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You cannot honestly believe that a person spending one night on WebMD has more medical knowledge than a trained professional that has spent 10+ years studying how to accurately identify mental illness.

No I don’t but here’s the thing: You are completely misportraying the reality of self-diagnosis

  • Every person I know who has self diagnosed has not just spent one night on webmd. People spend weeks, months, sometimes years, trying to work out what’s different about them, often referring to multiple sources.
  • Official diagnosis can be expensive, inaccessible, lengthy or downright impossible depending on who and where you are. Acting like only those with the privilege to be able to acquire an official diagnosis are disabled is ridiculous.
  • Doctors are not all-knowing. Doctors make mistakes, doctors have prejudices, doctors miss signs or misdiagnose, many doctors do not know a lot about specific illnesses and disorders or do not remember everything from those 10+ years. I had a psychiatrist who literally googled things on her tablet in front of me in sessions. 
  •  I’ve had various mental health professionals admitting to me they know nothing about Autism and asking me to explain things. (One place even turned me away from mental health care on the grounds that they ‘did not know how to deal with Autistic people’)
  • Disabled people know their minds and bodies better than anyone else. We are constantly denied agency and the refusal to acknowledge what we know about ourselves unless we have an official diagnosis from a usually abled medical professional is incredibly damaging. This creates a situation in which the medical system controls and gatekeeps the disabled community and does not help us at all.

Stop trying to simplify this issue and make it sound like something its not.

User guide to your INFJ

Your INFJ comes with: 

  • One (1) crystal ball 
  • One (1) social mirror
  • Five hundred (500) calendars 
  • Unlimited stock of fears and worries 


Ni: This feature makes the INFJ able to think of any consequence of their action, making them seem psychic. Ni also leads to sudden realizations. 

Fe: This feature makes the othervwise socially awkward INFJ able to socialize by mimicing the features of their interlocutor. Fe does sometimes fail. When this happens make sure the INFJ doesnt start digging a hole for themself to live in.

Ti: This feature makes the INFJ able to overanalyse the crap out of people, pay too much attention to insignificant detail and read too much into said detail. 

Se: This feature is the INFJs appendix. You should might consider to have this feature removed, as it causes the INFJ to occasionally overeat, oversleep, binge drink etc. Call the service number for advice if this is wanted.


The INFJ may forget to eat, and they may overeat. When your INFJ haven eaten in a long time, suggest that they should eat something. They will appreciate this and take it as a sign of care. However, do not speak about their overeating. EVER.

Your INFJ will (usually) make sure to get enough sleep. The exception is if they are in a particularly stressful period. In such periods they might end up pulling all-nighters, or they might just sleep to avoid the stressful problem. 

Your INFJ will have an ok hygiene. This is because of their fair of smelling or in other ways making themselves look bad to other people. With some INFJs this will comepletely change if they are alone for the day. They might forget that brushing their teeth is even a thing. 

If the INFJ is put under too much pressure and get stressed, the INFJ might:
a) become emotionally cold, forget essential needs and become too focused on work.
b) overindulge in certain activities, like watching a lot of TV, overeating, binge drinking etc. 

Other needs:
Your INFJ will need hugs and words of affirmation. However, they will usually not initiate it or ask for it. As much as they hate to admit it, they also need advice sometimes. If your INFJ seems to be having troubles with opening up, you can always give them some alcohol. NB: your drunk INFJ may just end up handing you all the drinks. This is because they fear being the drunkest one at the party. 

Relationships with other units:

NTs: Your INFJ might feel intimidated by the xNTJs, but usually love the company of xNTPs. 

NFs: In interaction with other xNFJs, the INFJ and the other unit will usually just mirror each others behaviour, opinions and feelings. It usually works out fine. In company with certain NFPs the INFJ will sometimes feel scared to voice an opinon. With other NFPs this isnt an issue at all. 

SPs: The INFJ will usually get along ok with the SPs, but might get tired of their need for adrenaline, as this will tire out the INFJs Ni. 

SJs: Your INFJ will usually get along great with xSFJs. The xSTJs, like the xNTJs, might intimidate the INFJ. 


There seems to be a problem with my INFJ’s speech, how can i fix this?
Theres nothing wrong with your INFJ. Not being able to speak properly is one of the INFJ’s “charming” characteristics. You can however give the INFJ something to write on, and they will comminicate like a poet. 

Why is my INFJ so emo? 
e are trying to fix this problem, but have not found a cause yet. When this is fixed, there will be a softwere update available. 

My INFJ is being really socially awkward and asking me weird and boring questions, what should i do?
Nothing. The INFJ will usually be very stressed out when talking to new people. This will get better as your INFJ feels more comfortable around you. 

My INFJ is just like me, does this mean i am an INFJ myself?
Nah bro, they want you to think you’re alike. 

Can my INFJ read minds?
What no ofc not huh hehehe ehm hehe….. 

My INFJ knows things about me haven’t told it. Has it developed AI?
We are aware of this feature in the INFJ, but can’t offer any answer to how they do it. 

My INFJ has been sitting in the corner of their room staring into the air for three days. What should i do?
In this situation you have a few possible solutions:
a) Let your INFJ sit there. They will get back to normal in not too long… (hopefully)
b) Give your INFJ chocolate and hugs .
c) introduce your INFJ to an ENTP. The INFJ will hopefully get so distracted from their thoughts that they forget all about them.
d) try turning your INFJ off and on again. 

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what particular things do you look for when trying to spot cognitive functions in people? Like what are the tell-tale signs for each of the cognitive functions? I already read about them to death but it's hard to spot them without knowing real life examples of each type.

How to spot cognitive functions in real life

Extraverted Functions

If you see these traits strongly displayed in someone’s behavior, it’s quite likely that it’s their dominant or auxiliary function. These are more easily observable and they’re what I’d notice first when interacting with someone.

Ne: “The Mind Jumps” - NPs

  • They seemingly jump from one topic to another without obvious connection or interrupt you to say completely unrelated things because something you said reminds them of something else. (Note: this is easier for me to recognize because my Ne is quite strong and I can understand connections behind the ‘mind jump’ other Ne users do.)
  • Some NPs are aware of this and will start with “This is completely unrelated, but…”
  • They see multiple possibilities and tend to talk in terms of possibilities and use hedging even if they sound confident: “maybe…”, “it’s probably…”, “usually…”, “pretty much”
  • They act younger than their age and come off as playful, childlike, and silly.

Te: “The Commands” - TJs

  • They talk in direct, commanding statements.
  • They use very few hedging, and they won’t turn a sentence into a question unless they actually want to ask a question (i.e. they won’t add “right?” at the end of a sentence or have an upward intonation, or say “don’t you think so?”, etc).
  • There’s an intensity about them. They easily come off as intimidating.
  • They are not afraid to stare people down when they talk.

Fe: “The Warmth” - FJs

  • Usually very smiley and pleasant throughout the conversation.
  • They feel ‘warm’ and accommodating when you interact with them.
  • They naturally show socially appropriate non-verbal behaviors, e.g. laughing at a joke because someone told a joke, even if it wasn’t that funny; saying “aww” or make sad faces when you share your disappointment at something, etc.
  • They tend to reciprocate actions, mood, and tone of the person they’re interacting with.
  • Likely to be uncomfortable with silence because they don’t know what to mirror.

Se: “The Alertness” - SPs

  • You can tell from their eyes. Se dom/aux have the most attentive look in their eyes. They’re so present and right there noticing everything in the environment. It’s more of a wild, open and alert look, as oppose to Te intense intimidating stare.
  • They’re quite easily distracted by things that are going on around them. They will look in the direction of a small noise mid-conversation, or to look at someone entering a room or a bird flying past.
  • (INTP-specific) I tend to have a zoned out look when someone is talking, and it’d be Se dom that asked me the variety of “are you there?”, “are you still following me?”, and occasionally glance behind them to see what I’m looking at (when I’d actually be zoning out).

Introverted Functions

You can mostly see these through the content of what someone says. Again, these are clearer as someone’s dominant or auxiliary function.

Ti: “The Analysis” - TPs

  • Ti dom/aux analyze how everything works. NTPs are more theoretical and STPs are more factual, but there will be many analysis, calculations, and speculations.
  • They tend to be impartial, preferring facts and logical explanations.
  • They like to ask for clarifications, to categorize and define things in more precise terms.
  • They may stop talking mid-conversation, look down to analyze something in their mind (possibly to find the most succinct vocab), then perk up to talk again.
  • They want to “know” and tend to like reading.

Si: “The Extraordinary Memory” - SJs

  • They tell stories based on events in the past in vivid details. These details tend to be descriptive observable facts (where they were, what the place looked like, how did they get there, who was there, what did they wear, what did each person did), as opposed to nuances/mood/atmosphere.
  • They are amazing at remembering people’s names and information.
  • They can tell the same stories and jokes over and over again for years.

Fi: “The Feels” - FPs

  • They are brimming with “feels”. You can see it. Stories they tell are usually personal and filled with personal opinions. You can see that those are real and meaningful to them, and they are personally attached to what they say.
  • They readily take a moral stance and can have a hard time understanding how someone could take a different standpoint.
  • They tend to “show off” their values quite a bit, which can make someone with different values feel uncomfortable, e.g. a vegan Fi-user may advocate it so much and make others feel guilty about eating meat, a humanitarian Fi-user may talk highly of themselves for helping other people, or a libertarian Fi-user may tell various stories to show how uninhibited they are and how unthinkable it is to live conservatively.

Ni: “The Future Predictions” - NJs

  • Ni is extremely hard to observe externally. Ni users tend to mention “following their guts/instinct”, but they don’t readily share that fact unless you’re close to them.
  • They tend to have a 5-year or 10-year or 20-year plans and goals for the future. They like to know where they’re going in life.
  • They like to envision the most likely future path with people or situations.
  • An example: My INTJ best friend told me about an older single mom who flirted with him. He said that he didn’t like her personality and wasn’t attracted to her physically. Then, he also mentioned that he’d like to focus on his career for the next 10 years and taking care of her kids would distract him from his goal, which prompted me to ask why he would think about a future with her if he didn’t like her to begin with, and he said he does this naturally with everything.
  • Another example: The same INTJ changed jobs twice, and both times he left his old workplace even before he got a confirmation that he was hired at the new job. He said he just knew instinctively that he was going to get accepted at this company (he went to about 10 interviews during the same time period).

p.s. Also, check out my other post on how to type people.

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The Notebook Ch.2

Title: The Notebook Ch.2
Character: Lin X Reader
Prompt: When the reader runs into Lin in the airport, (literally “runs” into him), an accidental notebook swap occurs in the confusion, and they go home with each other’s work.
Word Count: 2,625
W/T: None???
A/N: You guys asked for it, so here it is! I just can’t fathom how much you guys actually like this????? Like what??? ALSO if y'all wanna know about the musical the reader is writing, ask me! It’s an actual play that I’m writing, except it’s a play not a musical…
Also I shit-wrote this in a matter of two hours so please have mercy on me
Tags: @secretschuylersister @linmanuclmiranda @strawberrytyphoon @god-damn-it-miranda


“Ma'am, are you okay?” A distant voice asks you worriedly, a gentle tap on the shoulder shocking you out of your disassociated state. You jump slightly at the touch, but try to collect yourself enough to plaster a fake smile onto your lips and nod feebly to the flight attendant. It’s clear that she can see right through your crummy facade, but she just nods and continues down the isle, knowing well enough not to prod.

Your attention immediately snaps back to the worn black notebook in your hand, except it’s not yours. It looks exactly like yours- it’s even got the same scratch on the cover from the price sticker- but it’s not yours. The handwriting is too clean to be yours, there isn’t nearly as many ink smudges or eraser marks spread across the pages as there should be, and nothing scrawled across the yellowing paper aligns with what you’ve been working on for the past few years.

You were becoming hysterical, to say the least.

In any other given situation where this had somehow miraculously happened, you would’ve been on the phone with Kylie faster than lightening. But you were on a plane, at least an hour from landing and giving you access to others again, so that option was on hold. Obviously you couldn’t talk to anybody else about it on the plane, they’d just label you as crazy, which to your defense you can be, but they’d just zone out after about a minute. So here you were, forced to panic and get worked up over this notebook of yours all on your own. Great. Just great.

Oh god, what if that, that Lin guy was reading through your notebook right now?! What if he had already stolen all of your ideas and morphed them into his own?! No, no. Calm down, Y/N. You’re obviously overreacting, Lin wouldn’t do that. Sure, you only met him for a solid thirty seconds, but that’s enough time to get a decent judgement on somebody cute, right? He helped you up, he tried to make conversation, he seemed like a pretty good guy, a gentleman even.

Calm down, Y/N, you’re just getting yourself riled up for no good reason. You’ll be able to figure this whole situation out once you get both feet back onto solid ground again, and you’ll be able to start writing again in no time. You’ll get your notebook back, and Lin will get his. Simple fix, minus the whole “he’s in New York and you’re in rural Missouri” thing, but something can get worked out.

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself, even slightly. Everything will turn out fine in an hour, so just wait it out. Just an hour, that’s all. Yup, juuuuusssttttt an hour.

Oh who are you kidding? This is going to be the longest hour of your life.

Your eyes snap back open and you feel a sense of jitteriness pulse through you, only making everything seem worse. What were you going to do within this agonizingly long hour? Usually you would’ve brought a book or something to read for the flight, just in case writer’s block hit you, but what were yo-oh. That’s right, you do have something to read.

Your gaze slowly shifts downward to your slightly calloused hands, mainly from your late writing nights, and settle back upon your imposter notebook. Turning it over and over in your hands, the sleek black leather only makes you more and more curious as to what else it holds inside, besides characterization and such.

A little peek wouldn’t hurt, right?

Shifting in your already stiff seat, you pull your legs up into a criss-cross position and re-open the journal, ready to try and figure out what everything was in here. You focus on a random page near the center, and quickly become absorbed in deciphering everything out of it. Are these… song lyrics? Alexander Hamilton? Hold on, that name rings a bell… Hamilton, Hamil-wait, that’s the guy on the 10$ bill! He wasn’t a president, right?

Sifting through more pages, you attempt to gather more and more information, but all you come up with is more “Hamilton this” and “Hamilton that”, and some more lyrics for different situations. Although, with the way these songs are aligned, you can totally see a character arc for a musical here and-oh God.

This notebook is a developing musical for a founding father.

That’s a new one.

You stifle a laugh from the realization, trying not to draw anyone’s attention. A musical about a founding father? Who most likely wasn’t even a president? What kind of drug did this guy have to be on to come up with this off-the-wall idea? No wonder he came off as nice when he ran into you at the airport, all crack-jobs are nice when you first run into them.

Might as well humor yourself and read on, you’ve got a miserable hour to go.

