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Being Jasper Cullen’s Mate:

Your name: submit What is this?

- Jasper loving you with all his being most passionately and unconditionally. 

“I love you so much, (Y/N).”

“As I, you, Jasper. For eternity.”

- Jasper being thankful for having you to distract him away from his blood thirst. 

- Jasper always knowing of the emotions you feel, almost immediately.

- Jasper soothing you by using his gift when you are angry, irritated, vexed or unhappy, even though he has been told numerous times not to do so.

- Jasper rushing to your side to aid you when you experience severe episodes of depression and anxiety (or any other mental conditions).

- Jasper reassuring you with a sweet smile that he’ll always be by your side to comfort you.

- Jasper always showering you with compliments when your self-esteem is low.

- Jasper being incredibly protective of you, sometimes a little too much and you have to remind him to cool it down as you are still capable of handling yourself.

- Jasper’s Major coming out when you get hurt and he (as the Major) goes wild.

- Jasper easily getting jealously angry of any man who so dares to lay a finger on you. No one touches his mate!

- Jasper constantly looking over to you, checking to make sure you are alright when you, both, are in school.

- Jasper’s eyes always fascinating you as you get lost in them.

- Jasper’s unbelievably sexy, Texan drawl turning you on more than ever, especially when he calls you ‘sugar’ or ‘darlin’’.

- Jasper knowing this and smirking when he feels the lust and arousal coming from you.

- Jasper’s smirk making you go crazy but at the same time, you also want to slap it off of his face for being too distracting.

“(Y/N), did you hear a single word I said?”

- “Maybe…no…I…why does it even matter, Jasper?”

“Because I’m asking you to go to prom with me. Your first prom.”

“Oh. Sorry I got…I was thinking of something else. Ask me again, will you?”

- Jasper also being too distracting when you are trying to study but you are too busy day-dreaming of him.

- Jasper being annoyed yet proud that you beat him in the history exams.

- Jasper arguing with you about topics in philosophy and you, both, get irritated when you hardly agree on anything. And Carlisle having to tell you to break it off.

- Jasper and you reading Shakespearean novels as if you are the characters. His favourite would be Mark Antony and Cleopatra as he regards you as his own queen.

- Jasper introducing you to classical, folk and jazz music. You play him songs by Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds and Halsey and you are surprised when he says he likes them.

- Jasper and you slow dancing to your own silent music.

- Jasper wrapping his strong arms around your waist, humming softly in your ear.

- Jasper running his fingers through your hair as he kisses you softly. 

- Jasper continuously contemplating whether it’d be a good idea for you to become a vampire.

- Jasper finally agreeing to turn you into a vampire as he sees that he can’t go by another day without you by his side.

When You Become A Vampire:

- You wake up one last time to see Jasper standing beside you to make sure you wouldn’t lose control.

- You getting used to the heightened sense of hearing.

- You possessing the ability to heal as your own supernatural power. 

- You seeing Jasper’s face and body filled with scars. But instead of getting a defensive reaction, they make you fall in love with him even more.

“You aren’t scared of me?”

“No, love. If anything, you are more handsome.”

“Well, I’m flattered that you think so.”

- “Don’t get cocky on me, Hale.”

- You and Jasper having even more incredible make-out sessions than you did before, which lead to other things that include: loud noises, things breaking, screaming, groaning, clawing and lots of moaning. 

- You going on hunts with Jasper as he patiently teaches you how to get used to the ‘vegetarian’ diet.

- You and Jasper racing through the forest because you are so in love with your vampire speed.

- You getting extra protective of Jasper, especially when the Volturi are around.

- You threatening anyone who thinks of hurting Jasper, specifically Jane.

- You laying with Jasper in a meadow of flowers, staring at the skies.

“You and I will last for eternity, my love. As we make the ancient lovers stir in their graves at the awakening of our own beautiful forever. ”

No One Else - Chapter 2

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Summary: You find yourself caught in the EXO gang even though you had just finally reached some form of freedom from your family. Will Sehun ultimately destroy your little bit of peace? Or will you join in his gang to find the place that you truly belong?

