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The Only Exception (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: language, angst, self-reflection, discomfort, melodrama, mentions of trauma, fire, rescue (of secondary character), sad thoughts. I don’t know. I’m no Shonda Rimes, but, tread lightly.

A/N under the cut.

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~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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The Party - Part Eight

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

Summary: You and Jared finally talk about what you saw in that article.

Words: 1,241

Jared x Reader

Warnings: angst/argument

A/N: Next part will probably contain smut… hope that’s cool with y’all

Your name: submit What is this?

The rest of the week passed in a dull blur. You’d blocked Jared’s number from your phone so that you didn’t have to keep ignoring his texts and calls, and you took on overtime at work, giving your brain something else to think about.

Sal gave you sympathetic looks, but when you told her that you didn’t want to talk about it, she left you alone.

You told yourself that you were being stupid to think that it’d work out anyway. He was a beautiful, muscular TV and movie star, and you were a small town insurance claims examiner. It wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven.

You’d worked two hours of overtime on Friday before Sal told you to go home.

You nodded tiredly, packing up some paperwork to take home and work on in the hope that it would take your mind off of Jared.

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anonymous asked:

Happy new year! ^^ Can i request another betrayal headcanon? In this case how would be the chocobros feelings after cheated on their s/o with another? How would they feel when being kicked out by their partner, knowing they really broke their heart?

Pardon my lateness and I hope your year is starting off good!

The Prince himself got caught up in a massive scandal. At first it seemed like nothing more than tabloid nonsense, but then came to the surface pictures of Noctis with some mystery person that no one had really even knew.
And now it was everywhere and hard to ignore. Noct at first could say it was nothing more than lies, but that was before the pictures surfaced. And they weren’t even photoshopped. So now he was stuck in a corner and he couldn’t lie his way out of it this time.
So Noctis finally comes clean, and he tells you the truth. And he tells you how long it’s been going on for.
And then the waterworks are going to start up or the anger and yelling will, maybe a combo of both, but it doesn’t really matter because Noctis is going to start shutting down. He doesn’t know how to handle the situation further so it seems like things are going in one ear and right out the other with him.
Until he finally hears “I want you out” and you’re already tossing some of his things or things he gave to you back at him- then it’s like he’s listening again.
“But you can’t do tha-”
“I can and I am, Noct!”
He doesn’t get much room to even try to weasel himself out this time, so in the end all he can do is nod and leave. After he ends up moping around and kicking himself for all this.

Ignis is the one who tells you in the first place. And while you try to laugh it off at first, thinking maybe he was just joking because such a thing is so… unlike him, you end up finding that no, he really is telling you the truth. He might have done a bad, but he still felt like honesty was the best approach.
And he accepts all the anger that comes flying his way; whether it’s the yelling and the shouting, the name calling, the cold shoulders, and the whole nine yards.
He’s fucked up tremendously and betrayed your trust. So when you say you don’t want a single thing to do with him, it leaves him feeling sad and sullen, but he understands and he knows you need some space.
He gives it a good handful of days(A rough handful of days) before he comes back around, hoping you’ve had some time to think and simmer down.
Ignis won’t exactly be begging for you to come around and give him another chance, he won’t even try to sway your actions one way or another on that one, but he does go out of his way to apologize and without making any excuses for himself.
At the very least he’d like to be friends with you still, but again he understands if that ends in a resounding ‘hell no’.

You ended up hearing from a little birdie about what Gladio did at one of the royal parties. And then everything turned into a big fight with Gladio.
It was wrong of him to have cheated and he knows it but he hates being in the wrong and hates even more to admit it.
He ends up trying to downplay it and things end with “It was just one time”. And he gets mad every time you say “well how can I know that for sure?” or “if it’s happened once then it’ll happen again”.
There ends up being a lot of arguing and yelling until finally enough is enough and you go storming out, slamming the door behind you with an “I’m done” and vowing to not come back.
And by now he’s starting to realize just how badly he’s fucked up because that sure as shit wasn’t supposed to happen. And at first he was just going to let this go as it was, but god damn this whole situation just keeps digging under his skin. So he keeps trying to blow off some steam with dumb shows, exercise, sparring- but that’s not doing a single thing. He’s still angry, or rather that anger is still just a way to cover up the fact he’s still upset and especially with himself.
So it’s not too longer after the ordeal that he comes a knocking on your door. He, for a change, looks apologetic. “Look, I messed up real bad, I get that. And I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do something so stupid again. So what do you say you and I start over?”
It’s up to you if you want to slam the door right on his face or not.

