i was listening to this song and i thought of them

My mom just came to me asking if I could put Dark Necessities by RHCP on her USB flash drive so she could listen to it in her car because she thought it was a good song.

So, me, being the greatest daughter in the world, casually mention that I have the whole The Getaway album on my computer.

My mom’s response: “Oh, just put it on there. If there are songs I don’t like, I’ll skip them.” 

In short, ladies and gentlemen, I’m slowly but surely turning my mom into a fan.

A Melody It’s Better Played By Two

(Belle doesn’t have second thoughts, does she? The terrible feeling she is having can only be cured by listening the experience of two lovers and a song. A friendly reminder for her that is good to be afraid)

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To love me means also loving to hear all the raging thoughts in my head at one in the morning when all of my frustrations suddenly burst; it also means embracing all the quirkiness wrapped around my entirety like adoring how beautiful the stars up above midnight or how the clouds move in a slow motion to form warriors and knights; it may as well mean coming with me at Mcdonald’s when I crave for some fries and sundae at two in the morning; it’s also defined as listening to my senseless and repetitious stories about my dreams, fantasies and everyday life. To love me means swearing that you would listen to the songs I would tell to you in the middle of the day because I assure you, you’d be hearing from me talking about them from time to time.

Loving someone like me isn’t easy for I am someone scarred badly in the past. My whole system is composed of heartaches, pains, sorrows and miseries—I am imperfectly flawed but that made me who I am. To love me is to embrace those imperfections stitched through my veins. To love me means allowing me to have solitude once in a while since I have these moments that I want to shut my world down from everybody else; I have those dark times that I never wanted to talk to anybody at all and just want to lock myself in my own world. Just give me some time to think, at the end of the day I will come back to you. To love me is to tell me how much you care for me even in the slightest way—I will surely appreciate that even my form of appreciation and gratitude is to tell how corny or annoying you are, but deep down, your words mean a lot and warmed my heart. To love me means staying with me no matter how messy and difficult I could be. All I ever want is someone who will stand right behind me during my darkest and worst moments of my life.

To love me is to tell me your thoughts and opinions about the things I keep on telling you about even they mean nothing to you. To love me is to allow me to grow with you as a being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am a complicated and difficult person. I am crazy, wild, freak, easily hurt and gullible. So tell me you love me when you only mean it. I don’t have time for some franks or what. I have had enough of heartbreaks in my past. I am aging and all I ever want for now is a stable and long-lasting relationship that would make me choose to stay no matter how many rocks were thrown at us or no matter how turbulent and bumpy the roads may get.

To love me means a little bit of sacrifice. But I can guarantee you that I could make you feel you’re the best person in the world and you didn’t make the wrong choice by choosing me over them. With me, I can make you feel disconnected from the rest of the galaxy. I will surely make tons of efforts for our relationship to keep going and last. It will be a tough ride for the both of us but I can assure you that it will be worth it and filled with so much fun. To love me means needing and wanting me like the way I do to you.

—  redserpent42, To Love Someone Like me
I want you to remember me curled up, listening to the sound of your heartbeat and tracing maps across your skin. Remember me laughing at your jokes, even the stupid ones. Remember me in hysterics for absolutely no reason and in tears because one time you made me so sad neither of us thought I’d recover. Remember me brave, that time you held my hand and I thought I was going to die; remember me scared and gentle and delicate and breakable - only for you though, only for you.
Remember me happy, and all the ridiculous ways I tried to get your attention. Remember the way I was too stubborn to talk to you and how absolutely insane it drove the both of us. Remember all the firsts and how they were so delightful we went back for seconds and thirds and fourths. Remember the songs you couldn’t stop listening to and the childish dreams you allowed yourself about the future. If it’s any consolation I allowed myself to have them too.
If it comes to it I don’t want you to remember the ending.
Remember the beginning. Remember the first time you knew.
—  (via mangohtangoh)

You are not alone; you are right at home.

Happy birthday, Johanna!

I sit here alone and far from you, wondering if you think of me, if your thoughts still echo my name, if your fingers crave for my skin, if your heart asks you about me. I never knew how to be someone you miss, all I knew was your taste at 2 am and your voice at 10 am, all I knew was how your hands adored to dance on my body and how your eyes made my heart shine when you opened them into mine.
I am just a naive girl who fell in love with you, a boy who’s forgetting her as easy as breathing. A naive girl who spends the nights waiting for a call from you, a stupid girl who still listens to the songs we used to make love to. A girl who wants to get rid of all these feelings, who wants to turn the pain into the dust that lays on the shelf where also your “forever’’s and ’‘always’’s are.
The next time you call, I hope my mind won’t forget to remind me that you are a bad idea.

never knew how to be someone you miss.