Scenario: Mafia/ Gang AU, Sehun Leader

Paring: reader x Sehun

Warning: Language - Possibly smut later on

Word Count: 3466

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

(Sehun’s POV)

The world was shaking. I groaned aloud, letting the world know that it should probably stop its movements if it didn’t want me to do something about it. Stupidly, it did not listen to my command, but instead I could now hear something. Was it a voice? It seemed familiar. I tried to pay more attention to understand what it was saying. “Sehun! Sehun! Wake up! What the fuck happened to you! Wake up” The voice sounded panicked, but hearing the person’s voice left me a lot calmer than before. “Chanyeol” Chanyeol stopped his shaking and yelling for a second, then continued a lot more harshly. “Sehun, you there? You alright? Answer me!” he was in fits. Sighing internally, I decided to have a little bit of fun. “Come closer” I croaked out. Chanyeol listened immediately and his ear was right beside my mouth, right where I wanted it. “STOP SCREAMING YOU IDIOT!” I yelled back as loud as I could. Chanyeol flinched backwards and I put a smirk on my face.

Moving to get into a sitting position made me realize how much pain I was in. I winced and exhaled sharply on my way up, making Chanyeol flutter his hands about me to try to help. I flicked them away and tried to give Chanyeol some answers. “That girl can fight.” Was the brilliant response I came up with. Chanyeol’s eyes got big “That girl did this? I thought maybe she was with another group that jumped you! How could she do this to you?” He was right to be shocked, I was still in shock. This girl had experience in fighting. Whether it was professional or street based, I couldn’t tell, but I was determined to find out. “We need to find her, we can’t let her go free. But before that, what happened to Mr. Byer?” Chanyeol’s face became stoic once again “He’s gone, I called the crew to take care of the body. Should be finished within the hour.” “Good, now take me home. I need to wash up and then we will find this mystery girl”.

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how would you describe dolenzmith to someone just getting into the fandom & what episodes/fics would you recommend? thanks :)

HELLOOOO!!! Oh my gosh thank you so much for this question!! I read it at like 5am and couldn’t wait to get up and answer it haha :)

Okay, how would I describe Dolenzmith? Well the cool thing about the Monkees/shipping the Monkees is you have two different versions of them to ship - real life and show!Monkees. So let’s start with Dolenzmith on the show.

I’ve said many times I believe that Mike and Micky are partners on the show, and there is this family dynamic which is;

Dad = Mike
Mum = Micky
Child - Peter
Cool uncle (?) = Davy.

Mike and Micky seem to put their heads together more than the other’s, Micky seems to be Mike’s assistant to Mike’s leader role (I wrote about this recently), and there is definitely a very couple-y vibe between the two of them that you certainly do not get with the other’s. They also share a bedroom in the show (the upstairs bedroom (upstairs for more privacy??)) which means you get little nuggets like Mike saying; “Micky, come back to bed.” and just ajdhajjad.

Then there is the simple fact that they invade each other’s personal space on a rather bizarre level. Yeah, all the Monkees get super close to each other often enough but with Mike and Micky it’s on another level, it’s far more frequent, and they get much closer. There is a lot of gazing at each other and unnecessary touching. There is the moment in The Chaperone that literally looks like they’re about to kiss. I mean, their noses are literally touching, and it’s like ?????.

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gif by yoursunnygirlfriend

Like who’s idea was that?? I seriously doubt the director told them to do it?? And Micky looks transfixed on Mike for a moment, and Mike continues talking as if nothing is odd about this at all, which is just amazing.

The thing with me is, I’m not one of these people who can just make up ships. I can’t just see two hot people who interact a bit and be like “OMGZ I THINK THEY’D BE A GREAT COUPLE!!” (which is the case for most ships). I need to see something that makes me think “hang on…what??”. So with Mike and Micky, I saw something there long before I knew there was even a Monkees fandom here and long before I knew about ‘Dolenzmith’ or that anyone shipped the Monkees at all. I saw the obvious spark they had on the show and was like “okay, this is what ships are made of.”