It was as Prompto was fooling around that you managed to hear everything. He hadn’t even taken off his clothes before he was pushed down by the other for the act- and his phone was still in his back pocket and he accidentally had dialed you while it was happening. And you heard everything.
So as Prompto comes back he sees a lot of junk scattered in the yard. Come to think of it- “That’s my stuff!” he yells. And next thing he knows you’re popping back out of the window and tossing more of his clothes out. He rushes inside.
“Don’t give me that “what’s going on” shit Prompto! I heard! I fucking heard it all Prompto! So don’t you dare start in on me!”
“But I don’t understand-”
“Yeah well neither do it! But maybe you can at least go back into their bed and find your understanding!”
He’s taken aback. He’s not entirely sure how you know but he feels the weight of his actions already crawling under his skin heavily.
And suddenly your voice starts cracking and going shaky as your lips start quivering, and then there’s the influx of tears you ended up trying to hold back but lord knows that wasn’t going to happen. “Because I can’t Prompto. I don’t understand, why? Why?”
And truth be told, he doesn’t either. He can’t tell you why he had that lapse in judgment and why he went through with doing what he did, when he should have just said no to begin with. But dear gods if he wasn’t regretting it badly. He hurt you and tore up your heart and watching you cry was making him cry.
Prompto gets on his knees and tries to hug you around the waist, crying and begging for forgiveness. But all he earns is a “I don’t care how sorry you are, you need to go right now!”
After he’s kicked out and left to pick up all his things, he ends up calling up one of the other guys to try and stay with them for the time being. Where most of what he does is throw pity parties on their couch all day long.


I don’t know why this happened. Actually, I do–that Black Widow poster going around that was stupidly photoshopped made me think ‘huh, I wonder what Scarlet thinks about that’ and it also made me think about how ridiculous the portrayal of women in comics often is, which brought me to that panel of Kori from RHATO with the awful proportions and the bathing suit and the hair flip. I am sorry.

Word Count: 807

Rating: T

'Verse: Gotham Squad

“Come on, Mar'i,” Colin laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“No! I’m not doing it!” she giggled back, gingerly releasing the ladder at the edge of the pool and bobbing beneath the surface of the water.

The day was swelteringly hot, oppressive heat clinging to the air and dampening skin and moods all around. It was Mar'i’s idea to take shelter in the pool at the Manor, and it was one that the boys didn’t need much convincing to agree to.

Colin’s shirt joined Mar'i’s discarded clothing–jean shorts, flip flops, and a midriff-baring tee shirt–and he reached in the pocket of his swim trunks for his cell phone. “Come on, it’s just for fun.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “Please. Fun for you, maybe.”

“Stop pestering her, Wilkes,” Damian growled, sour at the situation as a whole. He yanked moodily at the collar of his shirt at the nape of his neck, pulling it over his head in one swift motion.

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The lovely devilout wanted to know how to change hair colors so I thought I’d make a little ( I’m using that term lightly ) tutorial on how to do so. But fair warning, this is my first tutorial-ish so I’m not quite amazing but I did my best. 

Please like or reblog it if you found it useful or whatever. :)

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Meeting Gillian Anderson at Boston Comic Con!

I’ve been wanting to write this all down…mainly to remember, but also incase you guys want to hear a cute little Gillian story!

I was (thankfully) joined by my buddy Reed, and we noticed when we first walked in that people were already lining up at Gillian’s booth for autographs. We picked up some photos for her to sign (she ended up having some at her table anyways but oh well 😋 ). We waited in line for the next 45 minutes, and I will spare you the details about it being cash only and my sprint to the ATM last minute where I probably knocked some people over and ran faster than I ever have in my entire life lolol.

At around 10:45 or so, Gillian came out looking cute as ever, and man, I have never in my life felt more like I was going to pass out; pretty much everything that you can do to further your chances of fainting I had done, and then add Gillian to that like…I was not okay. 

But somehow I stayed conscious enough to make it to the front of the line (we were near the middle) and Reed went first (because I made him lol). He chose a picture of Scully with Skinner when he had the virus and he was not looking too hot, so when she went to sign it she was like “Is that Skinner?! What happened to him?!” and we were just all cracking up. She asked what episode it was in but yo I can’t remember who I even am let alone that episode, and either could Reed so we all just kept laughing. Then Reed mentioned that we had gone to see her in Streetcar a couple of months ago, and she said that it was funny because only one person on Saturday had seen it, but almost everyone in line ahead of us had said that they had gone too. Reed joked and said “Yeah, that’s because we all planned it,” and she was like “You all know each other?” and he was like “Yeah, all of us!” and gestured to the rest of the line 😆  I’m not sure if she caught on that he was joking, which was adorable (also, the way he said it was super light-hearted and silly which may not read that way through text I’m realizing as I’m typing it now…but it was a cute/funny little interaction).

