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Let it Go

A/N: Sooo, I found this in my drafts and i honestly don’t even remember writing this LOL So i really don’t know what to expect, i just skimmed through this and it looks meh, sooooooo since i feel bad for not update one of my other fics today, you guys can enjoy this! :)

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warning: a little smut??? swearing

Word Count: 1800

September 30th 2005

“So what did John say?”

“He’s got a hunt or two to finish up, so to just finish up this one and give him a call” Dean turned his head, his eyes meeting yours directly with an evil smirk on his face “So that means we can have a little fun in the back seat if baby”

You lifted your hands to cover your now crimson red cheeks “Dean!” You giggled out

He wiggled his eyebrows at you “Come on baby, i know you want some of this”

You gave him a little push in the shoulder, being gentle due to the fact he was driving, even if it was down a back road “I always want some of that Dean”

He made a quick turn to the right into the trees, turning off baby, his pupils now fully dialated “Is that so?”

You bit your lip, trying to look as innocent as possible knowing that was always your best game play, nodding your head diverting your eyes to his bulge growing in his pants. He let out a deep groan before picking grabbing your legs and flipping you so you were laying on your back in the front of baby, he grabbed your legs wrapping them around his waist, hovering over top of you, an inch away from your face, his eyes roaming your face, before leaning down giving you a soft gentle kiss he pulled away leaning towards your ear lowly whispering “I want you….so bad” that was all he had to say to get you going, you ripped off his shirt running your hands down his chest stopping right before his pant line, biting your lip again slowly rubbing the bulge on the outside of his pants, earning another moan from him, his lips instantly connected to yours, his hands roaming your entire body, breaking apart for a split second just to remove your shirt and bra, after that his lips were back on yours.

Shortly after you unbuckled his belt, he kicked his pants of the best he could in the small space you were in, his fingers were tugging at the belt holes in your jeans, taking your hand off of his cheek you undid your jean button, as his right hand left your breast to pull your pants down, at the same time as your panties. He wasted no time with using his fingers inserting them in and out of you making you moan in pleasure, he leaned down whispering “God baby, you’re so wet” Making you moan even more, he took his fingers out and started rubbing circles on your clit.

“d-dean” You stuttered out

“Yeah baby?” Smirking down at you knowing what he was doing to you, but every time you guys ended up here, which was a lot might i add, he only wanted to hear those three words.

“I want you, god Dean, p-please”

“Anything for you princess”

And with that his underwear was off and he was in your faster than you could blink, his thrust started slow and rough, then started to pick up in pace and get gentle, you leaving long scratches on his back, and him hand prints on your waist from gripping you too hard, like always.

“Dean..” You moaned out


You bit your lip nodding at the man above you.

“Y/n” He moaned out “Now” and with that you both let go at the same time, he went limp on you, both of you covered in sweat, baby’s windows foggy, you giggled, Dean pushed himself up giving you a gentle peck on the forehead, than nose, both cheeks, before looking deep in your eyes, kissing you lips softly pulling away “I love you y/n”

“I love you Dean”

And that, that was the last time he ever said ‘I love you’ That was the last good moment you guys had together before everything went spiraling out of control.

Present Day

You’ve been sitting in your truck now for about 15 minutes debating whether or not to you were going in the dinner a few feet ahead of you.

You never were a coward or lacked confidence, but when it came to this certain time anxiety was running all the way through your veins. Not just the diner was a few feet infront of you m, but so was Dean, a man you haven’t seen in about 10 years. You mind was racing at your last time seeing him, you loved him, you still did love him it might of been 10 years but he was your first love, your first everything.

“Ow!” You mumbled when you chewed your nail shorter than you intended to, you sighed hitting your wheel a few times grumbling “Come on y/n this isn’t you” You checked your hair and makeup in the rearview mirror, stepping out of your truck slamming the door shut, mumbling curse words under your breath, you would have gone to a different diner but this was the only one for miles, and it just so happened to be the one that the demons you were hunting were meeting at.

You opened the front door the diner and the bell above rung signaling that they had another customer. The waitress was cleaning the front counter but still looked up from counter to give you a big smile greeting you with a southern accent.

