i was literally in heaven for 2 hours


~ dan woke me up and surprised me with flowers + a handmade card today :)
~ my momma also brought us some chocolate!
~ then we went on a surprise field trip to this AMAZING bakery! all of their items are vegan, gluten free, soy free, corn free, and grain free. aka my literal heaven.
~ then we went to get coffee and ate some of our yuuuummmyyy valentine’s day treats and talked for 2+ hours
~ now he’s picking up pho for us 🍜

3 valentine’s with him and goodness. i can’t imagine my heart being any more full. today was a freaking beautiful day.


so a bunch of jojos walked into jujo bar monday night INTO (OVER) HEAVEN, i’ve captioned the individual pics to contain my screaming 

it really is a heartfelt shrine to jojo and an enduring act of pure love and dedication.. so much for ‘2 hours should be enough right’ lmao we were there til fear of missing the last train chased us out. loved the bar, love my jojodachi, love and bless DOR-san the incredibly dedicated owner, LOVE JOJO, HAIL ARAKI SENSEI MAY HE LIVE FOREVER 

20 Questions

@clydeintheicebox was so thoughtful and tagged me in her version of this

Name: Charlie/Emma

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Orientation: Pan

Ethnicity: White

Favorite Fruit: Pomegranate

Favorite Book: The entire Game of Thrones series even the ones that haven’t come out yet

Favorite Flower: Tiger Lily

Favorite Scent: FIRE (hahaha no what I’m not an arsonist)

Favorite Color: Black and/or dark red

Favorite Animal: My Cats!!

Coffee, hot cocoa, or tea: Coffee all the way. I literally can’t function without it(not like I can do that well with it anyway)

Average sleep hours: 6-8 on a good day

Cat or Dog Person: Cats but that’s because mine are literal angels from heaven

Favorite Fictional Character: Arya Stark

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2

Dream Trip: Follow fiatp while they are on tour in Europe

Blog Created: sept.-nov. (maybe idk)

Number of followers: 99 *crawls into hole*

I’ll tag some (I’m going to try to not retag) @carsonsteele0520 @its-partypoison @spaghettilimbs @angelninetales @transfrank