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He handed the boy the sword, hilt first, and walked over to Arya, but it was the Bull he spoke to. “Queen wants you bad, boy.”
Arya was lost. “Why should she want him?”
The Bull scowled at her. “Why should she want you? You’re nothing but a little gutter rat!”
“Well, you’re nothing but a bastard boy!” Or maybe he was only pretending to be a bastard boy. “What’s your true name?”
Gendry,” he said, like he wasn’t quite sure.
“Don’t see why no one wants neither o’ you,” Yoren said, “but they can’t have you regardless. You ride them two coursers. First sight of a gold cloak, make for the Wall like a dragon’s on your tail. The rest o’ us don’t mean spit to them.”

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Things that don’t make sense about Arya this episode: 1) She was trained by faceless assassins and was blind for several months and somehow she let Petyr trick her? 2) Sansa literally said “Jon is King” and Arya still saw it as Sansa trying to usurp him? 3) Sansa’s letter to Robb was CLEARLY coerced by Cersei and Arya isn’t stupid enough to believe it is genuine. 4) Arya is always going on about how she “doesn’t really hate Sansa” and she “misses Sansa” and “wants to kiss Sansa when she sees her again” and yet DD are making her Sansa’s enemy?

Well said. I think D&D want ‘drama’ and don’t know what to do with Arya & Sansa (and to an extent, Bran) so they pull this catty stuff. Arya’s behaviour this episode was so weird, it really took me back. I’m not going to hate Arya, because like Sansa- she is just a puppet for the writers to do whatever they feel like. And you’re right, Arya does love Sansa. Even though it’s complicated. It’s still love. Part of the reason why I love Arya is that she puts alot of emphasis on her ‘pack’ ‘family’ and that includes Sansa. This plotline is just painful.

D&D want us to hate one of them, pick a side… and I’m not going to do that.

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“Surely summer camp wasn’t that bad?” Sansa asked with a frown. “I quite enjoyed it when I went.” She looked Arya over carefully.

“And besides, isn’t it your sort of thing? Climbing and being outside and doing gross boy type things?”

A frown crossed her face. “It wasn’t that stuff. I just missed being home.” She poked her tongue out at her sister. “It’s not gross boy stuff, it’s fun stuff! But it’s not home, I wanted Mummy and Daddy. I even missed you.” 

She’d been so excited to go, and when she got there, she’d missed her family so much, and she was gone for a week! By wednesday she’d just wanted to come home.