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things that are still laced with you:

1) my playlists. I have so many songs written in notebooks and saved on my computer that remind me of your brown eyes or your laugh. they all have our songs in them, the ones we shared with each other and the ones we found together. sometimes when I feel empty, i’ll listen to them and let myself cry, just so at least my chest is filled with sadness than nothing at all.

2) my sweaters. every time I slip one over my head I can feel your arms and a whisper as light as air. you always said I looked particularly adorable in those hoodies, the way they were too long for my arms and how they hung loose past my hips. they still smell like you from when it was raining too hard and we’d cuddle to pass the cold. i’m just afraid that my sweaters will always feel like you, and nothing else.

3) my photo gallery. I still have the pictures we took on dates and the selfies we took at parties, still high off of the adrenaline and laughter. they come in groups, taking stabs at my heart as I scroll past them in my photos, I can’t bring myself  to delete them, they make me too happy before my ribs start to crack. I wonder if you’ve already deleted them off of your phone.

4) the box in my drawer. we both away went to opposites ends of the country, and we were so in love that we needed a way to hang onto each other. we wrote to each other in notebooks to give at the end of the ten days. we never got around to exchanging them so the wrinkled pages are sitting in an empty chocolate box you got me for Valentine’s Day last year in my desk drawer. The pins and figurines you gave me as presents sit there as well, too painful to look at yet to beautiful to throw away.

—  things that are still laced with you
♫Technicolour Beat- Oh Wonder// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

A/N: This is just something I thought of while listening to this song, and I hope you enjoy it!#

She set him free in an unbelievable way; her carelessness was contagious, filling the air with every word she spoke. She was the light breeze that pushed the brooding clouds away from the sun, allowing the warm light to enliven his life.

She saw the buried tragedies, casting them aside with a touch of her fingertips, allowing him to glow the way he was meant to.

Sunrises meant nothing until he learned the admiration she had for them, until the 5 am light caressed her face as she closed her eyes and smiled at the sky, her cheeks flushed with the peacefulness.

“Get up, get up, get up” Y/N nudged him repeatedly.

“You’re making the bed shake for all the wrong reasons” he groaned, pulling a pillow over his head.

“Wake uuuuuup!” she whined, tugging at his nightshirt.

His response was less than satisfying, as he mumbled “No thanks”.

Minutes later he was grouchily following her to the front of the castle, running a hand through his messy dark hair, eyes half closed.

The cold air woke him as he looked around, disoriented.

“It’s still dark! Are you bloody insane?!”

She smiled at him and pointed straight ahead “Look”.

She looked at him like a happy child, anticipating his reaction.

“What am I looking at?” he asked, as the sun began peeking through the tree branches and a soft breeze blew.

Her smile was infectious. He smirked, watching his best friend’s grin as the sun rose and grazed her face and her (y/e/c) eyes closed gently, facing the orb of light rising in front of them.

He didn’t have a favourite colour until he’d learned hers was yellow. After that day, he’d be perfectly happy living in a fully yellow house, surrounded by sunflowers.

“Y/N it’s your turn to ask Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“Please no, I’m terrible at coming up with questions. And dares.” she groaned.

“Don’t ruin the game now” he winked, smiling at her frustration.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” she mumbled, frowning at her friends.

“Dare” he said unsurprisingly.

She racked her brain for one until she finally gave up: “I dare you to tell us all your favourite colour” she said folding her hands across her chest and lifting her head up proudly.

“That’s possibly the worst dare I’ve heard since I’ve first played this game.” an unamused expression graced his face.

“You scared?” Y/N joked, smirking at him.

“I don’t have a favourite colour.” he said matter-of-factly, a sigh escaping his lips. “What’s yours then?” he looked at her, waiting for a response.

“Yellow” she happily said, her eyes crinkling with the smile lighting up her face.

“Let’s just say mine’s yellow too” her warm presence made him feel at peace with everything, and now the colour yellow did too.

Books were just words on paper until she’d read him to sleep one night and made them come alive and flutter through the air, embracing him softly through the sound of her voice.

He saw her familiar silhouette sitting on the couch in the common room, illuminated by the light from the roaring fireplace, her nose in a book.

“Why are you up?” he asked, jumping over the back of the couch and landing at her feet.

She didn’t look up, clearly captivated by the inked words in her hands “Why are you?” she mumbled distractedly.

“Couldn’t sleep” he said with a sigh, throwing his feet onto the couch right next to hers. She looked up from her text, closing it,never moving her index finger off the page: “How come?”

