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BTS Reaction to you rapping Eminem’s “Rap God” perfectly

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be the one blasting the song aloud. He’d be trying to expand his taste in English music when all of a sudden he ended up stumbling in the rap genre? So now he’s just chillin’ with Eminem booming through his speaker. He would study the rapper’s pronunciation and tone when suddenly he hears you by his side, rapping along to the lyrics perfectly. This boy would be so awe-struck and completely at a lost for words because not only are you the love of his life but you’re also really freakin’ talented?

“Wahh~ Jagiya? Since When? How did you even learn this?”

Kim Taehyung

The music would be blasting and he’d hear the beat of the infamous Eminem song from miles away. Tae would run into your room and burst through the door screaming the lyrics to the chorus. You’d be startled but scream along with him. As soon as the rap starts he’d lower his voice and expect you to do the same; however, when he hears you still screaming the rap aloud by yourself, he just stares at you dancing and getting turnt cause his love is well a “rap god” as he would say. After the initial shock, he’d start screaming, yelling, and dancing around like the two childish lovers the both of you are.

“Wow! Ayy~! Ayy~! Ayy~! It’s lit, jagiya!”

Park Jimin

Jimin isn’t one for rap but if he was forced to choose a favorite rapper… he sure as hell wouldn’t choose Eminem. He was too derogatory and often times, Jimin had no idea what he was saying. One day, you’d be listening to music with your earphones in, blasting. Jimin wouldn’t mind it as he’s used to the loud, muffled music already but when he hears your low murmuring to the song is when he starts to pay interest. He’d stop whatever he’s doing and lightly giggle at you. Simply taken back by how you could rap so well and how adorable you look in doing so, Jimin would smile the brightest and just admire your beauty.

“How can you be so cute? When saying— rapping such vulgar words?”

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Kim Seokjin

Jin would be so astonished and so stunned but at the same time, he’s so prideful of your small but still important, accomplishment. As someone that isn’t trained to rap and doesn’t know the first thing to it, he’d praise your ability to rap the song perfectly without any mistakes or stuttering. Expect a lot of praising, clapping, encouraging (albeit unnecessarily loud) cheering, and even chanting your name whenever you play the song. He’d be such a sweet and supportive lover even with the little things… like this.

“You’re so talented! You can rap?! Wahh~ what can’t you do, hhm?”

Jung Hoseok

Much like Taehyung, this man would be w i l d. Dancing and screaming and flailing his arms in the air as he rapped along with you or sang along with your words. Loud and proud is his motto! You two would playfully glare at each other mentally agreeing to a rap battle. Hoseok would laugh knowing full well what all these glares meant and start the countdown once the song starts up in the background. The punishment? Attacked by kisses! Which, to be honest, really wasn’t a punishment at all. All fun and games as you rap together, each word sliding off your tongues perfectly.

“You really think you can beat me, jagiya? Alright, let’s see you try!”

Kim Namjoon

Joon is genuinely impressed. He’d stare at you for the longest time just admiring your cute little dances moves. His eyes bright with admiration towards his one true love and every once in a while, he’d pull his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter at your odd gestures as you rap to the beat perfectly. It’s no surprise when he joins in with your inelegant ways of moving robotically (on purpose or not… the world may never know) to the beat while simultaneously screeching the lyrics to the legendary Eminem song. Two big losers in love are what the both of you are.

“I’m honestly amazed, baby. You really are— something special, huh?”

Min Yoongi

Being that Yoongi actually really admires Eminem, he’ll probably have his songs downloaded in his playlists. As the two of you share a pair of earphones, cuddled next to each other on the coach, the song would come on his shuffle and even though he knows you can rap everything perfectly he still smiles at his hardcore rapping lover as you get more and more into it. You even go as far as throwing up gestures and little dance moves. He’d tease you and laugh at your silly antics all with a gummy smile on his lips and all the love in his heart cause damn… he just can never get enough of you.

“You are such a loser… but at least you’re my loser.”

The Weeping Garden

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a/n: the gif has no meaning to this story but I loved this part in the movie so oh well; btw, thanks to everyone for putting up with my ultra shitiness

The statue of Y/n stood in the garden by the palace. Smooth stone benches circled around her pedestal of sapphires so that any one could sit by and watch or talk or read. But the common practice of a person kneeling down at Y/n’s feet means that anyone watching must leave. 

Y/n’s legend traces back to long ago; she was a well-known goddess of truth and virtues, born at a time when the Asgardians needed some truth and virtue in their lives. She was killed by one of her sisters, a jealous and envious lady. 

And so in her honor, a statue was built and placed in a garden of blue and white pastel flowers. Legend declared that only the tears of oppressed and weak would bring her to life, when the world had fallen to dust and needed Y/n’s brightness to guide them. 

Over time, people had begun to pray at her feet, confess their wrongdoings and overcome past sufferings. They believed that their tears gave her strength, enough so that one day she’d be able to awaken and fight for them. So her garden became known as the Weeping Garden, a place where people can go to hope and believe.

Loki does not believe. 

He had not believed for a long while, not since he’d begged for her to awaken and end this suffering he felt-being an outsider. After the truth had come out-after he’d learned of his true heritage and Odin fell into the dangerous sleep-Loki fell to his knees and cried for the first time in a long time. He apologized for everything he’d done to possibly deserve such pain. 

Nothing happened. Y/n did not awaken to take Odin’s place or lead Loki to his happy ending. 

Loki couldn’t even begin to describe the betrayal he’d felt; he’d been abandoned by the one person who was never meant to betray anyone. 

