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More Haikyuu + BNHA!

Asahi’s quirk is “Stone Goliath”: his skin turns rock hard to create nearly impermeable armor! It also improves the weight and damage of his punches, kicks, and headbutts! When transforming, Asahi increases in size and intimidation! However his heart is still as frail as ever, so please be kind to him and his appearance! 

(When I thought about this quirk I was like….god i can’t animate that…but i tried guys…i tried;;; Asahi is a very sturdy and powerful character that’s frequently regarded as a giant and scary by others, so I wanted to include both of those characteristics! His quirk gives him a lot of strength, but because it morphs his appearance in a “scary” way he had a hard time making friends as a child, and even when acting as a hero children can find it hard to approach him when he’s transformed which hurts his feelings… Coincidentally, Asahi’s quirk is related to the earth, while Nishinoya’s is related to the sky, which furthers their roles as opposites (as designed by Furudate)!) 

Other characters:
Yamaguchi  Tsukishima  Hinata  Kageyama  Suga  Daichi  Tanaka  Nishinoya  Ennoshita

honestly, you promised me - Calum Hood smut

“Callllll,” I whined from inside the pool, “it’s getting cold, are you coming in?” He sat up from his spot where he was sunbathing on a fold out chair. The rest of the boys had disappeared out, probably to get food or something and you and Calum were left alone. “I’m not going in if it’s cold, my dick will shrink.”

“Your dicks small anyway, come on,”

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Imagine Zac being reminded of a drunken encounter where he told you he loved you

“Shit!” Attempting to shake out the pain, Zac watched as the skin on his left hand quickly turned a bright pink. His widened blue eyes moved in your direction, the furrowing of his brow making you laugh. “What the hell was that for?”

“Oh, don’t you dare give me those pathetic attempts of puppy dog eyes,” you giggle. Dragging your plate of fries away, from the center of the table, you watch as his gaze follows. “Don’t touch my fries.”

“Come on, YN,” he sighed. Leaning back in his seat, Zac glanced over your shoulder in search for your waitress. It was nearly eleven thirty, and you two were having another one of your infamous late night snack sessions, sharing your favorite booth. You’re tucked away hidden from the eyes of anyone who could recognize him. “You have an entire plate, my food hasn’t even come out yet, let me have one.”

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AHS Imagines - Jimmy Darling


“You know you’re my best friend right?”

You gently placed yourself on the freshly cutgrass, responding with a consumed hum. Your view was exquisite, the sun just touched the open waters of the lake, and if you looked closely, you could see the ripples formed from its touch.

The winds were something you would never forget, how the simple kiss of its warm air blew your long strands of hair onto your petite face.  It was October. Placing your gaze on the tree that hung low above your head, you started to count all the red leaves. The more you counted, the more lethargic you got. Red was your favourite colour, it expressed such a diverse set of emotions it simply fascinated you…One may use it to express anger, or one can use it to portray excitement.

Ever since you were 7, with a passion for painting, you would sign your name on every art piece you’ve made in red ink…to show the emotion you felt while creating your piece…but it was up to the viewer to identify whether you were joyful or resentful. You’ve always dreamed of being an artist, imagining your work next to great artists like Da Vinci or Donatello, you wanted to be remembered…and the way you wanted to be was for your refined red ink.

“Do you wanna get going Y/N? Your momma’s gonna be angry again” Jimmy whispered in your ear,

You lost count at 125, and thanked Jimmy for that. You turned to Jimmy, who was focused on the horizon.

“Why are you whispering?” You replied…in a whisper. Jimmy turned to you, giving you a warm smile,

“Because, It’s all so perfect, I don’t wanna ruin it” You closed your eyes. He was right, the field you both rested on was quiet, the leaves sang quietly on the trees, and the sound of cicadas followed. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a big city, or by the seaside…but with your mother’s shortage of money, those dreams were as unrealistic as you wanting to be an artist. Letting out a sigh, it was quiet again…that was until Jimmy decided to clear his throat.

“We should get going” Jimmy said in defiance,

“But I don’t wanna” Your response came out as a child’s whine.

“Me neither” Jimmy chuckled, propping himself up with his shoulders,

“But we gotta.” Jimmy was right, the sky was setting and your mom specifically asked you to be home before the stars came out.

“I can’t wait to be 18…so I can runaway” You said, wiping the dust off your ripped jeans,

“Y/N, you’re only 12… and plus, you should be happy you got both parents…consider yourself lucky.” Jimmy giggled.

You both walked out of the open field, and headed down the trail you and Jimmy made.

