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A new XII: Zodiac Age trailer, and it looks as gorgeous as ever. It’s too early to tell for sure, but the facial animations in important cutscenes look almost identical to those in the original game.

And I can’t begin to say how thrilled I am at the fact that this trailer hones in right from the start on Ashe of all people - and Ashe as such a key representation of the game’s plot and themes, at that.


Excuse my enthusiasm, but I am VERY PASSIONATE about the following page.



THIS page right here takes place not long after the hospital disaster. The page BEFORE shows Yato’s call with Hiyori ending; she had been talking about how her brother was home for the first time in ages. After ending the call, Yato said “only people can save other people…” with that beautiful happy-sad look he so often gets. It drives itself RIGHT into my FUCKING HEART - because Yato is REALIZING that his role as a god might not be to interfere directly with people’s lives.

So why is THIS one my favorite, and not THAT one?

Well, it’s obvious. Blatantly so.

Character development.

We all know how Yato was raised. Depending constantly on his Father’s praise for emotional stamina. Depending on praise in general for emotional stamina.

What I’m saying is, Yato as a kid would have been torn apart to see Hiyori frantically hanging up, because she had a family to eat with. He would’ve been upset that she seemingly chose them over him. That he was going to be pushed to the back of her mind.

But look at current Yato.

He’s okay with this. He’s okay with it because. as I said, he’s realizing he doesn’t have to be there. Hiyori is happy! She’s getting better! And although that is partly thanks to his interference, it’s still her friends and family that pulled her back up the rest of the way.

Yato, the aspiring god of fortune, has realized that he can stand on the sidelines and people can still achieve happiness.

This ties into my dream ending for Noragami. I want Hiyori to be cut off from the far shore. No memories, no emotional connection, nothing. I want her to live her life with only her human friends and family. But I want Yato, the Fortune God that is steadily gaining popularity, to be okay with that. I want him to know that he needs only to cut away any phantoms that plague her or her family, keep her safe, watch over her from a distance. It would be a bit bittersweet, but I honestly think Yato (and Yukine) keeping Hiyori as happy as possible without interfering directly - until she dies at an old, ripe age - to be a much better ending than something vague, or knowing that she’ll die with her emotional connection with them in tact. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this is my favorite page thus far in the entire Noragami series. 

nct 127 as things my dad has said
  • Taeyong: I told you to clean your room- Well you don't need to go now! It's too late, I already did it! And I used febreeze.
  • Taeil: I bet I can hit that high note- *doesn't hit the high note* You were looking at me and I got nervous.
  • Johnny: I am always professionally dressed at work. *is wearing socks with rabbits in hats on them* What about that isn't professional?
  • Yuta: *in response to me trying to hug him* No thank you. The only person who can hug me, is me.
  • Doyoung: I can't believe you just called me cute. Have you seen me? Do you know any other men who would look this good, at MY age?!
  • WinWin: Everyone called me a cute kid- little did they know that I would eventually take over the world.
  • Jaehyun: Sometimes you have to look a little less gorgeous than usual; people can't always be blinded by my beauty! Also, it makes them feel better about themselves.
  • Mark: I can't believe I haven't helped at least one person today? What is my life coming to?!
  • Haechan: *in response to me asking for him to help with something* Imagine if I wasn't the most kind and generous human alive.

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i got all wrapped up in the moving drama and lost this new fic about dan and phil working at nasa and i cant find it again ?? please help

Orbit My Heart (ao3) - Phil Lester has always had an obsession with space. From a young age he loved looking at stars and imagining what life would be like outside of his plant. Now at age 27, accompanied by a PhD in Astrophysics, Phil’s dream is to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. With some special help from Dan Howell, the best Computer Science Engineer NASA has ever seen, will Phil find what he’s looking for in both space and in his heart?

- Sam

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Whatever pedophile.

