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Imagine: Liam knows you have a crush on him and he teases you.

You and Liam had broken down in the middle of nowhere and you were stuck with him.

“For the last time Dunbar I don’t like you"you tried to lie.

"For the last time Dunbar I don’t like you"Liam mimicked you, using an annoying high pitched voice.

"Y/n, I think your forgetting that I’m a werewolf I can tell when your lying"he made a face as he disappeared behind his car.

"I think your forgetting that we are in the middle of nowhere, your vulnerable at the moment and it would be quite easy to make you disappear"you shot back sarcastically.

"Oh come on y/n, just admit it"Liam sighed.

"Will you shut up if I do?”

“I promise I will shut up if you admit that you have a crush on me"Liam jumped back in the car.

"Only if you admit you like me first"You smirked.

"No way"he folded his arms.

"Looks like we’re going to be here a very long time then"you slumped down in your seat and smiled smugly.

This is possibly my favourite scene between Red & Liz. Look at how the camera angle captures the intimacy between them both. Whether they captured them this way for a specific reason, or to try and give a glimpse of possible romantic chemistry between them both, it’s absolutely beautiful. Look at how Raymond is focused directly on her face, not inching his eyes away from her closed ones. His hand on the back of her neck, a simple yet intimate gesture that somehow relaxes Elizabeth. Watch how her body unconsciously leans into Raymond. How their faces almost touch and how the angle of the camera makes it look like their mouths touch. To me, this scene was more intense than any sex scene I’ve witnessed on TV. It captured the essence of their relationship, making the viewers view a different side to them both. I just absolutely love it.

Klance headcanon/ wish:

I lowkey wish Keith would’ve looked up to see Lance’s face, bc I have no doubt that time would have slowed down for him and all he could see was Lance and the way the joy and excitement lights up in his eyes.

And when Lance falls off, it would only make his heart beat a little faster and make him giggle because he’s such a dummy and he kind of likes the said dummy.

And in that exact moment he would’ve just realized that he just fell in love with that dummy.

Help - Enoch O'Connor imagine One Shot (request)

a/n: hiii this was requested by someone (sorry i forgot, this is old) and uhhh it’s short, so sorry if anyone doesn’t like that :/ :D

request: can you do a enoch preference where reader has a peculiarity that they can control lighting and electricity or something and she is not in control and Enoch helps her or something please! :) btw I like your account!!!

y/n screamed. “ah!” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air and making the light bolts disappear. “i can’t do this, i can’t…” she whispered the last part and held her face with her hands.

enoch walked over to y/n and held her to his chest, soothing her back. his eyebrows were furrowed.

y/n and enoch were training y/n’s peculiarity for about an hour. the girl was now exhausted and annoyed. she tried to be in control over her power - that was what they were training now - but she failed constantly. y/n felt so miserable without any control over what she could do.

enoch felt y/n’s insecurity and being unsure of herself and sat her down on the bed with him. he wasn’t the best at comforting people or giving them the heads up, so the boy just kept quiet while holding y/n. the girl rested her head against enoch’s chest and sighed. 

“why can’t i control it?” she said quietly. “why am i such a horrible trainer for my power? i’m supposed to be good at this.”

“you’re not a horrible trainer.” enoch spoke. “you’re just… a beginner at it. there’s nothing bad about that. i used to be like you, too.”

“yeah, but since what age are you able to do this?”

“uh… i was seven or six.”

“see? that’s the problem.” y/n sighed and furrowed her eyebrows quite hard. “i’m sixteen, and it’s supposed to be a power i don’t have to worry about controlling. i could hurt someone any time because i don’t know when can i get the sparks out.”

then enoch sighed. “what if it’s anger? that, like, activates your peculiarity?”

y/n hummed, but she had turned back on hope, anyway. “maybe. not that i could get angry on an exact time.”

“what if someone angers you?” enoch suggested. 

“who - you?” y/n chuckled lightly. “sure, you annoy everyone, but you can’t anger me.”

“no,” enoch smiled, “not me. could a memory make you mad?”