“Bobby made fun of me again, he called me lobster boy” Jimmy was never the one to open up about his feelings, but after years of reassurance that you weren’t judgemental, he finally opened up.

You knew about his hands, and honestly, you didn’t care. You don’t remember how you met Jimmy, but you were happy that you did.

“Tell him to stick one up his ass” You replied, rather irritated.

“Y/N, language” Jimmy teased,

“A lady shouldn’t speak like that,” he continued.

“Well I’m no ordinary lady then?” Jimmy shook his head,

“No you’re not…but that’s why you’re my best friend” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder,

“You’re really leaving Jimmy?” You promised him you wouldn’t be sad, you promised him you would stay strong, but how could you stay strong if he wasn’t going to be there with you along the way?

“Yeah…it sucks, I wish I could take you in one of my suitcases” He said, embracing you closer into his hold,

“I think I could fit” You both chuckled, but it soon faded into a mournful atmosphere. The walk stayed silent, usually the silence between you two was always comfortable…but today, knowing that was the last time you would sit under the same tree you went to for 3 years…it was languishing.  

You were steps from his home that was now just a house without furniture.

“My mom’s gonna miss you” He said, breaking the silence,

“She really likes you.”

“Tell her I’m gonna miss her too, and that I wish her the best of luck at her new job” You replied.

“Oh! I got you something!” Jimmy said, before running back into his house. You waited with a smile as you heard him shuffle throughout the house.

“Here,” Jimmy said breathlessly as he jumped the last step. He placed a small box in your hand that had your name on it written on the bow.

“Open it!” Jimmy’s outburst made your heart jump,

“Jeez, do that again and I wont be able to do anything!” You retorted, grasping at your heart, dramatically.

You pulled out the ribbon and removed the top of the box.

In it was two necklaces’, connected with a broken heart charm. The gold letters that were engraved were;

“Best Friends Forever”

Jimmy took one half of the heart and put it around his neck,

“See, now if we wear this forever we can find each other…eventually” Jimmy took the other half and motioned you to turn around; speechless you did what he asked.

His hands snaked around your shoulders and placed the necklace on your neck.

“Do you like it?” Jimmy asked from behind you.

You turned around,

“I love it, thank you so much!” You ran to Jimmy and wrapped him in an embrace, feeling his arms instantly hug you back,

“I’m really gonna miss you Jimmy” You said, finally letting the tears fall freely down your cheeks,

“And I’m gonna miss you more” Jimmy whispered, kissing your forehead,

“Why are you whispering again?” You asked, pulling away from the embrace.

“Close your eyes” He instructed.

Hesitantly, you closed your eyes. The sudden silence made you curious, and wondered if Jimmy left.

“Jimmy?” You called, as the urge to open your eyes grew. The silence stayed.

The heat from a presence hit your skin, and hands cupped your cheeks, in less than a second your lips were connected with his. His hair tickled your forehead, and his breath warmed your skin. Butterflies danced in your stomach as you felt the kiss slightly deepen. Slowly, he pulled away.

It felt as if those butterflies reached up your throat and held your tongue, because you were rendered speechless.

“Always remember me ok?” He said, removing his hands from your skin, but not before slowly grazing it with his thumb.

“Okay” You whispered, feeling his touch finally leave your skin for good.


“A freakshow?” Your friend snarled,

“Why would you wanna go to one of those?” You couldn’t answer, you didn’t know yourself as to why you wanted to go…but nevertheless you wanted to.

“Because, now c’mon! It’ll be fun” You flashed her a toothy grin as you waved the tickets in her face.

“Alright fine” she groaned, grabbing one.

“Even though you’re 25 you’re an ass driver” Your friend said, getting out of the car,

You ignored her remark and jogged to her,

You handed your tickets and made your way to the almost vacant set of seats. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, everything you’ve heard is true, all that has been advertised is here, under this tent”

A lady, who was in fact Jimmy’s mother, stepped on stage and recited her speech as if practised for hours. The sight of his mother brought memories back, you longed to know how Jimmy was doing.

The sound of your friend’s laughter distracted you from her speech,

“Stop laughing” You warned,

You turned back to Ethel on the stage,

“From jungles untamed to forest enchanted. From the Dark Continent to the spice-laden lands of India. Astounding mistakes of nature, are gathered here, for your amusement and your edification”

“See” Your friend said,

“They want us to laugh,” she snorted; you ignored her lack of decency and remained focused on the show.

The show was filled with acts of the underestimated, and laughter’s filled the air from their cheesy yet humorous jokes.

