 with some liberties taken. Based off a tumblr post that suggested Lena lives at her office. When Kara finds out, she insists that Lena comes to live with her. Shenanigans ensue.

Sorry if this sucks, I probably should have waited another day to post it but I had to get it out! Let me know what you think!

Read it on AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/11457816

Lena never really thought she would miss having an apartment to go home to.

She spends so much time at L-Corp that an apartment would simply be an added cost, another thing for her already overworked brain to keep up with. Which is exactly why she hadn’t went apartment hunting on arrival to National City.

She originally only meant to stay in National City for a few weeks - to ensure that things were running smoothly at the new L-Corp branch before heading back to Metropolis.

But then Kara had happened.

Kara with her sunny smiles and her unfaltering friendship.

And somewhere between the brunches and late night donuts, Lena had decided to stay in National City. Because Metropolis may be her home city but she can never look at it the same, not since Kara. She had called Kara her only friend in National City, but really she had pushed any other friends she had away a long time ago.

It’s easier that way, less disappointing. Better for them if they stay away from the Luthor name.

It’s why she had left Jack.

No need to taint his wondrous research with her name - it would damn him from the start.

But Kara, Kara is different.

Kara doesn’t care about her last name.

Kara is the best friend she doesn’t deserve.

And so she had stayed - weeks had turned into months; and maybe she’s a workaholic and maybe she has commitment issues; but the house hunt had never happened.

And now here she is, over a year later, living in her office.

Most of the time it doesn’t bother her.

She works late anyway, having a bed the next room over is just common sense.

It’s efficient, it saves time.

But right now, she wants nothing more than to go home.

Only she doesn’t have a home.

She laughs mirthlessly.

National City’s richest CEO and she doesn’t even have a place to call home.

How fitting.

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Malec Goodies Part 1

This was supposed to be longer but anyway.

Here it is!

A collection of Malec Writing Goodies. My Malec fanfic rec. Well written fics with amazing writers.

As always, if you know the author and want to give me a hand, please tag them :)

A Fated Pair (Omegaverse) by @katychan666

Series about Alpha!Alec x Omega!Magnus…. 

A good kind of drug by  @imjustoutofideas

After getting a minor surgery, Alec is a little bit ‘high’ from the morphine he was given as pain relief. Fluff ensues.

A Pirate’s Life For Me by @lecrit 

Note: All the love you need and want between your favorite OTP, where one is a prince and the other one is a pirate. There’s a lot of angst, maybe a few tears, you can be sure of that but it’s oh so worth it, fluff and shameless innuendos.

A World Uncertain by @broodingalec 

The overwhelming passage of time has been a topic of avoidance between Alec and Magnus ever since the two started dating. With their lives so fragile and unpredictable under the threat of Valentine, they have managed to leave the concept in the back of their minds for a later date, hopefully somewhere in the far future.

This method of coping is pushed even further in the wake of Sebastian, Valentine’s son and Clary’s brother, taking a new and increasingly cruel step into their lives. The threats that are piling up against them seem to be rising to nearly insurmountable heights, but under the pressure of it all, the idea of the future that would come in the aftermath of success is beginning to haunt Alec’s dreams at night just as often.

Aftermath by @battlemagnus

It used to be that Alec always fit securely inside a neat little box inside Magnus’s head. He was a Shadowhunter, yes, but he was… he was Alec. He was a protector.

And my heart is set on you by  @lightwoodlesbians

Or the, 'we’re putting on a fund-raising play to save our old drama department’ au (ft. bonus: 'we had a thing in high school but i haven’t seen you in years and oh god you’re even more attractive than i remember’)

Aren’t You Cold? By lethargical

Alec dislikes the Winter. A lot. So when his apartment’s heating stops working, he decides to ask his neighbour for help, little did he know his neighbour was glittery and oddly familiar…

August by @glambertal

“What was your first time like?”

Magnus looked up at him slowly, one eyebrow arched curiously. “Why?”

Alec shrugged as if he weren’t mortified. “Just wondering. You don’t have to answer.”

Magnus just hummed and bookmarked his page, setting the book down. “It wasn’t nearly as good as yours, if that’s what you mean.”

Bang Me Like Your Drum by hckycrzy07

Magnus Bane is a pre-med student at NYU just trying to graduate. He’s stressed enough and could do without his friends pestering him about his boyfriend. It’s not that he’s embarrassed or closeted or something. He just wants to keep his boyfriend to himself, thank you very much. Now, if he could just get his friends to understand that, his life would be a whole lot easier.

or Magnus has a secret boyfriend that all of his friends have been dying to meet but Magnus just keeps refusing.

Big days and fragile nerves by @katwriting

It’s the day that Alec is supposed to become the official Head of the Institute and he is a tiny bit nervous.

“Nervous?”, Magnus said softly.
Alec let out a shaky laugh and scratched the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. “You have no idea.”
Magnus sighed. “Oh, Alexander. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah, sure”, Alec scoffed, running one of his arms up Magnus’s side and cupping his cheek with his hand, “only every single shadowhunter in New York waiting for me to screw up.”

But some of us are looking at the stars by @lecrit

There aren’t many things that Alec loves as much as he loves the stars.
Most nights, he just likes to sit on his balcony and watch the eerie darkness drape over the sky and the silver glow of the moon, surrounded by the stars shaping constellations he knows by heart.

This is a special night for him and his son. The only night in the year Alec lets Max stay up after midnight, so they can watch Perseids meteor shower together on the rooftop of their building.

Alec doesn’t expect to find out they weren’t the only ones to get the idea.

Build your hopes up like a tower by alecsmagnus

They thought he never heard them.