It was now a time of destruction in Asgard. Hela had awoken, apparently ready to unleash hell, and Loki was meant to be on his way to the Eternal Flame. And yet he is distracted. 

Y/n’s statue is staring at him, her blind stone eyes blank but unyielding. 

“What do you want?” Loki snapped. 

Her head did not move. 

“There’s nothing I can do for you!”

Still, nothing. 

Loki swore and held out a hand. The statue wavered off of the ground and Loki ran. He felt hopeful, of all things. But he’d certainly not get on his knees and cry or beg for Y/n to help him. 

If the legend is true-if-then the Flame would bring her to life just as easily as a few sniveling sobs.

Of course a few parts of his brain told him it wouldn’t work. He couldn’t imagine that tears hadn’t been shed for her with Hela around. People must have tried. So why should he? 

Loki didn’t know what to do, but he’d have to make a choice fast. His brother is counting on him and he can’t let Thor down. Not again. 

Standing before the flame, Loki took a deep breath. The cup that held the inextinguishable licks of flame seemed so small and probably meaningless to anyone who wouldn’t know better. 

“This better work,” Loki said to himself. He reached into the basin and cupped his hands together. A ball of fire pulled away. Loki looked at Y/n’s inanimate face. She was carved to be very beautiful. Although she is only stone, her hair bounds over her shoulders, across the curve of her breasts, animatedly. 

Loki, hesitant, as if he feared the flame would go out, put both hands on either of Y/n’s cheeks as though he were about to kiss her. The flame melted the stone into something like rubber that pooled around her feet. Loki took a step back as the melting rock slid down Y/n, who could hardly peel her eyes back. She fell forward and Loki caught her, his heart beating twice as fast with excitement.

He slunk down to his knees, cradling her close. “Are you alright?” Loki asked, brushing her hair from her face. It’s [h/c]. It’s soft. 

And she’s beautiful. 

Perhaps the most beautiful thing Loki’s ever set his eyes on. The rock encasing did not do her features much justice. 

She coughed and wheezed for breath, shaking in Loki’s arms. 

A moment later, her eyes opened. Y/n looked at Loki with weak pools of [e/c]. “You’ve…awoken me.” Those first words startled Loki. He had been unsure and up until she spoke, nothing about the revival felt real.

“Why?” she asked in a thick, wavering voice. She limply struggled against Loki, trying to pull away from him, but her limbs felt heavy as lead.

“Hold on to me,” Loki instructed. She weakly protested a few times as they stood, one of her arms looped around Loki’s waist.

“What are you doing?!” Y/n shrieked when she saw Loki seize Surtur’s crown. “Stop, you’ll kill us all!”

Loki couldn’t determine if Y/n is fully lucid. She seemed groggy and cloudy and physically weak; she could hardly stand without Loki’s help, and struggling to take the crown from him proved difficult. But she seemed aware enough to know what dousing the crown into the eternal flame would mean.

Loki placed the crown into the basin and lifted Y/n into his arms. She thrashed against him. “You’ve killed us all!” shd exclaimed. “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Loki supposed he’d react similarly in Y/n’s position. Ragnorak meant the end. The utter end.

“You’ve killed us all!” she exclaimed.

“Unless my brother and I are wrong, then yes, I suppose I have,” Loki grunted as he hoisted Y/n by her hips and throwing her across his shoulders. Y/n struggled against him weakly, hitting her fists against his back. “Let me go!” she exclaimed. 

“Quit moving around,” Loki instructed as he attempted to run as fast as he could with Y/n yelling in his ear and pounding on his back. “I’m trying to save you!” 

Y/n reached her hand down and pinched Loki as hard as she possibly could on the butt. Loki yelped and Y/n managed to worm her way off of him. 

“You are lucky that I am feeling outrageously kind today,” Loki snapped as he seized Y/n by the wrist. She raised another hand to strike him. Loki caught her other limb and stared at her darkly. 

Her eyes are [e/c], stern and unwavering. 

“Come on,” he said. The two ran, Y/n being dragged away but she didn’t fight him off as they exited the palace that had begun to rumble under their feet. 

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Cold Coffee

Happy birthday @the-nerd-book-reader . I hope you had an amazing time today! I decided to write something for you, and I truly hope you enjoy it. You’re one of the most important people in my life, and I can’t imagine how it would be without you. I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I truly hope our friendship is forever. Love you loads x.

Draco was pacing back and forth in their apartment. He was desperate for some news. He loved the fact that his boyfriend was so passionate about his job as an Auror, but he couldn’t help the stress that came with it. Always worrying about his boyfriend’s well-being, scared for life that one of these days he might not come back home… He had spent the past five hours calling Harry without getting any answer. He then called the Ministry of Magic, to demand further explanations, but was quickly shut down, since apparently Harry was working in a top secret case, and they couldn’t reveal any information… They assured him that they would get back to him if anything out of the ordinary happened, but he hadn’t heard anything from them either. Harry was meant to come at 5 pm. It was now 10 pm, and Draco was starting to feel physically sick. He just wanted his boyfriend to be ok. It was all he needed.

Just as he was crossing the hall for the 584th time, he heard someone fumbling with keys. He lunged himself forward, immediately crashing against his boyfriend that had barely made it through the door, almost sending them both to the ground.

- “Where the hell have you been, Harry?! I’ve been worried sick, I called so many times, you can’t just do this!” Draco exclaimed, anger and worry filling his voice.

- “Babe, I’m so sorry. I got held up in a mission, and there wasn’t any way for me to contact you.”