“Now, for our next performer—lobster boy!” Your longing to know how Jimmy was soon became short as he walked on stage.

Out of all the ways you could of reunited, at a coffee shop, on the streets or even at a park…you reunited with Jimmy darling at a freak show—and he was one of them.

His juggling act was enthralling; he concentrated on the baseballs as he added more. With a strong finish, he gave the crowd of four a bow.

His eyes, leaving the floorboard to your eyes, brought the same feeling in your stomach as the first time he kissed you. Shock was evident on his face, he stayed frozen, consuming the same matter you were.

Standing up, you watched Jimmy jump from the stage down to the audience floor.

“Jimmy?” You called, allowing the smile you tried hiding to show on your face.

“Y/N,” he replied, your heart began to race as he stopped in front of you.

“It’s really you” He said with a chuckle, 

“i’ve missed you,” your heart warmed from his  expression of emotion, it reminded you of how much he trusted you. 

“I see you’ve been doing good, lobster boy” You teased,

“Well juggling isn’t the only thing I can do with my hands” he pointed out, wiggling his eyebrow,

“You’re disgusting” You giggled, 

“Call me what you want” He smirked. In less than 5 minutes, you were both in deep conversation, talking about absolutely everything. 

“Do you still have that necklace?” He asked, eyeing your chest. 

“Not on me no, but it’s in my room…and my eyes are up here” You said, lifting his chin with your finger. 

“Me too” He smiled, it was a smile you missed, and it was the only smile that could make you feel better, in any situation. 

“Hey,” Jimmy said, 

“Close your eyes”

From the moment you closed your eyes, you felt his lips softly touch yours, a feeling you almost forgot. His hands cupped your face, pulling you closer. You felt like you were 12 again, on his lawn, and kissing Jimmy for the first time. You remembered that day…the singing of the leaves, and the sunset that ended that day so beautifully. You remembered counting the red leaves with Jimmy by your side, and the promise Jimmy made you make, which you undeniably kept.

He pulled away,

“I’m sorry, but I needed to do that” He chuckled as his thumb grazed your cheek—like that day.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed out, 

 “I can’t say I love you, it’s been 13 years since I last loved you…but stay with me in my tent for a couple of days, meet everyone so they can finally meet the girl I’m always talking about.”

“Fuck, who am I kidding? 13 years later and you’re still on my damn mind. You were the only one who cared for me, and treated me like a person…anyone would fall in love with someone as pure as you.”

Jimmy held your hand,

“Please stay? They’re nice people, and they would love you” He whispered,

“Anyone would” he added.  

The show ended minutes earlier, you missed everything after Jimmy’s performance. You felt whole again with Jimmy, it felt as if he was in fact the other piece to your heart, and now you had the chance to see for yourself. 

“Okay” You replied, giving him a warm smile,

“But what’s with the whispering again?” You giggled, inching closer to him. Jimmy quickly pecked your lips,

“Because it’s all so perfect…I don’t wanna ruin it”


DHV HWDC IM SORRY I’M SICK AND I APOLOGIZE THAT THIS IMAGINE IS TRASH XO. It took longer to write than expected and I’m sorry again :’( hope you enjoyed!

They are so flipping domestic it hurts 🙈 Lito is lazily leaning against the fridge just enjoying the view of his baby making breakfast and while smiling the most adorable mischievous smile throws a piece of fruit at his head lol. He is a child okay 😆 And then there’s Hernando my cute cinnamon roll who looks at Lito like he is the most splendid thing he has ever seen. I think for Hernando, Lito is indeed the most stunning art his eyes have ever set upon.
(Gif isn’t mine, just borrowing it)

Dry Sex With Cameron!

