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Mon-El didn’t think he was ever gonna see Kara again… but the person he’s found in himself while on Earth was still the kind of person who wanted to try to make the best of the situation if it meant making a better world for his people. The kind of person who stood up to his parents and wanted freedom and equality to be the things that they rebuilt Daxam with.

He shouldn’t have been forced back into an abusive environment but even though he was terrified and must have been heartbroken at the thought that he would never see Kara again - he took a stand and tried to do what was right.

I’m so proud of him. He has become an incredible person and watching his development and growth has been wonderful. I can’t wait to watch as he keeps growing and gets closer and closer to becoming the hero I know he can be.

  • *Scene - Emma is drinking at Granny's when Regina sits beside her*
  • Regina: So Hook told you the truth...is that why you broke off the engagement?
  • Emma: No...I mean...it's horrible but if we were meant to be I could forgive it.
  • Regina: If?
  • Emma *sighs*: I can't help but think that were he the right person for me and I for him...if we were meant to be he would have trusted me. Instead he hid...I guess we don't have the trust I hoped we did.
  • Regina: I'm sorry Emma.
  • Emma: Me too...for you, I know you wanted things to work out with Robin.
  • Regina: He wasn't my Robin...do you think we're resigned to this fate? You and I and shots at Granny's?
  • Emma *smiles*: At least I can trust in you to be here.
  • Regina *smiles back*: Always.

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Okay so if "nothing from this world" can harm Aku, then how about a weapon made from something not of this world, like a meteorite or something? (Also yes, someone please make an Avatar: the Last Airbender reference with this.)

What do you mean this isn’t what happened

Ok, but I thought about this question too when I watched the show, and I think Aku meant that nothing from this world could harm him as in nothing from this plane. Like, why else would a god-touched sword be needed if there was something else out there that could harm him? I think making the sword in the first place was more of a last resort kind of thing. Because if Ra, Vishnu, and Odin couldn’t kill him in The Birth of Evil, what other choice would there be?

Except maybe yanno trying again ahem

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Thanks for your answer, but I was hoping for more insight into shipper or anti trolling than just definitions. From what I have seen from my neutral position, it's the anons who are causing issues by misconstruing what both sides are saying to get a rise out of the blogger and stir shit. Are they real shippers? Maybe. And why the side eyeing? Do you think trashing on MM is doing shippers a service? I don't. Not to mention the impact it may have on her.

No…they are not real shippers… that’s the short answer to your very convoluted question. No real shipper has any interest in Skipper (you can thank William Shatner for the Skipper nickname).

My definitions were meant to clarify that for you, not sure why you didn’t get it.

So again, these Anons are not real shippers…they are just trolls who want to post insulting things or contrary things to get a rise out of people. 

And while I do feel for MM’s situation at the same time I don’t. She has the option of not allowing herself to be a victim. Everyone is in charge of their own fate and well-being. 

MM is a grown woman with the option of disabling comments on her IG (she can still post pics), blocking trolls and deleting insulting comments. She does none of those things to protect herself from trolls. 


I’m working on rebranding myself. I might make my “mascot” be a computer-character to go with the Terminal name, or use my doodled Twitch avatar which was meant to be a placeholder but I grew fond of it.

Once I settle on a look I want to use the same theme on all my things; Youtube, Twitch, Patreon, Social Media - I like consistency.

I really like both, still messing around with the actual Terminal Logo though so ignore that. Which ‘avatar’ do you guys like more?

Nobody Touches The Queen

I should be writing an essay for university but I’m writing Nessian angst instead so here, have this and enjoy! :D

She knew now that hope was for fools, that the world was wretched and cruel and that hate and coldness and the walls she had built around herself were the only things that would keep her safe. She knew that to open yourself to anyone meant to show another person exactly how to hurt you in the most painful way. She knew she would never do that again.

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Nesta didn’t think she could ever fall in love. She didn’t even believe in love.

After months of watching her father do nothing while her mother – the woman who had loved him with every ounce of her being ever since Nesta could remember, and the woman who he claimed he loved back – slowly wilted away, Nesta decided there was no such thing as love.

She decided that love made you weak. Love made you wait around for a miracle, instead of demanding what you needed of the people who claimed to love you. That’s what her mother had done. Nesta felt like she was betraying her every time she thought about what had happened like this but she couldn’t help but blame her mother as well as her father.