“uhhh…” y/n furrowed her eyebrows again. “how do you get these ideas?”

enoch shrugged his shoulders. y/n wrapped her arms around his body and laid her head down on his chest. “yeah, i could try that.”

Drabble request #9 and #19 with opie please😁

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” “You’re Satan.”

Mother Nature

Sleeping with Opie was one of the small pleasures life gave me, his warm body pressed against my frame. His beard tickling my face when he put his head against the crook of my neck, fingertips touching every inch of my skin from my neck to my back to get me to sleep, soft kisses all over my skin and the warmest hugs that were invented, it wasn’t even about a sexual act it was all about his body against mine fitting perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

I was sleeping calmly next to my old man when I felt it, the horrible cramps destroying my insides and making me suddenly let out a loud whimper. I got up quickly running to the bathroom looking for some pads and to put on my comfy pair of pajama pants, I heard Ope groan from our bed and I rolled my eyes finally the mood swings had an explanation not that I didn’t know but I tried to ignore the fact that mother nature hated me and makes me be in pain for at least 3 days a month.

“Babe” he said, my hands gripping the sink when another wave of pain stroke me “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m not, I’m bleeding from my vagina Winston” I said with a low growl, Opie finally materializing in front of me.

“Sorry about that honey” he said scratching his head, oh my how annoying can he be “Do you want me to go get the warm bag you use?” he said and I nodded quickly, still holding tightly to the sink. He got out of the bathroom and I let out air I didn’t know I was holding, I opened the cabinets looking for something to calm the pain and drank a big glass of water.

Opie came back holding the warm bag, I was lying in bed with my eyes closed and he put the warm little bag over my tummy, I hummed in response and smiled a little about it but fire was streaking all over my body, god I got moody when my period hurts me like that.

“Can’t you sleep on the couch tonight?” I said, my eyes still closed when I felt Opie come back to bed.

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” he said and I felt my heart tighten, small tears falling from my eyes and Opie noticed immediately “Babe” he said putting his rough hands against my face, my tears falling bigger than before.

“You’re Satan” I said in between whimpers, the pain taking all over my body.

“Oh dear lord, I’ll make you a cup of tea baby” he said getting up “Then I’ll go to the couch” he said and I nodded thankfully before making grabby hands at him.

“I love you” I said slowly hugging him tightly “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, baby. I understand” he said “I can’t imagine how it feels like, I’ve been shot but god I can’t imagine blood coming out of my…”

“Yeah go get my tea now”

“Baby, just ignore him. Please, let’s just go.” You’re between Sam and another man, with two hands on Sam’s chest. The other guy is just as big as Sam.

The situation has escalated in record time.

The man eyes you up, then down, making the point that Sam can’t stop him from looking at you any way he likes.  He turns to Sam and grins, “I bet I could make her squeal like a pig.”

“Shut your mouth.” Sam spits as his fist connects with the man’s face in a single, fluid motion. One quick punch and the asshole is holding his nose as blood streams down his shirt.

Next thing you know, he’s running full bore at Sam. 

Your dive bar date night has officially turned into an all out brawl. 



Sherlock steps closer to you, his beautiful eyes search yours, then flick to your lips and back.
You flush, you’ve just admitted that you are madly in love with him. His cheeks are slightly red too.
“I-I”, he stammers.
Your heart threatens to beat out of your chest. He’s closer now and you can feel his warm breath on your face.
He puts his hands on your waist, making you gasp. Just like that, Sherlock pulls you to him, without saying anything further, and kisses you.
His warm, perfect cupid-bow lips pressed against yours. It is a soft, passionate kiss, and you kiss him back with the same passion.

The kiss fills you with warm goodness and is enough to tell you that the only consulting detective in the world is in love with you.

Imagine having to attend Jared’s wedding (P2)

Continuation of THIS imagine 

I can tell that I’m already late just by the music coming out from the house. My stupid heels are more of a burden than a plus to make me look pretty. Once I get to the door I ring the doorbell a few times before being welcomed by Shannon himself. A wide smile takes over his face, his arms opening to hold me for a few seconds.