Maneuvering around a few tables, you picked the booth the furtherest away from Dean, ordering a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla milkshake. You could see the demon’s conversing directly in the center of the room, you couldn’t make out what they were saying, but you could feel them grower suspicious so you looked away diverting your attention to the waitress you could see bringing your food this way, you smiled at her while she was placing it down “Thank you” Pausing to look over at her name tag “Sara, thank you Sara” She gave you a small smile “You’re welcome” before turning away.

15 minutes into your time at the diner and not much has changed, you were about half way through your burger, all your fries gone and have drank about quarter of your milkshake, your eyes glancing between both Dean and the demons every now and then.

God he hasn’t changed that much, he still had those ever so kissable lips, his hairstyle hasn’t changed and that made you giggle, his still had those crinkles by his eyes when he smiled, he still did those pouty lips when he was angry, and lastly he still did love his pie. He has aged quite a bit which is bound to happen, it has been ten years. He no longer had the twinkle in his eyes you loved, there was more wrinkles on his face than you last remembered, he looked tired and worn out but this job did this to anyone who has been in it as long as the both of you, most hunters never make it this long and you were honestly surprised you were still here let alone Dean. You heard the stories, the rumours about the Winchesters over the years, you still kept tabs on him every once in awhile, even though you knew he didn’t do the same.

The only time you stopped keeping tabs on him is when you went to purgatory or when you were in hell for 80 years, or well 8 months our time and let me tell you, was that the longest you went. Both him and his younger brother names were mentioned down in hell every now and then which was nothing new, those two were famous and well known.

You were brought back to reality when there was a loud crash and all the glassware on everyone’s table broke into a million pieces, you quickly reached for your gun shoved in the band at the back of your jeans and bringing it around to the right side of you where no one would see it, you scooched closer to the inside of the booth keeping your head down staying out of it until it was absolutely necessary for you to jump in. Not long after the demons kill everyone in sight one by one, except the Winchesters.

It seems like Dean and his younger brother had sorta the same idea, except they jumped straight to the action, both of them with their guns pointed straight at the demons who were circling the table they were once sat at in the middle, eyes black and snickering “I thought you guys knew by now, those things don’t work on us” Laughing the two of them on the outside flicked the hands motioning towards the back wall that was filled with picture frames of Elvis Presley which smashed to pieces after both brother were thrown at the wall “Fucking idiots” you mumbled, sighing decided now was probably a good time considering the other two hunters were now just as useless as the broken picture frames on the wall.

“No, but these will” You lifted up your gun letting three shots out, nailing each demon in the upper shoulder, watching them fall to the ground screaming in pain as Dean and Sam dropped to the floor, dusting themselves off.

“Thanks” Sam spoke giving you a smile, which you returned with a nod.

You could feel Dean’s eyes roaming your body all over, his eyes never leaving you.

“Would you like to do the honours?” You questioned them, but mostly directing it towards Sam.

He gave you smile and started to read out your typical exorcism, while he was doing that, you went back over to your table to pick up the other half of your burger, eating it while Sam finished up. Once he did he made his way towards you.

“So, I’m Sam and this is Dean” He spoke for the both of them, you nodded about to open your mouth to speak when Dean took the words right out of your mouth.

“Y/n…” Dean breathed out

Sam’s eyes looked between both Dean and you, lifting his finger to point between you both, “Uh you two know each other?” He questioned

“We did” You spoke up, pausing for a brief moment before continuing “I gotta get going, other things to hunt, people to save, it was nice meeting you Sam, Dean” You gave him a small smile and Dean a slight nod before heading out of the diner, once again leaving the only man you ever loved behind.

i don’t understand zhong hui’s body armor


is it some weird fabric? pressed to his abs??? so they pop through?????

is it armor??? did he have his armor specially molded for his abs???

if i turned it over, filled it with water, and stuck it in the freezer, can i make ice cubes with it?? IS HIS ARMOR AN ICE CUBE TRAY THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW???

(bonus picture,

did he have it specially molded for his butt too)

senseless babble

I found a small token of your presence.

There, smuggled into the sheets of my bedding-

a small string; golden brown and frail-

controlling me like a marionette.

There are small reminders of you everywhere I look,

and damn these are the things that make me miss you the most.

Come crawl back into my rib cage

and tuck your head into the cracks of my body-

come back and fill me with your voice.

