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If You Scratch My Back... - Mercy x Sombra

Dr Angela Ziegler finds an unexpected ally in Sombra. Actually, she finds an unexpected LOT of things in Sombra. 



It wasn’t so much a sound that woke Angela. It was a feeling, she decided, an uneasiness. The type of feeling you get when you’re driving to work and wondering if you really did lock your front door.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the familiar ceiling in her Gibraltar HQ residence (it was still so odd to be back here again), wondering what it meant. Perhaps I’m subconsciously aware I forgot to do something important? she thought, rolling over to look at her clock: 3:42am. Hmm.

There wasn’t anything she could have left on, though. And when she tried to methodically go through her evening minute-by-minute, routine-by-routine, she couldn’t pinpoint anything she’d forgotten. Her new nanite formula was refrigerated—she remembered doing that. Ana’s new bullets (secretly altered so they damaged unintended targets less) were ready to be batched in the cupboard. Even her new formula for the ‘resus pack’, as she called it, a tiny life support implant with a single dose of a chemical cocktail to automatically resuscitate you if your heart slipped into arrhythmia was safely locked in the fridge, waiting for her to continue trying to convince those difficult new directors in Ethics to let her run live tests. Honestly, she couldn’t think of what she mightn’t have done.

The uneasiness remained, though, and no amount of closing her eyes and reassuring herself everything was fine was helping at all.

Well. Perhaps she should just get up and check the lab? You know, just in case.

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“Hi! can I request a suga photographer au where he meets the reader in the park and he takes photos of them under the cherry blossom trees and later they go for coffee? Lots of fluff please! thank you so much I love your writing.”

I hope you like it, my dear <3 (AND I’M SO HAPPY IT’S NOT JUNGKOOK AND ALL THE MEMBERS ARE GETTING RECOGNITION – don’t get me wrong, I love jungkook, but all the others deserve love too)

 I just thought why not do one more cute request for ya’ll before I completely dedicate my time to Xeno? I think you deserve one more sweet thing before that angsty adventure is published. 1.4k Words

Pairing: Photographer!Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, College au!

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Spring was probably your favorite season. It meant a new beginning, new life – and just perfect weather. Although, this was your favorite day of the year. The day where the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom, displaying an array of pink on the sides of the stone path in the park. Subtle breezes shook the petals off enough to create a pink snow. 

You were just in time for that. Just as you stopped in the middle of the path, you felt a gust of wind, then one by one, the petals started to gently graze your skin. The sight was beautiful to see – a lone, petite girl just enjoying the atmosphere whilst a few rays of the afternoon sun outlined her features. 

It was a sight worth a photograph, and a male a few meters away from you couldn’t resist clicking a picture. 

The next minute, you had tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and started to walk again, this time with your hand out, as if trying to catch the petals, feel them as they fell.

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From the Persona 5 Anthology Manga for your icon needs

You guys are ridiculously quick to help a girl out sometimes. Thanks @all-small-mimi for finding it for me. And I would like to apologise to the artist whoever you are for the previous one. The icon was meant to be a place-holder until I could find one properly sourced but I just had other things to do and I never expected to be slightly popular. That’s not to say it’s anywhere near excusable, but I’m sorry.

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Great thing: What Woody's Roundup was meant for. Horrible thing: People doing it wrong, thus defeating the point

once people learnt how easy it was they just went fuckin WILD and now it’s being run down to the ground as we speak. but despite all this, i still believe woody is the peak icon for direct leftist action.

TalesFromYourServer: "There is something wrong with my potato...

Obligatory long time lurker, first time poster. I know everyone has lots of war stories, but this is the strangest dumb thing I can recall a diner saying to me.

I used to work at a steakhouse. I get a well-to-do looking older couple in my section, they order a decent bottle of red wine and salads, steaks and baked potatoes. So far so good. These seem like the kind of people who enjoy eating out on a regular basis, which in my experience meant better chances of a good tip.