“Sorry for the delay, work was crazy today” I apologize, pulling away from him to look him in the eyes.

“It’s okay” Shannon says, leaving a kiss on my forehead.

The place is already full, everyone wanting to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. I look around, scared to see those eyes that I haven’t seen in months, the ones that didn’t even dare to look at me during that wedding day. Luckily, he’s still not here, neither is Annie.

I walk around for a while, Shannon busy talking to his guests. I get to see Tomo and Vicky having a few drinks outside, sharing a few comments, and laughing about them. They are my best option tonight, so I walk to sit by their side. It seems like I haven’t seen any of my friends in ages, and Vicky must feel the same, since she jumps to hug me the second her eyes lay on me. We spend the next hour catching up, Vicky and Tomo telling me all about their new apartment, and then I get interrogated by my trip with Shannon.

“Where did you go?” Vicky asks me, handing me a beer.

“Mainly Tokyo, but we visited a few of the small villages too” I say, before taking a good drink from my beer.

“And after that? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever”

And they have indeed not seen me in a while. My mission to avoid Jared and everything that reminded me of him was going pretty well, until now obviously. His arrival was burning on my skin, my heart not prepared for the moment in which he’ll walk through those doors, ring in hand, my best friend by his side.

The beers and wine keep coming our way, and it doesn’t take me much to start laughing hysterically, telling funny stories about Shannon, and feeling like my head is in another planet. I even forget for a second about Jared, but only for a second.

Shannon walks out to the backyard, giving me a full smile when he notices how happy I look. I walk towards him, being held by his arms the second I’m next to him. He looks so happy, and I hate that I feel so scared to see Jared when his brother is so happy about this party.

“You’ve been drinking” He mutters in my ear.

“A bit” I laugh, “Do you still have that bottle of whisky we bought the other day?”

“Maybe”, he mutters again, “Haven’t you drink enough?”


Shannon laughs at my drunkenness, and ends up taking my hand to walk me inside. He gets two drinks done for us, his eyes not looking away from mine. I laugh, choking on my drink, starting to couch without being able to stop laughing.

“You’re crazy” Shannon laughs, taking me by the hips to pull me closer to him.

I leave my drink aside, fully knowing what he’s up to, but we stop. I can hear my name being shouted and I can feel my heart drop to the floor.

We turn to the entrance, noticing Annie running to get in front of me. Four months since I last saw her, or spoke to her. Four months. Shannon lets go of me, and Annie takes his place squeezing my body.

“Oh, my God!” She shouts, “I’ve missed you so much!”

Then why haven’t you called me? Too busy fucking the love of my life?

“I know, me too!” I laugh, squeezing her too.

“I have so much to tell you! I can’t believe it’s been so long since we last saw each other!”

And it should have continued like that. But I see Jared entering the room, and my heart definitely skips a bit. Annie’s still holding me, giving her back to him, and even though Shannon gave a step back, I can feel the tension filling his body too.

Jared walks towards us, giving his brother a hug, while Annie just can’t stop saying all the things she needs to tell me in more depth later on. The brothers share a few words, and I can’t wait for the moment I can just walk away from this.

“The honeymoon was so great!” She keeps talking, “I bought so many presents, we need to get together one day and I’ll bring them along”

“That’s great, Annie” I mutter, taking the drink back to my lips.

“We bought Constance this beautiful necklace, she cannot stop wearing it. I’m so happy, you know how insecure I am about her”

“I know” I say, taking another sip.

“But I think she’s starting to like me a bit more now, she has even invited me to lunch a couple of times”

The brothers disappear from our side, and I give one last worried face to Shannon. Annie keeps talking, and I know I should be really interested in her conversation, since we haven’t talked in so long. But, my head’s in another place, and I’m too drunk to deal with all this.

And we sit, and she keeps talking, and I keep giving her the same short answers, and Annie doesn’t even notice how uninterested I look.

Worst best friend ever.