“Dude stop!” Cameron yelled as Nash killed him once again in their war of Black Ops. You were currently staying the night at your boyfriends place, Cameron Dallas and he lived with his best friend Nash which you didn’t have a problem with, but he’s been ignoring you most of the time because he’s been to stuck on the game. You, just sat there watching, slowly eating your pizza. Somehow though, you were getting turned on watching cameron. Cameron had ways to turn you on with out even purposely doing it, which one way just so happened to be getting angry. You’d watch his chest, as it heaved up and down at a fast pace, or how he’d move his long fingers along the remote quicker as he tried to shoot nash from on top of a building, or even how his veins would pop out of both his neck and his arm. Even worse, how his muscles would flex as he pressed harder onto the buttons, trying not to get killed. But what killed you the most, was his voice. He’d groan out with anger, making his voice deepen each time Nash would kill him, or the forceful yell he’d shout at Nash here and there. Even his jaw would clench when he’d hold it in, trying not to start a fight over a game. “I’m so fucking done” Cam said before tossing the remote down on the couch before walking towards his room, while nash sat there laughing at Cameron’s defeat. You on the other hand were squeezing your thighs together, trying to gain some friction to your heated core. Just as you stood up to go to Cameron’s room, cameron stormed back out, walking to the kitchen. You took this as an opportunity to tell him how you were feeling. “Hey baby” you said softly into his ear, massing the upper part of his back. “Hey babe, sorry you had to witness that” he said pouring him a glass of water. “Oh I enjoyed it” you said sliding your hand around his waist before grabbing ahold of his package. Cameron jumped slightly, clearing his throat. “Very, very much” you whispered seductively in his ear, before nibbling slightly on his ear lobe. “Come to my room” was all he said. You walked quickly behind Cameron watching as he looked over his should to make sure you were close by, ( just like in the picture^^^) You shut the door behind you both before pushing Cameron down on the bed. “You look so fucking hot out there” you mumbled while straddling Cameron’s waist, kissing his neck. Cameron quickly pulled away from you, grabbing your face in his large hands before kissing you roughly. “Wait wait.. We can’t babe” Cameron said sighing heavily. “What? Why?” You asked, feeling disappointed. “Because I promised Nash we wouldn’t do it if he’s here because he finds that disrespectful in a way. And not to mention even if we tried to sneak it, like make it a quickly, I wouldn’t be able to get dressed in enough time because the game starts in fifteen minutes” you sighed heavily before looking at your Lap that was currently on top of Cameron’s before coming up with an idea. “We don’t have to do it that way” you suggested with a smirk. “What do you mean?” He asked looking up at you. Instead of answering, you just smirked before pushing him to where he was flat against the bed. You leaned down, kissing him before grinding your hips into his. He moaned loudly against your lips as you slowly and teasingly grinded against him. “Get it?” You asked pulling away from him. “Most definitely” he said before scooting himself up on the bed before grabbing your hips, telling you to continue. You sat up, placing your hand on his chest before rocking your hips at a quicker pace against him, feeling his boner very efficiently through his sweat pants. “God yes” Cameron moaned out as he watched your every move. You started to buck your hips at a faster pace, baring down onto him hard for more friction. You could feel Cameron’s grip on your ass getting harder as he got closer to his climax. “Fuck y/n” Cameron groaned as you continued to dry hump him, throwing your head back with pleasure. “You’re so fucking hot Cam” you moaned out as you watched him get closer, his eyebrows furrowed together and his lips in a thin straight line. “Fuck baby keep going, just like that” you continued to moan out with each thrust, your hips moving at a quick pace as you got closer and closer to your climax. “I’m close Cameron,” you whined as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Same ” he said before laying his head in the crook of your neck, enjoying the last couple of seconds of your ‘intercourde’. “ oh Jesus fucking Christ!” You moaned out as you felt yourself hitting your climax, but instead of moving, cameron forced your hips to move even faster along his before he shot his load. “Fuck” he groaned before slowing the pace down until he let go of your hips. “I prefer you inside of me, but I’m not going to lie. That was hot” you said as you stood up. “Definitely. Buy we’ve both got to change. He said pointing down to the mess you left on his sweatpants from your thin shorts mixed with his own load. "Find but I’m wearing your sweatpants you said before walking to his closet.