But as you pick back up where you left off, you begin to see where this Lin guy was going with this Hamilton stuff. This founding father’s life story is the perfect. Love, angst, tragedy, hardships, lost of death, all wrapped up into song? Critics would eat this up with a spoon. Sure, there’s a lot of hitches and messy parts to some of these songs, but the idea is there.

A certain pair of characters stood out to you a bit more than Hamilton himself did; The sisters, Angelica and Eliza, Angelica specifically. You unintentionally began to flip through the pages, looking for any indication of the name Angelica, wanting to know more about her. Descriptions were scattered here and there as you continued to flip; strong, independent, intellectual equal, sacrificed love, all of these quick details scrawled about.

But then you fell upon a certain song. Well, you couldn’t really call it a song with the way it looked, more like a bunch of lyrics broken up and not really connecting to each other. A bunch of small scenes that didn’t quite have an order yet, if you will. At the top of the page a bunch of titles had been written and scratched right back out, with only one remaining, a think black circle around it with a bunch of question marks, reading “Can I say Something?”.

You begin to read through the setting of the song that was hastily written along the border of the page, getting a basic understanding of how Lin was imagining this scene to be. A whole rewind situation to see a love triangle from the third angle. Alright Mister Lin-Dude, this scene has you intrigued. You feel pretty connected to this Angelica girl, the same independence of hers coursing through your blood as well. Reading on, you try to grasp the concept of the fragmented lyrics, the plot line of it partially coming together. Okay okay, so she fell in love with Hamilton first, but because she loved her sister, Eliza, so much, she let her have him instead? Wow, that’s some serious sisterly love.

Although the idea and concept of the song was well presented, the actual lyrics itself felt like it was missing something; a single word or phrase. Something that left room for interpretation, yet had many levels of meaning to it. Also something that would get more and more tragic sounding as it was said more (because there’s totally a term for that). Convinced, Unannounced, Satisfied, Unspoken, Certain… something along those lines.

You reached for your pencil in the mesh pocket of your bag and brought it down to the paper, halting only centimeters above it. Hold on, Y/N. This isn’t your notebook. This isn’t yours. You can’t go writing at will in it, who knows what kind of trouble that could stir up.

But at the same time, you couldn’t let this criticism go to waste. Maybe this Lin guy needs some “creative help” with his works?

You continue to blankly stare at the page before you, your favorite mechanical pencil teetering against your fingers in anticipation of your decision.

It’s pencil. If he doesn’t want these ideas, he can erase them with ease.

But your little notes don’t seem to just stop there. You subconsciously scribble down little anecdotes and ideas on almost every page. A little note on a line about Hamilton’s son, and how he can be both his “son” and “sun”. A small adjustment to a roasting between Jefferson and Hamilton, making Jefferson claim to have written “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, when Jock Locke had actually written them, giving him the effect of “underhanded”. Just simple notes and suggestions here and there, nothing major.

Well, if it hadn’t been an hour’s worth of suggestion writing, it may have been considered “small”. Yet, here you are, an hour later, being told by the overhead speaker to fasten your seatbelt for the landing in St. Louis.

You need to learn to control your writing needs, Y/N.

Setting your feet back on the floor you re-buckle, ready to get off of this airplane and back onto solid ground. Sure, you weren’t scared of heights or anything, but you really were just itching to figure out where your notebook was, and how you could get it back. Had Lin done the same thing to your notebook that you had done to his? Nah, there’s nothing good enough to deal with in it anyway. Three years of work on your musical and there’s not much to show for it, in all honesty.

The buckling of the wheels hitting the runway underneath of airplane jars you back into the present. The endless amount of more runways and nothingness outside of your window already gives you a nostalgic feeling of being back home, a smile growing on your face from the mere feeling of it. The captain’s voice rings out on the overhead speaker, announcing that all of you were now in St. Louis, and how you were able to exit to the airport now.

You waste no time in high-tailing it to the exit to gather yourself a bit before returning to your hometown. Your best friends from high school were supposed to be there to pick you up, but you had no idea where they were. In Heinz sight, you probably should’ve told them your exit instead of just “meet me at the airport”, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Fishing your phone from your pocket, you flip off airplane mode and allow for it to set in your hand for a minute, waiting for the few text messages and Snapchat’s to roll in. And they do.

But they don’t stop.

Confused, you watch the notifications bombard your lockscreen, each of them burying the other so quickly you can’t even read them. A solid minute rolls by before it finally ends, the most recent being a text from your hometown friends, Karsen and Colin.

TEXT FROM: 🚗🌞 Karsen
-“Y didn’t u tell me dat u were Twitter famous child!!!!!!”

TEXT FROM: 📞📥 Colin
-“You better check your Twitter before Kar has a heart attack.”

Utterly puzzled, you open your Twitter (after turning off the notifications, dear lord) and stare at the little blue bubble over your notifications button. You didn’t even know that number could be so high. Clicking the little bell icon, you furrow your eyebrows at everything cluttering your box. You knew none of these people, not a single one. Why were they-oh.


Every single tweet had your handle, and one other person’s.


A flood of both relief and worry wash over you as you click on the familiar name, taking in his entire profile page. Seems like it’s Lin. The profile picture looks like him, at least. Scrolling past his most recent tweets, you search for the earliest mention with your Twitter handle.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Okay, I found her account everybody, it’s @(Y/H/N), please bombard her with love for her work, even though you don’t know what it is yet”

Wait, why is he talking about your works?

You scroll further into his history, seeing the progression of his tweets backwards.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“God I need to know who Y/N is. This is totally a romcom movie plot line, with the mystery and beauty of it”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“That was a true roller coaster of emotions. I need to see this I theaters now, Y/N.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh thank god Leila and Adam got back together I was hoping this would be a happy ending”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh no. Now the best friends have got to do all the work to get the lovers that don’t think they like each other back together. Classic”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Planning a fake fight always leads to bad things, Adam”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“WHAT?! WHY DID YOU KILL THEM OFF?! You wound me Y/N, you really do”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Ooo, Adam has such a sad backstory. Of course he gets the Sappy But Still Loved Character Award from me”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I relate to Leila on an emotional level. An aspiring writer with a bit of a sad past and social issues? Sign me up”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I’ve only read the basic plot she has written in the front and in already in love”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Every single one of you are going to be subjected to me live-tweeting about this story she has-best part?-ITS A MUSICAL”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Wow does she have some seriously good shit in this notebook. Way better than mine. Maybe I’ll just keep it for myself…”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“-and long story short I now have a mysteriously beautiful and talented woman’s notebook.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Apparently we have the same notebook though. Or, better yet, our notebooks are identical, and we somehow managed to swap them”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“And we both dropped out notebooks that we write in during the collision, so being nice people, picked them up and gave them back to each other”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Not only was she pretty and super nice, I looked like a total jerk running into her. Literally ran over her.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“FUNNY STORY: So you guys know how I’m super clumsy and I run into almost anything ever? Well I ran into a girl at the airport just now”

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL ME OF YOUR BOYFRIEND?!” A familiar voice shouts from across the way, her voice just as loud as you remember it. Karsen’s blond hair bounces towards you and you’re wrapped up in a death-grip hug from her. “Why didn’t you tell me you have a boyfriend?! We made a promise to tell each other about that stuff!” She yells in your ear, squealing in both delight and frustration.

“Yeah, you’ve got some s'plainin’ to do, Y/N.” Colin laughs from behind Karsen, his usual smirk plastered on his lips like it always use to be. “Gee, thanks for the warm welcoming you two. No really, I appreciate it.” You remark, sarcasm dripping from your voice as you stuff your phone back into your pocket, not wanting to focus on anything back in New York right now.

“No but really, who’s the guy that’s making you soon-to-be-verified on Twitter?” Colin breathes, running a hand through his styled and swoopy hair. “Yeah! I wanna know all about your boyfriend!” Karsen quietly screams, her movements giddy with excitement. “Not my boyfriend, I can tell you that much.” You laugh, following them out of the airport.

How were you going to explain this situation, actually?


If you wanna ask me about the musical the reader is writing, feel free to!

Walking on Glass A little SJ fandom rant

Wow…. How about that new episode of Samurai Jack? Pretty trippy right? I mean, that part where he eats something and his head turns into a fish. Like how dose that work exactly? Pretty funny, huh? Heh…heh…heh… Where do I begin? So happen was, last night was the premiere of the new Samurai Jack season 5 episode 8, in which Jack and Ashi are making their way across the desert. Hmm… Why dose this sound familiar? Anyway, during their ride on a giant camel monster used as a bus, Jack and Ashi find themselves in a pretty close to each other and it is that this point where they’re relationship takes quite a turn. During their journey, they come across a large spaceship to escape a dust storm. Only to find out that the ship is still infested by a leach monster. After they finally defeat it, at the heat of the moment Jack and Ashi then make out and that when the “fans” starting setting fire to their insides. 

 I said I was gonna get back to the messy subject and the hail storm of raging “fans” that apparently this episode has brought upon. After reading through a number of these hissy-fit heated debates, I couldn’t help but laugh at a few, roll my eyes at most and have the rest cause me to put my hands in my face. Seriously, all it took was a kiss and some awkward but sweet bonding moments for people to get up in arms saying crap like “They ruined the show!” “How could you Genndy?” “The show’s gone downhill.” And those are just some of the less visceral comments I’ve seen…. It really makes me sad. It really makes me sad to see a show I loved as a kid, get second chance at finishing it’s story and the one tiny moment that wasn’t even remotely negative in any way, would then cause such a shit storm, that I have to sit back and wonder why did I have to be born as a human being… Oh am I sounding bit harsh here? *eh-hem* I suppose some would prefer it if I went back to my dark little corner of the internet and remain silent like I usually do. Heck No! I feel I should be aloud to express my own opinion, while setting somethings straight. (Pun not intended.) Now, I will not be completely demonizing people who are against this ship, because some do have a few valid points as to why they don’t like it or this episode and thats understandable. I’m not saying you have to like it. Again it’s all matter of choice and opinion. (get use to hearing that.) But! What I am irritated by is how people are practicality screaming out things like “Pedophile” “Forced” “Rushed” “Poorly Written” “Not gay equals bad” “Boy-cot” and other things that are just… Really really stupid… So I may has well give you guys my own two cents here. I don’t expect to change any minds here; just take what I say with a grain of salt. You have plenty of it, anyway…

Jack and Ashi should have been platonic. Like father and daughter.”

The moment I was first introduced to Ashi in episode 1, I knew she was going to play some important roll in the new season. I knew she was going to be some kind of ally to Jack. She wasn’t a mindless drown like her sisters. She was curious about the world. Now keep in mind, from the beginning, I wasn’t automatically shipping these two. I knew a bond was gonna form between them eventually, but I really didn’t know what type of relationship it was gonna be, nor did I care. Yes, it didn’t really matter to me, father/daughter, teacher/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever! All I cared about was seeing these two lost souls find happiness in one another. They make a great team already, so no matter which way it was gonna go, I was going to be satisfied either way. Being the gray smudge that I am, I kept an open mind about this. I’m not a big crack shipper anyway. Then again I don’t get into ships that much because I know how scary they can be. So thats why I stick with pairings that are canon and that I like. But I’m sure that this might be one of the reasons why people were a upset by this. They were really hoping for that platonic relationship. Sorry, don’t know what tell you there. Not everything in a show is gonna go your way. This is what Genndy wanted, but just because you didn’t agree with it, doesn’t mean you should be flat out calling it bad writing and hate the rest of the series for it!  I’ll get into the pacing issues later, right now it’s time to adress the elephant in the room…

Jack’s too old for Ashi and Ashi’s a little girl!”

Yes, time is a BIG issue in this series and I can understand the problem some “fans” are having with the whole age gap thing. Like he should be really old by this point, but heres the thing. Jack doesn’t age. He’s still stuck in his 20’s psychically AND mentally. Yes, I said mentally as well. His mind is worn out but not old. Like Jack said, time has lost it’s a effect on him. As for Ashi, I’m almost more than certain that she’s in her 20’s as well. The real problem shouldn’t be the fact that he’s older than her. The REAL problem should be the fact that he can’t age but she still can. Really, I’m surprised nobody’s getting more mad with Aku about this, since, you know? He’s the one responsible for this whole issue in the first place. Whats more annoying though, is the fact that this has become the main and almost only reason “fans” have for not liking this pairing! I mean come on! I can go on for why Edward and Bella are a bad couple, not just because he’s a hundred years old, but also because despite being a hundred he still goes to high school for some reason, acts like a creep around Bella, calls her his personal brand of heroine (and how much he wants to eat her.) breaks into her room to watch her sleep at night and throws her against the wall. Yet she does absolutely nothing about it and still acts so dependent on him like she can’t stand on her own two feet! * hem* Getting a off topic, I should also point out that this is not the first time we’ve seen a fictional couple where one person is way older than the other. It’s been done many times in media. Aragon and Arwen, Rose and Greg, Aang and Katara, Inuyasha and Kagome and nobody bats an eye there. But I know you’re probably going make excuses as to why I’m wrong for comparing some these couples to Jack and Ashi. “Uh, but Rose isn’t even human! She’s a gem and they don’t age!” Still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still thousands of years older than him. What does being a rock- I’m sorry, a Mineral not a rock, have to do with her age? And that can go the same for Arwen and Inuyasha as well. “But-but Aang was frozen in a sphere of ice.” Yeah, keeping him persevered for over a hundred something years thus delaying his ability to age until he was set free and why he’s still twelve. Even though technically speaking he was born way before Katara was born. Hell, I could dare say that Jack is in his own sphere of ice. Just not literally. Time and age have stopped round him. Thing is, even with out the fifty year time-skip Jack would still be considered thousands of years old since he comes from feudal era Japan. So no matter what girl he ended up with in this future, he would still be way older than her regardless. The more I hear this excuse brought up, the less water it holds and the more desperate it sounds. Especially when you have no other strong argument to bring, as to why these two shouldn’t be together. Oh, and don’t even think about calling it pedophilia! Just because we saw Ashi growing up as a child doesn’t mean she is one now. I’m pretty certain she’s past the teen stage. In fact we even saw what she looked like during that stage. So treating her like she’s still a child is kind of insulting, honestly. You’re consent miss use of the word, makes me want to strangle myself. Okay I’ve been ranting about this for too long… Let’s- let’s get to our next topic.

Why does media keep pushing for heterosexual couples? What a bunch of Homophobes!”