And the hour passes and she’s still talking, and I’m still drinking, and I can see her smile, she’s happy, so fucking happy. And I’m sad, so fucking sad. And all I want to do is cry, because I hate to see her so happy, but I also hate myself for feeling like that. And I know that I’m about to cry, because my chest starts heaving out, my vision turning even more blurry. And I don’t even excuse myself, I just run away from there, taking two steps at a time at the stairs, locking myself in the bathroom the second I’m alone inside.

A couple of minutes pass before I can hear someone knocking on the door, calling my name.

“I just want to be alone” I mutter.

“Well, I don’t want you to be alone. Open the door, we can be alone together”

I get up from the tub, yes, the tub, to open the door. Shannon is waiting for me outside, a bottle of water on his hand. I let him in, and we both sit inside the tub, this isn’t our first time.

“She just couldn’t stop talking about him, I had to run” I mutter, after taking a good sip from the bottle, “It’s been four months, I should be ready for this”

“Yes, you should. But you’d loved him for years, you have the right to feel like you’re feeling now”

I can feel the tears coming back to my eyes, start rolling on my cheeks.

“Hey” Shannon says, cupping my cheek with one hand, drying the tears that got to escape.

Don’t do it, my heart says, but my mind has a different opinion.

In just a second I get to Shannon, in just a second I press my lips against his. I’m desperate, my lips show this, and I know they are trembling. I just want Jared out of my system, I want him out of my mind… Just like I wanted him out the night of the wedding.

This time I stop in time, getting up from the tub, checking my face on the mirror, trying to fix my make up as much as possible.

“Where are you going?” Shannon asks me, getting up from the tub too.

“Back to the party” I almost whisper, Shannon standing by my side, his hand taking mine, “Please, don’t…”

He nods, taking his hand away, but with a smile on his face.

“There’s still a lot of alcohol downstairs”

“Enough for tonight” I say, finally feeling a smile invade my lips.

We head downstairs, nobody noticing my washed face, and Shannon’s protectiveness over me. I get to see Jared the second we enter the backyard. He’s not with Annie, she’s just boring Vicki with her endless talking. Ok, I got to stop that. But, seriously, she just keeps talking.

Shannon gives me a look, kind of asking me if we go there. And we do.

The day of the wedding, Jared didn’t look at me once. I wanted to dance with him and, in the middle of the song, tell them how happy I was seeing him so happy with his life, with his choices. Because he chose a girl who couldn’t hate her best friend just for being happy about her life, someone who was bright, smiling even in her darkest days.

But he didn’t look at me, and I couldn’t ask him to grant me one dance, just one song. Because I ruined everything between us. Love sucks.

Shannon gets me a bottle of water, intercepting Annie when he notices her walking toward me.

“She’s not feeling very well” I hear him say, “Long day, and too much alcohol, not a good combination”

Annie nods, probably feeling terrible for taking too much talking about her and not taking a bit of time to ask about me. Or at least that’s what I’d like to think.

The guys take over the conversation, and I just stand there, feeling out of place. It sort of feels like before, when Jared and Annie were not engaged yet. Everyone looks the same too. Well, that’s what I believe till I see Jared face.

We lived together for a while, and we’ve been friends longer than I would like to admit. I knew that face, I knew what those bags under his eyes meant. And, out of the sudden, everything became clear. Annie had always been a good talker, but not to this extreme. She was avoiding people talking to her, by talking to them. She didn’t want people asking them question, so she gave them answers before anyone could question her intentions.

Very clever.

A smile appears when I notice part of what’s going on, and that parts feels happy. And I know I should stop feeling happy over sad things, but I just can’t help it.

My whole perspective of the night changes when I finally notice what’s going on. I can see that Jared’s smiles don’t reach his eyes, that Annie tends to avoid his eyes, but tries to stay as close as possible so no one suspects that something is going on.

But I know, because I know them too fucking much. I want to stand in the middle of the circle, interrupt their conversation with a hysterical laugh and shout how stupid they are for doing something that lasted only four months. But I have no other proof than my knowledge of my two best friends.

My mind is full of theories over what could’ve happened when I hear my name. I come back to earth, noticing the freaky smile on my face. I must look crazy.

“Are you alright?”