- “How is it possible to not find a way to let me know you were caught up in a mission?! I’m always in constant fear of what might happen to you every time you walk out that door!” Draco yelled, tears starting to fill his eyes.

-“Draco, please be reasonable. You know the implications of being an Auror. I don’t just get to decide where I go on a mission. Things can’t be like that.”

“I am perfectly aware of how your job works, Harry, but I do hope you understand how I feel about all this. You’re my boyfriend, and it pains me to think that something might happen to you, I’m always waiting to hear a phone call from the Ministry reporting an injury, or…” Draco started crying. He was highly sensitive; he had always been. And Harry meant the world to him. Just the prospect of losing him made life unbearable.

“Draco, please…” Harry said, worryingly, while placing his hands on Draco’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Harry” Draco backed out and ran towards their bedroom.

 Draco couldn’t stop crying. It was ludicrous. He knew it. But he couldn’t stop. The War had left its toll on him, just like everyone else. He didn’t mention it, not to Harry at least, because he wanted to be perceived as strong. He didn’t want to be seen as the coward he’d been as a child. But he knew how terrified he’d been for his family. He knew he’d do anything to protect his family. And Harry was his family now. The idea of losing him was unconceivable. He loved him with everything he had. The love had started to blossom while they were still at Hogwarts, even though Draco only realised it after the War. By then he had thought it was too late, so he decided to move on. But then one night he saw Harry at some pub and it all came back. They started talking, and Draco’s feelings resurfaced, almost as if he’d never tried to push them away. They started spending a lot of time together, and Draco knew he was in deep trouble. He realised that Harry was it for him, that there wasn’t anyone else, only him. Four years later, and here they were.

Draco curled himself up in their bed, exhausted from all the stress and the nerves. He knew he just needed to sleep in order to calm down. He knew he was being dramatic, but he couldn’t help it. He would talk to Harry in the morning.

 Harry was a mess. He hated seeing his boyfriend suffer for him. Draco liked to pretend he was insanely strong, but Harry knew he wasn’t. He knew that Draco still had nightmares about the War. He himself did too. They had both been through a lot.

He sat down on their sofa and rummaged through the numerous things in his jacket until he felt something velvety under his touch. He picked up the black box and stared at it for a while. He’d known that this was what he wanted for his life after only a few dates with Draco. He fell hard and fast for the Slytherin, and soon realised that he was in fact the love of his life. The animosity between the two of them while at Hogwarts had always felt off, but Harry hadn’t given it much thought. After reencountering Draco, he realised what it all meant. And now he was sitting on their sofa, in their apartment, holding the rings that meant a lifetime of bickering, arguments, worry, but more importantly, love. He had planned to ask the question that night, but his job got in the way, and now Draco was upset. He knew all Draco needed was a proper night of sleep and they would be fine by the morning. With the thought of his boyfriend on his mind, Harry leaned back and fell asleep.

  The morning lights streamed through their bedroom curtains, illuminating Draco’s face. He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust them to the daylight. As soon as they were fully open, he looked at the other side of the bed and realised it was empty. Panic coursed through him. He remembered the previous night’s tantrum, and hoped that everything was alright. As he got up, he heard some noise that seemed to come from the kitchen and immediately smiled. His boyfriend always made breakfast for the two of them, he was much better at cooking than he was. He freshened up before heading downstairs. As he reached the kitchen, he saw Harry sitting on the kitchen table, with a newspaper in his left hand, and a cup of half drunk coffee in his right hand. He noticed there were eggs and toast on the table, and another cup of coffee. He quietly sat down, and started eating. He could feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him, but he chose to ignore it. As soon as he took a sip of his coffee, he spat it out.

-“Merlin, Potter, this is cold! What is wrong with you?”

Harry immediately started laughing.

Draco raised his eyebrow, in his typical posh pose. “What’s so funny?” He tried to hide the smile that was threatening to take a hold of his whole face.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just… You only call me Potter when you want to tease me.” Harry said, with a smug grin on his face. “Are you still mad?”

“Merlin no, Harry! I’m so sorry for overreacting yesterday, I just had had a tiring day, and I was so worried about you that I let it get to me. I’m sorry.” Draco said, as he held his boyfriend in a tightening hug.

“Good.” Harry said, against Draco’s neck. “Because there’s something I want to ask you…”

Harry took a few steps back and dropped on his knee, earning a gasp from Draco.

“Draco, we’ve been together for 4 years, and these 4 years have been the most amazing years of my life. I already had feelings for you when we were at Hogwarts, but you know me, I’m the definition of oblivious, so I didn’t realise it at the time.” Draco laughed. “But then I saw you at that pub, standing near the bar, looking as gorgeous as ever, and I knew I was in trouble. You are the love of my life, Draco, I can’t really imagine my life without you. You and I have been through a lot, and we’re both still healing, but being with you has helped me in ways I don’t even understand. You challenge me, you complete me. I’m not whole without you. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to continue arguing with you about the silliest of things, I want to continue teasing you, I want to continue helping you heal, but more importantly, I want to continue loving you. Until the end of my days. Draco. Will you marry me?”

Draco was already in a sea of tears by the time Harry had finished his speech.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“It’s a yes, you prat, of course it’s a yes!” Draco threw himself at Harry, wrapping his arms around him, as if he were afraid of letting go.  Draco wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Harry. Have kids. Grow old. That’s all he had ever wished for.

“I love you, Draco.”

“I love you too, Harry. All of you.”