She blamed her mother for looking at him with love in her eyes until her dying breath. She blamed her for being so blinded by love that she didn’t see him for the weak, pathetic coward that he was. She blamed her for loving him and accepting his actions and not demanding he help her find a way to get what she deserved. She deserved to live…

She absolutely despised him, about that she had no shame. He loathed how he let her mother die. It was all his fault. If he really had loved her he could have gone to the end of the world to try and keep her with him. With them.

If her father had truly loved them, his daughters, he would have tried more to make sure that they didn’t starve, didn’t freeze, didn’t grow up way before they were supposed to. She had days where she despised him so much that she wished she would die. That maybe then he would see what his complacency has caused and he would learn to take better care of Elain and Feyre. But she couldn’t do that. Deep down she knew that her death would mean nothing then perhaps more suffering for her sisters and her father wouldn’t have changed his ways.

She hated Feyre for enabling him. She hated her for stepping up and doing what he should have done from the very beginning, caring for them and for not letting their circumstances turn her into a cold and bitter person – the two things Nesta hadn’t managed to do.

Nesta knew how to hate. How to despise. How to loathe. How to detest. She didn’t know how to love. And she was certain she didn’t want to learn.

But when she looked into his soft eyes, framed by crinkles that appeared more prominent when he flashed his lopsided grin, she swore she could feel her heart thawing. She watched him with wide eyes as he told her stories of all the places he had been to, all the wonders he had seen and he promised to take her away and show her everything too. He was her escape and she promised to take her away from all the hate and bitterness in her life. He clasped her delicate hand into his warm one and promised her safety, promised she wouldn’t have to worry about anything for the rest of her life, promised he would care for her and Nesta knew then that she wouldn’t mind learning how to love if this was a fraction of what it felt like - if it meant being this happy. And she was happy. For the first time in her life she was happy but only allowed it to show in secret. With him.

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Sometimes your sass (is that the right word? Is using "sass" rude? IDK moving on) your sass gives me life. I love how opinionated you are about some things. If this comes off as rude? It really not meant to be and im sorry if it does ? D': Love you bab

LMFAO AFDJHFJKADGJKK thank you!!! i’m very opinionated on so many things??? ive gotten tired of being shy and would rather kick ass lol but yeah i’m very sarcastic and sassy but it’s because i’m tired lol i try to be really nice though because i don’t want someone to see me and get like that instant “eugh” vibe??? so like i know when to stop

also sometimes i’ll be texting @sassy-sims and sass her off and she’ll be like “did she do that? she did that” but i always mean it lovingly so its ok :p

love u too bb :*

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"are you jerking off or did you just find another book?"

There were so many choices with this one lol.

“Are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”

Oliver stared at you after walking out of the bathroom. “Excuse me?” He laughed.

“You were in there for a while so that meant one of two things, those things being the prior statement”

“Or I was just using the bathroom” he justified crossing his arms.

“I won’t judge if you were doing the first one, it’s funny to think of the Star City Mayor and Superhero doing that” you giggled making him roll his eyes.

“[F/n] I was using the bathroom, nothing more nothing less” he said sternly but smile never fading.

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone. But just one question”

“Why am I scared all of a sudden?” He pinched his nose.

“Did I cause it or was it the new bow I got you?” You smirked.

“Oh my god I’m done here!” He yelled walking off.

“Ollie answer the question!” You laughed but he already made his escape.


(a reply to this post… and this post. kinda confused why the same reply on two different posts??)


i’m gonna be real honest with you here: what was extremely unhealthy for me was holding IN all my criticisms for this show. it actually feels really comforting to voice my frustrations with the show’s problems (especially in terms of its unintentional but still very apparent racism, fatphobia, and toxic relationship tendencies) and seeing that there are many others who share the same grievances.

also, i don’t think i only focus on the bad of the show?? of course there’s good stuff in it (and i do try to talk about those good things every now and then)! i used to really love this show. being queer, chubby, and a woc, it meant so much to me with its diverse representation and it was even my favorite show at a point. but recently, while there are still some good episodes now and then, i just can’t deny that the show has been lacking in many aspects, even to the point of being hurtful. if this show was bad from the start, i wouldn’t even bother with having this blog. but it’s because the show has become such a disappointment to me, i (and my two dear friends) have created this space to vent with others. i would LOVE to see this show get back up in quality. i promise if that day comes, i will gladly sing this show’s praises.