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Overwatch Heroes x Sia Lyrics (2/4) Offense

Inspired by the knowledge that Unstoppable is totally the Ultimate D.Va Song. (The entire song might not suit the character, but chosen lyrics I thought related well to them.)

Others in This Series

Tank // Offense // Defense // Support

The spiritual sequel to Borderlands Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Links to songs and written out lyrics below.

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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

the signs as reasons to love + support seventeen
  • aries: seventeen composes and produces and choreographs some if not most of all their songs!! genius composer woozi
  • taurus: they started with very little - the majority of adore u was dancing in a large room with simple white outfits - but now we're onto #seventeen5thwin :) dreams come true
  • gemini: all the members are so close and they're hella funny on variety. it's like a huge family tbh imagine living with 12 of your best friends
  • cancer: they spend like all their free time gushing about carats...they do the Most.......Mingyu cried listening to carats sing 'When I Grow Up' together
  • leo: every unit plays a huge part in seventeen and all of them are super multi-talented wtf seventeen's organization + leadership is honestly amazing
  • virgo: their individual personalities are all so captivating; variety star boo + impulsive cheater yoon jeonghan,, remember when we all thought joshua was a shy and polite gentleman?????? biggest fucking meme istg
  • libra: most of their songs are bops especially their latest albums. and all the members got a chance to shine??
  • scorpio: their choreography!!! damn!!! wtf! all those people...all that creativity...michael chankson......
  • sagittarius: they have so many talents like jun w/ his martial arts, hoshi w/ choreographing, jeonghan w/ sleeping, etc.!
  • capricorn: listen they love their parents so much seungkwan introduced his mother as the "prettiest lady in the world" i SOBBED and btw watch seventeen project if you haven't already
  • aquarius: wonwoo
  • pisces: they had to go through years of seventeentv + losing members and gaining members and not knowing when they'd debut or if they'd have the funds to debut i'm so proud tbh
VERNON’s recommended song to listen to when you’re on your way home for the holidays is...

Rizzle Kicks - Traveller’s Chant 

버논: ‘오랜 시간 같은 자리에 앉아 이동하게 되면 혼자 여러 생각과 기분에 빠져버리게 되는 것 같습니다. 지금까지 살아온 기간 동안의 기분 좋았던 일, 어려웠던 일 등등 이런 속마음들은 노래하는 이 곡은 귀성길에 듣기 딱 좋은 곡인 것 캍습니다.’

VERNON: ‘When you’ve been in the same place for what seems like a while, I think when things start to move or shift, it makes one get immersed into a lot of different thoughts and feelings. During the period of time that one has lived so far, the things that made them happy, the difficult times and so on… these kinds of innermost feelings that this song is relaying… I think it makes it just the perfect song to listen to when you’re on your way home.’

TRANS © v-hansolchoi | take out with full credits please.

Cold Coffee

Young Sirius Black x Reader
 “if you do young sirius imagines, i would very much like to request a very sassy ravenclaw reader who is very cool and listens to muggle music and manages to still be the top of the class that sirius just drools over and is so in love with please “ by anon
Words: 2158
Notes: I loved writing this, also I thought Ed Sheeran’s song would fit so much on this and added a little bit to the plot, hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by nellaey

Sirius went to the great hall with his head buzzing. The sound of conversation and laughs during breakfast making his head ache even more. James and Remus looked at him holding laughs, but his eyes looked at his friends like he could murder any of them if they said something. His bad mood getting bigger as long as his hangover makes him more awful.

He sat on the Gryffindor table and ate silently, his eyes focusing nowhere but his plate full of food. James had a smirk on his face, on last night party he had, finally, convinced Lily Evans to go out on a date with him. Remus was still holding his laugh due to Sirius’ state and Peter was very occupied eating his food like he never had ate in his life.

“I know you don’t want to hear it but…” Remus’ voice reached Sirius, he looked at his friend in an attempt to stop him of talking. It only increased his headache.

“Please, don’t.” His voice sounded crispy and raspy and his throat felt weak with him trying to talk.

“I told you not to drink that much.” James finished Moony’s sentence and the two of them laughed while Sirius placed his head into his hands and tried to feel better.

“Oh, look who’s here.” Y/N’s voice reached Sirius and, although he loved hearing your voice, he just wanted to be left alone. “Darling…” Your lips played with one of the nicknames he had given to you, almost tasting it. “You look awful.”

She’s like cold coffee in the morning
I’m drunk off last night’s whiskey and coke

“Thanks, Y/N. I know that. Why don’t you just leave your comments and go away?” He looked to your eyes, the sassiness he loved on you, making him annoyed.

