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I was wondering, what if Harry and Hermione had met before Hogwarts?

The first time Harry Potter met Hermione Granger, she was standing with her chin up and her hands on her hips a few paces from the old olive tree in the schoolyard, glaring into the far distance. The wind was trying to twist and buffet her hair into her face, but mostly it was just tangling cheerfully with itself.

Dudley and Piers were busy kicking all the other kids off the play structure, so Harry had retreated out into the grass. He stood a safe distance from the weird girl who was pretending to be a statue and thought wistfully of lunch.

“There’s a fallen bird’s nest,” the girl said in a rapid and certain tumble of syllables. “The boys knocked it out of the tree, but I chased them off and I’m hoping the mama bird comes back. I’m Hermione Granger. We just moved here.”

“Harry,” he said.

“How’d you get that scar?” she said.

“Car accident.”

“That’s a weird scar for a car accident.”

Harry shrugged. “It killed my parents.”

She blinked quickly at him and even at that distance he wished vaguely that she wore glasses, too, because her gaze was something that really felt like it should have some built-in bluntedness. “Mine are dentists. Mum’s taking me to the library after school, want to come?”


Before they went into Diagon Alley, Harry asked Hagrid if they could find a payphone. Hermione picked up on the first ring.

“Harry! Where have you been? I’ve been trying and trying to call–”

“Sorry, yeah. Um, so, I’m not coming back to school next year, I…” Harry drifted off, staring at Hagrid’s massive moleskin shoulders. The giant man saw him looking and gave him a tentatively cheerful little wave. “It’s been weird, Herm.” He pressed his forehead into the phone stand, but not too hard. “I think you’re the only thing I’m really going to miss.”

“Harry,” Hermione said and Harry started to frown, because that wasn’t her stern and startled voice. That was the voice that meant she was off down a charging war path of other thought and might not have heard him at all. “I’ve been reading.”

“Of course you’ve been reading,” he said. “I’ve been being forcibly hidden from a swarm of post office owls–”

“You’re in books,” she said in breathless delight, squeaking over the telephone line. “First thing we did, of course, after the professor explained, was get her to escort us to a bookstore– a whole bibliography, Harry, a whole world’s bibliography I haven’t even touched– how am I ever going to–” She took in a little calming breath, and murmured, “Different infinities, it’s okay, Hermione, okay.” A sharp exhale and then she tumbled right back into her rushing rivelet of a sentence. “And I picked up a good dozen, besides the school books, of course, and Harry, you’re in books, in Dark Wizardwork of This Century and A Modern Wizards’ History and October’s End: A Biography–”

“Hermione,” said Harry with slow enunciation. “Are you a wizard, too?”

“A witch, I think,” she said. “But I’m still reading up on the sociology of it all.”


Hagrid wouldn’t say Voldemort’s name, but Hermione would. She came over with a stack of books up to her chin, gave the Dursleys her normal pointed little stare that said she’d like to set them a little on fire, and curled up in his cupboard with him.

He supposed she probably could learn how to set them on fire, now, if she really wanted to.

She gave him passages and excerpts with his name in them, with his parents’ names, a home he hadn’t known. There were pictures of a ruined house with the smoke drifting in little curls of ink. There was his mother, smiling and waving in black and white. There was his mother, laid out on the floor, with a sober little caption below it. That picture was still, except for curtains fluttering in the window.

Hermione finally dragged her face far enough up from the pages to see Harry holding his own hand very tightly, and then she closed the book and reached for one about which magical creatures you should pet and which you shouldn’t.

“Sorry,” she said.

“I wanted to know.”

“I’m still sorry.”


The Grangers drove Harry, Hermione, Hedwig, and their trunks to King’s Cross Station. Mrs. Granger kissed the top of Hermione’s head while Mr. Granger mussed Harry’s mop of dark hair affectionately, and then they swapped children and repeated the treatment. Hermione pushed her hair back out of her face and marched them all to Platform 9 ¾, the entrance mechanism of which she had read all about.

“Before you go,” Mrs. Granger said, “let’s buy you some sandwiches? I don’t know what sort of food they’ll have past that–”

“There’s a trolley,” Hermione said, but her parents dragged them off to a snack kiosk anyway, Harry happily in tow.

As they were on Hermione’s tight schedule, there were plenty of compartments open, and they took one all to themselves– well, to themselves, Hedwig, and Hermione’s books, which took up two seats. (Harry would wheedle Hagrid into taking him to Diagon Alley for Christmas shopping that year, where he would get Hermione a carry-all bag for her small personal library.)

Hermione took a long preparatory breath while Harry unwrapped his sandwich. “Harry? What if I go and sit down under the Hat and I just sit and sit there, and then it says I’m not a witch at all?” Hermione said, the words getting more squashed together and higher-pitched as she went. “I’m not magic, it just got confused, and they send me home? Harry, I don’t want to be a dentist. Other people’s mouths are disgusting–”

“You’re not going to get kicked out,” Harry said, chewing amiably on his sandwich. It was not good, but the Dursleys hadn’t bothered with any breakfast for him and he hadn’t wanted to bother the Grangers about it either. It was a bit dry on the way down, but it settled warmly in his belly.

“But what if I do?”

“I’ll stage a protest,” said Harry. “Refuse to do my homework til they reinstate you.”

“You’re not going to do your homework anyway.”

“See how dedicated I am to you.”

She made a dismissive little noise at him, wringing her hands in her lap.

“Hermione,” he said, and she lifted her bush of hair to look at him. “You’re the most magical person I know. It’s gonna be alright.”

She gave a long slow blink but whatever she might have said was interrupted by an uneven knock at the door. “Um,” said the pudgy boy standing there. “I’ve lost my toad.”

Hermione leapt to her feet. “Where did you see him last?”

Harry followed in the wake of her forward charge, but he brought the rest of his sandwich with him.


(Harry did not know this and would not know this until Mrs. Granger mentioned it casually over a Christmas dinner years and years later– but she and Mr. Granger reported the Dursleys for child abuse and neglect, over and over.

The reports got lost– minds scrubbed down, papers vanished– but they kept calling in reports. They considered kidnapping. They couldn’t imagine why the wizarding world might want to keep their chosen one somewhere so toxic, why they might want to keep this underfed child and his messy hair with those people.

“My mother left me a blood protection spell,” said Harry, whose scar had not ached in years. He poked at his mashed potatoes under the focused attention of Mrs. Granger’s stern little forehead wrinkle. “I had to live with family, blood family.”

“Then they should have made them treat you right,” Mrs. Granger said, as though it was that simple.

Mr. Granger gave Harry another helping of peas.)


On the steps of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy thrust out his hand to the Boy Who Lived, who surveyed the open palm with amusement. “Thanks,” said Harry. “But I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself.”

The redheaded, freckly, hand-me-down clothes boy Malfoy had been bothering snorted. Harry slipped his hands into his pockets.

“You’re the kid with the rat from the train,” Hermione said. “And the spell that didn’t work.”

“It was a cool rhyme anyway, though,” Harry said. “Hi, I’m Harry, this is Hermione.”

“Yeah, she said, then. I’m Ron– uh, Ron Weasley.”

“Yeah, he said,” Harry said, rolling his eyes Malfoy’s direction. “Come on, you wanna stand with us? Hermione will tell you about the ceiling.”

“It’s enchanted!” said Hermione.


When Hermione founded SPHEW, Harry was not surprised. He had spent too many schoolyard days escorting spiders to safe spaces, keeping vigil over fallen bird’s nests, and watching Hermione stand up on her desk chair in heated pitched verbal battles with teachers. She’d driven at least two teachers to tears and taught most of them at least a few new vocabulary words.


Over summers and holidays, Harry and Hermione took Ron to the movies, to the seashore, to Hermione’s top three favorite libraries. Hermione’s Aunt Meg taught them how to whittle under a cloud of cigarette smoke that clung to Harry’s hair until he washed it out.