But he always did.

Burnt by redappleblossom

The rest of the scene that Magnus deserved at the end of episode 12.

But In the Morning We Rise by @alittlebriton

“Mmmkay,” Magnus sighs without opening his eyes and shifts to allow Alec more access. “You can wake up the rest of me if you want.”

Alec knows he doesn’t mean it quite the way his brain interprets it - he just means he can keep up the kissing - but his brain leaps ahead and makes him flush, his body getting warmer. But why shouldn’t he? Magnus was his boyfriend; he was naked in bed with him. He could definitely wake up the whole of Magnus if he wanted. Just because he hasn’t done it before didn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea. 

Set before Episode 9 Bound By Blood - Alec wakes Magnus up in new ways.

Closed Doors Don’t Lie by @actuallyredorchid

When the summoning of the Memory Demon reveals that it’s not only Clary’s memories that have been meddled with, Alec finds himself being pushed off the path set out for him and onto a different one.

Communication by NotEvenThat

It didn’t matter if Alec hadn’t meant to upset him. Ragnor was dead. Valentine was back. The Clave wanted to document Downworlders, like they were cattle. Magnus was breaking down and he needed Alexander to leave before he really lost it.

Or how I think the Malec fight will go in 2B.

Communication Is Key by LS_5Ever

Everything was going great for Alec and Magnus. Alec no longer cares what Maryse thinks, and apart from Jace and Izzy’s constant teasing, he couldn’t be happier. Then, all goes downhill when, after a great day, Magnus starts ignoring him. What did he do wrong? If only Magnus would tell him, he could try to make it better.

Or the one where Magnus thinks Alec is cheating on him but in reality he’s not, but Magnus doesn’t know that because the two of them don’t communicate enough.

This will only be about 5 chapters unless I feel like expanding the story a bit.

Count to Ten and Breathe by @baneismyexistence

This is just a little drabble that came to me after watching 2.12.

Dancing in the Devil’s shoes by @marieruby 

His legs are not working. No matter how much he tries, the swirling mess in his head makes it impossible to walk anywhere, take any action. It’s the last couple of days all over again. He wants to cry but the tears are dry. He wants to scream but his voice is gone.

His voice is gone.

The aftermath of 2x11 and the consequences of the bodyswap for Magnus.

Everything’s Embarrassing by @rosegoldhell

Magnus is a single father. Alec is a 4th grade teacher.
Both men are scared of relationships, but secretly crave to have something more one day, life just keeps getting in the way.
But their plans of living single lonely lives doesn’t last for long, when Rafael and Madzie Bane decide to play Matchmaker.

Explosive, Corrosive (Self-Preservation) by  GideonGraystairs (TrxyesSivan)

This was how they worked; angry in different ways, but always at the same time.

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Flower Shop - Steve Rogers x Reader

Based on this request; Please write a Steve or Bucky one-shot where one of them is a business man and the reader works at a flower shop and they always help Steve/Bucky pick out q bouquet. Reader thinks that Steve/Bucky must have a wife or mistress but really they’re giving flowers to their sick mom/dad. Fluff and smut happen too <3 

Warnings; none

Words; 1,787

A/N; This is my first request and my first non Bucky fic! I’m sorry it took so long but I wanted it to be really good and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I don’t work in a flower shop so if I got any specifics wrong feel free to correct me! I hope you like it & thank you to the person who sent in the request! [sorry I didn’t put smut, I felt like the ending was super cute without it] Feel free to send me any request you want and I’ll try my hardest to fulfill it! Feedback is always appreciated ♡ [new part of Alone will be up the day after tomorrow :)]

The aroma of roses wafted around you as you made a bouquet for your favourite customer, he came in every Friday at the same time and got the exact same bouquet; white and pink roses. Every time he’d walk into your shop and the bell would announce his arrival your stomach would fill with butterflies. He was always dressed in a crisp suit and carrying a briefcase and his blonde hair was slicked back, the woman that he gave those roses to was one lucky lady that was for sure.

Just like clockwork the bell rang and in he walked. “Hey Steve!” You smiled cheerily.

He smiled back. “Hey (Y/n), is it ready?”

“Of course! Pink and white roses like always.” You finished the bouquet by wrapping it in brown paper and placing it on the counter.

“You’re a magic worker y'know, beautiful as always.” You looked up and he was staring at you a smirk on his face.

Your cheeks flared red and you busied yourself with the cash register. He paid and took the flowers and you gazed at him longing as he walked towards the door, oh what you would give to have a man like that.

* * *

Monday rolled around and you were getting ready to close up. You were locking the door when someone crashed into the other side. It was Steve and he looked disheveled, he was in jeans and a t-shirt and his hair was sticking every which way.

“(Y/n), (Y/n)! Please, please don’t close I need a bouquet! Please!” He pleaded from the other side of the glass door.

You unlocked the door and let him in, you figured he must have had a fight with his girlfriend or wife or whoever always received the beautiful flowers.

He paced back and forth in front of the counter, occasionally running his hands through his hair. You kept glancing up at him every few seconds as you made the bouquet, he looked really distracted and you had to know why. How could someone so perfect be so upset?

“Fight with the wife?” You asked casually.

He stopped pacing and stared at you meeting your eyes with a confused expression. “What?”

Your cheeks went red. “Oh sorry, I just figured that’s why you were getting the flowers on a different day of the week. You’d be surprised how many of my customers are just guys who have a fight with their girl.” You looked down at the flowers as you arranged them.

He walked around the counter and stood  across from the table you were working at. “I don’t have a girlfriend, or a wife.”

