i was making coffee

“I realized that I missed you, when I kept rolling off your side of the bed. A part of me still believed that you were there laying next to me.

When I kept walking back to the living room to check if you fell asleep on the couch like you used to, but you haven’t been there since ages.

I still keep your favorite kind of coffee in the pantry.

I make extra food telling myself that it’s “leftovers” for myself, but I’m still in the habit of cooking for two.

All the pictures we’ve taken together; I place them facing down instead of putting them away.”

- excerpt from a book I’ll never write #68 // @loveactivist

anonymous asked:

Was there a live stream event of the Joint appearance last night because I really want to watch it ❤️

If you go to the last thing I reblogged there’s a link there! 🙏


Annual family girls trip to Charlottesville, which as always is full of good food and weird finds in adorable shops, and coffee, and making Very Pointed Eye Contact with my sister whenever anyone starts talking about their diets like we’re on The Office.

But like, the light here is SO GOOD. And our room is perfect. So.

Me: god I feel awful. Why did I drink all that prosecco last night?!

Husband: I don’t know because you are crazy.

Me: good point.

Husband: why don’t you tell your Mum you are ill cancel lunch plans stay here watch the rest of the punisher and I’ll make you a fried egg sandwich and a coffee.

Me: this. This is why I married you.

rinef  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. <3

Idk if I have another 5 good things about myself😂😂
1. I’m easy to get along with I guess?
2. I have an unhealthy supply of memes but it’s great
3. I can give okay advice?? That’s a cool thing
4. I can make hella good coffee.
5. I like my hair (sometimes)
That’s literally all I can think of omg 😂
Thank you honey bun 💓💞💜❤️💕

a thought:

Derek loses a bet with Erica, and so the next time he goes to Starbucks he has to order “one coffee, as black as my soul” with a completely straight face. 3 minutes later the barista hands him a giant latte with extra whipped cream and a marshmallow on top, with a completely straight face.

(Obviously Stiles is the barista, what were you expecting?)


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