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S12 Countdown: 44 days - N° 15 in the series - “Which crop to pick” - N°12 Jibcon 2016
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How do we get her back?


I had a request for Anakin/Padme Historical AU portraits! (from @ultracomicfan)

*turns up “Across the Stars”*

Tudor court (mid 1500s) - a princess and a young gravely injured knight? (I couldn’t figure out why it was so easy to picture Padme in this style of costume and then I remembered that The Other Boleyn Girl happened. Anakin’s attire is …er… timeless?)

American Civil War (~1865) - Union officer Anakin who grew up in the West and New England abolitionist Padme (they should probably live happily with the twins in some AU, right?)

WWI (~1918) - Of course Anakin is a pilot.  I mean.  Of course.

Welp apparently I read that prompt as “chop off Anakin’s arm throughout history,” but at least Padme is blocking the pinned up sleeve in the second pic?

see also Obi-Wan/Satine historical AUs

I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head Pt 2 (NSFW)

“The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.”  Silvia Path, Mad Girls Love Song

Your heartbeat is rapidly ricocheting against the thin walls of your neck. The Joker’s teeth run across the skin there slowly, like the edge of a switchblade. His scent is intoxicating - a blend of tobacco, leather and amber.  His breath is warm and sweet like scotch and bubblegum as he moans hungrily in your ear. 

He pulls his body up in a push up motion, hovering over you, staring intensely at every inch of your body.  You stiffen and your heartbeat picks up again.  You feel it in every pulse point, as if your blood was pounding desperately on a door. 

He is staring directly at you now.  The weight of his stark stare is no less restraining than the bed sheet you are bound with.  It is only now that you realize that you are holding your breath.  

The Joker begins to grin widely baring a mess of gorgeous silver teeth.  He dives in close, caresses your throat and then grips it and snarls. He slaps your cheek abruptly with every next syllable.  “DON’T-FOR-GET-TO-BREATHE-MY- LIT-TLE-KIT-TEN.” 

You open your mouth and inhale deeply and noisily and Joker slips his thumb over your bottom lip onto your tongue with his other fingers still on your throat. You turn your head to the side, whimpering “no” trying to escape his invasion. 

He jerks your head back in place shaking his finger at you.  His angry eyes look down at you again and you tremble uncontrollably.  “You watch that pretty little mouth of yours before I have to fuck it.”  A few drops of saliva roll down the right corner of your mouth. Joker scoops them up with the side of his thumb and licks the pad of it slowly.  “Mmmmm….someone’s been sucking on lollipops!”  

“Haaaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaaaaaaaa!!!” Joker laughs insanely and with his entire body, lunging forward at you with his mouth fully open and eyes squinting.  He laughs so hard that tears roll down his face and he has to wipe them away with the back of his hand. 

He is still chuckling as he slides the leather belt from his trousers.  “We…are only just getting started doll face…,” Joker says grinning as he snaps the belt hard in his hands.  

“WAIT!” you scream out finally able to vocalize your thoughts.  “Please don’t kill me!  Please don’t kill me…I will do anything please!” Joker leans in with a wicked grin.  “Oh I’m not gonna kill you.  I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.”  

You feel the fear building again and try to push off the bed with your feet. You are punished with the stinging pain of your gash from the broken glass that sliced your foot. “Gahhhhh!” You cry out and pull the foot back quickly tucking it up as close to you as possible.  Joker looks down at your foot “tsk…tsk…you have to be a little more careful princess.”  He unbuttons his white dress shirt and picks up your foot in his hand admiring it.  

‘Thank God I got a pedicure,’ you think as he cups your heel.  You blush at the ridiculousness of your random thought and try to brush it away. The fact is that nestled beneath the feelings intense fear, you have become increasingly aroused by this entire situation.  You can feel the dampness spreading between your legs.  “Ohhh…you are bleeding…” Joker smiles and wipes the blood away softly and begins wrapping your foot up in his shirt.

While he is concentrating on wrapping up your foot, you begin to fiddle with the sheet binding you to the bedpost.  You are working out the tight knot and feel it loosen just a bit.  You are looking at him the entire time that you slowly untangle yourself to appear as though you aren’t working on unloosening it at all.   

Joker slowly places your foot down onto the bed.  He slowly looks up at you with an insane look on his face. “Daddy is VERY disappointed in you kitten. What a NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY girl you are.  I tied you up in a pretty bow and you are unraveling it?”  Joker pulls you onto his lap hard with both hands and forces you down on your belly, facing the mirror in one swift move.

“I think it’s time for a little discipline princess.”  He pulls down your pajama shorts exposing your bare bottom.  “What…do we haveeee hereeee?”  Joker moans out.  You can feel the large bulge in pants against your belly button.  He is so aroused that he has to grab it a little to calm himself down. The crack of the belt stings white hot with every syllabic lash. “WHY-ARE-YOU-NOT-WEAR-ING-AN-Y-PAN-TIES?“ The last belt lash was the worst and made you yelp out loudly making him utter a sinister chuckle. “Tell me angel…what is Daddy supposed to do with you?     

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@sunny-day-sky Here, thanks for the ask!!!!!
I’ve heard that it’s common to headcanon them as siblings, so I imagine Cosette talks Enjolras into having ‘siblings time’ aka dressing fabulous and partying all night. 😎

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my 2010,,,, in hetalia fandom,,,,,,, writing fanfics and roleplaying and cospalying,,,,,,,, my first fandom was harry potter but if ur looking for my eternal shame it's hetalia. there were also my first gay ships. wolfstar came waaayy later

i know wolfstar is a harry potter ship but my first thought whenever i see it is “who on earth is in charge of naming the warrior cats these days”


Hi i made these move Ratchet icons n it took me three days and the final two were suffering cause I just want to go to bed but i needed to finish them

i had to scale them all down to 150x150 cause i didnt want to make one bigger and have it be fuzzy

if you wanna use one of my trash babies pls like or reblog this post thank. credit isnt neccessary but is appreciated

all credits for backgrounds go to freepik which is a cool website i recommend

Day 4 of the 30 Day Fatesona Challenge: “In clothes from the kingdon they’re not from.”

This was so fun!! I think I might fit the strategist class quite well actually, but I guess in the end it’s not meant to be… as you wouldn’t ever catch me riding a horse (unless I was being paid a lot in compensation lmao).

I would def treat the staves like magic wands and shout out long spell names to annoy people lol. I guess I would get along with Odin? :’o