*Sssssssiiigggghhh….* I know not everyone who disagrees with this pairing thinks this way, but my God Tumblr… What’s with the extremism? I’ve always tried to be more opened minded about a lot of things. Accept others for who they are and have always said love is a very strange thing. So don’t you DARE blindly accuse me as a “homophobe” for what a I’m about to say here… Not everything has to be gay, in order to tell a good love story! There I said it! A good love story is when you can feel the connection between two characters no matter what their sexual preference is. I don’t like Ruby and Sapphire just because they’re mineral space lesbians, I like them because of how much they care for each other and how they can have fights and make-ups like any other couple and so on and so forth. Thats what makes a good pairing. Also saying it’s out of character for Jack to have an attraction to a female because your head-canon tells you he’s either ace or homo, is also not true as well. Not saying you still can’t have your ace/gay Jack crack ships. You don’t have to have canon dictate to you what you can or can’t ship. I’m simply saying that Jack has always been attracted to woman in the show. Remember when he got kissed by that girl in the field when he was a kid. He still has fond memories of it. And is it just me or did everyone forgot, Ikra, Josephine, or that creepy flower lady from ‘Seasons of Death’ happened? Given how nervous he gets around woman he finds attractive and how flustered he gets when seeing Ashi naked, it’s clear to me now, that he is definitely not her biological father as well. Now that he’s out of his depression, it was only a matter of time before he started falling for Ashi. Why is this anti-hetero/homophobia thing even an argument at all?! Why is it even brought up?

But the pacing felt so rushed! How dare they force the love-interest trope down our throats. This came out of nowhere!”

Okay, I’m going to briefly play devil’s advocate here. I can get where the rushed pacing argument comes from. But forced? No, put a pin on that last one. We’re gonna get back to that later. First I can agree that the pacing felt a bit rushed. (Though this isn’t the first time I’ve enjoyed something with a rushed pace. *cough*9*cough*) Still, keep in mind that the creator was only given ten episodes to work with. So certain things had to be cut out, I’m sure. If they were going make thirteen I’m pretty certain that would have given them more time to further expand on Jack and Ashi’s relationship, rather then cramming all the more romanic stuff in it into this episode. However, that doesn’t mean that the romance came out of no where. There were some hints dropped here and there since the beginning of episode 3 infact. We got only two more episodes left, so 8 had to be the one to fully confirm how Jack and Ashi are starting to feel for each other. I do feel like there could have been some other things they could have changed in the previous episodes to help further accentuate the relationship a little better in this episode. As far as this season goes, it may not be one of their strongest episodes, but it’s not their worst either. I still enjoyed it, romance and all. Honestly I think the real weak point was the conflict of being lost in the ship with the leach creatures. Like where was everyone else, what was the backstory to this space prison. This episode was always going to be about Jack and Ashi falling love no matter what. It’s just everything else was going to just feel like a little bit of an after thought. Another complaint I’ve heard was that this episode felt like “filler” and did nothing to progress the plot of the story. Well, I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. (Irony) You know, a few light-hearted laughs to put us at ease before the shit it’s the fan. (At least thats what it was suppose to be…) Though something tells me they’re just doing this to break our hearts later… And what lack of plot progression. The plot progression was with Jack and Ashi. With that said, going back to the “forced” bit. As I said before it was hinted at early on, the moment Jack and Ashi started interacting with each other. But I think the problem is because they were hinted at so subtlety, I guess it’s kinda easy for most people to miss them. Thing is we don’t really know how long it took Jack and Ashi to go from that mounted to that market area or how long it took for them to find that bird. You can use your mind fill in the gaps there. But I feel that to really cover this topic and why I don’t find their relationship “forced” I’m going to have to dive in deeper.

Shoot me…

Okay, now I’m going to get into what I think of these two and why I think they work as a pair. Starting off with Jack, he’s pretty much been through hell at this point. Losing his home, separated from his family, spends the rest of his childhood training to earn his father’s sword, only meets his parents again briefly before he goes off to fight Aku. Only to have the rug pulled out from under him when Aku throws him into the future. For fifty years this man has had to deal with so much pain and suffering. Getting trolled with by Aku, always having something try to kill him, being alone, seeing all the Hell that Aku has raised, suffering from hallucinations and no matter how hard he tries, he can never seem to reach his goal. Ultimately what leads to his depression. The more time passes him by while he remains young, the further and further his goal gets. He has lost all hope. Somewhere during those fifty years, a cult of Aku obsessed women have a ceremony for their High Priestess who’s given birth to seven daughters for the soul purpose to kill Samurai Jack. However one of these girls is not like the others. Ashi, does not have the same mind set as her sisters. She’s curious about the world outside, wants to see the beauty of nature, but is trapped with in the confides of her abusive mother. Never aloud to play or have fun. Never shown any love or bonding with her family. Forced into training at such a young age and all while being told nothing but lies about the Samurai and what an evil person he is, ruining Aku’s “perfect” world. Having never met this man, it only filled Ashi’s heart with anger and hate. Now fully grown, training complete, she and her sisters set off to kill Jack. Not knowing what they were getting themselves into. Not realizing that there mother essentially sent them out to die. And thus the journey begins for these two lost souls. Jack struggling to keep moving forward while being haunted by his own negative emotions as well as being hunted down by a shogun of death. Ashi, blinded by hatred towards a man who’s done her no wrong, she does not realizes she’s fighting for the wrong side. During the search for the Samurai, Ashi and her sisters come across a doe in the forest. That’s when the buck shows up. Thinking it’s related to Aku, they thing it’s come to “devour the weaker one.” What they didn’t expect to see was the two deer nuzzling each others noses. This was the first time any of them have seen affection before. Which leaves them so confused, as they were never taught to love but to hate. One of them even says she doesn’t like it. I also consider this part foreshadowing. It’s is only after he defeats them, does the ball really get rolling. Jack assumes he’s killed Ashi like the rest, but the guilt of what he’s done continues to eat a way at him. Ashi then wakes up, still hell bent on trying to kill him. She ends up getting restrained by her own chain and it is here, where Jack finally has a chance to see the woman behind the mask. A very troubled woman, who has clearly lost her way like him. Seeing that she is not evil and feeling bad for killing the others, Jack not only lets her live, but goes out of his way to protect her. The real turning point comes when Jack and Ashi escape the goliath monster. Ceasing the opportunity, Ashi slowly starts to creep up on him, while he isn’t looking, but just as she’s a bout to try and kill him that’s when the ladybug appears. This triggers a memory of when she was a child. During her training, she sees a ladybug and lets it land on her hand. Her mother scolds her for this, taking the bug away and killing it in front of her. Going back to reality, that bug flies over to Jack. He rises his hand to it as Ashi watches, wondering what he’s about to do. To her surprise, he lets the ladybug go, showing an act of kindness. Causing Ashi to drop her weapon; he’s not the monster her mother made him out to be. Through Jack, she learns more about the world, Ashi begins to see the truth as he shows her the beauty of nature and horror that Aku has caused. Ashi does begin to believe him, but the moment that seals the deal is after they save bunch of children from enslavement, Jack freaks out when we thinks they’re all dead. He heads off with the Omen (the shogun of death from earlier) to commit suicide and she goes to find him. Thats when she meets some of the people Jack has helped over the years, thats when she fully sees the man he really is. Thinking of her past and all the good Jack has done, this is what inspires her to change her appearance. And it’s because of her that Jack was able to regain his hope. She gave him the strength he needed to fight off his own demons. She protected him while he was in deep meditation to find his sword. From an army and her own mother no less. She does not hold any ill will towards him for killing her sisters, as it was out of self defense. It was her mother who sent them out there in the first place. Now that his hope has been restored and is back to being his old self. Now that he gotten to know her and sees how much she has changed for the better, it should come has no surprise that they would start noticing each other in more ways. I mean this is probably the longest anyone has ever traveled with him. So how does any of that sound forced? There was build up. Sorry if you couldn’t see it.

Final Thoughts…

Ya know, I find it pathetic that this is the reason people are getting so upset that they want to quit the show when theres only two episodes left to go. And you call yourselves fans… Can’t we just wait to see how the out come and then make our criticize afterwards. I’m even more disappointed with the fan-base than I am with the episode because of how everyone is acting like this pairing is such a crime. When this season started I thought this was gonna be fun. But now I’m just left sour over yet another fandom like I was with the “9” fandom. I’ve seen people literally saying that it made them feel uncomfortable and ruined the WHOLE series for them. Say, you wanna know what makes me feel uncomfortable? Is the more I think about it, the more it disturbs me that anybody will get pissed over a healthy relationship like this one, yet you’ll see abusive couples like Harley Quinn and Joker, Fifty Shades of Gray and the of mentioned Twilight get glorified. Am I the only one who sees something wrong there? And after all the shit that Jack and Ashi have been through, wouldn’t you want to see them to be happy? Isn’t that what many of us wanted? My only concern is now that it’s established that Jack and Ashi have deeper feelings for one another, how is the final going to effect them. Are the rumors I keep hearing going to be true? I’ve always been wanting to know how this series is going to end since I was eight years old and nothing is going to stop me for watching the ending. I don’t even care how it’s going to end. I don’t care if it breaks my heart. At least I will now know and I will accept what ever Genndy has in store. Like I said from the beginning, you’re not wrong for disliking or disagreeing with this pairing, I’m not wrong for liking it and thats fine. But don’t act like this is such a travesty that it makes you dislike the entire series, don’t quite while we’re so close to the end. This whole mess has just become childish at this point. But hey, hate me all you want for expressing my opinion. There is nothing you can say to me that hasn’t already been said before. Hate never fixes anything. Hate is what got Ashi’s sisters killed in the long run. I’ve been rambling on about this for too long. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna make some Jashi fan art while I still can. In the mean time enjoy this little quote.

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“Believe what you may, but if you open your eyes and let go of the hate. You will see the truth.”



“… My God, my favorite scene is when they’re on the train. Nothing is happening here; they’re just traveling and looking out the window, but after all the craziness that’s happened, it’s just the one place you want to be. There’s no dialogue here, there’s no talking whatsoever. They’re just looking out the window, and you can feel what they’re going through. This is the power of a visual medium: not everything has to be spelled out. A scene can just play and you can take whatever you want from it, because you know there’s such talented people behind it.”

-Nostalgia Critic’s Review of Spirited Away

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happy-hummer  asked:

Hey Taime! :-) As an INTP, how can I learn to focus my energy into one subject to master it? I have so many interests that I don't linger much on them.

Related questions (@mr-entj style because it’s awesome):

  • How can an INTP be more mindful? I set goals for myself to be more productive, then I’m playing my whole day off. Or I can be very forgetful of procedures and names. Not very mindful of me. 😛
  • I know you get a lot of asks, but I figured that this might be a problem with other INTPs as well. I really love music and I’m going into music performance (I play the flute), it’s what I want to make into a career. The only problem is that a lot of what I’d be doing/am doing right now involves lots of meticulous detail work that can drain me really quickly. I have a hard time motivating myself to get up and do it, but it is essential to making things work. Any tips? Thanks!
  • Hey, I’ve read that many INTP’s are usually interested in a lot of things and get bored of them kinda fast. But I can’t even seem to find one thing that I’m not too lazy to do, not to mention a lot of things. I go home and just sit at the computer. I dislike drawing, crafting, etc. because It really gets on my nerves and I’m terrible at it. I don’t really have any hobbies. Have you ever had a period in your life when you were like that too? if yes, then what did you do to change it?
  • Hello! First of all, I adore your blog. Secondly, do you have some kind of advice for an INTP who wants to survive High School with great grades to satisfy her own ambitions? I’m having some problems because of laziness and procrastination
  • And a truckload of similar asks.

Mastery, Motivation, Productivity, Finding Your Interests—An INTP Perspective

I want to write this as an INTP who got at least decent at these things out of my own volition. Most advice, books, speakers on these topics are very Te and/or SJ-focused. Some of them are very helpful, but a lot of them do not work well for me.

How to be better at anything:

1. Observe yourself like a hawk.

The goal is to recognize what’s effective for you. This will be different for everyone. You must set a goal to step out of the moment and truly be mindful of yourself, instead of going through the flow of your daily life. Otherwise, you will not pick up habits and mindset that you’re accustomed to.

For me, I came to realize that I’m much more productive/motivated when:

  • I have multiple projects to switch between when I’m bored or exhausted my ideas for the current one. This is why being an entrepreneur works really well for me. And even when I work in a company, I’d ask my boss for 3-4 projects to do at the same time and demonstrated that I can do this.
  • I’m ridiculously easily distracted by my own thoughts while working (blame the Ne). I found out that it subsided when a something other than music is playing in the background so that I can “focus” my distraction (music doesn’t work somehow). At first, I used to watch game playthroughs because I’m a nerd, but I made a switch to educational videos and audio books half a year ago. Now I spend at least 5 hours/day learning new things while working and not getting distracted. Win-win-win.
  • My workstation isn’t in my bedroom. I’d get sleepy and distracted ridiculously easy.
  • I’m either by myself or in a space where no one would directly interact with me, e.g. library or coworking space.
  • I tell people who are important to me about my goals and keep them updated on the progress. I’m much more motivated to hold myself accountable because I don’t want someone I respect to think of me as flaky.
  • I tend to procrastinate if I wake up early. If I’m up at 11am, I’d go “oh shit it’s already late, I must get started right away” instead of thinking “there’s still so much time…I could make breakfast, go get coffee, etc.” It’s a very common advice to get up earlier to be more productive. I know I won’t be able to fool myself because I’d always rationalize my way out of it. My optimal work hours have been from 11am-3am with breaks in between.
  • I get in the zone easily when I start, but it’s a huge hurdle to get myself to start. And therefore, the point above does help.
  • I can’t do things on a schedule (e.g. at 10AM I will start working on task A and finish by 12PM, then eat lunch, then at 1PM I will start task B). Some people excel at this, mind you, but I’d lose motivation faster than I can start. What works for me is listing the deadlines, which could be in days or weeks, then switch around tasks/projects as I like.

My full list would easily go over a hundred items. Recognize your own. As I mentioned, this list will be different for everyone.

An important note: it’s not shameful to admit that you need external validation. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten this blog going if I didn’t get this much support and interests from you guys. I probably wouldn’t have been drawing so much either if I didn’t get compliments from friends irl and online. I knew this about myself and intentionally put my work out there to get encouragement, which I received. And in turns, I also learn how to listen to criticism in the process.

2. When you have multiple interests, pick something and get good at it.

Choose one to develop at the moment, or 2-3, if you need to switch like me. You don’t have to abandon other interests. You will have time to develop them later on. But for now, just pick something, anything. Roll a dice if you must.

I’m an advocate of the “T-shaped skills” concept—you can be a generalist in many things, but you must master at least one. While you’re trying to master that one thing, there’s no harm in trying out a bunch of other skills.

When people see that you’re very good at one thing, they tend to believe that you’re capable of being good at other things (sometimes even unrelated things). More opportunities will be offered to you if people recognize that you’re good at one thing.

For example, I’m a good UX designer and I’m somewhat known in the startup community in my city. I’ve been invited by tech event organizers to speak, even though I was shite at public speaking, they insisted that I try. I’ve been asked to advise on the business side of startups and asked to design logos, even when I told them that I’m no expert in these things. They’d insist that they want my opinions anyway because they saw the way I work and think through design.