“Really? Even my cold coffee?” Harry smirked.

“Especially your cold coffee.”

anonymous asked:

What the fuck is up with you being so against straight people? Like seriously you’re doing the exact same thing homophobic people do to gays. How exactly is this helping?? I mean I get it, homophobic people are assholes but not all straights are homophobic. You’re giving gays a bad name here like you make me ashamed to be gay I also meant to message you about this before bc some time ago you either posted or re blogged something about bts hating straights??? Like what’s wrong with you?

“you’re doing the exact same thing homophobic people do to gays”

No, I’m not. And here’s why.
- Straight cis people do not experience any sort of oppression based on their gender or orientation. None. They have systematic, institutionalized power and privilege.

When my friends of color say they hate white people, I don’t get offended or upset. Because they have every right to hate white people! They’ve been oppressed by white people as a whole across every single playing field. If someone calls me a cracker, or says I can’t dance….. who the fuck cares. It doesn’t do ANY damage at all. However, if a white person was to call a non-white person a slur, that DOES have an impact, and it has systematic oppression to back it up.

Homophobic straight people calling me a fag has deep rooted, evil history. Me making a tumblr post venting my anger over my oppression has nothing. I can’t give blood because I’m gay. My insurance won’t cover me because I’m trans. There are ACTUAL LAWS trying to be put in place to deny me access to medical care. There are conversion therapy camps that my people are sent to by the hundreds each year.

My roommates have been physically attacked, I have been yelled at and harassed, I have every damn right to express my upset on my own personal blog.

Sorry I’m “giving a bad name” to the community, but I’m an angry, radical queer who is tired!! of the micro and macro aggressions against me. Cishets (as a whole, as a class, as a system, since you don’t seem to understand that) have made me tired. My patience is gone. I want justice, and I’ll draw blood to get it.

I love my cishet dad and sister, they’re great people. And guess what? They know the struggles I’ve been through, and they are okay with me joking about hating cisheteronormativity. Because they realize it’s an actual issue, whereas me, saying on my blog, that I hate cishets, is not.

shout-out to any of my followers who happen to be anti-reylo:

This post is not meant to lecture you in any sense. I respect your opinions even though I do not agree with them in the least. The great thing about Star Wars is that it brings people of all different viewpoints together.

That being said, ever since The Force Awakens came out, I’ve been seeing post after post in which people constantly reduce Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s character to nothing more than a monstrous villain who must be destroyed as quickly as possible before we even have a chance to get to know his story and WHY he has aligned himself with the Dark Side. Yes, he needs to take responsibility for his actions, yes he has done heinous things in the name of the First Order. But consider what HIS FATHER (Han Solo) said to him:

“Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he’ll crush you.”

Snoke, people, SNOKE is the monstrous villain who must be destroyed as quickly as possible. It’s due to HIM that an innocent child like Ben Solo grew to become a conflicted, tortured soul like Kylo Ren. And he IS conflicted, he IS tortured. And his relationship with Snoke IS a mirror image of victim (Ben) and abuser (Snoke). That’s right, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is an ABUSE VICTIM.

Now, I know I said I wouldn’t lecture you guys, and I’m so sorry if that’s what I’ve been doing. Believe me, I don’t mean to make you feel stupid, I’m simply appealing to your sense of reason, because I know you guys have them. But consider this:

I have FRIENDS in REAL LIFE who actually RELATE to Kylo Ren’s story. These are real people who, because of their painful pasts and neglectful upbringings by parents who either didn’t love them for who they were or didn’t have the time to spend with them that they needed to properly develop, feel so angry all the time. They feel lost, UNWORTHY OF LOVE, dark and unable to reach for the light often. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t working for a militant order bent on taking over the world. The fact is that they have been subject to abuse of some kind, and they NEED HELP. They NEED LOVE. They NEED UNDERSTANDING. And every time I think about the fact that many of you, according to your estimations of Kylo Ren, would simply reduce them to winy brats who were never thankful for what they had in their lives, just makes me want to SCREAM.

All I ask of you now, is to put yourselves in the shoes of people like Ben Solo, to understand what makes them so angry and why they feel they have been abandoned by those they loved most in the world. Think what you want about him in the end, but AT LEAST try to see things from the perspective of such a person. Because Rey, though I love her, was WRONG when she called him a monster. He’s simply a human being who is being torn by the light and the dark within him. He thought killing his father would bring him more clarity, sever his ties to the light and bring him closer to the dark, but instead it only broke him further, tearing at the seams of his soul that have already begun to come undone. In the trailer he is about to destroy the ship his mother is on, but as he realizes that she is actually on it, he realizes that his urge to come back to her is stronger than ever. And when Snoke says in the novelization that he has “compassion” for Rey, the Scavenger, enemy of the First Order, he finds he can no more deny it than he can accept it.

I don’t wish to change your opinions, but to help you see another point of view. And the reason why I, like many others, feel that Ben Solo could be brought back to the light and that he actually DESERVES it, is because there are real people who are very dear to us who need redemption just as much. And this could be the message they need to let them know that it’s never too late. It’s a message of HOPE like no other, something that hits close to home for me at least, and something that I hope some of you may come to accept one day. 

Go in peace my children, and please remember that I love each and every one of you, otherwise I would have blocked you long ago. You’re all unique people with unique stories, so I won’t be judging you based on your viewpoints anytime soon. I may be passionate, but I’d throw out my copy of The Force Awakens before I stooped down to that level. Right, as you were!