Everyone’s looking at me, and Jared knows that I know. Because I see it in his eyes, and I just want to run to him and punch him in the face. Because he decided to “spend the rest of his life” with someone for less than four months, and we could’ve have lasted for eternity.

“Is okay if I sleep here?” I ask Shannon, leaving the crazy smile aside.

The worried expressions change to surprise and playfulness. Annie starts asking all the wrong questions, and I just ignore her. Shannon nods to my answer, and I just leave them all behind.

I’m Annie’s best friend, or was. Best friends notice when the other is head over heels for someone, even when you’re head over heels yourself. The thought creeps my mind as I walk toward Shannon’s bedroom. I noticed when both of them started falling for each other, and Shannon noticed when I fell for Jared. Jared was too blind to noticed my feelings, but she was always really good at reading me.

What if she knew?

I take all my clothes off, standing in the middle of Shannon’s bedroom just in my underwear.

What if Annie knew what I felt for Jared and just decided to go ahead?

I know it would have been selfish of me to just demand her to stop having those feelings. But before he was her friend, he was mine, and that gave me some kind of right over him, right? Well, Jared is not a possession, but… I guess you get my point.

It’s still dark by the time I open my eyes. Shannon is by my side, still dressed, but too drunk to even cover himself with a blanket. I get up from bed, taking the first thing I can find to put it over him.

I feel dizzy, still a bit drunk. I’m already in the middle of the corridor when my mind decides to confirm that I’m walking to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

The whole place is a mess. I’m sure the party finished not so long ago, and the house still smells like a mix of alcohol, sweat and people.

The light in the living room is still on, and as I walk there I notice the bearded figure laying on the couch. As always, I just stand there, awkwardly staring at Jared. His eyes are closed, but he’s not sleeping, I know that, although he hasn’t feel my presence yet.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch me?” Ok, I was wrong.

I’m well aware of my attire, and something inside me cringes when I see him open his eyes and stare at me as if this was the first time his eyes really laid on me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Shannon’s my brother, it isn’t too weird if I ask if I can stay at his place” He laughs, straighten his torso to finally sit on the couch, “What are you doing here?”

“Too drunk to drive” I shrug, and a new round of laugh comes out of his lips.

How could I spend four months without that laugh?

Jared pants the space beside him, asking me to sit there. And I do it right away.

“So, you noticed?”

“I noticed something, I’m not exactly sure what I noticed”

I’m not facing him, but he’s sitting with his left side leaning on the couch. I don’t want to face him, but his hand goes straight to my hair, taking a small lock of it just to play.

“Isn’t it weird that you know me better than Shannon?”

“We lived together, you know me too”

“Not as much as to notice some things that were going on here” Jared mutters, leaving the lock aside to knock my head.

“Yeah, well, let’s not talk about that”

His hand slips over my jaw in order to grab my chin and turn my head to him. The bags under his eyes are even worse than I could see earlier, and the beard that decorates his face is not a fashion statement.

“What happened?” I ask him, and he know pretty well that I mean.

“Things changed, we both changed” Jared sighs, his hand leaving my chin, “She became something else. She was demanding things I couldn’t give her, she needed me with her all the time, and I just couldn’t do it”

“You needed your space?”

“No” He almost shouts, “I needed you”

I can feel the gasp coming out of my chest and I just can’t stop its coming. I want to shout, I want to jump over him and kiss him like is the end of the world. I want to do so many things. But I just stay there, petrified.

“I saw you that night, and I know what happened with Shannon” His voice starting to tremble, his eyes looking a bit soggy, “I knew something was wrong from the moment we talked at the beach, and seeing you two leave together… I knew I had fucked it up”

Jared waits for a few seconds, maybe thinking that I have something to say, but I don’t. What could I possibly say?

“There was this moment, a month ago, when I just couldn’t hold it any longer. She was yelling at me, all her sweetness gone, she wanted me present, to stop walking around every corner like part of me was gone. And I asked her, I cried when I asked why she couldn’t be more like you. How could two best friends be such opposites?”