3. If you aren’t interested in anything, try a lot of things.

Get yourself out there and try new things. Maybe you haven’t found what you really click with yet. Try a bunch of local classes and workshops, volunteer, learn about possibilities of things you can do.

You might already be interested in something, but society tells you that it’s not considered a hobby or a job. You love learning about any topics and could read Wikipedia for hours? That is a hobby. You might even want to get a job in research. You love playing games? Maybe you want to create one yourself and make it a really enjoyable experience because you know games so well. Or maybe you could make a build guide for your favorite RPG on youtube, and learn some digital marketing to get your channel more popular. There are more ways to do things than what people think is “acceptable”

Think of how you can spin things you like into something productive and sustainable. From examples above, playing games in itself won’t do much for you. But if you create a useful gaming guide for other people, coupled with some SEO skills, you can turn the hobby you love into a career you love. 

4. If you don’t know your goals, follow your mentors.

You probably already have people you admire in many areas of your life, whether it’s because of their career success, their skill expertise, their wisdom, or certain qualities they possess. List things you admire about these people. What kind of things make you want to be like them? Once you have this list, it can be your goal.

If you really don’t have anyone you admire, start looking for them. They don’t have to be people you know irl. They can be anyone from a celebrity, an inventor who’s long dead, someone in your family, or even a fictional character. You don’t have to like everything about that person for them to be your mentor. You just need aim for specific qualities that you admire in them.

In the beginning, study your mentors intensely and copy them. Once you’re proficient, adapt their techniques to your personality. I’ve been trying to improve my public speaking skill. There’s an older INTJ guy whose speaking style I think is very captivating. To learn from him, I watched at least 50 videos of him speaking in public to study his mannerism, his tone of voice, how he structured his scripts, where he added pauses—specific things contributing to his speaking style that captivates attention. Then, I’d try to use specific techniques I learn from him when I taught the university class, even the same phrases and analogies he used because of their clarity. After the 5-6 class, I started to get a hang of it and was able to adapt “his” style that I emulated to become more of my own, adding my own twists and personality into the way I talk.

5. Mastery takes grit—practice v.s. practice smart.

Many people say “I don’t like anything because I’m not good at anything.” Well, here’s some good news for you:

Talent is overrated. No one, I repeat, no one, is automatically good at anything. Maybe you have a natural inclination that gives you an advantage, e.g. you were born with a physique suitable to be a runner and you happen to like running. You might have a competitive advantage as a runner, but there’s absolutely no way you’d become good at running without years of training.

When you see other people and think they’re “talented,” you’re seeing the results of years of practice. What they don’t show you is the grind, the long hours, the years of crappy results but sticking with it.

That’s not to say, if you keep at it, you’ll get better. Repetition alone doesn’t work. You must practice smart. I also believe in the 80/20 rule. 20% of the things you normally do get you 80% of the results. If you’re trying to get better at playing piano, would playing your favorite song from start to finish repeatedly make you any better?


You must target your weak points and attack it. Maybe your left little finger is weak and you can’t get the pressure you want. Do some Hanon exercises that focus on the little finger. Maybe you mess up a trill in a specific section half the time. Single out that section and practice it—don’t just play the whole song from start to finish.

I recommend watching Josh Kaufman talks about how it only takes 20 hours to become decent at something if you practice smart:


6. Mastery takes sacrifice.

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. It’s up to you to choose what you do with your hours. It’s impossible to do everything and be everything in our lifetime, so choose wisely. It’s better that you proactively choose for yourself than let life choose for you, otherwise, you’ll look back in 10 years and hate where your life is heading.

Here are some examples from my experience:

  • I sacrifice going out with friends for working on my own company. I have friends who go out 2-3 times a week, and it’d have been fun if I go with them but that would mean much less time for things I want to accomplish. Instead, I actively set up a hangout session with this group once a month and truly spend quality time together talking or playing board games, rather than joining their usual bar-hopping routine.
  • I sacrifice job stability and consistent income for personal growth. I worked at a tech company and a design agency before, and both of them still want me back (I’m still in touch with former bosses from both), and it’d have been a nice and easy life to do what I love and have stability. But I know that I’d never be satisfied if I don’t try to make something out on my own from scratch.
  • I sacrifice comfort for opportunities. I’m a true introvert. I could stay in my apartment for a month straight, not talk to anyone, and be perfectly comfortable. But I’ve come to realize that I need to go out, make friends and connections so that I can find more opportunities to advance my career goals. It’s still difficult for me now, but I know to push myself to do it. Each time I see an event invitation, my first thought would be “urg, I need to wear pants, and put makeup, and take the subway full of people…” But now I know how important it is to make connections, going to events that are relevant to my goals usually win.
  • I sacrifice some friends for friends who push me to grow. There are many people I like and whom like me, but some of those people only want to hang out and talk about other friends’ lives, TV series, or complain about work. It makes a huge difference in my life to spend time with friends who love discussing big ideas, business opportunities, self-improvement, and learning. And I’d rather spend time with the latter than the former, even though I could get along with both groups.

7. Aim to create more than you consume.

Most people only consume—watch, read, listen, play music other people wrote, use contents that other people created. It’s easy to do this, and you can even learn a lot from consuming, but you won’t grow nearly as much as creating something.

Put something out into the world that’s not junk, e.g. not your selfies, photos of your pet, a rant blog, negative comments on other people’s contents.

Think of what you can contribute, and do it. If you’re reading my blog, you probably like MBTI. You could write an explanation post of your own, compile resources for people to learn from, or write about other aspects of personality psychology. You could even become MBTI certified and teach people irl. I see so many MBTI blogs where half of the content is telling other people that they’re mistyped and stupid. What use is that to yourself and other people?

Realistically, it’s extremely difficult to create more than you consume since you’d be sacrificing convenience and efficiency (i.e. you wouldn’t want to build your own phone from scratch instead of buying one), but you get what I mean when I say aim to create more.

8. Be proactive.

Don’t wait for people to feed knowledge and skills to you. We’re lucky to live in the digital age where pretty much everything can be searched in a few seconds—do it. Don’t wait to be taught in school, and don’t wait for answers.

I get so many asks about basic things that can be easily googled or search on my blog. I do not have time to answer every question I get, especially on things I wrote about before. I wonder if these people go ahead and google it themselves, or do they wait forever and never end up learning because they didn’t get a reply.

If you want to get better at something, be proactive in seeking knowledge. If you already have the skills to use the internet, you can learn and become anything you want.


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p.s. If there’s anything on this topic I still haven’t covered in this post or other posts I wrote before (search or look at my elaborate index), you can ask.

Why a Hamilton? - Part 1

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: The witty and quick mouthed reader may be siblings with Alexander Hamilton, but with kindled feelings for Thomas Jefferson become too much, Alex has to put a stop to this.
Word Count: 2,104
W/T: Yelling?
A/N: Fluff turned into a bit angst really works out nicely, hm? I’m not sure how many parts will be to this story, so just keep your eyes peeled. Hope y'all enjoy!


“Um, excuse me, Mr. Washington, Mr. Hamilton, but if I may, I wish to say something to Jefferson.” You inquire, smoothing out your dress as you rose from your seat, rather heated about the current debate between your brother-Alexander Hamilton-, and Thomas Jefferson. “By all means, go right ahead, Y/N.” Washington replies, a sound of relief in his voice for having someone other than himself break up their argument. “Thank you, sir.” You curtsy, before turning to Thomas and Alex. “Prepare to be put to shame, Jefferson.” Alex smirks, only gaining a glare from the magenta clothed man. Thomas turns back to you, the usual flirtatious smile you see him wearing when he’s around you apparent. “Whatchya need, kitten?” He purrs, leaning towards you, waiting to be amused.

“First off, you keep speaking of equality among the people, but I surely don’t see how you can say that without making women apart of this? For without us, we most certainly wouldn’t have won the war, because so many men’s lives would’ve been lost, all because they didn’t get the right medical attention. Secondarily, you continue to dance around the topic of women as a whole. Is there something about that that is unsettling to you? That we are not a bunch of simple-minded, dress fancyin’ people who can reproduce? That we are as intelligent and well versed and spoken as most any men? Because frankly, my dear, women should have every and all rights that men are given. We have come so far from where started, gender segregation should not still exist with what progress we’ve made. Thirdly, I appreciate your futile attempts at using your devilish looks and sly tongue to persuade people, I really do, because they don’t seem to be working all that well, don’t you think?”

A heavy silence lingers in the air for a moment as you finish, taking a deep breath, not realizing you had been holding it. A satisfactory smile creeps into your lips as you catch a glimpse of Thomas’ awestruck face. “You… He’s speechless, Y/N.” Alex breathes into your ear, his amazement very apparent in his voice. Washington beams at you for having done what you did. Alex had always told you that Washington sees you two as his own kids, and with the way he was smiling, he look like a proud parent. “I-uh…” Thomas stutters, fumbling with his own tongue. “Oh?” You begin to mock. “Has the high and mighty Thomas Jefferson been knocked off his pedestal he so kindly placed himself on?” Thomas again opens his mouth, but he is quickly stopped by his counterpart, James Madison, who places his own hand over Thomas’ gaping mouth. “Could we take a recess, your excellency?” He calmly asks, a hint of embarrassment laced into his words. Washington nods, rising from his chair at the head of the table. “Yes, I do say a brief recess is in order after that massive onslaught from Hamilton.” He agrees, turning towards the courtyard door. “Everyone meet back in here in ten, that way we can go ahead and finish the meeting for the day.”

The majority of the room files out, leaving you and Alexander together, along with Madison and Jefferson, who sat across the way, Jefferson’s expression still looking pretty lost. “I can’t believe you actually did that, Sis. That takes a lot of guts, especially against that magenta asshat over there.” Alex laughs, scowling as he mentions Thomas. “Oh, it’s nothing, I do that kind of stuff to him all of the time.” You answer, leaning back in your chair. “Wait, what do you mean, ’all of the time`?” Alex questions, his face scrunching together slightly in confusion. “You know, when I’m around him, talking to him, teasing him? That’s the way I talk to him sometimes? That way he will shut up for a little bit?” You offer, your own answers becoming questions at the changing mood on your brother’s face. “You mean to tell me you willing talk to the Francophile?” Alex accuses, his head jerking back in surprise. “Yeah? Why? It’s not like I have any resentment against him.” You answer, careful about the words you pick.

You didn’t want your brother knowing that you had some pretty strong feelings for Thomas. It’s been that way since the first time you two had met. His overly flirtatious greeting to you rewarded him with a very witty comeback, leaving him dazed by the sudden attack. Ever since then, you two would talk for hours about anything and everything after Cabinet Meetings. Alexander would always become suspicious of your lingering, but Washington was always kind enough to get you out of those situations.

“Um, yes you do.” Alex quickly corrects, his tone serious. “I hate him, so there for the Hamilton’s hate him, so therefore you hate him as well.” “Oh lord, you really are the hardheaded one here, aren’t you?” You giggle, leaning back in your chair, the bright magenta color from across the table catching your eye. Your gaze shifts towards its movement, and you are greeted with almost the same sight as before, except Thomas’ look was a little less astonished. “What’s this? The exquisite Thomas Jefferson has been found at a loss for words? Did the cat get your tongue while you let your mouth hang open?” You taunt, his attention quickly turning from James to you. “Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Y/N here were to replace you in the office, Jefferson. She seems to know what she’s talking about more than you do.” Alex chimes in, seeing as he had a free shot at his nemesis. “Oh, don’t be like that yet, Al.” You interrupt, ready to shut him down. “I have plenty of things to say to you, but I’ll hold my tongue until we depart home.”

Alexander blinked at you, his eyebrows raised in astonishment. “Excuse me?” He asks in a rather offended tone, flabbergasted by your sudden comment to him. He opens his mouth to say something, but you knew that he was going to start going off on everyone at that point. Without hesitating, you reach out and snatch the collar of his coat, pulling him towards you in such an excessive manner, that Alex’s chair scoots forward a bit, the sound echoing around the almost empty board room. You lean in far enough that your mouth is directly next to his ear, and he sits frozen, both startled and confused by your sudden action. “Alex, I’m only going to say this once.” You breathe, your voice almost too quiet to be heard. “You need to shut your mouth for once. You are not the one trying to get Thomas’ attention at the moment.” On the last comment, Alexander’s head jerks backward, a look of horror and disgust scrawled all across his face. “What do you mean by that?!” He mouths, exaggerating his anger by flailing his hands around. You raise your index finger up to keep him silent, now turning your attention back to the curly haired man across the table from you.

His attitude has changed drastically, the small “o” shape his mouth made earlier was now replaced with his trademarked and ever elusive smirk, and his chin was resting on his folded hands, his eyes clearly displaying how amused he was by the sibling argument. “My my,” Thomas chuckles, tilting his head slightly, “ it’s funny how easy it is to see the resemblance between you two when you act like that with each other.” “Yes, it is quite easy isn’t it?” You laugh, a load of responses flying about your mind. “I mean, with your well groomed hair and out of control temper, it could only be assumed that I, the witty and collected Y/N Hamilton, was related to Alexander, who happens to share very similar qualities.” Alex turns to you, his face utterly distorted by confusion. He again opens his mouth to say something, but you simply push your index finger into his cheek, forcing his head to turn the other way. “Now now, Y/N, don’t get to ahead of yourself here. Would it help that clever mind of yours to remind you that you’re not of Washington’s office?” Jefferson counters, cocking an eyebrow at you. “Oh? You think you have me wrapped around your finger, Thomas? Well, you’re going to have to do better than that, especially if you’re messing with a Hamilton. I’ll have you know that I have Alexander under my th- hey!” You gasp angrily, your brother quickly grabbing ahold of your arm and tugging you along with him to the opposite side of the room.

“Pardon my French, but what the fuck was that, Y/N?” Alex practically yells at you, his right foot tapping vigorously against the wooden floor, his eyes bearing down on you. “What do you mean, ‘what the fuck was that’ Alex? I was just poking fun at Jefferson. Isn’t that what you want me to do?” You reply, your voice now just as angry sounding than your brother’s. “No, no, no. That was not just ‘poking fun’ at Jefferson, Y/N. There was something more in it than that.” He pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes for a moment. “It’s like there was-” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You lie, cutting him off before he can finish his sentence. He doesn’t need to know about what goes on between you and Thomas. That’s not his right to know. Alex’s eyes shoot open, narrowing themselves at you.

“Do you have feelings for Jefferson?”