  • Prompt 4: Tsuna is an A+ wingman and wins the Best Friend of the Year Award

‘Twas the night before a major exam, and all throughout the Vongola house. Not a creature was stirring, not even the implanted enemy mouse. The animal boxes were placed on bedsides with care while hopes of peaceful sleep permeated the air.

Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ri-

“Enma, it’s like 2am in the morning. I have morning training with Reborn and morning classes too you know,” Tsuna grouched into his cell phone as he shifted in his bed. He literally just fell asleep two hours ago and had crashed from a caffeine rush of studying for an exam. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to someone, even if that someone was his best friend.

There was an audible intake of breath before the Shimon answered his question. “I need your help.”

“Mafia help or friend help?” Mafia help meant famiglia business and had to be dealt with ASAP depending on the severity. Friend help meant just that and could be put off for when he was feeling more like a human being than a tired mass of flesh.

“…Dynamics help.”

Tsuna shot out of his bed, wide eyed and awake. “Dyna- Y-you woke me up because you found some Omega you need help with? Are you serious?” Dynamic help was rarely needed between the two as they were both Alphas and all three dynamics practically fell to their feet to spend time with either men. They’ve had their share of each dynamic in their bed, preferring the more Omegan types above the others not because of their dynamics but because of just how right it felt.

Enma was not dealing with Tsuna’s shenanigans this evening. “Are you going to help me or not, Tsuna? Please.” There was a hint of begging in his voice, not very commonly found in the present Enma. Old Enma, probably, but not this current one. He disposed of that version of himself a long time ago to resurrect the Shimon.

The Vongola sighed dramatically before flopping back into his bed. “…Fine. Meet me at Harmonia’s Cafe at 12. We’ll have lunch and discuss this then.”


The cafe was crowded with college students, each taken table littered with college ruled paper and textbooks. Coffee was a permanent smell and there were the distinct chatter of the STEM students trying to out-science each other from across the cafe. It was the perfect place for Tsuna and Enma to meet up and discuss dynamics.

After they got their lunches served and exchanged small talk, Enma finally began to unleash his woes towards his friend. He talked about her smell and occasional lack of scent, Sergei, the lunches they still had together before class despite it being weeks after the project was done and presented. The redhead gushed almost disgustingly about her quirks, her stereotypical college student meals and spending habits.

The Shimon boss eventually summed it all up into one sentence. All of his desire, frustration, adoration, and troubles for the foreign Omegan student. “I want her.”

Tsuna frowned as he dipped his grilled cheese into the tomato soup and took a savage bite out of it. “I want to destroy the Vongola from the inside and look where that got me.”

Enma gave him a hard stare before sighing and running his hand through his hair. “I’m serious, Tsuna. She smells amazing but she’s always wearing scent blockers in public.”

“Didn’t you say she took them off in her apartment? Corner her there.” Tsuna chewed thoughtfully on his sandwich before swallowing. “Unless you promised not to jump her or something.”

The Vongola sighed when Enma did not deny the suggestion of the promise he had made. “Well, you just made it harder for yourself. That’s fine, whatever. Let Give me some time to figure things out and see what I can do.”

There was no way in hell would the Shimon sever ties with the Vongola if Tsuna managed to pull this off. Enma would make damn sure of this. “Thanks, Tsuna. I’ll owe you one.”

The brunette smiled at his friend, “No problem, Enma.” He said his name a little louder than necessary and when the redhead found out why he did, he couldn’t decide whether to hug him or kill him right then and there.

“Enma! Fancy seeing you here.” There she was, the scentless wonder smiling at him and looking at Tsuna. “I was Enma’s partner in a class project a while back. Nice to meet you,” she introduced herself and offered Tsuna her hand to shake.

Ignoring the panicked look on his friend’s face, Tsuna smiled back at her. “Tsuna Sawada, nice to meet you. I was hoping I would finally meet Enma’s mystery partner. He keeps going on and on about how amazing it feels to finally have a partner who does their part in a project on time and early too.” He motioned for Enma to scoot over. “Join us, we just ordered lunch but we were planning to stay a little longer anyway.”

No they weren’t.

“Oh thank you!” She slid into the seat, accidentally bumping into Enma. “Sorry. Uh, what do you recommend? I’ve never been here before and I heard it was a good place for students.”

Tsuna took the menu on the table and offered it to her. “I wouldn’t know, really. Enma comes here more often than I do so you should probably ask him.”

The scentless Omega offered the menu towards Enma and asked for his opinions. She slid closer to him, almost smacking him in the face with her head. Of course, if she wasn’t wearing those blockers Enma would be more than happy to suffer such an attack.

He tentatively wrapped an arm around her waist, pleased when she scooted a little closer. “So you want the traditional spaghetti and meatballs?”

“Yeah, I think I’m in the mood for that,” she smiled brightly at him before moving a little away from him. Luckily for the Shimon, she stayed with arms reach and left his arm where it was. If anything, she placed her hand on where his rested on her waist and hummed happily. “So how did you meet Tsuna? You guys looked pretty comfortable around each other that if you didn’t tell me you didn’t have a brother, I would think he was your brother.”

Enma blanked a bit before he threw together a civilian-friendly version of how he met the Vongola. “Well, we used to live in Japan and we attended the same school together…”

Across the table, Tsuna continued to watch amused as his friend attempted to be cool and collected around the little pretty Omega he found. The brunette sighed internally, wishing he wasn’t playing the third wheel now that she joined the table. He silently patted himself in the back and declared himself as the bet wingman in the goddamn mafia world if things between Enma and his Omega went extremely well.