In this life, there were things in the Muggle world that Harry missed, that he wanted to see again. He loved Hogwarts, and he nominally went home to the Dursleys each summer, but he knew he always had a bed at the Grangers’. He knew the weird system they used to organize the books on their shelves. He’d pass Mrs. Granger the marmalade in mornings before she had to ask. He got free dental check-ups all his life, which was good because the Dursleys rarely bothered taking him into the dentist.

The whole Granger family tore apart newspapers every morning, calling article excerpts across the table and pointing each other to their favorite journalists. Before Hermione even first stepped onto Hogwarts grounds she got a subscription to the Daily Prophet. During Harry’s fourth year, Mr. and Mrs. Granger got Arthur Weasley to buy them an owl and then began an unending campaign of furious letters to the editor that never got published.


In a crumbling boat shed, Severus Snape died, but first he pressed a shining bundle of memory into Harry’s hands.

The fight was still going– Neville newly broad and certain; Luna whipping out quiet, barbed little curses; Ginny charging like an army in and of herself. Hermione had her arms full of basilisk fangs. Ron was moving people like bishops and knights. But Harry had a long damp walk before him, so he had time to wade through that life not his own.

Severus had been a lot of things– one of them was in love. Harry dragged his feet through forest mulch, seeing a little redheaded girl in sunlight, hands not his own offering her transformed flowers. It had been just them for so long. For Severus, for so long, there had been no one but him and Lily.

Even in Hogwarts, Severus had drifted through the classrooms and common room and library. He had believed in magic, in the cool slide of good knives through dried roots, and in Lily– always, always in Lily– Lily in sunlight, Lily chewing on her thumbnail over Transfiguration homework, Lily flicking soapsuds at him in her kitchen at home over summer, Lily pig-tailed and seven, wide-eyed as he showed her the first magic she’d ever seen, a leaf to a flower, a bit of sunlight to a bit of fire.

He had loved, and it had been a real thing. He had fucked up, and it had been a real thing, that heartbreak, that regret.

When Harry turned the Stone in his hand and saw his mother step into pseudo-life in that forest clearing, he thought I wish I’d known you. He thought about how she was in sepia and gray, here, just like in the pictures in the pages of Hermione’s books.

But he was also thinking about Severus. He was remembering Lily in sunlight, remembering her walking away, remembering her in that same cold photographed sprawl but in color–in grief–in bruised knees and heaving gasps.

Severus had been the first to find Lily’s body and it had felt like someone had cut the sunlight out of him. Harry was living through that grief, but he was also living through the wail of the child crying unacknowledged. His tiny pudgy hands were wrapped around the guardrail of his crib.

Harry was thinking about a girl standing in a field like a statue, hands on hips. He was thinking about Hermione’s raised hand ignored in Potions, or the way Snape had sneered that he didn’t see a difference in her cursed teeth. Love had made him brave, perhaps. It had killed him, but it had not made Severus good.

Harry wondered if his mother would have escorted spiders to safe places, if she would have stood guard over fallen bird’s nests, if she had worried herself to pieces that first time on the Hogwarts Express about the Hat telling her she didn’t really belong.

“I wish I’d known you,” he told the specter of Lily Potter. He held his own hands tight.

For Harry, for so long, there had been no one but him and Hermione. Even in Hogwarts, there were things only she would understand– parking meters, the cobweb ceiling of his cupboard, the silence of marmalade at breakfast. Harry believed in magic and he believed Hermione Granger was the most magical thing he knew.

“They’ll be alright,” he said. “I’ll be alright. I was alright, mum. I wish I’d known you– but I wasn’t alone.” He squeezed his hands tighter– Hermione showing him her favorite spots in her favorite libraries; Ron shyly showing them the Burrow like it was anything less than a magnificent masterpiece of warm rooms and patchwork architecture; Hermione standing in the field like a statue, bushy-haired and seven years old, jaw set. “She wasn’t alone, either,” he said. “And she’ll be alright. Ron will be alright. I have to do this, don’t I?”

“We are so proud of you,” Lily said.

“Thanks,” said Harry. “Sorry,” said Harry, and wondered if Hermione was going to be able to read the little passages and excerpts with his name in them, with those un-moving pictures and the sober captions underneath.

He dropped the Stone.


When Harry Potter died for the first time, crumpled in forest mulch, he didn’t go to a squeaky clean King’s Cross Station. There were no crescent moon glasses to twinkle kindly at him.

He stood under an old olive tree and a little girl looked up at him with those eyes that needed shielding, needed blunting, needed a manufacturer’s warning. “A wind’s coming,” she said. “You can just go. It will be easy.”

He stood outside Diagon Alley, a Muggle payphone tucked between his shoulder and ear. “You’re in books,” she said, with a breathlessness he’d barely heard for years. There had been too much weight on his shoulders, on hers. “You’re done,” she said. “You’ve done enough. Go on, tap three bricks up and two to the left.”

He stood in Godric’s Hollow, in the snow, holding her hand, looking at the ruined house. “You should have had this,” she said. She was seven and small, not nineteen and weary like she had been in life. The sky was overcast but there was sunlight glinting in her hair. “You can still have this. You can have everything.”

“You’re not real,” Harry said.

“But you are,” she said. “There’s a wind coming. It will be easy.”

“You’ve never done anything easy in your life,” he said.

She took both his hands– hers were so small against his grown fingers, his broad palms, and how had they done everything with hands that small? Basilisks and werewolves; shouting down teachers from atop desk chairs.

Harry was sitting in his cupboard in the light of its single bulb and he was too big for this space, his shoulders curling forward, his head bowing. She was standing there with sunlight still in her hair and her arms piled high with books. “You don’t belong here,” she said. “It will hurt. You won’t fit, if you go back. Everything can be easy. Everything can be fine. It doesn’t have to hurt, ever again.”

“Hermione,” he said and leaned forward, put his hands on her hands where they were gripping her books. “It’ll be alright.” He smiled and she was staring at him with those eyes, those goddamn eyes. “We never fit, remember?”

“We tried,” she said and Harry squeezed her small hands gently.

“Send me back,” he said. “I want to go home.”


After the battle, as Hogwarts rang with frantic healing, crushing grief, and raging celebration, the three of them retreated to the library. Hermione hauled them down narrow aisles until she found her favorite tucked-away nook and they all collapsed on sagging sofas that seemed to not have been touched at all by the war.

“Well,” said Hermione. “What now?”

Ron let his head flop back against the seat, hair tumbling all over his pale forehead. “I’m going to nap,” he said. “For a month.”

“That’s not physiologically possible,” said Hermione. “Or if it is, then it’d be a coma.”

“It’s a metaphor,” Ron said, then: “no, wait, a hyperbole.” Hermione beamed at him. He blushed a little and elbowed her gently.

“After this, you’ll be in books, you know,” Harry told her.

“Not– I mean–” Hermione rubbed at her nose furiously. Ron laughed enough to wake up and sit up, throwing an arm around her shoulders.

While Ron came up with outlandish titles for Hermione’s eventual many biographies, Harry pulled his feet up onto the sofa. He watched the candles float quietly between the shelves.