Then it was my turn; I had made her a paper-cut of a koi fish and lotus blossom (I’ll put the picture down below) and was planning to give it to her (if I could function). I first handed her the picture to sign, and then was like “Oh yeah, also, I made you this…” and handed her the koi cut-out. She looked at it and was like “What do you mean you made me this?!” and I’m just standing there smiling like a loser. She kept looking at it, and said that it was so sweet of me to make and that she loved it (and something about a koi? It being cute or little or beautiful? Or all the above? I was dead by then sorry lol). After finally putting it down, she said that it reminded her of something her daughter would make since she’s an artist, and that she just got commissioned to do a dog picture on Instagram and how great and cool that was (I agreed). I think then she realized she still didn’t sign my picture so she grabbed a sharpie (she took a minute to choose what color she wanted to use which was also adorable), and was like “Okay…Meeka?” and I’m like “Mike-uh” and she’s like “Oh! Like the mineral?” and I was like “Yeah! but with an h at the end!” (but like maybe I whispered that last part? lol). After she signed, she stuck out her hand for me to shake and I was like damnnn cause this boy has sweaty hands 24/7, so you can only imagine the state they were in at that point…so unfortunately, I paid more attention to being mortified by that and how gross it probably was than the fact that I was shaking hands with GILLIAN FUCKING ANDERSON. She ended up spelling my name wrong (Micha instead of Micah, but I give ZERO FUCKS), but her message was so cute! It was “Better than Magnetite! So nice to meet you!,” and if you know me, you know my love for crystals/stones/minerals/etc, so the fact that she referenced this made my life.

After that, we grabbed some food and pretty much went right to Photo-Ops, and who walks in basically right in front of us? Yes. GILLIAN. Reed decides this is the perfect time to throw out his can though so we didn’t get to walk near her but maybe that was for the best lol. Anyways, so this time I went first, and went over to her, said hi, and she was like “Hey! Oh! Meeka!” and I was like “Micah” and she was like “Ahhh crap! I’m so sorry!” and just threw her hands up all cute and stuff, and the people behind Reed were like “What did you do stalk her??” (aka how does she know your name?? But I think they didn’t know she did a signing earlier) so I was super embarrassed by this statement cause…I know I’m a little obsessed dork, but no thanks to the stalker thing. But of course Gillian didn’t seem to give any fucks about that statement and just kept saying sorry for messing up my name and in my head I’m like you could literally call me trash and I would give zero fucks lmao but outwardly I just kept awkwardly laughing and saying “it’s fine! no worries!” (Also, can I just say, like yo fam, I don’t correct the fucking Starbucks lady and just accept her calling me “Meeka” but I correct Gillian Anderson??? Am I okay??) 
So I end up looking like a complete dork in my picture (also, the sweat is REAL people…but luckily easily cropped out…and I’m a graphic designer so I can also photoshop that shit thank the lord) and when the picture was over I just awkwardly stood there for a minute smiling at her BEAUTIFUL FACE until she was like “I’m sorry again [about your name]” and I snapped out of it and was like “It’s okay! Don’t worry!” as I walked out. Luckily Reed was after me so it wasn’t the most awkward moment in the world, and after he told me that he said to her “It was a good attempt!” and she laughed.

After that was her panel, and she was hilarious and adorable as always! Some of the questions were cringe-worthy from the moderator, but her reactions were great. (Also I think I was sitting next to @sewenteensir?? Which was cool, but I’m awkward for life so…oh well lol).

Then Reed and I actually walked around the convention center, but at that point I was pretty drained. Gillian did two more signings, that sweet little angel! I have nooooo idea how she was functioning after that long day, and I was tempted to get in line again…but I had such an amazing day and was so thankful for my interactions with her, that it was just silly and really would benefit no one at that point to get in line again.
By the time I got home I pretty much crashed, but again, what an amazing day! Gillian is the sweetest, and she kept cracking me up! Even though she is amazing, talented, and beautiful, she makes it so easy to interact with her as a human being. Even watching her interact with other people in front of me; she took the time and attention to look at and talk to each person. I appreciate that so much about her, and I am so happy she ended up coming to Boston!

^The Koi fish I made her, hand-cut out of paper! (Wrapped safely in a sandwich bag hellll yeahhhh classy AF)

Public Indecency

@goldcaught requested “ ‘You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.’ for tropes day.  I took some creative licenses.  Hope you enjoy!

              “You’re doing what?”

              Caroline sighed as Klaus glared at her back, and then muttered a curse when her character – Bowser, of course – was hit by behind by a turtle shell.

              “You bastard!” she growled at Enzo.

              “Guess you should have chosen Red Team rather than Blue, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied with a grin, leaning into her side as he took a sharp corner.  Caroline shoved him off the couch, allowing her to zoom by him, and laughed victoriously.

              “Eat my dust you ass!” she replied, somewhat maniacally.  She took another corner and her foot landed on Enzo’s – who was still lying on the floor – gut as Bowser crossed the finish line in first.  Caroline leapt onto the couch, pointing down at Enzo.  “Suck on that!”

              “You’re a cruel winner, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied, his voice wheezing slightly as he rubbed his stomach.

              “But I’m still a winner!”

              “Love, please,” Klaus interrupted, reaching out and tugging on her tank top so she fell onto her butt on the back of the couch. “I understand that you take your Mario Kart quite seriously, but could you please explain to me again why I’m being kicked out of the apartment we share for the two days?”

              “Correction, Mate,” Enzo interjected, sitting up and resting his arms on the couch cushions.  “Gorgeous and I live here.  You’ve just moved in without permission because you can’t go a night without sex.”

