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I like how Mark is always there to defend/help Haechan like in the latest nct life mini when Haechan reenacted his aegyo ,the maknaes (CL and JS) cringed so hard and Haechan looked slightly hurt tbh, I think Mark saw it so he said “Guys let’s help him..” Then proceed to stare at him to see if he’s okay.

Haechan too ofc, just discreetly. During NCT dream weibo live, Mark was telling a funny story but no one laughed(I think?) Mark was embarrassed and kept bowing his head down, Haechan, who was next to him, comforted him by brushing his hair briefly.

Not to mention they have this telepathic thing going on where they would just stare/look at each other and then laughed/smiled afterward and I’m like what????

They’re so supportive of each other and my heart can’t take this.

[video+Trans] 161216 Interview with GOT7 Jackson Wang

Let’s play quick question with Jackson Wang

What do you like to EAT the most?
JS: All of you that are mine
(He misheard the question…but… hehe)

What do you like to say a lot?
JS: She me? (What?)

What score do you give yours temper (1-10)?
:  7

What score do you give your looks (1-10)?
JS: 3

What score do you give your intelligence (1-10)?
JS: 10!

Would you be willing to shave all your hair off to film something?
: Yes!!

Do you think you are better looking while smiling or not smiling?
: Actually I feel I look good both ways…yea…

At your fastest speed, how many minutes do you need from waking up in the morning to getting out the door?
: 10 seconds

What do you do 30 minutes before you sleep?
: stretch

Do you wear any shirt while you sleep?
: depends on my mood.

Which part of a person do you pay attention to first when you meet?
: Their eyes.

You like a gentle girl or bossy girl?
I like both

Would you like to make the first moves or her?
: I make the first move myself.

What would you do if a girl cries in front of you?
Why are you crying?

What gift would you give your girlfriend on her birthday?

Would you cook for your girlfriend at home?

What do you like to do with your girlfriend?
: Do what?…er…What can we do? HAHAHA…Watch a movie

Do you like Cheese… or girlfriend?
CHEEEEESE!! …oh.. Girlfriend? girlfriend!!…all of you that are mine!!

Can you say I love you in 5 languages?
He said it in
Cantonese, Shanghainese. Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and English.

Video by:@Wang Mandu
Transed by:HeyYouNotYouYuu
Post by: @anothersilentmemory

LOOKING AT LUC*YA BLOGS MAKE ME WANT TO SCREEAAAAMMM BUT I CANT STOP LOOKING AT THEM like why do they only look at things that *help* their ship but ignore the clear facts? Lucas needs Riley to stay calm and cool/collected. He keeps losing his cool all because he and Riley aren’t as close bc of Maya! Lucas looks as if he’s going to turn Charlie “creepy creep creep” Gardner into stone with a look and Lucas chills as soon as Riley looks at him and smiles!! All Maya does to help Lucas stay “calm” is get physical with him and make jokes in poor taste idk js. ALSO I have not seen one luc*ya blog say anything about the biggest foreshadowing ever: SENSE AND SENSIBILITY!! Riley is sense. Maya is sensibility. Farkle is both. Lucas is sensibility. Charlie is sense. Cmon luc*ya look at the facts for once and stop thing that posters behind the characters in the pilot mean ANYTHING!!