YES!!! A hate anon!!! I love tearing these things to bits. Hohoooo look how stupid you look, anon. Just proving my point that some of the people in this fandom are absolutely vile to think that they can call another human being a “pedophile” over a fictional, non-canon, relationship between a GROWN adult woman and a GROWN adult man who have a literal physical age difference of about 5 years, which is totally normal and acceptable. This shit needs to stop. Also…I don’t think you realize how easy it is to uncover an anon message. Smile! You’ve been reported for harassment!! ;)

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The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost, 1874 - 1963

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost, 1874 - 1963


Graphic - James Taylor Gray

I mentioned the Keanu Reeves immortality theory in class today and that one racist bitch I keep mentioning said ‘it’s because he’s not white’.

she seriously
she seriously said that

He’s like a fourth non-white, but the point is she seriously made it like 'well white people age so badly, so the only way he can look so ageless is to not be white’

I only have one more class with her, I’m not biting my tongue anymore.

Y’all listen it’s my best IRL friend @r-osematter / @gearfilledgoggles‘ birthday today. Go and follow them, send them a message, give them kisses n hugs bc they’re the best friend ever and they deserve to have a good birthday uwu.

Egg Whites

@tel-abelas-mofo , I BLAME YOU for all of this!

Definitely NSFW themes

The cup offered to him was pewter, a few dents in the side to show it’s age. It wasn’t too large, but not small either. Solas looked from the cup to his lover, one brow arched. “Yes?”

Thema just smiled, a smile that he both loved and feared. “I need you to fill this up with beaten egg whites, please.”

He accepted it, groaning inside. His entire right arm ached already. “Very well.” A kiss was pressed on his cheek so he only grumbled a little as he reached for the eggs.

“What are you doing?”

The sigh was issued through his nose, pained and long-suffering. “I am getting eggs. To beat. As you need.” What were they even making?

“Oh.” There was something in her tone that made him look at her. “I didn’t mean those eggs.”

His mind blanked then raced to figure out what she meant, what other kinds of egg whites there were. The confusion must have shown because she smiled sadly and slipped over to his side.

“This recipe has a secret ingredient… Specifically…” One hand cupped him through his pants. “These beaten egg whites.”

The functioning neurons in his brain died with the sound of air escaping a balloon.


Eyes fervently, beggingly, searched her face for some sort of sign that she was joking. An impish twist to her lips, in her eyes.

There was none.

“W-What?” He would later deny that his voice was panicked and - stars swallow him whole - squeaked. Was this an Earth thing? Did they put that in their desserts? Why would they do that? Was it a thing for lovers? Did… did she do that with the other desserts she’d made?! Blood flooded his face and ears, none left to even think about going to where her hand was.

How was it possible to even fill the cup?!

The entire time her smile was normal if a bit pitying. “I’m sorry, Solas… I meant to tell you…”

Her smile twitched, faltered and then she was staggering away. Bent in half, clutching the edge of the wooden work island, silently laughing so hard she was crying. Thema was wheezing when she could manage to draw in air, the stunned look on his face only making her convulse harder. Knees buckled, leaning against the leg of the island, splotchy red on her face from her mirth.

His own face was still red but now from embarrassment and anger. Oh, he was pissed at her, and also proud of her for pulling one over on him. Getting his temper under control he calmly reached back for an item on the counter.

And dumped the entire pitcher of ice water over her head. The resulting shriek was worth it.

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Shingen is probably close to 45 years old or older but idgaf I still want the dick lmao.

Does it look like any of us gives a fuck about their age 😂😂😂 they are OTOME characters 😂😂 who gives a flying fuck about their age 😂😂😂 I still ride Shingen like no tomorrow and I wouldn’t give a fuck if the whole clan hears me 😂

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Hey Emma, apologies if this is a weird question; but how do you look after your kanken?? I have a maroon one that I love to bits- I've been using it everyday for about a year and a half now- but it's beginning to show its age. I've been spot cleaning it with wet wipes, but any idea on how to get the scuff marks out of it?? Thanks <333

Hi! No need to apologise. Same with mine, it has a few marks and a couple I’ve not been able to get out. I have only washed it once in cold water, similar to the steps here. We left some Haribo sweets open in it inside whilst we were flying home from the UK so it smelt awful after. No joke it was disgusting. It made everything inside my bag (like my leather wallet) smell so gross. It took days to get the smell out. Have a go with cold hand washing. Don’t put it in the washing machine since it removes the waterproof coating! xx

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Chip, did anyone ever tell you that you look adorable when you blush? <3

“Uh, thanks, I guess…? I, eh, bet you say that to all the me’s, though… I mean, I know ain’t nothin’ special, but it ain’t like it matters, y’know?”