Your hands stilled as you took in this new information. “Oh.” Was all you could manage to say before finishing putting the flowers together.

“As beautiful as always.” He whispered.

You looked at the bouquet and you touched the edge of a petal, smiling at your work. He walked around the table and reached for your chin tilting it up to look at him.

He slowly leaned in and lightly pressed his lips to yours in a chaste kiss that had you longing for more.

He grabbed the bouquet, left money on the counter and walked out of the shop without another word, leaving you standing there staring after him, a dumbfounded look plastered on your face.

* * *


The week came and went and you hadn’t heard from Steve since he kissed you and left. You checked the clock. It was Friday, 5:30pm, the time Steve usually came, you stared at the door willing for someone to walk through but no one did. Two more hours passed and you were sure he had found a different florist.

You had been stressing about it all week. Why had he kissed you? He seemed distracted… maybe that’s why? Maybe now he regrets it and isn’t going to come back.

You sighed as you leaned down and cleaned the stems from the floor. The door chimed and someone walked up to the counter. You tossed the stems in the garbage and stood back up. On the other side of the counter was none other than Steve himself. You couldn’t stop the shocked expression that dawned your face and the flush that rose in your cheeks.

You quickly recovered. “The usual?” You asked in a monotone voice not wanting to give away how confused you were.

He nodded looking at you curiously.

You turned and grabbed the bouquet you had already made and set it on the counter for him.

He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. You wished he hadn’t because he looked so damn good.

“Did you want to come with me and see who these flowers go to?” He asked quietly, his blue eyes boring into yours.

You looked the clock, you closed in half an hour, but it was your shop so closing a little early wouldn’t be a problem. You hesitated a second before nodding.

You followed Steve out of the car, holding tightly to the wrapped flowers. You walked up to a sleek black car and he opened the passenger side door for you. He got in the driver’s side and smiled warmly at you.

To say the drive was awkward was an understatement. It was completely silent and no one spoke, the only sound filling the car was your breathing.

Thirty minutes later the car stopped and you looked out the window to see where you were. It was a giant white mansion, the sign on the lawn read ‘Meadow Oaks Retirement Home’. Your stomach lurched into your throat as you stepped out of the car.

“Steve, really it’s fine I don’t need to go in.” You assured him holding out the bouquet.

“Nonsense, she’s going to love you.” He smiled as you laid his hand on the small of your back and led you inside.

“Who?” You wondered.

He smirked to himself. “My mom.”

* * *

The two of you walked into a large sitting room. There was a woman sitting in a chair by a bay window, she perked up and turned around when she heard you enter.

“Oh Stevie!” She smiled as she walked up to him, grabbed his face and kissed his cheeks causing his face to go red.

You giggled under your breath and he playfully glared at you.

The woman turned to you and her eyes went wide when she saw the flowers in your hands. “Oh dear, you must be (Y/n), I’m Maria, Steve’s mom!”

You must have looked shocked that she knew who your were because she chuckled. “Stevie has told me all about you, the beautiful florist who makes the gorgeous bouquets he brings me every week!”

Your eyebrows shot up and your cheeks flared as you looked up at Steve but he wouldn’t meet your eyes. You looked back at the cheery old woman. “Uh I suppose that would be me, yes. It’s nice to meet you.” You smiled warmly.

“Yes! Fantastic!” She beamed. “Come sit with me!” She walked back to the bay window where three chairs sat.

You sat across from her, Steve sitting in between the two of you and you set the flowers down on the coffee table.

After a few minutes of casual conversation and Steve talking about his work, he was an owner of a business that did a lot of work for trouble kids, his mom looked right at you.

“So has Stevie asked you out yet?” She looked between the two of you.

Your eyes widened.

“Mom!” Steve blanched.

“Well after I called you Monday and told you if you didn’t go down there and ask her out you weren’t allowed to visit me I thought you’d actually do it! All you ever do while you’re here is talk about how beautiful and sweet she is, I just wanted you to finally make a move!”

Steve went redder than you’d ever seen and he hid his head in his hands and groaned.

You were shocked to say the least, you had no idea that Steve felt the same way as you did. You’ve watched him for ages coming into your shop, your small conversations about flowers, or how your week had went were all you could think about when you got home. Your mind clouded with thoughts of how nice it would feel to be wrapped in his muscular arms and to kiss his soft lips.

“(Y/n)?” Maria called trying to get your attention. You had zoned out staring longingly at Steve and he had raised his head and was staring right back.

“Oh yes, sorry.” You awkwardly rubbed the back of your neck trying and failing to get the thought of Steve’s lips out of your mind.

Maria grinned knowingly at you and you couldn’t help feeling a little exhilarated knowing Steve’s true feelings.

She looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already 8:30. She dramatically yawned and you were pretty sure she had just faked it. “Well Stevie, I’ve had an awfully long day and think I’m going to head to my room and go to sleep.”

Steve handed her the flowers, said goodnight and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She whispered something in his ear before turning back to you.

“It was so nice meeting you (Y/n). I hope I’ll see again soon.” She winked at you before turning and walking from the room.

You followed Steve out of the mansion expecting him to go to the car but he didn’t. He walked into the vast gardens behind the mansion, everything glowing with the setting sun, you almost had to jog to keep up to him. He turned down a pathway lined with tall bushes taking a few steps before turning around and abruptly stopping causing you to slam into his chest. You almost fell backwards but arms shot out and steadied you.

“Steve what is-” you were cut off by his lips crashing into yours. You quickly reciprocated moulding your lips into his. He wrapped his arms around your waist and your hands found their way into his soft hair. Your lips broke apart and you stared into his bright blue eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You questioned him.