I drop their entrees off and get lost for 30 seconds so they can take a bite. I return to their table and the woman has a grimace on her face. I’m expecting a complaint about the cook temp on the steak, or maybe I didn’t dress her potato correctly.

“Is everything okay?”

“Well, no. There is something wrong with the potato.”

“I’m sorry. What is the problem?”

“This potato is just…too…starchy.”

“Too starchy, ma'am?”

“Yes. There is just a lot of…starchiness. Can you bring me a potato that doesn’t have any starch?”

I gave the husband a look just to see if this was serious. He just kept his head down and continued eating his steak. The look of a man whose wife has registered similar complaints in the past and this wasn’t even in the top ten for him, and he wanted to be done before she said something even dumber. I told the customer I would see what I could do.

We had to ring in replacement sides in our POS. If you ever want to hear a line cook or expo yell, swear, and laugh at the same time, ring in a starch free potato and see what happens.

By: Master_Butter

I think June was maybe meant to test my determination, dedication, and resilience. So many things I have tried, have gone wrong. I have had to start over more days then I have had to just continue habits.

Then it hit me, fitness journey’s aren’t always going to be easy, or pretty, or pleasing. Sometimes they are gross, sweaty, sticky, bloody, & painful.

Sometimes you cruse through dropping lbs and crushing PR’s, sometimes you fail to do the thing, or eat the way, or sometimes you get injured.

When I think about it there isn’t one good thing in my life that I haven’t had to fight tooth and nail for. I have had to restart art 100’s times, change jobs loads of times, move cities loads of times, but every time I fought through the bullshit road blocks in my way I came out the other end, better/happier for it.

I will not let my brain win, I will not let it convince me that I don’t deserve health, cause it sure as hell is trying.

I’ve fallen down 7 times already, this is the part where I stand up 8

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Prompt: nursey and sex telling chowder they're dating and chowder being adorably enthusiastic

okay 1. i know that was meant to say dex but i spent a good 5 mins laughing at it 2. i have had this ask for literal months and i’m so bad at doing things and i’m so sorry and this is gonna be way shorter than i wanted it to be i’m sorry

“Dude, play it cool! You’re already turning red,” Nursey whispers to his boyfriend as they watch Chowder walk through Annie’s double doors.

“Shut up, Der. I’m fine, it’s gonna be fine,” Dex hisses back as Chowder spots them and waves.

“Yeah, babe, it is going to be fine. He’s gonna be happy, everything will be okay, and also I love you,” Nursey murmurs back, reaching under the table to squeeze Dex’s hand as Chowder gets his coffee and makes his way over to them.

“You-you’re right. Everything will be great and I-I love you too, a lot an- NURSEY AND I ARE DATING,” Dex practically yells as Chris reaches their table.

Nursey snorts.

“Way to play it cool, babe.“ He grins as Chowder beams back at them and reaches over the table to hug them while enthusiastically arguing the merits of double dating with Farmer and himself.

Nursey feels Dex’s grip on his hand relax from death grip to slightly sweaty grasp and leans into him as well as he can with Chowder still clinging to both their shoulders.

Yeah, he smiles, everything’s fine.

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Do you have advice for writing stories where the characters are older than the writer? More particularly, do you have advice for teenagers trying to write adult characters?

That’s tough. The best you can really do is talk to adults and ask them questions pertinent to your novel. Enlist adult betas so they can confirm whether or not your adult characters are realistic.
As an adult, the number one thing I see teen writers doing wrong is having adult characters stress about shit they wouldn’t realistically give a shit about. Unless an adult is emotionally stunted (which is possible), they’re not gonna care about a lot of things teens care about. This is not meant to be condescending. When I was a teen, things would devastate me and keep me up at night. As an adult, the same shit can happen and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. So when writing an adult, remind yourself that this person pays bills, they support themselves, they have people depending on them, they worry about the livelihood of their family. So before they freak about someone dating their crush or the pretty, bitchy bully, ask yourself - does this adult have enough fucks to give? Probably not.