              “Apparently, I’m about to go two nights without sex,” Klaus replied, shooting Enzo a glare. “And I’d rather like to know why.”

              “I told you Klaus,” Caroline replied, her voice filled with infinite patience now that the race was over.  “Enzo’s family is coming for a visit.  His brother, Damon, is a total douchecanoe who, along with his perfect girlfriend, Elena, think that anyone without a significant other deserves their pity and/or mockery.  So they think I’m his live in girlfriend.”

              “It serves a dual purpose – Elena thinks that Caroline is perfect for my boring brother, Stefan.  But so long as she thinks we’re together, she won’t try and hook them up.”

              “Well, now she has an actual boyfriend.  Me. So, really, this is just helping you, Lorenzo.”

              Enzo and Caroline exchanged looks, the one that sometimes drove Klaus insane, but that he’d grown accustomed to.  With Caroline came Enzo, she had made that clear from day one.

              “I’ll talk to him,” Caroline said at last.  “You get the props the out.”

              “Aye, aye, captain!” Enzo clicked his heels together. “We’ll need to come up with a reason for a lack of ring.  Last time, it was that you were still in school but you’ve graduated.”

              “I’ll think about it,” Caroline promised, before turning to Klaus.  She turned around, so her legs dangled over the back of the couch, and tugged his hands until he stepped between them.  She cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a searing kiss, the kind that almost made him forget his own name.

              But not that she had, apparently, been Enzo’s fake girlfriend for two years.

              “Pleasant as this is, I’m not so easily distracted, Love,” Klaus murmured between kisses.

              “Mmmm, you can be if you let yourself,” Caroline replied, kissing her way down to his neck and nibbling on the skin over his pulse point.  

              “Caroline,” Klaus replied, his voice holding a warning, and he pulled away and stepped out of her reach.  Caroline pouted and crossed her arms.

              “Well, you’re no fun.”

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Okay, y’all. Owl City On The Verge Tour Experience! Spoilers ahead...

I bought my tickets early. Like, the week they came on pre-order early. Fast-forward to October 5, 2015…

 Mid-afternoon, I pack my stuff and fly to Nashville.

Next I hopped in a cab and headed to the Cannery. Upon my arrival, I saw a bunch of Hoot Owls lined up on the sidewalk. I should have expected that, but I didn’t think about how many people were as excited about this concert as I was.

We were soon herded off into our own VIP line far ahead of everyone else (sorry guys).

We were taken inside and instructed not to take selfies. I asked the stage manager what the reason for this rule was and she said that selfies generally take up too much time and not everyone gets their fair share of time with Adam. (Seriously, they should start this an hour early.)

I was first in line to meet Adam. First one on the first night of the tour. What. But then I saw @asitfillswithlight behind me and I went to say hi to her.

I managed to get back second in line. I was having a conversation with a dad who really didn’t want to mess up his daughter’s picture. I was trying to show him the best ways to ensure that he took great pictures. As I was speaking with him, the crowd fell silent. They all looked over my shoulder as Port Blue softly started playing. I turned around and there he was. Adam Young. I didn’t have time to gather the thoughts and things I was going to say to him, so our conversation ended up going like this:

Me: Am I actually talking to Adam Young?

Adam: I don’t know… I think so!

(I shake his hand and introduce myself.)

Me: Man, thank you for everything.

Adam: Well, thank you for coming!

Me: Talk about surreal, meeting the guy you look up to that’s always writing about surreality.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Thank you.

Me: So did you fly in?

Adam: Yeah, we flew!

Me (forgetting all the interviews that say he doesn’t like flying): Do you like flying much?

Adam: Um, not so much.

(We both laugh. At this point, the stage manager or whoever she was started rushing us to take our photo. She doesn’t appear to know how to change exposure, but that’s okay. I’m gonna actually fix it in Photoshop soon.)

By this time, I’m ushered to the main concert area and told to find a spot. Still spinning from the sheer surreality of this whole thing, I walk right up the stage, to the front row. (We didn’t have seats, but I was right at the front.) I realized that I hadn’t given Adam the letter I had written him earlier. I peeked around the corner of the fabric backdrop.

Me: Hey, Adam!

Him: Yeah?

Me: This is for you.

Him: For me? Thank you!

I walked back to my spot, happy with the experience so far. We stood around for about an hour, and then Rozzi Crane came out and performed a few songs. (Oh my gosh. Her vocal range… I can’t) We realized before she came out that her setlist had been put on a piece of paper so she wouldn’t forget any songs. Being on the front row, I took a flash photo of the setlist, turned my camera upside down, and saw the setlist.

Warning: This next part contains spoilers not only to Rozzi’s setlist but also to Adam’s. If you are attending an On The Verge concert and don’t want it spoiled, then don’t read the parts that are italicized. You have been warned!

Rozzi’s Setlist:


• Jealous

• What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera (Cover)

• Painkiller > Mirrors

• How Come You Don’t Call Me by Prince (Cover)

• Psycho

After Rozzi finished her set, she hung out at the merch booth and took photos while Adam’s show got set up. (She was super nice oh my gosh)

When Adam’s setlist was taped down, I jumped at the chance to photograph it.