“Shut up” I whisper, deciding to let all my bitterness out, “Shut the fuck up, Jared”

He obeys, and I stand from the couch, starting to pace around.

“It’s too late” I start mumbling, “You can’t do this”

“I know it’s late, but the marriage is already broken” Jared stands from the couch, coming closer to me, grabbing me by the arms,  “You can hate my timing as much as I hate it, but please, just look at me for one second”

His hands clasp my arms strongly, sending shivers all over my body. His eyes are bright, and a few tears are shed by the two of us when we realized what’s going on.

“You’re my best friend” I mutter, shrugging a bit.

“Best friends can be lovers”

And that’s all it takes for us to just press our bodies together, his lips looking for mine with a desperation we had never experienced. His hands are all over me as mine can’t stop playing with his hair. Not a minute passes before loud moans escape the friction of our mouths, and not two minutes pass before I’m laying on the couch, Jared’s shirt already gone.

I need him as much as he needs me, and my heart couldn’t be happier.

I can’t even notice when all the clothes is gone and we are skin to skin, his crotch already tempting mine. But Jared decides to wait for a while, teasing me with kisses, and his hands playfully spreading my wetness on him.

“Just do it, please” I start begging, a smile taking over his lips as he hears my words.

Another kiss erases the smile, and I can finally feel him making his way inside me. A loud moan comes out of my lips as he starts thrusting against my body. His eyes are finally on me, after all this time wanting to be under his gaze, and he’s finally looking at me. I want to cry, scream, laugh. Emotions invade me, and I can feel the first tears coming out, a joyful smile on my lips, as I bite the lower one to help me contain all that I’m feeling.

The thrusts start fasting, and the desperation mixes with anger and happiness, all at the same time. And I can feel Jared loving me and almost blaming me for making him feel like this.

And I know him so much, that even though this is our first time, I know when he’s close. And I’m close too. And all I want is scream how much I love him.

His mouth devoured mine once more as his thrust turn frenetic. I want him, he wants me.

The two screams that come out of our lips hold more emotion than any other scream I could have made during climax. Jared falls over me, his head on the curve of my neck. We are both gasping, feeling each other’s chests hitting against the other.

And that’s the moment my head decides to make me laugh, and cry at the same time. And I can feel his smile on my neck, his teeth biting my neck as he growls against my skin.

“Again” I ask, “And again, and again, and again”

Jared laughs, facing me again, his lips giving a little peck to mine.

“I have a better idea”

He comes out of me, standing from the couch to start picking his clothes.

“Go find yours, quickly!”

I nod, standing from the couch, still a bit dizzy from the climax. And I run upstairs, trying to be as quiet as possible, only to discover Shannon snoring on his bed. I take all my things, leaving a quick kiss on Shannon’s cheek, starting to run downstairs.

When I get to Jared, he doesn’t say a word, and doesn’t let me ask either. He just grabs my arm and pulls me to him, biting and kissing my lips with the biggest demonstration of passion I’ve experienced.

“What are we doing?” I ask him when he finally lets me go.

“I don’t even know, I just want to be with you” He laughs, hurrying me to get dressed.

I do it as fast as I can. We can see the sunrise through the window, and Jared kisses me over there once we are ready. We both stared for a few seconds when we finish, his eyes falling to his hands, and I see something that makes me skip another bit. Jared slowly takes the ring from his finger, playing with it for a few seconds, only to let it fall between us.

“Let’s go” He says.

Jared grabs my hand, pulling me out of the house to get inside his car. Out of nothing, we both start laughing again, and as I look at him I can feel myself inside a dream, but I know this is true, and my heart starts to feel warm again.

So uh… I may have restarted my Moon Team. Restarting games is a bad habit of mine (I can’t tell you how many times I restarted Alpha Sapphire). But I wanted to restart because I got this cool little trainer/starter character team up in my head.

But yeah so here’s my new team and trainer so far! Instead of it just being like me in the game, I wanted to make it like a separate character, and thus we have Hat! She’s grumpy, angry, and will punch team Skull Right in the face. She tries to be intimidating but no one will take her seriously.