He sighed. “I wasn’t sure if you’d like me to be honest.’

Your brows furrowed together. "What’s not to like?”

A smile broke across his face and you matched it, both of you standing in a garden smiling at each other like two people madly in love.

“So what did your mom whisper to you?”

“To go get my girl.” He smirked and you blushed pulling him in for another kiss.

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Cherry On Top (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

a/n: the ending is cheesy im so sorry 

requests: Poly!Hamilsquad with an insecure s/o who they keep ignoring (exhausted, too busy with work, etc) so s/o just starts going out late and hanging with some questionable people to forget about their loneliness. I need more hamilsquad angst pls

Can you do a poly hamilsquad × reader where the reader is super duper shy and really insecure but then the squad just kind of waltzes into her life and refuses to leave please?

word count: 3,017 words

Being a waiter and being extremely shy made it difficult for you to work sometimes. You’re always afraid to speak up loudly whenever asking people for their orders and would always internally freak out whenever they told you the order is wrong, but other than that you were very good at your job. You never had any bad experiences, except a few awkward ones, until a group of men came barging through the restaurant one day, talking and laughing loudly which caused many looks of distaste to come their way. Each one were gorgeous in their own way, but they were still being very annoying.

The man you first spotted was the tallest of the bunch, with dark curly hair tied up in a bun and a neatly trimmed beard. The next man was slightly shorter than the first but definitely stronger as you noticed his broad shoulders. The third man had curly hair like the tallest man, but it was tied in a ponytail to show off his freckled face. The last man was the shortest and had straight hair slicked back in a ponytail. He also seemed to be ranting about something while the other men looked at him amused.

You were taking orders from a young couple when they decided to walk in and you almost dropped your pen at the sudden noise. You grumbled and kept glaring at them over you shoulder while still trying to maintain a cheerful face for the couple. The hostess at the front desk tried to unsuccessfully calm them down as she led them to their seats which, unfortunately for you, was in your section. This caused a sense of panic to overwhelm you.

Usually when rowdy boys came into the restaurant they almost always either:

a) made fun of the waiter

b) flirt with the waiter

c) ignore the waiter until absolutely necessary

You didn’t mind the last one, but usually they gave little to the no tip stating you weren’t an ‘avid server’.  With this group you were praying for the last one as you cautiously walked up to their table while gripping you pen behind your back. They didn’t notice you yet as they were staring at the menu or laughing with each other.

“H-hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’ll be your server for tonight. Can I g-get you guys anything to drink?” You stammered.

Suddenly all the boys stopped talking as they looked up from the menus to stare at you. You started fidgeting nervously at the silence and you took a deep breath to calm yourself down as you looked down at your shoes.

Finally after what felt like hours of torture, one of them spoke up.

“I’ll have a lemonade.” The tall man said which you quickly noticed his French accent.

“I’ll have a diet coke,” said the stronger looking man. “And he’ll have a water to cool him down.” He pointed with a laugh to the shortest man of the group who seemed red with rage.

You looked at the freckled man, “A-and what are you having?”

He didn’t answer and just stared at you oddly while his head was propped by his elbow and tilted to the side. You shifted and started to shake under his stare.

“Laurens!” One of the men yelled.

“Oh sorry! I’ll have a sprite.” He said with a bright grin and a wink.

You blushed slightly and looked down to write down their orders and quickly walked away. Your face turned even more red as you heard them quietly whispering and you just knew they were talking about you.

You grabbed their drinks, but you tried to take a bit longer than usual so you wouldn’t have to face them yet. You shakily walked up to them as you balanced the drinks in your hand and handed them to each of their owners. You noticed as soon as you walked up their whispering stopped which further confirmed that they were indeed talking about you, or most likely in this case, making fun of you. You took out your pencil and paper to quietly asked if they were ready to order.

Throughout the entire time while you served them, they would always do the same thing.

Whisper once you walked away, stop when you came back, stare at you while asking if they needed anything else, repeat.

You tried to keep it together and not cry or become visibly upset in front of your other tables and the group of gorgeous men who caused the problem, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as the night progressed.

Finally, you gave them the check which meant they were leaving soon and so were you since your shift ends in ten minutes. Afterwards, you clocked out and walked outside to see it was pouring. You ran to your car and sighed as you were enveloped in warmth. You were about to drive away when you heard people arguing outside the restaurant.

You turned and saw it was the group of men from before, arguing about how they should get home. You realized they walked here and would most likely have to walk back in this weather.

You sat in your car and debated with yourself. You wanted to offer them a ride but would they think that’s weird? Would it be awkward in the car? Would they make fun of you if you asked?

You decided to just do it and you took a deep breath as you approached them.

“H-hi, I overheard you saying you would probably have to walk h-home and I wanted to ask if you would like a ride?”

The men stopped and stared at you and you immediately regretted your decision and back pedaled.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to seem weird especially since I was just your server but I felt bad for you guys an-an-and I’m sorry.” You blurted out as you covered your face with the sleeves of your jacket.

“Woah it’s ok! We were just surprised!” The short man explained. “We would be so glad if you gave us a ride. Y'see it was drier earlier and we decided to just walk and we didn’t know it was gonna rain and we were so hungry and-”

“Alex, shut up,” The stronger man glared teasingly and then smiled at you. “I’m Hercules, that’s John but we call him Laurens,” He pointed to the freckled man. “That’s Lafayette,” He nodded to the French man. “And this little guy is Alex.” He said as he wrapped the shorter man for a hug as Alex rolled his eyes.

“Your name is (Y/N), right?” John asked.

You nodded and tucked some of your hair behind your ear.