“Someone’s so bitchy today. Are you on your PMS, darling?” You blinked her eyes like a sweet doll but her teasing words tasting like sore in his mouth.

“Why don’t you go back to your ravenclaw friends to babble how much smarter than me you are?” Remus and James looked very pleased by how the conversation was going, even Peter was paying attention now.

“Oh.” You put your hand into your chest, pretending to be hurt. “It’s not the fact that I am ravenclaw that makes me smarter than you. It’s, actually, you. And your stupid attitudes.” You licked your lips for a moment, your eyes shining with how he was getting involved on your teasing. “By the way, nice show last night.” You laughed, his friends accompanied with you, only to stop when they saw Sirius’ dead look. “Have a lovely day, darling.” You winked at him and went away.

“Can you believe her?” Sirius shouted to his friends while they were walking to his class.

“Yes but you love it and you love her.” Sirius looked at Remus like he went insane. “Don’t look at me like that, you love how she doesn’t care about anyone and how funny and teasing she is. Also, she is very beautiful.”

“And by beautiful, you mean hot.” James smirked and Remus rolled his eyes. “Ouch.” He sighed in pain after Sirius kicked his arm. “Don’t need that, mate, Y/N is all yours.”

They laughed and each one sat on their spot for the class to begin. Sirius might have slept through half of it and woke up with Peter’s patting on his shoulder, motioning him to wake up. He’s headache now was tolerable and he could kind of pay attention, but not that much. Until he heard your voice, answering correctly about something the teacher asked. He rolled his eyes while tried to cover his smile.

She’ll make me shiver without warning
And make me laugh as if I’m in on the joke

He could only thought about you and, each time he heard your voice speaking, he would shiver involuntary. The sound of it producing faster beats to his heart and goosebumps down his spine. When you laughed to something or over something someone had said, he would had to hold himself to not let him laugh with you, your laughter so attempting him to enjoy her.

The rest of the day was really fine to Sirius. Of course, moony and prongs would tease him constantly, principally, because of his little show over the hufflepuff’s party, his hangover and Y/N. He was feeling much better now and was walking through the castle when he heard a sob.

He stopped on his tracks and listened to know where the sound was coming off, he came closer to the door from where the sobs were heard. He put his ear on it, carefully, wanting to hear it better until the person who was inside of it, unlocked the door and he fell right in front of it, making the person let a small, but sad, laugh come out of its mouth. He stopped when he heard the sound, he knew it.

“What were you doing, Black?” Your voice was angry but there was a hint of sadness, making Sirius want to punch whoever did this to you.

“What happened?” He asked after getting himself up and looking carefully to your face. Your beautiful eyes were red, your eyelashes filled with tears that were rolling down to your pink cheeks.

“It’s none of your business, Sirius.” You tried to clean your face and walk away but he stopped you, put your body on his shoulder and headed with you to Gryffindor’s commom room. Your attempts to make him put yourself on the ground being useless.

“Now…” He spoke after leaving you on the couch of Gryffindor, the warmth of the fireplace invading both of you. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong.” You looked to anywhere but his face, he kneeled in front of you and he let his hand stay on your knees.

“Do you want me to believe that you are fine after finding you crying late in the night? You can say that I’m dumb but I’m not.” He laughed and you looked angry at his eyes.

“Like you would care.” His features concerned, did you really think he didn’t care about you?

“I do, Y/N. I really do.” You searched for lies, playful tone or anything that showed he was just joking with you. But his eyes only showed you compassion, love and worry.

“I got an A on an exam…” He looked at you, his eyebrows showing he didn’t understand what was the matter. “It can be a normal and, actually, a pretty good grade to you, Black, but it’s not for me. I’m a bloody ravenclaw. My parents will kill me.” You started crying again and Sirius didn’t know what to do.

He sat behind you and, carefully, led your body to lay on his chest. His hands caressed your hair gently and, slowly, you felt the urge of crying going away. His touch being very pleasant and noticeable to you now that you were more calm.

“You are right, it’s normal to me.” He spoke to you, his voice seeming sweet for the first time. “But it’s not like you failed and, if you are not happy with it, make sure to get a better grade next time.” You looked at him and he smiled gently to you. “And you are going to and you know why? Because you’re a bloody ravenclaw!” He exclaimed happily, making you laugh shyly. “See? There it is the smile I love, sweetheart.”