“I mean, rumors fly about me bein’ the kinda guy who, eh, likes his teacakes buttered… just ‘cause I don’t go chasin’ skirts like most monsters my age… but I ain’t that way, y’know? Least I don’t think so… ”

“Got other priorities anyway… ”

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When did you first start writing? What was it like at that point? I'm just kind of curious because I started writing this year and I know it takes time to grow (and its personal for everyone so I'm not expecting my growth to be the same as yours) but it would be interesting to know! But if this is too personal for me to ask just disregard it lolol

I have been writing since I was about ten, though of course, it was pretty awful back then haha. I have multiple notebooks from between the ages of ten and fourteen where I have written down random scenes that popped into my head at the time, but they were never really full stories. I know I said that BTS is the first fandom that I have ever written fics for, but I realised a couple of weeks ago when I was looking back on those notebooks that I wrote snippets of Death Note fics haha! That was back when I really got into anime. I loved L too much.

I made a Tumblr around that time as well, but I never started posting my writing on it until I was fifteen. Back then, I wrote a lot for a boy who is now my ex. Actually, not a lot. I wrote completely for him. They would be stories revolving around a nameless boy and girl going through hardships, working through love. You can see some vague examples here and here – I say “vague” since they are not full stories. The full pieces were only ever sent to him. This went on until mid-2014 (even though some posts had been made after that on the blog) which is when I had completely stopped writing full stories.

When I discovered BTS in April 2015, I became really invested in them and, with creating a new blog, I discovered the world of fanfiction and how immersed the kpop scene was in it (I had been into kpop for about six years by then, yet I had never realised that fics were written for it). At that stage, I was in a serious writing rut and had not produced anything of quality for nearly a year, so I decided I would give writing fics a go to see if it would help boost my writing inspiration. And thank god it did, a damn miracle! 

Since the end of June that year, I have barely stopped writing, which I believe is why I have improved so, so much from where my style and form was at back when I was younger. It certainly takes time to grow, though your best fuel for improvement is by writing whenever you can, and just doing it. Do not make it into something that is a chore, rather once you are hit with the inspiration, sit down and write it out. In the space of almost two years now, I have gone from writing 2-3K word stories that were generally pwp smuts during my time as sugascript, to full, plotted and chaptered stories that have character development and word counts reaching past 15-20K since I have become gukvory. 

So have patience, plenty of practice, and I am positive you will see the improvements with time, my sweet! As I have once said, improvement is a continuous loop, it never stops as long as you insist to pursue it, so the key is to consistently believe that what you are creating is magnificent because you will always, always produce something better than what you made last. As artists, we are forever growing alongside our individual styles. Best of luck!

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I’d say the problem with this FaceApp thing, reflective of larger societal problems of course, can be captured by the fact that if male me were to date female me, the age differential would be noticeably creepy. I mean we’re talking some serious middle aged professor/ undergrad action here, no?

Male Me: Signs of aging retained if not exaggerated(ahem) including the gratuitous receding hairline. Message: middle aged men exist and it’s ok to be one

Female Me (which should really just look like me?): All signs of aging and imperfections erased (they even whitened my teeth!). Hair smoothed  and lightened. Some sort of heart shaped face, big eyed template applied (I mean, my left eye has never been that big). The Young Me filter didn’t even look that idealized. Message: female = idealized. Idealized = young and vaguely manga-ish. The further you deviate from this, the less female you become.

(as a side note, I’m kind of freaked out by how much male me looks like my dad, only because my entire life I’ve been told ad naseum how much I look like my mom)