plus, it’s not like i’m on this blog 24/7 trying to find every way to shit on the show. i honestly do not have the time nor energy to nitpick this show to death. a lot of su critical blogs are just side blogs for fun and venting.

this post sums up my feelings fairly well, too.

i’m also gonna take this time to address something: if you’re new to the su fandom and/or you JUST want to see fan art, gifs, etc. feel free to blacklist the “su critical” tag! that’s the tag we use (as well as the “su discourse” tag i think). heck, that’s WHY we made the tag, so the main su tag wouldn’t get flooded. and (as this blog’s description says) if we have said anything genuinely harmful or you want anything tagged specifically, please let us know! you can even block this blog and other su critical blogs if it helps you.

and hey, if you like the show, that is totally fine! we’ll just do our best to stay out of each other’s hair.


- mod b

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Hey Finn! A relative of mine has just come out as trans (ftm) and I'm wondering if you can give me any advice on how best to help him and support him? I don't get to see him very often but it's important to me that he knows how much I love him and want to be there for him, especially as I know he's having trouble with his parents and the older members of the family regarding his transition. Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can share!

The best thing you can do is let him know you’re there for him, and listen to him. It also meant a lot to me when my friends did a little bit of research into trans stuff, because that showed they really cared about me. If you’re interested, you could check out some ftm youtubers such as ty turner, cameron russo, skylar kergil, etc to get an idea of what he may be in for. Good luck with everything and I hope your relative has a smooth transition :)

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I feel like I'm never good enough for anyone. All I want is to make people happy and I feel like no matter how hard I try I can't even do that much. Like am I doing something wrong? Am I not trying hard enough? Am I just here for convenience? I feel so useless and unneeded. I don't want to seem attention seeking, because I'm not trying to be. I just feel really shitty about myself and feel like I don't belong anywhere.

Just remember that you are only human. Realize that you are not perfect nor is anyone else. We are not meant to be. We are supposed to help each other and grow together. Perhaps other people said or did things that you internalized as you not being good enough. You must realize you are unique and valued. Start to value yourself, build on your confidence and see that you have a lot to offer people. You are good enough. You are loved. You are not alone. You are smart enough. You are pretty enough. Please, take care, beautiful soul. I love you!

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“I just don’t trust these ones.”

{{ The Amayensis. A female dragon character of mine that I’ve been using to represent me around the web for several years now. She has almost no story, I’ve never roleplayed with her, so I haven’t gotten to develop her personality much – she was just meant to be a recognizable design for my accounts. x3 

Actually I do have a pretty detailed description of her features and powers here, though: http://amayensis.deviantart.com/art/Amayensis-Reference-Sheet-571820901 (it dates back a bit)

Who knows? Maybe I’ll pick her up for more than just a visual symbol one day. Depends how much people would be interested, as well. }}

{ Send Alt! for me to introduce you another, completely unrelated character of mine! }

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I need more sweet talk from sidon, revali, teba and kass! I am looking forward to this blog

I don’t know if you meant nsfw sweet talk but I don’t write nsfw so I went for sfw, sorry!
~Mod Sugar

Sweet Talk headcanons

-You’re so cute when you blush love!
-Is that a new outfit? It looks great!
-I love you so much, I don’t care what the elders say. All I need is you.

-Hey, check this out! I designed this move specifically for you.
-Here, I brought a few things back from my trip for you. They reminded me of you.
-What did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as you?

-I found a nice spot up on the cliffs. Would you like to come with me?
-You look good with my feathers in your hair, you should braid it like that more often.
-Promise me you’ll stay safe. I don’t want to lose you.

-I wrote a song for you darling!
-The stars shine bright tonight but you outshine them all.
-It’s so good to see you again darling! I’m sorry I was gone for so long, I missed you so much.

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I've heard that makeup/skincare made in China isn't safe?

