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magnus bane and alec lightwood will be the most iconic couple on tv in 2017

not only are we getting a proper respresentation of an interracial couple, not only are we getting a queer couple… but we are also gonna see them actually fall in love, depend on each other, trust each other, fight for each other

AND at the same time we are going to see two badass and independent characters who have their own stories and are so much more than just a couple

anonymous asked:

Honest question: Is it really that big of a deal to take pictures of actors? I feel like if you see someone famous you just want to capture the moment especially if it's someone you really admire. IDK I guess since I just live somewhere where that sort of thing is totally fine (unless you try to use the pics to slander the actor) I just can't comprehend the problem.

Yes, it’s a big deal. Actually, it’s a huge deal. Thing is, if you wouldn’t do it to a “normal” person don’t do it to celebrities?? And I’m not trying to shame any one country, but just because it’s considered fine where you’re from doesn’t actually make it right?
The problem is that these are normal people, some of who are underage! And most of these, if not all, are taken at Henrik’s workplace! He’s at work. He’s not there for you to admire, he’s there to make an honest living. He’s there to make you coffee. That is all. If you want to admire the coffee though, that’s okay!

My personal opinion is to not bother him at all when he is at work, but if you absolutely have to capture the moment ASK HIM. Don’t take a sneaky picture from your table in the corner. His picture is not yours to take unless given outright consent. It’s really that simple :)

well, what was going to be a quick sketch-practice storyboard got significantly more involved, but here’s my latest efforts in teaching myself how to… do more storyboard/animatic things, and in how to further be skeleton (and fire-man) trash.

the song is the chorus of Run Dry, by Patrick Stump. yes, i am that kind of trash.

and if needed, here’s the youtube version:


Whoniverse: Class - In Quill, we call this the First Fear. This is the one you always go back to and the one you can’t face, and everyone has it.  Everyone.  Even Quill.  A soldier without fear is useless, inefficient. They win battles, but they lose wars.

I was about to not make this but then I realized I just reached 600 followers for doing absolutely nothing so I should thank you guys…. s/o to my lovely mutuals :3

Also thanks @yyh for teaching me how to use PS : ))


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And all the Swanfire shippers and Neal lovers breath a sigh of relief (or squee in happiness).

Thank goodness.

I had no time to draw anything yesterday or today and honestly I (involuntarily) skip drawing like maybe 4 times a year and I kinda freak out when that happens, so anyway I decided to just doodle the first thing on my dash that made me wanna draw. Which happened to be Viago <3