Later that day, Tsuna received a thank you note from his redheaded counterpart. “Our date is in two weeks on a Friday. Thanks.” It was accompanied by a glass framed picture of the Vongola and Shimon Decimos shaking hands with the engraving of “SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI” FOLLOWED BY “BEST FRIEND OF THE YEAR AWARD”.

“Dork,” Tsuna mumbled as he placed the picture on his bedside table.

You don’t have to forgive him, but we shouldn’t forget him.

Miguel, from Pixar’s ‘Coco’

You hear this line in the movie, and anyone with even the slightest knowledge of John Lasseter’s current situation thinks, “They wouldn’t…” And of course, they DIDN’T. This film was in the can long before the story of Lasseter’s ‘inappropriate hugging’ – and out of control creepiness – broke. If it wasn’t, I can’t image they’d have had the final showdown with the villain include an extended scene where he keeps grabbing a woman and holding her close against her will.

All of that aside, I think we *shouldn’t* forget how much John Lasseter and his work has meant to us. By pretending that only people who make + say shitty things actually *do* shitty things, we are allowing this same sort of quiet creepiness and predatory behavior to continue. By keeping in mind that ANYONE can be a creep, it will cause us to be more acutely aware of the content and implications of our own words and actions.

It will also help us to better – and more quickly – empathize + assist the victims.

I mean, if the first male member of Pixar’s ‘Braintrust’ actually spoke up to John Lasseter the first time they saw him cop a feel or whisper something weird into a female co-worker’s ear, do you think he’d have done it again? Perhaps. But what if the SECOND male member of Pixar’s ‘Braintrust’ spoke up? And then a third? I think Lasseter would have to be a legitimately out-of-control psycho-sexual deviant to have continued if the men in his inner circle were confronting him and telling him that his actions were inappropriate. Unfortunately, it appears that they did not. Did they look away? Laugh? Join in? We may never know. But my guess is that if they were calling him on it with any real forcefulness or regularity, it would have stopped…or they would have been fired.

Here’s hoping that with this newly heightened awareness – and the eventual, inevitable change in leadership – things at Disney/Pixar will begin to change for the better.

Note: These are just my thoughts and in NO WAY an authoritative summation of the situation. I have never worked for Disney or Pixar (or even met John Lasseter), and as such can only speak from my own limited perspective. I just thought that as someone who constantly blogs about Disney and Pixar, I would be remiss to not address this in some small way.

What to Do When Your House Rules Have Been Violated

House rules, in the spirit worker community, are rules you create or adapt for your household to keep everyone therein happy, healthy, and safe. These rules are typically simple but concrete. I have some on my blog, and so does @spiritvexer if I recall correctly. Many other people make and put these rules into practice, and I’m sure if you ask around the community, you’ll find plenty of advice.

But one thing I haven’t seen talked about is what to do when your rules have been violated, or even underhandedly avoided. There are many instances where this could happen, some with malicious intent, and others when your companion just didn’t know what that rule meant in application. And sometimes, your companion just likes the idea of pushing your buttons, which can be as unhealthy and annoying as the first example.

So what do you do if your rules are violated? There are a few options, all of which should be thought out beforehand.

  1. Review your rules. Is the rule your spirit companion broke important to you? Or was it a rule you are or were using but don’t need anymore? Is there a better rule, or one that explains the purpose of it better? Or is it something silly that you think is unfair to ask of the spirit? Think about your role in the rules. Are you asking more than you are giving? Think on this before you talk to the spirit, and decide if its even worth debating. Maybe its something you could talk about changing with them. Decide as a family what you want to do.
  2. You can talk to the spirit about it. This is the simplest, most direct route. All you have to do is communicate with the spirit in question, and ask them why they avoided that rule, and explain why it’s important. Just like the rest of your family, living, dead, or inhuman, the rules must be followed for everyone’s benefit. For example, let’s say your rule was to not reveal yourself to the rest of your family. If the spirit who broke the rule was scary, especially to a child or unaware adult, it could stir up a lot of trouble. It could ultimately lead to the expulsion of the spirit and they really wouldn’t want that if they like you and your company. Keep this step in mind when speaking to them, because I truly believe treating a spirit like you would a person, with respect and dignity, is how you will settle and solve any problems you come across. If the spirit is upset, especially if they become violent or angry, move on to another option, because this can show their true colours. However, if your companion is known to be a bit emotional, I suggest just giving them some space for a day or two. Come back and discuss it with them again, and remember to be considerate. Don’t try to put the blame entirely on them or target their character unless it is entirely warranted (ex: attacked someone).
  3. Ask them to leave. This should be the second step in most cases, being the follow-up to talking with them. However, if you feel you or your family is in imminent danger, then you have every right to ask them to leave at any time. You invited them in, or at least let them stay, so it should be your duty and ability to protect everyone in your household. Asking them to leave can be as simple as communicating the idea to them via divination, or as difficult as literally having to move their spirit vessel if they have one somewhere respectful but far away. I recommend communicating everything your thinking to them before doing this. If they don’t know what they did, they won’t understand. And if they are just seeking attention, then this is not the most appropriate response.
  4. If they are seeking attention, whether they are bored, lonely, or needing more interaction/validation, you should be able to sort it out. You can establish some more rules, but for yourself. These could include making time for the spirit at least once a week, or leaving offerings for energy or as presents for them to play with. If they need someone more present, they can decide to leave and find another companion. This can be difficult, but helping them find the perfect fit should be a priority. If you aren’t meshing, or they need a different companion, know that it isn’t your personal flaws getting in the way. It just isn’t a great fit. Alternatively, you could find a spirit for them to befriend, which is a great way to expand your spirit family and help your companion feel loved and cared for. It can be a hard thing to find these companions for your companion, but it would be a rewarding step if you found a match.
  5. If all else fails, and you are uncomfortable in your own home, banishing them and warding against their presence is not out of reach. It is not a good thing to feel imposed upon, constantly not at ease, and strapped down by a spirit who refuses to respect you and your rules. It isn’t fun to banish a spirit you once welcomed, but sometimes it is necessary. If they refuse to leave, refuse to follow your rules, and aren’t communicating what it is they need (if anything) to feel at home and happy with the rules, then it is obvious they do not need a spot in your home. I’ve written about this on my blog, and how it is your right to be rid of any spirits causing turmoil.