There is a draft blowing through the scar 

of my window and yet I still manage to wake up

in cold sweats in the middle of the night.

I’ll tuck this hair back away and hope

that maybe it can give me a hint of your security

Riker Imagine For Tailia

Looking through my drafts and found this! This is actually the first one I ever wrote I just never published, so I hope it’s okay haha😄

“Wow you really do suck at this Rocky!” You yelled in the middle of the game. “Yea, yea i’m just letting you win!” Riker came in and sat down on the couch. Rocky and You were sitting on the floor in front of the couch. “Hey guys.” he said. “whats up?” “oh Rocky is just ashamed he’s being beat by a girl!” You teased. “You’re not really a girl… you’re just you! Uhh… shut Up! You defended as you slapped Rocky on the chest. "Dude, I was joking.” Rocky whined. “Well cut it out, just play ok…” You said in a quiet hurt tone. Rocky just shook his head confused but continued to play. You looked up and saw Riker grinning, probably at the comment Rocky made. it had kind of bothered you. You didn’t really care what Rocky thought that was just Rocky. It was Riker you worried about. Did Riker think of you that way too? Just as some little tomboyish girl who was always around. lets be honest you weren’t very girly at all, not like those girls he was with. Wait, why care what he thinks, I mean it’s just Riker! You snapped back to reality and heard the phone ring. “I’ll get it! nobody get up!” Stormie yelled sarcasticlly from a different room. A few seconds later. Stormie yelled “Rocky it’s for you!” “Coming Mom!” He yelled and threw the controller at Riker. “You can take her!” He yelled and ran out of the room. Riker holding the controller slid down off the couch and sat next to you. “Who do you think that’s from?” Riker questioned. “Oh probably that stupid blonde from the beach.” “Hey now!” Riker defended. “Her not you I didn’t mean all blondes are…” Riker cut you off “I know what you meant” Riker said laughing. “Hey I like you socks!” “they’re ok” I said sheepishly. “Hey you can’t beat mismatched socks with polka dots” he joked “well I also love cold pizza ya know.” You realized how corny that sounded after you said it but, Riker just laughed. The door slammed, and closed behind and you looked back. “I hate filming!” Ross yelled. “Why do you do it? You asked. "Because I love it!” Ross grumbled tromping up the stairs. “Kids now days I tell ya” Riker joked. I giggled a little at his comment. “You have an adorable laugh.” He said smiling. You felt yourself getting really red and blushing. You didn’t know what to say after that, or how You would even say it. Rocky saved you from looking like a fool when he suddenly ran and jumped over the couch onto the cushion. “You kick her butt? He said enthusiastically. "Actually we haven’t played yet.” Riker said “What have you been doing?” Rocky asked suspiciously. “Oh ya know” Riker said winking at me. “Hey enough about us, who was that on the phone?” You said lifting an eyebrow. “Oh ya know.” He mocked “seriously!” You yelled “who called you? "Oh an old friend.. From uhhh… California, I mean Colorado” he stuttered. You are such a bad liar! You giggled.“ "It’s not important.” He had a huge smirk on his face. You rolled my eyes “whatever.” You heard Stormie yell something from the kitchen. “Tailia, dear are you staying for dinner? we’re having spaghetti.” “Sure” I called back. “Ehhh not again, we always have to eat that gross gluten free pasta when she’s here.” Rocky complained. “You were allergic to gluten, so whenever You stayed for dinner at the Lynches, which was often, Stormie made sure that it accompanied your needs."Oh shut up, it won’t hurt you to be more healthy” You reached up and patted him on the stomach. “Hey I think I’m just fine.” He slowly slid up his grey t-shirt to show off abbs on his muscled torso. “Put down your shirt Rocky, nobody wants to see your hairy stomach!” You scolded playfully. You know most girls swoon over this! He gestured to his body. “Yea and I don’t see why!” You mocked “uhh I am offended! He yelled. Making you laugh, you looked back to Riker again who was smiling also. He really was adorable. Were you starting to have feelings for him? You couldn’t he was your best friends brother that was it, but there was something there. He made you feel all giddy inside, but you couldn’t help, but think he would never feel the same way you felt, whatever you felt.
You sat on the couch watching a movie. It was 10:00 and you were spending the night. "Hey I’m gonna get more popcorn.” Rocky spoke. “Grab me a water!” You yelled. Ross and Ryland were playing video games in their room and Rydel had already gone to bed so it was just you, Riker, and Rocky. With just you and him on the couch he slid closer to you. “Enjoying the movie?” He asked. You nodded. You were watching the pirates of the Caribbean. When Riker found out you had never seen it, he insisted you watch it since he claimed it was the best movie ever. “You know I’d really like to be a pirate wouldn’t you?” He spoke again making you giggle a little “sure” you responded. “If you were a pirate would you put the parrot on this shoulder?…” He lightly tapped the shoulder closest to him. “Or this shoulder.” His arm slid around passed the back of your neck and sat on your other shoulder. You looked up at him and he smirked. “Was that your smooth pick-up line?” You muttered. He raised his eyebrows “did it work?” You laughed and set your head on his shoulder. His hand that sat on your shoulder helped pull you closer to him. “What’s going on here?” Rocky exclaimed walking into the living room. You and Riker quickly jumped and you sat up. “Did you finally tell Riker you have a crush on him?” Rocky teased. Your face turned a bright shade of red. “ROCKY!” you gritted through your teeth. He always embarrassed you. You turned to Riker to see his reaction and a grin widened in his face. “Hypothetical question if I asked out Tailia how would you feel?” Riker asked Rocky. You could feel your face burning up. Rocky shrugged “Well Tailia asked me earlier if It was weird that she liked you and I said no shes free to-” “OH MY GOSH ROCKY SHUT UP!” you exclaimed covering your face. Rocky had succeeded to embarrass you even more. “So Tailia do you want to go out with me?” Riker asked you looked up and bit your lip. It was all so fast you had no idea Riker was even interested in you 20 minutes ago, but it seemed evident that maybe he had the same feeling as you did. “I’d love that.” You answered. Rocky sat back down on the couch. Riker kissed you on the cheek and intertwined your fingers “But I swear, if you guys start making out I’m leaving!” “Just watch the movie!” You mumbled and sat your head on Rikers shoulder again. Cuddled up next to him gave you that giddy feeling again. Things really never do turn out how you expect.