And then we have PrettyBoy! (and he does have stars on both ends of his name). He’s smol, very squish and is such a good boy!!! While Hat tries to be tough, PrettyBoy is being the cutiest cutie you can imagine!

Anyway, that’s all I got for these guys right now, but I hope to do more fan art with them! I’m also planning on getting an Alolan Meowth for the team soon, so I may have more stuff in a bit!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Chapter Chapter 4 The Keeper of the Keys 

“SMASH! The door was hit with such force that it swung clean off its hinges and with a deafening crash landed flat on the floor. A giant of a man was standing in the doorway. His face was almost completely hidden by a long, shaggy mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard, but you could make out his eyes, glinting like black beetles under all the hair.”

Finally finished! This one took insanely long to do because I accidently deleted the whole thing when I was 75% done… oops. Anyways, I hope you all like it! I hd fun with this because Hagrid is my favorite character ever! 

I love how even though Ochako is basically Izuku’s main love interest, she’s still her own character with a legitimate goal, problems, insecurities and is a character who still has a lot of growing to do. But for once, unlike other shōnen, she’s not a constant damsel in distress for the main protagonist to come and heroically rescue. They’ve both helped each other out in numerous ways. It shows that though she’s not physically strong like say Bakugou, Todoroki, or even Izuku when he’s using One for All, she’s still VERY capable and somewhat independent. (Which I can only see growing more as the story progresses) She wants to be strong in a way only she can.

I’m just really proud of Kohei Horikoshi for breaking away from standard shōnen tropes and making something that’s both fresh and engaging out of such a tired genre. He said Naruto was one of his biggest inspirations, but honestly… He’s handled this series way better than Kishimoto ever did with Naruto. Y'know those stories where the student eventually surpasses the teacher?

Well, pretty sure Horikoshi wasn’t Kishimoto’s student, but in actual literal terms, Horikoshi has surpassed him greatly.

More Than Words

Hey :) could you do a Ricky Horror imagine, one where I have have been friends with motionless in white for about 7 months after mutual friends introduced us and Ricky has feelings for me but is to scared to tell me and one night me and all of the guys and their girlfriends are hanging out at Rickys place and their all dropping hints about Ricky liking me and then they all make a excuse 2 leave and its just me and Ricky so we watch a movie and we start to cuddle and he tells me his feelings 4 me

I’ve been sitting in my car for a solid 10 minutes, my bottom lip between my teeth and a small smile tracing along my face. I can see the lights are on and through the window I can see a few people, Kylie, Devin, Balz and Ryan. I know the others are somewhere else throughout the house as well.

Finally I gather up enough courage to turn off my car and get out. I smooth down my hair and shirt quickly as I go up the driveway to the door, knocking on the wood and then waiting patiently.

The one person to answer the door was none other than Ricky. I smile at him, a light blush on my cheeks.

“Y/N! Glad you could make it. Come on in!” Ricky says in an exaggerated tone of voice, making myself giggle.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” I reply back in my best attempt at a posh English accent, stepping into his house.

Immediately I can spot everyone else, all sitting in the living room with some sort of drink in hand and snacks on the table in the middle.

“Finally she’s here!” Chris cries out in mock exasperation, a grin on his face.

I simply shrug my shoulders, taking a seat on a pile of blankets as all the chairs are taken. Ricky goes to sit on the empty space on the couch, but Balz scoots over in the way. Ricky then goes to sit on a different spot, and again someone takes it before he can sit down. I can’t help but laugh to myself at the situation. Chris gives Ricky a pointed look, an amused grin on his face, and then Ricky sits by me on the floor. I swear, I could see a faint blush on his cheeks as well.

It starts to rain right then, but it’s just a light drizzle so far. Throughout the night, Chris, Ryan, Balz and Devin kept making comments towards Ricky, doing weird hand motions and giving him looks but I was oblivious to the glances being thrown my way as well with smirks on everyone’s faces. Even Kylie and Ryan were giggling to themselves, whispering unknowns.

Suddenly lightning flashes and thunder books through the night, the lights flickering for a second before going back to normal.

