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we all want to think that zoro got that scar over his eye because he had some badass battle or something but honestly he probably got it because he walked into a tree branch during the 4 weeks it took for him to find mihawk for a training session at the front of the castle


Whenever your world starts crashing down, that’s where you’ll find me

Summer love asks™
  • Lemon: How many children do you want to have? Which genders? What would you name them?
  • Peach: Is there a girl/boy in your live atm?
  • Grass: Favorite historical figure?
  • Lake: Where do you want to go this summer?
  • Blue: How do you want to marry the love of your life?
  • Yellow: Ever had a summer romance?
  • Ice tea: Initials of your crush?
  • Apricot: Describe the person you're in love with?
  • Lime: Your book recommendation for the summer?
  • Water: Which song have you got stuck in your head at the moment?
  • Clouds: How was your forst kiss?
  • Sunflower: What will you do this summer?
  • Iced coffee: Favorite TV show atm?
  • Pear: Your song for the summer?
  • Smoothies: Any festivals you will attend this summer?
  • Strawberry: Favorite drink?
  • Lemonade: What/whom do you miss right now?
  • Cherry: Your favorite thing to do in summer?
  • Bonfire: Any parties you'll attend?
  • Palm trees: How are the summers in your country?

In other news I love gerard way in the deepest, realest way I know how and he’s the reason that I’m able to stand here with my back straight and my fists clenched and face everything, he’s the reason I can fight my way back to being a little bit okay, despite it all, the reason I’m still alive and here and breathing, and I’m so, so fucking thankful

Isak watching the nipple twist video later that day: “Like half a year ago or something?? Even?”

(the boy went from singing to punching in 0.1 seconds bc he was jealous  … just saying be careful how cool you play it in front of the boys Evi) 

why wont people just let andrew minyard be touch-repulsed

anonymous asked:

Hi Sixer, I have a request for you. Can you write an au where Stephanie is blind and she's meeting Matthew for the first time in college but it takes him a while to catch on that she is blind. -L

It was the cheery whistling that caught Stephanie’s attention. Over the years she’d learn to build her first impressions of people based on less noticeable things; the weight of their steps, the way they fidgeted and shifted audibly, the smells of heavy perfumes or colognes, if they thought they had to talk loudly to her or tried to grab her hand without asking and guide her places like a child. When she felt like being particularly worldly and mature in her disability, Steph would haughtily tell those brave enough to ask about her blank stare that ‘blind people truly do see more than most.’

Regardless, none of those usual landmarks were what caught her attention. It was the whistling, loud and jaunty and something familiar, followed by the sound of a chair scraping back across tiled floors and the light she could see shifting as someone settled into a chair in front of the window she could feel streaming sunlight onto her face. The whistling continued for a minute and was joined with the sound of fabric and paper rustling (‘They’re taking a binder out of a backpack.’ Stephanie concluded mentally), only to pause as whomever was in front of her finished their set up and, presumably, noticed their deskmate.

“What’s your favourite condiment?” Once again, all presidence was dislodged by the unusual greeting. “I…. what?” Furrowing her brown, Steph pulled out the one headphone she had in (Regardless of knowing no one would give her shit for using a text to speech program, it just felt more polite to use headphones) and shot the strange man a confused look. “I said what’s your favourite condiment?” The stranger repeated and there was a edge of amusement to his voice that didn’t feel mocking, more inviting her to laugh. And so she did, shrugging and laughing at the student and his absurd question. “I guess…. mustard?”

For the third time, Stephanie felt caught off guard that morning as a peculiar warmth filled her chest when the man let out an approving noise. “Good choice. I’d have to say ketchup myself, it’s pretty versatile. You’ve the first person to actually answer that question today!” The man laughed, just as loud and cheery as the whistling before, and the warmth in Steph’s chest spread a little more, warmed her a little more. “I’m just fun like that.” She teased, breathless from the heat warming her up. “Speaking of fun, I liked your whistling earlier.” The man laughed again and whistled another few bars of his earlier song, something Stephanie finally recognized from the musical Chicago.

“Thanks, I’m studying theatre and we were talking about musicals we liked earlier.” 'Theatre kid. Likes Chicago.’ Steph added the details to her steadily forming list of facts, nodding slowly. “Oh, also I’m Matthew Patrick! It’s nice to meet you.” The light shifted slightly again, and Stephanie suddenly got the feeling Matthew was holding out a hand for a handshake. “Oh, uh…. I thought it was obvious, but, ah,” She gestured a little helplessly to her cane she knew was resting on the wall beside her, gestured to her own eyes she knew looked a little unfocused and glazed over, and waited. 'This is it,’ She chewed nervously on her lip, almost able to imagine how Matthews fact might be twisting uncomfortably, the most likely happy smile dulling a little, the uncomfortable stumbling and stammering. She tended to prepare for the worst, but this time she hoped for the best. 'Come on Matthew Patrick, surprise me again.’

“Oh. Sorry, I get caught up in my own world sometimes.” The self concious laugh was one Steph had heard a million times. She sighed to herself and shut her eyes, waiting for any number of uncomfortable responses and awkward questions. “Well, why don’t you hold out your hand first and I’ll shake it then? That way we can have a proper greeting!” Well. Even knowing she wouldn’t see an earnest smile staring back ('I wonder if Matthews smile is as happy as the rest of him.’), Stephanie still opened her eyes. “…That would work.” She said slowly.

Careful of the laptop in front of her, Steph held out a hand and felt that feeling in her chest seem to jump as a warm, large hand grabbed hers and shook it energetically. “Stephanie. Stephanie Cordato.” She could almost imagine the slow smile on Matthew’s face; it was surprising how perfectly she could almost imagine it. “Nice to meet you, Stephanie. Do you want a description of the incredibly gorgeous man sitting in front of you?” Steph laughed again, acutely aware that they were still holding hands. Oddly enough, that was okay with her. “I didn’t know there was a third person here.” She teased back, sticking out her tongue and revelled a little in the laugh Matt let out. “Funny, real funny.” She could practically hear the eyeroll, yet somehow Stephanie knew he was still smiling as he rustled some more papers. “Don’t expect me to tell you if you have food stuck in your teeth then.”

butterflyonawheel  asked:

I just made my blog a week ago and since yours grew so fast I was wondering if you have any advice for people like me on how to build your following? Also youre the best :))

aaah hi!

so I honestly still have no idea how my blog went from brand new to 5.5k in like four months (holy shit how) so I’m probably not the best person to ask but here are some things I did that might help I guess:

  • make original content. this is probably the biggest one just because it gives people a reason to follow you rather than the people you reblog from, sets you apart as an individual blog with something unique to offer.
  • be engaged in the fandom. send asks. reblog selfies (if you want idk I know a lot of big blogs don’t). try to make friends. don’t be scared to reblog content similar to your own (I emphasize that because I used to be this way and … don’t. it’s just way more fun in general to be engaged).
  • uh … depending on the type of blog you want doing ask games or posting personal things might help ??? idk I like coming off as more than just a gif maker so I do that.
  • retags !!! idk I love when blogs write in the tags it makes me smile and more likely to follow tbh
  • have a good theme that people can like understand how to use and can easily read and stuff

I honestly dk beyond that though. I got lucky tbh. a few big blogs followed me really early on (like one of the most known blogs in the fandom followed me before I even hit 20 followers so them rbing my stuff helped a lot). and I came into the phandom already knowing how to make gifs and write fics so I wasn’t really learning from scratch to make original content and stuff. idk.

good luck with your blog tho!