i was making coffee

i’m    in    the    mood    to    make    friends  !     mutuals,    give    this   a    like    so    i    can    love    on    u    and    talk    to   you    about    your    muses    in    the    im’s.

I Make Coffee

I never really liked coffee. Now I find myself making a cup just so I could remember how it smells to be around you. In the kitchen, the gleaming finish of the faucet reflects a warped reflection of me. I am alone. Stirring my cup of coffee, I am alone. Steam rises and dissipates before my face. I listen to the sound of metal hitting china. I think of wedding bells. Wedding bells and flowers and sunshine. I think of promises. And then the smell of coffee finally comes. A ring-ding-ding of the bell in my head sends images zooming into my consciousness. Your awkward posture. The way you seem to take up more space than you actually do. The way your eyes hold aplomb.

I lose myself in your aroma.

There is transgression hiding somewhere in this scent, but for a while I don’t notice. And for a while I forget about woes, remembering only the forgotten. I whisk this memory to a fluff. It is lightweight in my head—the way I wear my skin after a shower, the way memories weigh. I am here but less. You are here but consumed.

anonymous asked:

What's the usual morning routine?

Dazai: A lot of cuddling of course. Until noon!

Oda: Nah. I get up at 6 and take a shower. Then, I sometimes call the kids to make sure that everything is alright. After that, I drink some coffee while reading a good book because that’s a good and relaxing way to start the new day. 

… But sometimes, Dazai messes up my whole schedule because he doesn’t want me to leave the bed but he doesn’t want to get up either, and then, he’s super clingy. If that’s the case, I have to stay in bed with him much longer until I can persuade him to get up (He’s not a morning person like me). I also often make breakfast for the two of us (When I’m alone, I usually don’t eat breakfast). During breakfast, we talk a little bit more, for example about work. Or Dazai tells me something about the day before (Like… How he managed to madden Chuuya again, poor guy). Later, we leave together and sometimes, we visit the kids to check on them. Those mornings can be a little bit stressful, but I have to admit, that it is also a nice way to start the day together.

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.



Kdrama kisses

i just want to be the reason somebody smiles. like sure it’d be nice to be enchantingly beautiful but i’d settle for being somebody goofy on the train station. the person who tilted their phone a little so you could watch the show with them. the offered umbrella or the girl with the dog or the “oh i remembered what you got in your coffee.” like the person who makes you feel warm.