Adam’s Setlist:

• Mobile Orchestra Intro (Jasper played his guitar with a violin bow and it was amazing.)

• Bird With a Broken Wing (I recorded this one in HD. It was the only one that I took on my GoPro. I’ll upload it via YouTube soon. My Nikon had some weird settings to record super low quality in super slow motion… so it cut out half the audio. If there’s one of these that you want to hear, it’s likely I caught at least half of it on LQ video. You can inbox me to get that.)

• Dreams and Disasters (The transition between BWABW and DD was so seamless.)

• Dementia



• Unbelievable

• Beautiful Times (JUST YES)

• Kamikaze (This just gets better and better)

• Meteor Shower (He dropped his pick right as he was starting to strum and handled it like a total pro)

• This Isn’t The End

• Sky Diver

• Midtro (I quite honestly forget what this was… I’ll go back and check my footage. If anything turns up, I’ll make an edit.)

• My Everything (For this one he used the dreamy My Everything preview he posted on Instagram recently. The atmosphere during this song was spectacular.)

• Back Home/Fireflies (Adam opened this by mashing up the lyrics to the chorus of fireflies and Back Home, then when he was on his final chorus, he looped the vocal where he sang the word “fireflies” over and over and over again, making a seamless transition into Fireflies.)

• The Medley (This was an Owl City dream mashup. Tip of the Iceberg, Umbrella Beach, Cave In, and one or two more I can’t recall. They all blended perfectly.)

• Verge (Verge was great. Some people have complained about his range being too high in this one, but like, have you heard Thunderstruck? Just saying. He nailed every high note he hit.)

• Deer in the Headlights (Everyone. Went. Nuts. As soon as they realized this was playing. It was amazing.)

• Hello Seattle (This one started off with a cool guitar-ish version of the Hello Seattle Remix. It transitioned into the Ocean Eyes version of Hello Seattle.)

After they played this song, Adam said “Thank you so much! We’ll see you next time!” After the band exited the stage, the crowd chanted, “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG,” at which point the band returned to play

• Good Time (Accompanied by Rozzi Crane. Which I have to admit, I really, really liked, even though Good Time is not one of my favorite Owl City songs.)

(I’m not sure what happened to the 99 Red Ballons cover. They may have just cut it for time.)

Spoilers over.

Here are some pictures from the show! I’m happy to send any of these to you without a watermark for edits or whatever, but if you plan to use them online, I’ll ask that you credit me and my blog. Inbox me if you want details about that.

EDIT: I forgot to include his shoes. You’re welcome.

After the concert was over, I talked to some hoot owls, got some pictures, and had a fantastic time soaking in the atmosphere. Here’s a picture I got with Leah (@asitfillswithlight ). Y’all should follow her if you haven’t already.

And then, after talking to Gabe about drums and GoPros, buying some awesome merch (I got a wonderful t-shirt and a fantastic poster), and saying farewell to all my new friends, it was time to say goodbye to the skylines and hello to the tree lines. I took off from Nashville and got home safely a couple hours later.

So that was my experience at my first Owl City concert! The whole night was incredible. I hope I’ll be able to go to another one whenever he’s back around.

Oh yeah, and you should reblog this cause I spent like, a thousand hours writing it and your followers probably want to see it too If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Comfort Zone

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Summary: Casual sex was never a strong suit of yours, so you really should have expected you’d get caught on your own feelings for a particular man with a killer smile who just so happened to live upstairs.

Notes: italics are the reader’s thoughts. This fic is based off of the song ‘sex’ by EDEN.

Song: sex by EDEN

Word Count: 1.3k+

Warnings: implied smut (nothing graphic because this is me), maybe a lil bit of cussing, Sam Winchester is a life ruiner.

“I haven’t even met my new neighbor and I already hate her,” you announced as you took a seat, handing a mug of your special homemade hot chocolate to your best friend and taking a sip of your own. “She was blasting music until 11 at night and I heard really loud footsteps up until then. It was obnoxious and I swear I came close to marching up there and telling her to cut it out.”

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Hey guys I appreciate the support but Please please do not harass any accounts on facebook about what is happening. Another site by the name Viral is being harassed. So if any of you went to their page please delete your comments. I never intended for anyone, including Viralstyle to be harassed. I just wanted the word to be spread.
Thank you for understanding.

A week ago I was out with my boyfriend when my friend tagged me in a post asking me if this was my art. Honestly I was devastated and took to the page that uploaded it with a link. They apologised and did’t realise it was stolen art. I then sent and had all my friends send a email to this company because I was disgusted and hurt. When I sent them the first email I saw on their site what to do if this happens. So I sent in all the content to prove that it was my art, only to find that they just send automatic emails saying the exact thing! I took to their facebook pissed off. They didn’t answer my messages on their facebook either so I ended up threatening to take them to court and hitting the web hard to make an impact on their “business.” A man ended up messaging me telling me hes sorry and he will speak to management after he told me to fill out a copyright complaint on their page which I did 5 times! I told him that and he told me hes sorry. Well its been a few days now and I have heard nothing! They are dodging my calls and emails. I have gotten little sleep because of this. Been looking into lawyers because of this mess. They wont even release to me the name of the person who stole my art, slightly edit, and uploaded it to their site, which is says they will take it down and give me the info for this person. Later I found out that they have been uploading MY art to other crappy Tshirt companies.