If these ideas aren’t enough to solve your spirit companion’s problem with rules, I suggest talking to a trusted spirit worker about.

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aaa i wanna start a simblr but i really don’t want to start a new save bc i’ve fallen in love with this save that’ll hit two years in january (i think) but there’s obviously... too many screenshots... and i’ve forgotten what some of the screenshots were meant to do so what should i do ?? should i like,, start a new save or just somehow keep with this one and post abt it bc i really don’t want to give it up but

idk tbh if it were me i’d start a new save bc i love fresh starts and changing things up!! thus why i changed my editing style from vlad & serge to wednesday but u could start a new save and keep ur active family u kno??

It was an amazing experience. And I do not regret it. It has made me a better person, I have had challenges I never would have had, and I have had to up my game to be prepared for things I would never have had to. While it has meant that my life has not been “normal,” I have just accepted it all.
—  Priscilla Presley on life with Elvis

I’m really loving how wonderful it feels to have Reylos’ dedicated metas and speculations finally validated, considering how they were (and still are) vehemently derided. Reylo has never been a crack ship to me because it makes too much sense. Many things in TFA were pointing to the mysterious connection between Rey and Kylo and hinting at how their future dynamics would be. Yet whenever I discussed Reylos’ analyses of tropes, story structure and archetypes with other people (who are casual fans of SW and do recognize these observations as valid), I was often reminded that I was getting drunk only on this ship’s potentials. To be fair, having a different director helming Episode VIII could have meant a completely different interpretation, a different thematic focus, a different film from what we’re having right now. Reylo feels inevitable now only because it is actually happening. I think at some point, the worry was real that Reylo will be just that: a potential, which would have become a missed opportunity, if Episode VIII had been taken in a completely different direction. I’d have accepted this alternate version as a reaffirmation that a big Hollywood franchise would realistically skirt problematic storylines and character arcs. But at the end of the day, I’m biased toward a certain perspective. We’re still to see how the film turns out. (The overarching themes that Reylos have hoped for seem to be there, but many films have big ideas with less capacity to translate them into a truly great movie.)

I do genuinely appreciate that Rian Johnson seems to have taken a great risk in telling the story in this way, that Kathleen Kennedy and other executives at Disney have supported his vision and the many individuals involved in this movie. With the hype of TLJ slowly becoming more unbearable (in a really, really good but heart attack inducing way), I’m just really thankful for the fact that Reylos have got what we want and Star Wars and the general audience would get what they need.

Yeah, that’s my 2 cents looking back at this kriffin’ WILD RIDE. It has been rough in parts, but is a truly satisfactory and rewarding experience.

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Hello!! Do you have any fluffy kevaaron hc’s swimming in your wonderful brain?

tlksjdlkfjjs i’ve got angst on the brain atm but like,, let me ,, lemme see here,,,

  • Kevin: you have to learn how to drive at some point, you cant go your entire life without it
    Aaron: i thought being gay meant i didnt have to do that :// why am i even dating you ?
    Kevin: w hat
  • U m m m m finding a million excuses to hold hands in public before people know they’re dating?? yes pls,,
  • Kevin always going “im feeling [thing], what do you prescribe for that, doctor?” and Aaron just leans over and kisses his boyfriend on the nose and then goes back to doing his homework
  • speaking of homework,,,
    Aaron at 5 in the morning on the day of a big test: babe, what’s the head bone called????
    Kevin, jerking awake from where he’s sitting at the table: that’s the uh,, fuck,, is that the,, uh,,,
    Neil, just getting back from a run: skull, you idiots
    Kevin and Aaron at the same time: no, that’s not it
  • Aaron’s favorite color is purple and Kevin is the only one that knows why (it’s because Aaron is still trying to figure out if he’s ace or not and he likes the purple in the ace pride flag and also the purple in the bi flag)
  • T hey,,, write together??? like they dont actually write but they make up stories at night while they’re fallin’ asleep,,, they’ve got a big story going that they’ve been working on for months,, every now and then they’ll text each other between classes about their characters and whatnot like “does Victoria like pineapple”, “does it matter??”, “no, but does she ???”, “of course.”
  • Kevin is hella hard on everyone at practice but he knows his bf is doing the best he can and he acknowledges that exy is mostly just a means to an end for Aaron and he makes sure that the boy is getting enough sleep and water and not pushing too hard
  • Aaron doodles on kevins hands with various colors of sharpies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jolly ranchers ! Aaron like the watermelon and Kevin likes the green apple

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can ask why you don't like Trouble in Tokyo?

Oh, boy.

I mean, you can, but people always get a bit sick of me talking about stuff I don’t like. 