“We can’t thank you enough, mon ami,” Lafayette smiled as you led them to your car. “We will repay the favor somehow.”

You quickly blushed and told him it wasn’t necessary, but all the boys protested.

“C'mon (Y/N) you totally could’ve let us walk home and die in the rain.” John moaned.

You quickly tried to change the subject, “S-so what were you guys doing out and about? Were you just hanging out?”

Alex piped up, “It was date night for us.”

A beat passed when the dots connected in your head that they were all dating each other, “O-oh that’s nice! I h-hope you all had fun.”

They all grinned brightly at you when you didn’t seem disturbed by their relationship.

“It was wonderful, mon ami.” Lafayette grinned at you.

For the rest of the car ride the boys made jokes and asked about you, which you would shyly reply. You were fine with answering them until John asked if you were dating anyone.

You blushed and tried to spit out a reply until you noticed your GPS said you arrived.

“We’re here!” You exclaimed as you parked in front of their apartment building. Luckily on the drive over here, the rain stopped and fell into a light drizzle.

“Thanks (Y/n)! You’re the best!” John yelled as he ran inside hand in hand with Alex. Hercules gave you a wave before he walked inside, not minding the sprinkle of rain too much. You gave him a smile but turned to see Lafayette still in the back seat.

“Ah, (Y/N)! I was wondering if you would like to accompany us to lunch tomorrow? Since you were so kind enough to give us a ride in this terrible weather.” Lafayette asked.

You blushed and started to sputter, “ I t-told you really don’t have to! I-I mean I couldn’t just l-let you guys w-walk in the rain.” You ducked your head down. “It’s ok, Lafayette.”

Lafayette rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I insist. Please come to lunch with us, we would love to see you again.”

You nodded shyly and gave him your number. He hugged you and gave a kiss on your cheek before he left the car, “See you tomorrow, (Y/N!)”

Ever since after that day the boys have never left you side. You were at their apartment more than your own and you never had a dull moment with them. Being around the boys helped you come out of your shell. You were still shy, but they helped you feel less insecure about yourself since they always gave you the sweetest compliments. There was only one downside to all of this however, you fell in love with not just one or two of them. Oh no, you fell completely in love with all of them.

Each boy was so different and unique and treated you so kindly that you couldn’t help it. They would give you so much attention and love that you felt like you were in their relationship too, but that wasn’t the case.

Lately, however, the boys have been ignoring you. At first you thought it was because they were too busy with their jobs, but they would still go out with each other and not with you. Your movie nights and sleepovers were cancelled over and over again and you couldn’t remember the last time you actually talked to one of them without them sounding disinterested.

You believed they were getting bored of you, which brought back your insecurities and shyness in full force. You never went outside anymore, only if you absolutely had to, and you completely stopped talking to the boys. Ever since you started ignoring them, they tried to contact you anyway possible, which both angered and upset you.

It’s alright if they ignore me but once I do it back it’s not alright? You would think angrily at night. Who do they think they are?

But then your mind would turn back around with a new thought.

They never liked you. They pitied you, idiot. Your brain would yell at you. You were only around for attention and nothing else.

Since you were so shy, the only friends you had were your coworkers and the boys. You never hung out with any of your coworkers, but you got along well with a couple of them and today you decided to stop mourning and go out for once. You were finishing getting ready when you got a text.

jmads: (1:28 PM)

u almost ready? im outside

You quickly slipped on your shoes and grabbed your belongings before locking the door. You waved when you saw James but stopped slightly when you saw another person who you did not know.

“Hey (Y/N), I know we were suppose to get some food together but Thomas here asked if he could tag along.” James asked.

You waved shyly at Thomas and he smirked. He didn’t give you the best vibes, but if James was friends with him he couldn’t be too bad.

The three of you walked down the street and came up to the little café that you always loved. You were about to sit next to James when Thomas wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Come sit by me, (Y/N). I don’t bite…much.” He grinned mischievously.

He plopped you down right next to him, a little to close if you were asked, and kept his arm around you. You tried to talk to James more, but he just kept asking you questions to “get to know you better”.

“Y'know,” Thomas said as he scooched closer. “Madison never told me how gorgeous you are.”

You tried to move away but he held you close to his side.

“But I have heard it from Lafayette.”

You head snapped up and froze, “H-how do you know Lafayette?”

“Oh now you wanna talk,” He chuckled. “Me and Lafayette go way back, darlin’ but enough about me. Lafayette used to talk to me all the time about you. How him and his boyfriends love ya to death.”

The more he talked the more you started to fidget. You knew somehow this was leading to something bad.

“Y-yeah, I’m good friends with a-all of them.” You played with the hem of your shirt.

“But they ignore you now don’t they, sweetheart?”

Your eyes went wide and you tensed up, surprised and shocked that he knew such a thing.

“I bet that hurt you. Didn’t it, darlin’? Aren’t you upset with them?” He asked with a fake pout, mocking you.

“Thomas that’s enough, not now.” You heard James warn as he looked over at another table, but Thomas ignored him and kept going.

“I bet you’re looking for someone to patch that hole up. Someone who could make you happy.”

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes and nodded. Thomas got closer and cupped your face.

“I can be that person, (Y/N)”

It looked like he was about to kiss you until…

“(Y/N), what the hell?” Someone yelled and grabbed your arm for you to get away from Thomas.

You looked up and saw Alex glaring at you, red in the face with John behind you looking defeated.

“Why were you with Jefferson? And why was he getting all close to you? How do you know each other?” He yelled at you while you stood frozen on the spot. “Never mind all the we’re going home. Goodbye Jefferson!” Alex taunted.

