i was making other graphics

okay so i’ve seen a bunch of these going around, and as someone who has like 4 in my likes, i thought i could try making one?? so i made the graphic the other day, but i’m only just making the post bc i was really debating whether or not to put this up, and honestly, like, if it gets less than 3 notes i’m gonna die of embarrassment and delete the post and pretend it didn’t happen okay? thx~

but ANYWAY here’s wonderwall. by liking // commenting // reblogging this post, you’d give me permission to:

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thanks for reading this shit that i wrote at 3:30 am bless u


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade


Every room resets. Remember I told you that? Every room reverts to its original condition. Logically, the teleporter should do the same. Teleporter. Fancy word. Just like 3D printers, really, except they break down living matter and information, and transmit it. All you have to do is add energy. The room has reset, returned to its original condition when I arrived. That means there’s a copy of me still in the hard drive. Me, exactly as I was, when I first got here, seven thousand years ago. All I have to find is some energy. And all you need for energy is something to burn.

How long can I keep doing this, Clara? Burning the old me, to make a new one?

Heaven Sent, my favourite Capaldi Era episode as requested by @lullapiee​.


Part 1 of [?] - What if the RT channels/shows were ‘Rooster Teeth Originals’ on Netflix: Lets Play, Achievement Hunter & Funhaus