i was messing around on photoshop again

it hit me hard in mark’s ryc video today when he was talking about motivation and how hard it is to stick with something that you love, but if you find new outlooks on it, you can find that motivation and inspiration again. i’ve been going through a rough patch with gif making and edit making as of recently and i even heavily debated straight up deleting my account because i just wasn’t happy with it and where i was.

but then i’d miss out talking with you guys and doing my hobby of messing around in photoshop, and it was that damn message that seemed to knock some sense into me. it was just the pick me up that i needed and it’s helped me find a better mindset. and i don’t wanna leave, i love this community and i love all of you guys way to much to do so. 

basically, what i’m saying is that mark never ceases to amaze me and i got big plans for some big edits coming soon! so be on the lookout for those! i hope photoshop will be kind to me. 💛 much love, kylo.

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Hey can i ask you how you make your acnl pictures so smooth? idk how to call it but ye

gotcha bab! ^̮^
1. i put my screenshots through waifu2x and use the settings: artwork, highest and 2x. 
2. i take my screenshots into photoshop. (ayy free <<)
3. reduce noise once, then sharpen.
4. i mess around and choose my filters and shit, from this action pack.
5. then i flatten the image, and go to oil paint. i use the settings; 1 on stylization and 1 on cleanliness. the rest are pulled down to zero.
6. then, i sharpen the image again and bobs ya uncle!!

i hope this was helpful in anyyyy way!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

(( OOC: Decided to mess around in photoshop again and edit a few photos. So here’s The Marauders and their leading lady! :) I wanted to focus on war era marauders, (although Remus and Sirius are leaning more towards the second wizarding war) because I’m an emotional wreck of a person. And @potterdeer is my ideal Lily, so I used her instead of my own version. ;) )) 

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Hey I just wanted to say I've been kind of bummed out about my art, I feel like I'm not improving. I was wondering if you could show me a comparison of your old artwork to your recent artwork and maybe some advice? Thanks c: PS your art is so beautiful

Hi! That’s actually a really interesting ask (ʘ‿ʘ) Everybody prepare yourselves bc it’s time to laugh. I’m gonna show you a few of my older drawings to prove that you can achieve a lot only if you work hard uwu

As i said several times it was really, REALLY hard for me to get used to my tablet. It was so different from a normal pencil and a sheet of paper. D; (if you want to see more of my older traditional art visit my deviantart here) For a long time i couldn’t even finish a single painting because i knew from the beginning it was total crap. If i finished something and was actually pleased with the piece, that was usually just a happy accident lol

I bought my tablet (Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch) in 2014 and started working in Corel Painter 11 because that was one of the softwares my art senpai was using (shoutout to @petite-madame​ your amazing tips and tutorials helped me a lot back then, thank you!)
I tried really hard to achieve that oil painting texture so i experimented with different brushes all the time.

This is one of my first paintings. I have no idea what was that to be honest. It’s from May 2014.

Another painting is just a perfect example of a huge happy accident. It took around 15 hours to finish? :’D It was a nightmare. And now I think it would take me probably 2 hours because it’s not even a full portrait haha

The next one is a proof that if you’re a beginner you probably don’t want to paint anything with complicated lighting without a decent reference. That was probably my biggest problem because I really wanted to paint full illustrations but had no basic knowledge about lighting, colors and anatomy. Baby steps, that’s the point. Start with simple things and try leaving your comfort zone slowly, step by step. This is also important with art block (at least for me). You probably noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything complicated recently. That’s because I’ve been trying really hard to get rid of that horrible art block and for me only simple paintings can do the work and help me in this situation.

Another painting (again not finished just like 90% of things i’m showing you now) is from December 2014 and you can see I already improved a lot. Stopped messing around that much with different brushes and started using only 2 or 3 (here basic round ones). Also at this point I started using Photoshop CS6.

Yes, yes. Like I told you, I was a Supernatural trash.

When it comes to kpop fanart I started at the beginning of 2015. A lot of experiments with brushes again:

And this happens if you have no idea about colors and still struggle with blending. (April 2015?) Again not finished because I saw it was going nowhere.

The last one is my first ever Jin fanart. Poor Jin, how could I do this to him :’D Again I had no idea how to blend colors. I don’t wanna mention the fact that it doesn’t even look like Jin.

I think this painting was my breakthrough moment when I finally learned something about blending and brushes. After uploading this one and getting positive feedback I finally had more motivation to finish my paintings. I finally noticed the progress after a year of sweating and crying over my tablet. :’D

And some of my recent artworks here (PLEASE DO NOT EDIT/REUPLOAD):

So basically my advice for beginners/art blocked is start simple, watch/read tutorials and speedpaintings that might inspire you or let you to discover something new.

I really hope that my answer motivates and inspires you a bit, my dear anon! I’m sure you’re improving, just look back at your paintings and think about all of the things you’ve learned in the process on your own mistakes and from other people! <3

Thank you for loving my art and good luck! ^^

The character everyone else loves that I don’t

just as a small disclaimer, I don’t dislike clay at all. actually, there’s only two aa characters I dislike, but neither of them really fits the criteria for this question. given that clay literally has one on screen conversation though (and I need a lot more than that to get attatched to any character), the amount of fan stuff I see revolving around him is staggering

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I'm glad I made someone smile! You are doing an amazing work, so it should be appreciated! I sometimes mess around in Photoshop, so I guess I kind of saw your editing. I wish I was as good as you haha. To be honest, I myself don't know if HQ mod works in my game, I have it, but no clue if it works haha. I need to start working on my editing skills again to improve them :D

Haha I dont deserve all this love, really thank you so much though!!

Im not really confident with my editing sometimes but the point is you will get better if you keep doing it, you will learn, you see other people’s work, you try different stuff untill you find your own style haha.

I wish i could find a way to make it work though because HQ mod enhance texture so much and it will make the editing even more realistic!

SFM - Spy & Sniper

I got Source Filmmaker to mess around with camera angles and testing out some filming ideas roughly. I made this first as a test and then just to finish it off, tweaked the color balance a bit in photoshop and added some smoke. There is a bit of a learning curve but it’s not a bad of a program, but then again I’ve never really used rendering software before. I had fun with the lighting.