The True Epilogue (a Harry Potter fanfic)

*in which all my ships are true and things are great*

Several pairs of curious eyes followed the family of five as they pushed through the crowd at Kings Cross Station toward the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Atop the packed trolleys that the parents pushed were two cages- one containing a beautiful snowy owl and the other a badger, which made grumpy noises every few seconds.
“Hang in there, Comet,” the black-haired boy said placatingly. “I know it’s no fun, but you’ve got to behave.”
“I don’t know why you had to bring the stupid thing anyway,” his brother said, rolling his eyes. “It’s not on the approved list.”
“Yes, but he’s injured!”
“All your pets are or were injured.”
“And he has separation anxiety!”
“I bet they’ll take it away from you.”
“James!” their father scolded as Matthew’s bright blue eyes widened in fear. “Don’t say things like that. Your dad and I wrote to Headmistress McGonagall in advance, and she said it was fine.” Draco put a hand on Matthew’s shoulder. “No one is going to take Comet away.”
“Hey,” Harry said suddenly, “there’s Ginny, Luna, and the girls.” The youngest Potter shrieked and made to run toward the family friends, but Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“Callisto Ariana Potter, what have we told you about running off?” he scolded. She smiled cheekily.
“Not to do it, I think.”
“Well, you think right. Look, here they are now, anyway.” The other family reached them, and there were cheerful greetings all around.
“So, shall we cross over?” Luna asked, and Ginny nodded. Their oldest daughter, Nymphadora, took a step forward, but her sister exclaimed, “Wait!” Nym raised an eye brow.
“What is it, Gillian?” The redhead bounced excitedly on her toes as she answered.
“This is Matty and my first year going through as actual students, so we should get to go first!” Matt held up both hands to show that he was not a part of this. Nym was already squinting, though.
“I say, whoever gets through first gets through first,” she said challengingly. She and Gillian turned and raced for the barrier together, disappearing through it within a second of each other. Ginny sighed in exasperation, pushing a trolley forward to follow them. Luna only looked amused as she trailed after her wife. Callisto tugged on Draco’s sleeve.
“I thought you said no running,” she told him, frowning.
“Yes, but I can’t control what they do. They’re not my children.” This argument lost its value, though, when James pushed ahead through the barrier as well. Harry groaned.
“I promise I’ll talk to him, Callie,” he said to avoid the rising complaints. The rest of the family followed James.
“Can I go this year, Daddy?” Callie asked. Harry shook his head with a chuckle.
“Just one more year, sweetheart.” She scowled and stamped the ground.
“Dad?” Matt said as James boarded the train with Nym (though Gillian stayed behind to wait). “Do you know what House I’m gonna be in?” Harry smiled and shook his head.
“No one knows for sure ahead of time,” he said, “but I know you’ll be great no matter what.”
“And luckily,” Draco added, “you know kids in every House, so you’ll always have someone to talk to.” Callie tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder.
“I’m gonna be a Slytherin,” she said confidently. A little bit of pride shone in Draco’s eyes.
“I don’t doubt it.”
“Alright, Matt. Go on and take your stuff,” Harry said gently. “You and Gillian should get on board. You don’t want to get left behind. Matt nodded and moved toward the train, then swiveled and threw himself into his father’s arms.
"I’m gonna miss you,” he said. Harry hugged him hard.
“I’ll miss you too, kiddo.” Matt hugged Draco too, and then he and Gillian got their stuff and waded through the small crowd to the train door.
“We’ll write!” Draco called after him.
“Every day, if you want!” Harry added. Matt gave them a slightly wavering grin before disappearing.

Matthew thought he was ready for the Sorting. He thought he’d either be in Gryffindor, like Harry, or Slytherin like Draco. He definitely was not expecting the Sorting Hat to yell out “HUFFLEPUFF!” the moment it touched his head. To ecstatic cheers from his new Housemates, he made his way dazedly toward the Hufflepuff table. He’d heard Hufflepuffs called ‘duffers’ and 'goody two-shoes’ and even once 'the stoner House’, none of which sounded very positive to Matt. Still, he put on a brave face. A cobalt-haired Teddy Lupin clapped him on the back as he sat down.
“Glad to have you, Matt!” he enthused. That’s right! Teddy’s a Hufflepuff, and he’s not so bad. This thought didn’t erase his disappointment entirely, but it did help. What helped even more was hearing another shout of “HUFFLEPUFF!” immediately following a call of “Weasley, Gillian”. Matt broke into a grin as his best friend sat beside him.
“I can’t believe I’m a Hufflepuff,” he stage-whispered to her. Surprisingly, she rolled her eyes and laughed.
“Oh, please. Like you could have been anything else.” His eyebrows furrowed.
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s see. For starters, you’re a vegetarian. You always get one of your dads to take you to random volunteer things. You never let anyone get away with saying mean things. You take in injured animals- you’ve literally got twenty different pets now, if you hadn’t noticed- and your favorite just happens to be a badger, the symbol of Hufflepuff House. Honestly, if you’d been sorted anywhere else, I would have died of surprise.” Matt laughed.
“Well, when you put it like that.”
Any remaining worries he had about his Sorting vanished the moment they stepped foot in the common room. It was vastly wide and round, with honey-colored walls. The lighting was a mixture of natural light coming through the circular windows and and a warmer, golden light shining from within glass spheres on intricately carved stands. The room itself felt like mid-autumn and laughter. Best of all, there were animals. Matt suddenly understood why the Headmistress had given in to his parents’ request to accept Comet so quickly. There were maybe two dozen creatures- some magical (like a pixie and a clutter of puffskeins), some nonmagical (like a hawk, a dog, a rabbit, and a beautiful peacock). Matt heard a loud noise and turned.
“Comet!” The excited badger barreled across the room and into his legs. Matt crooned as he and Gillian bent down to pet it. A few of their new Housemates crowded around to coo at the addition to their strange zoo.
“I think this little guy will be happy here,” Teddy said. “As far as I know, we’ve never had a badger. Which is honestly ridiculous, given our symbol.” Matt laughed. I think I’m gonna like it here.

James had never felt so ashamed and rejected. The words still echoed in his head. “Not the right fit,” they had said. He, James Alexander Potter, wasn’t the right fit for Gryffindor seeker. It was humiliating. After all, his own dad had supposedly been the best seeker Gryffindor ever had, and Draco had been his Slytherin counterpart. Yet James had failed.
It wasn’t that James was vain or inflexible- when they said he’d make a better chaser, he’d tried out with all his effort and scored the spot. It was a matter of belonging. James, the oldest, was the only one of the Potter children who wasn’t the biological child of either parent. Matt was Harry’s- as anyone could see by the untamable hair and the awkward knobby knees. Callie was Draco’s- again apparent by the blonde hair and the confident ambition. James was alone with his plain brown hair and hazel eyes and his (apparent) lack of Seeking skills. To add insult to injury, this meant he was the only one with no blood ties to the Lovegood/Weasley family, which had been interwoven with the Potters’ in the cases of Matt and Callie, as well as Nym and Gillian. In any case, he wasn’t sure what to do now. He had no other way to prove himself worthy of being the son of the Chosen One.
“You know it doesn’t matter to them,” Aiden Finnigan told him. “Your dads, I mean. You’re their son, and they love you.” They were in the Gryffindor common room that evening, and James gazed into the fire, only half-listening as he dwelled on his own shame. He sighed.
“Yeah, I know. It’s just… man, you know I don’t normally care what people think of me, but this is different. People look at Matt and they see Harry Potter. They don’t even act much alike, but Matt’s got the look and that’s enough for everyone. Me, what have I got?”
“Bravery, willingness, an open mind, a mischievous nature, and great taste in friends.” James looked up from the fire for the first time in ten minutes, a ghost of a smile crossing his face, and gave his best friend a light push.
“Hey, I’m serious,” Aiden continued. “I mean, I’m not much like either of my dads. I mean, I’ve been told I look like a Finnigan, but I definitely don’t act like one. And Dad #2 likes to joke that I got my extreme height from him, even though I don’t carry any of his blood. I don’t act much like him either. And that doesn’t bother me. We’re not meant to be pale echoes of our parents anyway; we’re meant to find and shape our own identities.” James nodded.
“I suppose you’re right.”
“As always.”
“Oh, shut it.”
A few days later, James’s owl showed up at breakfast with a letter from Harry.

I heard you made the Quidditch team, and I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it if you wanted to- I’ve watched you fly, and you’re fantastic. Make sure to keep your nerves in check before games, okay? Ron can vouch for the fact that anxiety is a Quidditch player’s worst enemy. I’m not worried, though. Oh, I wish your Grandpa James could see you now. You know I never got to see him play, but he was a Chaser too in his day- don’t know if I ever told you that. He was also a hell of a prankster, just like you. McGonagall won’t tell you anything, because she can’t be seen condoning troublemaking, but if you see Fred floating around, he’ll tell you all the use he and George got out of the Marauders Map when they were students. Grandpa James is the one known as Prongs. I wish I could show you the map personally, but it went blank when Teddy’s dad died- he was the last Marauder standing; they called him Moony. Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent. My point is, we’re all proud of you, and your grandparents would be too. Lots of love,

James was stunned. His grandfather, the one he had been named for, was a Gryffindor chaser? How had he not known? He re-read the note once, twice. It appeared that he was a bit of a Potter after all. He was curious about this Map thing too; he’d better find Fred.