He barged out of the café while John held onto you. You looked at him confused and wanting answers, but he just shook his head and told you to wait until you got back to their apartment.

You sat in the car in tense silence, with Alex fuming in the driver’s seat while John looked dejected out the window. Nobody spoke all the way to their apartment.

As you walked into the door of their apartment behind Alex and John, the memories of being with them, being left alone, and what just happened all flooded into your mind. You heard Alex yell angrily for Laf and Herc while you were still reminiscing and you soon started to sob.

“(Y/N)? Ma chérie, what happened?” Laf questioned as he came out of the bedroom. He and Hercules were about to hug you when Alex interrupted.

“Don’t hug them! They were getting all cuddly with Jefferson earlier,” Alex screeched. “Plus they’ve been ignoring us!”

You suddenly stopped crying and tensed up. You were ignoring them?  

YOU were ignoring THEM?

Your self control shut down.

“EXCUSE ME?” You yelled as the boys flinched. “Last time I fucking checked you four were ignoring me! I was trying to contact and hang out with you guys and I barely ever got a hello from any of you! I thought at first you were busy with work but then I would see you all getting breakfast or some shit!”

The boys stared at you, frightened, as they never heard you yell that loudly or curse.

“And to put the cherry on the mcfucking top, once I decided to ignore you, next thing I’m getting texts out of nowhere! Asking me to hang out! How fucking hypocritical! I’m not some little toy where you can tell me when you want me and when you don’t!” You were so angry tears started to fall from your eyes as you screamed.

“So,” You whimpered softly, a drastic difference from just a moment ago. “Why were you ignoring me?”

The boys’ faces softened as they saw your tears. They looked at each other before Hercules spoke up.

“We were…trying to plan on how to ask to join our relationship.” He said softly as he stepped closer to you.

“You…what?” You asked as you tried to dry your eyes.

Hercules and Laf enveloped you in a hug, “We really like you, ma chérie. We just couldn’t think of how to ask you and we were so busy that we didn’t even notice that we weren’t paying enough attention to you.” Laf snuggled his face into your hair.

You giggled, “R-really?”

“God (Y/N) we were making it so obvious,” John stepped into the hug. “We absolutely adore you and would do anything for you.“

You looked over at Alex, who looked absolutely heartbroken and for once in his life, speechless.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were so lonely and I d-didn’t mean to make you cry it’s just that,” He took a deep breath. “We care about you so so much and we were so afraid to fuck up our friendship with you if we asked you out and t-then you ignored us and it broke our god damn hearts.”

Your heart was breaking at seeing Alex like this. You wanted to pull him into the hug, but you knew he had more to say.

“A-and then I saw you with Jefferson and I just couldn’t take it an-an-and, God we just love you.”

He fell into your embrace as the five of you hugged and you were so happy you started crying again.

“(Y/N), baby, what’s wrong?” John cupped your face.

You shook your head and looked at each of your boys, “I love you all too. And I would be honored to join your relationship.”

All of them cheered as you felt your face become buried in kisses and you knew you would never be ignored again.

Some Gifts Come Unwrapped


Warning: smut

A/N: sorry this took so long, and i’m not even sure it’s any good. but the best way to get past writer’s block is to write, which is weird, but here ya go lmao

You couldn’t keep your eyes off it, scared that if you’d blink it would disappear. It was beautiful and luxurious and everything you’d dreamed it would be. After pinning an endless supply of pictures of the seemingly unobtainable automobile in your “future car” folder on Pinterest, it was completely and utterly surreal that it was now perched in front of you in all its glory, tied up in a satin red bow.

“It’s white.” It was hard to breathe. “You remembered.”

“Of course I remembered.”

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The Perfect Day

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, breakups, some angst, self loathing, swearing, Bucky being cute af 

Word Count: 2420 (Sorry not sorry)

Requests: Hey can you do a Bucky x Reader where it’s the readers birthday and Bucky and her both like each other but to scared to say anything but everyone else knows and they throw her a surprise birthday party and they get together in the end. You can add more details too

Can I request something for my birthday on the 20th? Anything with Bucky, go wild.

Summary: Bucky makes sure you have the best birthday ever after your boyfriend breaks up with you. 

A/N: Happy Birthday @superpaperclip I hope you have a really good day, And I hope you like this xx

The night had been a complete and utter disaster. And that was putting it lightly.
You were sure that there had never been another time in your life that you were both humiliated and angry beyond words simultaneously and you hoped it would never happen again. What was supposed to be a lovely night out at dinner to celebrate your birthday tomorrow had turned into what you could only describe as the biggest fight you and your boyfriend had ever had to date.

He had been on edge the whole day, barely speaking more than a few words to you, and while you’d simply put it down to him being tired from the long hours he’d been doing at work it came out in the middle of the restaurant that he’d been cheating on you. For months. He’d tried the guilt card straight afterwards, telling you how sorry he was and that it had just been a slip in his judgement, but when you’d not forgiven him on the spot it quickly became your fault.

He’d left you sitting there, shell shocked as he stormed away from the dinner table.

You felt nauseous, your heart weighed as you walked back towards the tower, ignoring the looks from passersby’s as you sniffled back your tears. Your mind had been a constant whirl of thoughts since, you’d wondered whether it was truly your fault, whether you’d been a good enough girlfriend and whether or not being an Avenger had any blame to the whole thing. It was true that you weren’t always here, missions called you away at the most inconvenient times ever and you knew he’d always disliked the fact that you spent so much of your time around other men. But you’d honestly thought that he loved you.