“Well we are going to leave before the storm gets any worse.” Balz says, him and Ryan getting up from their spots on the couch.

“We’re gonna hit the road as well.” Devin says, him and Kylie following them out the door. I look around, seeing as it’s only Ricky, Chris and I left. Ryan must have left without saying anything.

“I might as well leave too. Don’t get to crazy when we’re gone.” Chris teases, but I don’t know what he’s getting at.

“What do you-” I start to say, but he interrupts me as he opens the door, “Bye!” And then he’s gone.

“Since everyone else is leaving, I guess that’s my cue to go as well then.” I say, a bit reluctantly though. I didn’t want to leave, I kind of wanted to be alone with Ricky.

“Um, actually why don’t you just stay here tonight?” Ricky says, but I can see a faint blush on his cheeks, “So you don’t have to drive through the storm, of course.” He stammers out the last bit.

I smile slightly, nodding my head with my own blush on my cheeks, “Sure, of course. Could we maybe watch a movie then?”

“Of course. If you want, I think I have a pair of clean clothes in my room you can borrow for tonight. If, you know, you want something else to wear.” Ricky again stammers out.

I smile gratefully, “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. Thank you.”

I don’t see it, but as I’m walking down the hall to go change Ricky is grinning ear to ear, muttering something under his breath but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I get to his room, sliding off my jeans and trading them out for a pair of his sweatpants I find sitting on his bed. They hang low on my hips, but I don’t mind. I leaving my hoodie on, but take off my t-shirt so I just have a tank top on underneath. I also take my hair out of its bun I managed to throw it up in last minute, having my hair fall past my shoulders slightly messy.

Satisfied with my comfort level, I walk back out to the living room, seeing Ricky already put the movie in and was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

He smiles at me appearance, and we don’t say anything as I take a seat next to him on the couch. I sat closer than necessary, but I knew neither of us would complain. The movie starts to play and I notice it’s a horror movie, one of my favorites but it still can scare me no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

The lights are dimmed, and the storm is raging about outside. A scary part comes on, and just as someone is about to be killed thunder shakes the entire house and the lights flicker once again, causing me to jump closer to Ricky. I didn’t know he was resting his arm over the back of the couch, so when I jumped closer to him I guess I startled him a bit and he dropped his arm over my shoulders. I saw him blush lightly, and I’m sure I was as well, but before he could move again I took a risk and cuddled closer to him, wrapping my arms around my own body and resting my head on his shoulder. I could almost hear his heart pounding, and instead of moving he holds me closer to him, keeping one arm around my shoulders and hand holding my own.

“I like this..” I mutter out loud, unintentionally. I knew he heard me, and it only causes my blush to grow.

“Me too. I’ve… I’ve actually been meaning to tell you something.” Ricky says, and I can sense his nervousness in his tone.

“What is it?” I ask, although I could already kind of tell what he was getting at.

He’s silent for a moment then, as if figuring out what to say. And when he does start to talk again, I can’t help but smile to myself.

“I want to be able to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, cuddle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever and kiss you whenever I want. Every day. Meeting you was fate, being your friend was choice, but… But falling in love with you was completely beyond my control, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

I don’t look up at him as I talk next, knowing if I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his I’d completely forget what I would say.

“Before I met you, I never knew what it would be like to smile for no reason. When I’m with you, I’m happy. When we hug it’s like I don’t ever want to let go, and when you make me smile it seems to bring out the sunshine in me. When I see you and our eyes meet, it’s like something I’ve never felt before.”

It is only then I look up at Ricky, a shy smile on my lips, but when I see him my smile grows, and as does his.

We don’t need to say anything to let each other know we love them. Because that shows in the words we say and the actions we do. I know we’ve handed each other our hearts in our words, and I vow not to break his as I know he won’t break mine.

Because our love is more than words. It is the silent nights with the rain drizzling on the window pane. It is quiet mornings, a coffee our hands and his arms around my waist. It is rough nights, where I hold him and reassure that everything is alright because I know he’d do the same to me.

It is a love that doesn’t need to be proved, because we already know.