That being said, I’d like to make one thing very clear before I do. My opinion is not holier than thou. I am NOT that sort of blog, and please don’t ever feel like I am. If folks enjoyed it, that’s GREAT. You do not suddenly have shit taste for liking what I don’t like. This is, by no means, meant to make anyone feel bad for liking it/disagreeing with me. 

If you’re a follower or a mutual or I’ve interacted with you in some way, I still like and respect you and a difference of opinion isn’t going to change that?

Now that that is out of the way, follow the cut if you wanna know.

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Do you think someone like Sibohan being described as bigger could be a ballerina due to vampire biology? Clearly as a human many things ballerinas do require less weight on the ankles and toes but with vampire durability and grace this isn't an issue. Just curious since Alice is always described as dancer like what the other body types could accomplish. I know the secrecy aspect would be an issue but it's still interesting.

I think we’re meant to believe that the vampire body is capable of a lot of things that the human body isn’t, even if that’s kind of hard to square with the “living statue” and “marble skin” stuff. That is, you wouldn’t think someone with diamond-hard skin would be very flexible or graceful but apparently they are. So I think even a larger vampire like Siobhan (or Emmett or Felix or Zafrina) would be able to rival any human ballerina were they so inclined. They’ve got supernaturally keen reflexes, inherent grace, and the strength and stamina to perform any athletic feat no matter their relative size. 

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1, 3, and 27 for the truth or dare thing please

  • 1: (truth) Who was your first major celebrity crush? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.

1. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + The Machine

2. Something Bad Is Happening (Reprise) - Falsettos

3. Girls Your Age - Transviolent

4. End of an Era - Marianas Trench

5. I Know Places - Taylor Swift

  • 3. (truth) What are your three favorite things about your appearance? (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word.

(I’m guessing that tumblr crushes are blogs that I admire/like??)

@upsettoland: gifsetsthatmakemewannadie/scream/cry

@eldertwelvecupsofcoffee: FAVE

@cornbees: ART

@cooldadoropher: allofyourpostsaresososososogoodlikeiloveyourgifsetsandalsohiwe’venevertalkedbeforebutumiloveyourblogalot

@officialwhizzer: ART

@christicnborle: CHRISTIANBORLE what do you meant that’s not one word 

@whizzerbrowne: aesthetic!

@ciaowhizzer: yank!

@andrewrannellsdeservesatony: news! literally this blog keeps me up to date with news, esp abt andrew randrew

  • 27: (truth) What are three things you like about yourself unrelated to your appearance? (dare) Post a picture from your camera roll that you’ve been meaning to post on tumblr.

I am intelligent, kind, and supportive.


lumoscrystal  asked:

Hello! I love your blog and I am loving all the Reylo news, so I decided to see how the other side is reacting( @ntis). I came across a post on there, 5 things that are and not in the last Jedi (vanity fair article). Then, I saw how there is no central romance. So my question is for you 1. Have you read that article on Vanity Fair , 2. What’s your opinion of it, like is it accurate? And 3. Do you think Reylo won’t happen because of this?

Hi @lumoscrystal ! Yes, I’ve read the Vanity Fair article and no, I don’t think it was portrayed accurately by the journalist. What Rian Johnson meant was that there was no Han/Leia type romance in the sequel trilogy, not that there’s no actual romance in the ST. Here’s the exact quote:

Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece”

In no way in those lines did he say there was no central romance. It’s just not center stage and it’s not comparable to the Han/Leia romance. So in light of this, I still believe Reylo can happen in one form or another in TLJ (it won’t be unrequited), and that the full blown romance aspect of it will actually be saved for Episode IX. TLJ needs to lay more groundwork before Rey and Kylo can get to that point in my opinion so I’m expecting them to form some kind of alliance in TLJ, and in Episode IX there would then be room for a full blown romance :)

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Josiah, what is your favorite extracurricular activities? ;)

Sterling ;) But I’m sure that’s not what you meant! I’m not the jock my brothers are. I’m much quieter & more reserved. I prefer to read or draw. I do surf sometimes. My favorite thing to do is painting though. I don’t know, I love it though. I can get lost when I paint & before I realize it, hours have passed. My dad Jude has always done art on the side & I enjoyed watching him when I was a kid. There’s nothing like watching a brush cross a canvas to create something beautiful. Gah.. I’m rambling now. I hope that’s what you were asking for though :3

Thanks for asking!!!

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My sister and I were talking about how terrible max/vid and ships like it are, and she said to me, "just because it's fiction doesn't meant it isn't harmful" and I feel like that's the main thing these gross shippers don't understand. It IS harmful and it's potential baby steps toward something terrible (not to say these people are actual pedo/piles, especially since some are still teens and all, but the nasty indications are still there for the adults who do this shit).

Not to mention the adults who ship it are so gross and creepy and likely to take advantage of those teens who think the ship doesn’t have any effect on real life. And I do feel bad for them in that aspect, because they’re awful but they don’t deserve that.

It’s just a horrible ship overall and it creates so many messes.

And um wow

So um - M proposed! To us!

(And I was ?! and my girlfriend smiled and my girlfriend asked me and I said nod and my girlfriend said yes and I said yes.)

(I think M had some argument with her family? Because maybe of aunt’s baby? I maybe asked my girlfriend and my girlfriend said she also thinks and will maybe ask M, but said M does not do things she does not mean and she meant it and it is true. And we are a together and will be a together to have babies (!) if we can and that is true for M also and she means it.)

So we are getting married! In summer! 

My family will not know and will not come and I think my girlfriend’s family also but I think M’s family will come.

We are planning things! It will be pretty!!