They are also SO FUNNY together. Like they just bounce off each other, they have incredible chemistry and their humour just sort of works and clicks together, and they have some of the most hilarious moments on the show (all while being unnecessarily close to each other) like this…

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gif by bluemauriat

My favourite thing about the Mike and Micky pairing is they are so different (and what I’m about to write is what I believe would be the case in both the show and in real life). It’s true what they say about opposites attracting. Mike is more grown-up, more serious, more responsible. His humour is dry and sarcastic and dead-pan. Mike is level headed and realistic, and I believe Mike is a realist. Micky, on the other hand, is a ball of energy. He is reckless and silly and dramatic and totally bonkers. Micky is a dreamer. I think Mike grounds Micky, while Micky helps Mike see the funner side of life. They balance each other out. Mike worries about Micky; Micky can get carried away, he can be a little irresponsible and doesn’t always know where to draw the line. Mike is the one who steps in and says enoughs enough, Mike isn’t afraid to be cruel to be kind where Micky is concerned - to put his foot down and tell him “no”. And Micky listens, because he looks up to Mike. He admires Mike and respects him like no other. They bring the best out of each other and better the worst.

Mike looks after Micky, and Micky feels safe with Mike. Case in point:

Originally posted by yoursunnygirlfriend

gif again by yoursunnygirlfriend

The real life Mike and Micky are very similar, and I think if they were in a relationship it would be exactly the same as that. Real life Mike and Micky haven’t had bitch-fights or fallings out like the other’s have. Davy has been really awful about Mike, and Mike and Peter obviously didn’t get along well either. Davy has also been a bitch about Micky too. Actually, I don’t think Peter and Micky have had a beef either, but Mike and Micky remained quite tight even after Mike left the Monkees. They worked together a little bit and spoke of how they stayed in touch. Then there was the moment at the Greek in the 80s (go to about 3:20 onwards) where they literally looked like a middle-aged gay couple. The way they spoke and looked at each other was, well, gay. Like it was amazing. There is NO WAY IN HELL you would see Mike that that with Davy or Peter, like NO. (that’s why shipping Mike with either of the other Monkees literally makes me feel so uncomfortable I can’t handle it). And the way Mike kisses Micky on the cheek, so unabashed, and it’s not just a quick peck either - it has feeling behind it?? It’s like in that moment Mike doesn’t have anything to say, like he can’t express his feelings with anything but a kiss, and it is SO CUTE.

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gif by softfriendwhispers

Micky really, really admires Mike. Like he really looks up to him and his talent - he has spoken about this numourous times. And Mike has said that Micky was “the voice of the Monkees”, and that’s one of the reasons why Micky ended up singing so many of Mike’s songs. Although when they sing together…that is where magic is made. When Mike joined Micky and Peter on tour after Davy passed, they all spoke about how wonderful it was that Mike and Micky got to sing together again. Even Peter loved it - and he was the one who encouraged them to sing Pleasant Valley Sunday together back in the 60s. Like it was his idea, which is awesome. Peter ships it!!!

There’s just so much, and I could go on, but I’ll try to get onto your next question - recommendations!! Well, since the end of last year I’ve been writing episode reviews (I’ve only done like 11 so far because I keep getting distracted haha), but something else I’m doing as I watch these episodes is I’m making note of any significant Dolenzsmith moments, in the hope that, at the end of it all (or at the end of the first season anyway), I will compile some kind of Dolenzmith masterpost of cute couple-y moments within the show. Like I literally have a little list of episode names and times in the episode of these moments LOL, so that’s something I need to crack on with at some point.

But in the meantime, I did compile a mini-list of some of my fave Dolenzmith moments for the Monkees Awards. You can see my post HERE.

As for stories… pretty much all the Dolenzmith stories on nakedpersimmon.com are good, but here are my favourites (NOTE these are NSFW!!)