“This one is new…” You spoke, talking about the new nickname he gave to you. “I enjoy this one.” He smiled and you let your head fall on his chest again, letting yourself provide of his warmth and loving touches one more time…

When Sirius woke up, there were sun light hitting his face and you were asleep on his arms. He smiled widely, never on his wildest dreams this could ever happen. He took you gently on his arms and took you to his dorm. The guys looked at him wondering what happened as he pulled your sleeping body on his bed.

“Long story. Tell you later, could you now leave?” The boys looked at each other and then nodded in agreement. “Oh, wait…”

I’ll wake with coffee in the morning
But she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea
Outside the day is up and calling
But I don’t have to be so, please go back to sleep

When your eyes opened, you were  in a dorm you never saw. You looked to your side and saw Sirius smiling at you. You thought for a second and remembered what happened last night and, shyly, smiled at him.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He took a strand of your hair of your face and you felt your cheeks blush. Why was Sirius Black causing this to you? “Do you want some tea?”

“Good morning, Sirius.” You sat up while he handed you your tea. “With…”

“Two lumps of sugar.” He spoke at the same time as you and now was his time to blush.

“How do you know that?” You furrowed your eyebrows and took a sip of the tea he had just handed you

“I’m good observer.” He winked at you, while he took a sip of his black coffee. You smiled widely and couldn’t stop yourself from teasing.

“Does this mean that Sirius Black, the heartbreaker Sirius Black, observes this mortal ravenclaw?” You put your hand on your chest and made a surprise face, making him laugh.


“What a pleasure.”

“Not more than your presence.” You stopped laughing at his last phrase. Looking deep at his eyes who were now staring you too.

“What’s going on, Black? Why you were so nice and gentle with me tonight and why are you being cheesy and romantic now?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that!” You exclaimed and put your empty mug of tea on his bed table. “I just want to know what’s going on.”

“For someone that is so smart, you are very oblivious.” He laughed painfully.

Cause I love the way you wake me up
For goodness sake will my love not be enough?

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I fancy you, Y/N. For a long time now.” He reached his hair while standing up and walking through the dorm.

“You do?” You asked, still in disbelief.

“Bloody hell, of course I do. Can you now just go away so I can feel the rejection for the only girl I really liked?”


“Please, Y/N.”


“Go away.”

“Sirius, can you please stop being a cry baby and shut up for two minutes?” You shouted while grabbed his wrist, making him look at you with shut eyes and mouth. “Great. Why do you think I would reject you?”

“Because you tease me, constantly and…”

“And I am the one oblivious? I thought it was pretty sure that this was the way we showed that we liked each other, you dork.” You smirked and he smiled, loving to see you so close and so beautiful.

Tell me if I know, tell me if I do
Tell me how to fall in love the way you want me to

“Do you mean it? Do you really like this? I mean, how we are with each other?” You rolled your eyes and moved closer to him.

“Of course I do, darling.” He laughed at the way you said darling and you smiled. “Could now ask me out or it’s going to take too much?”

“Y/N…” His voice spoke your name with such love and devotion that made your heart beat faster. “Sweetheart, would you go to Hogsmeade with me next week?” You put your finger on your cheek, pretending to be thinking.

“Well, I’m going to think on your case.” You moved closer and kissed his cheek. “See you on the great hall in five minutes, Black.”

He stood there for a minute, not understanding what was happening but decided to follow what you said. Sitting on the Gryffindor table, with the marauders all looking at him with questioning eyes. He searched for your face and stood frozen when he felt a warm breath on his neck.

“Yes, Black, I’d love to.” You smiled when he turned to look at you and headed to the ravenclaw table, while he had the goofiest smile on his face.

“What the hell was that?” James asked and Sirius, proudly, told them everything. His smile getting bigger at each word.

“Can you believe her?” He spoke at the end, all of the boys looking with smiles on their faces.

“Pads, you are so in love with her.” And for the first time, Sirius Black was not afraid of this statement.

Tell me if I’m wrong, tell me if I’m right
Tell me if you need a loving hand
To help you fall asleep tonight

나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
NIEL (니엘)
나 열나 (Fever) - Rap

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

(on zion.t’s “the bad guys”.) jonghyun: recently i’ve been listening to a lot of new songs and, among them, the song i’ve liked the most is the song i brought in for today. i really like this song’s lyrics. i kept looking only at the lyrics for so many times. i really looked at them so many times that i received inspiration from it. when something has good content you’re bound to get inspired, right? i kept thinking: these are really well written lyrics! i thought that good lyrics don’t always contain a happy, fun story. a nice story. it’s not a bad piece of writing if it includes a bit of a sad, quite negative story in it. the numerous expressions and methods that it’s lyrics contain really shook me a lot. that’s why i wanted to listen to it together with you.