I am sad, distraught and just done with this. This image was drawn for fun when I first started out with photoshop, its not my best work no, but it was something funny that I came up with. It hurts that someone or anyone for that matter, can just go around and steal peoples art and resell. Its not cool, its lazy, and disgusting actions. Yes I have a job, but I one day want to be able to make a living off of my art which is already a difficult thing to see happening because it can be so difficult manufacturing your own art into various items. While big name companies can just steal and slightly edit and distribute hundreds of things with your work on it and think nothing of it.

Its obvious they will not be taking down my art. Every time the clock says just 2 more days until the sale ends it pops back up to 6. The company will not respond to me at all and its just not okay to steal from artists.

Please share far and wide.


Hi love. Sorry for answering like this but I’m on mobile and this way I can address your questions the fastest.

First of all, I get where you are coming from and given that the second part was accidentally off anon and saw your URL, I see you have a very special place in your heart for Zayn and Louis and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you follow my blog closely you know where I stand with Z’s topic, but I can certainly answer your questions the best I can.

I did look into his leaving and I think it was handled terribly. The boys having to stay quiet, the announcement put on FB of all places, the stress leave reason and normal 22 yo all being bullshit. I personally think that this poor PR encouraged some fans to think this is all just a stunt and he would come back. Because he looked happy, right? At least he had good days on stage, he liked fanart, he was actively engaging with fans. It sure seemed like he was in a good place most of the time.

But deep inside I think we all felt it coming because that missed album launch, the missed promo day, the shrug when the boys looked at him when he couldn’t care less to sing his line in WMYB, the setlist fuckery, the OTRA APAC being WWA 2.0. It didn’t make sense. So many things didn’t make sense then. And believe me I was the first to brush off fan reports that said the boys looked like they were arguing before they came on stage and sang Clouds, I was deliberately ignoring anons pointing out the lack of Harry-Zayn interaction on stage because Harry really didn’t have much contact with the boys on stage, he was in his own bubble, goofing around with fans and putting his heart in the performance and Zouis looked alive and well, they been partying together, very rarely with Liam, but it was almost always Zouis. It looked to me this is just the typical having-no-control issue during legs, a fucked up leg and everything is fine bts.

But then the announcement was made and the boys put out the best of shows, their stage dynamic immediately changed and they looked so fucking happy?! And this is not the “happy” they were trying to sell us for months before Zayn’s departure. This happiness was like Singapore Louis, it was a next level happiness. It was something we’ve never seen, as if a mountain was taken from their shoulders. It felt right! OT4 felt right! Every puzzle piece just fit. Them being a foursome just FIT. All the fan reports matched that this is gonna work easily, they will make it. Sure they were overcompensating, but it felt natural. It was clear that the real pretending was keeping up the façade that everything is fine between the boys and Zayn. 

It was a heavy topic and it took us, it took me a while to really see the truth because I was busy making posts how much I respect his decision, for putting himself first, for putting his health and eventually his life first. 

It was then that he went to NB’s studio and got papped. Uploading a shit ton of pictures about them in the studio together, still being quiet about his “brothers”, it really felt like he was pushing this NB friendship down on our throats while doing nothing when the 1d fans were attacked by that asshole producer. And I started to feel betrayed. We all did. Some CSI scanned NB’s twitter and it was pretty obvious that this was not just supposed to be a one-time collab. That NB had been badmouthing this fandom for months, Zayn posting the lyrics of that song they wrote MONTHS before his departure. We got footage of the perfume commercial shot in NOVEMBER without Zayn in it, and sure some Z stans still found shadows to explain that Z was in that video and they photoshopped him out and were just playing with the angles but it was not true. He was simply NOT included. 

It was planned. They knew he was gonna leave but it fairly quickly became clear that it was NOT the sort of goodbye that the fandom dreamt of: it was not ot5 making a pile and being a crying mess, hugging the life out of Z and wishing him the best from the bottom of their hearts. 

Soon these anons we had compartmentalized in a deep corner of our head started to make sense. The Harry-Zayn drift, and we looked back and realized that the only person Z really hung out was Louis (and I still think some part of that friendship was played up at the very end, because of the Elouno break up seeding Louis HAD to go out and be seen), but it was not just that: the planes as well. It was always Zouis. It was always them. It was not about the Larry separation during travel, but the fact that there was NO instance of Z paired up in a plane with anyone but Louis. Liam and Niall always flew with Harry. 