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Hiya! Do you think Harry Potter has some problematic elements in it? If so, how do you deal with them? I was just thinking about the masses of things i've interpreted differently to how JKR intended them, to the point where the opinion of the creator of this world is almost irrelevant in my mind? Maybe that's kind of an odd thing to have done, but anyway, hope your day's picking up x

((OOC: Okay, I’m trying to figure out the right way to answer this. Because I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but I’ve not tried to put them down in words before now, so, bear with me here.

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Do you have any tips for battling depression?

besides therapy/medication, try to do something nice for yourself every day. whether it be buying something nice for yourself or making a really good cup of coffee/tea or taking a bath. just do one thing 100% for yourself, and know that you deserve it.

(and because this is tumblr and people love attacking anyone giving self care advice, this isn’t meant to be a cheesy self care tip nor is it implied anywhere that this will “cure” your depression. i’m aware depression is a serious thing and i know it’s very hard for people considering i’m someone who struggles with depression, this is just genuinely something that helps me. give yourself some light on your dark days.)

What's In Store

“There was a time when my writing won me praise. I never needed it, but people were always eager to give it. They used to tell me that I had a real talent; that I had truly tapped into the thing I was meant to do on this earth. They were inquisitive; they wanted to know how I got my ideas.

But they don’t praise me anymore.

Somewhere along the line, something changed in the way my works were perceived. All of a sudden pride gave way to suspicion, and the people who had once loved me could no longer look me in the eye.

However, when I would turn away, they did look. They thought I didn’t know when they were doing it, but I always knew.

They spoke of my work on the whole as if it were still some great accomplishment, but there was no longer any discussion regarding the words contained within them. They no longer wanted to know where I had found inspiration.

People like to pretend that everything is fine even when they’re terrified, so I played along, as if I believed that they still thought I was someone to be admired, and they continued to do their dirty work when my back was turned.

They stared at me as if they were trying to peel away my skin and uncover a trail of blood and bones and teeth that didn’t belong to me.
They stared with the hope that if they did so long enough, they would be able to follow that trail until they arrived at my future; a future in which my fiction wasn’t fiction anymore. The pen I had used to butcher a thousand men will have been replaced by a blade, and the paper upon which that pen had sealed their fate will have morphed into a line of rotting corpses.

The future they see in me is not one of an artist, but of a killer.

And I see it too.”

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U right, But what I meant is they can not have children because they can not do that kind of... things, I can't even imagine it

Oh, I’m not into omegaverse, if that’s what you mean.


But I’m sure they can adopt a kitten or two. XD

Or, when they are adults, a little centaur of fairy that needs some love form some supercool parents.

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Houses as your favorite things? Or if you feel that's too personal, houses as different types of parrots?

I do not feel as if it’s too personal, I actually think it’s really sweet that you’d be interested! I just wanna ask- did you mean things like objects (like a blanket), or things like concepts (like sitting on my roof)? I’m doing the parrot one too because it’s a cool idea, I just wanted to check what you meant, please could you message me about it? 

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Hey Asy, sorry to bother you but i need some advice. Some time ago i ended a really long friendship because i just couldn't take it anymore. The passive agressive comments, having to check my words on my messages so she wouldn't get angry, randomly getting yelled at bc she was having a bad day. I didn't want any of that anymore, so i told her. That i didn't want to talk her anymore. After that she blocked me on whatsapp and facebook and i did the same thing.(1/6)

But just a few moments ago she sent me a message from a new phone number and i dont know what to do. She told me that she misses me and our friendship. That she’s had dreams with me in them and wakes up crying bc she thought we had a friendship, but i “proved her that all we lived and shared never meant anything to me”(2/6)

She keeps telling me that i never gave her a chance to make things right. That i made that decision by myself with an attitude that proves that i didn’t care to fix our friendship. That i didn’t give her a chance to defend herself. She tells me that she is in pain and doesn’t know she feels that way for someone who never considered her a friend. She ends the message wishing me well. (3/6)