Ben was tired. Okay, maybe that was an understatement. “Exhausted” might have worked better; “barely functioning” was near perfect. He was tired because it was midnight and he was sitting in the hallway outside his common room. He was physically capable of going inside and lying down in his nice warm bed to sleep, but he could never do that. Neither could the thirteen other Slytherins sitting out in the hallway with him, including Nym. A prefect had come out three times now to order them all to bed, but no one budged.
“I’m not stepping foot in that place until they change the password,” Ben had told her the third time she came out. She had thrown up her hands and not come back, which earned Ben a few pats on the back.
The hallway was quiet enough that Ben could hear the footsteps long before anyone appeared down the far end.
“Someone’s coming,” he whispered. Everyone tensed. Would they be punished for this? Ben hoped not, but he needn’t have worried. He let out a breath of relief when he saw Teddy Lupin heading toward them. The Head Boy had probably been summoned to help mitigate the situation.
“What’s going on here, guys?” he asked.
“The new password is offensive,” a fifth year girl answered, “and we’re not going in until they change it.” Teddy Lupin frowned- not at those in the hallway, of course, but rather at the situation.
“Oh? What’s the password?”
“Clean blood,” Nym spat disgustedly. Teddy only sighed outwardly, but his hair turning scarlet was a clear sign of his true anger.
“Alright, well we can’t have you lot just sitting in the hallway, so you’ll have to come stay with us for the night.” There were hesitant nods all around, and the beginnings of smiles on a few faces. Staying with the Hufflepuffs…
Before we go, I have to check who’s coming. Your prefects gave me the list of absent students. Please say 'here’ when I call your name. Jade Moorland?“
"Here,” said the fifth-year who’d spoken up earlier.
“Nymphadora Weasley?”
“Here,” Nym said, and Teddy smiled. He’d always seemed fond of the younger girl, though maybe it was because she bore his mother’s name.
“Joshua Bingham?”
“Here.” Teddy went on down the list, ending with “Benjamin Wood?”
“Here,” Ben answered.
“Alright, that’s everyone. Come on, you all!”
Ben liked the Hufflepuff common room. He liked how friendly everyone was. He liked the peacock, Heracles, who seemed to like him too. There were even more things he liked the next day: for instance, how a cluster of Ravenclaws took turns shooting charms at the Slytherin door, trying to change the password or else get it to open without one. Or how, when that failed, the Gryffindors- led by their prefect, who happened to be Ben’s older sister, Elizabeth- attempted to forcibly remove the door entirely. This series of tries failed as well, but it stirred up enough commotion to draw in the Headmistress and she, upon understanding the problem, rectified it immediately, to great cheers from all parties. Ben hugged his sibling.
“Thanks for the help, Lizzy,” he said.
“Any time, little brother. It’s a good thing you guys did here today, pushing for change. Dads will be proud.”
“Think so?”
“I know so. You’ll probably make prefect next year too.” Ben laughed.
“Oh, D1 would love that.” He imagined Percy’s face when he learned that both of his children were now prefects like he had been, and Ben felt a warm rush in his stomach. I’d love that too, he thought to himself. Lizzy just grinned.

Daisy hadn’t meant to start crying in the middle of Charms class; she just couldn’t hold it back anymore. She’d been trying to control her distress since the letter had arrived that morning from her father, letting her know that Grandpa Vernon didn’t want them coming over for Christmas that year or, it seemed, any year following. Of course, Dudley hadn’t explicitly told his daughter why they were no longer welcome, but she wasn’t dumb enough that she couldn’t figure it out on her own: it was because she had magic. It was already her second year at Hogwarts, but at holiday time last year her grandparents hadn’t known yet. Now they did, and Grandpa didn’t want to see her anymore.
She cried silently, with her head down, but her fellow Ravenclaws didn’t miss her shaking shoulders, and the room got quiet. Anna Granger-Weasley, her closest friend and the only one who knew what had happened, put a comforting hand on Daisy’s back.
“I know it’s not the same,” she whispered, so as not to disturb the rest of the class, “but you guys are totally coming to our Holiday gathering instead.” Daisy turned her head to look at Anna with teary eyes.
“We are?”
“Oh, absolutely. It’s a huge get-together that we do every year in James and Matt’s backyard. My Granny Molly makes twice as much food as we need, even though there’s already thirty-three of us in total. Uncle Percy drinks too much mulled wine and then goes on a rant about something or other, except none of it makes sense. Aunt Ginny and Uncle Oliver fight over which of their Quidditch teams are better- Ginny plays Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and Oliver is Keeper for Puddlemere United. Uncle George tells us stories about Fred and him when they were students together. Aiden’s little sister Mallory, Professor Longbottom’s daughter Bex, and Callie sometimes decide to put on some silly show. It’s all great fun.” Daisy smiled weakly.
“Sounds great. You sure there’s room for me and my mum and dad?” Anna laughed softly.
“There’s always more room at a Weasley party, and the Potters’ backyard is distinctly huge.”
“I suppose that’s true.”
Daisy tried to grin after that, but Anna could probably tell she wasn’t back at 100%, because at lunch she started up a game.
“It’s called the Story Game. We take turns adding a sentence to a story as we go along. The sentences have to make grammatical sense, but the plot can be as strange or random as you want.”
“Ooh, sounds fun. Can we join in?” Daisy and Anna looked up to see Matt, Gillian, and Nym sliding in beside them (The school had recently switched to an open-seating policy to maintain camaraderie between the Houses).
“Yeah, sure,” Daisy said, scooting to make more room.
“Alright, I’ll start,” Anna said eagerly. She drummed her fingers in thought for a moment. “Okay. Once, there was an old, grumpy sorcerer who lived in a cave on a mountain.” Gillian jumped in next.
“The people at the base of the mountain believed that if you brought the sorcerer a gift that he liked, he would grant you a wish in exchange.”
“Every day,” Matt added, “Someone took a gift up the mountain, but the sorcerer didn’t like any of them.”
“Then a new woman moved to the town below,” Daisy inserted nervously, hoping she was doing this right.
“She heard about the man on the mountain, but nothing about his powers,” Nym put in. Anna’s eyes brightened as she saw where Nym was going with this.
“The woman thought the man must be lonely and perhaps cold all by himself, so she took a warm blanket and a fresh batch of cookies and brought them to him,” she said.
“The man was touched by her genuine generosity,” Gillian said, “and he offered her anything she wanted.”
“She thought for a long while, and finally she decided,” Matt contributed.
“And she asked, 'Can you put some brains in my son Tobias’s head, because he hasn’t got any.”
Anna snorted at the mention of her brother, and suddenly the whole group had dissolved into laughter.
“You can n-never tell Toby about this,” Daisy choked out between giggles. They all shook their heads in agreement, still fighting to contain the wave of mirth.
“This is why you’re my favorite,” Anna informed Daisy gleefully, and Daisy grinned. These really are the people I want to spend my holidays with, she realized.

Aiden’s heart started racing the second the blood red envelope landed in front of him at breakfast. He elbowed James, eyes wide with horror.
“It’s a Howler,” he said with a voice full of dread. James gave a sympathetic smile.
“It might not be so bad. Maybe it’s some really good news, or maybe it’s just a prank from someone. You haven’t done anything wrong, have you?” Aiden shrugged.
“I mean, we did turn all Professor Longbottom’s gardening things pink and sparkly last week, but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he even sent a set home to Bex, who I’m sure was thrilled. It was an innocent bit of fun.” James smiled at the memory, but the smile dropped from his face almost immediately.
“Dude, it’s smoking at the edges.” Aiden jolted in alarm.
“Just open it, before it’s too late,” James counseled. Aiden took a deep breath, squeezed his eyes shut, and tore the envelope open.
When he heard his ten-year-old sister Mallory’s voice ring out, he thought he was safe. Just a prank after all. But then he heard her words.