And I could continue with the NB twitter fight which I would think it was staged IF Z had showed any kind of remorse but he did not do that. It is easy to claim it was a stunt and it was set up but fuck!! What NB did was nasty, what he did was really bothering Louis, the same Louis who stood by Zayn’s ass till the very last minute, that same Louis felt betrayed!!! And he spoke up. And NB was of course true to himself acted like an ass. 

But we had the second round and Zayn who had decided to be quiet until this time dared to make his first tweet talking negatively about Louis!! And it still didn’t stop. He has left almost a year ago and he still hasn’t stopped and at LEAST by the Fader interview it should have been clear that nothing is peachy and he is still vilely attacking the boys, playing the victim card, stomping on the fanbase, fat shaming the fans and talking about fangirls (who basically put food on his table and paid his houses and his luxury belongings) in a derrogative way. 

The boys kept quiet for long!! For so long! It really started with a nod during Corden, Liam mentioning we were ‘angry’ twice, but they didn’t attack him, they only stomped on that NB thing but kept quiet about Z, always stayed classy and I really respect them for this because they could sure have shared some truth about the #realzayn. It was only during MITAM promo when we could really look at their body language and dear anon that body language is not awkward because they hate lying about Zayn as if they were perfectly aware that he would come back soon because this is a stunt. No, that body language screams ’get the fuck over with this topic because we don’t want to hear it nor be associated with him. He made his bed now he has to lie in it’. This is the thought behind those tight smiles, accompanied with the thought of ’stop asking about him. We are done with him’. Done. D-O-N-E. So done. Jesus Christ, so done!! 

I am so sorry to say this but this is it. It’s never gonna be the five of them sharing pints and happily discussing their lives in a year or so, like in fanfiction.


The bts war cannot be just described with “anti larry promo”, that Attitude interview cannot be just described as anti larry promo, it is so much more than that, I was not even fazed with the Larry denial because been there done that, thank you very much, but that interview attacked their queer fans, the same queer fans who they stood up for at the next concert, so this is so much more complicated than just saying that it is anti-larry. No, it is not just that, this is a war zone, this is their own label fucking with them, not Modest, and the same Simon is the enemy who the Fader article praises, who Zayn is still linked to.

Regarding the timing: it is always the boys doing something, then Z following, this is what happened with Action 1D, this is what happens pretty much since he left. It is NOT ot4 following Zayn, it is Zayn trying to fly with OT4′s wings. 1D are NOT coordinating their moves with Zayn, no they are not. It is NOT 1D calling their album beFOUR and it is not 1D still talking about him. They have him actually blacklisted lol. It is Zayn chasing that fame, it is him being in desperate stunts namedropping the boys to stay relevant.

Since pretty much everyone is doing a follow forever/appreciation and a lot has changed since my first follow forever (including everyone’s url), I’ve decided to make this little thing to appreciate you all. I’m probably going to forget a lot of people because of similar url’s and because I’m a mess.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this website, or the people I’ve met here. This year was really hard on me and I don’t think I would make it without you to dry my tears and send me virtual hugs. I love you guys so much, you have no idea. 

Dedicated to our little angel @sheriffswan, who made us realize how amazing this fandom can be. 

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Ashton Imagine: Art Students

based on my own text post because it makes me emotional

Ashton’s POV

I don’t even know, mate, I’ve just always loved taking pictures. When I was younger and Polaroids were a thing, I took hundreds of my mom and my sister until they both started complaining that they were probably actually losing their souls.

Since Polaroids were pretty much dead by the time my brother came around, I got a new disposable and was able to take as many pictures of my baby brother as I wanted because he couldn't speak yet and tell me no.

Well, until one of his first words was “no” as he covered the lens with his hand.

I stopped taking pictures of them all because I respected their opinions, but I always thought such beautiful people deserve to be photographed and captured in a moment forever.

When I was 10, and I got my first digital, I tried taking pictures of flowers or landscapes or nature and shit but I just couldn’t. Those didn't speak to me as much.

I realized what I loved about photography was capturing the beauty that everyone has. I loved pictures of people smiling or holding babies or walking puppies because there was just this joy that radiated off them all that made them so much more beautiful.

So, my best friends Calum Hood (illustrator,) Luke Hemmings (sculptor,) and Michael Clifford (game designer) took to calling me “stalker” or “paparazzi” because whenever we go to the mall or school or our old art studio I’d take pictures of people when I was sure they weren’t looking.

I don’t know, though. People are just beautiful.

Your POV

This day is just fucking irritating. Your core art history professor assigned a huge essay due next week on impressionism and your roommate has a “hot” date tonight with this video game designer Michael Something?? and used up all your good makeup without telling you so you’re in a fight with her all while looking like a messy mess because you have no makeup on and you need to read 40 pages on Monet or is it Manet? for that stupid essay and you feel like kicking everything.

Stalking over to the library, you shove your headphones in your ears and blare some illegally downloaded songs so the universe disappears.

The library isn’t that crowded, people are scattered all over the place. Some people are sketching with pencil or charcoal (which is probably against the rules but it’s an art school so no one really gives a shit,) some are working on computers, some are taking notes, but the one person that stands out to you is a boy with a camera strapped around his neck.