Jealousy- Harry X reader

Potions ended and you and Draco walked out together laughing, his arm draped around you.
“See you around Y/L/N” Draco smiles.
“You’re going to help me study tomorrow right?” You ask
“Yeah, library during dinner” he says before walking off
It was later, you walk to the gryffindor common room. Harry was sitting on a window ledge.
“Hey Harry” you smile. You hear him mumble something.
“I’m sorry harry, what was that?” You say trying to make out what he said.
“I can’t believe you’re dating Draco” Harry says, his voice hard.
“What are you talking about?” You look at him confused.
“I know you’re fucking Draco ,Y/N.” he looks at you.
“We’re just friends Harry” you say.
“He’s my enemy y/n!” He stands up facing you.
“He’s not some spawn of Satan Harry!” You say louder.
“Why are you defending him?! You have to be fucking then.” He says
“You have lost your fucking mind!” You say loudly. “I don’t like Draco. And if I did I would do what I want! Why do you even care? mind your own fucking business.” You say turning around to walk the gryffindor common room.
“Wait” he grabs your arm turning you around.
“What!?” You say before he pulls you close. Placing his hands on your face then kisses you.
Sanding there shocked as Harry kisses you. He pulls away looking at you clearly regretting what just happened. You look at him for a moment.
He takes a deep breath “I’m-” You cut him off, kissing him.
he takes your head in his hands, cupping your cheeks. Pulling him into you with his shirt. You could feel your heart pounding in your throat. The pressed his lips on yours hard, trying to take in every last bit. He pushes you against the stone wall still kissing you. your hands move their way up to his hair, tangling them in his dark shaggy hair. one of his hands moves to your ass the other starts to undo your shirt.
“Harry- someone could- walk by” you say in between breaths.
“I don’t care” He starts sucking on your neck. you close your eyes moaning when he bites your collar bone. “I hope Draco walks by”
Grabbing him by his tie you pull him into an empty classroom before kissing him again and he finishes unbuttoning your shirt.
Picking you up he places you in the table taking off his robe and shirt. You place your hand on his bae chest.
reaching up your skirt he pulls off your underwear. Your hands move to his pants unbuttoning them as quickly as you can pulling them down. his hard dick outlined in his boxers.
“Damn you’re big” you slide your hand into his boxers touching him lightly.
Harry pulls his boxers down making his hard dick slap his stomach.
Still sitting on the desk Harry rips your legs open, grabbing his cock and slamming into you hard and fast.
“Fuck” you say as Harry slams back into you over and over.
You moan and gasp digging your nails into harry’s back.
He leans in sucking on your neck. “I want you to scream my name” he whispers in your ear before sucking in another spot and fucking you even harder.
“Harry.” You moan.
“Louder” he says.
Still sucking in your neck leaving marks and pounding into you, one of his hands makes its way to your clit tubing soft at first before going fast.
“Harry!” You say loudly.
You could feel him all the way in your stomach.
Picking you up off the edge of the desk. He sits down on the desk you on top.
“Show me you don’t like Draco.” He says.
You begin to rock your hips slowly. His hands on your hips guiding them.
Deciding to pick up the pace you start bouncing on his huge dick making him hit your G spot.
“Harry!” You say again.
Grabbing your ass he forces you down harder on him still hitting your G spot.
Without warning Harry shoots his load into you making you moan as you ride out his orgasam, making you reach yours soon after.
“Damn” you say stopping without getting off him.
The next day you kept your scarf on to hide all the marks Harry left.
Walking out of class with Draco he looks at you “why do you have a scarf in? It’s really hot out”
“Yeah Y/N take it off it’s too hot for a scarf” Harry walks up to you unraveling your scarf kissing you, you could feel Draco watching you and Harry smiling because he felt Draco staring at you too.

Oh my god, that gif is absolutely going to be the death of me. Seriously. The crinkle on his eyes if just adorable. I need a social life. The fact that I’ve become emotionally dependent on a god damn gif is a new low for me. Good lord. Anyway! Bucky cuddles! Bucky cooking! Bashful Bucky! Saucy Bucky! All in one fic. Enjoy, my darlings!

“A Severe Case of Boredom”

“(Y/n), I’m bored.” Bucky sighed, flopping on top of you as you lay on the sofa. You’d been lounging around to try and sleep, attempting to ignore the pounding of your head, but of course Bucky hadn’t noticed; as much as you loved him, he could be incredibly oblivious sometimes. The two of you had been dating for a few weeks and since Bucky didn’t like the idea of staying in the Avengers’ tower, you saw no reason not to let him move in with you. The problem was that when he had no missions, he was often restless.

“Bucky, I’m sick.” You said, failing to push him off of you. He seemed not to have heard you, believing the roaming of your hands to be some sort of game. Quickly he was holding you closer, pressing his lips into your neck.
“That could pass some time…” He murmured.
“You’re feeling a little warm there, (y/n). Is someone excited?”

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More Than Words

Hey :) could you do a Ricky Horror imagine, one where I have have been friends with motionless in white for about 7 months after mutual friends introduced us and Ricky has feelings for me but is to scared to tell me and one night me and all of the guys and their girlfriends are hanging out at Rickys place and their all dropping hints about Ricky liking me and then they all make a excuse 2 leave and its just me and Ricky so we watch a movie and we start to cuddle and he tells me his feelings 4 me

I’ve been sitting in my car for a solid 10 minutes, my bottom lip between my teeth and a small smile tracing along my face. I can see the lights are on and through the window I can see a few people, Kylie, Devin, Balz and Ryan. I know the others are somewhere else throughout the house as well.