From NP:

Naughty and Nice

Backstage Passes

What a Life

Then if you want mammoth, multi-chapter fics there is The Beginning and it’s sequel Endlessly (both of these can also be found on The Star Collectors here and here, although when they’re multi-chapter it’s easy to read them on FF.net). Both these stories highlight what I was saying above about the differences between Mike and Micky and the dynamic of their relationship. But they’re LONG and it’s a real journey.

Again, most of the Dolenzmith stories on TSC are great too (you can see a list of all the stories here - the Dolenzmith ones are at the top).

The two most popular fics on TSC are a PG-13 show-verse fic All I Want for Christmas, and a naughty story inspired by Micky’s unique clothing style called The Coat.

Then there are…

Well In Hand and it’s sequel On the Tip of His Toungue

And yeah…most of them are NC-17, so be warned. These are just my personal recommendations, and there’s probably more I’m forgetting, but I haven’t actually read any in a while and if anyone wants to recommend some more then PLEASE DO!

So…I think that’s that?? I am MORE THAN HAPPY to talk about Dolenzmith at any time (duh), whether you want to remain anon or not (though please reveal yourself as it’s always good to have more Dolenzmith pals!!)

At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone loves Mike and Micky as much as Mike and Micky love Mike and Micky.

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…set sometime on disc 1:

Aeris crept closer as Cloud withdrew another blade from the scabbards on his back and let it fall onto the pile. “I’m impressed.” He glanced up at her, his lips twitching almost into a smile before he flopped onto his back.


She nudged a sword hilt with her foot. “You could sell some of them. No need to carry all of them.” Aeris crouched down and gripped a sword. Not easy to even lift. SOLDIER strength it seemed.

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fluff and comedy I guess?
word count: 671

[8:28 P.M.] I’m a gentleman, chivalry is what I do. I’ll open the door, pull out your chair, and I’ll even buy your drinks, but when it comes to Mario Kart, I draw the line. I’m sorry but I just can’t let you beat me at Mario Kart.

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Ooooh so could I ask for a wonho fluff scenario? I don't really have a plot in mind though. Hope that's ok!

This is my first scenario here, and im not really confident. Feel free to tell if its bad or something. ><

Wonho| fluff

After you got home from work, you settled down in front of the tv, with snacks and ice cream.  It was only 6 oclock and your boyfriend, Wonho was out. He had a dance practice, and he probably wont be home till midnight.

You started to watch a music show where Sistar was performing. You looked at that 4 beautiful girls with perfect body and hair and everything, and then just looked at yourself and the ice cream. You felt a bit guilty for eating those shitty snacks.

You decided that you have to do something about it, and the first thing that came in to your mind was that you have to start working out and eat healthy. But you didnt want to go to the gym, so you changed into some comfortable clothes and turned on some music.

Well you didnt really know what you were doing, but you were confident.
You were doing squats when you heard some noise from the door. You didnt really care about it so you continued your work out.

“What are you doing?”  You heard Wonho’s voice behind your back.

“Just working out.” you answered without looking at him.

You felt his arms around you waist. You stopped for a second and looked at him. Well you were tired and you felt like it was a bad idea to even start it. But you felt motivated at the same time.

“Dont distract me!”- you whinned – “I have to look good.”

You said as you took a few steps away from him, so you could continue your work out. He just stared at you, with a smirk because lets be real here. He felt pleased staring at you while you were doing squats in yoga pants, but he wrapped his hand around your waist again. This time you didnt step away.

“What?” You asked

“Why did you say that you have to look good?” He asked holding you closer to him. “You are perfect the way you are.”

“Well i don’t feel like i am perfect.  And those idols looks so thin and everything, I’m afraid that you gonna leave me someday.” You said, blushing.

When he noticed the red on your cheeks, he pulled you closer and pecked your lips.

“But babe i made a promise to love you forever and i plan on keeping it, because i dont want anyone else but you.”

When he said those words you couldn’t help but foound him more attractive.  When you think that he can’t be more perfect, he does something to prove that you are wrong.

“But i f you love me that much, let me finish this.“ You laughed.

He sat down in front of you and he was staring at you. It was a bit frustrating but you didnt say a word. When he got bored he started to distract you again, until you gave up. The work out turned into a make out session.