Well not a boy. He’s probably a little bit older than you, but his face is very impish and pretty but he also looks really ripped for an art student and also a bit punk because he has cut-off sleeves, a bandana over curly, attractively-messy hair, and a tattoo on his wrist that you can faintly see at your close-enough-but-still-far view as you sit down, view unobstructed, two tables over.

Luckily, he can’t tell you’re blatantly staring at him because he’s seems totally enrapt with his camera. He’s scrolling through, tongue poking out, and he seems as oblivious to the world as you are.

Well, were.

Shaking your head, you force yourself to take the required reading and start writing your marginalia in to use when you actually write the damn essay.

Even though you are taking copious notes, you can’t help but fret over how you’re looking. Your hair is a mess because you left in such a huff you forgot to brush it, you don’t even have foundation on which causes you to feel naked, and since you left so quickly, you didn’t realize until too late you’re wearing the university’s sweatshirt with a tank top under, and shorts that don’t even go mid-thigh.

What if that cute boy looks over? What if he sees what a slob I am? What if I just screwed up a chance with a really hot guy because I was all pissy with my roommate?

You bite at your pencil’s eraser anxiously, forcing yourself to look down at the papers in front of you and pretend to pay more attention than you are when you hear it as the song trails off in your ears.

A click.

Then you see it.

A flash of bright and sudden light.

Surprised, you look up.

And find the Cute Photographer with his camera aimed at you.

Ashton’s POV

Shit fuck I forgot to turn off my flash.

I honestly don’t blamed myself though. She was so gorgeous every thought that was rushing through my head about what I’ll need to fix in photoshop and if these are good enough for my portfolio disappeared as I saw this amazing girl sitting down in front of me.

She’s stunning. Beautiful. Stunningly beautiful and beautifully stunning.

I just had to take a photo.

Without a word and without a single adjustment, my set-to-auto DSLR (that was better and more advanced than my old one that was pretty much my child) and snapped a photo.

And of course the fucking flash went off.

Now this beautiful girl things that I am a total stalker, judging by the surprised look on her amazing face.

I get really nervous and feel my cheeks get all hot and I can’t help but explain, “Sorry, I just love taking pictures of beautiful things. And people. And you were just so beautiful-” I cut myself off before I get any weirder.

Just when I’m about to leave and move to a cave, I see a blush tinge your cheeks too and my fingers itch to take another photo. But I don’t, since I’m probably already weird enough in your book.

“You think I’m beautiful?” Your voice sounds timid and bashful, but a smile lights up your face.

“Y-yeah, absolutely.” I say. “Sorry if I disrespected your privacy or made you uncomfortable, but I’ve had this thing with taking picture of beautiful people for ages and I just couldn’t help myself.” I tell her, because her eyes are so earnest and they just make me want to tell her my life story.

“You didn’t disrespect or make me feel uncomfortable,” You say quickly, noticing me gathering my things. I stop. “It’s actually really sweet of you.” You look down and I have to physically dig my fingers into my palms so I don’t take a picture. “For the record, you’re really beautiful too.”

The blush on my face gets worse. “Thanks.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Ashton Irwin, photographer.” I say automatically, and you giggle.

“Yeah, I gathered.” And I wish I could take a picture of your giggle because it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard. “Do you… maybe want to sit over here?” You say hesitantly.

“I’d love to.” I sit down next to you.

And instead of going back to scrolling through my photos or taking notes on impressionism, you and I end up talking for hours.

Well, maybe I sneak in a few pictures.

With your permission of course.


*Your POV, seven months later*

“You know what, I think there needs to be a couple pictures of you on your camera roll for once.” I say, gently taking the camera from my boyfriend’s grasp as he take a candid of me walking through town with him.

He instantly panics about his baby, “Y/N, Y/N, babe be careful with it, it’s very-”

“Fragile, I know.” You adjust the straps over your head and hold the camera’s view up to your eye because Ashton taught you to never use the huge view on the screen.

He laughs and turns away, but you just take more and get close, because he also taught you that you should always manual zoom by getting closer.

“You’re so irritating, I let you take millions of photos of me!” You pout when he covers his face with his massive hands.

Ash peeks his eyes through, “You’re beautiful, how could I not take pictures of you whenever I can?”

“Being adorable won’t get you out of being a model right now.” You grin and snap a photo. He chuckles out a groan.

“I’m hardly a model, Y/N. I’m not beautiful.” He says simply.

You stop, letting the camera gently dangle from your neck as you step closer to him and take his face in your hands. He goes to say something about the state of his camera, but you don’t let him get a word out. “Ashton Irwin, photographer. You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. Not just in looks, your personality and style and everything just make you so fucking beautiful. Never forget that.” You rest your head against his forehead, standing on your tippy-toes slightly.

He smiles warmly at you, a blush tinting his cheeks, “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

With a sneaky grin, he maneuvers the camera from your neck without breaking it. “Your turn, babe.”

A/N: Hope you guys like this one! If you want some art student imagines for the other boys, message me! Have a good day <3