Finally I gather up enough courage to turn off my car and get out. I smooth down my hair and shirt quickly as I go up the driveway to the door, knocking on the wood and then waiting patiently.

The one person to answer the door was none other than Ricky. I smile at him, a light blush on my cheeks.

“Y/N! Glad you could make it. Come on in!” Ricky says in an exaggerated tone of voice, making myself giggle.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” I reply back in my best attempt at a posh English accent, stepping into his house.

Immediately I can spot everyone else, all sitting in the living room with some sort of drink in hand and snacks on the table in the middle.

“Finally she’s here!” Chris cries out in mock exasperation, a grin on his face.

I simply shrug my shoulders, taking a seat on a pile of blankets as all the chairs are taken. Ricky goes to sit on the empty space on the couch, but Balz scoots over in the way. Ricky then goes to sit on a different spot, and again someone takes it before he can sit down. I can’t help but laugh to myself at the situation. Chris gives Ricky a pointed look, an amused grin on his face, and then Ricky sits by me on the floor. I swear, I could see a faint blush on his cheeks as well.

It starts to rain right then, but it’s just a light drizzle so far. Throughout the night, Chris, Ryan, Balz and Devin kept making comments towards Ricky, doing weird hand motions and giving him looks but I was oblivious to the glances being thrown my way as well with smirks on everyone’s faces. Even Kylie and Ryan were giggling to themselves, whispering unknowns.

Suddenly lightning flashes and thunder books through the night, the lights flickering for a second before going back to normal.

“Well we are going to leave before the storm gets any worse.” Balz says, him and Ryan getting up from their spots on the couch.

“We’re gonna hit the road as well.” Devin says, him and Kylie following them out the door. I look around, seeing as it’s only Ricky, Chris and I left. Ryan must have left without saying anything.

“I might as well leave too. Don’t get to crazy when we’re gone.” Chris teases, but I don’t know what he’s getting at.

“What do you-” I start to say, but he interrupts me as he opens the door, “Bye!” And then he’s gone.

“Since everyone else is leaving, I guess that’s my cue to go as well then.” I say, a bit reluctantly though. I didn’t want to leave, I kind of wanted to be alone with Ricky.

“Um, actually why don’t you just stay here tonight?” Ricky says, but I can see a faint blush on his cheeks, “So you don’t have to drive through the storm, of course.” He stammers out the last bit.

I smile slightly, nodding my head with my own blush on my cheeks, “Sure, of course. Could we maybe watch a movie then?”

“Of course. If you want, I think I have a pair of clean clothes in my room you can borrow for tonight. If, you know, you want something else to wear.” Ricky again stammers out.

I smile gratefully, “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. Thank you.”

I don’t see it, but as I’m walking down the hall to go change Ricky is grinning ear to ear, muttering something under his breath but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I get to his room, sliding off my jeans and trading them out for a pair of his sweatpants I find sitting on his bed. They hang low on my hips, but I don’t mind. I leaving my hoodie on, but take off my t-shirt so I just have a tank top on underneath. I also take my hair out of its bun I managed to throw it up in last minute, having my hair fall past my shoulders slightly messy.

Satisfied with my comfort level, I walk back out to the living room, seeing Ricky already put the movie in and was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

He smiles at me appearance, and we don’t say anything as I take a seat next to him on the couch. I sat closer than necessary, but I knew neither of us would complain. The movie starts to play and I notice it’s a horror movie, one of my favorites but it still can scare me no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

The lights are dimmed, and the storm is raging about outside. A scary part comes on, and just as someone is about to be killed thunder shakes the entire house and the lights flicker once again, causing me to jump closer to Ricky. I didn’t know he was resting his arm over the back of the couch, so when I jumped closer to him I guess I startled him a bit and he dropped his arm over my shoulders. I saw him blush lightly, and I’m sure I was as well, but before he could move again I took a risk and cuddled closer to him, wrapping my arms around my own body and resting my head on his shoulder. I could almost hear his heart pounding, and instead of moving he holds me closer to him, keeping one arm around my shoulders and hand holding my own.

“I like this..” I mutter out loud, unintentionally. I knew he heard me, and it only causes my blush to grow.

“Me too. I’ve… I’ve actually been meaning to tell you something.” Ricky says, and I can sense his nervousness in his tone.

“What is it?” I ask, although I could already kind of tell what he was getting at.

He’s silent for a moment then, as if figuring out what to say. And when he does start to talk again, I can’t help but smile to myself.