You open your mouth to object, but nothing comes out. Not a word, not a sound, nothing. You’ve never once been found at a loss for words with your brother. Your cheeks start to flush with heat, and you automatically cast your eyes away from Alex, which was definitely not the answer he was looking for. “Oh my god. Oh my god.” He groans in realization, pressing a hand to his forehead and shoving the other one into a pant pocket. “It’s not what you think!” You manage to squeak out, your throat closing up on itself. “Not what I think? Not. What. I. Think?” Alex emphasizes, his face getting closer and closer to yours, making the warmth of your cheeks only steadily worse. “Y/N M/N Hamilton. You did not answer me when I asked you about your opinion on Jefferson, and man we’ve both despised since the beginning. Your face has grown red at the very mention of his name, and you refused to make eye contact with me!” Alexander spits, his voice furious and hot with hatred. “I didn’t despise him from the beginning, thank you very much.” You hiss back, almost immediately regretting your decision and quick tongue. “I’m sorry Al, I didn-” “Courtyard. Now. You are not allowed back here so long as Jefferson still holds office.” Alexander commands, his hand now pointing towards the door, stiff and rigid. “But-” “Y/N.” He says once more, cutting you off. You knew there was no chance at winning when Alexander gets this way. Hell, you’ve only seen him like this one other time, and that was during the war when his best friend Laurens refused to do as his general said, and ultimately got into a duel.

Tears sting the back of your eyes as you hang your head, bundle your dress up in your hands a bit, and slowly trudge towards the courtyard. You refuse to let Alex see that he’s made you cry. He doesn’t need to know. But instead, a glint of magenta catches your eye once again, bringing your attention back to Thomas for a moment. He sits the exact same he has been, the familiar smile with dazzling white teeth that you knew you had fallen for flashing at you. You muster enough strength to return a weak smile, not wanting to break down.

But this only makes it worse.

Thomas’s face falls, his expression melting from collected to concerned. He abruptly stands up, his chair creating the same screeching noise that Alex’s did earlier. Your breath catches in your throat, a strangled gasp escaping you for a moment before you duck your head back down and continue on your path, with a much faster pace. “Y/N?” Thomas calls out, his voice sounding hurt, confused. You bite your lip to keep yourself from sobbing, and squeeze your eyes shut, tears gushing from them. Thomas calls your name again, but it’s joined with Alexander’s voice now, each progressively getting louder.

Why did you have to be a Hamilton?

happy birthday || k. sj

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Summary: “I love you too but I am changing my phone password.”

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Fluff

Words: 925

A/N: Request by @trashcanchi !! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I am so sorry for the late birthday wishes but here is your requested Jin fluff hope you enjoyed it!!

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SM has been like this since ages

Here we go with a really L O N G ASS explanation about SM and he’s promoting ways.

I’ve been a fan of mostly all of SM groups since like 10 years except maybe TVXQ/DBSK, I started as a SJ-KRY Stan and I knew nothing about other groups and the internal dynamic of the company I was like this for like 3-4 years till SJ “Mr. Simple” era, to be clear ALL YOUR GOING ABOUT TO READ IS JUST MY EXPERIENCE AND OPINION FROM MY SM FAN VIEW SO…

ALL of the SM artist have had this kind of “scandal” in their own way and in their biggest era, BUT not just SM makes this, YG, JYP and smaller companies makes this to let their ongoing and growing groups get bigger in terms of numbers, if I have to put this in other way it’s like a competition between companies to prove which group of theirs is popular.

You’ll see, in the 2nd generation of K-pop groups like SJ & BB debut, it’s pretty known VIP’s and ELF’s are like enemies, just like EXO & BTS and their own fandoms (EXO-L’s and ARMY’s), the problem it’s not the publicity tactic that the companies held (I said that’s not the problem cuz this method is hold by numerous and different kinds of companies PUBLICLY since the 50’s), the problem is when it is not well managed.

SM is one of the 3 biggest entertainment companies all over Korea, you know when you are the best student in your class all the professors have an eye on you and even if you commit small mistakes everyone is just like HOW, IS SOMETHING WRONG GOING ON? SM maybe is one of the 3 biggest but is kind of dumb when it came to manage scandals, yes they paid for ulzzangs to promote THEIR GROUPS not just NCT because Instagram, Vyrl and other social media caught the attention not just of Korean citizens but international community, but they kinda choose the worst of the worst ulzzangs not because they’re not popular enough cuz clearly they’re more than influential to gain the attention not just from NCTzen’s but the web media, I said worst of the worst because most of this ulzzangs usually express how they gain money.

I mean by this when you are a true fan maybe low-key but true fan it is just to noticeable from the other part of the world but this is the problem whenever SM applies this method to promote their groups, SM groups have (not said by me but by ex-trainees that now are in other companies) the hardest and difficult trainee period, let’s take Johnny as an example:

Johnny was a trainee for 9 years, he travel to Korea periodically for 4 years and until he end high school he went to Korea permanently until now, when he started proper trainee system in SM he trained everyday for more than 16hrs not just dancing, he practice singing, learnt Korean properly, MC training, modeling, singing and other stuff that comes with being an SM wanna be Idol. Being an SM trainee is enough to learn how is to be an idol with out being one properly.
There for why many sm trainees leaves the company at an early beginning.

Returning to the point, SM is paying ulzzangs to attend NCT’s events not because they don’t care about the fans (well knowing SM maybe there’s a little of that) but because NCT is a rising group (and they have now other ways of make them bigger not like in SJ or SNSD era that they only have TV and that’s too much) they need to get known in what ever way they need to being known.

Yeah, it’s kind of well actually it’s very frustrating that they don’t get on count NCTzen’s efforts, because well SM could have pay those Ulzzangs to promote them on SNS but they don’t pay them to vote for them on public charts, believe me SM has their restrictions it’s like a rule between companies, they may pay to people who know nothing about their groups but the play fair and square.

We have to keep supporting our boys on order to make clear all this bullshit other fandoms are creating of our boys cuz if we just keep there staring and complaining we are going to give them the reason. It’s funny tho cuz many idols were ulzzangs before being trainees so we have to support them and SM if we want them to be bigger and keep the support of their company.

I love NCT too much, they give me enough synergy to start my day and makes me happy, please other fandoms don’t take this tactic to depreciate our group, we NCTzen’s have work since they were trainees to make them be where they are, if you don’t know you have to look at their ments when they won an award, SM artists in general are so thankful to their respective fandoms and even their antis because of we they are the groups we stan just like your fandom work to make your group’s grow we have work as much as they so please.

Edit: I wanted to explain this but turns that I only got angry and spit whatever came to my mind don’t judge, is 3:00 am and I have a headache I’m going to edit this properly later with links and other stuff.
On norms around asking for pronouns

(inspired by a post I’ll link when I’m not on phone)

Whether or not to ask for pronouns, and how to do it, is something that’s really contextual. There’s no simple rule that will prevent you from hurting anybody, you have to actually use your judgment about the situation.

For people who can’t rely on being read as their actual gender, or are misgendered even when trying to present appropriate cues such as wearing a dress, in a suitable environment in can be a big relief to get to tell people how to refer to us. It can also be, for questioning people, an alarming moment where we are forced to go from ambiguity to positioning ourselves in a specific way - this is a criticism that’s made of pronoun circles. Nevertheless, there’s a reason this practice evolved in trans spaces, because you can’t trust that your automatic parsing of someone’s gender will lead you right and misgendering hurts.

However, in everyday interactions in mostly cis environments is usually a way of saying “I’ve clocked you”, often in a way other people can hear, and this can be especially scary for trans women. People might say “always ask for pronouns”, but in most situations, this of course just leads to a confusing and uncomfortable situation with the cis, so people learn to actually ask it only to people who they clock as trans. We know it.

(As a baby trans girl thinking I was nb, I bought the idea of “always ask for pronouns”, and there was a time I hurt another trans woman by calling “what are your pronouns” across a (thankfully trans-friendly, and not paying a lot of attention) group. That situation turned out OK, but I really shouldn’t have asked then.)

A lot of the time there is actually no need to know a stranger’s pronouns, such as if you’re not going to refer to someone in third person, or can get away with gender neutral language. e.g. I’d rather that say, a cashier or other service worker not use “sir/ma'am” than misgender me or demand pronouns for a short interaction.

If you do want some principles, it’s best to always start by using your own pronouns i.e., “my pronouns are she/her, please could I ask what yours are?” and to do it relatively privately to avoid outing the person to other people. And to remember that your question will very often come across to trans people as “I clocked you” and to judge the pain and discomfort that will cause against the need to know the answer.

On the other hand, if you think someone is being misgendered, it can be worth asking the question, but you know, you have to judge it carefully.

Also consider who you’re with, and the social norms at play. I’ll generally feel a lot safer if another trans person asks that question, than if I’m being scrutinised by cis people. The post I’m responding to referred to the end of a job interview, which was a terribly inappropriate situation.

Also if your response to this is “there’s too many rules I just can’t win, I can’t deal with sj” - you are approaching this the wrong way. People are doing our best to articulate what hurts us, not trying to play a game to fuck with you. The point isn’t to invent an algorithm for “never hurting people”, it’s to try and talk to each other as human beings in different circumstances, and come to a better understanding that will enable us to relate to each other more comfortably despite all our traumas. It’s not about “winning” or being perfect, and accidentally hurting other people is both inevitable - for everyone - and not the end of the world. Hopefully we can move past it, or not, but either way we can only learn and and move on with a better understanding.

Trans people are used to a lot of shit. If you make an honest attempt to listen, understand and relate to us as human, we will most likely recognise that even if you accidentally say or do something that hurts us. We recognise that social relationships have never been easy, and everyone has to learn it, even in circumstances that are unfamiliar such as unlearning our society’s awful gender system.

Father’s Teachings

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Title: Father’s Teachings
Summary:  Rafael has to take his son to work for the week.
Rating: PG, PG-13
Word Count: 685
Tags: @yourtropegirl
A/N: message me if you wish to be tag because this will become a series

        Rafael Barba was a very private man when it came to his personal life. But the last shred of his private life went out the window when his son got suspended for fighting. Now usually a babysitter would watch him but with most colleges going into finals week Rafael decided that Damien could spend the week in his office. The ten-year-old boy, much like his father, was pretty self-sufficient and worked on the homework give to him by his teachers and read books that would make most 10-year old’s pass out just from the size.

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Why a Hamilton? - Part 5

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: The final stand for the reader and Jefferson to try and sort things out.
Word Count: 2,329
W/T: None?
A/N:Ahh, the bittersweet taste of writing the ending of a series. *sheds tear* Hope y'all enjoy!


Warmth. That’s the first thing you notice as you’re pulled back to consciousness. A source of heat, a light. Allowing your eyes to crack open slightly, you slowly adjust yourself to seeing your surroundings again, your vision becoming less and less blurry as you blink. Fuzzy colors quickly taken on shapes, and regain their sharp edges, the room materializing before you.

You were in your bedroom, the fireplace from across the way blazing fiercely, it’s light being the only source of being able to see anything. Shifting yourself to a sitting position, you lean the back of your head against the wooden headboard, a dull, throbbing pain arising from your skull, forcing a small groan from you. You shift a bit, trying to make yourself comfortable, and a blanket slips off of your shoulder.

Grabbing ahold of the slightly damp blanket, you re-wrap it around yourself, draping it across both of your shoulders. Mindlessly running your fingers across the soft fabric, you lower your gaze to it, the scent from it oddly familiar. The magenta cloth and golden buttons instantly click in your mind. This wasn’t a blanket, this was Thomas’ coat. His trademarked coat. Around your shoulders. Breathing in his rain mixed scent, you smile against the collar of the coat, an odd sense of happiness wavering over you.

“I see you’re awake.” A soft voice calls from the doorway, startling you. You speedily turn yourself towards the doorway, frozen in place with embarrassment from being caught smelling Thomas’ jacket. Madison chuckles heartily at your actions, stepping into your room and seating himself on the edge of your bed, his own coat missing from his usual attire. “You gave us quite a scare back there, Y/N.” He simply states, running his fingers lightly along the creases in your sheets. “I, uh, sorry?” You hesitantly offer, raising an eyebrow at the stout man, unsure of how to respond.

He slowly turns his eyes to meet yours, the darkness of them seeming to be scanning you, trying to figure something out about you. “What happened after I fell?” You inquire, wanting to fill the gap of time in your brain. “Well, you did manage to stop their fighting.” Madison establishes, nodding to the fact slightly. “They were in an utter panic. You should’ve seen their faces; priceless. Neither one of them knew what to do.” He laughs, recalling the memory. “I had to step in and bring you up here. Both of them started doing their own things. Alex had run into the kitchen to get a damp rag for your fever, and Thomas, well…” Madison trails, motioning towards the jacket laying across your shoulders. “He came in and laid down with you, using the excuse of making sure your heartbeat was still okay. He absolutely swaddled you in his coat. It was actually rather cute.”

You can’t stop the redness of the blush in your cheeks in time to hide them from Madison, his shy smile only growing bigger and more cocky. “Don’t worry about it, Y/N. Thomas is head over heels for you anyway.” “…I’ve been told.” You answer cautiously, not really wanting to hear the same speech that you had received from Washington earlier. Madison notices this, and gently places one of his hands on yours, trying to sooth your thoughts. “How about instead of me telling you about how much Thomas talks about you, you tell me how you feel about him?”

You move your mouth the counter this suggestion, but not a single noise comes out. You try and try, but every time yields the same results, and the same smiling Madison. “Okay, let me start you somewhere. How about when you’re around. How do you feel?” “Oh? Going to treat me like a child and ask me ‘how I feel’ about something?” You scoff, coming off a bit ruder than you meant to. “No, I’m just trying to help.” He deadpans slightly, a bit of an edge to his words. “Okay okay.” You defeatedly respond, shrinking into Thomas’ coat a little more. “It’s just… He’s very easy to talk to. As if he knew what I was going to say. Not to mention he’s always asking me about things I’m interested in. There’s never really a forced feeling between us.”

Madison scans over you once more, as if there were some sort of writing on you. “What do you hate about him?” He questions, catching you off guard. “Wh-what I hate about him?” You repeat, surprised by it. “Yes, what do you not like about him?” Madison reassures, raising an eyebrow. “I mean, I hate how him and Alex are constantly fighting. I just wish they could at least pretend to like each other, you know? Nobody likes how they are always going at each other’s throats.” You offer, silently groaning at the thought. Madison chuckles agreeably, nodding slightly. “What else?”

You rack your brain for anything else you could list off, but you come up empty. “I don’t have anything else.” You simply state, sounding a bit sad. “You’re not going to say anything about his taste in fashion? Or his handwriting? Or his choice in food?” Madison spouts off, confused by your lack of answers. “Yes, I would normally agree with you on those, James, but honestly, that’s what makes Thomas, well, Thomas. Those are his flaws, sure, but without them he wouldn’t be the same.”