I dont know what to do with this. I did consider her a friend. I literally told her that i was thankful for all the moments we spend together. I’m just really angry that, after all this time, one single message from her still upsets me so much. I’m just really confused asy. It was really hard for me to make that decision and…..i dont know asy. I just dont know. (4/6)

The first thing that came to mind when i read the message was that she was guilt tripping me. That she hasn’t changed anything because everything in that message centers around her. I know i should’n answer her. It’s been almost a year since we talked for the last time. I know i shouldn’t answer her. But what if i’m wrong. I don’t want to go throught all that again, i really dont. (5/6)

Sorry for making this so long. Maybe i just wanted to vent to someone, maybe….i dont know. I would apreciate your take on this and i know you dont know all the details but i’m so lost right now. Anything would help. Thanks for taking your time to read this and sorry if this bummed you out. (6/6)  

Oh, man. Have a hug :(

Yeah, she’s guilt-tripping you and being very, very unfair. Of course her saying things like that is going to get an emotional reaction from you! She may not mean to, but she’s being very manipulative and it sounds like nothing has changed. 

You have a right to walk away from someone and not be disturbed by them again. She should have respected your request to not contact you again and just not contacted  you again. 

I’m not really an authority on your life and your experiences, but my strongest advice is to reply. "I’m sorry you feel that way, and I have some good memories about our friendship. However, I’ve thought long and hard about ending our friendship, and I’d like you to stop contacting me. Good luck with your future; I genuinely wish you well,” and then block her number again. 

It wasn’t fair for her to contact you again. I hope the emotions fade soon <3

People always like to tell me what to do to pick my life back up. They point at everything that has been there for a long time. All I have to do to get better, is fit in.

But what they don’t understand is that I was meant to not fit in. I was meant to do a part in changing this world. And change cannot be brought from a place of doing what has already been done, from “fitting in”.

But unless humans can stop pretending they’re all good while pointing at the flaws of others with bright markers, I don’t think any change that can be made in a lifetime will be enough to make up for the pain I’ve already been put through.

We are so obsessed with keeping things the way they are, we will fight for things to stay familiar rather than risk taking a step into the unknown to save ourselves.
Humanity as it is now is quite well under way to it’s own annihilation. Be it by each other’s hand or the environment we corrupted.

And truth be told, I can’t consider that a bad thing. Humanity as it is now does not feel worth saving.

There are so many among us, especially the young people, who each hold a piece of the puzzle that is a utopia for humanity.

But our entire society is build to make people numb and blind to their inner strength.
If we want to stop knocking those puzzle pieces out of other’s -and our own- hands, we must be brave.
We must be brave enough to see the darkness within ourselves rather than within others. Pointing fingers only leads to pain and nothing gets resolved.

We love the thought of fighting evil, putting it into so many movies.
We try to fight the ‘evil’ in the world, but refuse to look at our own darker parts, or even believe we have them.

The best movie I ever saw on this was a child doing something kind for the darkness, and then everyone saw it wasn’t evil, but desperately trying to be not alone.

And that is what we need to realize. The dark, bad, wrong and evil we see is but a reflection of the pain of not being accepted.

So turn to yourself and start accepting those parts you have been told were wrong or bad. Then turn to your loved ones and accept those parts they have been told were wrong or bad. Then turn to the rest of the world and do the same.

If you can do that, if you even are just willing to try, maybe humanity might be worth saving after all.

We all hold a piece of the puzzle that can bring humanity to a better place.

The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

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Henrik was put on the spot tonight when he was interviewed. Tonight was supposed to be about celebrating skam not talking about his agency drama. He has family members that are gay that he cares deeply for and has been openly supportive of the LGBT community even before Skam. People aren't perfect, his intentions were not meant to be offensive. I really think it's wrong to make a big deal out of it. We should put that focus on actual homophobes.

