i was literally in heaven for 2 hours


so a bunch of jojos walked into jujo bar monday night INTO (OVER) HEAVEN, i’ve captioned the individual pics to contain my screaming 

it really is a heartfelt shrine to jojo and an enduring act of pure love and dedication.. so much for ‘2 hours should be enough right’ lmao we were there til fear of missing the last train chased us out. loved the bar, love my jojodachi, love and bless DOR-san the incredibly dedicated owner, LOVE JOJO, HAIL ARAKI SENSEI MAY HE LIVE FOREVER 

No Asseylum, Slaine didn’t change.

It has been one whole week and I still can’t get over how horrible the ending of aldnoah zero was. 

Warning: PRO SLAINE EVERYTHING IS PRO SLAINE SLAINE MY BABY I think anyone who follows my blog probably already knows that by now

Okay the entire episode 24 was literally the most painful thing ever, but you know what hurt really really bad? Slaine asking Inaho about his eye. 

They are enemies. They could have been fighting on the same side and working together and everything would have been so epic if it wasn’t for the terrible miscommunication that happened back in season 1. But now they are enemies. They fought against each other. And Slaine is asking about Inaho’s eye. Slaine feels guilty for hurting an enemy. 

If this doesn’t show you how kind Slaine really is I don’t know what else I can say. 

Deep inside, Slaine has always been the same kind-hearted person. He is the kindest person in the whole series. Slaine kept on being put in difficult circumstances that pushes him further and further away from his dreams. He has such a gentle heart but he was forced to make decisions that made him seem cruel. But he was never cruel. 

When he killed Saazbaum, his words were bitter and full of anger, but his expression was full of hurt and guilt. He respects Saazbaum. He is thankful for all that Saazbaum has done for him. But he knew that Saazbaum is still a threat to Asseylum’s well-being and he just simply can’t risk that. Because Asselyum was his sole savior, he had to protect her. He forced himself to make the decision of killing his only father figure. You can just see how much he hated himself for doing that but he had no choice. 

 When he lied to Lemrina, he was clearly upset about it. Not only did he betrayed his loyalty to Asseylum, he also used an innocent girl’s feelings for him to his advantage. But there were no other options for Slaine. He needed Aldnoah to accomplish his goal. In order to be able to fix the corrupted feudal system in Vers, he had to have the power to do so. Slaine knew about Lemrina’s feelings for him all along, and in response he tried to distance himself away from her. It’s like he is building these walls around himself. Slaine doesn’t believe that he deserves to be loved, and he refuses to accept kindness that other people show him because he feels like he is not worthy of happiness. By pushing Lemrina away from him, he was trying to protect her. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore than he already did. 

After all he has been though, he is still so kind. He could have just hated everyone and the world for his miserable life, but instead he chose to blame everything upon himself. 

And don’t even get me started on episode 8. The screenwriters basically just needed a reason for Slaine and Inaho to become enemies in order to move the plot along. But they literally chose the worst way to do this because at that point Slaine and Inaho were essentially working towards the same goal. They both wanted to protect Asseylum. That episode just really annoyed me. Why did Inaho just leave Slaine in the water? Even if he assumed Slaine was part of Asseylum’s assassination plan, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to capture Slaine instead so maybe they can get some information out of him and find out who is trying to kill the princess? Wouldn’t this make more sense? Then in season two, they defeated Mazuurek, put him in a prison, then Inaho questioned him and found out he is actually loyal to the princess. WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THIS WITH SLAINE? They would have found out that Slaine was just trying to protect Asseylum as well. Yet Inaho just left him in the water and let him be captured by the Martian and almost tortured till death. What the hell. 

And did Slaine ever blamed Inaho for shooting him down from the sky? No. 


This is kind of going off a tangent but i just really need to rant about how the screenwriters did such a poor job of describing the perspectives of both sides. I wil admit my initial reaction to this show was “look at all these Mars ppl they are so savage wut” but right now I honestly feel so sorry for all the Martians. The fact that the screenwriters basically entirely leave out the lower class in Vers is just ridiculous. Did they not want to include it because it would ruin the fairy-tale like ending? Because we all know that the poor is still suffering while their empress happily gives out Aldnoah to the Terrans. 

And how much do we really know about the Orbital Knights? Not that much, really, BECAUSE THEY KEEP  ON GETTING FUCKING KILLED. With Inaho’s unbeatable robot eye they don’t even have a chance. We only get introduced to a few of them and most of them ended up dead. We know that not all of them are arrogant and pretentious just like how we understand that not Terrans are peaceful and perfect. I want to know more about the Orbital Knights. Did they also lost their loved ones like Saazbaum did during Heaven’s Fall? What were their dreams and ideals? What were they fighting for? We don’t know because the screenwriters didn’t care. Just like how they never bother explaining what aldnoah really is. 

At the end, Inaho succeeded in protecting his family and friends. He didn’t end up with Asseylum but I felt like Inaho would be the one to understand. Besides, Inaho has so much to live for. Asseylum succeeded in getting her so-call peace without really doing anything. And then there is Slaine who started out with nothing, worked his way up to the top, and ended up losing everything again. His identity and dignity stripped away from him, hopelessly locked up in a closed cage.

Why? What did he ever do to deserve this kind of treatment? for loving and caring about the person that saved his life when he was young? for trying to make things better for everyone? for having a heart? 

If Slaine was truly evil, would he have cared about the well-being of his subordinates? the suffering of the lower class? the wounds of an enemy? 

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall” THERE IS LITERALLY NO JUSTICE IN THIS SHOW. It just robs Slaine of any kind of hope and happiness left in his life. 

I am still upset and I think I will never stop being upset because Slaine really deserves better. 

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