By the end of the tirade of self blame though you had no more closure than what you’d started with and it was only making you feel worse about the situation. All you wanted right now was to crawl into your bed and forget that the day you’d been looking forward to for weeks was only three hours away. Happy birthday to you.

Walking into the tower you hoped that you wouldn’t run into anyone on the way up to your room. You’d caught sight of your reflection outside the building and you knew that the puffy eyes and black streaks on your cheeks would raise questions you didn’t think you had the emotional capacity to answer right now. Of course though, fate was not on your side.

The smile that had been on Bucky’s face the minute he saw you slipped right off as he got closer, your resolve breaking down completely when he took the few steps between you and wrapped you into his arms. Fisting the fabric of his t-shirt you sobbed against his chest as he rubbed his hand along your back, trying to soothe you softly. When your tears finally subsided he pulled back, brushing his thumbs over your cheeks before placing a soft kiss to your forehead.
“Sorry,” You mumbled.
“What are you sorry for Doll?”
“That,” You gestured to the wet stains on his chest as you huffed out a shaky breath.
Bucky shrugged, giving you a lopsided grin. “Needed washing anyway.”

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Hit or Miss - Daryl Dixon x Reader

Requested by anonymous: How about writing something where Daryl accidentally shoot y/n with an arrow, either trough her shoulder/rib cage, or something, and she is hurt badly and Daryl is freaking out and stays with her while people try to help, and have to hold her down while they pull out the arrow, and she is in and out of consciousness, and all this reviles that Daryl’s have deep feelings for her and stays with her until she makes it <3 awe yess

I hope you enjoy it, anon <3

((( This gif makes me feel things )))

Originally posted by kinneyandreedus

“We got one coming this way!” Glenn called out as he lowered his binoculars. 

“You got it, Daryl?”

“Always do.” He grunted and lifted his crossbow, aiming carefully. He smiled to himself as his target fell back. Bastard. He thought to himself.

You slowly trudged along with your slight limp and heavy bag. Every now and then a sharp pain would shoot up your leg from your ankle. A herd almost got to you and you ended up tripping as you hurried away. You should’ve told more people that you were making a supply run. You only mentioned it to Andrea since she was keeping watch at the time. Everyone else probably thought you were still asleep in your tent and would be worried if they found out you went out on your own.

No sense in making a big deal of it now, I’m almost there. You thought to yourself. 

You adjusted the straps of your full backpack and emerged from the treeline. You smiled at the glorious sight of camp, relieved that you had actually made it back.

All of a sudden, you heard a whirring sound and an excruciating pain in your shoulder. You screamed out in agony when you hit the ground. You lifted your head to see an arrow was settled right into your skin, causing the worst pain you had ever felt. 

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dontfeelsogood  asked:

Can I request Viktor with a stomach bug? (Viktuuri) thank you!! 💕💕💕

thank you so much for sending these asks in, i’m glad that i finally got around to filling them!!!  sorry it took so long, i hope it was worth the wait!!!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned

Despite having been entirely unproductive even after retching for the past half hour, Viktor’s head was still in the toilet when he heard Yuuri’s knock on the bathroom door.


An overwhelming nausea forced the older man into yet another dry heave before he was able to respond.  “Ah,” Viktor swallowed thickly, putting everything he had into resisting the sick feeling in his gut.  Unfortunately, nothing he did seemed to have any impact, so he reluctantly cleared his throat and continued speaking.  “Sorry, Yuuri, do you need the restroom?  I’ll be - huuurk! - out in just a minute!”

With that, Viktor’s stomach lurched and back into the porcelain bowl went his head.  He wasn’t sure how he would manage to vacate the bathroom in this state, but if Yuuri needed him to, he would figure something out.  As he coughed and wiped spit from his lips, he could hear Yuuri moving around just outside the door.

“I can hear you heaving all the way from the bedroom,” Yuuri said quietly.  Viktor’s heart ached.

“Oh,” Viktor whispered, a wet cough interrupting him briefly, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?”  Yuuri sounded confused, which was adorable; Viktor could picture him, leaning against the bathroom door with his face scrunched in the most endearing way.  The thought alone was enough to leave Viktor yearning for the younger man to be by his side, but he couldn’t possibly ask that of him.

“Why are you sorry?”  Yuuri murmured, almost as if to himself.

“I didn’t want to - urk! - bother you,” Viktor explained, feeling guilty because a large part of him wanted the exact opposite.  “Did I wake you up?”

“I couldn’t sleep anyway,” Yuuri murmured.  Viktor imagined him running a hand through his hair, sweaty from tossing and turning.  The sound of Yuuri’s shaky sigh was loud enough to reach Viktor’s ears through the closed door.  “Viktor, can you let me in?  You sound miserable.”

“I’m - urp! - okay,” Viktor tried to argue, though he didn’t sound very convincing even to himself, with a belch puncturing his argument.  Not to mention his energy level had hit rock bottom, so every word he spoke came out dry and monotone.

“Vitya.  Don’t lie to me,” Yuuri’s voice hardened.

“I-“  Viktor wanted to tell Yuuri.  He really, truly did.  Unfortunately, his mouth didn’t seem to agree, and if he listened closely enough to it, he could tell that something in his heart resisted as well.  He let out a long belch-turned-retch before speaking again in a hollow tone.  “I’ll be fine.  Go back to bed, Yuuri.”

When Viktor heard Yuuri’s footsteps walking away, he knew he had no right to feel upset or disappointed or lonely; Yuuri was only doing as Viktor had instructed.  And yet, regret coursed through him as he continued to heave fruitlessly into the toilet.  He wanted Yuuri to stay.  Stay close to me, he thought.  It had been a mantra in his head since the moment he’d met the younger skater, and yet he’d gone and pushed him away.