For a moment, there was dead silence in the Great Hall, and then a hundred people started shouting at once. They were all muggleborns or half-bloods who watched Nevateria, the current most popular sci-fi show, and they were all furious at Aiden.
“I’m sorry!” he yelled. “I didn’t ask her to tell me!” James frowned.
“What was all that about?” he asked. Oh. Aiden had forgotten that, even though James’s dad was raised by Muggles, they didn’t watch television very often.
“It’s a show,” he tried to explain. “One of the best shows. And Mallory just spoiled it for everyone.”
Aiden was shamed by his non-pureblood peers for the rest of the day. It might have continued on longer, except that Toby Granger-Weasley ran up to him in the hallway after his last class, out of breath, and exclaimed, “The Room of Requirement can generate wifi!”
“AND it can be a movie theater!”
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not! It’s officially the weekend. Let’s round everybody up and marathon Nevateria together, my guy! I’ve got Anna waiting in there so the room stays put. Whoever you pass, send them that way. We can get a few house elves to bring snacks. There’s tons of space, so if they want to watch too, that’s fine. Come on, let’s go!” Toby, Aiden, and James took off down the hallway together.
“Brilliant, you are!” Aiden exclaimed while they ran. “This is why you’re a Ravenclaw!”
The plan worked seamlessly. Everyone interested gathered in the Room of Requirement, sitting in movie theater seats, and they got the show to play. Several house elves carried around food and drink for those who wanted it, though a group of Hufflepuffs convinced two to sit down and watch for a while. It turned out Missy didn’t like it much, but Pokey was absolutely entranced. He babbled nonstop about the brilliance of it to his unfortunate neighbor, who happened to be Matt. Matt was too pleased at seeing a house elf freely enthuse about an interest to care. They all had a great time, and all the animosity toward Aiden ended. It was definitely a good day.

There would certainly be more struggles ahead for the Potters, Granger-Weasleys, (Lovegood-)Weasleys, Finnigans, Woods, Longbottom, Lupin, and Dursley, but they didn’t have to worry. They were one huge team, a family, and they could handle anything. Well, almost anything. It turned out there was still a limit on how many animals a single person could bring into the school, which was a problem for Matt, who found himself missing his other creatures.
“You know, when they say don’t do something,” James said oh-so-helpfully, “they just mean don’t get caught doing it.” Matt shoved his brother, insisting that he wasn’t like that, but in the end he snuck all his animals into the castle, with help from Callie. Family meant helping each other, even if it’s helping them break school rules… didn’t it?

things to consider
  • dylan and eric being the cliche couple youtubers that everyone loves to hate. “hey eric, people in the comments say they ship us”  “tell them i wish i could ship them straight to hell”
  • eric hating smartphones because ‘it doesn’t make any fucking sense, dylan!!!!’ and dylan having to teach him how to use one.
  • dylan being a fuckin nerd and listening to owl city and being super defensive about it. “this is shit music, dude.” “fuck off reb you don’t even really know german”
  • speaking of music, eric would secretly fucking worship eminem
  • “omg eric look!! it’s snowing!!!” -d  “i fucking hate winter” - e
  • eric being completely wrong about something and when dylan corrects him he’s just like “that’s what i meant. it’s basically exactly what i just said”

potatobun  asked:

hello (: i have a question; when i write calligraphy, my letters look as though the pressure is the same even if i put more pressure on my downstrokes. (i use the tombow brush pen) any suggestions? thank you!

make sure it’s at an angle like this

instead of directly on the tip (which is meant for bristle tip brush pens, not nylon like the tombows)

  • Theo Nott: We got a problem. [They look over at Draco and Pansy talking]
  • Blaise Zabini: Granger, what did you do?
  • Hermione Granger: Look, they're fine. They're just talking.
  • Blaise Zabini: No, not fine.
  • Theo Nott: No, no, no. With Pansy, he is not fine. Okay, he ran into her at a party two months ago, then owled me a ten page letter about what she meant when she said 'I'll see you soon'.
  • Blaise Zabini: She will flirt with until she knows she can have him. It's like he's her back up plan.
  • Hermione Granger: I didn't know that.
  • Blaise Zabini: You wanna live with Draco when he's not showering and crying all day?
  • Theo Nott: Yeah, it sounds like this. [Imitates Draco crying]
  • Blaise Zabini: You ever heard a grown man sob listening to Celestina Warbeck?

Would you look at that, it’s an art dump! Most of these drawings are several months old and were meant to be drawn digitally, but unfortunately won’t. Bakumon was the most recent one, drawn a bit after Loss. 

As for an explanation for the cat, that’s actually a drawing of one of my somewhat old fakemon. It’s name is Kitsery and is a fairy/psychic type if I remember right.

The fragile champion

I have a big (huge! enormous!) soft spot for Bokuto Koutarou. The owl captain acts like how I imagine a typical American frat bro would be: loud personality, big gestures, but ultimately good-natured. The great thing about him is that he’s this giant mess of opposites: he’s single-minded but sly, he’s super confident but easily broken. He’s the most complex seemingly flat character in the world.

But because he is an unhealthy combination of awesome character with little to no pages/screentime, I’ve probably read about ten times more fanfic Bokuto than official Bokuto. Apologies if some of that slips through in the profile, but I’ll try my best to keep this canon. Let me know if I slipped. 

Also, because I want to post a million pictures of this fluffy owl, and I’ll be using manga stuff that probably spoils some of next week’s anime episode, I’ll post it under the cut.

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Harry Potter Headcanon

**This is not an original**

Harry and Ginny let Luna plan their wedding. During the ceremony, Harry looked out and saw a whole section of seats in the front row, apparently reserved for no one, along with a single owl perch. After the service Harry asked her whom was meant to sit there.

“Oh, they did sit there, in a spiritual way I suppose.” She pointed at the seats one by one and said, “Those two are for your mum and dad. That one is for Sirius. Those two are for professor Lupin and Tonks. That one is for Mad-Eye Moody. That one is for Fred. That one is for professor Dumbledore. That one is for professor Snape, and the one on the end is for Dobby. And the perch is for Hedwig, because I know how much you cared for her. I do hope they loved the wedding.”

Luna waved into seemingly empty space before prancing off into the crowd. As Harry stood there he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He had never felt so touched before.

‘Coffee’s an excuse.’ [ Steve one shot ]

Summary: Steve and his neighbor bond over her clumsiness and long conversations over coffee at night. He’s afraid to take things further.

Written by: A.Wölf.


She’s running up the stairs to her apartment.

She misses the last step.

She’s caught before she hits the ground.

She looks at her savior’s blue eyes.

-Ma’am, you’re going to need to find a way to stay out of danger. –He says helping her stand up straight.

-Well, if you keep saving me like this, I might not. –She says with a smile that fades as soon as she hears the echo of her own words in her head.

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Bloodlust - Part 1

Word Count: 2438

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, kinda graphic

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

Dean stepped quietly into your shared bedroom at Bobby’s. He normally would have woken you up when he got up, but he was extra careful not to today. Your ribs were pretty much healed and you had just gotten the cast off your arm the day before. He had to laugh at your excitement over the fact that you could sleep on that side again without a giant slab of plaster in the way. Not only that, he had a surprise for you and he didn’t want you to see it too soon. He walked over to the bed and started peppering kisses all over your face.

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Scorbus build up vs. straight build up in the cursed child

This is a post listing every moment of romantic/semi-romantic text between Scorpius and Albus, Scorpius and Rose, Scorpius and Polly, Albus and Delphi. I’ve also added every other allusion given to these characters having crushes on each other whether they’re made by other people or the ones directly involved. The moments are split up depending on how long they got (I mostly went by if they would fit on a single screenshot on my phone) or whether there was unrelated dialogue between them. Anyway, this is gonna be long so I’m putting it the actual lists under a read more.