“I suggest you tell him that.” Madison laughs, rising from his spot near your feet. You tilt your head at him as he disappears out of your doorway, and is slowly replaced by Thomas, his attire the same as before minus his coat. “That color suits you.” He smirks, lowering himself into the same spot Madison was moments ago. You simply offer him an over exaggerated eye roll, smiling. “I, uh…” He fumbles, grasping for words. “You scared me back there.”

“Yes, because I totally wanted to faint in front of you two.” You reply snarkily, a stray piece of hair falling to your face. “That’s not what I meant, Y/N.” He sighs, running his thumb across your knuckles softly. “I was just very worried about you. I still am.” “Well it scares me whenever you and Alex start fighting. It’s ended in injuries more than once.” You trail, a couple of memories from past fights rushing through your head for a quick second. “ but are you okay?” He asks again, attempting to sway away from the subject. “Yes I’m okay, alright? I’m not letting you try and push off the subject of you and Alex. It’s a problem and everyone knows it. Why can’t you two just, just get along like normal people?” You ramble, unsuccessfully pushing your stray hair behind your ear, allowing it to fall back.

“No, this can wait a minute.” Thomas deadpans, reaching his hand towards your forehead to feel to see if is still warm. But you pull your head back, glaring at him. “Y/N.” He states, narrowing his eyes slightly, stretching his arm back out towards you. “No, I’m not the problem right now, you are. Fix it.” You demand, leaning against the headboard. “Y/N, I need to make sure you aren’t running your fever still.” Thomas tells you once more, shifting himself over you, his knee against the bed between your legs. “No. I want you to stop arguing with Alex all of the time.” You growl slightly, trying to push him away from you. “Okay I will. Just let me check your temperature.” Thomas whines angrily, trying to swat your hands away from him. “No. Promise me. Promise me you won’t fight with Alex anymore.” You huff, still trying to fight his hands. “Y/N-” “Thomas. I’m not letting you go through with an empty promise here. Tell me you won’t- look me in the eyes and promise me you won’t fight with my brother anymore.”

Thomas swiftly snatches your wrists into one of his hands and pins them above you, his face now inches from yours. Heat rises on your face, unsure if it’s from the fever or his close proximity. His eyes slowly trail up to yours, lingering on your lips for a brief moment. His breath is hot against your nose, only adding to the increasing feel of the room. His dark chocolate eyes draw you in, just like they always do, the endlessness of them making your chest drop. Silently, his free hand rises to your cheek, his fingers dancing across your cheekbone gently, almost delicately. Your breath hitches slightly as he slips your stray hair behind your ear, his fingers leaving a thin trail of fire along his tracings. His hand slides itself down, cupping your face in it perfectly, only making you want to melt more. His eyes bring themselves to yours again, holding. They were glowing something mysterious, something understanding. They seem to be saying all of the words he was wanting to, without allowing his mouth to utter a single sound.

“I promise.”

A single beat of silence passes between you two before Thomas lowers his lips to yours, forcing you against the headboard slightly. You happily welcome the touch of his lips against yours, not realizing how starved you were for this connection with him. The temperature of the room skyrockets, only making his rough lips press into yours more and more. A soft, almost inaudible groan escapes you as he deepens the kiss, desperately wanting to run your hands through his mane of hair. He runs his thumb along your cheekbone, his nail scraping lightly against your skin.


Thomas slowly retreats from you the warmth from his lips lingering, his face riddled with a look of utter pleasure before turning towards the source of the voice in the doorway. You follow his gaze to the door as well, where you catch sight of your brother, his cheeks blazing pink underneath of his averted eyes. “Uh, I just wanted to tell you two something I thought you should know…” Alexander trails, rubbing his arm awkwardly. Sitting up quickly, you shrug Thomas’ hands away, swinging your legs over the side of your bed, trying to hide your embarrassment. “And what would that be?” Thomas inquires a little too harshly, scooting you closer to him, wrapping an arm around your waist. Alex narrows his eyes at him, but clearly withholds himself from spewing off choice words for Thomas. He takes a deep breath, trying to collect himself before continuing.

“Well, what I was going to say was… I’ve been… Thinking.” “That’s never a good sign.” Thomas mumbles, earning himself a jab in the side from you. “I’ve been, let’s say, ‘reviewing’ my previous reactions to you two- for Y/N’s sake, not Jefferson’s- and I’ve, I’ve seen the errors of my ways. Somewhat.” You furrow your eyebrows at him, confused by the vagueness of his words. “I’m not following, Al.” You state, pushing yourself up off the bed and stepping towards him. Alex bites his bottom lip, trying to rethink his words. Hesitantly, he takes your hands in his, gripping them reassuringly.

“Y/N, I see what you mean when you say I’m acting like your father, and you’re very right. I do try to act like a father to you, and it’s out of natural habit. Ever since we were orphaned, I’ve naturally felt the need to protect you, to shelter you. And once we came to New York, that sense only intensified from the war and new surroundings. But, despite my constant over-protectiveness, you still managed to flourish into a beautiful, brilliant, stubbornly independent woman.”

“Is there a point to this?” You quietly laugh, trying to keep back a set of fresh tears. Alexander squeezes your hands again, staring at them for a moment, pondering. “What I’m trying to say,” He begins, meeting your eyes, “Is that I’ve made my decision. I’m not happy about it, and I’m not really sure how I’m convincing myself enough to say this, but I know I’m doing this for you. It does baffle me how Jefferson has to be the one you’ve caught a thing for, but if he is the one that makes you happy and you know will treat you right, then…”

“I’m willing to let him court you.”

“ALEX!” You scream happily, rapidly enveloping him in the tightest embrace you’ve ever given. Tears stream down from your eyes, dampening the back of his lush green jacket. “Thank you thank you thank you!” You sob, futilely attempting to keep your onslaught of emotions at bay. “But remember I’m doing this for you, not him.” He whispers hostily in a joking manner into your ear. A heavy laugh escapes you, and you step back to try and wipe away the tears slipping down your cheeks, hoping you didn’t look as awful as you thought.

A pair of arms gently snake around your waist from behind, and a chin sets itself on top of your head, the owner very obviously smiling. “I didn’t think that I would ever say this, but thank you Hamilton.” Thomas huffs, his voice heavy with gratitude. “Yeah yeah, don’t make me Change my mind, Jefferson. It was hard enough to say those words as is.” Alex laughs, turning towards the stairs and disappearing down them.

Spinning around giddily in Thomas’ arms, you place your hands against his chest, his arms pulling you against him. His eyes smile down at you, the atmosphere much more cheery than before. “Who knew this day would ever come?” He exclaims, chuckling as he leans downward to you, stopping himself right before meeting your lips. A certain sparkle seemed to dazzle in his eyes now, a newfound passion laced in his gaze. He mutters a single phrase to you before melting against your lips once more, only causing a small smile to form.

“I can’t wait to change that last name of yours.”

Maybe being a Hamilton isn’t such a bad thing.

lotus-of-hyrule  asked:

I'm facing another... crisis of faith again. You see, I was reading about some stuff related to SJ and shipping; like the whole "they don't have romantic interactions in canon so why do you ship it", and Zelink came up in it. I wanted to jump right in and talk about ALL OF THE HINTS IN THE CANON AND BY THE CREATORS of their relationship, but then I found myself doubting them too, and I got scared I couldn't ship it (even though I really fucking do). Now I just feel... scared.

I see. But aren’t those just mere opinions?  Why should someone’s opinion have some type of effect in your enjoyment to the point of making you feel scared? My friend, please don’t give them that power over you. 

After all, you said so yourself, Link & Zelda as a pairing have tons of hints in different games and mangas. Not to mention, official merchandise. 

Originally posted by ourfinalheaven

You see, I ship lots of parings and they all have something in common whether they’re canon or not. That something is: People who disagree with my pairing and question why I like them.  

And you can easily tell when someone is genuinely curious or, when they just want to attack you for it.

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Hey ! How do INTPs see other personalities?

Thank you for asking! I’ve been wanting to do this.

Note: This is an INTP female’s IRL perspectives on other types - i.e. my personal opinions based on people I know in real life only. There are some types that I already wrote a more detailed analysis, so I’ll link to those too.

[NT] Rationals

INTP - I like all INTPs I’ve met in real life, but we either get along or we don’t (I’m an outgoing and assertive INTP, and the reclusive ones don’t love me too much). It’s interesting to see INTPs in different developmental stages: some with behaviors and qualities I used to have, and some with what I hope to have in the future. We have strangely similar worldviews and opinions on pretty much everything, despite coming from completely different backgrounds. I don’t have to censor myself around them, even with the INTP who is 30 years older than me. The most sincere person I’ve ever met is an INTP woman (no filter, no persona), and that was refreshing.

INTJ - I also like all INTJs I met in real life. They are refreshingly straightforward, and it’s very easy for me to connect with them on a mental level. They appear stoic and professional on the outside but would do anything for friends they care about. Intelligent, driven, reliable, has an uncanny psychic intuition (almost scary). One of my best friends is an INTJ. He’s my confidant, my adviser who understands my quirks and weird theories. We can talk about absolutely anything without judgment. We can hangout in silence and it would be comfortable. Although, these guys tend to be workaholic and reluctant to meet new people or try new activities, so it’s a bit hard to find time to meet even though we chat online a lot.

ENTP - My favorite type as a whole. The perfect mix of nerdy and awesome. We can discuss psychology and technology for hours then have the best party afterwards. Clever, well-rounded, creative, fun, adventurous, and always have interesting stories to tell. Naturally charming and good at bringing people together. I love their self-deprecating humor and how they’re comfortable with both masculine and feminine sides of themselves. I’ve never met an ENTP I don’t get along with - they either become my good friends or former boyfriends haha.

ENTJ - Intelligent, ambitious, charming, reliable. They really make a lot of sense (that’s one of the best compliments coming from me). I admire and respect their ability to turn ideas into reality, their work ethics, and how easily they inspire other people. We could also have intellectual discussions any time. This is the one type I actually wouldn’t mind following (not on everything, though, but still). I met 3 ENTJs so far and have a good relationship with all of them. We have a healthy respect for each other, even though they can be quite quick-tempered and harsh on other people. (INTP-ENTJ detailed analysis)

Extra points for all the NTs for:

  • Texting and not calling (I don’t like phone calls unless it’s short and has a clear objective).
  • Never giving me crap if I don’t reply for days and able to resume conversations like no time has passed.
  • Not bothering with greetings or small talks.
  • Seeing my INTP female weirdness as “unique” and “interesting”.

[SJ] Guardians

ESTJ - Smart, reliable, practical, grounded, prudent, very ambitious and competitive. We can have a good time discussing business ideas, science, and politics. Although, creativity is not their strong suite and they have a hard time following my theoretical/abstract talk. They can be quite controlling and narrow-minded in terms of the way they think people should live their lives (they don’t take INTP’s unconventional qualities too well). If someone doesn’t measure up to ESTJ’s personal standard, that person is deemed worthless (even if they may have different kinds of skills or different goals in life). Success and happiness can be measured in more than one way.

ISTJ - Hard-working, grounded, practical, traditional, book smart, great memory. They believe in a step-by-step approach to everything, and tend to see things I accomplished without following those steps as either magical or a fluke. Rather judgmental and can be quite tactless; either they accept you or they don’t. Nothing in between. I have a decent friendship with the ones I met, and I appreciate that they are drama-free people, but can’t see myself being close friends with one. We are too different.

ESFJ - I appreciate how loyal they are to friends, and how they somehow remember little things about me (what I like, my birthday, names of my whole family and pets). In fact, their memory is fucking incredible. But they seriously need to learn to read my body language when I’m obviously not listening to those talks about random people I don’t even know. Or that me saying “I really gotta go” on the phone doesn’t mean “tell me 2 more stories at super speed.” Also, get the hell out of victim mode already! I tried to kick these guy’s asses out of it so many times that I gave up. Stop complaining about variations of the same problems and do something about them. But keep the brownies coming; those are delicious ❤ (INTP-ESFJ detailed analysis)

ISFJ - I appreciate that they make nice for everyone, but I really can’t seem to respect them. I’m amazed at how easily butthurt they are and how they think they’re able to hide it (I’m just being straightforward. I didn’t use personal attacks). I wish they’d say what they really think for once! (Stop that round about way of talking that distorts everything). And if you’re always adamant in getting a unanimous decision from a team of 10 people, then no work would get done. Also, if you always wait until you’re 100% ready before you do something, then you won’t get anywhere.

[SP] Artisans

ESFP - I find their hopeless romanticism very cute. It seems like they have a talent in getting into a lot of messy relationships, but they also get bored and get out of them pretty quickly, so I don’t see the problem there. We don’t have a lot of interest in commons, but they’re one of the most awesome party friends, nonetheless. The one I know are always beaming with positivity and they have a tremendous amount of energy (tell me how!?). Their personality has a dramatic flair, but they don’t cause drama and are pretty chill people. They are always up for something fun.

ISFP - A bit ditsy and scatterbrained, but they have an uncanny ability to pick up the slightest emotional cues from my (usually unemotional) face. I remember being slightly irritated at someone and let out a tiiiny sigh, and an ISFP noticed (that was scary). They are generally sweet and mellow and have the moody, indy artist feel to them (even if they’re not one). But similar to ESFP, not a lot of common interests here and not a lot to talk about. They aren’t usually into the kinds of discussions INTPs live for.

ESTP - Daring. In fact, I can make them do anything with a dare (if I phrase it correctly), and that’s quite fun for me. Adventurous, (over)confident, fast-paced, very easily bored, can be creative, but not exactly original. I like discussing ideas with them because they seem amazed with the things I come up with, although they won’t respond the same way NTs would. I have to say, I love their fancy electronic gadgets and photography gears. But the one thing that annoys me about ESTP is that they don’t take their promises seriously (especially important ones that could have changed other people’s lives), and they sometimes abandon a good idea too quickly just because they’re bored. And ESTPs, if you really try to understand the perspectives of people who are different from you, less people will call you a jerk, I swear.

ISTP - You’re reliable as a friend and offer me a similar, yet different perspective on things. Tolerant of my quirks but still find me weird, thankfully, in an entertaining way. Can be flaky on promises and may abandon a project with other people in the middle of it to do their own things. Also generally drama-free (with me, at least) and chill people.

[NF] Idealists

ENFP - Crazy, in a good way. They are passionate, fun, spontaneous, positive, creative people. Can be a bit naive at times and tend to trust people easily. They can also be a bit emotionally manipulative with their cute pleading and guilt trips. They can also be a bit dramatic. I like the ones I know when we are friends with some distance between us, when they get close, they can be smothering for INTPs. (INTP-ENFP detailed analysis)

INFP - I like most INFPs I met. We usually have a good time discussing abstract theories and doing really random fun things together. We seem to connect easily and are amazed at each other’s views on things. They are understanding, nonjudgmental people and I feel relaxed and comforted around them. Also a bit naive and dreamy at times. (INTP-INFP detailed analysis)

ENFJ - I love how driven and ambitious they are, but at the same time, they’re the most jolly people I know. Popular, charming, energetic, friendly and protective of their friends. I appreciate them for dragging me off my ass to try new activities and meet new people (which I usually end up having a good time anyway). We can discuss many interesting things, and have a common interest on self-development. But sometimes I get annoyed when ENFJs would assume they know certain things about me more than I know myself and would base their advice on that assumption. Other than that, they are generally very lovely people.