“I want to be able to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, cuddle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever and kiss you whenever I want. Every day. Meeting you was fate, being your friend was choice, but… But falling in love with you was completely beyond my control, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

I don’t look up at him as I talk next, knowing if I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his I’d completely forget what I would say.

“Before I met you, I never knew what it would be like to smile for no reason. When I’m with you, I’m happy. When we hug it’s like I don’t ever want to let go, and when you make me smile it seems to bring out the sunshine in me. When I see you and our eyes meet, it’s like something I’ve never felt before.”

It is only then I look up at Ricky, a shy smile on my lips, but when I see him my smile grows, and as does his.

We don’t need to say anything to let each other know we love them. Because that shows in the words we say and the actions we do. I know we’ve handed each other our hearts in our words, and I vow not to break his as I know he won’t break mine.

Because our love is more than words. It is the silent nights with the rain drizzling on the window pane. It is quiet mornings, a coffee our hands and his arms around my waist. It is rough nights, where I hold him and reassure that everything is alright because I know he’d do the same to me.

It is a love that doesn’t need to be proved, because we already know.

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Little Picture
Words: 1.5K
Masterlist: x

Sweat coated your skin fully, your breath was shaking, your body panting as you attempted to take of the gloves struggling until a silver haired goofball did it for you. Pietro had been training in the gym also, working on the weights, although keeping an eye on you and the punching bag, making sure you were doing it correctly to not hurt yourself. He always looked out for you like that, I mean you were a big girl, you could take care of yourself but Pietro hated taking risks and would rather take care of his best friend.

“Ah, princessa, you look drained maybe go shower no?” Pietro suggested wrapping his sweaty and sore arms around you placing his chin on your head, neither of you ever really caring about the sweat or the aches in your muscles, you were both just completely enjoying the moment.

“Meet you in half an hour in the lounge, i’m making my favourite for me and you” he spoke placing a kiss on your forehead before you teletported back to your room. The perk of teleportation was that after workout you didn’t have to traipse yourself back u the stairs.

The shower was quick, you loved the feeling on your sore back muscles, but your legs could barely hold you so you cut it short, leaving your short hair to dry as you pulled on yoga pants and Pietro’s old shirts.

“Hey, princessa, thats where my shirt went” he noted as you walked into the lounge, him just finishing preparing the worlds best grilled cheese; you should have known it would be this. “You know what would be great with this?” he questioned handing you a plate as he began to root back through the cupboards. “Vodka aha!” he exclaimed running back into the lounge and taking a bite of his grilled cheese, you trying to click open the bottle of strong alcohol that would make your night more interesting.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hours must have passed and you literally felt amazing, you were so incredibly drunk, about th same as Pietro whilst you both giggled to yourselves, Pietro’s hands squishing your face.

“Ah, princessa, your beautiful face is all, squished up!” he laughed making you giggle too, he could have said anything and you would have laughed that’s how far gone you were.

“Pietro your hands are so cold” you whined him laughing and pulling you closer so you were almost straddling him, you were both too drunk to realise this was dangerous territory for friends.

“Better?” he asked his wands now around your waist, the cold feeling easing, as Pietro began to kiss your neck a little.

“P. This isn’t a good idea,” you whisper out, you trying desperately to be sober enough to stop before damage is done.

“Why not, Y/n, I love you” he slurred the kisses starting to become small bouts of sucking certain to leave a mark.

“P, I love you too but, this isn’t the way to do this, we can talk about it in the morning. Bed, we need bed” you spoke, leaning against Pietro’s chest as he somewhat picked you up before flashing you back to his room and throwing you onto the bed.

“CUDDLE!” he yelled diving on the bed with you causing giggles to explode out of your mouth as he pulled you under the covers with you, him snuggling into you taking in the scent of perfume that he loved so much.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Fuck” you murmured your eyes fluttering open over the harsh light that was draining in through the window, god did your head hurt. Sitting up you began to remember last nights ‘escapades’ and realised you were no longer in his room, you were in yours; alone.

Hopping out of the bed you glanced into the mirror and saw the little purple marks that decorated your neck making you groan. “What the f-” you whispered looking around the room, trying to work out whether or not you had dreamed a part of this.

Once you had finally gotten partially ready you decided to head downstairs and get some aspirin because god was vodka rough on you. The steps took longer than normal, partly because your muscles were collapsing underneath you and partly because each step sent shots of pain to your head, although after walking in a very funny fashion you made it to the kitchen.