Final tally:

Scorpius/Albus: 62
Scorpius/Rose: 16
Scorpius/Polly: 5
Albus/Delphi: 26


  1. Regardless of whether they’re romantic or not, I added everyone’s introductions to each other.
  2. Obviously the characters that were directly involved in the plot will have the most interactions.
  3. This said, it’s sad that Rose wasn’t given a bigger role if they actually planned to make the interest there believable. Especially considering the interactions listed here are actually all her scenes in the play minus the interactions that are only with Albus.
  4. It also means Delphi gets more romantic-ish interactions because she was purposely aiming to use that to her advantage. As well as her being involved in more dangerous scenes causing Albus to call “Delphi!” (or otherwise “Delphi?” when being shocked by her betrayal).
  5. In general, if I considered something between one pair to be romantic, I added all similar interactions between other pairs to their respective lists.
  6. Some interactions exist on more than one list. Mainly because it’s actually a textual plot point that Scorpius gets jealous of Albus and Delphi talking to each other (as well as being suspicious of her motives because he’s a smart cookie) whether this is considered romantic or because Albus is his best friend.

Final observations:

  1. Did you know Scorpius uses the girls’ full names when talking about going out with them? “Rose Granger-Weasley. I asked out Rose Granger-Weasley.” and “You - Polly Chapman - want me to take you to - a ball?” It’s almost like he’s more interested in the concept of them rather than them as actual people. Which makes sense considering the “nerds going after the popular girls who detest their very existence” theme that every single straight interaction in this play seems to rely on.
  2. They’re gay.
  4. I have literally just created lists. This post could be used as a reference for anyone trying to remember how these characters interact with each other when writing fics/making edits/etc. Feel free to use it.

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Lost love -Barry Allen Imagine

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

Pairing: Reader x Barry Allen

Word Count: 2656 

Warnings: Mention of death, divorce, fire, SADNESS, a few bad words mby?

A/N: I don’t know why I make things like this, it’s just too sad.

“Don’t listen to them Barry. I think you’re smarter than all of them. They’re just stupid bullies.” Those boys had been picking on him again, pushing him and calling him names.

“Thanks Y/N” Barry smiled weakly as she helped him up from the floor.

“You know I’ll always have your back”

“Iris! Stop it!” Y/N squealed, holding her hands up in the air with a huge smile on her face. Her clothes were soaked but she didn’t even notice. Iris threw another waterballoon at her, which caused Y/N to cry out from the sudden impact.

“Save me Barry” she screamed as Iris began chasing her around the backyard.

Barry picked up a blue ballon and threw it at Iris, which caused the girl to stop dead in her tracks.

“Oh you’re so going to regret that”

“Y/N!” Barry called as Iris went after him instead.

“Dinner is ready” Joe said, walking outside. He smiled when he saw the kids.

The three of them stopped running and looked at eachother, smirking before they looked at Joe.

“Don’t you dare!” he warned. “Remember who buys you pizza!” he called just as he was attacked. 

“What is up with Barry?” Caitlin asked Cisco as they watched Barry stare at one of the walls, a sad smile on his face. 

“No clue. He’s been like this all day” 

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Harry And Ginnys Wedding

Harry and Ginny let Luna plan their wedding. During the ceremony, Harry looked out and saw a whole section of seats in the front row, apparently reserved for no one, along with a single owl perch. After the service, Harry asked her who was meant to sit there. “Oh they did sit there. In a spiritual way i suppose.” She pointed out the seats one by one and said. “Those two are for your mum and dad. That one is for sirius. Those two are for professor Lupin and Tonks, That one is for Mad-eye Moody. That one is for Fred. That one is for Professor Dumbledore. That one is for Professor Snape and the one on the end is for Dobby. And the perch is for Hedwig, because i know how much you love her. Oh i hope they liked they wedding!” Luna waved into a seemingly empty space before prancing off into the crowd. As Harry stood their, he felt a tear roll down his cheek. Harry had never felt so touched before.

We Were Born to Rise (A Marauders Era Fic)

A/N: Dedicated to Caroline, also known as the reason I became Jily trash. This fic wouldn’t exist without you. (Btw you don’t know how hard it was for me to not spill the beans on the fact I was writing a fanfic. I almost told you like a thousand times.) x

A/N: So this is the first fanfic I’ve ever written. Wow. I’m impressed by myself.

Anyway, I just want to give you a bit of info before you begin reading. This started off as a Jily fanfic but, halfway through planning it, I realised that I cared too much about Sirius, Remus, Peter’s and other minor character’s backstories to not give them as much of a chance as Lily and James at showing them. I don’t want them to feel like props I use to fill my story whenever I’m not talking about how Lily and James fall in love. I want them them to feel involved and important in the story so basically this has become a Marauders’ Era fanfic set in their 6th year. I gave it the best shot I had and I hope you’ll like and please keep in mind this is the first fanfic I’ve ever written so it might not be very good. And I promise that there will be Jily, because they’re the reason I wanted to write this.

Summary: The story of children that were stripped of their innocence and forged to fight a war whose enormity they couldn’t fathom. (AO3)

Chapter 1 - A New Home (James’ POV)

James sat at the dining room table ignoring his parents’ concerned looks. Despite the big summer storm blowing up outside, he was too enthralled in his own thoughts to be bothered by it and didn’t jump when a clap of thunder shook the whole house. A flash of lightning caught his attention and made him look up at the window. The raindrops sounded like pebbles hitting the glass and the wind was pushing against the house making it shake under its pressure. Every so often, Mr. Potter would glance at the family’s relics with an eagle eye to check if they were in peril of falling.

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Leave A Note.

Originally posted by m-arteta

If there was one more sticky note added to the surface of my Apple desktop, I was going to lose my mind.

Blue, yellow, pink.

They were an array of colors all dazzling the screen in every free corner so much that I could barely even navigate a webpage without having to snatch one of the commands off. They were pointless anyway, right? If I could have just had the courage to maybe say no to the various intern-like demands my superiors and peers were planting onto my desk, maybe I wouldn’t have been staring at sticky notes with a reminder to grab coffee from the Starbucks down the street at 1 p.m. sharp.

Throw a cake pop into the order too, the note demanded with what was supposed to be a smiley face. To me I just read it as a harsh reminder that I was everyone’s flunky, here to serve coffee and answer forwarded emails that weren’t even addressed to me rather than the ones I should have been answering: my own.

“Look who is hard at work as usual.” The always chipper Daniel popped up at my cubicle, resting his arms on the top as his tall figure towered over my work area. I rolled my eyes and grumbled, “What do you want, Danny? I have a shit ton of work and no free time to do it so if you could stop distracting me with your match recaps from the weekend, that would be great.”

“Sheesh. Harsh morning? Little Ramsey not putting it on you this morning like he used to?”

I cut my eyes in a sharp glare towards him as a warning. Did I fail to mention that Danny and my boyfriend, Aaron were best friends?

Well they were and if there wasn’t one thing worse than working in a place where you were underappreciated and underpaid, it was working in a place like that with your boyfriend’s best friend who seemed to know every little thing about you.

Hmm. Wonder how that happened.

“For the record, Aaron and I don’t have sex every morning. I’m more of a night owl,” I teased with a blatantly fake smile. Spending so much time with Danny thanks to Aaron meant that I wasn’t uncomfortable sharing some things with him. Hell, he probably already knew that without my telling. “And shouldn’t you be doing work? You have a big proposal to present in exactly…” I used my mouse to click onto the calendar of my computer. A shame I didn’t even know what today’s date was without looking. “2 days.”

“I’m well prepared, thank you. So prepared that I don’t need to bother wasting my time preparing. Hey, entertain me for a bit. I got a guest coming that I want you to meet.”

A groan pushed past my lips as I leaned back coolly in my chair, resting my hands on the for now petite round belly that was somewhat hidden behind the fabric of my dress.

Oh! Surprise! Add on the fact that I was pregnant and stuck still being overworked. My co-workers congratulated me by pushing back my usual coffee run an hour later so they could douse me in conversation about how lovely the baby shower they were planning for me was going to be.

Definitely wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up the planner on that one.

“I am not coming to meet any of your new stupid girlfriends that are going to be around for two months tops and then disappear into the abyss of ‘Daniel’s Lost Girlfriends’. No. They should really revolve a show around your life. Wade Corporation’s Most Eligible Bachelor would be a pretty nice title, no?”

