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Movie Night

genre: fluff/little bit of smut

summary: a movie night with jaehyun is that and more

a/n: I’m pretty sure this is my first time writing for nct, so hopefully it’s a good first scenario for them…I also haven’t done a request like this before and I haven’t done smut in awhile, so bear with me lol

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“Jaehyun just pick a movie already!”

You called from beneath the covers to your boyfriend who had been in the next room looking for a movie for the last fifteen minutes. He always did this. Taking forever to pick a movie, and then by the time you two start watching it, you’re asleep within the first hour.

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Sam came back from his morning run to find he’d missed several text messages. His heart jumped in his chest before he even read them, wondering what he missed, what was wrong, if someone was hurt or dying or needed his help.

Jody (1 hour ago)

Happy birthday! (Claire and Alex wish you a happy birthday too.)

Sam blinked and checked the date on his phone to confirm that, yes, it was May second, before sighing in relief. He skimmed through all the messages quickly, just to make absolutely sure no one was dying.

Donna (1 hour ago)

Happy birthday! 😊 🎉

Mom (33 minutes ago)

Happy birthday, Sam. Call me later, if you’re not too busy.

There were a handful of others, but Sam wasn’t paying attention after the one from his mom. He wore a stupid grin on his face as he made himself breakfast, not thinking too hard about why his mom’s text made him so happy. It was nice to just be happy for a minute.

His phone buzzed at the table. He hated having his phone out while eating, but it might be important. It buzzed again as he was checking it.

Alicia (now)

Please respond to Max’s texts. He’s stressing tf out.

Alicia (now)

Also happy birthday ✌

Sam scrolled through his notifications, finding a long string of texts from Max at the bottom among the others he hadn’t really read.

Max (2 hours ago)

Happy birthday dude.

Max (2 hours ago)

Over the hill am I right?

Max (2 hours ago)

I have something for you later ;) 🍆

Max (2 hours ago)

If you want, I mean.

Max (2 hours ago)

I don’t know if you really do birthdays or if it’s a family thing or what.

Max (2 hours ago)

But hmu if you want your gift.

Max (2 hours ago)

Sorry if this is weird.

Sam couldn’t help but snicker. He liked when Max stumbled and lost his cool. It made Sam feel less like an awkward old man (even if he did have to google “hmu” and what the eggplant emoji meant).

I’ll call you later tonight.

he answered quickly. Then he called his mom like she asked, before waiting for an answer.


Fun Fact I am the heathen who puts Ketchup AND Mayo on my burgers. In fact I love it enough I specifically order burgers with a mayo ketchup mix on them when i get fastfood.

Congrats to team Mayo!! I had meant to post this before the splet happened but my carpal was acting up as well as my brain

one small thing

Summary: The Doctor loves Saturdays. He’d enjoy this one a lot more if Rose wasn’t being so suspicious.
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Words: 2014
Also On: AO3

A/N: This was written for one of my tumblr award runners up, @dearkuryakin, who requested “something where Rose surprises the Doctor”. I hope you like it, Emily!

Rose was acting weird.

It was Saturday, and for once she hadn’t been needed at Torchwood. They were going to have a quiet day in.

Well, that was the plan, until around 9am when Torchwood called for the Doctor, saying they needed some translating done. Why it couldn’t wait until Monday was never made clear to him, but that was Torchwood for you. Layer upon layer of secrecy.

He didn’t mind, really. The mystery was part of the fun. (He really just wanted to get home to Rose as quickly as possible, so he didn’t ask questions.)

What Rose had gotten up to while he was gone was anyone’s guess, but when she met him at their favorite chippy for lunch at one o’clock, she was being… fidgety. Not the sort of word he’d normally use to describe her, but today it was accurate.

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