I’m not making a big deal out of it. You can be supportive of the LGBT+ community and still fuck up. People’s intentions are one thing, what they actually say/do are another. If you didn’t intend any harm but you harmed anyway, you should examine what happened and apologise.
If you trip and step on someone’s foot, you didn’t intend to hurt them but you still did. Most people who trip and harm someone in the process apologise…and then move on. 

Like you said, no one is perfect. It’s OK to recognise and comment on the fuck ups.

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Oo if you're talking prompts: could you write something where Lance is like high key flirting with Allura and Shiro walks by and literally just smiled at Allura and she's dead and Lance figures it out?

I presumed that you wanted some angst in there since I’m doing fucked up prompts. If not…I put angst in there, sorry.

“You know, Allura, I gotta say, you’re out of this world.”

Allura stopped, looked Lance dead in the eyes, and said, this is a ship. Do you not understand this? Has something been lost in translation? I can get Coran down here to give you a full explanation-.”

“No, no! No need, I understand. It’s more of an earth thing, Lance replied with an awkward laugh.

“…earth has yet to understand the difference between a ship and a planet?” Allura asked, face torn between sceptical and horrified.

“What I meant was,” Lance began as he cleared his throat, put on a grin, and pulled out his trusty finger guns, “If a star fell every time I thought of you, the universe would be pitch black.”

They both stood frozen, then, after an awkwardly long time, Allura said, “stars can’t fall.”

“Nooooo,” Lance whined, getting ready to explain things again. Before he could, Allura’s attention drifted away from him, to somewhere behind his head.

Lance turned, following her line of sight, to see Shiro walking down the corridor towards them. He had his head down, looking over one of the castles portable tablets.

“Shiro,” Allura called, and he looked up, face slightly startled, before a smile spread across his face.

“Princess,” he replied, smile broadening. Lance glanced back to Allura, waiting for her to same something, but she was just standing there smiling, and, oh, Lance knew that smile.

Full of pure happiness, but soft around the eyes. Lance knew that face, it was the way his dad sometimes looked at his mama. It was the way his mama looked at his siblings as they slept. It was the way he imagined he looked when he was watching Allura. It was love.

Did Shiro see it? Did he know? How had Lance not known? After all the time he’d spent watching Allura, captivated by her beauty, and strength, both physical, and mental, he’d never seen this. He’d never even suspected, but here it was, plain to see. Allura was in love with Shiro

One of them should be saying something, anything.

“So,” Lance heard Shiro say, and it had to be Shiro to beak the silence, “what are you two doing?”

Allura’s ears turned a light pink before she replied, “oh, Lance was just explaining to me earths understanding of space. It seems rather… primitive,” her face suddenly turned serious as she leaned in towards Shiro, “You do understand that there is a difference between a spaceship, and a planet, don’t you?”

Lance could practically feel the raised eyebrow aimed at the back of his head, before the sound of Shiro’s laughter bounced around the room. It startled him, but Allura seemed far more affected.

Her eyebrows sprang up, and then her eyes went wide as she stared at Shiro’s laughing face.

“Sorry, I-,” Shiro said as he tried to get himself under control. Allura just continues to stare, as if enraptured by the sight of Shiro laughing.

“I-I’m sorry princess. Yes, I know what the difference is,” he said, still occasionally snorting laughter through his words. Allura just nodded, as if barely hearing him, as if all she could think about in that moment was how beautiful Shiro look whilst laughing.

Damn, she had it bad, and Lance didn’t stand a chance.

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Aww, well Lucas look on the bright side. Whenever someone messes with you. You can take their thing and lift it high in the air while they struggle to get it.

Lucas: that is so mean !
Lucas: claus struggles enough without me antagonizing him. plus, even if i were that sadistic, he is in a wheel chair. even ness could pull that kind of fast one on him.
Claus: Told you guys: my little brother is an angel- hey, what are you doing with my cellphone?!
Lucas: i am going to text ninten your entire google search history.
Claus: What?! No! Give that back, you little shit! 
Lucas: i take back what i said previously. this is fun !

[Lucas is answering questions!]