Hold: a journey

Not long ago, I talked with another author about metaphors, specifically metaphors for writing.

She explained that she loves first drafts. For her, setting out into the open page is like setting out on a hike into an unknown world. Better yet, the new world doesn’t exist until she arrives, so every step is a kind of creation.

Her adventurous rough drafts sounded wonderful and foreign. For me, those first, ugly drafts have always been terrifying. They are the slog I have to get through before the joy of drafts two through twenty-five. I couldn’t relate to her magical, metaphorical journey into the unknown, but she inspired me to look for my own. What, I asked, does my writing process feel like? And I think I finally found my answer.

While writing Hold, a novel filled with theater kids and theater love, I realized that I write like I’m putting on a play.

The first draft is the first read through with the cast. It’s tentative and exciting and an utter mess. Everything takes longer than it should and even the love scenes sound like funerals, but there’s still something there that works. A line lands, the chemistry connects, and the director leaves fairly certain she doesn’t want to give up the arts to live on a farm.

The second draft is blocking. Everyone gets their places on stage. They learn to move and, slowly, the world comes to life. Sure, no one knows their characters yet, so they shrug and sigh and bite their lips for no good reason. When the third actor “lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding,” the director cries, but it’s progress nonetheless.

The third through the upteenth drafts continue rehearsals until the scripts fall away and the characters start to live. Magic happens in those final run-throughs, but the magic is small. There’s no changing the blocking for the fight at the top of act three, but each movement becomes more precise. The rivals pick up their cues more quickly and the lovers learn to project longing into the balcony.

Those final drafts and rehearsals get personal in ways that seemed unimaginable on day one. Characters that hardly made an impact emerge to steal the show. They shine and the director watches from the wings, giddy with joy.  There’s a fear too. Tomorrow, October 20th, 2016, is Hold’s opening night. Anything could happen when I send my cast up on stage in front of a crowd, but they’re ready.  They’ve fought, loved, and lived through a billion rehearsals to put on this show about grief and the stories we tell about ourselves. It’s time.

Dim the lights.

I’ll see you after the show.