INFJ - Unfortunately, I only knew one. An unhealthy one. Extremely manipulative based on petty jealousy, and so damn good at it. I saw through her methods, but most people didn’t, and I found that disturbing.

About Ni vs Si

storiesintheend123 rebloged my post about Ni vs Si and added this to it, and I felt that it was very important for me to share it because I literally had about 50 Si users start slamming me for no reason.  I focused solely on Ni because I felt that Si had been universally explained to the point where it was understood while Ni was confusing to many.  Instead a bunch of people sent anon hate (literally calm down?) and added vague sentences like Ni is an apple and Ne is a pear which is confusing and the whole reason I made the post.  I will probably soon just make a post that gives a deep explanation of the 4 perceiving functions in comparison and working together and then one for the judging, but high Si users, please just chill because it was literally only a post about making Ni easier to understand as opposed to Si abstraction which was not what I was focusing on.  I was not trying to make Si seem basic, I was simply trying to explain the subjective future orientation of Ni vs. the subjective past orientation of Si.   

“So I am an ENFP as well, but as a Si user (inferior though it may be) who has spent plenty of time hashing out MBTI stuff with an INTJ, an INTP, and an ESFJ … the whole Si-focuses-backward and Ni-focuses-forward is true. It is, of course, a stereotype, and it won’t always apply perfectly (or even all that well). But the point is that SJs and NPs tend to interpret the present by drawing on reference points in the past, while NJs and SPs tend to work through the present by drawing on predictions about the future. Both of them pay attention to the present, but they integrate it differently.

For example: my INTJ friend tends to view his life by focusing on who he wants to be, then making decisions about his current state of being based on that. Where he is going next is extremely crucial to him (the same goes for an INFJ friend of mine). He hates admitting he is wrong about something because it contradicts what he wants to be in the future (in a position closer to the unachievable self-perfection, from which stepping backwards is discouraging). Even my STP friends think about the future first, though with high Se this often translates into “what adventure do I go on next, or what is the next thing I have to do to keep myself alive or winning or whatever in the middle of this adventure or sport, etc.”

Contrast that with my ENFP self and my INTP and ESFJ friends. All three of us think in terms of “how did I get here?” (just like Desmond the Moon Bear, of course). We think back to where we’ve been, which was what brought us to where we are now. We fear repeating past mistakes because we know we’re liable to do the same things in the heat of the moment. We plan and agonize based on “well how did that work in the past?” rather than on “where do we go from here?” Si can be surprisingly spontaneous, though usually because we don’t have a set direction to go and therefore just do whatever comes into our minds that doesn’t automatically raise red “this didn’t work last time” flags.

You can even see the difference in how my INTJ and ISTP friends felt while fighting depression and in how I and my ESFJ friend have felt. Ni worries because it’s not able to progress to where it wants to be. The future seems unreachable, and so what is the use of pursuing it? Just give up and sit where you are. Si worries that it’s not going to be able to break the cycles of the past. You mucked up three friendships already by turning them into codependencies, so what does that say about the fate of your current friendships? The state of “normalcy” that existed before can’t possibly be returned to, since too much damage has occurred for “normal” to ever be achievable ever again. Ni despairs of being able to move toward the goal, while Si despairs of being able to move away from the problem.

As far as Si vs Se and Ni vs Ne goes …

Si and Se both deal with impressions and perceptions. Si compares input to the past, while Se tries to process input on its own merits. Si says, “We can’t trust Mr. Gold, because he’s screwed us over so many times.” Se says, “We shouldn’t trust Mr. Gold, because we know he’s got the means to screw us over and the motive to encourage screwing us over.” Si builds off of past data points (very deductive). Se gathers current data and makes a statement about it (very inductive).

Ni and Ne both deal with judgments and intentions. Ni judges input from what it foresees, while Ne tries to weigh input on its own merits. Ni says, “Mr. Gold is going to screw us over, because he’s never going to give up his dark powers.” Ne says, “Mr. Gold might screw us over, because he wants to protect people his own way, and because he hates losing control of situations and the most obvious solution to this situation is for him to give up control.” Ni predicts based on what is most likely (probability-oriented). Ne predicts based on what things might occur (possibility-oriented).

Sensing functions can be easily skewed by misperceptions and misinformation. Intuiting functions can be easily skewed by misjudgments and misapplication. Si is like an encyclopaedia (what has been proven), Se is like a dictionary (what is accepted), Ne is like a flowchart (what is possible), and Ni is like an almanac (what is predicted). Si and Ni can look both forward and back–the difference is where they are rooted/which direction they base their confidence in. Se and Ne can both look inwards and outwards–the difference is whether something is observed or inferred.

Long response, I know, but I feel like a lot of y’all higher-Si users are getting wrapped up in nuances of Si that are beside the point.”

Mod says: I really hope none of my followers send anon hate, because if so:

The Red Stands for Slytherin Blood

Character: Jefferson X Gryffindor!Reader
Prompt: Your houses are supposed to hate each other, it’s basically an unwritten rule. And yet, even after Jefferson manages to hurt you, you still get butterflies around him. And by hurt I mean he knocks you upside the head with a Buldger.
AU: Hogwarts
Word Count: 2,861
W/T: Honestly I have no idea whoops
A/N: THIS IS NOT EDITED. Before you ask, yes, the girl that Laf likes in this is none other than me. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist doing that XD. I like plugging myself into different stories sometimes, I can’t help it :). Hope y'all enjoy!


“Y/N L/N, you better not be lying to me!” Your freckled friend calls after you as you try to disappear into your dormitory. He quickly grabs ahold of you by the sleeve of your sleek black school robe, causing your books to fly out of your arms, scattering across the hardwood floor of the Gryffindor commons. “Now look what you’ve done, John.” You mutter, shaking loose of his grasp on you and bending over to recollect the books. “Just, tell me the truth, Y/N. I told you who I like, now you have to fulfill your end.”

You freeze in place for a moment. You couldn’t tell your best friend who you had fallen for the moment you met them, he’d laugh himself out of Hogwarts. He’d think you are crazy, insane, totally out of your mind for liking this guy. He’d think-

“Well? Who is it?” John badgers, his eyes wide and full of anticipation. “No, I can’t tell you.” You shrug, dismissing the thought. “Aww, come on, Y/N! At least tell me what house they’re in! Or what their eye color is or what hand they write with or something!” He whines, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. “No, John. I’m not going to tell you. The same answer I’ve given you for the past week.” You sigh, rolling your eyes at him. “Come on, you said that we were meeting Herc and Laf in the dining hall to study for our potions exam. And with the way you’ve been acting, you need this help.”

“Well can’t you tell me if you like someone at least? Make it a yes or no question?” He pouts, making sure you can see his puppy dog eyes by moving in front of you. “God, if I were allowed to cast a Confringo spell on you right now, you’d learn to back off.” You threaten, the sight of him exploding right before your eyes becoming more and more appealing by the second. “Well let’s be thankful you’re a rule abider.” John nervously laughs, backing off a bit. “But just tell me if you have a crush on somebody right now! That’s not a revealing answer, is it?” You bite your lip, weighing out the pros and cons of answering, as if it were a life or death situation. “Yeah, okay, I’ve got a thing for somebody. Happy?” You spit, spinning on your heels to disappear to the dining hall, John giddily tagging right along.

“Awww, Y/N has a crush! This is adorable, this too much.” John mocks, hugging his books dreamily against his chest as he descends down the stairs with you, their enchanted hinges allowing for them to move in place for you. “Yeah yeah yeah. Might I remind you of your crush? The one you gushed to me about? Who was it again? A-” “We don’t speak of who I like anywhere besides the dormitory, Y/N.” John deadpans, giving you a super serious glare, which only earns a giggle from you. “Hey, it’s what you get for badgering me.” You reply, shrugging your shoulders as you nudge John around the corner of the staircase railing and into the extensive corridor before you. “You’re the one who wouldn’t tell me, what other option did I have?!” He exclaims, bumping you with his own shoulder.

Seeing as this was a meaningless conversation, you simply roll your eyes and continue into the Great Hall, the seemingly endless house tables laid out before you. The tops of the finished tables were bare, unlike the usually are during a meal, and many students milled about amongst them, each entertained by a different mean. Each of the house banners hang above a specified table, and below the yellow and red banner sat a pair of boys, each looking as mischievous as the other. The stouter one, a bandana tied around his forehead in his house’s colors, turns and waves at you and John, motioning for you to join him.

You and John happily plop down on the bench next to the two guys, one on either side. “Ah, so you’ve finally decided to join us, mon amis.” The boy next to you jokes, his puffy hair pulled back in a ponytail, his brilliant white teeth dazzling with his smile. “Oh shut up, Lafayette. They were probably getting hype for the Quidditch match later.” The guy that waved you over points out excitedly, his muscular frame shivering in anticipation for the big game later that day. “Actually,” John counters, narrowing his eyes at you, “We were talking about our love life.” “Oh! We’re you now? I do wish to hear of Y/N’s, how you say, crush. What are they like, mon ami?” Lafayette teases, leaning forward onto his hands. “Oh wouldn’t you like to know, Laf? What about that ginger you’ve fallen head over heels for, hm? Isn’t she sitting right down there?” You fire back, secretively point to the opposite end of the table.

Indeed, there sat a girl, her hair a fiery color, and her skin surprisingly tan in complexion to most other redheads. Her freckles dotted her cheeks and face, and her peculiar laughter lit up the small conversation she was having with her other Gryffindor friends. “Go talk to her, Laf. She’s looking right at you.” John nods, finally getting Lafayette to turn around, just in time to catch a glimpse of the girl’s hazel eyes averting themselves away from him, giggling to the other girls with her.

“Non, she is with friends. I stand no chance.” He sighs, turning back to you and the others. “Well then just swoon her with your skills during the Quidditch match!” Herc suggests, leaning across the table and slapping him on the arm. “Have you forgotten that she is our Seeker, buddy? That’s a bit tough to do when she can’t even focus on him.” John laughs at Herc, almost falling backwards on the bench. “Well then just make sure you save her from an oncoming bulgers, or something. I dunno.” Herc fumbles, already ready to watch the game. “But hey, I managed to snag some BeWitched Paint from Thomas!”

Your heart skyrockets at the very sound of that name. You knew who he was talking about just by the tone of his voice. Thomas Jefferson, the Slytherin who had somehow stolen your heart when you first met him. Sure, your Gryffindor buddies weren’t on best terms with him, but that didn’t stop you and him from talking. And hanging out in secret under his invisibility cloak. After curfew.

“How in the bloody hell did you st-wait, did Alex do that?” John questions, narrowing his eyes at the small tubs of red and gold paint Hercules has pulled out from under his robes. “Possibly.” He mimics back, handing the container of gold to him. “Oh, and Y/N? I may or may not have blamed my masterpiece in the Slytherin commons on you.” You draw your head back at that. “What do you mean,’masterpiece’?” You seeth, glaring at Hercules. He opens his mouth to respond, a sheepish grin tacked on his face, but another voice interrupts him, drawing everyone’s attention towards the entrance doors.

Stumbling towards you, a boy with a low bun, a green and silver scarf, and scattered facial hair approaches, his hand wrapped around his side in pain from laughing so hard. “Something funny happen, Alexander?” Lafayette inquires, knowing full well what he was laughing about. “Dude, Thomas has been complaining about it all day. How did you manage to get it on his robes?!” Alex wheezes out, falling next to Hercules and John in a pained manner, still gasping to catch his breath.”What. Did. You. Draw?” You deadpan, eyes wide. “Oh shit.” Alex whispers, quickly composing himself. “Why did we blame this on them, again?” “What did you do this time?”

“Why don’t you go take a look yourself?” Alex suggests, standing back up and ushering you towards the door. “Wha-no, I’ll take a look later, or I’ll probably hear it from someone later anyway.” You shake off, standing up. “We-” you start, grabbing ahold of Lafayette’s arm and tugging him up with you “- are going to get ready for the big game, where we will demolish Slytherin’s arse.” You smile smugly at Alex, watching his smirk turn into a grimace. “Come on, Laf.” You say, spinning around on your heels and pulling Laf along behind you. “Wait, mon ami, why are we going around the table the long way?” He asks hurriedly, his face reddening as you near the group of girls from earlier.

Lafayette’s crush turns around to face you, her smile bright. “Oh, are you guys going down to the field now?” She asks, standing up from her spot. You nod, nudging Lafayette forward a bit. He attempts to regain his composure, but the girl’s smile seems to be too much for the poor Frenchman. “Alright, let’s go kick some ass.” She laughs, taking Lafayette’s arm and walking alongside him. “You know it, mon ange.” He laughs, leading her along behind you. You can catch snippets of their conversation as they trail behind you, and at one point you have to suppress an onslaught of laughter because of the girl replying to him in fluent French, stunning him into silence.

You eventually reach the Quidditch grounds, the stands already alive with students and teachers from all houses, rearing to watch this intense rivalry play out before them. The three of you disappear into the Gryffindor halls beneath the stadium, the noise from above echoing down the stairwell. The girl veers off to a different branch of the hallway, leaving you and Laf with the rest of the Chasers in the main room. “Didn’t know she spoke French, huh?” You tease him quietly, making his cheeks grow redder than ever. “Oh, shut up. I still haven’t heard who your crush is, Y/N.” He answers, trying to change the subject as he pulls off his school robes, revealing his Quidditch uniform underneath. “Like I said, I’m not telling. My lips are sealed.” You shoot back, doing the same with your robes. ‘Then how come you know so much about everybody else, but won’t let other’s know about you?”

“Not answering the question.” You sing back in an annoyed tone, aggressively pulling on your protective gear. ‘And if you’ll be so kind, the game is going to start shortly. I would rather not be disqualified over the fact that our exchange student was late to the game.” Briskly, you stalk towards the shared broomsticks closet, where both teams brooms are held prior to a match. Slipping your wand into your back pocket, you approach the small, square room, each wall sporting the color of each of the four houses. Wrapping your gloved hands around your Firebolt, you gently uproot it from its holding container, a surge of magic flowing through your fingertips as you do so, almost as if it were coming alive. Its sleek wooden handle resting perfectly against your palms fills you with confidence, ready to be able to mount it once again.