Even Aaron had fallen trap to the shit show that was his best friend’s love life, forcing me to make dinner for what could be ‘Daniel’s future wife’ according to him. They ended up not being so. Every time. And for every girl that complemented my apple pie, there was another right around the corner who could say she tasted the same.

God, I hated making those things now.

“It’s not a girlfriend, I promise. Just come on.”


“Rammy,” he protested and hearing that nickname only made me groan again. Why Daniel had created a nickname for me revolving around my boyfriend’s last name that wasn’t even close to mine made no sense but he insisted. Aaron encouraged it saying that one day I would have his last name so it was pretty cool to start early.


‘Rammy’ got me weird looks in the office. “No! I’m not getting up from this spot until 1 p.m. when I have to go get Moreland’s coffee now if you would please leave the productive ones of us in this office to work, I have some clicking to do.” And so I did, moving my computer mouse randomly about to pretend to look occupied.

That didn’t get him to walk away. Instead he just took out his phone and began dialing a number. I assumed the other person picked up because he was soon saying into it, “She won’t leave her desk.” Nothing else was said as a few seconds later he was hanging up the phone and a chipper voice was sounding through the once somewhat quiet corridors.

“Is someone stuck at their desk again?” Aaron’s voice was easy to recognize especially considering I probably heard it throughout at least half of my day. Most girlfriends would have jumped for glee to have their boyfriend visiting them unexpectedly at work but me? Me, no. Having Aaron around my co-workers was like toting around a gigantic rare exotic animal that no one had ever laid eyes on. They stared, they prodded, they whispered probably wondering how the pushover in the office ended up with the hot guy.

And not only with the hot guy but pregnant by the hot guy.


I dropped my head onto my desk, murmuring dramatic cries of ‘Why me’ while the two best friends greeted each other in that bro-like way they always did. Aaron walked around my desk, probably with quite a few eyes on him and stood behind me, beginning to massage my shoulders under the pressure of his fingers. “Are you not excited to see me?”

“Do you have to do these random pop ups? I’m fine, Ramsey. Seriously. My belly is still bellying. My heart is still beating. My feet still work even though these heels are kicking my ass.” I raised my head from the desk and turned my chair on a swivel to look up at him.

“You sure about that, Rammy? Because you weren’t looking too good earlier,” Danny cut in. That earned him his second hard glare of the day. Third and I was going to have to send a harsh kick to his shin.

“Can a boyfriend not show up and say hi to his girlfriend? Security loves me in this building. Mr. Cyprus says hi by the way. He says you never come by and see him anymore.”

“That’s because I purposely avoid that entrance so he doesn’t stop me and spend 20 minutes asking about you and your freaking team.”

“Has she been feisty like this all day?” Aaron commented to Daniel and while his eyes were distracted I hit his thigh, causing him to wince for a moment and drop his hands to protect himself just incase I was eyeing another target.

“Yes. Yes she has.”

“Well maybe I should just leave instead of taking her out to lunch like I planned.” Aaron began pulling at the sleeves of his t-shirt but my eyes were too busy staring at the figure who was entering the room.

My boss.

And I was sure by his quick steps in my direction and bypassing all of the other cubicles, he was probably on his way to ask me to do something or another. Was it something important? Probably not. Would it take up my time unnecessarily? Sure it would.

With quick thinking, I tugged on my boyfriend’s arm as soon as he began walking away. “Please. Please stay,” I began to plead while holding my tight grip on his wrists.

“You just told me to leave,” he playfully scoffed.

“I know but…just stay. Let’s do lunch. I can squeeze in thirty minutes.” I began grabbing for my wallet on my desk before he could protest and my boss soon showed face next to us, giving a smile and greeting to Aaron first.

Arsenal FC season ticket holder right there.

“Mr. Ramsey. I was just coming here to see your wife but I see you’ve wanted to pay her a visit as well,” he smiled behind those intimidating glasses. Why they were so intimidating I didn’t know. The expensive designer logo on the side? The fact that they remained put on his face 24/7?

“Ah well. Yeah. Figured I’d take her out of the office for some fresh air and food. I hope that’s okay.”

Please let it be okay.

“Sure. Sure. Take Daniel with you,” he joked as he put a pat to Danny’s back who only offered a grin with no teeth showing to show just how much he enjoyed that comment.


“We will,” Aaron and I responded in unison. We took a brief moment to glance at each other, probably mentally scolding one another for being so in tune before I stood up and grabbed for my things. I was definitely ready to get out of here for a bit.

“I’ll be back soon,” I assured my boss while Aaron snuck his arm around my waist so as to lead the way.

“Oh take your time. I’ll just leave another post-it.” He chuckled and waved about the stack that was planted on my desk for convenience.

Oh I’m sure it’ll be waiting with the rest.

gif credit to m-arteta

anonymous asked:

I'm doubtful of Half Galran Keith because of Lotor. Lotor was Zarkon's Half Drule(Galran), Half Arusian(Altean) son from the original, who appears in all other continuities? I don't see the series having two unrelated Half Galrans, unless Keith is Lotor's brother, or IS the series versions of Lotor. Lotor is a major character who appears in all versions of the series in a major role, he's like the shredder of Voltron, you can't have Voltron without Lotor. He's confirmed for VLD.

A plot element in Golion was Daibazaal(Zarkon equivalent) enslaved a woman from Altea as his concubine, having Sincline(equivalent to Lotor) with her, when she pleaded for him to pardon some women & kid slaves, Daibazaal killed her. Sincline had no memory of his mother aside from vague dreams, but it was implied his attraction to Fala(JP Allura) was somehow rooted in her resemblance to his mom. This was cut in Voltron due to cultural differences between US & Japan on acceptable entertainment.

Though fandom often compare Galrans to cats, this isn’t the case in Golion, DOTU, or VLD. While Sendak has fur, & pointed ears, this doesn’t apply to many other Galrans who display features like Horns, scales, ridges, & such, even in VLD. Sendak/Sadak’s character model also compares his ears to a bat. It seems Galrans have traits based off of animals, people consider creepy, or are culturally associated with"Evil.“

Golion’s artists probably just thought, Daibazaal(Zarkon) needs to look powerful & resilient, so we’ll give him reptilian traits. Sendak is savage, & alert, so lets give him fur, & batlike ears. Many other galrans have different features as well. Speaking of Sendak, his name was spelled Sadak in the Golion subs, & the Voltron dub called him Yurak. He looks almost exactly the same in VLD as his original version, only differing in his robotic arm being bigger, & more prominent in VLD.

This is very informative, and there’s a lot to unpack here, so I guess I’ll just go in order. (I’m assuming these were meant to go together, even with the lack of numbering in the asks.)

This gets kinda long, but read more on mobile is busted, so I had to take it out. (Spoilers Ahead)

1. Regarding Keith as sibling of or as VLD’s Lotor.

While there’s been no official confirmation (that I’ve seen, link it to me if you’ve got a source) of Lotor as an independent character in VLD, he is likely to appear in some form or fashion. I’ve briefly touched on that here, but I’m up for going a bit deeper. 

Keith very well could be this series’ incarnation of Lotor. 

Visually, they’re somewhat similar, but that’s not much of a basis for theory. It mostly just says they’re both pretty, in very similar ways. However, they both share the characteristic anger and the tendencies to go into rage. Keith is also the only Paladin to fight with a sword, a favored weapon of the Galra, and Lotor in particular in the original series. They’re also both prodigies, Lotor militarily, and Keith as a pilot. 

Keith’s parentage is very open, his bio only stating he’s an orphan, and even then not detailing anything else about the missing/late parents. It wouldn’t take much manipulation at all to make it fit within the bounds set by the past Lotor’s parentage. 

I would also like to see what the writers could do with Keith as Lotor’s brother (half, adopted, full, whatever the case may be).

Family has been a huge theme in VLD, and Keith’s hasn’t even been touched on. Separating the team gives the writers a lot of room to work with. I’ve said before that Lotor could be invaluable with ‘helping’ Keith with his possible Galran identity, and could use this to later undermine his ties with the team or betray them. 