The words spun around in Viktor’s dizzy head.  His stomach contents continued to slosh uneasily inside of him, but Viktor had all but given up on getting anything out, so he laid his head on the toilet seat and focusing on quelling the nausea.

He must have dozed off, because he woke with a start.


Yuuri was at the door again.  Viktor had no idea how much time had passed, but apparently not enough for the bug to pass.  The nausea was, incredibly, worse than ever, and he couldn’t repress a harsh heave.

“Viktor, I’m sorry to do this but I’m coming in.”

The door was locked, Viktor had made sure of that when he’d first started feeling ill.  Amazingly, that didn’t seem to phase Yuuri at all.  He entered the bathroom moments later with tea - and a paperclip.

“Did you - huuuurgh! - just pick - hiccurrup!”  Viktor coughed violently, forgetting to finish his sentence in favor of focusing on his struggle to breathe.

“Picked the lock,” Yuuri murmured, but he was clearly distracted, staring at the sick man.  Viktor flinched.

“Yuuri, don’t - huuuurp! - look.”  His throat was tight.  Yuuri ignored this demand and brushed a hand through Viktor’s sweaty hair, shooting him a fierce look.

“No one’s judging you right now, Vitya, not when you’re sick,” Yuuri said firmly, raising an eyebrow as if daring Viktor to object.  “Now.  Let me help you.”

Viktor frowned, and his mouth ran ahead of him, “Thought you - hurgh! - went to bed?”

Yuuri shook his head.  “I made you something - some tea.”

“I’ll puke, Yuuri.”

“That’s-”  Yuuri faltered a bit before forging on in a pained voice.  “That’s kind of the point, love.  It will make you feel better, and then you can rest.”  He handed Viktor a mug of tea, and the older man inspected it slowly.  Its scent was familiar, a Russian brand that Yuuri must have dug up in one of Viktor’s cabinets.  He hadn’t drunk it in years, but it was a comforting smell, in a way.  Not to mention, Yuuri was right, and Viktor did want to empty his stomach.  Still, he hesitated.

“You should go,” Viktor said quietly, staring bleakly into the mug.

Yuuri glared at him, and though Viktor would admit it was adorable, it wasn’t enough to make him reconsider.

“I don’t - urp! - want you to see me like this, Yuuri.”  Viktor’s voice - and in fact his whole body - shook as he spoke.  Shook from fever, from nausea, and from being torn between his desire for comfort and… fear?  “Please,” he whispered, voice trembling.

“No,” Yuuri said, softly, firmly.  He gently brushed Viktor’s sweaty bangs away from where they clung to his face, frowned when the older man flinched.  “Vitya, I love you.  I won’t leave you alone when you’re this sick.”

As if on cue, Viktor started heaving again.  He really couldn’t stop.  Tears sprung to his eyes as it became hard to breathe.  “Yuuri-“  He gasped.  “Please-“

Yuuri looked conflicted.  “Will you drink the tea if I leave?”

Viktor nodded, tears streaking his face.  Yuuri pressed a kiss to the top of the older man’s head, hesitated a moment longer, and then stood.

“Shout if you need me, love.”

Viktor nodded again, and Yuuri left.  A whimper escaped Viktor’s lips, and he raised the mug to them, then drank.

The effect was immediate.

Vomit, thick and heavy, came hurtling up Viktor’s throat, splashing into the toilet in a projectile stream.  He tried to catch his breath, but only ended up chocking on another stream of sick as it evacuated his body through both his mouth and nose.

“Yuuri.”  It was hardly a shout.  More of a desperate breath that just happened to take the shape of a name.  But in a metaphorical sense, it truly was a call for help, and somehow, Yuuri heard it.

He’s hands were on Viktor’s bare back in a moment, kneading out the knots in the sick man’s shoulders, cooling his feverish skin as his muscles continued to clench and unclench.  Viktor threw up again and again, and he felt like he was drowning.

“Vitya.”  Yuuri’s voice grounded him.  Yuuri’s hands grounded him.  Yuuri was Viktor’s lifeline, and the older man sobbed as the younger spoke his name.  “Vitya, don’t cry.”

Viktor couldn’t respond for a minute or two, still preoccupied with puking up his guts and unable to stop.  When he did get a chance to speak, his voice was raw and vulnerable.

“Don’t leave me,” he cried.  “Don’t leave.”

“Oh,” Yuuri breathed.  “Sweetie, no.  I couldn’t- I wouldn’t!  I would never leave you.”

Yuuri hugged Viktor’s trembling body even as he lurched over the toilet, watery stomach contents splashing into it once again.

“Vitya, I love you.  No matter what.”

Viktor shuddered, nausea making it hard to breathe even when he had a break from vomiting.

“Even if,” he coughed wetly.  “I’m sick and gross and weak?”  Viktor belched, and the action turned into a heave that brought up another mouthful of sick.

“Sick, yes.  Gross and weak?”  Yuuri pressed a kiss to Viktor’s sweaty temple.  “Never, Vitya, never.  And even then-“

He paused as Viktor retched, waited until Viktor managed to force up a meager amount of stomach acid before speaking again.

“Even then, love, it’s not that easy to get rid of me.”  Yuuri smiled when Viktor glanced at him.  “Not when I’m in love.”

Finally, Viktor relaxed into Yuuri’s arms, crying softly as the younger man showered him with love and kisses.  Eventually, Viktor sniffled and cleared his throat.

“Stay with me?”

Yuuri’s smile warmed Viktor’s chest in a way he’d never known he needed.

“Always,” Yuuri whispered.