i was making a sungyeol edit and then


Because Sungjong’s hyungs will never let him live a.k.a. how the INFINITE hyungs imitated Jongie’s famous neck grabbing move during The Eye. 

“I observed Suzy, her ponytail up; her ears red and a smile on her face. And I knew almost immediately that Suzy liked Sungyeol. This wasn’t new to me, Suzy had developed many crushes over the past, but what hit me was the certain way Suzy’s eyes sparkled, that day, whenever his lips seemed to move. And this time, like Suzy’s new-found-love for art, I knew that this wasn’t a phase either.

About two or three things I learned on that very day, 1) Sungyeol was added to Suzy’s-very-long-list-of-crushes, 2) except this time she genuinely liked him and not just because she found him attractive (like the others) and 3) things were intended to change. Whether I liked it or not.

There is one thing that you need to know about me.

I didn’t like change.

Choosing Stars


Happy birthday to Sungyeol who is very hard working on everything he does, and I hope you always stay happy and stay real to yourself because you don’t need to change a thing about yourself. I hope today, you will be as happy as you make every one else. I love you my ray of sunshine, may your day be filled with happiness, love and cheers♡ 

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