“Morning drunky” Nat spoke, seeing you approach the kitchen in your hungover state. “Who was the lucky guy huh?” she questioned noticing the small purple bruises and chuckling, you blushing as you poured yourself some coffee and took a couple of aspirin, hoping the would act fast.

“Er there isn’t a lucky guy” you chuckled taking a sip of the disgusting coffee but knowing it would wake you up.
“Calling bull y/n, look!” she spoke walking over and examining your neck, “Whoever did this knew what they were doing I mean, there’s even freaking beard burn” she chuckled “Who did this?” she asked giving you the death glare. Before you had a chance Pietro walked into the room rubbing his head groaning from his hangover.

Natasha looked at him and back at you giving you the glance of ‘OH MY GOD NO. YOU DID NOT DO THAT WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND’ before turning back to look at her suddenly now very interesting coffee.

“Morning” he called out neither of you really answering, Natasha just giving him a weak smile before slipping out of the kitchen not wanting to be a part of this. “Does your head hurt as much as mine princessa” he asked taking the aspirin packet and getting two for himself before using your coffee to down them.

“Jesus y/n, what’s on your nec- oh shit that was, shit that was me wasn’t it?” he groaned once again realising what he had done. “Y/n, I am so sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, here let me kiss them better” he pleaded attempting to place his lips over the bruised marks but you flinched.

“P, I don’t think you should be doing that anymore, er you said some pretty heavy stuff last night” you spoke the words hitting off your tongue harsher than what you had meant.

“What that I love you? Yeah I know I said that, I mean is it really that much of a surprise?” he asked as you turned back towards the counter, his chest against your back, his hot breath hitting your shoulder making you shudder. “Y/n, of course I love you, you are the woman I love, I don’t have a big picture of the world, I have a little picture, Wanda and you, that’s my picture, my priorities, and if it takes some Vodka to give me enough courage to tell you that then so be it. But I do, I fucking love you. I love every fucking inch of you, I love the little dimple in the bottom of your chin, I love the face you pull when you’re thinking,  I love the fact that you get these bursts of confidence when you’re with your friends, like the time you were dancing and acting so fucking sexy and then stop and become all shy. It drives me crazy, I love every single fucking thing about you and I can’t stop myself from falling in love with you more and more each day.” his strong sokovian voice spoke as his arms found themselves around your waist, his lips back onto your neck kissing over the bruises being careful not to make any more.

“P” you whispered literally biting back tears as he spun you around so you were face to face, you could see the love he had for you, you couldn’t understand how you had missed it earlier. It must have been minutes until you spoke again, you were too busy drinking in his features, his beautiful fucking eyes that you could stare into all day, had you hypnotized.

“I love you so fucking much” you smiled as he looked down and laughed, this was new territory for the both of you but you were trying to keep your calm. Pietro took your hand in his and kissed your lips softly, you both smiling into the kiss.

“Called it!” Nat yelled, running back into the kitchen causing you to pull away from his lips, you both giggling as Nat started to yel for Clint to get down here. You knew you were gonna get teased for what just happened, but you loved him that much, you didn’t even care. Clint appeared in the doorway with a surprised looking, Nat breaking the silence withe:

“Pietro has feelings, who fucking knew?”

Yay! More feels! I’m obsessed with this song at the minute and I was writing this at the same time so they sort of merged… Yeah, play it at the same time and it’ll really break your heart. Because of the video, the reader’s character essentially became Luna Lovegood - bit strange, but wonderfully eccentric. Overall a really, really fun character to write. This request was made by @wxndamaxiimoffs and I’m sorry that it is so long. Ah well; enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Please write one where you become good friends with Loki and Thor when they’re young, and you comfort Loki when he finds out he’s a frost giant because he thinks that you won’t like him anymore because he’s different. Thank you!

“Half the World Away”

Asgard. The city of lights. The realm of the Gods. Its people were as brilliant and luminescent as the stories they inspired.

You lived in the heart of it and always had. Your mother was a maid in the royal palace and you had been given free roam of it as a result, befriending Odin’s two sons along the way. A life without a formal education combined with access to the largest library in the realm left your mind open and free. You were on a whole other level and the youngest prince in particular found himself fascinated by your unconventional nature…

You wandered the halls with your head in the clouds, thoughts soaring the skies and focus nowhere to be seen. As you floated down the corridor, you let your hands dance through the air, fingers playing a strange melody on an invisible piano.

Your watched your hands swirl through the air with delicate interest and made each movement precise and gentle. You let yourself get lost in the silent dance, twirling and spinning and gliding along; completely away with your thoughts.

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