“Well, I didn’t realize Y/N was here as well.” A familiar voice chuckles happily, startling you. A shiver whipped down your spine and your chest caved in on itself as you turned to meet the source of the voice, his chiseled chin and green and silver sweater looming over you. “Flirting with the enemy, are we now, Thomas?” You smirk, staring up at his dark eyes mischievously. God, you could get lost in those eyes for hours, the way they just suck you in, as if they were an endless abyss. “I’d say that would be more of your doing, staring at me like you’re lost in some sort of dream. Bet you wish you had a Disillusionment charm on now, the way you’re blushing.” Thomas points out, only to step closer to you, his body heat now radiating onto you. “I wouldn’t be talking such smack, if I were you. To my knowledge, Hercules has mastered a pretty strong Hurling Hex. I wouldn’t want to have to sic him on you like Alex did with the Enchanted Paints, now would I?”

“Hey, lovebirds, we are getting ready to start!” Someone calls from the hallway behind Thomas, breaking up your heated trash talk. “Careful now, Y/N, wouldn’t want you making your hideously colored jersey all dirty from picking a fight.” Thomas mocks, stepping back towards the shadows of the corridor behind him. “This red? This stands for blood. Slytherin blood. Better keep an eye out.” You finish, disappearing back down your own hallway to the Pit, where your team was lining up. “You ready?” Lafayette asks from your right as you position yourself, his voice filled with excitement. “Always.” You joke back, mounting your broomstick as the doors in front of you swing open, revealing the lush green field before you. You lean forward and zoom out into the open, where the crowd’s roaring and cheering explodes in your ears. The sky rushes towards you as you fly about in the air, the gained wind pulling your hair back. A light rain had begun while you were under the arena, fogging your visibility slightly. The whistle from below rings through your ears as you burst into action, Lafayette quickly grabbing ahold of the Quaffle and chucking it to you. Gracefully grasping it in your right hand, you surge towards the hoops ahead of you, swooping downward to avoid an incoming tag team from the Slytherins.

Thrusting all of your strength behind the large red ball, you hurl it towards the highest goal post, catching the Keeper off guard. She rushes up as fast as she can to stop it, but she doesn’t quite make it. The Quaffle soars through the goal, and another roar erupts from the crowd.

And the game continues like this through the overcast and light rain, a constant back and forth of scoring, Gryffindor barely keeping ahead. Many players have been injured, Lafayette being one, his leg throbbing from kicking a Bulger away from the Seeker. Thomas has flown by you a few times, pretending to knock you off your broom as he whizzed by. Lafayette even had to yell at you a few times to dodge some incoming Buldgers that nearly scalped you.

You hover in place for a moment, attempting to catch your breath. Removing your goggles, you quickly rub them against your pant leg, trying to defog them. Green and red blurs fly past you, each fighting and escaping each other. There are several shouts from behind you, and Lafayette shouting catches your attention the most. You begin to turn towards him, but you’re instead assaulted by a black metal Buldger, inches from your head. It collided with your left temple instantly, pulling you off of your broom. The ground rushed towards you, and the lush grass turns to black as the shouting and cheering fade away.


Fuzzy lights and soft breathing. That’s not what you remember last, but it’s definitely what you were seeing. Blinking away the gunk around your eyes, you gingerly sit up, your head quickly throbbing. A groan escapes you as you raise your hand to the source of the pain, a rough bandage meeting your fingers instead of your hair. “Oh, you’re awake thank god.” A voice sighs, scaring you. You jump slightly in place, and a soft hand placing itself stop yours protectively. You’re eyes trail up the arm to its owner, who’s deep, dark eyes draw you in just like before.

“Thomas? What are you doing here? What am I doing here?” You question, taking in your surroundings as you do so, trying to ignore the pain in your head. You were clearly in the Infirmary Wing, and it seems that only you and Thomas were there. “I, uh… You were knocked unconscious by a Buldger during the match.” He answers sheepishly, his face growing red as he tightens his grip on your hand. “Oh.” Is all you can say as the memories slowly come back to you. “You guys won, by the way. Filthy Gryffindicks.” He mumbles, looking away from you. “That’s nice and all, but why are you here?” You ask confused, the same heat from earlier being brought back to your cheeks. He shyly rubs the back of his neck, his face a mix of emotions. “I, uh, was the one that hit you with the… Buldger…” He trails, his own cheeks becoming red. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” You smile at him, knowing full well why he was here. “We’ll, there is one way you can make it up to me.” You offer, a small smirk forming on your lips. “Oh? And what would that be?” He inquires, leaning towards you.

Without uttering another word, you lean over the short railing of the hospital bed and press your lips against his, the tension from earlier prominent in the kiss. He kisses back, returning the same passion, a fire sizzling between your lips.

It as if there were magic between the two of you.

Episode 295: Running Man Apology Service to each other.

“You know, we all used to play in a playground when we were young. But as we get older, we can’t play in the same place forever. Those rides wouldn’t be suitable for us anymore, and we won’t have much fun playing with the same rides over and over. To find different sides of us, we shouldn’t keep doing the same things. For that, staff members are working hard. We don’t have any other way but to do our best.” –Jaesuk.

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anonymous asked:

I just recently found out about the whole mbti types. That being said I don't know as much as I thought I did (very little I'm coming to learn). I keep seeing references to Ni Te stuff like that. I know they stand for letters of the types (right?) but I'm still confused as to what they mean. I kinda understand on some weird level but at the same I don't which is really annoying. I tried looking it up but that just further confused me so I was wondering if you would explain?

So in the theory in its purest form (which stems from the Jungian theory of psychological types), it isn’t about the letters of your type. How they always describe it: 60% extraverted, 35% intuitive, 8% feeling, 22% perceptive; that means nothing.

It’s about the cognitive functions associated with your type. Cognitive functions are basic mental processes, and there are 8 of them (Ti, Te, Fi, Fe, Si, Se, Ni, and Ne). The extroverted functions are ways of interacting with the world. The introverted functions are ways of reflecting on yourself and what you know. 

You can find out what they stand for and which type has which functions here on my Functions page. It provides a very brief, technical overview of each function, but I’ll go more in detail here.

This is gonna be really boring unless you’re genuinely interested in the topic, so I’m sorry in advance >.<


Ti - Introverted thinking. People with a strong Ti interpret things based on what they already know and what makes sense to them. They make decisions based on what seems like the smart thing to do. Also tend to think outside the box a lot. People with a strong Ti think things through before they talk because they need time to process their own thoughts. Otherwise, they’ll just start rambling. A lot of times, Ti is content with just thinking their opinions through and knowing they make sense. They feel little need to voice their opinions. They use logic on their own terms, and that’s it; that’s why they gravitate towards theories over facts; they don’t need things to be accurate; they just need them to make sense and be possible. They also like things to be mentally stimulating. TPs have a strong Ti.

Te - Extroverted thinking. People with a strong Te make decisions and base their opinions on a solid foundation - facts, something that’s known to be true. Unlike Ti, people with a strong Te don’t need things to make sense to them; they just need them to hold true. They’ll often find yourself “organizing the real world” because compartmentalizing everything and giving everything its own place makes it easier for them to apply logic externally. Tend to like voicing their opinions more because if they can correct someone, they’re doing the person a favor. They also tend to strive for efficiency and accuracy, so they’ll always trust what’s proven. These are the people who want to take logic and apply it practically to improve things. They want to take their ideas and turn them into something more. TJs have a strong Te.

Fi - Introverted feeling. People with a strong Fi interpret things based on how they feel and what seems right to them. They have a filter of their emotions that all information goes through, so everything they know is based on how they feel; it’s all subjective, and they like it that way. Accuracy doesn’t matter to them much; neither does objectivity because what that really is, is removing yourself from a situation, and honestly, what’s the point of that? If it concerns you, why remove yourself from it? It’s more important to assess how you feel and make decisions based on what makes you happy. Fi thinks through things based on how they feel and can sometimes over-analyze other people’s feelings and take it personally. That’s why people with a strong Fi are likely to fall into depression. In conversations, they’ll talk about personal things to connect with people. They value sincerity a lot. They don’t want you to quote song lyrics to them because that’s so typical; they want to know how you feel in your own words because that’s what really matters. FPs have a strong Fi.

Fe - Extroverted feeling. People with a strong Fe make decisions based on how everyone feels, and how that makes them feel. They actively engage in other people’s feelings and are always in tune with the mood or atmosphere in a room. They like to keep that atmosphere up, and are often the types to radiate energy to do that. Fe, like I said before, is the type that would dance at a party because of the exhilarating atmosphere. They’ll also get everyone a round of drinks because that has the same effect. They like being polite and will always be respectful towards what’s appropriate. In conversations, they’ll always be actively engaged. They’ll laugh at your jokes because that’s a nice thing to do. The only time they won’t do so is when the “joke” isn’t funny and is actually offensive. They take offense towards other people pretty personally and will defend people with no hesitation. Fi is loyal to the people so close to them that they’re a part of them. Fe is loyal to everyone; you’ll often find that activists have a strong Fe, and they’ll preach on what’s right with a passion because everything they do is with a strong passion. FJs have a strong Fe.


Si - Introverted sensing. People with a strong Si internalize information based on familiarity and act based on personal experience. They like knowing what to expect and often abide by personal schedules. They trust nothing more than experience because the past is the best resource we have. It’s not people who’ve researched the topic who know what they’ve talking about but people who actually have experience with the topic. They also tend to be very sentimental. They love gifts that are personal and have a lot of thought behind them because that’s how they assign value. They like things to be memorable and to mean something, so much so that they’ll become stories that they’ll tell for the rest of their life because their memories will be their greatest treasure. While telling stories, they pay a lot of attention to detail because they remember things like how it smelled or what the place reminded them of. They are usually very consistent with their opinions and what they believe, and this makes them very stable and trustworthy as well (ideally). SJs have a strong Si.

Se - Extroverted sensing. People with a strong Se experience the world with full speed ahead and live in the moment. It’s not about learning from their past experiences but about creating new ones that they’ll remember for the rest of their life. They tend to be very hands-on; they learn by doing things. Watching a demo isn’t likely to help as much as doing the experiment themselves. They’re also very in tune with their senses and aware of their environment because of that. They get bored of routine pretty easily and always like to be doing something different. When they’re out with their friends, they’re generally not the type to be on their phone or do their own thing; they like fully engaging in what’s going on. People with a strong Se are really easily affected by their environment. If the mood is low and depressing, they’ll feel that way too. If it’s happy and full of energy, that’s how they’ll be. SPs have a strong Se.

Ni - Introverted intuition. People with strong Ne have strong intuition, and they can come up with ideas with little external situation. When they have ideas presented to them, they expand on them inwards. They see the bigger picture first and closely observe the details later. So they’ll work with one idea at a time, one picture, and then explore the different facets of the idea by connecting it to things they already know. It’s a very arbitrary process, and they won’t know how got from Point A to Point B, nor will they be able to explain it to anyone else. People with a strong Ni are really good with understanding different interpretations of one thing, but it’s a bit limited to what they know. Ni is also linked with imagination, so people with Ni tend to be very imaginative. Because it’s introverted and free of external stimulation, they don’t go wild with their imagination though; they keep it relevant and don’t find it hard to stay on task. They love research and finding more and more things about a certain topic. NJs have a strong Ne.

Ne - Extroverted intuition. People with a strong Ne are very intuitive, but their intuition works closely with the outside world. When ideas are presented to them, they expand on them outwards. They’ll think of each idea as a detail itself in a bigger picture, and they’ll connect it with other details (other ideas) to get to the big picture. They work with multiple ideas at a time and often jump from one to the next very quickly, leaving a messy train of thought. They tend to be good at brainstorming. They can’t sit still and quiet for a very long time because there’s stimulation all around them. They also often have a very hard time falling asleep because their own ideas keep them awake. They’re often very good at arguments and debates because they can look at things from different people’s points of views. Though they may not understand certain views, much less agree with them, they can follow how they got to that conclusion. Structured debates aside, they also love discussions in general. They love research too, but they never stay on topic because they get caught up so easily. Their imagination is wilder, but they need external inspiration as a jump-start. NPs have a strong Ne.


They’re the 8 functions, and you have 4 in your function stack.

The first is the dominant function, the one that people always default to and use primarily when interacting with the world (if it’s extroverted) or when reflecting on it (if it’s introverted).

The second is the auxiliary function, and it’s the second in command. If the dom is extroverted, this one’s introverted and the primary mode of reflection. If the dom is introverted, this one’s extroverted and so the primary mode of interaction. It’s used less than the dominant function but is still one of the primary functions.

The auxiliary function works closely with the tertiary function or the third in line. These are always a pair. If the second is Ni, the third will be Se. If the second is Fe, the third will be Ti. If this pair is a perceiving pair (N/S), your intake of information will be more stable and balanced. If this pair is a judging pair (T/F), your decisions/opinions will be more balanced and thought out. 

The last function is the inferior function, and it’s always paired with the dominant in the same way. These two don’t work together well though because the dom is so much stronger and used all the time. The inferior function kicks in under stress or when a person feels helpless and unable to use their dominant function. If this is a perceiving pair (N/S), you’ll primarily only take in information one way. If this is a judging pair (T/F), you’ll be quick to make decisions or have opinions.

This isn’t the case only if your inferior function is actually developed. In that case, you’ll be more stable, and your personality will be more well-rounded because all your functions will be able to work together much more easily. This takes time though.

The other 4 functions that you don’t have are called your “shadow functions.” Some say you still use them, but I don’t believe you use a significant amount. I don’t think you can treat the world two opposite ways, you know? So there’s no need even trying to develop those functions; it’s a lost cause.

I hope this helped; if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

anonymous asked:

100% baffled by how there's an intuitive bias in the first place, I'm an INFP and my intuition constantly makes me come across as unintelligent. I'll say "I know we should use this material instead of that material for this machine part". I know it from intuition, so when asked to explain my reasoning, I have to spend hours after finding information to prove or disprove me, and then some more hours figuring out what part of my past lead me to know this without explanation if I was right.

So this is a good point and I thought about it all day at work so you’re going to get an incredibly long answer. Putting a jump because this is a fucking novella; feel free to reblog, skim, or whatever.

I do recommend reading through but the short version: MBTI was mostly developed by intuitives, because intuitives have to do such things as spend hours trying to find information to prove their point they get annoyed and go online to figure out why they are like that and then all this leads to MBTI type descriptions online written mostly by intuitives, for intuitives. Then sensors are like “um I’m not boring so I guess I’m this intuitive thing?” and then no one thinks they’re a sensor and it’s easy to rag on something you’ve never thought you’ve encountered. And finally there’s a bit of a tortoise/hare thing, at least with Si/Ne. Plus people are both unique and like everyone else in various ways but they’re bad at realizing what’s unique and what’s universal.

I admire your self-awareness about how intuition (and every function) has its own benefits and drawbacks; not everyone is there yet. So below the jump I ramble on forever about why the bias exists.

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