TBH I have no real evidence but I feel like this is just like the Chinese Food Syndrome/MSG thing and is just based on racist concepts of like China being cheap/bad/not safe. There’s probably unsafe makeup/skincare made in China and also safe makeup/skincare made in China, just like most countries, I’d imagine.

Products made in China do not require animal testing. Products made outside of China and shipped in require animal testing. In case that is what you meant?

I’m afraid I’m a loser.

I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. Or at least, not enough. I’m 24 years old and basically restarting college. I barely have a social life. I don’t date. I spend a good deal of time trying to deal with who I am, and what I am, which a lot of people get annoyed by, and leave because of. 

No one would ever admit to this. I don’t know many people who would actually call me a loser if I asked them if I was, though I do know many who would see it as attention seeking, even if it was just meant to be a straightforward question. Who would want to be the culprit in that conversation? It’s like walking into a trap and knowing that the thing will clamp itself into your leg. 

My family will point out that I’m a good artist. They’ll remind me of the awards. They’ll remind me that I’ve been drawing forever, that I’m very good. They’ll say I’m “very talented”. And I’ll remind them, “not talented enough. Not yet.”

My friends will remind me that I didn’t take the usual path through life. They may even remind me that I’m disabled, or I’ll remind them, hoping it proves their point, hoping they’re right. And then I’ll think, “But I can function.” Then add, “So I’m not bad enough to have that get in the way.” Never mind 5 hospitalizations. Never mind almost dying. Never mind any of the scars. It’s never enough proof. There’s never enough of anything to fill the gaping chasm in me.

I can’t do enough. I can’t be enough. I can’t write enough. I’m not weird enough. I’m not normal enough.

I’m not enough.

Strong woman, 6

Between bouts of homophobia, this show is cute…as long as you don’t think too deeply about every single woman–except Bong Soon’s relatives–being feeble victims waiting for a serial killer to come along and off them. It’s like the drama equivalent of everybody’s favorite line: “You’re not like other girls.“ In fact, it kind of reminds me of these carvings I saw in Shakespeare’s home church. They were meant to be jokes, and showed a bunch of ridiculous, “unbelievable” things, like apes doing science experiments and women beating their husbands. Bong Soon is the Korean equivalent of one of those husband beaters, a punchline and an aberration in a world full of docile young ladies, where the possibility of female strength is fundamentally unthinkable.

i have eight tabs open on acl reconstructions right now

in other news, writing remains the stupidest hobby


It was the week before the surgery, and someone was at the door.

“Stay,” Viktor told Makkachin as he unfolded out of a heel slide. The swelling had mostly gone, but he’d learned the hard way that the knee still had a tendency to buckle when she came unexpectedly underfoot.

It was Yakov. “I’m doing the pre-op exercises,” Viktor said, more irritably than he’d meant. “You don’t need to check up on me.”

Yakov snorted. “Have you packed?”

“Packed?” Viktor hadn’t. “What for?”

“Vitya,” Yakov said impatiently, like they’d had this conversation before. Possibly they had. “You can’t stay here by yourself while you recover.”

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But do we know what project GA was doing with Gordon Ramsey on that twitter post from last week? Because Ramsey spends a lot of time in Malibu - I follow him on SM and he often posts pics at Malibu Farm (Malibu pier), at the beach... And he also shoots his shows in LA... I thought GA would definitely be back in the UK for Comic Relief, but she was/is MIA... 🤔

Actually, they both were spotted in London at a place related to Red Nose. It’s weird because he did appear on the comic relief thing, but not Gillian. I don’t think they necessarily were doing something together, though, but I thought it meant Gillian would be at the event. So maybe the person on Twitter was mistaking and it wasn’t her, or maybe it was but she just didn’t do the show. It had nothing to do with LA, though.

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You're so young and the universe has so much waiting for you. You're a good person and your hands are meant to do good things, you'll grow up and shape into someone even more wonderful, and people cannot wait to see you succeed and smile. Your art is kind and so are you.

oh… thhis- mmeans a llot to me.. thhis made mme very happy.. thank you… i love you…


Apparently there’s a new Imperial base back in the desert. We couldn’t let that stand while we’re in Altissia (and Gladio might just have a fit if we even thought about letting someone else deal with it).

Which meant driving all day. Again.

And then camping, because Vyv wanted a photo of Insomnia.

the things I do for my friends