There’s just so much potential, that, speaking from a writer’s perspective, I don’t see why Lotor’s existence would diminish the possibility for Galra Keith. Even if they’re not directly related, who’s to say that Lotor wouldn’t use their similarities to his advantage. 

Another thing to consider is that not everything perfectly mirrors past shows, this is a reboot and the writers can twist and combine and remake characters as they please. They’ve already made significant changes, such as with Pidge, as well as the Black Lion and its Paladin(s). 

2. Comparing Galra to cats.

I agree that the fandom does fixate on this, which, while cute, does disappoint me slightly. My initial idea of what Galra Keith would look like was very close to Lotor (though I didn’t know who he was at the time) just with dark purple fur colored hair. The cat idea sprung up likely because it’s cute, and it’s similar to the appearance of who could be Keith’s potential father, Thace: 

For variety’s sake, here are some other Galra commanders, including Sendak, Prorok, the ‘weakness’ commander, and the squad that Zarkon calls on in the final confrontation. 

From the side, Sendak looks like a particularly fluffy mouse or chinchilla (which aren’t too different from bats), while the other commanders look like owls, apes, cats, and some sort of fish people. Zarkon in particular, is indeed very reptilian. 

I give props to the design team for making them diverse within their own species, and it raises a whole horde of questions about how the Galran race works. 

Design-wise, they are meant to look ‘evil’, hence the dark coloring, creepy glowing eyes, etc., but that doesn’t mean all of the Galra are inherently evil. Writers tend to explore the grey areas of dark societies, which I have little doubt VLD will at one point address, or has already begun to address with Thace’s actions in the final episode. Writing off characters as villainous just because of where they come from is boring and old-school. Relating to the ‘evil’ characters, like this dude:

opens up more room to world-build and explore redemption possibilities. Particularly, if Keith does end up being part Galra, the door flies wide open to look more closely at this. 

anonymous asked:

your headcanon about hoe Sirius & Remus got together first?

friend this has taken me ten years to respond to, but that is because there is no single answer. how can i pick just one headcanon for this when there are so many amazing possibilities? please consider the following:

  • remus and sirius after a full moon in sixth year. maybe it’s during winter holidays, and james and peter went home for christmas, but sirius decided to stay because remus is also staying, and sirius doesn’t want him to go through the transformation alone. they both turn back to human in the shrieking shack as the sun starts to rise, and sirius, never really ever having been alone with remus directly after the full moon, sees the toll it takes on his body. like, he’s not biting and scratching himself anymore, since the wolf isn’t cooped up in the shack all night, but he’s still got scrapes and big purple bruises, and his bones are all crackly as they slide into place, and his shoulder is dislocated because it didn’t go back properly, and sirius is just overcome with fear and devotion over his friend’s well-being, that he just drapes remus under a cloak and holds him close until pomfrey comes to get him and he has to leave, and afterwards he visits remus in the hospital wing and just let’s all those feelings tumble right on out
  • alternately, imagine sirius shortly after receiving a nasty letter from home, acting manic and snippy with everyone, and remus finally cornering him in the dormitory, being like, “you can’t treat everyone like trash just because you’re upset, and, oh by the way, the means not treating yourself like trash too,” and sirius would get up in his face, and when remus refused to back down they’d argue, and sirius would eventually be like, “why do you even care? why don’t you just leave if i’m such a nuisance?” and remus, shocked that sirius could think that he’s anything less than a necessary fixture in remus’ life, wouldn’t know what to say, and instead would just kiss him right on the mouth
  • orrr what if sirius and snape are bickering in the hallways, and remus is trying to break it up, like, “sirius, you know you can’t afford any more detentions, just be the bigger person and let it go.” but then snape says some really, really foul thing about how sirius is a blood traitor, and “i heard he’s a poof as well,” and remus–kindly, rational, rule-abiding (on occasion) remus–sort of forgets himself for a moment, and looks at snape, and then just fucking decks him. (i have a thing for remus punching people in the face, tbh.) after remus gets out of detention, sirius is just beside himself, like, “wtf moony, why did you do that?” and remus sort of is like, “when he insulted you i went into some kind of blind rage, idk?” and sirius stares at him, and then kisses him
  • how about an amortentia get together, but instead of them blurting it out during class, they both kind of quietly realize that their potions smell like each other, and they both decide to confide in james, who doesn’t break his promise of secrecy, but is also incredibly not subtle, and recruits peter in his hooking-up mission. like, “oh hey, we’re all alone down here in the common room. well pete, don’t you think we should hit the hay? oh, no, don’t worry, you guys are studying, stay here, hang out with each other, talk about, idk, anything that’s on your mind.” and then he’d wink, and both sirius and remus would think the wink was meant for them, and they’d blush. (after they got together, their first act as a couple would be to murder james)
  • what if, when they were studying for their OWLS, sirius slammed his book on the table, and was like, “oh my god, i can’t take it anymore, i can’t concentrate, i’m going to fail all my classes if i don’t just fucking do this.” and then he grabbed a very surprised remus by the shirt and pulled him towards him and kissed him on the mouth, and then pulled away, looking expectant, being like, “so?? do you fancy me or not? come on, i’ve got transfiguration tomorrow and i need to study!”

friend, the answer to your question is this: there simply is no simple answer to your question. i could make this list for hours. 

also, i am, forever, wolfstar trash

meariver replied to your post “Would Lovelace get protective over Tony? How would they react to the…”

I’m wondering how Lovelace would react to Sam in particular. Either she learns to adore him, or he’s smart enough to NOPE right the hell out of her way. Sam would definitely know how to act around her, but would she like him?

I think it depends on whether you mean MCU Sam or 616 Sam, because MCU Sam hasn’t really shown any affinity for birds in particular :D But presuming a Sam, whatever the universe, who likes birds and/or talks to birds, I’m sure he’d be the most patient of everyone in dealing with Lovelace, and probably the first after Tony she takes a liking to. But I think also he wouldn’t be especially invested in befriending her beyond “Okay we’re cohabitating, I’ll feed you if you let me pet you occasionally.” He’s got all the birds in the skies to hang out with, and Tony doesn’t, so obviously Tony should get first place in Lovelace’s heart.

I love the whole Sam Talks To Birds thing in 616, because he’s this heroic badass superhero and yet once in a while he’s just like “Yeah the birds told me” like some kind of forties Disney Princess, and it cracks me up every time.

P.S. If you have no plans to write this, or are good with other people writing about Lovelace regardless, you should probably announce that. I mean I figured you’d be fine with it, but the more you geek out about the idea the more people will think you’re planning to actually write it. I get the vague impression that you’re not, so you might wanna say so before someone bugs you about it.

I wasn’t initially planning on it, but last night I had a great idea, so I will eventually be writing something about it, but it’s kind of a surprise. (I know this seems really cryptic, sorry, I want to keep it a surprise. :D) 

But I’m also cool with people writing about Lovelace if they want, with the understanding that a) I’m not gonna read it till after I post mine, so that I’m not nicking shit, and b) what I write might be different from what others write, and neither is the superior canon, they’re just different takes on one idea. Fanart’s a bit different, obvs; I will ooh and ahh over fanart all day long. :D But really that’s less to do with Lovelace and more to do with liking looking at fanart of Tony Stark and people making funny faces. 

Shit, I meant to do a Lovelace masterpost today. I swear I will eventually.

Sometimes I think about what animals I wish existed, but like, within sort of a limit, not too fantastical, just a little bit different. Like I wish maybe there were just these big clumsy tarantula-sized houseflies. Our culture might be quite a bit different with large-but-not-”giant” flies. I bet they’d be in way more cartoons.

Or land-dwelling sea urchins. People would probably step on them by accident and hate them and probably spray their lawns for them but I’d keep a huge terrarium full of moss-eating dirt urchins.

Or ordinary cockroaches but with bright light-up eyes. How different would people’s outlook on roaches be if an infestation of them meant little spooky jawa eyes in the dark? Would people like them more, or even less?

Little freshwater octopuses that live in mud like crawfish.

Carrion owls! Like owls with naked fat heads. They’d look like awful little men.